Concealed Carry Permit Examples

States that have some kind of concealed carry law on the book issue the concealed carry permits themselves. The look of each concealed carry permit varies state to state so here is a collection of concealed carry permits that we have collected over the years.

If you have one of the following states please contact us so we can get a copy. All of your personal information will be blacked out.

Permits Needed: Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Vermont, Virgin Islands

We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible but due to changing laws it is your responsibility to verify all information. The information on this page is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this Web site, emails or any of the links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between i156 LLC and the user or browser. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of i156 LLC.

  • Aeldredge

    You need a New Hampshire resident permit. You have two non resident permits

    • Dale

      Where’s mo?

      • Anonymous

        We don’t have a copy. That is why it is listed under the section that says Permits Needed:

        • johndoe

          Vermont has no permits so it should be removed from “permits needed”.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. That has been fixed.

  • Egglesto

    NY permits vary by county issued in

  • road hammer

    i feel all ccp should have the person pic on it

    • Cashley127

      I can agree with that

    • they do, mine does

    • C7 Stingray

      They either have a picture or they require a supporting ID (in VA, a driver’s license).

  • Adammeach

    I just received my non resident new Hampshire ccw permit and the back side of it does not indicate ‘invalid if not signed’. So do I sign or not?

    • Jamie Boo

      yes, you are suppose to sign it.

  • aussie

    I am Australian (and have a carry permit for Austalia) I am coming to the states in September for a rifle shooting competition can I bring my hand gun? and if so how,

    • Souljaboi05

      For starters, it will depend on what state you are flying into, and also what states you will be traveling through. Your firearm will have to be specially checked into a locked case and placed with luggage in the belly of the plane. The main factors of limitation are 1.) the state you are going to, and 2.) the airline(s) you are flying with. Some airlines simply don’t allow the checking of firearms.

    • Vanns40

      NO, stop, first you will have to get State Department approval to bring the gun into the country for an official competition under the auspices of you shooting club. Your club should know. If they don’t call the US State Dept. closest to you, they’ll have the forms. Not a problem, just paperwork. Your carry permit will NOT be honored in any State. However, you will be able to carry Constitutionally in those states that allow it.

      Make very sure you have filled out the return paperwork for Australia, BEFORE you leave, to be able to take your gun back into Australia otherwise you’ll be sunk and most likely lose your gun.

    • bill

      Start by acquiring a Form 6 NIA. Can be found online an printed off an sent to the ATF.

  • Darrell

    Texas calles theres a Concealed Handgun License………is that the same as a permit to carry ?

    • Favbal


  • cjbishop19861

    if I’m in a methadone clinic and I’m almost out and haven’t touched a narcotic in over a year now can i legaly apply for my ltc in Massachusetts? Pleas any help would be extremely helpful..i applied in 2010 and was denied because i filled out question 10 wrong. I’m so stupid! ..also said I’m an unfit person. i just do not want to fail this time. its very important for me to achieve this in my life ill do what ever it takes..and thank you for any help or information you can throw my way.. take care

    • niko

      if your a past drug addict you should never be allowed to carry a firearm….

      • marcus anton

        People make mistakes niko, accept you of course. that’s obvious by your ignorant and jaded response to someone genuinely seeking insight to a personal problem. so why don’t you keep your short sighted, misunderstood, opinions to yourself, next time some one asks for information on a subject that is obviously very important to them and a subject which you clearly know nothing about. as for drug addicts, im sure you don’t drink, smoke cigarettes, chase whores, or anything of the like, your probably the model of moral perfection. So remember your harsh judgments on your fellow man. because when the your time of judgment comes, and rest assured it will. you will be held to account for your cold and callous ways

      • Michael Scheck

        Also goe for anyone who drank in their lifetime ..smoked weed… took any type of prescribed medication right??.. wow who does that leave??

        • Michael

          right but people on methadone treatment aren’t really drug addicts. Depending on who you ask some may say a person is a drug addict for life. If someone is seeking treatment for opiate addiction, which is an enormously strong addiction, and they are clean from their addiction than they most certainly should have the right to defend themselves.

          • Michael Scheck

            My thoughts exactly. .

      • Michael

        Can you be more of a douche? People make mistakes and they seek help. Do you think our veterans who have become addicted to opiates should not be able to protect themselves? Get rid of your stereotypes and stop being a douche.

      • Robby

        I know I’m late to the party, but damn….its people like niko that put things back into perspective for me when I get shocked when the news reports that 78% of Americans don’t know who the last president was. So so so many people (especially ones behind a computer screen) do nothing but pass judgement and condemn based on a vague sentence that could be hear say… proof, no further information, no context to fully understand what’s being said…..nope, just condemn someone to hell while they mark themselves as the righteous martyr who is the perfect measuring tool “you should never have a gun in MY state or ever”. His state huh….nah man, THANK GOD it’s not his state, because it wouldn be long destroyed by now if he governed it. Spread love, not hate…learn to get facts and engage so you can comprehend if you want to make statements so badly. Wonder why most people are so shity and stupid and self absorbed? Because they spread hate, condemns without knowing so they can make them feel better about themselves-his comment never was about that man carrying a gun, it was a meachanism to lift his emotions up by putting someone else down….he, like so many other foolish people, don’t realize that things like that are superficial and don’t last long….feel good for a minute because you feel powerful to place judgement on people you deem “inferior” to you….then unhappy and bitter again and repeat the pattern somewhere else, love and tolerance and compassion….try that and teach your kids too, then watch how not only you feel better in life, but others will to and you spread positive change. Wow, what a concept! Maybe this guy wrote that dumb post has learned some humility and respect in the past 2 years that it’s been since he wrote that post!

  • fedexcuz

    Why such a difference in price from state to state and county to county?

    • This is why we need national reciprocation legislation passed. As we all have to go through federal background checks and have issued CCW permits there is absolutely no reason our CCW permits should not be recognized in every state!

      • Dave

        I couldn’t agree more!!

  • ipsd48

    WI does have CCW now. It is also an open carry state.
    Be that as it may, be advised that the chief of police in Milwaukee has instructed his officers to arrest anyone carrying and worry about the legalities later.

  • Irish.40

    That’s a great collection. I do want to make a correction though. In Minnesota, it is a Permit to Carry a Handgun. We can legally open carry here!

  • Holmes

    I have a NC CCW. Now that they have changed the Laws in Maryland, Is my permit good there too?

  • Trushaolin

    I live in mn. But I want to able to carry in all of the states that i can. Which permits do I need to purchase?

    • lonestar

      The state you live in. Many states have reciprocity agreements. You should check which states have agreements with your state. Just make sure you don’t drive through a state with no agreement while armed.

  • AR Alan

    If you acquire a NV Concealed Firearms Permit because of residency, then later move to another state, is that permit now invalid? or, is there a process to now acquire a non-resident permit using the same permit number?

  • Peter Geraci

    Looks like Illinois is still missing! No wonder they have the worst Governor in the USA

  • Phil

    tried to look at Illinois, but could not find it.

  • cixa20

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    • Steve Bonnell

      Did what? Became a spammer?

  • Goon100

    Note there have been people writing here for years yet still no New Jersey permits. Why? Because out of 9 million people there are less than 2,000 permits issued by the state. We are a gun free zone!

  • Atmy Keyboard

    If the states are forced to recognize sexual deviant marriages from another state then all states should recognize gun permits from all other states. Same sex marriage is not in the constitution but gun ownership is.