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USA Carry Gun Belt Review

USA Carry Gun Belt Review

When it comes to carrying a handgun, without a doubt a strong, high quality belt makes a major difference. Some even suggest that it is even more important than the holster. I believe that both are certainly important for effectively and safely carrying a handgun, especially concealed. So my goal is to use a high-quality…

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Basic Firearms Quiz: A Few Fundamentals to Challenge Shooters

Basic Firearms Quiz #2

Here is another brief, just-for-fun Quiz, like the one I presented in July 2015, Basic Firearms Quiz. I received several personal comments and emails, mostly positive, and a large majority did very well. It was meant to be a light, fun experience for folks. I guess you cannot design a Quiz that challenges everyone the…

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Trigger Actions for Handguns: Common Types

Trigger Actions for Handguns: Common Types

  Any discussion about handgun actions and triggers is not as simple as just listing a few universally-accepted types and describing their evident characteristics. I am sad to say this and don't want to make this more complex than it is, especially for new shooters, but there are several key factors in gun actions to…

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Criminal Attacks and Senior Citizens

Criminal Attacks and Senior Citizens

"Senior citizens" now represent the most rapidly growing segment of the United States' population. Some estimate that currently one in every eight Americans is age 65 or older, a total of more than 35 million. By the year 2030, as “baby boomers” age and life expectancy increases, this number will increase to an estimated 64…

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“Clip” Or “Magazine”- Does It Matter?

“Clip” Or “Magazine”- Does It Matter?

Can you recognize and differentiate among the magazines and clips on the right? What is the difference between a Stripper Clip and an En-Bloc Clip? Are Clips, Magazines, or both under spring pressure? Are Clips inserted directly into the firearm or into a Magazine? Is there such a thing as a fixed, non-detachable Magazine for…

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IWB - Clips

13 Concealed Carry Handgun Methods of Carry [POLL]

There are many ways to carry your Concealed Carry handgun, once you obtain your Concealed Carry License or permit. The plethora of holster options include the traditional Outside-the-Waistband (OWB), Inside-the-Waistband (IWB), shoulder, ankle, pocket, small-of-the-back, appendix and belly band options, as well as several non-traditional methods like in a fanny pack, briefcase, day planner, and…

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SIG SAUER P320 Sub-Compact 9mm: A Review

SIG SAUER P320 Sub-Compact 9mm: A Review

For me, the Sig P320 series of pistols are very adaptable and great performing handguns. Before I give you my evaluation of the Sig P320 Sub-Compact 9mm pistol, I want to comment in general about the P320 series. There are 4 versions of the Sig Sauer striker-fired P320: the Full-Size, Carry, Compact, and Sub-Compact, all…

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Concealed Carry Checklist

Concealed Carry Checklist: 12 Key Guidelines

The 12 Concealed Carry (CC) guidelines and information that follow are not meant to be boring or redundant for experienced shooters, but rather to serve as a reminder and a basic, practical Checklist to help everyone go through the critical things necessary for success in CC. Sometimes things become so routine, obvious, and acceptable to…

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