Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Does Arizona issue concealed weapon permits?
Yes, even though Arizona has passed a new “Arizona Constitutional Carry” law that went into effect on July 29, 2010. This law means that as long as you are legally able to own a firearm and is 21 year of age or older, you can carry conconealed in the State of Arizona without a concealed weapon permit. You still must abide by all concealed carry laws and off limit signs.

Even with this new Constitutional Carry law, Arizona still issues Concealed Weapon Permits. Arizona is a Shall Issue State and issues concealed weapon permits to residents of Arizona as well as out-of-state/non-residents. Shall Issue means that the Arizona Department of Public Safety must issue you a permit even after meeting all requirements for an Arizona Handgun Permit. The relevant Arizona statute is here: 13-3112. Concealed weapons; qualification; application; permit to carry; civil penalty; report; applicability

What does an Arizona concealed weapons permit look like?

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - Concealed Carry

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - Concealed Carry

Who issues Arizona Concealed Weapon permits?
Concealed Weapon Permits, which cover all legally possessed weapons, are issued by the Department of Public Safety. Applications are mailed to them in the envelope provided with the application.

Concealed Weapon Permit Unit
P.O. Box 6488
Phoenix AZ 85005

Phone (602) 256-6280
Fax (602) 223-2928

Are background checks required for a Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit?
Yes background checks are required when applying for an Arizona concealed weapons permit. This does not serve as or exempt you from a National Instant Criminal System (NICS) check.

How long is an Arizona concealed weapons permit valid for?
Arizona Concealed Weapon Permits may be renewed every five years.

What is the processing time for an Arizona concealed weapons permit?
The Arizona Dept. of Public Safety will complete all required checks within 60 days of receiving the application and shall issue the permit within fifteen business days after completing the qualification checks.If denied, they will respond within fifteen business days after completing all checks.

How much does an Arizona concealed weapons permit cost?

  • New Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit – $60.00
  • New Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit / Firearms Instructor combined – $60.00
  • Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Renewal – $43.00
  • Arizona Concealed Weapons Firearms Instructor – $24.00
  • Renewal of Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit / Firearms Instructor Approval combined – $43.00
  • Replacement Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit (Lost, stolen, or name change) – $10.00
  • Training Course – Organization Approval – No Charge
  • Training Organization Approval – No Charge
  • LEOSA Certification – $20.00
  • LEOSA Instructor Certification – No Charge
  • Fingerprinting – $10-12
  • Training – $50-100

What are the requirements for an Arizona concealed weapons permit?

  • Is a resident of this state or a United States citizen.
  • Is twenty-one years of age or older.
  • Is not under indictment for and has not been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony unless that conviction has been expunged, set aside or vacated or the applicant’s rights have been restored and the applicant is currently not a prohibited possessor under state or federal law.
  • Does not suffer from mental illness and has not been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution.
  • Is not unlawfully present in the United States.
  • Has ever satisfactorily completed a firearms safety training program authorized by the department of public safety pursuant to subsection N, paragraph 1 of this section or has ever demonstrated competence with a firearm as prescribed by subsection N, paragraph 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 of this section and provides adequate documentation that the person has satisfactorily completed a training program or demonstrated competence with a firearm in any state or political subdivision in the United States. For the purposes of this paragraph, “adequate documentation” means:
    • A certificate, card or document of completion from a firearms safety training program authorized pursuant to subsection N, paragraph 1 of this section, dated not more than five years earlier than the date of application, that has affixed to it the stamp, signature or seal of the instructor or organization that conducted the program, or a current or expired permit issued by the department of public safety pursuant to this section.
    • An original or copy of a certificate, card or document that shows the applicant has completed any course or class prescribed by subsection N, paragraph 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 or 9 of this section or an affidavit from the instructor, school, club or organization that conducted or taught the course or class attesting to the applicant’s completion of the course or class.
    • An original or a copy of a United States department of defense form 214 (DD-214) indicating an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions, a certificate of completion of basic training or any other document demonstrating proof of the applicant’s current or former service in the United States armed forces as prescribed by subsection N, paragraph 6 of this section.
    • An original or a copy of a concealed weapon, firearm or handgun permit or a license as prescribed by subsection N, paragraph 7 of this section.

What are the required documents when applying for an Arizona concealed weapons permit?
The application shall be completed on a form prescribed by the department of public safety. The form shall not require the applicant to disclose the type of firearm for which a permit is sought. The applicant shall attest under penalty of perjury that all of the statements made by the applicant are true, that the applicant has been furnished a copy of chapters 4 and 31 of this title and that the applicant is knowledgeable about the provisions contained in those chapters. The applicant shall submit the application to the department with any documentation prescribed by subsection E of this section, two sets of fingerprints and a reasonable fee determined by the director of the department.

How do I renew my Arizona concealed weapons permit and what is the cost?
A permit issued pursuant to this section is renewable every five years. Before a permit may be renewed, a criminal history records check shall be conducted pursuant to section 41-1750 within sixty days after receipt of the application for renewal. For the purposes of permit renewal, the permit holder is not required to submit additional fingerprints.

The Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit Unit (CWPU) mails a courtesy renewal packet to customers whose permits are due to expire. The packet is mailed to the address on record approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date. The packet includes a renewal application and pre-addressed return envelope. Complete the renewal application, include the applicable fee, and mail them to DPS. No cash or personal checks please or your application will be returned causing a delay in processing.

If you have not received your courtesy renewal packet, you may print the renewal application from this site. Please complete the application and submit it along with the applicable fee to: AZ DPS-CWPU P.O. Box 6488 Phoenix, AZ 85005-6488 Attn: Renewal.

How do you change a name or address on an Arizona concealed weapons permit?
You can complete the Change Name / Address / Lost / Stolen / Replace with New Style / Non-receipt of Permit / Error on Permit and mail it to the address listed with the applicable fee.

What do you do if your Arizona concealed weapons permit is lost, stolen, or damaged?
You can complete the Change Name / Address / Lost / Stolen / Replace with New Style / Non-receipt of Permit / Error on Permit and mail it to the address listed with the applicable fee.

Do I need to inform Law Enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona?
A qualified person must have the permit in possession when carrying a concealed weapon and is required by any other law to carry the permit. The permit must be presented to any law enforcement officer, upon request, along with a driver’s license, military ID, state ID card or passport. A law enforcement officer may temporarily take possession of a firearm during traffic stops or other official contacts with the public.

What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in Arizona?
As long as you are 21 years of age or older and legally able to own a firearm you can carry a firearm in Arizona anywhere it is legal to carry including an automobile.

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona?

  • A person with a permit issued pursuant to section 13-3112 may carry a concealed handgun on the premises of a licensee who is an on-sale retailer unless the licensee posts a sign that clearly prohibits the possession of weapons on the licensed premises. The sign shall conform to the following requirements:
    • Be posted in a conspicuous location accessible to the general public and immediately adjacent to the liquor license posted on the licensed premises.
    • Contain a pictogram that shows a firearm within a red circle and a diagonal red line across the firearm.
    • Contain the words, “no firearms allowed pursuant to A.R.S. section 4-229”.
  • Conditionally. If you remain in your vehicle and the handgun is unloaded before entering school grounds, yes. If you have to exit your vehicle while picking up your child, the handgun must be unloaded (as above) and secured (locked) within the vehicle out of plain view. Use caution if you must exit the vehicle with a handgun (or any weapon) to secure it in the trunk of your vehicle. Others may see you and not understand your intention.Additionally, designated employees of a school may order a person off of school property if that person is believed to be interfering with school operations. School boards may also enact specific and more restrictive rules governing firearms and deadly weapons on school grounds. Determine what the rules of a school are before attempting to enter school grounds with a firearm. (ARS 13-3102.A.12, 13-3102.I and ARS 13-2911)
  • Commercial nuclear or hydroelectric generating stations.
  • Polling places on Election Day.
  • Correctional facilities (this includes the parking lot of such facilities).
  • Game refuges (except during an authorized hunt).

What are the laws involving alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona?
You may carry a concealed weapon in an establishment that serves alcohol unless the establishment has posted signs prohibiting weapons (A.R.S. 4-229). You may not consume alcohol while in possession of your firearm (A.R.S. 4-244). There are some additional exceptions see A.R.S. 13-3102.

Does Arizona have a Stand Your Ground Law AKA Castle Doctrine Law?
Yes, Arizona is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law. To view the exact laws click here.

What are the Arizona Open Carry laws?
There is complete state preemption of all firearms laws, open carry is common and law enforcement is well educated as to its legality. NOTE:Tribal reservations have their own laws and should be avoided or researched prior to visiting.

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Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Reciprocity Maps

These are the Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Reciprocity Maps which allow you to view which states accept Arizona concealed weapon permits and which states Arizona allows. To view Concealed Carry Laws, Permits, and Regulations in another state, simply click on the state below.

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    Added Application to Possess a firearm for Pima Salt River Reservation under Other Arizona Firearm Resources.

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    Ohio needs removed from the states that honor az ccw

  • K7vhq

    My wife is a good shot.  She comes from and is still a citizen of only Russia.  She is age 50.  Can she carry concieled in Arizona?  She is a resident of California now.

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  • skibumeddie

    I thought Nevada now recognizes AZ permits…..have they changed recently to not recognize them????

    • notorious

      Nevada recently revoked the reciprocity agreement with Arizona due to the lack of gun range qualification.

      • David Garrett

        That was back in 2013. As of June 2015, they have a new agreement. You can check their state website.


      As of June 2015 NV recognizes AZ.

  • Suburban

    2 months EXACTLY from delivery of application to delivery of non-resident AZ carry permit.

  • Oxhead

    I have a Florida conceal carry permit and was wondering how to go about getting a
    Arizonaa CCP.

    • John airconn

      Arizona will honor Florida, just apply, send them all that is required, with a copy certifcate from your Florida Training class, my instructor in Nevada, his is good in Arizona, Utah, and Florida. so I can use his in all 4 state’s. so i just sent it to Florida with the applacation, and no problem they Issued me one.


      There really isn’t any need to get a AZ CCW if you live out of state. They will recognize your FL or any other state for that matter . AZ CCW is only needed for AZ residents to get reciprocity

  • joe ellis

    Utah ask in their ccw application were you ever arrested for domestic violence ?o when if a person was arrested for domestic violence but no conviction no conviction of domestic violence even tho there was a arrest. Can you still qualify for your conceal carry permit in Utah ?

  • Nate Opgenorth

    Yeah they are sneaky. I was looking to get my Virginia CHP and those website not only are rip offs but make it way more complex…I already have two NRA courses under my belt and one about a month ago and for Virginia ALL the information is neatly located on the Virginia State Police website, they even have a dummed down checklist, seams like they actually care about people applying and citizens! AZ looks very similar, I’ll definitely be applying for AZ once I send out my VA app.

  • John airconn

    I live on the Nevada side of the colorado river on Indian Land. Tribal Law dose trump state law, But i was told by my ccw class Instructor, that you have a federal right of passage on tribal land if your just traveling through it, as long as you don’t stop and loitter. so federal law trump’s Tribal law in these case’s.


      You must abide by the provisions outlined in the FOPA. Which i believe requires you to lock a firearm in the trunk or a locking case. Be extra careful if you’re on Navajo land. They’ll take your firearm until you can provide proof its yours. Or just don’t act like a fool when you’re on a reservation (which is probably good advice wherever you are). Basically its like being in California.

      • John airconn

        Tex as long as you have a ccw permit, Arizona law allow’s you to carry in you vehicle, as dose Nevada law. Also i’m at the very southern tip of nevada. Arizona is 3 miles across the colorado river, and the communist state of Califorina is 2 miles. I don’t travel into communist country’s. Also Arizona has open carry and concealed carry with out a permit. as far as the Indians, i live on Mohave Tribal land, spoke to one of their Sargent’s and he said as long as i don’t Loiter, they would not bother me. and federal law say’s i have a right of passage on Indian land. So i guess it’s up to each Tribe as to what they will allow. Thank’s for the reply.

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        They’ll not only take your firearm, but anything else they like.

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    Does Pennsylvania honor the out of state Az permit?

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      Yes, or get the Texas one, cheap for military

  • Mary Williamson

    I have my CCW in California, Do I need to apply for one in the Arizona and the other states it is honored in or will my California CCW work

    • Mike Edwards

      you need to apply for the Permit in AZ.. your CA one is invalid here

    • alzeegato

      The California one is only good in California since California doesn’t accept any other states permits. However, Arizona does not require a permit, but if you get it it will allow you to carry in many other states. Note there are a few that only recognize the Arizona permit if you are a resident of Arizona.

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