Concealed Carry Permits: A Guide to Firearm Information by State

Concealed Carry Permits: A Guide to Firearm Information by State

Every state has some type of concealed carry laws on the books. That also means there are different laws in every state. Clicking a state in the map below will bring you to that state’s concealed carry guide.

Concealed Carry Legend

The Second Amendment establishes our right as Americans to bear arms. A key component to the Second Amendment is actually being able to carry a gun on our person. If you are away from home and need to defend yourself, then those guns in your storage cabinet at home won’t do you any good.

Luckily, in all 50 states, concealed carry is now legal. Concealed carry allows firearm owners to carry a handgun in public under most circumstances.

But each state has different rules and requirements, and concealed carry permits may be necessary before you can keep a handgun on your person.

Wondering if you need a concealed carry permit in your state? Check out our guide to concealed carry permits, to see if you need a gun permit in your home state or a state you will be visiting.

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Each state uses different definitions to describe the act of legally carrying a handgun in public.

In general, they all mean the same thing. You can refer to these as concealed carry permits.

When it comes to state gun law, there are four main categories of concealed carry status. This status determines if you need to obtain a permit, along with who can acquire a permit in each state.

State status is as follows:

  • Shall Issue
  • May Issue
  • Constitutional Carry
  • Rights Denied

Each state can also decide if concealed carry is available for both residents and nonresidents, or if it’s restricted to residents only.

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I think yall need to update this because GA now does not require a permit to conceal carry at all.