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Concealed Carry

The Grey Man Concept in Practice when Traveling

The Grey Man Concept in Practice when Traveling

As people who go armed and trained we should apply the grey man concept anywhere that we go. By blending in we don’t attract attention and if something bad does happen we maintain the element of surprise. The “average” person in modern society is, sadly, totally unprepared to face human violence. Bad guys expect this.…

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Makeshift Holster

Options For A “No Budget” Holster

It's possible – there's a conceivable chance that for whatever reason, you don't have a holster handy and you need to carry. A lot of this can be eliminated by planning ahead but being adaptable is a good trait as far as concealed carry goes. In this article, we'll discuss some improvised options and the…

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Beretta APX- Changed to Grey Frame-Black Backstrap

Beretta APX Full-Size 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

  Beretta has a reputation for making fine hammer-fired DA/SA pistols, like the PX4 Storm, the battlefield-tested M9, and the full-size 92 series. The new for 2017 Beretta APX design is a major departure from these other pistols. The APX is their first striker-fired full-sized gun that uses a system where the breech is locked…

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Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility

Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility

Many concealed carriers don’t bother packing a reload for their handgun. Statistically it is exceedingly rare for a citizen to reload in a use-of-force situation so there is an argument for not bothering with a reload at all. However, I believe there is a convincing argument for being prepared for even the outliers. Personally, I…

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CZ P-10 Compact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

CZ P-10 Compact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]

Recently I reviewed the fine classic CZ 75B and now I want to follow-up with the new for 2017 CZ P-10 Compact. CZ-USA has taken quite a while to bring to the market and manufacture this new P-10, but they want to continue their fine reputation for offering high-quality products. Some have not heard of…

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Self-Defense Rx

New Website Offers Dynamic Approach to Self-Defense

With USA Carry, we've done our best to bring you practical advice for training, tactics, and self-defense with your CCW along with the most up-to-date legal and political information about your Second Amendment rights. However, we've become aware that a lot of folks need information about self-defense and personal protection without firearms. Maybe they can't…

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Sight Radius, Accuracy, & Precision in Defensive Shooting?

Sight Radius, Accuracy, & Precision in Defensive Shooting?

There seems to be some misinformation, hearsay, misinterpretation, and a lot of misunderstanding about sight radius and its relationship to accuracy and precision. So I want to define the terms, explore them, and draw some conclusions based on my opinions about these three factors for defensive shooting. Understand that this is not pure scientific research…

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Some Thoughts on CCW in Schools

Some Thoughts on CCW in Schools

In the wake of the 2016 election, gun politics and the Second Amendment have been relegated to the back burner of American political discourse. Even the rise of Constitutional Carry has largely passed without the normal tumult of talking heads raging at each other on cable news. I don’t miss those days, and I’m sure…

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