Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:

Shall Issue to Residents only.

Example Resident Permit:

Colorado Concealed Carry Permit

Colorado Concealed Carry Permit

Issuing Authority:
You can apply to the sheriff of your home county, the sheriff of the county in which you own or rent real property to operate a business, or the sheriff of the county in which you currently hold a permit.

NICS/Background Check:

Permit Valid For:
Permits are valid for five years.

Processing Time:

Initial Applications: TOTAL $52.50
CCIC Fingerprint check $17.50
InstaCheck $13.00
FBI Fingerprint check $22.00

Note: The local sheriff can charge up to an additional $100.

Temporary Emergency Permits: TOTAL $30.50
CCIC Fingerprint check $17.50
InstaCheck $13.00

Renewals: (Fingerprints previously sent to CBI) TOTAL $13.00
InstaCheck $13.00

Renewals: (Fingerprints NOT previously sent to CBI) TOTAL $52.50
CCIC Fingerprint check $17.50
InstaCheck $13.00
FBI Fingerprint check $22.00

1. Colorado resident
2. Age 21 or older
3. Not precluded by state or federal law from owning or possessing a firearm (e.g. felony conviction, mentally incompetent)
4. Does not chronically or habitually abuse alcohol
5. Is not an unlawful user of or addicted to controlled substances
6. Is not the subject of a civil or criminal restraining order
7. Complete background check, including fingerprint verification by FBI/CBI
8. Demonstrates competence with a handgun by one of the following means:
a. evidence of experience with a firearm through participation in organized shooting competitions or current military service
b. certified firearms instructor
c. honorable discharge from the Armed Forces within past three yearss
d. proof of pistol qualification in Armed Forces within past ten years, if discharged
e. retired law enforcement with pistol qualification within past ten years
f. proof of completion of a handgun training class within the past ten years

Required Documents:
1. Completed application
2. Copy of your training certificate
3. Cop0y of your driver’s license
4. State ID Card or Passport photo
5. Application Fee

Renewal Information:
Permit may be renewed as early as 120 days before expiration or as late as six months after expiration. Renewal fee is $25; an additional late fee of $15 must be paid if the permit has expired.

Change of Name or Address:
You need to notify the issuing sheriff of your change of address within thirty days after you move.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
You may carry concealed in an automobile for protection while traveling or for any other lawful purpose while lawfully engaged in hunting.

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. Any place prohibited by federal law (e.g. federal offices or courthouse)
2. Any property of public school grades kindergarten through 12, unless the firearm remains inside a container in a locked vehicle
3. Any public building that prohibits ALL weapons which posts guards and permanent metal detectors at all entrances and requires all entrants to surrender handguns to security personnel before entry

Alcohol and Drugs:
It is unlawful to possess a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Colorado is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Unrestricted under state law; localities may regulate this aspect independently.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation: CCW Information

Denver Police Department: Concealed WEapons Permits
NRA-ILA: Colorado Gun Laws
Colorado State Shooting Association

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  • S.H.

    I live in and have a permit from Iowa and will be traveling to Colorado next month so this is very helpful. Thank you. 

  • Cellstrom

    Hey, good news, this dumbass NRA law has just killed 12 people trying to watch a damn movie. Way to go CO, NRA, and ALEC, you are murderers. Because, theoretically, this law was supposed to STOP these types of shootings, oops, another wrong policy pushed by fear mongerers.

    • Patriot

      Brilliant Cellstrom. You do realize these people were killed with an assault weapon and shotgun, which don’t require carry permits. Not sure why this law was a problem for you.

      • Jk

        An ar 15 is a semi automatic rifle. Not an assault rifle. An ak47 would be an assault rifle. “Reminder to the gun control crowd: Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. P.S.–Criminals & lunatics don’t obey gun laws

        • shays

          It usually takes a person to use a gun, though. And I’m no longer fooled by the effort to get technical with the jargon … no law abiding citizen needs an assault rifle, an automatic rifle, or a semi-automatic rifle. You want a rifle to hunt, get yourself a good old fashioned Winchester; if it was good enough for your granddad, it’s good enough for you, and still does the trick (and kind of returns to “sport” to more equal footing for the game).

          • Liberals Take Your Freedom

            The 2A says we can own whatever gun we want. I’ll keep my AR 15 because I can and because I want to.

          • @shays, you are such a %$#@ idiot! no law abiding citizen needs a computer, printer or high speed modem or internet connection. You want to express or publish an opinion, get yourself a good old fashioned offset printing press and publish your own flyers or newspaper; if it was good enough for your grandad, it’s good enough for you, and still does the trick

          • freedumbforyou

            Shays is a British subject. A “nutter” who can’t even use the correct American slangs when ranting on a blog.
            Shay can go and lick the queens toes for all I care.

          • scomo

            you have no Idea why we have the 2nd amendment do you? Here are some fairly recent reasons why. HITLER, CASTRO, QADDAFI, STALIN, IDI-AMIN, MAO-TSE-TUNG, POL-POT, KIM JON-IL, all these were real mass murderers, they first took the citizens ability to defend themselves or resist.( they took away gun rights, prevented their citizens from defend themselves, kinda like the theater , huh? ). you cannot protect everyone all the time. If your answer to protection is the police dept ….., well why didn’t the police dept be there to protect these 71 victims. we have to be able to defend ourselves and our family, and to resist lunatics that come onto the path. ……

          • freedumbforyou

            If you want to ban guns we first have to ban the federal standing military. That was the agreement and the only reason the federal government was ALLOWED to have a standing army even during peactime. The citizens have to be able to protect themselves from an out of control military should a tyrant get “elected”. Considering that the U.S. Army National Guard has already shown it’s willingness to follow unconstitutional orders like stealing guns during Katrina, people really should be concerned. The 2nd amendment has never been about hunting deer and turkey. Don’t want citizens having guns, get rid of the military.
            Or just shut up.

          • The7thSon

            Who are you to say what a person needs. When were you appointed the supreme arbiter of peoples’ needs?

          • George

            Spoken ‘ ; like a true ‘ ; imbecile ‘ .

          • tomas

            The Winchester lever action rifle you no doubt refer to carries multiple cartridges, and was called a “repeating rifle” because it could be fired repeatedly at a rapid rate. It was designed primarily for military use and was the assault rifle of it’s day. Interesting that Shays thinks it OK for ownership.

        • Notahuman

          That is so bogus! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! WHAT!! Try throwing a bullet at someone and see if it does the same damage as a gun! It is the gun that does the killing, the person is the one that aims it! Everyday people don’t obey gun laws as well!

          • Nancy Barrett

            I am fat, even by Samoan standards. I do not blame forks and spoons for me being fat. It is the same for guns. Guns don’t make you shoot.

    • Furious

      What “dumbass” law are you referring to dumbass? I only wish someone in the crowd would have been taking advantage of this “dumbass” law and shot that bastard.

    • BigO

      you idot,,, if someone at the movie was a CCW,, this would have a different ending..

      • Sarah Brady Has Made Us Unsafe

        You’re absolutely right BigO. The theatre did not allow guns so the law abiding gun owners left their guns in the car. These dumbasses that insist on disarming the public are responsible for this.

        • Notahuman

          Yea, and if all of those people carried their weapons, how many more people would have been injured in the crossfire? The moment those people left the theater, they would have had other people shooting at them for they didn’t know whom the assailant was!

          • freedumbforyou

            I just watched an eyewitness admit he watched the gunmen the entire time. He left then came back into the theater and stood next to the side door SHOOTING FROM A STATIONARY POSITION.
            That’s easy money. He was a scrawny little skinny kid. Even with kevlar your going to have broken ribs and get put on your ass once shot. He would have crawled out at that point.

          • freedumbforyou

            there wouldn’t have been a shooting in the first place. Most of the “massacres” take place in “GUN FREE ZONES”
            Most of the people who commit these crimes are high on prescription medications. Maybe we need “PRESCRIPTION FREE ZONES”.

          • George

            It seems that you are ; judging , sane ‘ people ; by your , idiotic thinking .

      • freedumbforyou

        yet ANOTHER gun free zone shooting.
        Big surprise huh?
        My girlfriend teaches at a local university. I’ve shown her how easy it would be to lock the auditorium doors with 4 bicycle cable locks. 3 in the front, one in the back. Stupid engineers actually design these doorways to be locked from the outside and inside by criminals. The police response is about 4 minutes on average. She looks at the world a little different now and is uncomfortable being in these buildings when she knows that it’s KNOWN that they’re “gun free zones”.
        I call them suicide enabling zones as I think people who want to commit suicide, but can’t seem to do it like to take things past the point of no return so that they’ll HAVE to suicide.
        I think that’s what “the joker” had in mind but was way to much of a coward to finish himself off even after the massacre.
        We should stop talking about guns and just stick to the facts.
        The guy is a dick. A loser who thought he was smarter than everybody else but wasn’t.
        Just another McDonalds employee with a masters degree and a load of debt.
        That’s what we SHOULD be talking about.

    • scomo

      your an Idiot, and by that logic the theater killed those people and here’s why Most states Fire code requires emergency exits like the one that the shooter opened and returned to enter the theater and start his rampage.
      The Problem lies in the fact that Management opts to have “only push bar emergency exits WITHOUT ALARMS” (SOME MAY HAVE ALARMS AND IF THEY DO MOST MANAGERS OPT TO TURN THE ALARMS OFF ) the reason for not having an alarm (OR TURNING IT OFF ) is mostly a management decision because they do not want to be faced with having to give refunds on ticket sales if someone exits through the emergency exit door and a alarm went off disturbing the movie, therefore they opt for exit bars without alarms. IF THESE DOORS HAD ALARMS THEN MANAGEMENT WOULD HAVE BEEN ALERTED AND PROMPTLY RE-SECURED THE DOOR PREVENTING RETURN ACCESS. MANAGEMENT FEARS THAT A PATRON MAY LET SOMEONE IN WITHOUT PAYING IS LESS OF A CONCERN THAN HAVING A THEATER FULL OF PATRONS DEMANDING A REFUND BECAUSE AN ALARM DISTURBED THEIR VIEWING OF THE MOVIE. HAD IT NOT BEEN ALL ABOUT MONEY THIS SHOOTER WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO RE-ENTER.

      • freedumbforyou

        good point. An alarm that shows that the door is open for longer than a few seconds would have helped. Gun Free Zones don’t help.

      • Artemis

        Are you serious? You are telling me the guy couldnt have walked in and started shooting with an alarm sounding? MAYBE, he would have hit less people if there was an alarm. Not sure the last time you have been to a theater, but most people have to run towards the front where the shooter is to escape.

  • Tommy Mckinzie

    Its sad of the victims killed or shot at the theatre in Colorado but I wonder why didnt someone have a gun to shoot this lunatic?? Illinois is the ONLY that does not allow a law abding persont to carry a concealed weapon. Only cops, robbers, and gang members seem to get away with it as the rest of us go defenseless.!! The law names changed. It would of been the Law of the Land the right to carry after a back ground check, if D-Senator Durbin of Ilinois didnt cast the naye vote that killed the bill. He is up for re election this year and lost my vote.!!

    • The theater has a no-gun policy, AND has metal detectors. The shooter knew for a fact no one would be armed. Aurora has by far the most shootings of any city in the metro area…and they have the strictest gun laws. Gang bangers shoot each other at the Aurora Mall all the time; it’s right there too. Yup…took away guns from the citizens, and only the bad guys have guns. Just like the old saying goes.

      • Kenneth Wesely

        Agreed completely: aurora is horrible. Are you positive that theater has detectors? I don’t remember them being there. If there’s just signs, right or wrong, I completely ignore them. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. If it meant jail time for me, I still wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. I’d have drawn on that bastard and done what I could. My luck I’d have been done in too, but I’d at least gone out trying.

  • Tommy Mckinzie

    Those in other States, Illinois does not recognize your permits and will fine you big time and take your weapons. Its sad we in Illinois has to be the only ones that can not defend our self or families.

    • Tommy Mckinzie

      Statitcs have shown NRA members are the best at obeying the gun laws. Dont blame one off the rocker college boy for what happened in Colorado. Im sure he was not a NRA member. Obama has lowered the flag in DC but he stands with pen in hand to put the US under UN laws to take our guns if he is re elected.

      • Shays

        I would think such an unproven and incendiary comment qualifies you as a “nutter”

        • 2A Is Our Right!

          Hey Shays, Tommy McKenzie is correct and you are wrong. Obama is wetting his pants to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty. You need to get out more and know what’s going on.

          • CL3

            Keep in mind, per US Constitution, ALL International Treaties must be affirmed by the US Senate……….now that US Senate is GOP ruled, I doubt that would happen.

        • kmhunt96

          When Obama was an Illinois Senator, he voted for a law to incarcerate a man for defending his family, IN HIS OWN HOME, with deadly force; even though the convicted felon had broken into his house just a few days earlier.

          This is the man at the helm these days.

          • Oink2u2

            A state senate cannot enact ex post facto law, making it a crime for something that already occured.

          • Tom Johnston

            You clearly misunderstand what happened. See my other response (above) that explains what happened. Morton Grove, the town in question, had a total handgun ban. The man was charged for illegal possession of a handgun when he used it to defend his family in his own home. The Illinois legislature met and voted to make it the law that someone should not be charged in such a case but Obama insisted that the man should be charged. In essence, Obama felt that the man should have let the felon who broke into his house murder his family while he stood by and watched. This case is very well known. You must not be an NRA member or a member of any other pro-2nd Amendment group because, if you were, you would have known this.

          • parkerglp

            But we spend millions a day to protect Osama and his family!!!

          • Tom Johnston

            That is correct. I am an Illinois citizen and the case you refer to is quite well known. A man who used a gun in his own home in Morton Grove, Il, to defend his family was charged with illegal possession of a handgun. Morton Grove was one of the cities in Illinois that banned handguns. The legislature met and voted to NOT charge a person in such a case but Obama insisted that he should be charged. Obama also voted for a total ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of ANY gun. In addition, he was on the board of the Joyce Foundation which dispenses millions of dollars to anti-gun groups. Anyone who does not believe this has not been paying attention and should simply look it up for himself. These are well-known and well documented facts.

        • Alan

          President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have voiced suport for the U.N. Small Arms Treaty from the beginning of his first term in office. If enacted, it would TRY to deminish our constitutional rights and our national soverenty. This is only one of the reasons that we need to make sure he stays a one term president and why you’re the one who is a “nutter” Sorry for the misspelling.

      • Notahuman

        As long as humans can’t be trusted, freedoms will always be under fire. Murder is murder, whether people are defending themselves or committing a crime. Who cares what Obama voted for, wonder if kmhunt96 read the bill or just the story that followed the bill.

        • the Fox News spin on the story …. as mentioned the Senate can not vote on ex post facto, the Senate is also not judiciary so it wouldn’t be hearing “testimony” in a local trial. It also wouldn’t be voting on state laws but passing bills for the federal. So, nice story skippy. I hope you hugged your gun tight when mommy told you this bedtime story.

          • Gray

            The bill being discussed was an Illinois State bill, in the Illinois State Senate, while Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator. And yes, legislatures do hear testimony concerning bills before them.

        • David Clarkson

          Well, Guest, you clearly do not know the definition of “murder.” Look it up – I challenge you to look it up. Defending one’s self, family, or propert is NOT murder. If I killed you because I didn’t like your hair, THAT is murder. Period. Defending yourself , family and property is honorable, just, true, and right. If you’re a Christian, read the Bible. Defending yourself, family, and property is all over the Bible, and is good in the sight of God. And finally, whether you’re a Christion or not, do you support and honor our Vets? If so, you are honoring the fact that THEY ARE DEFENDING YOU! Remember that next time you decide to talk out of your ass.

      • Tom Johnston

        I think you meant to say, “Don’t blame NRA members for what one off-the-rocker college boy did.”

      • Phil

        If there had been someone in that theater with a concealed carry, I think the outcome would have been very different.

        • i wish this were so, the particular theatre in aurora colorado doesn’t recognise ones right to defend himself. it is a “gun free zone”.

          • vereor_non_magnus_nocens_lupus

            You can still CCW in a “gun free zone”

          • Yes you can. They can ask you to leave if detected and may prosecute you if you use your weapon. There no weapons allowed sign only means THEY are not going to be held responsible for any damages YOU incur due to your use of a firearm. If while pulling your weapon to stop an armed shooter you scare the woman next to you, she falls and breaks her leg, YOU will be sued not the theater.
            However, banks, schools, federal building and public buildings that have metal detectors and guards to whom you would have to surrender your weapon are off limits to your CCW and some of those are Federal Felony charges (ie no more CCW ever AND jail time). No metal detector = CCW zone.

          • GW

            Concealed carry in banks is okay – I do all the time. The bank manager is aware of it also!

          • Fixed Sight Training

            There was a CCW holder there but she was afraid of drawing fire. I haven’t been able to confirm this but I heard she took a “no shoot” CCW class and wasn’t confident in her ability to use the gun effectively. But again, I wasn’t able to confirm this so it may be wrong.

          • Laurence Almand

            What on earth is a “no shoot” CCW class? The purpose of a CCW is to use your gun to protect yourself, so obviously you have to fire it. If you are not going to shoot, what is the use of carrying?
            And if she was not confident in her ability to use the gun, why was she carrying it? This makes no sense at all.

          • Kenneth Wesely


            I’ve carried CCPs in a few states (every time I PCSd in the military). Only one state class had a mandatory range firing; the rest were paper test only. The worst one? North Dakota. I’ll not name the city but the retired sheriff held the “class” in the kitchen of his home and gave the answers to each question as we went. He proceeded to tell us “I’m not holding a range today, I trust you all wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know how to handle your weapon”. I literally felt shameful putting that card in my wallet.

          • Jeremiah Puckett

            As others have said, you can still carry in the theatre in Colorado. Colorado law prohibits (1) carrying in any place prohibited by federal law, (2) carrying in any PUBLIC K-12 school and (3) carrying in any place that prohibits ALL guns and has guards and metal detectors at entrances.

          • Laurence Almand

            The following sign should be posted in all “safe” zones:
            GUN-FREE ZONE
            MUG AND MURDER!

        • Bill

          Phil. In my experience those are exactly the folks who are running away. Real heroes don’t need to hide behind a gun as evidenced by the paramedic that immediately sacrificed himself to help others.

          There are two reasons people have guns. 1. to hunt or 2. because they are cowards.

          • fred

            Well Bill, having a concealed carry license doesn’t make you a cop, why stop and risk liability and being shot by an off duty cop or wounding an innocent bystander? Cops have unions to protect them for negligence. May I ask, why number 2 on your list? Explain please.

          • me

            so all our armed forces, police, CIA, FBI, NSA, and all other protective agency’s are all cowards I see. You must be bullet proof. Good for you I’m not Ill keep my gun because I love you so much that I want to protect you

          • Fixed Sight Training

            In a choice between sacrificing myself to save someone or shooting a bad guy to save someone I’ll shoot the bad guy and then go home to my family.

          • Jeremiah Puckett

            Exactly. If you can take down the bad guy, save someone’s life, and go home to your family then you are a hero. I won’t call you a hero just ’cause you “sacrificed” yourself instead of someone else. Still the same number of dead bodies, and now your family is without… and you are dead.

          • Gray

            Had someone taken out the murderer before the medic was murdered, the medic could have saved more than one person.

          • parkerglp

            Keep drinking that Kool-Aid! If you ever need protection, I hope no one around defends your life as you are not worth it!

          • Cari

            I’ve spoken with many police who are happy to have law abiding citizens with ccw because they admit that they can’t be everywhere. As long as we obey laws and are honest about being armed if they come into contact with us, all of my officer friends think you couldn’t be more wrong. Seems to me that an anonymous posting on a random website screams of cowardice.

          • Jeremiah Puckett

            Of course they can’t be everywhere. They aren’t there to “protect” and serve. That’s a stupid thing to put on their vehicles. They are there to RESPOND to a crime they witness or someone reports. Police response times are long enough to people can still rob banks, murder, rape, burglarize, and kidnap.

          • ted

            you are an uninformed non citizen who should move to a European UN country, or … Illinois .

          • Jeremiah Puckett

            During the Revolutionary War, our simpleton farmers and untrained citizens fought off the mighty army of the British. Without these “hunters and cowards” you speak of, we’d be speaking with a British accent paying taxes to the queen.

          • So says the wussy NoBama boy…

          • Walker Texas Stranger

            I don’t hunt and if you care to say that to my face I’ll show you how wrong you are on No. 2 as well.

          • Laurence Almand

            OK hero. Just what are YOU going to do when some criminal opens fire? Just stand there like a dork? People who carry legal guns are not cowards – they are practical people who want to protect themselves and others.

          • Bobby Angie Maher

            This is not true. As a cop in Florida, We had to arrive and make the seen Safe before allowing paramedic forward.

          • Gray

            It is so good to you Jim Crow gun control law supporters to see someone die.

            Tell you what, I am proud to be considered a coward by the likes of you, the true cowards, supporting laws designed by the KKK to make murder easier.

        • mrfxx

          Yep – MORE PEOPLE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED – or have you forgotten the circumstances of that shooting? They are:
          1) The shooting did NOT start until after the movie did (in other words, except for the light from the screen, IT WAS DARK). The movie began with such “fireworks” that many of the folks who escaped initially thought the firing was PART OF THE MOVIE. Once the viewers realized what was going on, pandemonium broke out.
          2) The shooter was not only dressed in black (including a balaclava style ski mask which only revealed his eyes), but was wearing BODY ARMOR.

          It is highly unlikely that most folks with a concealed carry permit have the wherewithal to shoot at AND HIT the only visible area – and even the members of the military who were there didn’t make as STUPID a comment as you just did. By the way, a person with a CCW permit came upon the shooting of Gabby Giffords in Arizona in 2011 (he was just walking by) – and told interviewers that because he didn’t know what was going on, he left his weapon holstered to avoid being part of the problem – and that was in FULL DAYLIGHT. THAT is a man who should have a CCW!

      • Laurence Almand

        He has served two terms so he cannot be elected again, happily. And yes, the UN agenda is to force corrupt Socialism on the entire world, and destroy the USA and democracy.

    • NoCrud

      Don’t worry, Rahm Emackerel will take care of you. {;->

    • D Banister

      Its totally True, I am a gun owner from Colorado and was up in Chicago on vacation a few years ago, I got rear ended in Evanston, which is a suburb of Chicago, when the police arrived they obviously sited the driver that ran into me from behind with a ticket, but here is the kicker, the Cop who responded asked me, “Sir, do you have any weapons in your vehiclie”? I was like, what the hell does that have to do with this traffic accident, I did not have them with me, because I knew the law there and I am law abiding, I asked “well what if I did have my guns” He said, that they would have confiscated them and arrested me. I was like wholly Sh#t, where was the probable cause to begin with. I will never visit the Windy City again.

      • ColoradoBikerGrandma

        “D”, that actually was a “standard question” that Law Enforcement are taught to ask. I know it seems like they were infringing on your rights, but they honestly were not. And, with Chicago’s crime rate, they would appear to need CCWs.

        • Tom Johnston

          No, that is definitely NOT a “standard question” that Law Enforcement are taught to ask. Illinois most certainly does infringe on our rights. Believe it or not, in Illinois, there is a waiting period and background check required when you buy an airgun if it has a muzzle velocity over something like 800 fps. They are treated as a firearm in Illinois and you can be charged with a felony for plinking targets in your backyard with a BB gun in Illinois. You are presumably from Colorado and clearly don’t know how truly bad it is in Illinois.

          • john Bobbitt


          • Laurence Almand

            Illinois is yet another state being destroyed by the Demo/Socialists – look at its total debt! And gun-banning Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country!

          • jasonjrf

            It’s standard before a cop gives you a pat down when your in cuffs being held for a crime or being questioned about a crime you may be involved in. If it’s just an accident then no that is not the correct time to ask.

        • Jeremiah Puckett

          While I haven’t even received a speeding ticket in over a decade, I had my fair share when I was younger. In Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri… I HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED IF I HAVE WEAPONS IN MY VEHICLE. Standard? No.

      • Tom Johnston

        Yes, it really is that bad in Illinois. I know. I have (unfortunately) lived in this corrupt and insane state for all of my 63 years.

        • Laurence Almand

          So why don’t you move? You are paying taxes to support a lot of Socialist politicians and corrupt officials who enforce the inane gun laws.

      • David Clarkson

        Illinois is one of the “Unconstitutional States.”

        • Bo Treat

          still full of mexicans…

      • Ron h

        In case you go back to IL again they are now a ccw state and recognize all permits so long as you are in your vehicle only before you exit you must secure your gun in a locked container in the vehicle

        • What good is that gonna do ya locked away in your ride should a bad egg attack you while out & about away from your vehicle???

        • Walker Texas Stranger

          You just said they recognize out of state permits so long as you don’t carry concealed outside your car. What part of your permit are they recognizing?

        • Aaron Schilling

          IL most certainly does NOT recognize any state’s ccw other than Texas. Do not bring your gun to Illinois unless it’s disassembled with each individual piece locked in it’s own small safe that’s locked in a bigger safe locked in the trunk of your car that’s locked in a shipping container with special permissions from the POTUS and the UN

      • Laurence Almand

        This is yet another example of the Socialist Big Brother regime in Illinois. If your guns were in a locked container and the ammo was separate, you would have good cause to transport them, regardless of what the Illinois anti-gun laws are.
        If you had been carrying a gun, just say no. Under no circumstances should out of state people allow cops to search their cars without iron-clad probable cause.

      • Jimmy Crawford

        worst city in America

      • asus3000

        When parasites sell their souls to undermine the Bill of Rights.

    • zackabbott

      That is why I am moving to Colorado. Illinois has horrible laws and Hawaii as well. I have been
      assaulted twice and mugged once in Hawaii and mugged once in Champaign Illinois where i used to live. If I had a fire arm i could have just flashed it and the criminals would have backed down. I am a 100% disabled combat veteran so i cannot defend myself and family hand to hand. I think these states want to make us victims. I called the police in each situation but honestly it was just a waste of time and effort.

    • Laurence Almand

      If Hillary has her way, NO ONE in the entire USA will be able to defend their families. Look at the murder rate in gun-banning Chicago!

    • Laurence Almand

      So why don’t you people stop electing those stupid Socialist politicians in the first place, who have destroyed your rights and made a mess of the state?

  • BenL

    I am surprised that a local resident with a ccp did not take this sicko out!!!

    • Annie

      exactly… NO ONE in that packed theater had a CC weapon??? Sad!!

    • @BenL – even if they had – he had a bullet proof vest on, bullet proof leggings on, his neck and head covered & his croch area. Doubt very much it would have done much good to take him out. He planned this ahead of time – geez! talk about pre-meditated. Jerk! I hope CO does it’s job and puts this fool to death I don’t care how much pleading for leniency his parents do (if they do). Quickly putting him to death (not years wasted in the judicial system with appeal after appeal) is what he deserves, nothing less. Period!

      • Mike

        He had a tactical vest on not a bullet proof vest there’s a big difference .

      • Even with a bullet proof vest he could have been dazed or severely bruised from the impact. Even if you can’t kill him you can still knock him out of commission for a bit.

      • Mark

        tac vest and body armor are two different things. He wasn’t wearing armor, just a tac vest.

      • The7thSon

        Even with the helmet, a shot to the head would have turned him off like a switch.

      • Grandma

        Laura, honey you are mistaken…he did NOT have a bullet-proof vest on.

      • Kenneth Wesely

        I love all this “bulletproof” talk. Just as no detergent can get out all stains, no body armor can stop all rounds. Have you ever seen the inside of a Kevlar helmet after it has taken a close range round? I have, up close and personal. The idea behind Kevlar helmets is not to save the wearer’s life, it’s to save the life of the person next to them. Check up on the history of the military moving from the old ‘piss pot’ helmets which, when shot, would send shrapnel into the faces of guys behind the wearer, to Kevlar which, when taking a round, would only render the wearer inoperative, leaving those around him free to return fire.

    • freedumbforyou

      ccp holders like to follow the law so they can continue to carry without being harassed. I would have looked to some of the local “gang bangers” to have stood up and shot back. That would have been fine with me. Would have made the story more interesting as well. The headlines could have read:
      5 time convicted felon uses stolen pistol and kills crazed gunmen in attempted theatre massacre.
      More video at 11:00

    • JCal70

      Obviously, they were obeying the “gun free zone of cinemark.”

    • NoCrud

      Most people go to a theater with the thought that the major customers are young people and seldom think that any of those young people are crazy assassins. It tended to leave one with a false sense of security — until the Aurora shootings.

      • George

        Those young people ; there ; were most likely supporters ; of the imposter ‘ ; in office ; who wants no-one to own a gun ; but criminals ‘ .

  • Lizard

    This guy is a freaken lunatic, he obviously planned this out for a while. He would have gotten firearms by any means to carry out this horrific plan. When you take away the rights of legal, responsible firearm owners, then only the nuts have weapons and we will all be the victims.

  • XD

    The liberals just don’t get it, when private businesses hang a sign on the front door stating “no concealed weapons allowed”. People like this crazed idiot know they can march right in.

    • Notahuman

      And this has what to do with liberals? Do people speed even though there are signs posted? Do people litter even though there is a fine? Do people tear off the tags off of mattress even though it says not to?

      • Mark

        It has a lot to do with liberals because it’s idiot democrats who want to ban guns or make it ridiculously difficult to actually carry one legally.

        Also, you can tear the tag off of a mattress after you buy it. That label refers to before it is purchased, not after. Again, you’re a liberal and have clearly demonstrated that you’re an idiot.

        • tromain

          I’m a democrat and I don’t want to ban guns. I’m a Army veteran, concealed permit holder in Wy, hunter, NRA member and gun owner. (17 of them)
          Infantile attitudes in our country are more dangerous than any firearm these days

      • Nancy Barrett

        The mattress law label applies only to stores so consumers can see what materials the mattress or pillow contains. The consumer is allowed to rip off the tag after he/
        she has bought it.

      • Tom Johnston

        Well, although there are many liberals who support the 2nd Amendment, there is absolutely no doubt that most anti-gunners are democrats while most republican politicians support the 2nd Amendment. It’s silly to deny that. If you don’t believe it, just look at their voting records. Take a look at the vote tally for any gun bill. Geez! Can anyone really deny that gun-banners are almost always democrats?

        • yeah never a such thing as an anti-gun Republican (Nixon, Reagan)? Such a thought would be laughable. There is certainly no place for one in the “modern” GOP (Rubio, Grassley, Kingston)

    • NoCrud

      Even the Bleeding Hearts Goodwill stores have a “No Guns or Knives” sign on their doors. This has the smell of a contagious disease.

      • StingSet

        “Bleeding Hearts Goodwill”?? I’m a democrat, appreciate what Goodwill does and believe in honest law-abiding people carrying CCW. Don’t get why you speak of Goodwill derogatorily.

  • pantel

    I read the company that owns that movie theater doesn’t allow concealed carry. There would have probably been ten or twelve people able to stop this guy before he killed and wounded so many people if it wasn’t for that policy. It’s no accident this kind of thing happens where no one will be able to defend themselves. These kind of cowards and lunatics seem to pic places where their victims will be unarmed and helpless.

    • Notahuman

      Except he bought his ticket, went in the theater, left the theater, came back through the exit and opened fire. He didn’t first go in armed, only came back so.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Correct that the theater company doesn’t allow firearms (none of the Big Three theater chains do). Of 5.1 million Coloradans, about 90,000 have concealed-carry permits. The state keeps such lousy records that it’s not possible to say with any more accuracy than that how many currently valid permits there are out there. Statistically, in a hundred-seat auditorium, one would expect less than two people to have permits. I suspect that there are *many* permit holders, particularly in the Denver metro area, who would not carry in a crowded theater no matter what the corporate policy was. I’m waiting for even a single person to come forward and say, “I was there, I have a permit, and except for the corporate policy I would have had my weapon with me.”

    • The7thSon

      Whether or not the theater allowed concealed weapons is irrelevant. Aurora city ordinances FORBID concealed carry, they also forbid discharging of a firearm by anyone except a police officer.

      • David Clarkson

        From your screen name there, I can see you’re a fellow Iron Maiden fan. Clearly, you’re smarter than this?

        But, I used to work EMS in Aurora. I doubt that Aurora has no any such laws about CC. Ask a cop. And even if they did, 99% of the Police Officers, Sheriff Officers and Deputie wouldn’t do anything because it is against the Constitution, and they swore an oath to uphold and support the Constitution. They would be violating the Constitution themselve if they enforced it. The Constitution clearly states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

      • neil C.

        Thts Totaly FALSE Aurora CAn NOT Ban CCW if you have a Colorado valid permit,……….If you discharge a firearm in order to save your life id like to see any bogus charges hold up……….

      • Steve

        No city in Colorado can outright ban CCW due to the preemption clause in State Law. No carry signs do not carry the force of law in Colorado.

        • Kenneth Wesely

          Aurora is definitely as strict as it gets when it comes to handguns, legal or not. Wife and I both work at Children’s Hospital, intimately familiar with the b.s. politics of it all.

          As far as the theater ‘banning’ carrying? I don’t give two squirts about “no weapons” signs and I’m damn sure not going to “hand in” my weapon at the “front desk”. Them finding out I’m carrying in their “gun-free zone” and charging me is a situation I’m willing to put myself in. I will carry my weapon any and everywhere save for federal regs.

          And those of you spouting off statements like “I’d have just done ‘such and such’ and ended that bad guy before he did those bad things” are just plain ignorant. Unless you’ve been exposed to a similar situation (and barring military service or state/federal/private security firms, the chances of that being the case are slim to none) you have absolutely *zero* idea, whatsoever, how you’d react unless you were actually there when it happened.

          Too many armchair Rambos out there.

          • Gray

            You can call me “Slim”, because I have faced that situation more than once. Most times, no shots were fired.

  • Al Williams

    If your state didn’t ban conceal carry in certain places lives could been saved

  • Al Williams

    The way I see it the only places should have bans on concealed carry is schools and courts. Everything else should be fair game business owners wants your money with out protection.

    • GunsR4Cowards,RealMenUseFists


  • bob smillie

    somebody in that theater was carrying and it did fuck all good

    • Rights_vs_Tyranny

      The issue is not, “Sometimes it doesn’t help.” If it doesn’t help, then it doesn’t help, and it’s no worse than if someone had not carried, you are right!

      But the issue is, “Sometimes it DOES help,” and that’s why denying that right is irrational and murderous. Denying the right ensures it will ALWAYS do not good! Recognizing (not allowing or granting, but recognizing) the Right will at least SOMETIMES do some good!

      Some people approve of whoever might have carried in that theater and didn’t use it. Some people, including some ill-educated Colorado legislators, think it’s better not to use a gun to defend yourself even if you are being raped and murdered, because, in their words, “it might be worse for you.” Oh, God, yes, let’s stop at rape and murder, those are bearable, but nothing worse, please, thank you.

  • dead_end

    Cinemark declared itself “Gun Free”, thereby becoming responsible for the personal safety of each viewer. Cinemark’s likelihood of surviving the coming lawsuits is slim. If you have stock in any business that declares itself “Gun Free”, it’s already too late to sell.

  • Upside

    Let’s call it what it is: Fast and Furious 2

  • C.B. Coker

    Everytime someone gets a conceal permit, you will most likely save your life one day. Times are getting worst and worst, and you can’t keep a cop with you. So do what you have to do to protect you and yours. Always safety first.

  • BLH557

    Gun Free Zones = Shooting Galleries for Crazies

  • Sam

    Shit happens, it’s called a tragedy because you can not prevent it. When people overreact to tragedies you get things like the TSA and the Patriot Act. It’s easy to give away freedoms, but very hard to take them back. Our firearms are our last line of defense, from bad people and our own government, give them away and you have given up hope.

  • clicked on for map to export to jpg and pdf and where does it go???Not anywhere on my computer???

  • PaulRevere

    why is no one talking about the eye witness accounts of a man getting a call, going to back exit, holding it open and the gas canisters coming from multiple directions? This is a set up or plant and no ones discussing the eye witness reports. Its NOWHERE on tv

  • Austin

    what states can a Colorado conceal to carry person carry in


    • ExtraChrispy

      Any state that also recognizes Colorado’s permits. Check with those states.

  • The ONLY sane reason I can see for carrying a gun is for personal protection. If someone else with a gun wants to rob you, are you going to have a stand-off old west style? Seriously? It is only a matter of time before someone puts a bullet through their (or someone else’s ) leg ( accidentally ) on the campus where I go to school. We all had the right to bear arms when the world was much less safe but now things are great and guns have no place on college campuses.

    • Farley721

      I certainly disagree. As a member of a university community, and probably because of my greater age and experience, I know for a fact that the world is safer when law-abiding men and women are allowed to carry personal protection such as a firearm. It is true that people accidentally shoot themselves. Stab, cut, bump, hit, crash, collide, blow up, asphyxiate, cremate and other nasty fatal things. That will always happen. The issue is not how to prevent accidents from happening. Anything you try will fail, and fail utterly. The accidents you will have with you always. If, however, you really are afraid of being hurt accidentally, even then you must take another step, if you want to be rational about it. You have to weigh the two – accidental shootings versus murders that are stopped, either before they occur, or before they run their otherwise unstopped course.

      I suggest that more lives have been saved by judicious carrying and sometimes use of private firearms, than have been lost by someone accidentally shooting herself. I am thinking principally of the Charles Whitman sniping from the Bell Tower at the university in Austin Texas. He had plenty of ammo and guns, and killed enough people as it was. If it had not been for professors and others who had their own private guns on campus, he would have killed dozens more. The private people with personal guns on campus kept him pinned down till law enforcement stormed the tower. (If as few as did it could be called “storming”). You need to get familiar with that; it’s a classic example of the need for some people to be armed in society. And the fewer armed policemen there are, the greater number of private citizens have to be armed, to take up the slack, as they did heroically and successfully in Austin.

      Ohio has about a quarter million concealed carry permits in the hands of its citizens. There have been neither a quarter million accidental self-shootings nor a quarter million shooting rampages in Ohio in all its history. For some reason, it is all but impossible to find statistics on the number of violent crimes that were interrupted and stopped or prevented from even beginning, due to victims and intended victims having firearms on their persons. Where can I find that information, Derek, so I can give a balanced representation of the issue?

      It has been estimated, but I cannot find precise statistics, that about six million U.S. citizens have conceal-carry permits. Six million. But not with any particularly outstanding quantity of self-shootings and rampage shootings among them. Conceal-carry does not really make it easy to go on a rampage anyway. If a person has a gun, there are few obstacles to using it if he goes crazy. Look at the last big shootings that the control freaks hold up as examples for why we need more, tighter gun controls. Did any of them even have conceal-carry permits? Were any of them even members of the NRA, or had any of them donated to the NRA, or had any of them taken any of the NRA’s courses on responsible gun use, on gun safety, or on any of the positive programs (as opposed to the negative ones, whatever those might be) of the NRA? Had any of them participated at shooting ranges, or hunt – that is, did they really care about guns for the purposes law-abiding citizens use guns – or did they get their guns just so they could shoot people? That’s not a responsible gun owner, not an honorable member of the NRA, not a decent, law-abiding member of society, that’s a sociopath!

      Were any of them – here’s the clincher – on prescribed medication that affected their thinking and emotions. (The answer is yes, very much yes.)

      If guns are not the answer, you don’t even understand the question. It’s not accidentally hurting yourself – it’s keeping sociopaths from killing people, whether they use guns, knives, marathon explosives, Twin Tower airplanes, or anything else. People have to be armed, in this age of determined mayhem makers, in order to prevent mayhem and save lives.

    • Kenneth Wesely

      Things are…”great”???? /mindblown

  • Wilki

    I’m having a little difficulty understanding this map. Does Michigan honor Colorado’s conceal carry permits?

  • Blake Zmmerman

    If you take away someone’s gun you’re taking there right to defend themself away.

  • Fed Up

    it would be like taking away all the cars and trucks because someone ran down an individual while driving a car. Its stupid. Can’t blame the car, as it was the driver.

  • Anon

    If the UN ban happens guess where they will come first? The records of firearm owners. Records of purchases and concealed carry. While I DO want one. I am not sure I should take that risk.

  • Dmember

    No wonder ILLINOIS has so many MURDERS in it. Only the criminals are allowed to carry guns! The Illinois state legislature insists that law abiding citizens remain defenseless! I would never think of going to Chicago, it’s still Mafia and gang controlled. A very scary place. Illinois has a bad reputation.

  • Tommie

    Can anyone help with me with how Colorado works with military members on concealed carry permits?

    • nathan

      Colorado’s law for military members is this: if you in the military or have been honorably discharged in the last three years, simply take your military ID or DD214 with the application to the sheriffs Office in the county you reside and that is all you need. If you have been discharged for more than Three years you will have to have a military Pistol training certificate to apply or you can take a class.

  • Aiden O.

    I’m new to handguns but I’m getting ready to take a class here soon for my concealed permit. one thing I am confused about, if anyone could help me understand, is the open carry… does this mean one can carry a firearm on their person exposed to the public? is it restricted in certain states.

    • Farley721

      “Concealed” normally means not visible, not exposed. As for carrying a firearm exposed, like in a holster on your side, different states have different laws. Possibly different jurisdictions within states have different laws.

  • L M Minnesota

    I have a Minnesota resident CCW permit and a non-resident Utah permit. As I understand it, I still cannot carry in Colorado because Colorado doesn’t recognize Minnesota Permits, and it won’t recognize a non-resident permit from Utah. Does this mean that for me to protect myself I have to show everyone I meet that I have a pistol by openly carrying? Where’s the safety in that? If I am wrong about this, I wish someone could set me straight. I would visit Colorado, but have no intention of going where the crossing of a state border will make me a criminal.

  • Cowboychevy

    You Know We are all free AMERICANS WITH A 2nd AMMENDMENT RIGHT!!! Lets all carry to protect our FAMILY AND OURSELVES, The premise being, I DONT NEED NO STINKING PERMIT!!!! Lets all protect ourselves> THE POLICE CANT DO IT ALONE!!!

    • Farley721

      You seem to be saying that you believe laws regulating the manner (visible, invisible) and location chosen (hand, holster on waist, holster in suit jacket) which American citizens “keep and bear arms” (i.e., carry their guns) is an infringement of the right to “keep and bear arms.” That’s fine, as far as it goes. Ancient Rome had an adequate system of checks and balances, or at least of checks, and officials had limited powers. Nonetheless, some officials grabbed more power than the Roman ‘Constitution’ granted. No one stopped them, and soon Rome was rule by Caesars with running dog lackey Senators and Tribunes. Then the law no longer mattered. Instead of Lex Rex, the rule of law over men, they fell into the hell of Rex Lex, the King made the Law, the King was the Law. The question I see is, how in the world do we keep that from happening here, especially considering how far down the cliff we have already dashed?

  • Stu

    I live in Illinois and will have a valid FOID card in Illinois and I would like to carry a handgun with me for protection while doing some early season back country camping and hiking in Colorado. Can I get some kind of temporary permit to carry in Colorado?

  • DJ

    If I have a Colorado Permit, but move to Texas do I have to change my permit?

    • Jonathan Porter

      You have to tell the sheriff of any move if you don’t you break the law. if you move outside of Colorado its no longer valid.

  • Dustin Mortensen

    It’s kind of funny how most of the people fighting so hard to ban firearms in the US barely know anything about guns. The fact that they assume that the “AR” like in AR-15 means Assault Rifle, however, that’s completely untrue, it stands for ArmaLite, the company that first manufactured the firearm. Then they go off spouting about how guns kill people. That is crap! Guns do not kill people! People kill people, guns are just what they use! I could sit down and go on having a normal everyday conversation with someone and have a loaded firearm with the safety off pointing right at me, and no matter how much I yell, demand, convince, say to that gun, that gun WILL NOT KILL ME! only when that trigger is being pulled will it fire! And even if they make guns illegal in every single square inch of the US that just means that the law abiding citizens of the US wont have guns. I can guarantee you that a convicted felon, or any criminal for that matter, that just because it was against the law to have a gun they wouldn’t care! odds are they’d use them more often! Because now they know that me or you or any other person around most likely wouldn’t have a gun because they obey the law. So now you have an armed person, lets just say that person is a male named David who is a massive drug addict on a desperate spiral down, and lets also say that it is illegal to have any kind of firearm. Okay so our armed friend here obviously still has a gun because the law NO MATTER WHAT STILL WON’T MEAN SHIT TO HIM. So here’s a scenario for you. Your daughter, son, and you are walking down the sidewalk on a calm evening in your peaceful little neighborhood. Then you are approached by David, our gun toting felon. he then decides hes going to rob you without a second thought because guns are illegal and he knows you won’t have one. So, he pulls out his gun and points it at you demanding all your jewelry, phones, wallets, and anything else of value. Then in a last ditch effort to remove the witnesses he shoots you, your son, then decides to rape your daughter before he kills her too. Now if guns were legal in that scenario, David probably would have had second thoughts, or you could have protected you and your children because you had a firearm too. Even if somehow the government manages to remove 100% every gun in the US, then people will just use the next best thing like a knife or a bat or even something like a katana, I collect knives and blades, I play baseball, hell I even make knives and swords in my garage with scrap metal and old lawnmower blades! The point is, no matter what, there will always be something that the criminals will have that they can and most likely will use against me and my family, as well as you and you can go screw yourself if you try to tell me that I cant protect me and my family! Making firearms illegal is NOT the way to go! the 2nd amendment was made not only to protect from foreign invaders but also to protect ourselves and our families! The definition of a right is something you as a person get because you are a person! I’ll be damned before I let you tell me that I cant use my bolt action rifle to harvest meat from the animals that were put on this earth for that very reason, or use my pistol to protect me and my family from robbers or rapists or murderers. All because there scary and they kill people? Some people think heights are scary, and people fall to death all the time, and sometimes they are pushed, does that mean we make tall things illegal? An FBI crime report stated that in 2011, 8,583 people were killed with a firearm in the US. However, every year there are more than 40,000 deaths resulting from car crashes in the US. Give me a reason why defending myself and family is such a bad idea! I dare you! Then look right into your children’s eyes, your spouse’s eyes, your parent’s eyes, or the eyes of anyone else you love and tell them that your not willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe! Because that is exactly what you are doing when you say you want to abolish firearms! Money, possessions, freedom, family, honor, dignity, duty, self respect, status, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. None of these things matter if we can not protect them with whatever it takes! and right now it can take merely the thought of the possession of a firearm to deter the violent advances of someone that wishes to harm me or the people around me! If you are not willing to do whatever you need to do to defend any of those things or anything else that you would want to protect with your life, then you can leave my country! This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave! How dare you dis respect our forefathers by taking the very amendments that forged this nation from the oppression of kings and the shackles of slavery and saying that just because you are afraid of somebody using a firearm to harm you. Well firearms were given to us by the founders of this nation SO THAT WE MAY DEFEND OURSELVES AND OUR LOVED ONES! I can assure you that that person trying to rob you would prefer it if they didn’t get shot, just like you are. We are Americans, and we have rights that were given to for the good of me, you, and everyone in this country! How can you say that we should now proceed to get rid of one of the most vital rights we have, which is to defend ourselves and our country! You are not going to idly sit by while someone tries to hurt you or your family! Your going to protect them and yourself however you can! So why prevent me from doing the same however I can?? If it bothers you that I would defend myself and my family with the best method possible that is readily available to me which IS with a firearm then we’ll see if you feel the same way after a person with a gun saves you from being shot and robbed. How is you taking away my ability, my right to defend myself a good thing? So you can feel a little more like your making the world a better place? That’s better than letting me continue to act on my constitutional right? It’s not! It is downright selfish! Removing guns from the hands of US citizens is not the way to make this better. You may have good intent, but the fact is people will ALWAYS kill other people however they can, and taking the gun that I use to defend myself from those people who also have guns, and likely always will, is like putting a hamster into a pit of vipers that haven’t eaten in four weeks. Sorry for ranting, but the points have to get across somehow. I have seen first hand the effects that someone being attacked by a much stronger person and how that changes when the person being beat up has even just a box cutter, how the attacker immediately backs off and leaves. Now imagine your alone in an ally and someone pulls a knife on you. even if you aren’t going to shoot it, I think you would wish you had a gun in your hands then. I’m standing up for what I know is right, and honestly side with me or not, if they try taking my guns away, I am going to give them hell first. Any American that thinks that any right in our constitution should be changed or that it is “out dated” is no American at all.

    • yankg

      You know what Diane Feinstein says: When the gunman realizes that no one is armed, he will lay down his weapon and turn himself in….that’s just human nature.


  • Jeffrey Rhodesa

    The states honoring and not honoring Colorado permits almost looks like an electoral map of red states and blue states – big surprise!

  • Joseph S.

    Can I take my handgun, unloaded, through Illinois if it is unloaded and the gun and ammo are separated. I have my cc in Indiana.

  • Tru93

    I am new to the National Guard, (Yes weekend warrior blahblah whatever.) I wanna know if their is any way I can just bypass all the fees and just possibly take the the class. just really looking for any shortcuts

  • P.Ness

    Update: Illinois Has CCW now!

  • brozojl

    so on the back of the Colorado CCL license it states: “Authorization to Confiscate”. If I submit a CCL, do I also give the authorities the authorization to confiscate my weapons?

  • ANov0321

    So I have a conceal carry permit in North Carolina but am a resident of Nebraska. I am in the military and am stationed in NC. My question is this, I am moving back to Nebraska at retirement this summer. Do I have to reapply in Nebraska for CCW Permit or does my current NC CC permit qualify? Do I have to transfer the permit from NC to NE? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am going to probably call the NE state patrol office but was wondering if anyone here might know. Thanks in advance.

  • john

    Is it legal to have a conciel carry permit with a medical marina card in Colorado?

  • Abbytabb

    So, does Colorado honor a New Hampshire permit if the permit holder is not a NH resident? This is a little bit confusing to me!

  • Joe Snow

    How much does it cost to transfer a New CCP to Colorado?

  • Steve T.

    If you have Colorado license plates in IL you will be stopped for any traffic violation, don’t go over the speed limit, signal all intentions (turns, changing lanes), make sure all lights are working or they will use probable cause to check on marijuana. Avoid traveling in IL at all costs if you are from Colorado. Fire arms also, there is a Federal Transportation Act which protects one if they have weapons in their car and not loaded. It is reasonable to transport from one place to another. The Federal Law supersedes the state law. Keep this in mind.


    seems like the states on the map with permit restrictions have the crazies doing the mass shootings

  • jessica moore

    Where else, besides the sheriff’s office can I get a permit in Colorado Springs?

  • Jessi Laird Markwell

    I have an enhanced conceal carry from the state of Idaho that is less than a year old. I have recently moved to Colorado. Once I get my Colorado license, will I need to start the whole conceal carry process again, or will Colorado transfer my license in some way?

  • Gretchen

    Does Colorado honor gun license from from Texas?

  • Paul Mullis

    Here in Alabama you can open carry no permit needs. To carry concealed you apply a the Sheriffs office and takes about a week and cost $10.00 per year and can get a permit for up to 5 years. Also you may carry concealed anywhere except a courthouse of Federal building. As long as you are not drinking you can carry in a bar. You may also carry on school property to protect your kids ! 2 years ago we also voted No foreign laws can be brought into any Alabama courtroom and Sharia law is banned in our state completely!!!

  • jack

    yes , one reason I left Illinois , my son too , plus the taxes are , well lets just say out of control . I feel we should be able to protect our family. how long would it take the police to arrive when some guy has a gun to your wifes head ?