New Website Offers Dynamic Approach to Self-Defense

Self-Defense Rx

Self-Defense Rx

With USA Carry, we’ve done our best to bring you practical advice for training, tactics, and self-defense with your CCW along with the most up-to-date legal and political information about your Second Amendment rights. However, we’ve become aware that a lot of folks need information about self-defense and personal protection without firearms.

Maybe they can’t carry due to local or national laws where they live. Maybe they prefer not to use firearms for personal reasons. In whatever case, we wanted to reach them with timely, practical, and effective knowledge and strategies to fit the bill.

We quickly discovered there was a lot to talk about. Personal protection, de-escalation and problem avoidance, unarmed self-defense and the use of various tools for personal protection. Ways of preventing property crime or dealing with problem neighbors. There was just so much, and in researching the flood of potential topics and needs it hit us. It was time to start another website.

And thus Self-Defense Rx was born. The title reflects our vision: a pharmacy of sorts where you can pick up the cure for whatever social ill you’re facing.  We modeled the approach on USA Carry, presenting each topic as an article or a series of interconnected articles, organized by subject matter. We’ve done thorough research, consulted with experts, and linked those sources into the article text so that you can find further information as you might need it. Our vision is twofold: bring you the best information we can in these uncertain times while fostering a community in which your discussion and comments add even more wisdom.

We have some requests of you. Chiefly, we’d love your participation. Our readers come from a wide array of backgrounds with an equally impressive numbers of skills. Adding your voice to the discussion—along with your knowledge, abilities, and experiences—helps us provide the best possible environment for learning and the exchange of ideas.

Secondly, please remember that this is a site for self-defense without firearms. We respectfully request that you keep the discussion focused; pointing out that a CCW is a better option than pepper spray isn’t all that helpful in this context. Please be kind-spirited and supportive in this family environment.

Thirdly, you can help by spreading the word. We hope that Self-Defense Rx will be a resource for all sorts of needs: personal protection, home defense, vehicle theft prevention, first aid and more. There’s going to be something for everyone, and a great many folks in your life could benefit from the knowledge we’re trying to share. So steer them our way and help them find what they need.

And hey: once they start thinking about self-defense seriously and learning about the positive effects of a prepared lifestyle, it could be an opportunity to gently offer to take them to the range again. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so let’s show them how welcoming and open our community can be.