USA Carry Website Packages


Are you looking to get a website and
just don’t know where to start?

USA Carry Website Packages are designed to get your website launched easily and quickly so you can focus on running your business.

[box type=”info”]I have been developing websites since 1999 and I decided to offer my services to those in the firearm industry that need a website and just don’t know where to start. Let me take all of the headaches away. After filling out an initial questionnaire, I will handle every step of getting your website online and keeping it running thereafter. I will also optimize your website for search engines which is another headache on its own that you will not have to deal with. Lastly I will get you setup on the social networks to get your business more exposure. Luke McCoy – Founder[/box]

What is a domain name? What is web hosting?
How do I setup emails?

Do you need a simple and fast solution for launching a website, that looks very attractive and up to date to your customers, is exceptionally well designed and has all of the elements your firearm related business needs?

Would you like to drive up the sales of your products or classes?

Would you enjoy getting more business by having an online presence?

What you need is a something that helps you develop a beautiful and fully functional website.

Get your business online today with a
USA Carry Website Package for only $499*

*$25 Monthly Hosting and Maintenance – First Month Free


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Domain name
    • You can choose from one of over 70 firearm related domain names or I can help you choose a new domain.
  • Website
    • Hosting – This is what keeps your website online for everyone to see. I will handle the hosting of your website so you don’t have to deal with this.
    • Website Theme – I have numerous templates for you to choose from to customize the look of your website. These are not free templates that anyone can download. These are professionally built templates that will make your website look great.
    • Homepage – I can customize what shows up on the homepage to fit your needs.
    • Blog/Articles – I will enable a blog and/or article section to your website that will allow you to easily update your site with new information.
    • Location – Display your company location and/or the range you use for training. This can link to a page that will display your contact information and allow users to find directions to your location.
    • Contact Form – I will enable a contact form that will allow users to fill out and send you a message that will be sent to your email
    • Advanced Commenting System – If you would like to enable user comments on your website I can enable an advanced system that allows users to post comments from their Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This is the same system used on USA Carry Articles and News pages.
    • Booking/Scheduling – I can enable a booking system that will allow users to select from a calendar which day they would like to schedule classes. This would send you an email where you can then follow-up with the student. You will be able to set your available days/hours so that they are restricted to those only. (Note: This feature is only available on one particular style. I can provide more details during setup)
    • Testimonials – I can setup a page that would list testimonials from your students and allow you to update this as needed.
    • Search Engine Tools – I will setup tools that I have been using over the years that should help your website get better exposure in search engines such as Google and Bing. I can give you all the specifics when requested.
    • Statistics – I will enable Google Analytics that tracks your website visitors. You will have access to view this at anytime.
  • Business Cards – 100 Free Premium business cards
  • Emails – You are allowed up to ten emails which can be setup to forward to an existing email address
  • USA Carry Featured Directory Listing FREE (Normally $25 a month)
  • Social Networking Accounts – I will setup a Twitter Account, Facebook Page and LinkedIn Profile for you company. This will help you network with potential customers and contacts: vital in today’s marketing!
  • Marketing Tips – I will give you tips that will get you started in the right direction to market your new website.

Optional Services

  • Ranking Reports – Additional $49 a month
    • I will provide you with reports that track your website rankings, certain keywords (selected by you), and competition rankings in search engines. I will also answer any questions that you have regarding search engine optimization to the best of my knowledge. You would have access to everything I have learned over the years.
  • Press Release – $99 per release
    • Get access to the list of sources I have put together when sending press releases for USA Carry to help you get more exposure. All text must be supplied by you but I will provide you with a guide to follow that will help you put it together. Once your press release is ready I will submit it to my sources so all you have to do is write it.
  • Writing Services – Quote based on project
    • If you are not a good writer and need someone to come up with all the text for your website or a press release, let me do it for you.

Here is a real example from a firearms instructor using the USA Carry Website Package:

Visit Complete Firearm Instruction to view the full website provided by USA Carry.

[box type=”info”]I just Checked out the completed web site. You are a genious. I was second on the page in a google search and first on the page in a yahoo search. I tested the Booking Calander and some of the other tools on the site and everything worked flawlessly. You really made this as easy a process as possible. From start to finish you went from concept to an up and running web site in no time at all. You were able to take my ideas and bring them to life in real time on the web to maximize my buisness exposure in a way I never would have been able to do. Alan D. Klammer – Complete Firearm Instruction[/box]

USA Carry Website Packages
USA Carry Website Packages