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Concealed Carry

best gun safe

What You Should Look For In A Gun Safe

If you own guns, you really should have a gun safe and there are so many good reasons that it isn't even worth arguing. But what to look for in a gun safe? You should get a safe that suits the number of firearms you own and the purpose - whether it's for storage of…

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Firearms, Self-Defense, and Natural Disaster

Firearms, Self-Defense, and Natural Disaster

I’ve seen every Mad Max movie. I watch “The Walking Dead” like it’s my job. I love the fantasy of life in a post-apocalyptic setting and all the gut-punching stories you can place there. But, I also live in the real world. More than that, I’ve been in a few war zones and in some…

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Some have not shot the CZ 75 B and others have not even heard of it. The "B" stands for firing pin Block which stops the firing pin from moving forward if the pistol were to be dropped. You should shoot it to see for yourself how unique and special it is. Several say it…

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process of gun safety

Gun Safety Is A Process, Not A State

Gun safety is not confined to a single thing a person does when it comes to carrying, storing or using firearms. It's a holistic process and a philosophy of owning and carrying firearms. Gun safety isn't a state of existence; it's something a person has to practice all the time. Safe Gun Storage Shooting safety…

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CCW in Cold, Wet, or Otherwise Inclement Weather

CCW in Cold, Wet, or Otherwise Inclement Weather

Let’s start with this: I’m going to assume that you’re smart enough to keep your concealed carry gun clean and dry regardless of conditions. We’ve got some excellent resources about that here on the site, so take a look if there are any questions. Concealed Carry with Layers of Cold/Rain Gear Moving along from there, the…

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Prioritize Your Defensive Firearms

Prioritize Your Defensive Firearms

I am a through-and-through gun guy. I like to train with them, talk about them, even write about them on occasion as you can see! Some people are into cars, some are into golf, you and I are into guns. That’s great. Shooting is a great sport, it is great fun, and it has the…

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concealed carry in the car

Strategies For Concealed Carry In The Car

Concealed carry whilst afoot is one thing, but an area where a person's ability to get their gun into a conflict if necessary is concealed carry in the car. Car carry is a different beast altogether, as there is the complication of being seated but also being in a confined space. This poses a difficulty…

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How to Handle a Mugging

How to Handle a Mugging

According to the most numbers from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, crime rates continue to fall in these United States. Violent crime and property crime in particular are approaching historic lows, and there’s an argument to be made that we live in the safest period in the country’s history. However, sometimes trouble come looking for…

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