Why You Need Guns Now

Why You Need Guns Now
Why You Need Guns Now
Why You Need Guns Now
Why You Need Guns Now

Even though I’m writing this on Christmas and hopefully you’re relaxing, I’d like to quickly remind you why you should have your guns now, as proven by the reactions by both the left and the right after the horrific Connecticut shootings.

In short, the aftermath of these shootings has shown that far too many people lose all rationale and do crazy things after a “disaster.” For instance, it’s no surprise that the liberals want to ban AR-15’s, ban the number of rounds that a magazine can hold, and our favorite New York mayor even talked about confiscating all of the guns in New York.

But the liberals weren’t the only one’s losing all rationale, so were some gun folks.

For example, the website Cheaper than Dirt stopped selling firearms and essentially committed business suicide. Whatever gutless executive made that call ought to be fired and there’s nothing that ticks me off more than people without conviction.

One of the biggest handgun trading websites in the nation is on KSL. It’s a Utah website where people buy, sell, and trade guns. Well, last week I was getting ready to do some advertising on the website and the KSL ad rep I was working with sent me an email and said they were temporarily taking down the entire firearms section. Again, some gutless executive has no idea who his customer is and made a bonehead decision.

The fact is, it’s sad when people can’t stand by what they believe.

But enough about corporate executives being wimps, let’s talk about other irrational things that have happened since the shootings. The popular website Brownell’s sold as many AR-15 magazines in 72 hours as it usually does in 3.5 years.

And pretty much every gun store in the nation was jam packed with lines going out the door and people dropping as much as $7,000 on merchandise. And when my wife was in Walmart last week I asked her to take a look at the ammo section for me and she said it was almost empty and basically the only ammo left was .22.

My point of telling you all this is: first, you ought to be prepared before a disaster takes place. I haven’t bought any guns or ammo or any accessories since the Connecticut shooting because I already have what I need. And if you don’t already have an AR-15 don’t go and buy one now and get ripped off (I saw listings where people were selling a $1,000 AR for $4,000.) Wait until things die down and then go buy one.

Second, keep your head cool during a disaster and the aftermath. While people from both sides make foolish decisions and take irrational actions, try and keep your wits about you. Lastly, the aftermath of the Connecticut shooting is far from over, so please stand by your convictions and don’t buckle like many people already have. In other words, stand by what you truly believe in.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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john shaw

iI have been purchasing firearms over two years now I knew gun control BS would come up sometime and I was not caught off guard this time I’m set good to go

Citizens for Citizen's Rights

Another obvious blog post. Great. What is the purpose of your posts? They are almost ALL pointless.


I agree . . . when the desire to publish here weekly (whether you have something relevant and intelligent to say or not) overrides all else this is what you can expect. I personally am not about to throw my firearms industry under the bus as rapidly as Jason seem to want to do with the entities he has named.

They are most likely examining and evaluating their polices in the wake of what has happened, most likely in an attempt to make sure they are doing all they can to tighten up policies for everyone’s safety. That doesn’t make them cowards Jason. It’s a prudent and reasonable thing to do. It’s the adult responsible thing to do. I’m sure they’ll be back. Even officers are routinely taken off the streets following a good or bad shooting in an effort to cool things off. Would you say those officers are cowards? Well YOU might but I sure won’t. I spent nearly 30 years being a real cop. I would think a “so-called” ex-CIA agent as yourself would feel the same.

I love my shooting industry and I’m NOT going to throw it under the bus so quickly. Every aspect of our industry needs to temporarily re-evaluate procedures to make sure everything were doing is correct. If that means we temporarily take a break during that period, then I’m fine with that. I buy a lot of things from Cheaper Than Dirt and some of these other entities. Some of them even advertise here and I”m not going to call them names for what they’re doing right now. Relax and stop panicing Jason. Now is the time for level headed adult thinking.

sand snake

Actually, I believe the reason Cheaper than Dirt stopped selling firearms was because they ran out of stock because everyone started buying up AR parts so fast.


I very much agree with you. My local gun shops are all totally wiped out of pretty much everything desirable right now. They don’t even have most ammo left in stock and they’ve all told me to get what ever you can from what ever source you can find because things are going to remain dry for quite a while.

Jason immeditately threw these companies under the bus by implying they were cowards. As I also stated in my own response, they may also simply be re-evaluating policies as well. The point being this article was way too premature in slamming our industry. It is being attacked enough by the other side as it is and the last thing we need is a “so-called” ex-CIA eagle scout running around trashing prominent vendors within our industry. I thank you “sand snake” for your intelligent explanation for what may also have happened here as well. The same drying up has occured nationwide and you can’t sell what you simply don’t have right now.

old fart

I agree with the rational of this post overall. People get too emotionally invested after a tragedy like this. It certainly can shake some folks convictions. But if it does, it wasn’t really a conviction, it was a decision or choice that had been made. People are allowed to second guess their decisions and choices however. A conviction isn’t so easily swayed. So it was simply a poor choice of words.

As for bringing the names of CTD into it? They did much worse than simply pull the guns, they gouged the prices up on magazines by 100%+ overnight. Is that integrity or what? I’d prefer not dealing with any company that did that. Unfortunately, every company has done that to some degree this past week. At least on magazines.


This little twat is just posting bullshit, multiple opinion blog posts, here to promote his unfounded “academy.” What a joke.


It’s just too bad that our nation doesn’t have a leader strong enough to keep Congress on point after a tragedy like this.

A leader who understands that isolated crimes perpetrated by madmen should not bring about the erosion of the fundamental rights that form the foundation of this country.

A leader with enough sense to realize that Congress needs to focus on fixing the economy, so that people can go to work and provide for their families. Many can’t, and that’s a reality that they face every day. Lets focus our attention on helping the living.

It’s too bad we don’t have a leader like that.


Cheaper Than Dirt sent me a catalog yesterday – man those guys have everything, including adult consciences. They’re diplomats, and what they did after the shootings was the kind of temporary gesture the situation called for. They won’t lose a dime, and they shouldn’t.


And what the heck makes one a former CIA officer at what appears to be, like, twelve years of age?


Jason, now this is the dumbest statement you have ever written “the website Cheaper than Dirt stopped selling firearms and essentially committed business suicide.”

Because the company had some morals and decided to re-evaluate to ensure their guns were not getting into improper hands you see it as suicide? This decision will make me buy more from them.

Maybe you should go back to your Real Estate scam…..

Viola B. Hall

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Freedom Fighter

Why Do We Need Guns Now?? We need them to protect this country from a corrupt government or any other tyranny that could invade us!

It is the duty of the people of the united states to fight all tyranny foreign and domestic!