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Whatever Happened To .32 Caliber

Whatever Happened To .32 Caliber?

Years ago, there were a good number of firearms chambered for one of the .32 caliber rounds but they have all but died out. In some cases, with good reason; some of the .32 rounds weren't good for much more than rabbits and such. Others were more potent, and were (and still are) viable defensive…

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Is A Snub 357 Magnum Worth Considering As A CCW Gun?

Is A Snub 357 Magnum Worth Considering As A CCW Gun?

Some people think .38 Special isn't good enough and as a result there are a plethora of snub .357 Magnum pistols on the market. A number of such pistols are capable of full-house .357 loads, but is the extra firepower necessarily worth it? A small gun that fires a powerful round isn't going to be…

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Why You Should Learn To Shoot With A Revolver

Why You Should Learn To Shoot With A Revolver

A double action revolver is one of the best guns for a person to learn to shoot with. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all. Granted, the large magnums are not a good place to start, but a double action wheelgun is the easiest pistol to learn and one of the best teaching tools for…

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Shooting To Wound

Shooting To Wound Is Hollywood Hoopla

If you've ever wondered about the viability of shooting to wound, let any ideas about the viability of doing so be hereby dispelled. If you must shoot, shoot to stop the threat - if that means your assailant dies, they die, and if they live, they live. If a situation has unfolded that requires use…

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Why You Should Have A Gun Safe

Why You Should Have A Gun Safe

Some people question whether it's worth the expense or hassle of getting a gun safe, and the answer is a resounding "yes you should." There are too many benefits to getting one and too many drawbacks to not having one to entertain not having a gun safe of some sort. This can include a solid…

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Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry Wildly Popular Despite Critics Objections

Up until the past few years, the practice of "appendix carry" was formerly dismissed as being too dangerous. You'll shoot yourself, detractors say, and you may be covering something with the muzzle that you really don't want to destroy, or something along those lines. Appendix carry is not any more dangerous than any other carry…

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Holster Drawer

Why It’s Okay To Have A “Holster Drawer”

Ask most experienced concealed carriers, and most will tell you they have a “holster drawer.” In other words, a collection of holsters that gather dust and don't get used often, if at all. You might think that the perfect holster is out there, and it may be. You might think you'll be searching and adding…

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