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decocker or manual safety

Decocker or Manual Safety: Which Is Best?

Is a double-action gun better off with a decocker or manual safety? Which is better to carry with? A good number of double-action semi-autos are available with both, though some may require a special order to get one variant or the other. (The Beretta 92, for instance, can be had with a decocker only, a…

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Summer Concealed Carry

Summer Concealed Carry: Hiding A Heater When It’s Hot

Summer concealed carry can be a different animal than carry during the rest of the year. It isn't as easy for a lot of people to keep concealment or carry comfortably due to the increase in temperatures and reduced layering. How do you overcome these things? You wouldn't want to stop carrying during the hot…

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best gun safe

What You Should Look For In A Gun Safe

If you own guns, you really should have a gun safe and there are so many good reasons that it isn't even worth arguing. But what to look for in a gun safe? You should get a safe that suits the number of firearms you own and the purpose - whether it's for storage of…

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process of gun safety

Gun Safety Is A Process, Not A State

Gun safety is not confined to a single thing a person does when it comes to carrying, storing or using firearms. It's a holistic process and a philosophy of owning and carrying firearms. Gun safety isn't a state of existence; it's something a person has to practice all the time. Safe Gun Storage Shooting safety…

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concealed carry in the car

Strategies For Concealed Carry In The Car

Concealed carry whilst afoot is one thing, but an area where a person's ability to get their gun into a conflict if necessary is concealed carry in the car. Car carry is a different beast altogether, as there is the complication of being seated but also being in a confined space. This poses a difficulty…

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5 Great Double-Action Pistols For Concealed Carry

5 Great Double-Action Pistols For Concealed Carry

The plastic striker pistol is a modern phenomenon; the double-action handgun was the dominant firing mechanism for concealed carry guns and service pistols since...basically around the start of the 20th century, as that was when the S&W Model 10 was released. But does that mean the DA pistol has gone away? Far from it. There…

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Man Pulling Gun Out Of Pocket

The Tao Of Pocket Pistols

While there are plenty of guns out there that are good for concealed carry (and are carried all the time) some of the most popular are what could be considered pocket pistols. Micro, subcompact, mouse guns, whatever you want to call them, it's a firearm small enough to fit in a pocket if one decided…

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budget snubnose revolvers

5 Budget Snubnose Revolvers To Look Out For

We all know the J-frame is the standard for snubnose revolvers and depending on what model you look at, not even that expensive. More than one S&W J-frame goes for less than $500. But what if you wanted to come in under $400? There are a number of budget snubnose revolvers out there if one…

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surplus handguns

5 Great Surplus Handguns For Defense

One of the best ways to get a great gun for not a lot of money is to look into surplus guns. Usually they're used pistols from the armed forces of either our country or someone else's. Granted, that usually means a bit of wear and tear, but guns can be kept in working order…

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