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Concealed Carry Lesson: Retired Policeman Shoots Man Texting in Theater

  • Chris-Do-Algarve

    I am not sure how the RIP ammo performs in real world conditions.

  • frank

    The R.I.P round is a great new idea , but would be considered excessive force in a self defense scenario. In any instance like this you try to stop not kill your aggressor . I think the intent to kill is murder no matter the circumstances in any court of law. Don’t get me wrong I almost would buy these destructive rounds but don’t see the real use. One…. you are not going to shoot these pricey rounds down range for practice. I think pricing of the 9mm was $44.00 for 20 rounds with 40 s&w and 45 to come. Two in a public scenario of self defense you might encounter injuries to innocent bystanders due to the penetrating and shrapnel effect of the design of the rounds. If you are looking for the perfect zombie apocalypse round to buy up…….this might be for you! Other wise all I see is a possible military round ( pending reliability and accuracy ) , or another way for people to waste lots of money blowing stuff up and filming with high speed cameras . In other words this round seems to me as more of a liability than my hollow points I keep in my carry weapon.

    • freedomwatchman

      Disabled, in bad health, I don’t have the ability to coddle attackers, the obvious necessity totally neutralizing them one and for all, ever aware however the attackers are only the initial primary target; they followed closely by the oppressive government authorities as well as civil suits by the perk’s family who are in all probably the same as the perk.

    • Steve Harmon

      Nope, kill, kill, kill.

  • Paul Willard

    Stopping the threat is of UTMOST importance. As 30 yr vet LE, I was trained to shoot center mass because it has been proven to be the easiest target to hit under stress and most likely to stop armed threats, period. It is not considered murder, IF you can articulate WHY you were forced to resort to deadly force to begin with. You never “shoot to kill”… shoot to Stop The Threat…if it results in a homicide, well…isn’t that the Perp’s fault? The type of ammo, so long as it is a FACTORY loading, can’t be used against you under most circumstances, scumbag lawyers/D.A.s aside…

    • Barker62

      Add another 7 yrs for me including military and Federal LE time(now state ofc.), and you hit it right on the head with your comments. I carry off-duty probably 95%+. When you get to an age where the young wannabes and just general punks could conceivably see you as potential prey you need a round that WILL stop a threat. However, withholding judgement on this round until real-world results show up. If it gives the same results as Super-Vels, Black Talons, et al. and the price comes down to affordable levels……

      • Paul Willard

        Thank you for your comments and your service! I agree, real-world experience counts for much, and I’d like to see it in use, maybe on a pig or other thin skinned game

  • farmist

    I’ll continue to use LEO-approved ammo for self-defense