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Springfield-Armory XD-9 Mod. 2 Sub-Compact 9mm: A Review

Springfield-Armory XD-9 Mod. 2 Sub-Compact 9mm: A Review

One of the most important of the eight fundamentals of shooting is proper handgun grip. Shooters know you should grasp high on the backstrap, be able to secure and firmly grasp the gun so it does not slip out of your hand and so that you can control recoil and muzzleflip. Certain areas of the […]

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Review of RamRodz Gun Cleaning Swabs

Review of RamRodz Gun Cleaning Swabs

I must confess up front that I hate to clean guns. Yes, I understand the absolute necessity to regularly clean and maintain my guns. Not only as an additional low-cost and low-effort life insurance policy, but to preserve my investments and safeguard the students that use my guns. So after every range visit and every […]

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Attack By A Dangerous Dog and the Use of Deadly Force

Attack By A Dangerous Dog and the Use of Deadly Force

So you are taking a casual walk by yourself near your home in your friendly neighborhood and suddenly an apparently vicious German Shephard dog leaves its fenced property and is aggressively running toward you growling and showing its teeth. The owner is not around and there are several kids playing nearby. You have your Florida Concealed […]

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The SIG SAUER P226 Elite Single Action Only 9 mm – A Review

SIG SAUER has a reputation for its high-quality guns and the standard 226 DA/SA Model which has been around for some time has proven its accuracy, reliability, quality, and ergonomics already. Mine has never let me down and is very reliable. The full-size, metal SIG SAUER P226 and its variants are in service with numerous […]

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Ben Shooting IDPA Classifier, August 17, 2014

IDPA: Self-Defense Shooting Experience

The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is an organization founded in 1996 that focuses on practical shooting equipment and ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios with practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. Some clubs expand that use and include long guns in scenarios.The main goal is to test the […]

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Ruger LC9s 9mm

REVIEW: The 2014 Ruger LC9s 9mm Striker-Fired Concealed Carry Pistol

Most of us know the Ruger LC9 compact hammer-fired pistol as a mature, reliable, platform for concealed carry that has been around for about three years. While hammer-fired and striker-fired handgun designs each have pros and cons, some shooters complain about the long trigger press, the length of the trigger stroke, the hammer, and the […]

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SIG SAUER P320 Full Size and P320 Carry Striker-Fired 9mm Pistols

Sig Sauer’s First Striker-Fired Pistols

In 2014, Sig Sauer introduced its first striker-fired polymer semi-automatic pistol, the Sig P320. It is available in full size and carry models and I want to review them and offer my comments to help you decide if they meet your purposes and preferences. They are a modular, striker-fired handgun with several options and features […]

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Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire

SIG SAUER Academy Handgun Skills and Shooting Course

Last week I participated in a SIG SAUER® Academy shooting development handgun skills course in Epping, New Hampshire. It was a beneficial and interesting experience and I want to share it with you to help you decide on your further training. My wife who is an NRA Certified Instructor also attended the course. That’s her […]

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CRT Kydex Belt Holster with SW 1911 Pro 9mm

Critical Response Tactical (CRT) Kydex 1911 Holster Review

Recently I received a request from a custom kydex holster company for me to review their product. I want to do this since some readers also asked for a review of a moderately-priced (less than $60.) Kydex Outside the Waistband (OWB) belt holster for a 1911 handgun that has full barrel-length coverage, an open muzzle […]

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Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products [SURVEY]

Rate Your Handguns Maintenance Products and Win the Most Popular Product!

We all know and accept the critical importance of maintaining our firearms. But what is the “best” product[s] to use for this? Is there a single “without a doubt” absolutely a holy-grail product to use. Several have volunteered to me the names of the products they use to maintain their firearms, as a response to […]

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