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Concealed Carry

Dardick Model 1100 and Model 1500

4 Strange and Unusual Firearms

We live in an era of relative conservationism in firearms design. The AR15 in its various forms dominates the semi-automatic rifle market, Mossberg’s 500/590 and Remington’s 870 represent the bulk of the sporting, tactical, and defensive shotguns out there, and while there’s more diversity in the handgun world, let’s be honest: most of you are…

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Revolver Reloads: Using Speed Strips

Revolver Reloads: Using Speed Strips

An obvious and undeniable limitation of the revolver, particularly the small-frame revolver, is limited ammunition capacity. The second and related limitation is the fact that it is an extremely slow gun to reload. Yes, I know, Jerry Miculek can reload a revolver quickly, but I remind the reader that even he, the modern master of…

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12 New Handguns for 2017

12 New Handguns for 2017

What if you could design and produce your handgun anyway you desired, with any features and characteristics, without a price parameter? With any specifications? With any capacity? With any caliber? With any weight? With any barrel length and any overall length? What would you include on your special handgun? Would you want it to have:…

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[DVD REVIEW] PDN “Violent Criminal Actors” DVD

[DVD REVIEW] PDN “Violent Criminal Actors” DVD

Once again, Personal Defense Network brings William Aprill to the screen, interviewed by Rob Pincus.  Aprill is one of the foremost experts on violent criminal actors, having worked in law enforcement before pursuing a career in mental health care and research.  Violent criminal actors (henceforth VCAs) are complex actors, with a wide variety of motivations,…

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Summer Concealed Carry

Summer Concealed Carry: Hiding A Heater When It’s Hot

Summer concealed carry can be a different animal than carry during the rest of the year. It isn't as easy for a lot of people to keep concealment or carry comfortably due to the increase in temperatures and reduced layering. How do you overcome these things? You wouldn't want to stop carrying during the hot…

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best gun safe

What You Should Look For In A Gun Safe

If you own guns, you really should have a gun safe and there are so many good reasons that it isn't even worth arguing. But what to look for in a gun safe? You should get a safe that suits the number of firearms you own and the purpose - whether it's for storage of…

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Firearms, Self-Defense, and Natural Disaster

Firearms, Self-Defense, and Natural Disaster

I’ve seen every Mad Max movie. I watch “The Walking Dead” like it’s my job. I love the fantasy of life in a post-apocalyptic setting and all the gut-punching stories you can place there. But, I also live in the real world. More than that, I’ve been in a few war zones and in some…

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