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Concealed Carry

Basic Firearms Quiz: A Few Fundamentals to Challenge Shooters

Basic Firearms Quiz #2

Here is another brief, just-for-fun Quiz, like the one I presented in July 2015, Basic Firearms Quiz. I received several personal comments and emails, mostly positive, and a large majority did very well. It was meant to be a light, fun experience for folks. I guess you cannot design a Quiz that challenges everyone the…

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Ruger LCP

7 Cheap CCW Pistols – Deal Or Dud?

S&W M&P Shield - 9mm/.40 S&W The M&P Shield 9mm is currently under investigation pending a potential fault in their safety switch for their previous generations.  That problem has been solved with more recent models but the lingering doubt remains over whether this is truly a reliable model.  In 9mm, the Shield has a standard…

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The Changing Face of Gun Ownership in the USA

The Changing Face of Gun Ownership in the USA

I would imagine by now that we're all familiar with the popular stereotypes of gun owners: fat white guys in Confederate flag t-shirts, if not tin foil hats. And heck—it's a funny image, and I'm not above laughing at it. And like so much we see in media, it's not entirely true. The demographics of…

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10 Things Concealed Carriers Should Never Do

By James England – Republished with Permission from Concealed Nation. There are WAY more than 10 things you should never do as a concealed carrier or as a firearms owner in general.  But we’ve decided to pick 10 extremely important ones.  We’re not judging you if you do these things – we’re just saying it’s the…

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No Such Thing As An Ideal Opponent -- A Tragic Tale Of Two Teens

No Such Thing As An Ideal Opponent — A Tragic Tale Of Two Teens

In just this past week, we’ve seen two separate incidents of armed teenagers attempting to rob concealed carriers -- only for it to end tragically.  The first incident occurred in Norfolk, Virginia, where a teenager attempted to rob a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint.  The driver pulled his firearm and shot the teenager.  In another…

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What Does Brandishing Mean? And Why You Should Never Do It…

What Does Brandishing Mean? And Why You Should Never Do It…

There are going to be tense days.  You’ll eventually run into someone who isn’t paying attention or just very extremely violent and rude.  It doesn’t matter.  Your concealed carry pistol stays concealed and in its holster until you are one hundred percent certain you intend to use it for your own self-defense. Letting someone know…

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Are You Gripping Your CCW Pistol Correctly?

Are You Gripping Your CCW Pistol Correctly?

Shot placement and grip are not related.  As long as the trigger is pulled, the bullet doesn’t care how your hand grips your gun.  That said, for fast follow-up shots, tight shot placement, etc., grip does come into play.   No concealed carrier plans on taking down his target with the first round.  We always…

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How To Safely Purse Carry

How To Safely Purse Carry

Purse carry is convenient.  When I first began carrying a S&W M&P Bodyguard revolver, the easiest place to keep it was in my purse.  My purse carries a bit of everything in it.  And I knew instantly that fishing around in my purse for a revolver wasn’t a good idea - so I got a…

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Arkansas AG States Open Carry is Legal

Arkansas AG States Open Carry is Legal

According to the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, as long as you don't plan on using a handgun illegally, then open carry on your person and in a vehicle is legal per to Act 746 of 2013. She gave her opinion on Act 746 of 2013 in a letter while trying to clear up confusion for gun owners…

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Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

Top 5 Firearms For Home Defense

With self defense a perennial topic of conversation in the 2nd Amendment community, it's time once again to talk about the top five firearms for home defense, as presented in a neat slide show. We recognize, of course, that any top-five/ten/twenty list of firearms is the result of a great deal of subjective, personal opinion.…

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