Why You Need to Own Multiple Guns

Why You Need to Own Multiple Guns
Why You Need to Own Multiple Guns
Why You Need to Own Multiple Guns
Why You Need to Own Multiple Guns

Most gun owners I know already own multiple firearms. After all, there are so many different guns out there how could you just own one? But I do know a few gun owners who literally have just one gun. Sometimes the reason is because of their significant other (AKA wife), other times it’s a monetary issue (which I understand), and then there are the people who simply think one gun is enough (I shudder at the thought.)

One of the obvious reasons to own multiple guns is in case one of them breaks. If you’re using a quality gun, such as a Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P or Springfield XD, then the chances are slim. But they are mechanical devices and eventually something may go wrong. If you’re at the shooting range and your gun goes down then it might be days even weeks before you get your gun fixed by a gunsmith or the factory.

Another reason to own multiple guns…

Is to have more than one gun throughout your house. For instance, I obviously have one of my guns in my bedroom in case there’s a home intruder during the night. But there’s also a gun in my basement. If someone were to break into my house while I was in my basement watching a movie, it would be a long haul up to my bedroom if that were the only gun I had.

So, at a minimum have a gun in your basement and your bedroom, but try and have one on every level if you can. Just remember to keep each gun in a “fast opening” safe that you can open in about 3 seconds.

One of the most important reasons to own multiple guns is because your spouse or other family members who live with you need one too. When I’m traveling I feel a heck of a lot better knowing my wife has her own gun and that she’s trained to use it. (Except if we’ve had an argument before going to bed. Then I ask her if for my own safety I should come and move her gun to my side of the bed for the night – always amusing to me, not so much to her.)

But in all seriousness…

If you’re the only gun owner in your house, how is your family going to protect themselves when you’re out of town? Or what if you’re just running errands a few miles down the road and something happens?

I realize there are still a lot of people who have family members who are scared of guns or anti-gun, but just take baby steps with them. Don’t try and convince them to get a gun, just try and convince them to at least come shooting with you once. It never ceases to amaze me when the people I take to the range are anti-gun when we get there and then as soon as we’re done they’re often saying, “that was so much fun, when can we do this again,” or “I never knew shooting was so enjoyable, I think I might actually get a gun.”

The fact is, there are probably dozens more reasons why you should own more than one gun, including everyone’s new favorite, the zombie apocalypse/end of the world. So if you’ve only got one gun, and you can afford it, get yourself another one today. In fact, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this afternoon.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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I learned this early on. During a 4-Day handgun course my Taurus PT-140 broke. The armorers on site could not fix it but I has brought my Beretta 90-Two with me as a backup so I finished the course with it. It would have been nice to finish the course with a sub-compact like the PT-140 but those were the only two pistols I owned at the time.


Don’t forget the investment potential. I’ve got guns in the vault I bought for peanuts that are now worth over a grand. Not one gun I have has not appreciated significantly in value.


If you have to use your ccw gun in a legitimate situation chances are the Leo’s may take it as evidence or just because they can and you could be without it for a while.If that is your only gun , what are you going to do now ?Carry a policeman?Bare minimum is 2 guns .

Jim Greaves

“carry a policeman” is one option. the other would be to move in with the dweebs (like Pee-loosely, Shoe-more, and Find-a-stein etc) who passed the laws in the first place. After all, they receive instant police protection, and many of them have around-the-clock body-guards because of the nature of the threat to themselves brought on by their own stupid ideas.

nathan hale

this is the primary reason I have a second gun. In the unlikely event I have to use the weapon (even in a brandishing situation) I could find myself without my gun because it is locked up in some evidence room even if I were in the right. Without a second gun, I am then walking around with the person (if not dead) potentially getting out on bail. OR dead or still in jail, that person’s fellow gang members/family may want to pay me a visit. After a self-defense shooting, I can only assume you are in more danger and should be carring even more. Without that second gun you are practiced with, you are rolling the dice

Christopher George Wallace

I really don’t get you Jason. Seriously. This isn’t a bad topic, most of your blog posts aren’t, but your content and view point is consistently thin. Part of your thinking is sound, but not much of it.

Here’s the reason why a person should own multiple firearms. ( Which could mean, pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, …. ). Firearms are tools. Each firearm was designed for a purpose, some multi-purpose.

I have a S&W 1911 .45 for home protection. I use if for tactical training as well. I carry a Sig P938. I also have a Keltec KSG and a Wilson Combat M4. All for similar, but different reasons. Different tools do different things.

Dig a bit deeper before you decide to post on this site again.

Pastor Rick

Mr Wallace. Your tact is as thin as your accusation of Jason’s point of view to be. We don’t always have to agree with EVERYTHING that is posted. But to say “Dig a bit deeper before you decide to post on this site again.” is a pretty arrogant comment to make. This is his forum to comment on, keep your sarcasm to yourself please.

Christopher George Wallace

Blow me Rick. Wallace is absolutely correct.

Fool Finder

“Blow me Rick” ? Dig a little deeper Wall-ace…. You do know that refering to yourself in the third person is a sure sign of mental illness, but I guess you collect those.


So much nasty at the expense of good sense? You followed shallow and mean with more of the same. Hypocrite much?


Logic before nasty, perhaps?

Simo Häyhä

CGW makes a lot of sense. I found nothing about his comment sarcastic. Pastor Rick maybe you are a little overly sensitive or maybe you are Jason in disguise.

Regardless, I think he’s right. Guns are tools. Simple as that.


Guns are tools, opinions are not subject to one “right” way of thinking, and it kinda is HIS site, just sayin.

Paul DeVere

I think Mr. Wallace’s response was close to spot on. Sometimes I will be someplace (at a party or whatever) and someone who knows me will nervously approach me, clear their throat, and say something like, “You know, with all that has been going on such as [fill in the blank] I have been thinking of getting a gun. What would you recommend?”
I am sure that many of you have had a similar experience. What I say to them is that aside from hunting [hunters would never ask me this question anyway since I don’t hunt and hunters already know what they need] there are four basic reasons that I figure to own a gun. Which firearm is “best” depends on your purpose for acquiring it. In no particular order these four purposes are 1) home defense, 2) a firearm to carry for personal protection, 3) I just want to have fun at a firing range, and 4) ITSHTF.
Then I go through the various calibers, types, etc. for each purpose. By then most listeners eyes glaze over and they become bored and wander away, allowing me to get back to watching the game and monging the chips.


Ok I am going to bite,what is ITSHTF?

Billy Sing

If The Shit Hits The Fan…

I agree with Wallace too. Jason starts good discussions, but never really gets them right or completely correct.


Thanks I needed that.Ranks right up there with FUBAR.I did get a good laugh.


Please define “right or completely correct” for me?


Mr.DeVere please take this the way it is meant,you seem to have alot of knowledge, why would you push someone off to have more chips? I believe we need more educators in the subjects of weapons and there use.I have a few hand guns and long guns and any time someone asks me about them I stop and give them my full attention.And I ask as many questions that I can,wether they are dumb or not.When it comes to weapons knowledge is gold.Please give it away.

Use the 1st to spread the 2nd

Now THOSE are the words of a wise and considerate person. It is the people who ACT like they know everything (we’ve all encountered the guy behind the gun counter who knows it all) and ACTS like owning a handgun is reserved for only the special and priviledged that turn possible new gun owners away.


What he said!


Well put


Oh, yeah – that’s definetly the way to expand the ranks of the pro-gunners… Is your time so precious that you can’t take a few minutes to share you wisdom – without overwhelming them with your brillance – and maybe actually help someone? Or maybe they were just trying to get to the chips….


I have several different handguns and each has their own purpose. I would not carry my .45LC Ruger Blackhawk as a concealed carry piece, but I sure feel better when I have it when I am in the woods. The same goes for my carry Star PD, That is not a pistol that I would not normally carry while hunting.Or the black powder pistols that I compete with (one shot is not enough)
That is the reasoning I have for owning multiple handguns. The same goes for long guns as well


Totally makes sense. Guns are tools. Each one has its purpose.


I agree that more than gun in the house is important…in my mind – imperative. However, I do not believe in “stashing” guns all over the house. I have 25 pistols/revolvers in my home. All but one of them are in my safe. The one pistol that is not in my safe; is ALWAYS on my person. That’s correct; I carry my pistol everywhere I go in my home. My Wife carries her pistol on her person as well. When we are washing the cars/motorcycles – we are carrying. When we are mowing the grass/gardening – we are carrying. Of what use is a pistol if it is not IMEDIATELY available when it is needed? If you have to make a dash to get your pistol when you need it…you may have already lost the battle.
A firearm that is on my hip cannot be accessed by the young and curious; neither can a criminal get to it before I do.


Apparently you live in an active war zone? It may be safer for you and your family to escape the horrors of your insecurity.


Apparently you were never a Boy Scout. It may be safer for those around you if you opened your eyes, took off the rose colored glasses and got a good look at the world. Not everything is sweetness and light. If you do not at least TRY to prepare for whatever might come that IS in your realm of control then you are as much to blame for the consequences as whoever or whatever cause those consequences.

Bill Vincent

It’s called “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” No, we may never need these guns we own and carry, but we needed them and didn’t have them….


Perhaps he just realizes he lives the same place his family does, in the real world.


If campers Gary and Linda Hass from OK, had been ‘carrying’ on the day in 2010 they met the Arizona prison escapees in the NM rest stop, they may not have been as ‘easily’ victimized. They were both CCW, but the 9mm and .38 were stashed in their camper, rather than on their person. They may not have won, but they may have at least exacted some equal retribution. R.I.P. G and L.. your lesson taught, was not in vain. Others that know your story, will possibly be more aware.


I don’t carry in the shower…


Agree. Stashing guns all over the house is incredibly irresponsible, but that seems to be what this phony Jason preaches. He clearly has limited to no knowledge of what it takes to be a safe responsible undefeatable gun owner.

I think he said he had one in the basement, that hardly qualifies as “stashing guns all over the house.” I know in my house, given the entry points, if someone busted through the front door, they would be between me and my safe if I was in my living room, which we are mostly when were not sleeping. Since I have kids I don’t feel safe leaving a single one out, but if I didn’t… 😉

Lorin Chane Partain

Your point is well taken, however since I have young children who often play at my feet, having a pistol in the holster is not safe in my house. They would get muzzled, and often. When they are older, I will reconsider, till then it stays in the safe, and our doors remain locked.


A shotgun or 2 for home defense, a handgun plus a small backup for carry and HD, a 22 rifle and a high powered rifle for hunting medium to large game.

Nicky McCormick

Great range of guns. A tool for each job!


And to few view guns as the tools they are.

Bill Vincent

I’ve always been a fan of shotguns for home defense. The massive intimidation factor caused by the sound of a shell being shucked in is one more layer of chance that you may not have to actually shoot someone. I would really rather the scumbag ran away in fear with his pants loaded up with the remains of his last meal than have to deal with all the ramifications of taking a life.






I agree with having one on each level of the home and I enjoyed the post and your “humor” regarding your wife. I’m still having a problem with the lady in my life. She is ok with pepper spray but would rather read a book at the range than shoot. I’m trying though and she prefers to shoot my H&K air rifle. I have no idea why but its better than nothing.

Just Me

When the Zombies come, you wont be able to send a gun off for repair!


When you see ‘zombies’ it won’t be the gun that needs to be sent off for repair.

Bill Vincent

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you won’t be making any more jokes.

SF Ret.

And, the one that nobody wants to talk about….battlefield recovery of ammo. You never know what the “other side” is using (nor the person next to you).

But, that’s another subject. Be safe. Be proficient.


Each firearm manufactured has a purpose and the many purposes for each type of firearm vary greatly. Are you specifically talking about handguns for self-protection? If so, then say that. To even jokingly make fun of people for having one gun is doing a disservice to all of us who are in the battle of retaining our 2nd Amendment. We need as many people to support pro-2nd Amendment policies, which means being united and not divided.

While I personally feel having at least one firearm per capable person in a household is a necessary notion for some of the reasons you eventually gave, I also feel you may have scorned several people in the first part of your article. Why scorn those who are for our 2nd Amendment rights? Lift them up with education, but never with ridicule or condemnation.

I also have the notion that having a firearm for each task you want it for is a better idea to put out to the public. I have firearms that are purposely designed for certain tasks. I wouldn’t want to use my .30-06 for home protection, but I also wouldn’t want my .22 target shooting pistol to take down a bear or for self-protection.

If you had left out the first paragraph and mentioned that you exclusively were talking about self-defense firearms, it would have been a much better and much more well-received article… with one other exception. Three seconds to get to a vault and open it up if the intruder has a firearm is TOO much time. One shouldn’t stash guns at various locations in the house. One should carry the firearm they use for protection on their person were it is available immediately.


Much truth.

Franklin Thompson

“Everyone’s new favorite?” Was that humor?
Ok, see the photo!

Dan Ess

There are different weapons for different purposes. I personally think everyone should own a 22LR pistol or revolver, as they are inexpensive to shoot and being able to practice on a regular basis is important. Then of course there is the need for a larger more powerful caliber when venturing out into the wild, maybe a 44 or 460 magnum. A backup weapon that can be carried in a breast pocket of a suit or woman’s purse is well worthwhile. Then there are the shotguns (I like the 20g), they are a necessity at home and good to take on camping trips. When using target shot indoors, you lower the chance of hurting someone in another room, yet will deliver reasonable damage to someone in close proximity. Lastly, one could break and you might also want to have one available while you perform routine maintenance on your personal arsenal. Personally, you need at least 5 including the shotgun, but . . . you’ll likely end up with a few(?) more than that.

the real diehl

I enjoy Jason comments, including the lighter side. I would rather not be bored to death by some one who thinks they know it all, and feel they need to tell you so. Sometimes the best way to have a discussion, is to start it, give just enough info to wet someone’s appetite by making a few good points then, allow them to research it themselves so they can come to their own conclusion.


I have a Ruger .22 for snakes at the lease and practice. A Glock 19 with a crossbreedholster for cc with a tucked in shirt. A Springfield xdm, outside carry for tee shirts and casual wear, a Ruger Sr9 for the lease and tucking between the car seats, a LCP for deep cc and a backup. Several shotguns and rifles including a 7 mag, 30-30 and .22 for different types of hunting. Now looking at a ar-15 for home and fun.


In addition – a bayonet to each military surplus rifle.

Woody Wood

You need more than one gun so you can CARRY more than one gun!


hey 410,ever heard what “tarfu”is..things are really fu@%ed up! then there was bohica!bend over here it comes again.


tarfu yes,bohica no,but it will be used daily at work,thanks

Jim Greaves

When seconds count…. why keep any gun in a safe, if it’s purpose is to protect you at an instance notice. I realize the local political “legal” (but patently “unlawful”), and child safety rationales, but can not for the life of me figure out why, if a tool is necessary within “seconds”, one should have to figure out how to get to it in those same seconds, besides just reaching for it, especially if it still needs to have magazine or bullets loaded into it, which in some places are “supposed to be” stored elsewhere so some idiot “legalism-maker” can rest peacefully at night in an over-priced home paid for by the home-invaded taxpayer… Just a thought from fly-over country…


All you poor people living in terror! None of you know what life in a really dangerous society is like! I was raised in Africa where families are routinely massacred by machete carrying savages. You are indeed paranoid if your sense of security requires multiple weapons all over your ” fortress”, or you may need to consider additional defences such as minefields and napalm. What a laugh!! Your post is entertaining at best.


My S&W will stop machetes at a fairly nice range. I grew up in Alabama, and every day someone gets raped, robbed, murdered, kidnapped or otherwise victimized within a few miles of our home, and we live in one of the safer states in America. That may even be why we have police forces, who also ALWAYS carry guns. Calling names, like Paranoid, is an act of those with no means to apply logic to back their point, perhaps? I only carry a gun when I wear pants, they get rusty if you shower with them. Coming to my house to “massacre” anyone with a “machete” would be terribly fatal, to the dumb-ass with the machete. By the way, Sir, I DO NOT live in terror, precisely because I know that I have very little to fear due to actively preparing to have no NEED to fear. Your post is ignorant, at best.


Then go back to Africa and enjoy the machetes. Do you laugh at people who take shelter when the tornado sirens go off? Having a weapon available is nothing more than being prepared for a disaster.

Eazy E

Well said Jason!!!!

Robert Leinberger Sr

I own multiple guns at my home. I carry a Ruger 380 with me at all times except to schools, government buildings (including post offices), churches (except when approved by pastors), and facilities/places that post a sign that states “no guns”. Usually you can leave it in your vehicle depending on where you park. I also have a 9mm Glock at my bedside. The other guns, rifles, and shotguns are secured. In my humble opinion, I don’t think it would be a good idea to have guns scattered all over the house for various reasons. One main one would be it would give an intruder an easy opportunity to get to it if you were in your room a sleep.


Your point is well taken, however since I have young children who often play at my feet, having a pistol in the holster is not safe in my house. They would get muzzled, and often. When they are older, I will reconsider, till then it stays in the safe, and our doors remain locked.

Lorin Chane Partain

Got my carry piece, Glock 26, looking for a shotgun next probably, or a carry piece for the wife.


Guns are for cowards who are afraid of their own shadow…sooner or later someone who thinks there’s a home invasion will have it end with them putting a bullet through their wife or kids head.


People like you who refuse to protect their own families are cowards.