Should You Take Your Gun To Work?

Should You Take Your Gun To Work?

Should You Take Your Gun To Work?

To bring or not to bring. It’s a basic question we all ask ourselves when we get up for work in the morning. On one hand, there’s the comfort and security of knowing you’re able to protect yourself and potentially your co-workers in the event of a security risk at work. On the other hand, there’s sometimes a stigma attached with asking HR if there’s anything in company policy specifically forbidding an employee carrying a concealed carry firearm into the workplace. In this article, we’ll look at the ups and downs of carrying to work — and you can determine if it’s right for you.

Instant Personal Defense

Having the ability to carry your firearm at work is a luxury. There are some jobs where it’s just simply not feasible to safely carry a firearm while doing your profession. In certain manual trades where you are lying on your side, a holster can dig in heavily. Jobs where you have to carry heavy equipment through uncertain terrain can be another.

CON: And then there’s employers who simply don’t trust their employees enough to be armed. The concept of ‘instant personal protection’ gets somewhat convoluted quickly.

PRO: All nonsense aside, no one wants to be stuck in an honestly dangerous situation either at work or in the parking lot where he or she wishes that a gun was there. Robbers don’t always wait for the cover of darkness anymore before hunting down their prey. Being able to protect yourself instantly through the use of a concealed carry handgun is a great relief.

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Customer Interactions

“The customer is always right” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. Anyone working retail or in customer service will be quick to point out that’s usually not the case. And sometimes, customers can threaten to use force or, in some cases, actually attempt to inflict physical injury and harm on others. Knowing that you have the ability to protect yourself in that situation is a peace of mind when dealing with strangers.

CON: If you’re carrying concealed, the customer won’t likely know you’re armed but your employer might. Make sure your employer is okay with that.

PRO: One of the most physically assaulted occupations out there is Sales. You’re going out to talk to strangers and pitch your product and services. They may not always be of sound mind or morals. Should you need to, you can protect yourself until you can safely flee.

Work Site Safety

For field service representatives and skilled tradesmen, work can sometimes call you out to some rather unsavory or potentially dangerous stretches. In these desolate or murky areas, personal protection has to be a priority. It’s not just your company’s truck, it’s also your own personal equipment and your livelihood at risk.

CON: If you’re going to carry while traveling between destinations, it’s always good to have a partner who’s carrying as well. One of you may be preoccupied with a task-at-hand and it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes to avoid getting ambushed.

PRO: As has been in the case in news reports, in the unlikely event you’re called upon to protect yourself and your coworker from harm, you’ll be absolutely glad you had the ability to do so.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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The short answer is, “Yes!” I conceal carry at the workplace as well as at client locations, even in schools where it is legal. Clients never know. I’ve learned several concealed carry techniques, holster/gun combinations that will vary depending on the clothes that I need to wear. As long as a “No Gun” does not have the force of law, I ignore it and carry into the facility. If I’m asked to leave it’s because my concealment strategy broke.


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I always carry wherever it is legal to do so. You definitely need a range of carry options to match the individual circumstances of the places you need to go for your work, but even if all I can manage somewhere is a subcompact in a belt smart phone type case I always have something unless it is illegal to carry.


Even at times on State property which is a no-no for employees normally. But there were times when they ask for me to come in armed. And times when there were full auto weapons on the property with the employees being told that it was suggested that they have a firearm in the vehicle just in case. Otherwise, carry anywhere legal.

james lagnese

Not only are guns verboten at work, but any weapons. The state legislature tabled a bill that would allow CCW on campus, but it died. Oh well. It’s not worth the hassle if caught.

Andrew Mock

Corporate policy at my workplace is that guns are not permitted. My primary concern is disgruntled former employees. The odds are strong that at least a few are ticked off.


I like the way the US Military handled the problem . . . how did it go? . . . DON’T ASK – DON’T TELL!

james lagnese

No is the right answer. Remember Ft Hood?


Ft Hood was not a case of an armed worker going crazy, if that’s what you are saying. Ft Hood was a “GUN FREE ZONE” and a murderer showed up, and the problem was that nobody brought a gun to work to stop him. If the victims brought their guns to work and were armed, they COULD’VE stopped him.

james lagnese



local police know i carry as i got my ccl at the police dept. to bad I
cannot carry in neighboring states…mich and illinois

Nate Opgenorth

Michigan recognizes ALL Resident permits since you likely didn’t get a non-resident carry permit at your local police department I think you are good to go in Michigan…Illinois is a different animal though, they do not recognize any other states and they only issue non-resident permits to people who hold permits of states they consider to have substantially similar regulations regarding carry permits which include, Hawaii, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Virginia…I have no idea if a non-resident South Carolina or Virginia permit counts (in VA’s case its actually more stringent than the resident permit) but it might be worth a call to the Illinois State Police if you are interested. Hawaii and New Mexico do not offer non-resident permits and Hawaii never issues anyways and New Mexico does but its a pain just like IL. I used to live in Wisconsin and visit every year, my NYS Pistol license and my Non-resident VA permit is valid in Wisconsin (ironically though a resident VA permit is NOT). Not sure what state you live in….get the app “CCW”, you’ll learn a lot!


South Carolina does not issue permits non-residents unless that person owns land in the state. I know of no other state that has a similar rule.

james lagnese

NY may be like that. They have non-resident permits. I doubt they issue them to just anyone.


NYC probably IS like that, as for the rest of the state, I do not know.

james lagnese

Forget about getting a non-resident in NYC. Getting a resident in NYC is next to impossible. I was talking about the state as a whole.


Actually the state I am most frustrated in right now is Colorado.
1- They will not issue non-resident permits.
2- They will not honor non-resident permits from other states.
3- They will not honor a SC permit.

So between the three (unnecessary) restrictions a SC resident has no way of carrying in Colorado.

james lagnese

I suppose you can move. I started in NY, lived in Iowa for awhile and then ended up in AZ. Each time I moved, the gun laws improved.


I carry daily with a round in the chamber..You have a big respondsability when you carry concealed,and you
have to use that thing between your ears..Even know, I know there is a round chambered,,,NEVER ASUME ANYTHING..Make sure your weapon is clear..Period..If you have to shoot,,where is that round going to go after you hit your target..You don’t need to carry a “Dirty Harry” 44 Mag..I carry the Glock 19 G3 9mm,with extra mags..With all this crap going on now a days..I even carry in my house..Be safe,and shoot to kill…..

james lagnese

What did Harry say when asked why he used a 44? As far as high capacity and all the extra mags, you’d be lucky to get past the first magazine unless you are spraying. We’ve seen it with the police. When they went to the high capacity autos, the number of rounds expended in a shootout went up and I’d bet so has civilian hits. If you use that thing between your ears, you may never have to use a gun in self-defence.