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night sights

A Shot In The Dark: Lights, Lasers Or Night Sights

Decades of information on defensive and police shootings informs us that if you are going to be involved in a defensive shooting, there's a good chance it will occur in low-light conditions. How, then, is one to index their pistol in the dark? There are three typical solutions. Lights - such as a weapon light…

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Good-Bad Bullets

Casting Bullets – What You Need & How – Part 2

This is the second and final part of a series based on casting your own bullet projectiles for reloading. The first portion indicated what’s necessary to have on hand to get started. Please note, casting projectiles can be dangerous due to fume exposure via lead and also heat (burns, fires, etc if not done properly).…

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North Hollywood Shootout

Tactical Breakdown: The North Hollywood Bank Robbery

Here at USA Carry, we’ve talked a lot about training. We’ve broken down various approaches to CCW, EDC, and other self-defense issues. We’ve offered examples of good gun handling and tactics from movies and television. In this article we’re going to take a different track and look at one of the better documented shootouts of…

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Night Sights on Handguns: Useful or Unnecessary?

Night Sights on Handguns: Useful or Unnecessary?

There is a staggering array of available sighting systems for handguns today. One variety, which have been around for some time, is night sights. These rely on small vials of tritium, a radioactive agent, that perpetually glow to illuminate the sights in dark environments. Night sights tend to be loved or dismissed depending on who…

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3 Common Reloading Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

3 Common Reloading Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

It would seem that individuals who spend a lot of time around firearms would take to reloading ammunition like ducks take to water. And it's not as though the shooters described below don't know how to reload ammunition. Rather, they've picked up some bad habits as they do so. The results aren't just sloppy, as…

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classic guns

3 Classic Guns That Ought To Be Resurrected

There are a few classic guns that have been either totally resurrected from the production graveyard or redesigned with 21st century with modern appointments or something to that effect. Recent mass-market examples include the Remington R51 and the Colt Cobra, and boutique pistols such as the Lionheart Industries LH9 series and the exquisite Anderson Wheeler…

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Casting Bullets

Casting Bullets – What You Need & How – Part 1

Similar to the reloading guide, this is the first part in a two-part series concerning casting your own bullet projectiles. Casting your own gives you unfettered customization access, hones a skill that not many people have and can also save you a LOT of money. On top of the aforementioned benefits, it can also allow…

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double stack guns

A Double Stack Gun Isn’t Really That Hard To Conceal

The modern era of handguns belongs to the single-stack compact poly striker gun, without doubt, and a whole lot of people have opined that a double-stack pistol - even a compact one - just isn't as good for concealed carry. Some go so far as to say a double-stack shouldn't necessarily be a first pick…

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