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Transitioning from Handgun to Hand-to-Hand: A Wakeup Call

Transitioning from Handgun to Hand-to-Hand: A Wakeup Call

While this article is of  course written “for information purposes only”, I have to open by stressing that there’s a lot to learn about this topic and that these skills really need to be taught by a professional and practiced regularly and often. You can’t armchair-commando your way to success this time; we’re all going…

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Shooting To Wound

Shooting To Wound Is Hollywood Hoopla

If you've ever wondered about the viability of shooting to wound, let any ideas about the viability of doing so be hereby dispelled. If you must shoot, shoot to stop the threat - if that means your assailant dies, they die, and if they live, they live. If a situation has unfolded that requires use…

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Concealed Carry Life: Do You Need an Attorney

Concealed Carry Life: Do You Need an Attorney?

We carry, in a sense, as a form of insurance. The vast majority of us don't want to shoot anyone—we're much less likely to than even law enforcement officers—but the fact is that the unthinkable can happen. And we want to be ready. So in addition to the training, selecting the right firearm for you,…

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Pistol-Whipped Pizza Customer Fights Back - With His .45

Pistol-Whipped Pizza Customer Fights Back – With His .45

If you ever have a hankering for late night pizza, be sure to bring your sidearm. One customer found he needed his last Tuesday when two armed men attempted to rob Porfirio's II Pizza and Pasta in Levittown, Pa. "They were wearing dark clothing, backpacks, had hoods up, face masks on, gloves, brandishing handguns," said…

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The Hypothetical Reasonable Person In Self-Defense Cases

One of the standards a person has to meet in order to justify an act of self-defense is whether a hypothetical "reasonable person" would have done the same thing in the same circumstances. Naturally, the exact wording of self-defense laws vary by state, but most mandate the standard that a person has to have a…

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Can One Shoot A Fleeing Robber?

Can One Shoot A Fleeing Robber?

Shooting a fleeing robber is both a practical question of self-defense (due to the complicated legal nature of defending one's self) and a moral one. Look at concealed carry and home defense forums, and you'll find discussions on the topic as well as real-life examples. Bear in mind that this isn't legal advice. Seek the…

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Restraining Orders Don't Always Work - Carry A Gun

Restraining Orders Don’t Always Work – Carry A Gun

Restraining orders, also known as protection orders, are one of the mechanisms at law for individuals to keep a violent or unstable person away from them. Whilst they do work, after a fashion, there are instances when they haven't and the results can be deadly. People legally able to carry after getting a restraining order…

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5 Best Workouts For Concealed Carriers

5 Best Workouts For Concealed Carriers

When we think about concealed carry defensive gun use situations, we often forget the various muscles that are needed in order to successfully navigate the scenario. Your heart is essential, obviously, but you also need a great deal of core strength. Core strength refers to the system of muscles lying below the "show" muscles that…

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How to Carry While Commuting: CCW in Vehicles

How to Carry While Commuting: CCW in Vehicles

It's hardly breaking news that Americans love their cars. Currently, there are around 255 million registered passenger vehicles in the US, and the average American drives somewhere around 30 miles a day.  While urban dwellers may have public transport readily available, most of us spend a fair amount of time driving. That time behind the…

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Review: PDN's “The 5 W's of Personal Defense”

Review: PDN’s “The 5 W’s of Personal Defense”

Personal Defense Network has a reputation for rock-solid training and training materials, and “The 5 W's of Personal Defense” is an excellent starting place for those interested in self defense. Presented by William Aprill and Robert Pincus, the focus as the title might suggest is on the who/what/when/where/why of violent crime: Who will be involved?…

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