Georgia Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:

Shall Issue to Residents Only

Example Resident Permit:

Georgia Concealed Carry Permit Front
Georgia Concealed Carry Permit Front
Georgia Concealed Carry Permit Back
Georgia Concealed Carry Permit Back

Issuing Authority:


NICS/Background Check:
License qualifies as NICS check during firearm

$75-$89 depending on the county

Required Documents:
Identification and Proof of Residency, most counties will accept a valid
GA Drivers License, some counties will require more. Note that
providing SSN is optional.
Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
Georgia does not require that a licensee volunteer to LEO’s that he is carrying but does require that the GFL be presented on request.

Automobile carry:

Without a GA or Reciprocal License – fully open to view (such as uncovered in passenger seat, partially sticking out below or beside seat is not allowed). If you are not prohibited from obtaining a firearm carry license, it can be in a closeable compartment like the glove box or center console (map pockets that are not closeable are not acceptable) ith a GA or Reciprocal License – Anywhere in the car.
Places off-limits when

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:

Georgia has a castle doctrine and imposes no duty to
retreat before reasonably resorting to deadly force (“stand your ground”) if you
are lawfully present where you are threatened and are not engaged in illegal
conduct at the time.

Open Carry:

Prohibited unless one possesses a recognized license.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Georgia has generally pre-empted the regulation of
firearms with the exception that cities/counties may regulate the discharge
of firearms and laws governing the carry of firearms by city/county
employees while working.

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