The StealthGear USA ONYX Holster

The Stealthggear USA ONYX Holster
The Stealthggear USA ONYX Holster
The Stealthggear USA ONYX Holster
The StealthgGear USA ONYX Holster

I got my hands on a StealthGear USA ONYX hybrid holster for a look. Out of the box this unit is ready to go to work. They custom fitted it to my Ruger SR9c with a Crimson Trace laser attached. There were a few things I noticed about this holster right away that made it different from all the others. It was made for hot climates. It certainly gives you an option that you may not have had before with plain leather holsters.

So, first off, the backing material is not leather. In fact there are two visible layers. A black nylon on the outer surface they call “Rhinomesh”, and a red mesh they call “Ventmesh” that resembles the stuff you might see on a backpack pad on the inner surface. According to StealthGear, the materials are non-moisture absorbing. For those of you who have ever used a leather holster, you know that on a hot day the leather can become damp and retain body sweat. I don’t know about you, but those also make me a bit uncomfortable. So much so, that in really hot and humid climates, I start thinking about carrying a different gun, or not carrying at all just to avoid the discomfort.

StealthGear USA Holster Padding

In between those layers are two types of closed cell foam and a polyester reinforced flexible support platform. If you spend a moment looking at the construction of the holster, you can clearly see that there are ventilation holes through the inner foam. However, those holes don’t exist where the weapon rests. This prevents the gun from getting affected by moisture. The vents in the inner layers are diamond cut by a laser. StealthGear tells me that each holster is prepared for the type of gun it is to carry, the backings are not a one-size-fits-all. They are cut to make sure these ventilation holes are in the right position for each make and model of gun they sell holsters for. This process takes a little more time and effort as compared to simply using a slab of leather. It’s a bit more of a scientific approach with more modern materials. That means you can’t simply by another scabbard for a different gun you may have. You’d need to buy a whole new rig which are roughly $99 before shipping.

The scabbard is made from Kydex and is attached by small anchored hex head fasteners. The nice thing about these is that they are user adjustable. If you want the Kydex scabbard to hold a little more firmly, you simply screw in the fasteners a little more. They are mounted on the Rhinomesh with small plastic spacers and rubber grommets. The rubber grommets allow the fasteners to cinch down a little more to provide a better grip on your gun. These same fasteners are used on the belt clips. They are also adjustable. Each end of the holster has three pre-drilled positions. The belt clips can be located in any of the three to adjust both the ride height and tilt of the gun. This makes it easy to customize for your preferred carry position.


One of the areas where this holster is a standout is in hot climates for obvious reasons. The ventilation is superb as is the protection of your gun from all that you exude. The Rhinomesh shell is pretty good, too, at retaining its form and coloration, even after repeated draws of the gun. Further, it did not affect my Ruger at all. There were no visible wear marks on it from drawing the gun from the holster.

The holster took virtually no break in time. Out of the box it was flexible enough to use. I had no issues with it not fitting. I typically carry with the 3 o’clock position. It fit well there; I also used it from time to time in the 5 o’clock position. In both instances the backing was flexible enough fit well and support the gun.

I spent a good deal of time drawing and re-holstering my Ruger. Re-holstering isn’t all that easy. I could get it back in 100% of the time using only one hand, but it took a fair amount of nosing the gun around to get it back in. Keep your finger off the trigger! However, in my opinion, that should be the least of your concerns when considering a holster for carry.

The Kydex scabbard does a great job at securing what your packing. At no time did it ever creep out, nor did I ever feel it loosen up. No matter what I was doing, the gun was secured in the shell. It won’t pass any upside down tests, but when was the last time you stood on your head to take a shot. For that matter, when was the last time you stood on your head? I suppose tightening the fasteners would solve this problem, too (I don’t really view it as a problem at all). When sitting in a chair or in the car the gun never slipped out of the scabbard.

stealthgear-usa-onyx-frontOne issue I ran into was the piping used to secure the front and back layers together. StealthGear says that it’s made of acrylic. I found it to be a bit chaffing. It never left any marks on me, but I would notice it after a couple hours of use. Now, I’m 6 foot and about 235 (okay, maybe a little more after a good meal), which means I may be carrying more around the middle than I’d like to admit. I’m sure if I lost a few pounds this would be less of an issue for me. My wife has now decided that I have to start eating healthier and lose a few pounds as of this writing. So, there’s that. I guess it’s finally time to start using the numerous hiking trails here in Colorado.

Overall, I would recommend the holster for those of you that want a well-built holster that is easy to use and ready to go right out of the box. This holster seems to have the market cornered for active folks and for people who live in hot and/or humid climates. I haven’t seen any other holsters that address that situation. Like all things, this is the product of evolving and improving technology.

You can learn more and buy the Stealth Gear Onyx at their website here.

The StealthGear USA ONYX Holster
The StealthGear USA ONYX Holster
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Rob is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and firearms enthusiast. He spent 3 years in the U.S. Army during the Reagan years. He travels the world as a technical consultant working in the field of aviation. When at home he can be found at the range, on his Harley or somewhere off road in his Jeep.
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Alan Mayes

Great and thorough review, Rob. Thanks

Joe Sobotka

“Re-holstering isn’t all that easy. I could get it back in 100% of the time using only one hand, but it took a fair amount of nosing the gun around to get it back in. Keep your finger off the trigger! However, in my opinion, that should be the least of your concerns when considering a holster for carry.”
For that reason alone I wouldn’t buy it. If reholstering isn’t all that easy, in my opinion that makes it less safe than the holster I use everyday. Other than that, its a nice concept for hot weather. However hot weather isn’t a concern for me because I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin 🙂

Brad Leany

I got a Stealthgear back in March, and have no problem whatsoever reholstering…I’m about 6’2, 175. I’m thinking maybe the reason the author had a little difficulty reholstering may have been due to the couple extra pounds he’s carrying. Based on my experiences with the holster, I’d say 95% of people won’t have an issue with this. All in all, great holster, far and away the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

Joe Sobotka

I’m 130 soaking wet. So I suppose it wouldn’t be a problem for me either judging by what you say 🙂


Brad and Joe – I tend to carry it low in the waistband, this makes the Kydex itself a little lower than the pants and belt. For me, carrying there is more comfortable. I’m 6′ 0″ and 235, so, I’m not obese, but I could jog once in a while…

Anthony James

So, there’s that. I guess it’s finally time to start using the numerous hiking trails here in Colorado.

Anthony James

My wife has now decided that I have to start eating healthier and lose a few pounds as of this writing.


My wait is 82 i want to decrease my weight if you have strong plan i am ready to do every thing.


Yeah, that’s kilograms my acquisitive friend. In the US we use English system measurements like pounds (lbs) to talk about weight especially if we’re trying to peddle so magic weight loss elixir.


I might have been interested in ordering one of these holsters if an optional strap was offered because I don’t like the idea of forcing the end of my hardware down into a limited-hold area and relying on that “tightness” being the final determining factor. I like a strap.

Dr. Dillner

I just bought one! Looks like it is worth it.


I always laugh when I watch holster reviews on YouTube and they hold the holster upside down and shake it to show the gun wont come out. And how they stress retention. I always laugh at that. Like you said, who is doing headstands?!?! And secondly, who is doing enough maneuvering where upside down retention comes into play? Dumb.


Not so dumb, you could get sucker punched and end up in a brawl before needing your weapon, or run away before being forced to use deadly force. Either way you want the gun to stay put; retention is a good thing in moderation.

Bert Moore

I have owned my StealthGear holster for about 4 months now. I carry low in the 6 o’clock position and don’t have a re-holstering problem. This is the most comfortable holster I have worn. I will buy another one when the need arises.


If you want to spend that much $$ then ok i like the REMORA holsters they are no more than 50$ and work well give one a try for the price you cant beat it i carry every day with no problems if you dont like them then ok.


I would love to have this as a hybrid version with all of the heat relieving parts and leather around the firearm.

Anthony James

rifles & carbines, and shotguns. Remember every class you attend will only aid you in the development of your “Personal Safety Plan.


In our area you can’t take easily our government Arrest you. if you have Licence you any gun riffle or any thing you have to order hide these item.


Were you drunk when you wrote that comment? What are you talking about?


No, English as a second language. carynflo, do you live outside the US in a totalitarian state like NYC or just in a part of the world where they don’t trust people with guns?


If you have one in the chamber does the large loaded indicator on the Ruger SR9C cause a problem with the fit of the Kydex?


Hi, sorry I just saw this question. The answer is no, the loaded chamber indicator does not cause any problems.


does anybody know the measurements of the StealthGear
holster clips? what size belt is recommended to wear with this carry? thanks Y