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Concealed Carry

The Second Amendment in an Internet World

The Second Amendment in an Internet World

You’re reading this online, most likely. If you’re a typical American, you probably spend around 11 hours every day interacting with digital media in various forms as part of your routine of work, life, family, sleep, etc. There are naysayers who look down on this development as unnatural or a loss of real interaction, but…

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Gun Bans Don't Work As Well As Some Think

Gun Bans Don’t Work As Well As Some Think

Some critics of firearm laws in the United States point out that gun bans in other developed nations have led to reduced incidence of gun crime. We outlawed the guns and things have been fine, goes the idea. However, correlation doesn't imply causality and have those gun bans REALLY worked as well as they say?…

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Are Concealed Carry Permits Transferable?

Are Concealed Carry Permits Transferable?

One of our staff writers just made a big move a few months ago. He picked up and shifted over all the way to the state of Washington from New England. I remember asking him, "so, what's the deal with your concealed carry permit?" He said, "well, Washington doesn't acknowledge my old state's resident CCW…

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Interpreting Your Company's CCW Policy

Interpreting Your Company’s CCW Policy

If you own your own business, in almost every state that entitles you to be able to carry a gun on the premises. In all other cases, you are on someone else's private property. This does not explicitly deny you the right to carry concealed, but there are some good practices every concealed carrier should…

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Clenzoil Field & Range Product Review

Clenzoil Field & Range Product Review

Clenzoil makes CLP (cleaning, lubrication, and protection) products for firearms, mechanical, and sporting applications.  They’ve also got a powerful history behind them. Founded by a US Army veteran in 1945, Clenzoil began with the modest goal of developing a cost-effective product that would act as a cleaner, rust-remover, lubricant, and protectant that would keep firearms…

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Georgia Supreme Court Rules on Campus Carry Laws

Georgia Supreme Court Rules on Campus Carry Laws

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled last week upholding the weaker of two campus carry laws signed by Gov. Nathan Deal in 2014. The high court affirmed an earlier ruling to dismiss a complaint filed by the gun rights group GeorgiaCarry.org against the state Code Revision Commission. The issue started when Deal signed HB 862 into law on…

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What Handgun Ammo To Use If Hollowpoints Aren’t Available

Generally, the best handgun ammo to carry for defensive purposes is jacketed hollow point or JHP rounds. They have the best track record and ballistic performance when it comes to self-defense and law enforcement shootings, which is why most people carry them. However, what if a person couldn't get JHP rounds, either due to regulatory…

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Can One Shoot A Fleeing Robber?

Can One Shoot A Fleeing Robber?

Shooting a fleeing robber is both a practical question of self-defense (due to the complicated legal nature of defending one's self) and a moral one. Look at concealed carry and home defense forums, and you'll find discussions on the topic as well as real-life examples. Bear in mind that this isn't legal advice. Seek the…

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