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  • I am disabled and walk with a cane, so if my 40 is not cocked and
    locked what do I do ask the criminal if he would mind holding my cane
    while I camber a round. It should never take more than one hand to draw,
    flip the safety off and aim and fire. Plus in close up encounters (which
    most are) you will need the second hand to hold off the criminal while
    the other hand draws the weapon. If you are not going to carry cocked
    and locked you might as well leave it in the glove box.

    • propnut

      That’s why I  totally love  my ruger p95  it’s a wonderfull weapon  shoots straight never jams and has a decocker/safety that can be fliped  either right or left hand I can also drop the mag  right or left handed and with it being  sa/da  i dont have to worry about cocking

      • Chefbbflorida

        I just bought a P95 and love it. Easiest firearm to use that I have seen.

    • Rallen7227

      Ah, PJ my friend..know the feeling (sorta), perhaps consider a good revolver in a caliber that you are comfortable with shooting, safely and accurately of course. It is really true about good shot placement, many a beast and badguy have fallen to lesser calibers, than many will admit. Goodluck, and stay safe, as vigilant, God Bless…R.Allen in TN

  • fjpor

    I am 72 year old female and carry cocked and locked at all times.  Especially during the holidays when these people are out in the parking lots doing their “Christmas shopping” at others expense.  Also I walk my dog late in the evening and live in a more rural area just off one major highway.  No way am I going to be without. 

  • Philshockley

    While”Cocked & Locked” is taught by some. I do not.  I have had two experiences where a student is going through training to present his pistol and in so doing pulled the trigger as he was bringing the pistol out of the holster. Fortunately both instances were clear of the holster and were started toward the target when discharged.  With practice it is very easy and just as effective to present the weapon and in doing so as the pistol clears the holster thumb the hammer back. Very little time and much safer ESPECIALLY if you are new at carrying.  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and continue your education.

    • Michael Appleton

      That is why you DO NOT have your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.  That means drawn – presented -sight alignment and sight picture are complete,  the area in front and behind the target are clear, and the final decision to shoot has been made (meaning the danger still exists).  and it all takes only 2 to 3 seconds.

    • thats is why when you TEACH you allways teach the student FINGER AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER and driil into there head “treat the gun as if it were loaded” if the student can get the concept before you go to the range you need to tell the student come back another day or make a special time for him/her

  • Redorrie

    I’m a 59 year old guy, out of shape and with a bad heart. Running from danger is out of the question. If trouble should ever come my way my only option is to stand and fight. That’s why I got my carry permit and practice often at the range. Unlike some, I’m a Glock guy. No safety to play with, hoping to remember to take it off, just a safe trigger, that Glock is known for. I can simply draw and shott if ever needed.

    • JiminOr

      Great article……LC9 carrier, practice regularly, but also like my .357 revolver…just harder to carry concealed!

      • SeptemberSniper

        LC9 Myself as well.

  • Yahoodude

    Maybe if your students are new to firearms you should recommend a different gun! The 1911’s are a lock and load kind of firearm while some of the Tactical Tupperware Glocks are always carried that way, and do not even require a disarm of the safety. The gun won’t fire without a finger on the trigger! Its all about education, and practice, practice , practice!!!!

  • Clarencenewby2312

    Does it actually take 90 days to receive your permit?

    • typically 45 days but 90 is usually reserver for screw-ups, holidays, etc.

    • no…should be 8 to 12 weeks sometimes holidays get into the middle of it and takes a little longer

  • Rob2cln

    Hi my name is Roberto and I’m from CT and I want to now more about the rules about carry my pistol

    • call the state of ct firearms review board and they will send you out a packet

  • Bobbevwylie

    Ive been a member for months , how do i post  . Ive subscribed more than once

  • timm1060

    Hey All…I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to contact their local congressman to vote YES on S-2188…the companion to Senate bill HR 2188…making your CCW permit recognized in all fifty states.  USA Carry has a forum to easily find your local congressman and email your request.  Thank you all in advance…and a special thanks to USA Carry.   

  • Greensiggydarts

    this site is great!

  • I’ve contacted my state and fed representatives on voting YES on S-2188 – hope it passes – I travel through a lot of states that do not honor GA reciprocity – and this does NOT make sense.

    • Joseph Usher

      Hi Ed, I’m from GA too and I feel your pain. I drive all up and down the east coast and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why S.C. won’t honor our permits. Maybe it’s because it’s controlled by Muslims and they just don’t want any more weapons than they already have, I don’t know. But you’re absolutely right, we gotta get our lawmakers to get this right, and at the same time, tell New York and the other northeastern states to mind their own business. At least we have a pro-gun Governor which should help.

  • Salbt

    I’m going to have to have my wife register too, she needs a small carry gun worse than I do.  When she got her CCW I gave her a Walther PPKS to carry, she wasn’t real happy with it, and then she found my Gov. Model .380, which is a little expensive for her to haul around as a daily carry.

    • Ken

      what is your wife’s life worth ?

  • Raven11kilo

    That is also why I L.O.V.E. my Glock g22 gen 3. I can feed it any .40 sw round and it will eat it for breakfast not to mention the safty is in the trigger so no flipping of safties either way just point and fire it is always ready to go. Propnut I do agree on the p95 though I had one of those first, and finally wanted something a little bigger but still was a great gun.

  • Chris

    Very much enjoy the website. Keep the faith!

  • William Antico

    I think a lot of pistol enthusists like to talk about pistol calibers, comparing stopping power, advantages, disadvantages and the like. And granted it is fun to talk about it, but bottom line being prepared for what might happen , is more important. Your gun caliber doesn’t matter if you left your gun home. It also doesn’t matter if you can’t draw your gun out in time. Being aware of your surroundings, and being ready to take action, is more vital than caliber. Also shot placement is more important too. A .22LR in the heart is much more of a stopper than a .45 ACP that misses or just grazes the bad guy. So the rule is to shoot the most powerful round that you can shoot accurately and consistantly. It’s a responsibility, but I think I rather have it, than rely on someone else to save me if I ever get confronted with deadly physical force. And always remember the safety rules of gun handling. Never get complacent about safety.

  • I carry my Springfield XD-45 almost everywhere, I prefer it over the glock due to the added grip safety so that it ensures a good grip on the weapon as well as finger on the trigger.  Always keep one in the  chamber, and practice, practice, practice your draw!!! Having a gun on you doesn’t really do you any good if you don’t know how to use it properly and safely!  The difference between life and death can be a split second.  Now if we could only get the government to allow us law abiding permit carrying citizens to bring our weapons wherever we go and open carry, things would be much better!  As it is it drives me nuts that I can’t even bring my weapon to work and leave it in the car, damn military installations!  They give us assault rifles and send us overseas then strip us of our 2nd amendment rights and make us sitting ducks when we’re in the states!  Same thing with traveling on planes, the TSA ties our hands and makes us vulnerable… The Army tells me to think like a bad guy… Well, if I was a bad guy and I walked into a room and the majority of people had a weapon on their hip/leg I might just rethink doing something stupid.  If the bad guy has a death wish, well then that would still be the difference between one or two people dead and the majority of the people in the place dead.  Unfortunately we’ll never get the politicians to pull their heads out of their butts to change the laws, but it was fun to rant!!  Keep’em clean and keep’em loaded!!

  • OnTheRange

    I have had my concealed permit two years. My weapon is in my purse with very easy access any time I am away from home and and always nearby at home. A woman sometimes can be mistaken as an easy victim, so being alert to my surroundings and easy access to my weapon feels much more secure than being unarmed.

  • OSIRUS12


  • DD

    I am a new member of USA Carry. The concern I have with the present push for gun control is the same as every law abiding citizen to protect themselves in the face of budget cuts in law enforcement. In my county the cuts are deep enough that unless there is a life threatening situation the police do not respond except to say “file an online report.” The response time in the above mentioned instance is not quick by any means because officers are required to cover a large area. I feel that gun owners should be responsible for knowing how to use their weapon properly in any given situation so as to properly protect themselves and their families.

  • I don’t know about anyone else I always carry locked and loaded flip the safety and ready to go…has anyone ever seen a cop carry an unloaded firearm? not me all the cops and troopers i know carry locked and loaded…All have a great day

  • Karen Grayczk

    I live in the Prescott, AZ area where the Ruger factory is. I love that this state allows us to open carry firearms.

  • Roger

    My wife and I are planning a trip back to kentucky and we want to take our handguns with us. If we have a concealed carry permit from Wa. St. will it be leagal to pass through other states to get to our destination with just the Wa. C.C.P.