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Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface

Worries About Guns at National Political Conventions Surface

The thousands of protesters expected at the Republican and Democratic national conventions can come armed with a lot more than signs and slogans: State laws in Florida and North Carolina allow concealed weapons, including guns. In Tampa, where the Republicans will hold their festivities this summer, officials are starting to worry about people toting guns…

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Women are packing heat and learning how to shoot

Women Are Packing Heat and Learning How to Shoot

Sarah Moore walked out of her real estate office a few weeks back and caught a glimpse of a stranger leaping over a hedge of boxwoods, making a quick pace toward her. Scrambling on high heels, she managed to her car, slamming the door just before his face pressed against the window. The next day…

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North Carolina House Approves Expanded Concealed Carry Locations

North Carolina House Approves Expanded Concealed Carry Locations

The North Carolina House has approved House Bill 111 that allows carrying in restaurants that server alcohol as well as public parks. The bill does unfortunately allow municipalities to prohibit carry in parks connected to ball fields and public swimming pools. Businesses can still post signs that prohibit carry in their establishments, which in NC, carry the…

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North Carolina HB 111 Restaurant Carry Bill

Urgent: North Carolina HB 111 Restaurant Carry Bill

HB 111 in the North Carolina House would enable concealed handgun permit holders to protect themselves in restaurants, and in both municipal and state parks. House members need to hear from you ASAP: Even if you have already contacted them, do so again. There are still a few problems getting the Republican caucus to hang…

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North Carolina Firearms Bills Inch Closer to Law

North Carolina comes closer to sensible home-defense and carry legislation this week as a major Castle Doctrine bill gets an overhaul and two others work their way through legislative committees. SB 34, a proposed revision to North Carolina’s flawed Castle Doctrine statute, received a significant re-write this week and is set for further review this…

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Castle Doctrine

North Carolina’s Competing Castle Doctrines

North Carolina’s new pro-gun sets its sights on protection of the home. In matters of home defense, residents of North Carolina have long faced an insidious and intractable foe: Our own legislature. This year, that situation looks to finally be changing following the swearing-in of a decidedly pro-gun legislature and now the introduction of three…

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