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Washington D.C. Concealed Carry Permit Information

Click here to view the Washington D.C. Concealed Carry Permit Map at the bottom of the page.

Does Washington D.C. issue concealed carry permits?
No, although the District is currently being sued to allow this. 

What are the laws regarding open carry in the District of Columbia?
Open Carry is prohibited In Washington D.C.

Who issues firearms registration certificates?
D.C. Metropolitan Police

What types of firearms can I possess?
Note: All firearms must be registered, without exception.

What is the cost of a firearms registration certificate? 

Application $13 $13
Ballistics Test $12 N/A
Fingerprinting / FBI Background Check $35 $35
Total $60 $48
What are the registration requirements for firearm ownership in the District of Columbia? 

Newly Purchased Firearm
To register a newly purchased firearm:
Rifle or Shotgun

  • The DC firearms dealer will provide and complete Section A of MPD’s “Application for Firearms Registration Certificate” (PD-219).
  • You will complete the rest of the application and bring it to the FRS along with all other necessary materials to complete the registration process.
  • Once the application is approved (generally within 5 days), the FRS will notify you.  You can pick up your registration certificate or request that it be mailed to you.
  • After you get the registration certificate, bring it to the dealer to pick up your legally registered gun.


  • The DC firearms dealer will provide and complete Section A of MPD’s “Application for Firearms Registration Certificate” (PD-219).
  • You will complete the rest of the application and bring it to the FRS along with all other necessary materials to complete the registration process.
  • Once the application is approved (generally within 5 days), the FRS will notify you.  You can pick up your registration certificate or request that it be mailed to you.
  • After you get the registration certificate, bring it to the dealer to pick up your handgun.
  • Immediately bring the UNLOADED gun back to the FRS for a ballistics test. This process takes approximately 1-hour, after which the registration process is complete and you may leave with your legally registered gun.

Previously Owned Firearm
To register a firearm (rifle, shotgun, or handgun) that you already legally possess in another jurisdiction:

  • Bring your UNLOADED gun to the FRS (do not bring any ammunition) along with all materials necessary to complete the registration process.
  • After you complete the process, you will leave with your gun.
  • Once the application is approved (generally within 5 days), the FRS will notify you.  You can pick up your registration certificate or request that it be mailed to you.  Your registration process is then complete.

For detailed registration procedures and additional information see:,a,1237,q,547431,mpdcNav_GID,1523,mpdcNav,%7C.asp

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  • Michaelboston

    When will dc honor it’s tax paying citizens the right to protect them selves by passing concealment carry permit

    • XGov1911

      Having lived in DC for 5 ½ years, (when it was the “Murder Capital” of the United States), and as anyone else who has will observe; it is a Banana Republic which surrounds our Federal Government.  As with any Banana Republic they will attempt to hold onto their power and control until they are forced out. 

  • M Ralph Schmidt

    There’s only one place in America where you REALLY OUGHT to carry a gun, and it’s the only place besides Illinois where it’s illegal. DC.

  • Semper_Fidelius

    Planning on attending a Concealed Carry Permit Rally in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July 2013 and being a retired Federal Police Officer. I figured that I could get a CCW permit in Washington D.C.. Since part of that time 10 years was spent as a US Park Police Officer located in Washington D.C.. Found out from your article that I cannot. I can say that the police will arrest anyone there for breaking that law that I was forced to enforce years ago. It is a protest that needs to go on to make a point. These rights are not to be infringed.

  • TByrd

    I’ll be traveling to DC in a few weeks on vacation. Always carry my little 22 in my back pocket. Never had to use it, never want to. I will definitely feel naked without it, especially in the murder capitol.

    • 48735

      DC hasn’t been a “murder capitol” since the 90s. My mom can walk safely to and from the grocery store at the wee hours of the morning(the Giant near us is 24/7) without issue.

      • trig400

        Just because your mom has walked that route for some time doesn’t mean that it’s safe, it only means that statistics hasn’t caught up with her yet.
        In time, some filthy groid will attack her, unless she’s black, then the risk is lower due to the race/crime selection process of so many of those filthy animals that white liberals insist upon calling “humans”…

    • Ron Campbell

      T Byrd-it,s not the murder capitol any more, I think Chicago won that title and if you get caught with that little pocket pal you,ll be spending time in the nastiest jail in America

  • Robert177

    I refuse to give DC any of my hard-earned money so long as they have these absurd anti-gun laws.

  • Justin Siemaszko

    As a pro-gun resident of DC, I can say without question that exactly zero people in DC, myself included, care more about our right to own a gun than our right to have a vote in congress. It’d be nice if you blinder-wearing a$$holes would wake up and notice that the reason I don’t have a senator is because the pro-gun Republicans you all voted into Congress won’t let us. Every time I hear some right-leaning jerk complain about DC gun laws when THE GUYS THEY VOTED FOR won’t let us DC people even participate in government, I lose a little more faith in the culture I’m supposed to be a part of. You’re all a bunch of hypocrites. First give me a senator, then hand me my gun.

    • Just an old soldier…

      Hey Jacka$$, instead of living off the government teat there in the land of the lobbyist, how about you move to a state and do something productive. Washington DC is a city and the home of the federal government. As such, you shouldn’t have anyone in Congress. The framers did it right.

      • Bob in KC, Mo.

        Living in DC means Justin is “living off the government teat”? What an idiotic thing to say. At least he has the balls to not hide behind a silly screen name. DC should either have voting representation, or pay no taxes. You have conveniently forgot “no taxation without representation”. He isn’t the jackass, you are.

        • Just an old soldier…

          Bob, sorry I hurt your feelings. Last time I checked Washington DC is a city, with a full city government. It was designed by the founders of the nation to not have a say in the federal government for a reason. They figured that people who lived there would be government professionals and prone to be pro-government. Judging by the fact that DC is one of the most left-wing or liberal places on earth, I’d say they hit the nail on the head. Once again I say move outside the beltway and stop with the idiotic braying about taxation without representation.
          Bob you are a ballsy man using your real name. I’m sure people can track you down since you are probably the only “Bob” in KC. I am in fact, an old soldier and still on active duty. So I use this silly screen name to ensure I don’t suffer any repercussions when I engage with trolls such as yourself.

          • Bob in KC, Mo.

            I use my full name on a variety of forums. What has happened? Not a damn thing. If someone wants to find anybody else, it is very easy by looking for the electronic trail any messaging leaves.

            As for DC, it IS a city, and it is a city inside the USA. It does not matter what the voting patterns inside the city is. ALL of its residents have ZERO voting input in the House or Senate. It is simply not constitutionally correct. WHY it remains that way is understandable from the politician’s point of view. DC would receive one or two members in the House and two Senators. People seem to think that is unfair. BUT — Wyoming has a smaller population !!!! And their citizens have Reps and Senators. So, THEY have voting privileges on the Hill, and DC does not. Square THAT circle.

          • Just an old soldier…

            Move outside the beltway into VA or MD and voila! you now live in a state with state representatives and senators. The framers did it right by purposely creating a city that was a stand alone location and rightly isn’t represented, except by all of America. You say that this isn’t Constitutionally correct, that is completely wrong, the Constitution clearly states that only states have reps and senators, not cities. Also for every dollar in taxes DC resident’s pay there is 5.50 in federal spending, more than any state gets.
            I’m not worried about some loonytoon web troll finding me. I am ensuring that I maintain anonymity for the Army. My personal opinions don’t reflect the Army position in every instance.

          • Bob in KC, Mo.

            CLEARLY you do not understand the money flow into DC. The REASON so much money goes form the Fed to DC is because so much money is needed for DC to pay for the infrastructure that IS the Federal Government. If those funds did not flow into DC, the US Government and all its offices and facilities would stop functioning. If the DC government could tax all the properties that are US Government owned (and therefore exempted) most of that Federal influx of support money would stop. That is called “a push”. And if someone moves outside of DC, that does not alter the fact that DC residents do NOT have representation in Congress. DC is not a Territory. P.R. is. There is a huge difference. P.R. citizens are not American citizens, but DC residents ARE.

          • Just an old soldier…

            CLEARLY you do not understand the Constitution. DC functions exactly as the founders intended. It is a city for America, it is the city that exists to house the federal government, thus it is “represented” by all America through the House and Senate. It has it’s own city government, which is a typical leftwing disaster much like Detroit, but that’s a different subject.
            Constitutional Amendment is the only path open to those of you who want 2 more leftwing Senators and a Representative. Good luck with that.

          • Bob in KC, Mo.

            Clearly you have a real issue with how they may vote. The Constitution allows representation. When Wash DC was carved out, the population was quite small. Now, it is greater than a few states. DC has changed as has everything else. To assume the founders anticipated what life would be like in 2014 is bogus. Pure fantasy. In the meanwhile, the residents of DC fall victim to the whim of whoever holds power on the Hill. Presuming the Congress is voting in the best interest in behalf of the US population is so specious as to be laughable. If you even believe the Republican Party is at ALL interested in the MAJORITY of this country then you are hallucinating.

          • Just an old soldier…

            I was wondering when you would get around to saying the Constitution is no longer valid. Whenever it gets in the way of a power grab you guys always do.
            So you say that Congress doesn’t vote in the interests of the American people, yet your answer is to un-Constitutionally add more Senator’s and Representatives, to represent a city no less. I am quite certain that if Washington DC gets to have Congressional representation the next thing that will happen is New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. would quickly and rightly point out that their populations are larger than Washington’s and of course then use the lefts favorite argument, it isn’t “fair” that DC has Representatives and they don’t.
            Talk about specious arguments, Washington DC falling victim to whoever holds power? Are you kidding me? I’ve already pointed out that DC gets far more in Federal funds than any state (per tax dollar input) AND it is one of the richest cities in the country by income,there’s no recession in DC. Both parties more than take care of the seat of federal government.
            Washington DC has an elected mayor and city council to govern the city, who incidently have created the outrageous gun laws that Justin Siemaszco used as a straw man to rail against Republicans in Congress that won’t bend to the leftist desire to usurp power.
            You say that the founding fathers couldn’t understand what life in 2014 would be like is probably true. I’m sure they would be apalled at what we have done with America. The reality is though, they understood human nature better than most, they also understood they had to establish a system that would prevent would be tyrants from grabbing power.
            The Constitution is clear, only states get Federal representation. DC was created to be the seat of federal government for America with no say in Congress.

          • Wolfspider

            It’s been a long time since the only people in DC were politicians. There are lots of people that just live here, just like anywhere else. We need to become a state. Put a fence around the Whitehouse and call that DC.

          • Ron Campbell

            Wolfspider, its funny you say that , I just testified in front of the D.C Council and the Chief on there lame conceal carry proposal and said that exact thing!

        • James Sermons

          Washington, D.C. is not a State. It is the Capitol. As such, the City and its economy serve no purpose other than to support the Federal Government established there. You know why they don’t get senators and congressman? Because its a conflict of interest. Quit crying about it. There is no law saying that a CITY should have its own Congressman and Senators. There is a law saying EVERY AMERICAN HAS A RIGHT TO OWN AND CARRY FIREARMS REGARDLESS OF WHAT GOVERNMENT WANTS.

    • IpseCogita

      It’s an old post, but for fun I’ll reply anyway. You seem unaware that DC not having a Senator predates the existence of the GOP by about seventy years. There may be more to the whole no Senator thing than you think.

  • trig400

    How could anyone live in: a), a city full of savage groids and b), a city that prevents you from carrying the only means of self defense from them?
    All of you residents of DC must be in heavy denial.

  • Jason Weishaupt

    DC now excepts out of state CCWs as of last week.

    • Jeff

      Jason you’re giving out bad information. Be careful of that.

      • Ron Campbell

        Jason, as of October 23 2014 you can download the forms and apply for a concealed carry permit, if your a resident you must register your firearms and have specific reason , ie: police documented death threats , victim of continuing domestic violence ect.. if your from out of town you must run a business in D.C. and have been a victim of violence have a carry permit in your home state and jump thru a couple other hoops, and Chief Lanier has to personally approve it, D.C. Council Wells and Medelson say they will be surprised if more than 200 people get approved.

  • DC Informed voter

    As a long time DC resident I know DC dose not wont this in our district by a large majority!!! Taxation with out representation!!! Our liberty and freedom to chose have bean striped from us!

  • TaxWithoutRepDC

    Why would you wont to have Guns in a place where:

    1) There is clear history that show when guns are introduced the homicide rate increases.

    2) people don’t wont them overwhelming every gun bill that has come for a vote has bean to keep guns off the street.

    3) To put guns in that state means side tracking democracy and people people right to chose.

    4) Why would you wont to give weapons to people how live near people we need to protect. (president, and so on)

    5) It seems on some days there are more cops then non cops on some days no need for more protection.

    6) there is no opened hunting grounds in DC.

    7) VA is right next door and you can have guns there if you really wont them, it is a very short commute. I commute there like 2 time a week very easy with metro.

    There is no good argument to have guns in our nations capitol.

    I am not anti gun, I am pro gun common sense.