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Alabama Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Does Alabama issue concealed carry permits?

Yes, Alabama issues Alabama Pistol Permits and is a Shall Issue State.

On May 20, 2013, Senate Bill 286 was signed into law and took effect on August 1, 2013. This makes Alabama a Shall Issue State. Sheriff’s are required to issue or deny the concealed carry application within thirty (30) days. Upon denials, applicants will receive a written notice and have the chance to appeal the denial.

Who issues Alabama Pistol Permits

Alabama County Sheriff’s issue Alabama Pistol Permit (or Pistol License) which allow you to carry concealed in Alabama. Contact the Sheriff of the county you reside in for information on how to apply for an Alabama Pistol Permit.

Are background checks required for a Alabama Pistol Permit and does it count as a National Instant Criminal System (NICS) check?

As of August 1, 2013, Sheriffs to conduct a background check using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) on all applicants. [Source]

How long is an Alabama Pistol Permit valid for?

As of August 1, 2013, applicants for an Alabama Pistol Permit can select whether the permit is valid for one to five years. [Source]

What is the processing time for an Alabama Pistol Permit?

As of Aug. 1, 2013, Sheriff’s are required to issue or deny the concealed carry application within thirty (30) days. Upon denials, applicants will receive a written notice and have the chance to appeal the denial. [Source]

How much does an Alabama Pistol Permit cost?

The cost for an Alabama Pistol Permit is left up to the Sheriff and is usually between $5 – $20 per year.

From SB286:

The sheriff may charge a fee as provided by local law for the issuance of the permit under subdivision (1) of subsection (a). The amount of the fee for a period of one year up to five years shall be the amount of the fee as prescribed by local law multiplied by the number of years of the permit requested by the applicant.

What are the requirements for an Alabama Pistol Permit?

All applicants applying for an Alabama Pistol Permit must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Resident of Alabama.
  • Some counties require training while others do not.

What can cause a Sheriff to deny an Alabama Pistol Permit application?

The Sheriff will determine if the applicant can legally possess firearms according to state or federal law. They can also deny the application if they have a reasonable suspicion that the applicant may use the weapon unlawfully or in a manner that would endanger them or someone else. They may consider:

  • If you were found guilty but mentally ill in a criminal case.
  • If you were found not guilty in a criminal case by reason of insanity or mental disease or defect.
  • If you were declared incompetent to stand trial in a criminal case.
  • If you asserted a defense in a criminal case of not guilty by reason of insanity or mental disease or defect.
  • If you were found not guilty only by reason of lack of mental responsibility under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • If you required involuntary inpatient treatment in a psychiatric hospital or similar treatment facility.
  • If you required involuntary outpatient treatment in a psychiatric hospital or similar treatment facility based on a finding that the person is an imminent danger to himself or herself or to others.
  • If you required involuntary commitment to a psychiatric hospital or similar treatment facility for any reason, including drug use.
  • If you are or was the subject of a prosecution or of a commitment or incompetency proceeding that could lead to a prohibition on the receipt or possession of a firearm under the laws of Alabama or the United States.
  • If you falsified any portion of the permit application..
  • If you caused justifiable concern for public safety.
    • The sheriff shall take into account how recent any consideration under paragraph a. is in relation to the date of the application. The sheriff shall provide a written statement of the reasons for a denial of a permit and the evidence upon which it is based must be disclosed to the applicant, unless disclosure would interfere with a criminal investigation.
    • Except as otherwise provided by the laws of this state, a permit issued under this subdivision is valid 17 throughout the state, and a sheriff may not place conditions or requirements on the issuance of the permit or limit its scope or applicability.


What are the required documents when applying for an Alabama Pistol Permit?

You will need your photo ID. Any other documents required vary depending on your county sheriff.

How do I renew my Alabama Pistol Permit and what is the cost?

Alabama Pistol Permits must be renewed before they expire. Contact your local county sheriff for the renewal application. Some counties send out renewal cards or notifications by mail. The Alabama Pistol Permits renewal fees vary depending on which county you are in.

How do you change a name or address on an Alabama Pistol Permit?

If you have a name change or a change of address, contact your local county sheriff to make the change on your Alabama Pistol Permit.

What do you do if your Alabama Pistol Permit is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your Alabama Pistol Permit is lost, stolen or damaged, contact your local county sheriff to obtain a new permit. The fee for a duplicate Alabama Pistol Permit vary depending on the county you are in.

Do I need to inform Law Enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon?

From what we have found in our research, in Alabama there is no duty to inform law enforcement when you are carrying a concealed weapon in the State of Alabama. One USA Carry members posts, “General legal advice in Alabama is that you should inform the officer only if the traffic stop or other engagement with an officer proceeds beyond something routine.”

What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in Alabama?

As of Aug. 1, 2013, transportation of a handgun in a vehicle is allowed without an Alabama Pistol Permit if you are legally permitted to possess the handgun. The handgun but be unloaded, locked in a container or container that is in or affixed securely to the vehicle and out of reach of the driver or any passenger. [Source]

If you have a Alabama Pistol Permit you can carry concealed in the vehicle.

Loaded long guns may be carried in plain view or in gun cases.

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Alabama?

Possession of firearms by persons participating in, attending, etc., demonstrations at public places is unlawful. [Source]

Alabama Pistol Permit holders ARE allows to carry in schools. [SOURCE]

Does Alabama have a Stand Your Ground Law AKA Castle Doctrine Law?

Yes, Alabama is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law. Click here to view the Alabama Stand Your Ground Castle Doctrine Law.

As of Aug 1, 2013, the Castle Doctrine includes places of business.

Using or about to use physical force against an owner, employee, or other person authorized to be on business property when the business is closed to the public while committing or attempting to commit a crime involving death, serious physical injury, robbery, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, or a crime of a sexual nature involving a child under the age of 12. [Source]

What are the laws involving alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon in Alabama?

We have found no Alabama state law that prohibits carrying a concealed weapons in a establishment that serves alcohol. Click here to view a discussion about carrying a concealed weapon in establishments that serve alcohol in our Alabama Firearms Forums.

USA Carry recommends that you do not sit at the bar area of a restaurant, carry within a bar or carry a firearm while under the influence or alcohol or drugs.

Does Alabama have laws for No Gun signs?

Properties that display a No Gun sign do not have the force of law unless that property is specifically mentioned in the State Law as being off limits to permit holders.

If you are asked to leave a property then you must leave. Refusing is breaking the law and you can be charged.

What are the Alabama Open Carry laws?

Please visit our Alabama Open Carry page for more information.

Alabama Concealed Carry Maps


8/2/2013 – Updated age and alcohol sections.
8/1/2013 – Updated maps to reflect that Alabama accepts all other state’s permits.
7/31/2013 – Format updated along with all information including changes that go into effect on Aug. 1, 2013.

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  • Cujo26i

    can i get a ccw permit for AL. i have a ccw for Ohio

  • Anonymous

    If you are a resident of Alabama you can apply for one.

  • Mdhsabh

    Conflicting info: The sheriff interview says open carry is Not allowed, but the text above says it IS. Elsewhere, I’ve also seen it stated that AL is an open carry state. And there are lots of videos online showing where people exercising their right in an open carry state being hassled by law enforcement who doesn’t seem to know the State law allows it. Damn lawyers, always trying to find a way to write the laws so that the average citizen needs a lawyer to understand their basic rights. Why not make it simple? One other comment–when asked about the open carry law, the Sheriff says he doesn’t know of a law *allowing it. Isn’t he familiar with the concept that the constitution 2nd ammendment, applies? Lacking any State law prohibiting something, you don’t need a law permitting something.

    • Ray

      Why in the hell do you want to OPEN carry a gun. Who are you trying to impress? Answer: Yourself.

      • chester arthur

        If you can’t carry it concealed legally,what choice is there if you desire to protect yourself?With such a vacuous statement,you haven’t impressed anyone,Ray-Ray.

        • Trisket

          you can carry it concealed legally just go get a permit

          • Rational74

            Not everyone can afford the cost of a permission slip/coat tax.

      • Abc

        not allowing open carry is a great way to get cracked down on the moment you accidentally print or show.

      • Robertceckerjr

        The bill of rights (specifically the 2nd amendment) does not limit us to carrying our firearms concealed only. It is lawful and there is absolutely nothing wrong with carrying openly. I believe that everybody should carry in the manner in which they feel most comfortable. I am tired of hearing from elitists who think that they are the only people who know how a firearm should be carried. That is the type of  thinking that anti gun liberals seem to use. Your criticism sounds extremely liberal and anti-gun. I see people open carry quite often here in Alabama. I also observed many people open carrying in my native Pennsylvania prior to my retiring here. I dont have a problem with you stating that you dont like the idea of open carry. It is your heavy handed method in which you did so. I think perhaps it is you who were trying to impress someone. 

      • C4user73

        Ur mom was and she went down on me quick….so Im in agreement it does impress! Im looking for ur sister now…

        • John Hays


          You can’t impress anyone with a single shot .22.  What, was Ray’s mom blind and his sister 10?

          The smaller the “gun” the more the guy wants everyone to see it to make up for his tiny penis.

          That’s why I conceal my .40 really well – because I’m packing serious heat in two places and don’t need to advertise.  That’s why your girlfriend goes down on me, gets some baby batter in her mouth, forgets to rinses, and then kisses you! LOL

          • Trisket

            open carry is legal in Alabama it must be fully insight at all times. you cannot put your shirt or jacket over it, it must be holstered and you can’t have one in the chamber. you would want to open carry if you have to walk your dogs in a bad neighborhood and don’t have a concealed permit.

          • Rat

            In Alabama you can open carry but if you are in your car you must have a CCW to have a pistol are handgun in your vehicle

          • Jeff

            That’s almost correct. If you do not own a Concealed Carry Permit, you can not hold the gun in your car, it would have to be in the glove department or put away.

          • Larry

            And unloaded

          • Steven Scrimpshire

            There is no law that states you can’t have one in the chamber.

          • crimsonbear81

            I don’t see a point in being rude and ugly but the point for open carry would be so I don’t have to wait for the bad guy to attack me to find out that I am armed. It’s the same principle of why people put home security signs in their yards, so people will know, “don’t bother.” Sure, it’s nice to know I have protection should I need it but that doesn’t mean I ever want to be in a situation that I have to use it lol that would be stupid since there’s no guarantee that me or whoever is with me will come out ok. But if the bad guy already knows, much less of a problem. Hell, back in the old west, everything was open carry. I think we should bring those days back, be alot less muggings. Unless of course, ur afraid u won’t be able to hold onto it because somebody may take it away from u. Like candy from a baby maybe? Oops haha sorry I accidentally let a little rudeness slip through lol my bad.

        • Genius

          C4user.. You are an immature, boob. Please tell me you do not even have a gun.. You are probably have the maturity of a 13 year old, zit faced kid who &#&# and #&#& all the time.

      • Greg Hogg

        I want to openly carry my pistol to let idiots that may want to approach me with the intention of doing me or my family bodily harm or with Intent to rob or try to take my property . So if you’re interested in being an idiot and want to try to do these things to me or my family then go for it

        • Larry

          Why would want to open carry a gun and take a chance of being the first one shot.

      • Rational74

        Because we can. Because its easier to get to if we need it.

    • Ray Loyed

      The text above was a discussion for out of state PERMIT CARRYING in florida if i am reading it right,.it doesnt say anything about open carry which is a completely different thing and has nothing to do with a permit in other states.

    • Steven Scrimpshire

      Sheriff’s and other law enforcement officers will give you conflicted information based on their “beliefs”. Open carry is perfectly legal in Alabama. You are exactly right, laws don’t allow things. Laws forbid things. There is no law forbidding open carry in AL and therefore, it is legal. Uninformed sheriff.

  • Capice2003

    You can get a CCW in Jefferson county for 7.50. I agree with the second amendment on this case but, I am still checking it out because I want to open carry my FDE FNP tactical

    • PastorPaul62

      You may open carry in AL without a permit.

  • Ask the sheriff if he is aware of a law ‘allowing’ you to walk and chew gum at the same time. That’s not the way Law works. Alabama Code section 13A-1-3 spells out that the purpose of the criminal code is to list the actions that are illegal and their punishments. You aren’t going to find a section that says ‘X’ is legal without it being a specific exception to ‘Y’ is illegal unless ‘X’.

    The fact of the matter is, the gun laws in Alabama (both open and concealed carry) are very simple. They are made more complicated by people abusing their power to enforce their own opinions of what is, or should be, the law. They are the people that ignore the multiple AL Supreme Court decisions, the many Appeals Court decisions, several Attorney General opinions, and a plain reading of the laws as written.

    A final nail in the coffin is that both the Brady Bunch and the Legal Community Against Violence both recognize that Alabama is an Open Carry state. Sadly, that makes the sites of these anti-gunners more accurate than that of the NRA-ILA.

  • Robertceckerjr

    I relocated from Pa. to Alabama approximately four weeks ago. I am currently staying with my son and am trying to decide if I want to stay and become a legal resident. However I am somewhat conflicted. I have a resident PA permit and an AZ permit so I am currently covered to carry my weapon according to the Alabama AG website. However in reading the mobile county sheriffs informational packet on CCW, it states I must be a legal resident for 6 months before I can obtain a Alabama permit. Alabama law states that if I become a Alabama resident that they will no longer honor my out of state permits. I guess that means i have to forfeit my 2nd amendment rights for six months till I meet their requirements. Am I misunderstanding the law here? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Gutterbanger

       “Alabama law states that if I become a Alabama resident that they will no longer honor my out of state permits. I guess that means i have to forfeit my 2nd amendment rights for six months till I meet their requirements.”

      How you figure that, for the 6 months that you are not a resident they will honor your out of state permits after the 6 months you will get an Alabama permit. o down time.

      • Larry McKinney

        I was a resident for only 2 weeks when I changed my Tennessee permit over to an Alabama permit. There is no 6 month wait.

  • Don Deal

    I have an Alabama ccw and am going to travel to Colorado. Is my permit considered to be an “Al. resident permit” according to the map above?

    • Abc

      it is if you actually have a resident permit.  i believe in some states, including AL, you can get a permit in that state even if you are a non-resident, but it’s a different permit.  if you are a resident of AL and have an AL resident permit, then Colorado honors your permit.

  • Sherri Wike

    Is a Pistol Permit the same thing as a CCW?  My dad won’t do anything against the law.  He has a pistol permit and has asked me to find out if he is allowed to carry the gun in his glove box (car) with what he has.  Or, does he have to get a different license? 

  • Russ

    What is a Res permit?

    • Andy

      Res permit is “resident permit is all that is allowed no reciprocity for other states “, so if you have a permit from any other state they are not honored there . I am from Mississippi and it is a crying shame that Florida doesn’t honor at least other southern states permits . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

      • Robert

        That is incorrect. Florida issues licenses to both state residents AND to people from other states. “Resident Permits Only” means that Alabama will accept only the Florida licenses that were issued to Florida residents. If you have a Florida carry license, but you are a resident of some other state, you cannot use that Florida license to carry in Alabama.
        Many states accept Florida licenses, and Florida accepts licenses/permits from many other states.

  • Jeffreytull2

    I have a concealed carry in NCAA and it is good in several states including Alabama. I have moved back to Alabama a year ago. Is my concealed carry still OK here in Alabama as it is still valid and can I renew here in Alabama?

    • Trisket

      it should be ok, but i would get the Alabama concealed gun permit.

  • Mike

    I’m from Massachusetts but living in Alabama as a student. I’m shocked it says that AL does not honor MA licences due to how ridiculous it was to get a MA licence. Does anyone know how I should go about having an AL licence but not being an official resident?

    • John Hays

       It’s because no one likes Massholes Mike.  Just joking, one that a buddy of mine from Providence, R.I. told me.

      The answer is no.  If you have an AL license you will be a resident in a matter of a few months.

      When I moved to Missouri for graduate school I had student residency based on my Missouri license as long as I was a student – maybe you can check into that.

      Welcome to the state that time forgot…Alabama is so far from progressive that I’m surprised we even have the internet.  I’m only here for a short period – I left 22 years ago and never looked back (I mean there’s nothing to see but missing teeth and moonpie wrappers!!).

      • Mike

        haha thanks John. All the taxpayer money comes here to Tuscaloosa thanks to Nick Saban so I still live in the first world. I only have 3 months until I graduate and most likely leave the state so I guess I’ll just have to keep the weapon out of sight. There’s a lot of nice places in this state especially the suburbs of cities like Bham and Huntsville, but you never need to go far to see the kind of places you’re talking about.

    • HogLady70

      Ya’ll are just reading the map WRONG. AL honors permits from all states except VT. DC, NYC and 2 territories are also not honored, It is the other states that may not honor AL. Be sure to click on the link above the map to see the difference. Gosh – MEN!

    • Robert Bearden

      Its simple, go to your county sheriffs office and apply. It cost $20 per year, you should not have any problem. The reason Alabama doesnt recognize Ma permits is because Ma doesnt recognize Al permits!

    • Jeff

      Your MA permit is honored here in AL 🙂

      • Rational74

        Oops. nm.

  • John Hays

    I just got my CCW for Alabama since moving back from Florida.  As I was leaving this morning the lady said something about the vehicle.

    If you don’t have it holstered, do you keep it in the glove box or where in can be seen, like by the police if you get pulled over for speeding, etc?

    Thanks…I’m sure glad Alabama has a reciprocal agreement with Florida and Mississippi since I travel to each state quite a bit.

    Thanks for the info.

    • PastorPaul62

      With a pistol permit, you may carry it anywhere in the car you’d like.

  • Robert

    If a person moves to Alabama and obtains a AL drivers license, is their CCW from TN still valid under the reciprocity law or should that person obtain an AL CCW?

  • Michael Milner

    Where can I get the application in Birmingham. Can I just print one off the Internet

  • mat

    If I’m 19 and have a permit to carry in Alabama can I also carry in georgia even though you have to be 21 to carry in that state?

    • christopher

      Did you ever get a response? Thanks.

  • Net

    What does res permit only mean

  • Wanda

    In the state of Alabama can I get my chl anywhere? I live in north Al but am staying with my brother that is terminally ill. I bought the gun here. I want to go ahead and get my permit but I dont have to return to my home yet. Can this be done?

  • dylan

    if i get a pistal permit then does that mean i can carry concealed or open carry in alabama?? help.. thanks

  • Dylan gibbs

    I’m 18. I want to get my conceal carry license, and carry a firearm daily. Does my handgun of choice have to be registered under my parents? Or just registered to the state of Alabama.

  • Ashley DeNio

    I am from Michigan and I am about to report to Fort Rucker, AL for flight school and will only be there for less than 2 years. I just got my CPL in Michigan and I know Alabama accepts a Michigan CPL, but if I become a resident of Alabama will I have to get a new CPL? I am going to try and not change until I get my official duty station, but even then I might be changing residencies every 2 years anyways.

  • Jeff

    Could anyone get back to me if this information is up to date, as of 2015?

  • Jeff

    Can someone help me out here: This site says I have to be 18 to get a concealed weapon permit. Im checking some lawyer site that says I have to be 21? Which is it?

    • Jeff

      I’m seeing that there was a new law passed in 2013 allowing 18-20 year olds to buy a permit?

  • James

    can you be 18 years of age and get your permits if so if i got to Cleveland, Ohio will my permit be valid there

  • Stephen Scott

    Alright Quick Question, if i have my carry in Alabama(resident here) and then I get my carry in Nevada(out of state), do I now have reciprocity with all the states Nevada has reciprocity with?

  • Jason Dionne

    3TAC Training Solutions offer concealed carry and enhanced concealed carry courses for civilians. How can we get state certified or recognized in the stated of AL? Do residents of AL need these certifications to have a CCW or Enhanced CCW?

  • Candice Reed-Newsome

    I need to find out where to go I moved from one county to another but my driver’s license has my old address where do I go?

    • PastorPaul62

      Your permit should still be good.

  • Hank Mardukas

    I was recently found guilty of carrying a concealed pistol, was fined 450$ and given 12 months of probation. How can I get a sheriffs signature for a permit? Other wise, There is no legal reason to be denied, right?

  • william buchanan

    I am a resident of Al. but most of my family is in Tn., will Tn. honor my Al. permit when I go visit?