Oregon Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents and May Issue Non-Resident*

Oregon Revised Statutes 166.291
(8) The county sheriff may waive the residency requirement in subsection (1)(c) of this section for a resident of a contiguous state who has a compelling business interest or other legitimate demonstrated need.


Example Resident Permit:

Oregon Example Resident Permit

Issuing Authority:

Oregon State Police

Out Of State Permit Issue:
Oregon will only issue permits to people who are residents of states that border Oregon. Those states are Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada. A non resident from the states listed can go to any sheriff in Oregon and apply.

NICS check:

Permit Valid For:
Permits are valid for four years.

Permit Issued Timeline:
Permit shall be issued within 45 days of application.

$50 for the Sheriff’s department plus
$15 to the Oregon State Police for the background check.

Renewal: $50 for the Sheriff’s department.

1. Citizen of the US or legal resident alien with at least 6 months continuous residency.
2. 21 or older.
3. Not a convicted felon.
4. Not convicted or found guilty of a misdemeanor.
5. No outstanding warrants for your arrest or free on any form of pretrial release.
6. Demonstrates competence with a handgun per ORS 166.291(f).

Required Documents:
1. 2 pieces of current identification, one of which must bear photo of applicant.
2. Completed application (done at county Sheriff’s offices).
3. The sheriff shall finger print and photograph the applicant.

Renewal Information:
A concealed handgun license is renewable by repeating the procedures set out in “Requirements” and “Required Documents” sections above, except for the requirement to submit fingerprints and provide character references.

Change of Address:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
Loaded firearms must be carried in plain view or securely encased in the trunk or storage compartment.

Places off-limits when carrying:
It is unlawful to possess a firearm loaded or unloaded in a public building. “Public building” means a hospital, capitol building, a public or private school, college or university, a courthouse, city hall, or residence of any state official and the grounds adjacent to each such building. This restriction does not apply to individuals licensed under Oregon law to carry concealed weapons.

Alcohol and Drugs:

Waiting For Information. As always, alcohol/drugs don’t mix with firearms. That’s a pretty simple rule of thumb.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Oregon is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.
ORS 161.209-229. Use of force justifiable in a range of scenarios without a duty to retreat specified. Oregon Supreme Court affirmed in State of Oregon v. Sandoval that the law “sets out a specific set of circumstances that justify a person’s use of deadly force (that the person reasonably believes that another person is using or about to use deadly force against him or her) and does not interpose any additional requirement (including a requirement that there be no means of escape).”


Open Carry:
Unrestricted under state law; some local regulation may exist.

Localities with Varying Laws:
For additional information please contact your local county Sheriff’s office.

Forms & Links:
Oregon Licenses, Permits and Regulations: Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Oregon Sheriff’s Offices
NRA-ILA: Oregon Gun Laws

We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible but due to changing laws it is your responsibility to verify all information. The information on this page is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this Web site, emails or any of the links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between i156 LLC and the user or browser. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of i156 LLC.

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  • Max3000in99

    Wonder since I ocassionally travel to family in Oregon aand live in Washington, do I need to take a class to get a carry permit?

    • Info

      I asked this question to the official yesterday when renewing my permit. Wa residents are still required under the current or law to have a or permit. However right now the or state legislature is working on whether to change that or not.

      • Lanny Fujishin

        Unfortunately, House Bill 2792 did not pass as was hoped by the firearms community.  This would have allowed non-residents to carry in Oregon if the concealed firearm permit that they had required the same background checks, etc, that the Oregon permit did. 

    • Lanny Fujishin

      Yes, you do have to attend a firearms safety class instructed by law enforcement or NRA certified instructor, submit an application to ANY county sheriff’s office (some are more likely than others to issue a non-resident Oregon CHL, although Grant County is very liberal relative to this) and provide a compelling statement letter as well.  $65.00 forthe first 4-year permit; $50.00 for renewals.

    • Spayne67

      When I received my Oregon CWP I used my M9 training record from the Air Force as proof of training.

  • RoadRunner

    Look at the reality; I used to have gunsmith business and also
    carry FFL dealer license on East Coast and believe me, some states have rule
    book 8 pages and some the size of Yellow Pages. In some states you supposed to
    run out of your own house when criminal gets to your front door to let him/her
    take your belongings because if you defend yourself you will go to jail (this
    is no joke), and in some you have a right like it supposed to be to defend
    yourself and your family, the normal and logical American way. There is a lot
    of politics and local rules involved and this is why some states do not
    recognize other state’s license to carry. Oregon is one of those true American states that
    did not loose their mind yet, and let’s hope it will stay this way for as long
    as we can afford it.

  • Souper

    i have a misdemeanor unlawful possession of a firearm from 2007 in my record,its been over 4 years and i was wondering would i ever be eligible to get a concealed permit?or even buy a gun anymore?

    • teets

      Yes in Oregon. You cannot have a misdemeanor that involves “violence” within the last 4 years.

  • Stevenlytle1

    can i get one for wash and oregon and can i carry on a army base? im not in the army but some of my familys in the milltary and there in wash

    • Spayne67

      You can “not” carry on any federal military base/post. Not even military members with a CWP can carry on a federal military base/post. Most federal military bases/post you have to register your firearm with the base, just to get it on. Some state guard facilites may allow you to carry by it is rare; usually up to the base/post commander. Oregon does not honor any  other states CWP.

      I do find it funny, you have highest amount of people (armed forces) trained on handling weapons, but they have strict restrictions on carrying them. Undertand I do not condon carry personal weapons while in uniform, but when off duty, come on.

      • T Smith

        I was stationed at Fort Lewis, if you had liscence and unloaded you could bring on base, because there is ranges and housing on base that people live in with family and they have weapons. Let the gate know though, don’t try to sneak weapons on.

  • NachT

    WTF is it with Illinois? Seriously.. I lived there and you just CANT protect yourself with anything sharper then a rubberband, and even THEN there’s an investigation. Stupid law-makers -.-

    • JP

      Too many crooks in cook county. Chicago politics drives Illinois gun laws.

  • Scott Merrill

    I have a Washington State C.W.P. Can I carry my gun in Oregon?

    • Michael Martin

      Scott, the Washington State CWP is not valid in Oregon. To carry in Oregon without an Oregon permit, you must either open carry (in plain view) or have the weapon in a locked box, locked glove compartment, locked console or trunk. The key word here is LOCKED. I hope this helps. 

      • Ken Green

        so if i was transporting my handgun to the range, i transport it in the plastic case it came in when i bought it, the plastic case would need to have a lock on it? I’ve never been stopped by the police while i had my guns with me, but i don’t want to get in trouble if i do next time. I drive a crew cab ford truck and there is no lockable compartment like a glove box or console. I do however always transport my guns and ammo separately, guns on back seat ammo in tool box in bed with targets and such there also.

      • kem63

        Oregon will only issue permits to people who are residents of states that border
        Oregon. Those states are Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada. All you need to do is get an Oregon permit

  • Chris in Oregon

    I have to renew this year, but I am thinking of not going because of the county I live in will not issue a C.C.W. Permit to those of us that use medical cannabis Card (OMMP)for health problems. Can someone set me right on this as this county states ” if you use medical cannabis you are considered to be a addict and a felon for having a fire arm of any kind with a class 1 drug in your possession”  If this is true, I am committing a felony by just having a gun with a OMMP Card.   HELP!!!  I have a lot of friends in the same passion as we don’t want to be arrested  
    Chris in Oregon

    • Tomjr in Oregon

      Have you made any progress on this? They might want to do that, but they shouldn’t be able to “consider” you a felon and addict based on your medical permit.

    • Tyson

      Oregon Medical Cannabis Cards / licensing are invalid under federal law. obviously, the DEA is not going to pursue someone who’s just using cannabis so there is not federal prosecution. Medical cannabis is a rare example of a state completely ignoring federal law or the fact that federal law supersedes state law, but it’s not a big enough deal for the feds to do anything about it.

      This bizarre scenario doesn’t leak into other, more steadfast and enforced laws like gun ownership. Bottom line is, in this country, you’re Cannabis card is irrelevant and invalid when it comes to federal law. because our gun laws still defer to federal law, you are still a felon when it comes to Gun ownership + cannabis in Oregon. Maybe all the potheads that pushed so hard for medical cannabis should have thought of that when drafting up the bill. that thing had more holes than a block of swiss cheese.

      There is no way around this unless you want to give up smoking pot or the law changes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Undertakers.Mojo Shannon Rivas

        Are you seriously saying that you are a felon if you have a medical Cannabis card? Sir, I strongly suggest that you do your homework before you go around saying stuff like this b.s. to people. You must be convicted of a felony crime in a court of law BEFORE you are considered a felon; state or federal law are identical on that point.

      • Harry

        As I stated above: this is simply untrue. The Feds may consider you a “Felon” for using marijuana, however the LAW does not until such time that you are arrested and have a felony record. There is no legal association between simply having an OMMP and having a CCW.

    • Harry

      Chris I remember this story in the news. It was just one police chief trying to get this passed as a law and he failed miserably (as he should have). “Medical” Cannabis means just what it says, “Medical”. You are not, nor should anyone be, considered an “addict” if you have an OMMP. You are, legally, a “Patient” in this situation.

      • Joseph Sheaffer

        It’s only medical in the eyes of the state, not the feds.. And that’s the point…

        Patient or not, medical marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

        • Harry

          But your permit is from the State Joseph.

          • Joseph Sheaffer

            Yes, I wasn’t saying it affected your permit. You can have a permit and an ommp card at the same time. What I was saying is that if you ever find yourself dealing with the feds, and you have your medical marijuana with you, not the permit but the medicine itself. You would face federal drug charges because they do not recognize state medical marijuana cards.

            The federal government will not consider it a medication until it is legalized on a federal level.

            So if your caught by a city, state, or county municipality you will be fine, but if your found on federal property, or you violate a federal statute you will be charged with a crime.

            E.g. my friend was pulled over by FPS near the bull run watershed, he was turning around on a street where the left side is restricted and the right side is public. He pulled to the left side, got stuck, and because he had marijuana and firearms in the car when FPS arrived (he has a ccw and ommp card) he was arrested and brought to federal court.

    • Harry

      Chris. That whole scenario was instigated by one asinine County Sheriff. He was NOT successful in getting this into Oregon Law. As of the last I read, there is NO connection between someone’s Medical Marijuana Card and their application/ownership of an Oregon Concealed Carry Permit.
      You are, of course, subject to the same “Driving under the influence” statutes in Oregon as you are anywhere else and I would not put your chances of getting or maintaining and Oregon CCP after you are arrested for a DUI. There may be, as someone pointed out above, a differentiation in whethere you get a Misdemeanor vs. a Felony, or a violence related Misdemeanor or a non-violent one. However I would not want to be in such a position to have to argue such a “Right” in front of a Judge.
      IMHO if you are irresponsible enough to go around, Armed, High and Driving you don’t deserve to even drive, much less carry a loaded weapon in public.

    • Joseph Sheaffer

      There’s no association between the ommp card and ccw, however, federal law says that anytime a firearm and marijuana are in the same premises, that is considered a drug crime. No matter the ammount of marijuana.

      So if you have your guns at home and marijuana then you could be in trouble. If the feds for some reason decided to pick on the little guy. If there always seperate then you will be fine.

      Also, if you purchase a new firearm, and have an ommp patient card, and say you have never smoked marijuana on the form, you could also face federal charges for falsifying a federal document. Again, if they waste there time on B.S.

      The law does permit it, but you’d likely have to piss them off, or have alot of guns and marijuana..

  • Denning54

    what type of reason do you have to accompany your application?

    • sean

      in oregon you do not need a reason, it is a shall issue state.

  • Doug

    I’m headed for a camping trip to California with a valid carry permit in Or and also WA.  Can I legally carry in Ca; maybe in a locked box? 

    • Mike

       Must be locked up, unloaded,and the ammo better be in a different compartment than the gun, like in the trunk.   I never take my guns to California.  This means I never go to California.  I carry a .410/.45 colt derringer, and it is not even legal to possess in California!  They call it a sawed off shotgun.  Your concealed permit is useless in California. 

  • Bennylepiper1

    If an individual has a traffic violation misdameanor, (attempt to elude an officer)  no contest 01-2006. As stated  one must not have been convicted or found guilty of a misdemeanor. Will this misdemeanor prevent the issuance of a CWP in Oregon?

    • Mikejoe52

       no misdemeanors for 4 years.  no felonies ever.  no domestic violence misdemeanors ever. 

      • Teets

        Wrong…..the law is clear. No Misdemeanors that involve “violence” within the last 4 years. That should clearly help you.

  • tcov

    I believe the misdemeanor penalty only goes back 4 years.

  • Dave

    So I guess the above picture will change soon after the new law goes into affect! 

  • Chewbacca4552

    you cant bring any firearms on any military base

    • Paratrooperv

      Ugh what base did you come from?  I had firearms at Ft Bragg and Ft Campbell.  They need to be registered on base but no problems.

    • Teets

      Concealed Carry is prohibited on any federal installation.

  • Gmgood89

    even with a DUI you cannot posses a concealed weapon?

    • Mike

       No misdemeanors for 4 years.  If it is a felony dui (over 3) forget it!

      • Teets

        BS. In Oregon you can in fact have a DUI misdemeanor and posses a Concealed Permit. HOWEVER, you cannot have a misdemeanor “THAT INVOLVES VIOLENCE” within the last 4 years. The law is pretty damn clear on that issue.

        • Big tuna

          Dude calm down. Why the aggression? Have you never been misinformed? I hope you have temper control if you plan to carry a CW.

        • Sifu

          Relax the attitude….

        • stephenking

          I have amisdaminor for failed to file a tax return was told 4 yes wait by shariff the application says 4 yes it does not break down what types of misdoninors are ok . where can I find the law stating this so I can take it to the sherriff

          • James Leffmann

            Search for : Oregon Revised Statutes DUI Laws.

  • M.Prinz

    My brother from OR was in CA looking for a job and was stopped for a traffic violation. The officer asked if he had any weapons in the vehicle and my brother answered yes, that he had a .22 revolver, UNLOADED, in a zipper case on the passengers seat. Not knowingly he also had a few rounds inside the zipper cased.  Needless to say he was arrested and is now charged with carrying a concealed weapon. He was released on his own recog and has a initial court date in a few weeks back in CA.  What are the possible scenerio’s that he might be facing?  Charges just dropped, fine and probation, or jail time (and if so, how long)?

    • Mikejoe52

       One of the reasons I never go to California.   Chances are he will pay a small fine around $150,  and loose his gun.   If he has no criminal record he will face no jail time.   The same crap happened to me some years ago in California with a shotgun in my camper.  It was loaded.  Don’t bother getting an attorney unless you want to fight the charge (good luck), as they will only take his money.  Ammo must be in a different compartment than the gun in that stupid state.  Advise locking the gun in a box, putting the ammo in the trunk, and the next time they ask if you have any weapons, you do not have to answer that unless they have probable cause to search.  Better advice – don’t go to California.

      • Cal

        ” I will be traveling to California and want to carry my weapon. I currently have a concealed weapon permit. How can I legally transport my weapon while driving through the state?
        California law does not recognize concealed weapon permits from other states; therefore, they would not be held valid. If you wish to transport a handgun during your California visit, it should be carried unloaded in a locked container. In the absence of a suitable container, you may secure the unloaded handgun in the locked trunk of a passenger car. Ammunition may be kept in the same container or trunk, but the handgun must remain unloaded with no rounds in the cylinder and no loaded magazines in the magazine well.

        If you have additional questions, contact the California Department of Justice at 916-227-3703. ”

        Google CHP GUN TRANSPORT

      • Grizzerman

        You are mistaken. I live in California and the law is: your gun must be in a locked container. The container can be inside the car.Your glovebox does not count as a locked container. Your trunk counts as a locked container. Your ammo cannot be in the firearm, however it can be in the same container as the gun long as it is not loaded.

  • skg

    What kind of permit do I need in order to carry into Washington and what are the laws about carrying into Canada?

    • kem63

      Oregon CWP covers bordering states only and only if that state allows CWP, Canada does not have CWP

    • Harry

      skg: You would need to apply for a non-resident permit with the State of Washington. They do not have reciprocity with Oregon. The nearby States that you ARE allowed to carry in by simply having an Oregon Permit are: alaska, montana, idaho and arizona. Does not cover Washington, California nor Nevada.

  • Randy

    Can someone who has a misdomeaner menacing charged own a gun, or get CWP in oregon?

    • teets

      If that misdemeanor involves violence, then no. Otherwise yes.

  • t.j.

    with a ccw can you carry in a oregon hosptial

    • Larry

      why in the world would you want to carry in a hospital?

      • Helen Currie

        I took my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy to physical therapy at Salem Hospital rehab. This guy and his mom almost ran us over. When I was calmly letting reception know about it he came charging in. I am only 5’0 in my tennis shoes. He was about 6’5 and 350 plus pounds screaming and yelling, fists clenched. He said I insulted his mother, whom I had never seen, nor met or even spoken a word too. You ask why would you want to carry into a hospital? Maybe if I had my conceal carry that day my daughter and I would not have been so traumatized. I was bawling afterwards, as was my daughter. I called my fiancé who is a trucker and told him I want a coneal carry, a gun, a stun gun and bear mace. I got a conceal carry and a new gun.

        • kem63

          NO! hospitals are gun free zones to the public. You don’t use a gun unless you know how to use it, and if your life is in danger. It don’t sound like yours or your daughters life was in danger you were scared. If it was any wheres else you could be arrested if he did not lay a finger on you, or threaten your life. I would not get a gun until you know how to use one, when to use one, and when you know the laws. and when you can control your fear of someone just yelling at you, which is not against the law

          • Harry

            Kern. Here is the Law in Oregon regarding Hospitals:

            “Places off-limits when carrying:It is unlawful to possess a firearm loaded or unloaded in a public building. “Public building” means a hospital, capitol building, a public or private school, college or university, a courthouse, city hall, or residence of any state official and the grounds adjacent to each such building. THIS RESTRICTION DOES NOT APPLY TO INDIVIDUALS LICENSED UNDER OREGON LAW TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS.”

  • GlockMan17

    I ran into some trouble due to the wrong crowd and ended up with 2 misdemeanors in 2011. Since that accident I joint the military and am in Portland again. I would like to acquire a CHL. Is this possible for me? If so, what are the contingencies?

    • Jack


      • Steven Nottingham

        If he is in the military he is fine. He uses guns there.. It would depend on what the charges are for. If it is Domestic Violence, he would not be in the military.. That is the only misdemeanor that would stop you from owning a gun.

  • Brian

    Oregon State Police does NOT issue concealed carry permits. It’s the local Sheriff of the county in which you reside.

  • tony

    i had a feloney grand larceny charge from alaska in ‘ 96 ‘ does this affect my right to obtain my gun permit in eugene oergon .

    • kem63

      YES, but you don’t need a permit for a long gun, but you do need to pass the background check for all guns

      • mike

        can you get a conceal lic with a felony drug chare from 20yrs ago

        • kem63

          Thats well over the 4 year waiting period.

  • tony

    grand larceny = shoplifting .

  • J

    Hey i have a misdemeanor possesion of a firearm from two years ago here in oregon and want to get my concealed license just don’t want to waist money trying to get it if they’re not going to give it to me. Can anyone help me with this?

    • kem63

      You would not be approved

  • Jerry B.

    I used to live in California, but now a resident of Oregon with an Oregon Carry Permit. Is there any way to still legally Carry when visiting family in California?

    • Sifu


  • Rick

    It is quite absurd that my Oregon permit is not accepted just across the river in Washington state.

    • kem63

      That is Washington fault. Oregon excepts all bordering states

      • Jerome Schweiber

        that’s not true. Oregon does not accept any other state’s permits

        • redley62

          So, what is the legal way for a resident person from WA. State to transport a weapon through Oregon State?
          I know that a non-resident person must lock their unloaded weapon and ammo in separate containers. Silly A – Holes down there!

          • JustThom

            In any State that does not recognize or have reciprocity with your state you should lock up the gun and ammo in separate areas of your vehicle. Kinda tough when riding a bike through the state.

          • leederm

            This is my concern. My only transportation is my motorcycle. I am waiting for a class to get my CCW Permit. Until then while traveling to the range, I field-strip my pistol and store the slide separately from the receiver and the magazines too. How else can you get the the shooting range? Even purchasing a new weapon and transporting it home, it seems a person would be violating the law, without a CCW.

          • Oreguns

            There is a provision in the Oregon Statutes that exempt any person ‘going to or from a shooting range’ or ‘going to or from a hunting or fishing expedition’. You do not need a concealed handgun license to carry concealed if you are doing any of those 3 activities. You may carry concealed on your motorcycle or car or bicycle or while you walk if you are going to a shooting range or either of the other 2 exemptions. These exemptions are specifically listed in the Oregon law.

          • sjkz

            Oregon law says you can have a CHL and guns with an MM card. Our Supreme Court decided this recently. However, Federal law prohibits pot users from owning guns.
            There are people here who have both, but at any time (as has already happened) the Feds can swoop in and shut down any MM dispensing facility because they violate federal law.
            Dealers have been told if they even suspect you have an MM card to not sell a firearm to you.

            I recently just purchased my first handgun and despite my research on state,county, and local gun laws I couldn’t find or understand what is acceptable means of carry in my car. I don’t have my CHL (yet) so what are the correct and legal methods of carrying whilst driving?
            Loaded/unloaded, concealed/plain sight?

            OREGON has no STATE law against carrying a loaded handgun in your car as long as it is :
            a) Not concealed or
            b) “Not readily accessible.”<

            “Not readily accessible” (for now) means:

            (4)(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, a handgun is readily accessible within the meaning of this section if the handgun is within the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
            (b) If a vehicle has no storage location that is outside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, a handgun is not readily accessible within the meaning of this section if:
            (A) The handgun is stored in a closed and locked glove compartment, center console or other container; and
            (B) The key is not inserted into the lock, if the glove compartment, center console or other container unlocks with a key.

            However, localities are allowed to regulate loaded firearms in “public places” which now includes your car. This only applies to people without CHL’s.
            So you need to check local regulations. In Portland, for example, you may not have a loaded gun anywhere in your car and you may not even have loaded magazines separate from the handgun. It must still, however, be either visible or “not readily accessible.”

          • sjkz

            Ok so it posted early before I could give source credit, I copied and pasted this info from oregonfirearms dot org. However, it pulled more on the copy then it should have! I do NOT have a MM card. The question was not supposed to copy just the answer. Sorry about that, so disregard the first part, just the answer of carrying in your car. :)

          • Joseph Sheaffer

            That is the same for Oregon, resident or not.

            By the way your question is worded I assume your talking inside a vehicle. That makes the weapon concealed. So, resident or not, without a Oregon ccw you would need to lock the ammo and firearm in seperate locations. And out of arms reach.

            With an Oregon ccw, you could carry the firearm loaded, unloaded, in your pocket or locked in the trunk.

            If your traveling in a vehicle without a trunk and have a rifle or firearm to large to put into a locked glove compartment, e.g. a Tahoe or suburban, you need to lock the guns in cases or with trigger /mechanism locks.

          • Dan

            Inside a car does NOT make it concealed. Covering it, putting it in the glove box, or under the seat does. We are an open carry state. If you’re legal to own the gun, you can carry it…in any condition…resident or not. Just don’t hide it.

          • jmessenger919

            Which is fine – but can cause altercations and problems in many cases. For me, concealed carry is the only carry.

        • kem63

          really? lol OK stupid Oregon

          • Joseph Sheaffer

            No, Oregon does not recognize any other states permits. We passed a bill allowing people to vote on the issue, but the voting resulted in people leaving the law as it stood. We do not recognize any other states.

    • JustThom

      I have CCW permits in Nevada, Utah and Florida and cannot carry in Oregon or Washington. I can carry concealed in 37 states.

  • Sifu

    Well, lets just get signed up here anyway for now…

  • ColtKindall

    I have a misdemeanor in Idaho when I was 17. I am 21 now. Which date do I go off of to know when the four years is up? Do I go off when found guilty? Or sentenced? or the case was closed? it says found guilt or convicted. What is the difference?

    • Cody

      You go off of your court date. Found guilty is when you were found guilty commiting the crime and being convicted is when you were at court and were told your punishment

  • DJ

    I have a oregon CHL. Can I carry in a car IF a felon is in the car??????

    • kem63


      • Harry

        I think he was asking if he was carrying legally but in the car he is driving there is a passenger with a Felony record.
        I can’t imagine that being a crime at all. We are not obligated to interrogate our car passengers.

        • kem63

          It don’t matter if he knows the passenger or driver has a felony record. If he gets pulled over and the police does a check on both, then he will lose his CHL. Its no different then having a felon living in your home, you can not possess a firearm. If the passenger is a complete stranger(hitch hiker) then obviously you will not know if the person is a felon.

          • Steven Nottingham

            If the weapon is in control of the Felon, and the CH:L holder gave it to him. Yes he could get into trouble. There are many people in Oregon who have Guns tat aren’t supposed to..Very common,,,, But if the Weapon is under control of the CHL holder he will be fine. Also depending on the Felony by Oregon Law he may still be able to own. Called “Relief of disabilities”.. Though they may not be eligible for a CHL.. Oregon is very liberal on gun law.. Portland isn’t… But the rest of Oregon is wide open.. Great State

          • Joseph Sheaffer

            Your misinformed, if the driver is holding it on him, then it is in his possession And furthermore if you keep your guns locked in a room inaccessible to the felon at your home, there perfectly okay… Loaded or not.

            your never required to keep your gun away from a felon, they need to stay away from your gun. You are required to do a background check when selling a firearm and that’s it. Your never required to know if a felon is near your gun otherwise. Assuming you don’t hand a gun to a felon, if your around them and carrying concealed, your fine, they would also be fine if it’s in a locked container or compartment with them I n the vehicle.

  • Marine2010

    when will Oregon honor Nebraska’s CCW?

    • Harry

      Oregon doesn’t honor other States permits. I have no idea why. The best you can do is you are allowed to apply for a non-resident permit if you live in a state bordering Oregon: Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California.

  • Marine2010

    I can’t believe Oregon doesn’t honor Nebraska’s. Are they working on legislation?

  • oregon

    Why did they take my cwp when I got a dui? wasnt carrying, shouldnt I get to go to court first

  • Rick

    I’m a Washington resident with a WA CPL and an Oregon CPL that is coming up for renewal. The above doesn’t tell me if I need to go to Oregon in person to renew or not. Also #6. Demonstrates competence with a handgun per ORS 166.291(f). Is that needed, again?

  • RedWolf

    Best County is Grant County for non-resident in Oregon . The Sheriff their is very very PRO-GUN .

  • Joe Gerace

    I personally have had great support from Grant Co….Sheriff Glenn Palmer and Columbia Co…Sheriff Jeffery Dickinson….
    One piece to note…you must now prove you are US citizen.
    Sheriff Palmer issues to rule minimums, Sheriff Dickinson requires a simple letter why you want out of state permit issued.
    As I had a Grant Co. Permit reissue just involved fingerprinting….easy to make appointments.
    Oregon has some of the least restrictive CHL laws…you can carry almost anywhere on Oregon permit.
    You can take training online if you want….hunter education training can work too for some sheriffs. I know many people have used the Maryland State Police site.

  • john

    Have misdemeaner from Tennessee for hunting without the proper permit. I’m an Oregon resident. Could I still get a conceal carry permit

  • rgarrison

    The oregon law DOES allow you to concealed carry in schools and hospitals, both public and private. ORS 166.360 specifically excludes those with a valid concealed carry permit. You cannot carry into courthouses, or certain government buildings, and onto federal property (such as federal forests, federal buildings, etc.).

  • mark

    So I have a hand gun and a couple riffles but I bought them person to person and cant find my bill of sales at all what should I do. I got these and they are not registered to me and no proof they are mine. What should I do? I live in lane county oregon.

    • Oreguns

      Oregon does not have a registration for firearms. So don’t worry about it.

  • Claudia Kay James

    Can you have a medical marijuana card and still get a concealed weapons permit?

    • Oreguns


  • Jim Daniel

    Does anyone know which Oregon County Sheriffs actually WILL issue Adjacent State Permits?
    I am particularly concerned with K. Falls, Grants Pass, and Gold Beach areas as I will be going there next week. I HAVE completed my course and have an Oregon certificate in hands.
    I have heard that certain counties won’t even talk to you.

  • 4softball

    As far as the misdemeanor conviction part, is there a way around it? It was 10 years ago

    • Oreguns

      The misdemeanor part in the above website is not completely true. It only pertains to a misdemeanor within the last 4 years. As long as its been 4 years since any misdemeanor, then you are free to apply and be issued a CHL.

  • Frank W Brown

    Time to hit up your representatives on reciprocity NATIONWIDE just like our drivers licenses, get’r done!

  • Dan

    As for the question of how to transport a handgun in a car without a CHL…we’re an open carry state, folks. Carry it How you want, just don’t cover it up. I use to carry on my hip in my car all the time. Been pulled over more than once while doing it. No issues.

  • nan

    I have a friend who has a daughter that was in a mental hospital for anorexia. will they give her daughter a CHL in Oregon. Anyone know?

  • Dave Porter

    Illinois will not honor a CCW from any other state either. It’s time to press our National politicians for National Reciprocity.

  • Dylan

    Cool, Just got my CHL in Oregon now I am moving to MN and I get to pay for another one! Because how insane would it be for them to allow people that have already paid the fees forgone the same background check they will preform and done a class to carry a gun! That would be anarchy. Because clearly when you move from state to state you forget how guns work and how to safely deal with threats.

  • Jarom

    I have a question and hope someone can help me. I was convicted over 4-5 years ago for a misdomener..is there a timeline that would drop the offense and allow me to still get my carry permit in oregon? Or am I screwed for life in this state?