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LC9 Finger Extended Magazine

The Sturm Ruger LC9-CT Review

The Sturm Ruger company is arguably one of the best and most successful small arms manufacturers in the world. They opened their doors in 1949 and never looked back. Today they offer everything from rifles, to shotguns to handguns. We are going to concentrate here on their handgun line, and specifically the LC9. Released in […]

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3 Sling Choices for Your Rifle

3 Sling Choices for Your Rifle

In my opinion, there are a few must haves for every rifle you own. First, you’ve got to have sights whether you’re using iron sights or an optic. Second, you’ve got to have a lighting system, and finally, you need to have a sling. The truth is, I’ve never had someone show up to one […]

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Beretta Pico

3 Guns from SHOT Show

Last week was the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. To give you an idea of what it’s like, just imagine a chocolate lover getting to spend the week in Willy Wonka’s factory. Over 1,600 companies exhibited this year and there were over 65,000 attendees. I divided my time between work and checking […]

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Amerihide Gun Belts

Amerihide Gun Belt by Disse Outdoor Gear Review

If you’re like me, getting dressed in the morning means that you naturally put on a belt. I guess my short stint in the Army did that to me, but, it stuck. Now it’s very rare you won’t find me wearing a belt. However, we all tend to buy things that fit us. When you […]

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Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42" Rifle Case Review

Voodoo Tactical Discreet 42″ Rifle Case Review

As most firearm enthusiasts, I’ve collected many holsters, cases and other accessories over the years. Enough that I’ve got a couple of bins in storage of “gun stuff”. As rifle cases are concerned, I’ve been through a few over the years. I was using a hard plastic double sided case that I bought from Academy […]

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The Stealthggear USA ONYX Holster

The StealthGear USA ONYX Holster

I got my hands on a StealthGear USA ONYX hybrid holster for a look. Out of the box this unit is ready to go to work. They custom fitted it to my Ruger SR9c with a Crimson Trace laser attached. There were a few things I noticed about this holster right away that made it […]

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Meet the Smith and Wesson Governor

Meet the Smith and Wesson Governor

Building off the success of Taurus’ Judge line of revolvers, Smith & Wesson decided to join the party. Home defense sales have steadily risen over the last few years, and I think most weapon manufacturers are looking at new and innovative ways to enter and capture their share of the market. S&W took a good […]

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Taurus Public Defender Polymer

Taurus Public Defender Polymer Revolver Review

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Taurus Public Defender Polymer .45LC/410 GA. This little hand-cannon holds five shots and Taurus claims it weighs in at 27 ounces unloaded. My scale showed it weighed in at 23.5 ounces (+/- .5 ounces). Coming from the sales success of the Judge revolver, Taurus released the Public Defender […]

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Idea Concealed Carry Gun

The Ideal Concealed Carry Gun: Myth or Reality?

I have searched and am continuing to try to discover the ideal Concealed Carry (CC) gun for myself, like many do. This is proving to be a very challenging task with a lot of dynamic variables, like when Al Gore “created” the Internet or when Thomas Crapper developed the flush toilet. Is there really a […]

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