Concealed Carry Permit Information By State

To view a state’s concealed weapons permit information just click on the state. The first screen on this map shows whether a state is Shall Issue, May Issue, or Right Denied (Explained below map).

View a list of all concealed carry permits on one page here.

























































Shall Issue: States that are Shall Issue will issue any private citizen a concealed weapons permit as long as they meet all requirements.

May Issue: States that are May Issue have the authority to take judgment on whether or not they want to issue a concealed weapons permit to a private citizen even after they have met all requirements.

Right Denied: States that are Right Denied DO NOT allows private citizens to carry handguns and do not issue concealed weapon permits.

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We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible but due to changing laws it is your responsibility to verify all information. The information on this page is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this Web site, emails or any of the links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between i156 LLC and the user or browser. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of i156 LLC.

  • Adviceman52

    Apparently, the state of Wyoming passed a “Constitutional Carry” law last week, to take
    effect on June or July 1, 2011 !! I’m still in the process of confirming this information, so
    don’t take it as the gospel just yet !! If true, this is great news !! Perhaps a new trend ?
    Hopefully, the good legislators of Illinois will finally pass a decent CCW bill there ! Folks
    there have the same rights as every other American, so we should pray for a victory
    there !!

    • As you know by now it passed in Wyoming, and it should be that way in all states! It wasnt until I lived in Wyoming that I became interested in defending myself with a weapon, mostly because of the wildlife. But Ive come to realize that we should be allowed to carry in any state at any time, as long as we’re registered in the state we live in, to protect ourselves and loved one, for God knows the ones we need protection from carry anywhere without the knowledge of any authorities!

  • River

    Iowa is shall issue to residents only.  However all other state permits are honored.

    • user

      I *think* it is indicated thus because they will issue professioal permits to carry to non-residents (say you live in Nebraska and require employment-based carry in Iowa) but will not issue non-professional permits to nonresidents,

  • Jcb2542

    What is the process if you have a ccl in one state (Oklahoma) and you are moving to another state (Missouri)?

    • Toolguy369

      All you need to do is go to the new local police department and transfer your permit. But do not carry your gun until doing so. You will need to basically start the hole process over again fingerprinting and FBI check all over again. Good luck

      • Jmp200553

        I’m not positive toolguy369, we all just want the right info, but Jcb2542 would neet to contact the sherriffs dept. in the county that he moves too.  They are the ones that issue them in (Missouri) and they should be able to help him.  Not acting like a know it all I just think that’s the correct procedure.  Good luck!

  • Raymond0609

    how about moving from TN to Co? Colorado recognizes the TN permit but I’m moving to Co for work. Do I have to start the entire process again? and can I keep my TN or will I have to surrender it as well?

    • Armed in Chicago

      Since you are no longer a resident of TN, you will need to apply to CO for a CO permit since you will be a resident of that state.

  • Paratrpr2307

    please help..i am moving to texas so can i transfer my ohio concealed carry license to texas without taking class

  • Kdoherty1000

    I just moved to Houston from Denver.  Colorado and Texas are reciprocal—Meaning when I was traveling to Texcas, my Colorado cencealed weapons permit allowed me to carry in Texas.  But now that I moved here, do I have to go get a Texas permit—Or is my Colorado permit still acceptable here?
    Thanks, Kevin.

    • Armed in Chicago

      you will need a texas permit since you no longer live in CO and CO does NOT issue non resident permits

    • Jeremy mcgrath

      I’m a NYC correction officer. Retired 22. Yrs and there giving me a hard time 4 my goodguy letter this is bullshit there just gann a force peaple to ride dirty

    • M

      you can get a Texas non resident I live in Texas and have a Arizona cwp.i don’t like the way Texas wants all the info where u lived past 5 yrs and worked etc its nothing to do with carrying a handgun. a back ground check should give them what they need to know, Texas is a fart away from being communist in my opinion

  • Didaddyloco1

    ny gun laws suck ass they dont honor no one….

    • Armed in Chicago

      Dont feel bad I live in Illinois

    • Donald Duck

       Try living in this state, and see how they treat us…..criminals all.  NY treats us like we are the dumbest of the dumb.


    In Texas, failure to present CHL (CCW) license, no longer results to suspense of license. as of last year- 2010. If a common person under Tx HB1815- right to carry in car (travel law) didn’t have to inform the police officer at a stop that they have a weapon in the vehicle, why should a CHL or CCW holder be punish. But as a rule- present both licenses- makes the traffic stop go smoother

  • Chris

    I am a retired police officer in Florida and also spent 5 years in the military. Do i still have to take the course to get my license or can i just pay the fee and apply?

    • Armed in Chicago

      First congrats on retirement. As a retired police officer you obtain what is called jokingly the “gold card” (can carry in ALL states) Apply to the department you retired from and you will shortly be covered federally and not need a CCW. 

      • Gobbledott

        As I understand it you do not have to apply to the department you retired from.  Just go to your local Sheriffs office.  You need to complete the forms, do the background, qualify and you will get the permit.  I’m retired as well from a Cal. police department.

        • Phil E. Drifter

          So i can get a job as a cop in some berg and then retire from it and get a gold card for use in all 50, thanks.

          • Retired Cop #1

            Yes..if you get that job, meet all requirements and schooling and hold that position for 15 years or more… got it.!!

        • Ronnie

          Thxs for your service, a lot of people out there dont have any ideal of the BS that you go thru on a dailey basses

      • Phil

        so basically cops have superior “Rights” to citizens!!! One would think that in itself was a violation of the intent of the Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights.

        • Bryan

          Yes, that’s actually 100% correct.

          Though I’d point out that it’s not the right that the retired cop has that is the problem, it’s the fact that the rest of us don’t have it. That’s important to note, I’m not for taking that right away from retired officers, I’m for applying it to everyone.

          • Ronnie

            They should go by your background check to determine how much leeway a ccw holder has brake it up in class

        • moderator

          Superior rights or superior risk? One would have thought that over a career a police officer will have annoyed some nasty people, or at least you hope they have if they were doing their job properly. Being a target combined with a lifetimes training and revalidation of firearms skills, safety and situational judgement does make them different from a private citizen in need and ability. There is logic to the rules, to deny that degrades one’s own argument to the point it loses all credibility.

          • eric fleming

            Well put! Although i feel the National Right-to-carry Reciprocity law should be passed and know it will most likely not, i also feel police should be allowed to carry anytime active or retired. They are not out looking for bad guys when retired but, i would rather have one near me if attacked and my gun failed.

          • Ronnie

            My uncle after he retired he was in a grocery store and somebody he locked up years ago started giving shit after he retired

        • brad

          Yes they do have rights you do not have, but only because they have earned it by dedicating thier lives in protecting yours.

        • jr023

          they got this right but there several requirements, time served, retired and they will have to qualify every few years art the range something ccw do not have to.although NYC cops will have trmeouble since there required firearm training ends with graduation from academy unless done themselves nyc requires only 1 qualifying range time

      • Ronnie

        You are diffintly right

    • Brothernblue

      Get on the internet and type in H.R. 218.  As a retired law enforcement officer, you are covered, or should be.  Take time to read it, print it and carry it in your wallet, along with your retirement credentials.

    • Rod

      If your in Florida all you need is your DD214. Being a retired P.O. you should have know that!!! (I’m not being a smart ass)

    • Jeff

      Yes, Armed in Chicago is right. If you’re retired, why would you do CCW. That’s for civilian. You would be a LEO. That will give you the privilege to carry in all 50 states with no boundaries.

    • Ronnie

      My uncle is retired St. LOUIS CITY POLICE he dont have to have a permit he just has to go to the range once a year and he can carry his in all48

  • I was a resident of TX and got my ccw permit but moved to NC and am now a NC resident. My TX ccw permit is still active but I was told since I now have a NC license the number no longer matches my TX permit. I was told I could conceal carry at my own risk, veteran officers would let it suffice but newbies would hem me up. I was told I would have to take the ccw class all over again in NC and then reapply for the permit in NC. This doesn’t make sense to me since I already took the class in TX. I don’t understand considering they are recipricory states of each other….any help here would be appreciated. In the mean time NC allows open carry so I’m just going that route. I hate to have to take the class all over again, get my permit in NC and then go thru the whole process again in 2 years when we move. (military).

    • Djschnepp

      since you are now a NC Resident your TX permit is no longer valid.  also open care is allowed based on city ordinance.  check with your local police department on city.  Also your sheriff may allow a TX certificate.

    • ParsonsDJ

      Being retired military, I know what
      you are going through. My wife and I have had CCH permits for New York, Massachusetts,
      Washington and North Carolina. We were originally NY residents.  When we moved with the military (’74 – ’95) our NY CCH permits were not recognized by any of the other states we traveled to. This has changed somewhat now.  Because we are now residents of NC, we have NC permits. All but NC are now void and invalid. Some states will issue resident or non-resident permits now. Much dependson your legal residency.  Where are you registered to vote and where do you pay state taxes (if any)?   When you move under government orders, you normally have to re-apply for permits in whatever state you are stationed in.  Some states will recognize CCH permits from your last duty station provided you live on base.  If you live off base, the rules can change.  It is best to check with the Provost Marshal or the local Sherriffs department.
      Hope this helps.
      David Parsons
      NC CCH Instructor

    • Mako1001

      If you have your military i.d. you may not have to take the class.

    • JoeTech

      I recommend getting a copy of “Travelers’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States”. By J. Scott Kappas, Esq. they sell them in the NRA Store. Make sure upon get the 2012 edition.

      • Ronnie

        Didn’t know they had that thx im going to chk that out

    • TMH

      Your permit address must match your ID or it is invalid.

      • Briggs3269

        Florida permits no longer have adress on them. I guess the only check here for that would be a Fl DL?

  • Jkrajenka

    I live in wisconsin and have a permit . I also own a home in florida  can I get a permit in florida?

    • Mako1001

      Absolutely its quicker if you do it while you are down there search the Florida permit website for locations and it will take you about an hour there and 117.00 

    • Jeff

      Sure you can. You must find a Florida certified instructor in Wisconsin to certify you and fill out an application for Florida. The permit is good for 5 years prior to renewal.

    • Ronnie

      Fl. Does take out of state apps atleast thru Mo.

  • Gy Tucker

    i moved from arizona to michigan does is  my arizona ccw permit still valid in michigan or do i need to appluy for a michigan permit

  • Anonymous

    I travel at least every couple of weeks between West Virginia, where I currently work, to Alabama, where my primary residence is located.  I have been thinking of obtaining a concealed carry permit, especially given the multiple states (WV, KY, TN, GA, AL) I travel in and the various laws related to having your firearm(s) in your vehicle.  Any advice?  Reciprocity between Alabama and other states is limited and so is reciprocity with West Virginia.

  • Dav5959

    I’m moving to Florida from NY and have a NY ccw permit.What do I have to do when I get to Florida?

    Dave in NY

    • Jeff

      Florida is a shall issue state. All you have to do is find an certified instructor in Florida to certify you for Florida and fill out an application. Then Florida will issue you a permit.

  • Cliffcliff5454

    My Florida permit does it allow me to travel through different States

    • Ronnie

      Google concealed weapons permit / Fld. It should tell u what states onwer Fld permit. There are 30 states that onwer Mo.

  • Johnboy_840177

    How do I go about getting a non-resident license in TX? I am a ccw permit holder on OH. Will that give me permission to carry in all the states that reciprocate with TX and OH? 

  • Darrell

    Is a permit to carry in Iowa the same as a license to carry in Texas ?

  • Fyrewerx

    I noticed several forum posts referring to an “foid”. What is that?

    • Fyrewerx

      OK, I see its a “Firearm Owner’s ID” card.  Unbelievable that it was created by the State of Illinois:

      What is a FOID card?

      The FOID card was created in 1968, by the FOID Act, as a way to identify
      those persons eligible to possess and acquire firearms and firearm ammunition as
      part of a public safety initiative in the State of Illinois.

  • Mbscott53

    if i live in ohio is a nonresident permit from virginia good in ohio

  • Ajaxvette

    I am a michigan resident. I took a gun class in arizona and now have an arizona ccw permit. When I go back home to michigan in may, do I have to transfer my ccw to michigan?

    Also, what do I have to do in michigan if I buy a gun in arizona?

  • VA Pete

    I’ve seen a few reports that as of today, 3/22/12, NM no longer honors the VA permit.  USACarry should check this out and update the maps.

  • Greg1163

    With approval already provided by the House of Representatives, I encourage everyone to write and contact everyone they can think of to contact their Senators so that perhaps S-2188 can be approved as quickly as possible. As the Second Amendment to the Constitution has existed for more than 200 years, it is high time that legislation of this type finally be enacted. As pointed out, the people who have been provided the right to carry concealed weapons are among the most law abiding citizens in our nation. Surely we should have the right to defend ourselves anywhere in our nation without having to worry when we leave our home state.

  • John Carter47

    I have a permit out of Oklahoma.  It is a 10 year permit.  I have moved to Texas.  I know there is reciprocity, but am I supposed to get a Texas permit or may I keep the Oklahoma permit until my renewal date???

  • Cory Thoennes

    Can someone lay out a tentative timeline for the conceal carry reciprocity act that is currently in the Senate? If/when approved, how long before it actually goes into affect?

  • Shikepokejr

    Can I carry my weapon in Ohio or Michigan if I have a valid permit issued as a resident of Indiana

  • Cliffgleason04

    i would like to know if you have a concealed weapons permit in your state but travel to other states can you carry concealed through the states or do you have to have something from each state

    • It’s according if your state reciprocate with the state you’re driving through or if the state you’re driving through accepts the permit from the state you’re driving through. When in doubt, it’s best to be safe and secure your weapon in the trunk of you’re vehicle unloaded with the rounds separated. Also, always check with that states attorney general office before carrying conceal to ensure your CPW permit covers you in that state. It’s always better safe than sorry and jailed.

      • Ronnie

        Yes your right, Il. You have to have your gun locked in a safe and ammo sep I think they say you have to make 3 steps to get it together

    • Ronnie

      Each state has its own laws. Best thing to do if going thru a state that dont rec your ccw call the state police ask them how u can pass thru there state and be legal
      Thats what I do

  • Joe Taylor

    I live in Indiana, had a personal protection carry permit about 10  yrs ago let it expire and no longer have that number. can i apply as if never having one or will i need to contact state p[olice to retrieve that number

  • Sport292000

    i am from georgia and going to missouri can i still carry my gun

    • Faol

      Yes. I do it all the time.

  • David

    Here in Florida if you are prior military you can obtain a carry permit with a copy of a DD214 (not just ID card) and $117.00. If you do not have that then you have to have a certificate of a Firearms Safety class (which my wife just attended) around $60 to 75. It is also best to schedule an appointment with an Office in Tampa to be fingerprinted, file and pay fees in person and obtain receipt, permit arrives within 3 weeks of filing. As for moving one state to another I was told I was required to obtain on in Florida even though I have an active one from Washington State.

    • Dragoa8

      In Florida if you have a Hunter Safety Card you do not have to take/ pay for
      a Firearms Safety class to apply for your carry permit.
      All hunters born after 1975 should already
      have this since it is required to get a hunting license.
      Any law abiding citizen can take the course for free.

  • Kyle

    I currently reside in Delaware and am in the military, am i required to take the course regardless? I know some states like Virginia will omit the course if you are military.

  • Rda1954

    Why can I drive my auto anywhere in the US but can’t take my hand gun anywhere using my concealed carry permit? I know the answer, just putting out something to think about!

    • Granpa David

      I have a carry permit issued Dec. 15, 1791. What happened to that?

      • HellboundinKS


      • J. Bond

        You’re Grand-fathered, or Grand-mothered! You should be able to carry anything at anytime, anywhere…LOL

      • Jeff

        So that mean you are 223 years old. They burned the constitution since then buddy!

  • Marisa

    My friend and I want to visit Alaska and we live in NY? is it possible to ship the guns to Alaska?? 

    • anonymus

      the only way to do that, would be to break the guns down and put all pieces in boxes then ship it up.

  • Dave B

    I have a Pennsylvania CWP.Does Florida honor them?

    • Jeff

      If you’re an resident of Pennsylvania it does. If you’re a non-resident CWP Pennsylvania holder, Florida do not recognize your license. But hope is not lost because you too can apply for an Florida CWP permit since Florida is a shall issue state for non-residents. And you do not need a CWP permit from your own state to get one either.

      • Ronnie

        Here in Mo. We have a choice to get are permit thru Mo OR. FL

  • b

    this is bullshit. i live in indiana and anyone from any state or country can carry a gun or apply for a permit but i cant go over the state line with mine. in the early 90’s i was raped it nashville tn and if i could have had my gun leagley there it wouldnt have happened. and now im going to ky and cant hace it there eather???? bullshit. i dont care its going

    • asd

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        • Mark

          I realize you posted this 10 months ago but you are a fucking moron if you have no sympathy for someone raped. You make me sick. My only hope is you get butt fucked by some disgusting degenerate yourself and I am in no way joking.

          • QUEEN

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          • ALLIE

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    • maxk

      I looked at the map on this site and according to that map you can go north or south and your permit is accepted

    • This is old post but get a non resident permit from Texas

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    • frerik

      “b” – Looks like the Indiana license DOES have RECIPROCITY in other states, including Kentucky. Unless there is some caveat I’m overlooking you should be able to carry your handgun in Kentucky with your Indiana license.

      Also, you may want to apply for your Utah CCW. The Utah permit has the most reciprocity of any permit in the US.

      Be safe and carry on, and I agree “b”, your right to self-defense should trump any state-by-state restrictions!

    • Stephen Peele

      ignore the dope…I am sorry that happened to you…nothing is funny about that…remember for this dope, karma is a bummer…

    • Guest15

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    • Dan S.

      I’m sorry to hear of the terrible thing that happened to you. I too live in Indiana and my son lives in Knoxville, TN. There is reciprocity of the IN carry permit in KY and TN. You could have legally carried your handgun in Tennessee. I would like to suggest you look up the various states that have reciprocity with Indiana. Be prepared and be safe.

    • J. Terrell Butler

      The Indiana gun laws in the 90’s are not what they are now. Back then the permit was only valid in IN.

    • gary

      Damn straight. Its better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

  • @superjay

    I am Virginia resident with a Ohio permit can I still carry

  • Margo23430

    I have a CWP in Virginia. I am going to Atlantic City, NJ. I will be staying at one of the casinos and I would like to know if I can carry my weapon, not just in the casino playing area but in my room? Can anyone help me?

  • Angelo

    I currently have 2 CCW permits … One from Nevada where I used to live and a non resident permit from Utah. I have since moved to Kansas. Now I now Kansas was one of the states that honor both Nevada and Utah permits but is there paperwork that need to be completed for the state of Kansas?

  • Dan

    I live in Nevada Nd have a Nevada and Utah concealed carry for both states can I carry in California.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know which states allow Canadians to acquire a CCW permits?

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Why do i have to give up names and phone numbers of two friends to carry concealed in Philadelphia? That doesn’t infringe on my right to carry? I’m willing to give the city and state the serials on my weapons, I’m willing to give them my contact info, I’m not willing to defeat the purpose of a CCL by telling anyone I’m carrying. What’s hard to understand about ‘shall not be infringed?’ I better not have to pay a dime for it either. Cost of issue should be covered by the state, they’re the ones requiring it. Old ‘wild west’ was pure fiction; everyone carried guns, nobody stole anything. YA’D GET SHOT!

    • actuated

      You need to provide references who can vouch for your firearms safety competence. The alternative is to be like many other states, that require you to spend $$$ on formal training classes.

  • md just went from may issue to shall issue

  • Jason

    I have a SC cwp when i was stationed in SC, now i have pcs’ed to KY. Can i still use my cwp in this state, even though im no longer living in SC now?

  • Gordon

    I live in Illinois. How can I get a Florida non-resident CCW?

  • I have my CCW from NC. I got to Chicago frequently and take my pistol with me. I just keep my mouth shut and don’t look for trouble.

  • BobG

    I have a Ct. permit but I am being denined a Pa permitt. Because I am out of state no other reason other than they very seldom issue a out of state permit

  • rick

    The website is incorrect. Michigan is a may issue state. You apply, take the course, get boarded and if the board OKs you, you walk away with a cpl.

  • Sam

    I am a MI resident and live in VA. I am planing on taking VA online certification and moving back to MI. Can I use VA cert to get a MI permit or should I get my permit VA before I move?


  • Zdans001

    Can I hold a permit from two different states at the same time?

  • john cook

    Question. I got my Indiana lifetime carry permit in 2008.I moved to Arizona in 2009.While in Az. I got a permit to carry there. I moved back to Indiana in Sept of 2012.Is my Indiana lifetime permit still valid?

    • rich

      if it is a lifetime permit then it should be still valid the state if az issues permits to non residents so I would believe that advising them of your new address since you would be regarded as being a non resident now would surfice and would render you to the same rules as any other person who is a non resident with an az permit.

      • rich

        I meant Indiana

  • Jared T

    I recently moved from Washington State to Idaho. After a previous move from one city in Washington to another city in Washington I went to the Sheriff’s office to report my new address for my CWP. The sheriff told me I did not have to report the address change with them, I just needed to update my address with the DMV. My question then is, since Idaho honors Washington State’s CWP, and I am now a resident of Idaho, do I need to get an Idaho CWP? Or can I continue to use my Washington State CWP until it expires, then get an Idaho CWP?

  • ibspencer

    I have a permit in PA what other states will honor that permit

  • Student Writing a Paper

    Is this as of 2013? If not, when? I can’t find a year.

  • ded

    i took my concealed class a while back and didint have the money to get my permit how long is the concealed class good for before i have to take it again to get my permit

    • AJ

      1 year

  • james

    can i transfer my utah c&c to a kansas one

  • Lone Palm

    Is there a state that will take a Non-Residents permit and would allow you to carry in any state

    • Kyle Jacob

      Arizona recognizes all states permits. If you go to an AZ DPS location and have a permit from your state, they may issue an AZ permit on the spot. Someone I work with, temporarily here from Texas, did that. AZ is a Shall Issue state but you do not need a CCW to carry concealed in AZ. There are a couple of limitations if you don’t have it but they are minor.

  • Breed

    Do you need to be a resident of Nevada to get a Nevada CCW

  • AR Alan

    If you get a Nevada Firearm Permit, then move from that state, is it now invalid? Or, do you register a non-resident paperwork with the same permit number?

    • AR Alan

      Sorry… move to another state.

  • Michael

    Reach to the Blackness, find the Silver line. It will reveal the hidden concealed Order of Death.

  • Mulli60

    It would seem the conceal carry laws from Indiana to Kentucky would be reciprocating since both Kentucky and Indiana are “Shall Issue” states.

  • c30carry

    What kind of forum do you run? I am not offended by the language but I thought you had rules. Moreover, readers would pay more attention and offer constructive comments if not bombarded by an obscenity laced tirade.

  • KWW

    If I have a permit issued in the state of GA am I legal to carry in the state of TN

  • Kevin

    What would I have to do if I want to keep my license and I want to move from the state that I live in to another ?

  • Ted

    My Washington state concealed permit is only allowed in a measly 20% of the US So ridiculous!

  • kingrs1

    Hey everyone just wanted to say hello from Minnesota, I’m the FNG. I have read some of the posts here and I must say I was hoping for a little more constructive conversation in an adult educated manner. I guess that won’t happen though with so many differing cultural backgrounds in the greatest nation on Earth. Wish all of you well.

  • Craig Beachnaw

    anyone know if you can carry a concealed pistol in Canada?

  • Jobe

    Does anyone know where I can check the status of my ccp for Mississippi. I have looked around but haven’t had much luck.

  • HellboundinKS

    Ok, i’m sure this has been asked, but I’m just too lazy to hunt it down.
    So i’m probably going to ask it again.
    I am from HELL, (aka, Kansas) if i get a CCW in my state. what other states will allow me to carry in their state?

  • anonymus

    what is wrong with you people?! you all need to get a life and stop using this website to chat, if you want to cuss and chat… go to Facebook or some other dumb website! since you all are gonna ac like kindergarteners then i will treat you like one: TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!!

    • AJ


  • anonymus

    and why would you even say such a [email protected]_vUGQU2Vrng:disqus @asd why would you tell people that you want them to get raped?

  • Old Gaffer

    Better to ask forgiveness than ask for permission.

  • Danielle Demers

    I live in AC NJ. We have a girl with a valid PA ccw permit who was pulled over by a state trooper last week. She did everything right, by PA standards, told the officer immediately that she was a ccw permit holder, and was tranporting a handgun in her car. The trooper arrested her fir possession if a weapon, she is locked up in the Atlantic county jail on 100,000 bond and is looking at 3-5 years in state prision, then being released as a felon!!! Can we say BS!! Isn’t criminal intent required for prosecution?

  • Robert Morris

    God bless the 2nd Amendment !

  • noah

    all these niggas bout mad as fuck fam,…..damn homie im just tryna research and they being mean as all get out i aint een believe this shit homie

  • texas

    During my moving around in the USAF, I was originally a Va resident, then was changed to a NC resident, then lived in Tx and was a resident there and on retirement moved back to NC. I have a current CWP in NC and will soon move back to Tx and will change back to a TX resident to be with our kids. Can I legally move my firearms, including handguns and the ammo for all via a POV to TX?
    I will drive the southern route, NC-SC-Ga and along I-10 to San Antonio. Any ideas?

  • Whitecherokee

    Just a bit of info that I just found out about my Utah C&C. They will not allow a renewal unless you have a permit in your home state. Sort of a bummer but I guess I’ll go get my Okla. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • John

    I was pooped on when I was 27. It was the worst thing to happen in my life. I cried every night. Could hardly fall asleep. The memories would not stop. A couple days ago, I got my concealed weapon permit and now I never have to be scared of getting pooped on. When in doubt, whip it out.

  • Joe az

    I am moving from az to nc I have a ccw from az how much time before I have to get a cow from nc

  • John

    Is it illegal to concealed carry with a permit, in the philadelphia Naval yard?

  • David Parks

    I have recently moved to Texas and have a life time Carry Concealed weapons permit. Do I have to get a new one in Texas or does Texas honor it.

  • AJ

    I was recently granted permit to purchase in MN, my next step was CCW class…
    can people still be denied CCW, even if they were granted a permit to purchase??
    I have been waiting for about 18 days for my CCW…does this ever happen? I haven’t broke the law since my CCW class…(am I being impatient?)

  • AJ

    can permit to purchase holders, be denied CCW? seems odd that they would allow someone to buy guns…but not carry them. :o)

  • AJ

    to military people: thank you for your service, but…you are no longer in the military, and now you must respect and follow civilian laws. Being in the military, having that training doesn’t make you above OUR laws. I see this as a way for braggarts, to talk about themselves, gives them a chance to rant about, how they feel they don’t need to buy permits, take classes…to me….it’s a sad way, to look for attention…a sad way to try and be better than the civilians who work to make this country better…you don’t like civilian life? civilian laws?
    then…go back to Iraq. (where you belong.)

  • Kaulin

    If I have a concealed weapons permit in Florida but am a resident of oregon can i still purchase a handgun in florida?

  • Chuck Bryant

    While Alaska, Wyoming, and a few other states are “shall issue”, they should also be marked “not required” because I don’t need a CCP to carry concealed in a few states

  • Janet

    I live in Ohio, but I have property in Michigan. I cannot click on Michigan on your map. It doesn’t show up. Is my Ohio CCW permit good in Michigan? If not, can I get a permit for Michigan being a summer resident?

  • Agenttawnia

    I have an Oregon cwl, I’m moving to Oklahoma and am wondering what the info is that can allow me to retain my license. Any ideas???

  • Dennis Russell


  • Dennis Russell


  • Linda

    Is there anywhere we can find out what states will accept our conceal permit?

  • Linda

    Never mind I am out of here. I thought this was an aduly site but with all this language it sounds like a bunch of kids. Bye.

  • Shane Merritt

    I live in south Carolina and have a “failure to stop for a blue light” felony am I still eligible for a ccw?

  • Nice analysis – I loved the facts . Does someone know if I might be able to acquire a blank WI DJ-LE-287 copy to use ?