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Shooting To Wound

Shooting To Wound Is Hollywood Hoopla

If you've ever wondered about the viability of shooting to wound, let any ideas about the viability of doing so be hereby dispelled. If you must shoot, shoot to stop the threat - if that means your assailant dies, they die, and if they live, they live. If a situation has unfolded that requires use…

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Why You Should Have A Gun Safe

Why You Should Have A Gun Safe

Some people question whether it's worth the expense or hassle of getting a gun safe, and the answer is a resounding "yes you should." There are too many benefits to getting one and too many drawbacks to not having one to entertain not having a gun safe of some sort. This can include a solid…

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Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry Wildly Popular Despite Critics Objections

Up until the past few years, the practice of "appendix carry" was formerly dismissed as being too dangerous. You'll shoot yourself, detractors say, and you may be covering something with the muzzle that you really don't want to destroy, or something along those lines. Appendix carry is not any more dangerous than any other carry…

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Holster Drawer

Why It’s Okay To Have A “Holster Drawer”

Ask most experienced concealed carriers, and most will tell you they have a “holster drawer.” In other words, a collection of holsters that gather dust and don't get used often, if at all. You might think that the perfect holster is out there, and it may be. You might think you'll be searching and adding…

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How Much Should I Spend On A Concealed Carry Gun?

How Much Should I Spend On A Concealed Carry Gun?

How much money should a person part with for a concealed carry gun? It's a worthy enough question, since a carry gun is a different tool than a mere range toy. The truth is that there are subjective qualities in a carry pistol that aren't necessarily cost-dependent, so you could spend comparatively little on a…

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The Hypothetical Reasonable Person In Self-Defense Cases

One of the standards a person has to meet in order to justify an act of self-defense is whether a hypothetical "reasonable person" would have done the same thing in the same circumstances. Naturally, the exact wording of self-defense laws vary by state, but most mandate the standard that a person has to have a…

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Gun Bans Don't Work As Well As Some Think

Gun Bans Don’t Work As Well As Some Think

Some critics of firearm laws in the United States point out that gun bans in other developed nations have led to reduced incidence of gun crime. We outlawed the guns and things have been fine, goes the idea. However, correlation doesn't imply causality and have those gun bans REALLY worked as well as they say?…

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What Handgun Ammo To Use If Hollowpoints Aren’t Available

Generally, the best handgun ammo to carry for defensive purposes is jacketed hollow point or JHP rounds. They have the best track record and ballistic performance when it comes to self-defense and law enforcement shootings, which is why most people carry them. However, what if a person couldn't get JHP rounds, either due to regulatory…

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Can One Shoot A Fleeing Robber?

Can One Shoot A Fleeing Robber?

Shooting a fleeing robber is both a practical question of self-defense (due to the complicated legal nature of defending one's self) and a moral one. Look at concealed carry and home defense forums, and you'll find discussions on the topic as well as real-life examples. Bear in mind that this isn't legal advice. Seek the…

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Background Check Exemption

The Waiting Period and Background Check Exemption

As most are aware, purchase of a handgun requires a waiting period in most cases before a person can take possession, except if they qualify for a waiting period exemption. Like many other legal aspects of gun ownership and carrying, there are both federal and state regulations in play. Bear in mind that this isn't…

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