Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps

The permit maps below will show you which states you can carry concealed in as well as which state’s permits are honored in a particular state. If you have a concealed carry permit and want to know which state you can carry in use the default map “States That Honor My Permit(s). If you want to know which state’s permits are honored in a particular state, click on the “Permits Honored By State” tab. If you need help with these maps or what reciprocity means, click here to view our detailed explanation below.


  • The following states have permitless carry which allows anyone that can legally possess a firearm carry concealed: Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia. Some restrictions may apply. Check each state for its own restrictions.
  • The following states only accept South Dakota Enhanced Permits Only. They do not accept South Dakota Regular permits: Delaware, Minnesota,Nebraska, Nevada, South Carolina and Wisconsin.
  • Delaware only accepts South Dakota Enhanced Permits.
  • Minnesota accepts Enhanced Permits from Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • Tennessee issues permits to non-residents with exceptions. Read more here.
  • Texas only accepts the Rhode Island AG Issued Permits.
  • Nevada only accepts the Mississippi Enhanced Permits, Idaho Enhanced Permits and South Dakota Enhanced Permits.
  • Pennsylvania only accepts North Dakota Class 1 Permits.
  • Nebraska only accepts North Dakota Class 1 Permits.
  • Nebraska only accepts Iowa Non-professional Permits.
  • Idaho: The following States accept Idaho Enhanced Licenses Only: Arizona, Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Carolina, Washington and Virginia.
  • Texas accepts Ohio ISSUED AFTER 3/22/2015.
  • Wisconsin only honors the Class A Massachusetts Permit.
  • Wisconsin only honors the South Dakota Enhanced and Gold licenses.
  • Wisconsin accepts Ohio ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 3/22/2015.
  • Wisconsin accepts Nevada ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 07/01/2011.
  • Wisconsin accepts Virginia Non-Resident Permits Only.
  • Wisconsin accepts West Virginia license ISSUED OR RENEWED AFTER 06/08/12.
  • Wisconsin accepts Alaska license ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 1/14/2013.
  • Wisconsin accepts Missouri license ISSUED OR RENEWED ON OR AFTER 08/28/2013. This DOES NOT include any provisional license issued by the state.
  • For a non-resident, South Carolina is not a shall-issue state, since they require property ownership for non-residents.

Last Update on 7/11/2017.

Difference Between Concealed Carry Recognition and ReciprocitySome states have reciprocity agreements with other states which means each state honors the other state’s concealed carry permit.

Example of concealed carry reciprocity between two states: State A accepts State B’s concealed carry permit holders to carry in State A and State B accepts State A’s concealed carry permitholders to carry in State B.

There are also some cases where State A will accept State C’s concealed carry permit holders but State C WILL NOT accept State A’s concealed carry permit holders. This is NOT reciprocity.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Maps above will show you:

Map 1 – States That Honor My Permit(s):
The first screen on this map shows whether a state is Shall Issue, May Issue, or Right Denied.

Shall Issue: States that are Shall Issue will issue any private citizen a concealed weapons permit as long as they meet all requirements.

May Issue: States that are May Issue have the authority to take judgment on whether or not they want to issue a concealed weapons permit to a private citizen even after they have met all requirements.

Right Denied: States that are Right Denied DO NOT allows private citizens to carry handguns and do not issue concealed weapon permits.

To view which states accept your concealed weapons permit, just click on the state your permit is issued in. If you have multiple permits, start with your Resident Permit (The permit issued in the state you live in).

You may be asked if your concealed weapons permit is a Resident or Non-Resident permit. Some states issue permits to Residents of their state as well as Non-Residents. On the other hand, some state’s ONLY issue to Residents of their state. And to take it one step further, some states only allow permits issued to Residents of the states they have reciprocity with. This is what the yellow state color means on the map.

If you need to reset the map and start over just click on the Clear Map button.

Map 2 – Permits Honored by State
This map is a quick way to find out what state concealed carry permits a particular state allows. Just click on a state and any states that are blue are allowed within the selected state, red are not allowed, and yellow means only residents of that state that have permits are allowed.

Check out On The Vise, the new Fly Tying site by the creator of USA Carry.

We try to keep the information on this page as up to date as possible but due to changing laws it is your responsibility to verify all information. The information on this page is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this Web site, emails or any of the links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between i156 LLC and the user or browser. The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of i156 LLC.

  • Sscsmi

    This map is incorrect; the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is a MAY ISSUE. I had issues when I lived there getting my permit adn I was a licensed Private Detective. The AG’s office denied me with the excuse that they felt they had already issued to many permits. However state laws shows that the AG’s office is MAY ISSUE but it also shows that the Chief of Police for the City or Town you reside or work in SHALL ISSUE you a permit if you met the criteria established by law; however, they often refuse to do say claiming they dont have the authoirty until you file suit against both that city adn the chief of police specifically then they will follow the law and issue the permit. This is what I had to do to obtain my permit there as a Licensed Private Detective working as a Bail enforcement Agent chasing wanted persons. Although you do not need a ccw to carry a long gun in public or your vehicle as it is not concealabe!

    • We have no way of showing a status like this on the map but our new version will. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Anthony Baran

    North Carolina No longer honors non resident permits from New Hampshire.

    • Thanks, the maps have been updated to reflect this.

  • Just updated the maps to show that North Dakota and Washington has Reciprocity with each other. Note that Washington only accepts Class 1 North Dakota permits only.

  • Anonymous

    Just updated the maps to show that Louisiana accepts Iowa permits now that Iowa accepts all state issued permits.

  • CCdodge

    Is there a place I can see a similar map for open carry?

  • Auroarah08

    This is a great bit of information to have considering I was planning on traveling this summer and now I know what states I don’t have to worry about carring in.

    • Gryryder

      It would be to your advantage to check and recheck all of the CCW requirements before starting your traveling. As the laws are subject change from day to day. One never knows when a ploitician has a nightmare as to how cause more problems than they have already created by being part of the dumbs.

  • Tony

    When I first select NH, then MA and ME the list of permit honored states includes Maine twice.

  • tommy

    so according to your map above if i live in georgia and travel to arkansas would i be able to do so armed

    • Anonymous

      If you have a Georgia Concealed Carry Permit and are traveling through GA, AL, MS, to AR it seems like you will be ok. You always want to double check the laws for the states you are going into and also their laws on vehicle carry with a permit. Looks like you are good to go.

      • tommy

        thanks for the help but how do i find out what those state laws are please advise forthwith

        • Anonymous

          You can go to each state website and it explains which states they have reciprocity

  • Anonymous

    We have to work on the may issue states to change to shall issue and all states should issue to non-residents or have equal reciprocity.

  • Anonymous

    I have a NC CCW permit, and may be doing some work in Iowa. So, according to present laws, I can get there legally only by GOING AROUND the state of Illinois. We need to change such idiotic restrictions, and observe the 2nd Amendment in ALL 50 states.

    • Gryryder

      I totally agree. However, as long as there are Chicago cesspool politicians in office, Obama,Durbin, Madacian, Emmanuel and etc., Illinois citizens, except for the priviledge elected and/or appointed state government individuals, will never have a CCW. It is my understanding that Dailey, while still in office, signed a special priviledge CCW oridiance, that politicial office holders, within the city limits of Chicago, would be permitted to carry concealed weapons for self defense.

    • Bates

      Actually, if it’s properly stowed and you’re only passing through, you’re fine.

      FOPA (Firearm Owners Protection Act, Fed. 1986)
      § 926A. Interstate transportation of firearms

      Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.

      • Eazygnome

        thats all great but let me tell ya if you have a gun in the car in NY or MASS. and you get pulled over regardless you will go to jail. i dont care if you have evry permit in the nation. if you don’t have mass and ny they will do what they do best arrest you make you spend a ton of money and never think twice about you and what they did. i’m not disagreeing with you about the law but i know 2 people who got caught and were trying to be honest about it and spent over $8000 apiece and still ahve not got there guns back.

      • GA LEO

        I think one failure for all is to ASSUME ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! First, a Cop will not dismantle a car if you accidentally showed a CCW, As a LEO in NJ I WOULD ask if you are armed, or is the weapon secured as specified by law. If you are acting like a dick-head, you”ll be treated as such. I don’t mean Baggy pants, dressed like the “hood” per se either. I have seen really nice guys wear really STUPID STUFF while driving with the family- Like they are taunting someone to “try something”. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SHOWING TO A COP OR PUBLIC! I am now a Georgia resident, CCW and LEO here. We honor just about anything with a Permit, and depending on what’s the situation- a lot of lee way for someone who just has a gun in the car. But I am going to Cut a lot more slack to the family guy who simply says “Hi Officer, everything ok?” than I would the Butt wad who wants to start off the encounter with a permit and NRA book in hand. No less then the bunch of kids with the Low Profiles, Blasting Gangsta Rap and Flashing signs like they got some sort of Palsy! THINK ABOUT THE MESSAGE YOU’RE SENDING! And Slow Down in North Georgia! This isn’t NASCAR, even if some of the brain dead around here drive like it is.

    • Snatale42

      No, you can “Drive Through” only stopping at rest stops and for gas as long as your guns are stored per Fed Regs.

      • packin.

        Correct, you can have one just not carry concealed.

    • Jerrodcrockett

      You can still transport through the state … you just cant have it loaded and on your person. Or if you are just pasing through and obey the laws and don’t get stopped… they wont know.

    • Chuck

      Do you not know that you unload your weapon, lock it in the glovebox, and put the ammo. in the trunk out of reach, and be legal?!!!

      • Independent

        once again making a statement that is attacking people without reason
        just because someone doesn’t know the laws correctly doesn’t mean you should attack them

      • Titanium_citizen

        Hey Chuck you CAN not lock a gun in your GLOVEBOX because where is your insurance card and registration. What do you think a Police Officer would do if you got pulled over and asked for your info and saw you gun concealed weapon? Well I will tell you! It would be a Felony traffic stop. You should know the law before you Talk At Someone instead of To Someone.
        Now have a nice day.

        • Rick Prater

          So move your reg. & ins. cd to over your visor.

    • Mr Chubko to you.

      No this is not true. To travel thru Illinois your weapon MUST BE:

      a. Unloaded
      b. Encased in a locked box(safest to place box in trunk)

      You do not need Illinois FOID to transport a gun thru Illinois if you are not a resident of Illinois. All you need to have is the permit from the state you are from or licensed in.

      HB-0148 is being proposed to allow for CCW in Illinois.
      We need this here badly.
      This from a Retired housing Agent.

  • Fred

    Hello. Great site. So if a person travelling with family has a pistol in the car and they a CHL carrier in another state and get stopped for speeding in Illinois… do we show our CHL permit? What if the gun is packed in the car-or does that even matter?

    • Bill Carson

      Showing a CC permit in IL is pointless because IL recognizes no permits.

      Your firearm must be unloaded and cased to comply with federal law when passing through IL, and your point of origin and destination must both be outside IL. If you are stopping in IL for business or pleasure, you are not protected by federal law.

    • Richard Weible

      Absolutely do not show your permit, unless you want your vehicle torn apart and like being handcuffed and arrested. The only legal way to transport in IL is to have the ammo in the glove box and the pistol in a locked case in the trunk. I live in MO and they specifically told us to NOT put your CCW on your drivers license. IL cops consider that ‘probable cause’, and will dismantle your car and then hand the keys to you. One of the crookedest states in the union. I personally avoid IL for this and other reasons.

      • Gryryder

        Right on Richard. I am an Illinois citizen and know very well what an individual may encounter with the slightist “probable cause” idication. The transport manner, that you mentioned, has been revised to that the ammo and gun may be in the same box or designate carrier designed for the transportation of the gun.The law makers are still kicking around if a glove box or consul can be considered as a designed carrier. However the gun can not be loaded and “””MUST NOT BE””” immdiately accessible. Also, when traveling through Illinois and you are stopped for any reason I would volunteer any information as to having a gun unless so ask. The don’t ask, don’t tell rule, at times, relates to more than AC ? or DC ?.

      • Fred

        Thank you for your help. More power to the NRA and our Second Amendment.

      • H2oskiermth

        Illinois is a god forsake’n state!!! Lived there 10 years and will never return, the politicians there are the biggest crocks of all!!

      • Bluemac57

        Thanks for the Info. I’m going through there in a few days

  • Bryantschiltz

    Dose north carolina’s open carry law have any permits i have to get or is it just 21 years old and not to be a felon???

  • Lloydf14

    to be ok to travel go pack-n-go conceal trip planner results and nra-ila also go to your division of licensing,doacs .be safe

  • RonKg8ec

    Gosh I’m glad I live in Ohio ! Wis. & Ill. are two states I’ll avoid like a poison snakes !
    I wish every state had firearms laws like Vermont, then there would be no worries.

  • It is my understanding that Nevada now accepts Utah CCW; however the map shows otherwise.

  • My bust: “Nevada Will No Longer Recognize Utah and Florida Right-to-Carry Permits (Thursday, June 25, 2009) . . . Effective, July 1, Nevada will no longer recognize Right-to-Carry permits from Utah or Florida. They have, however, added Ohio and West Virginia as recognized states. . . Florida will no longer be recognized because its permits are now valid for seven years instead of five . . . ”

    Effective, July 1, Nevada will no longer recognize Right-to-Carry permits from Utah or Florida. They have, however, added Ohio and West Virginia as recognized states.

    Each May, the Nevada Department of Public Safety conducts an audit of states and their Right-to-Carry laws for the purpose of determining which states it will recognize.

    The Nevada DPS dropped Utah because it does not have a live fire requirement, which is a part of Nevada’s training requirements. When the Nevada DPS first began its state by state audit of Right-to-Carry laws in 2007, DPS admitted to NRA representatives that they overlooked the live fire training requirement. After further review, they determined that Utah wasn’t similar enough to keep it on the list of recognized states.

    Florida will no longer be recognized because its permits are now valid for seven years instead of five.

    The Nevada DPS and the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs will be hosting their annual Right-to-Carry forum in Carson City in August with a teleconference feed to Las Vegas. We encourage all members to attend this informational meeting. Details will be forthcoming.

    • Gryryder

      It is about time, that the policy of Utah’s requirements for CCW has surfaced. I for one fail to see where a 3 hour, in classroom BS session, would qualify an individual to receive any degree of a CCW permit. It is all about the money and nothing else. For the privilege to obtain a Utah CCW an applicant must pay a Utah excepted instructor $XXX.00 and then pay a second fee for the Utah CCW.

      Also, hold on to yopur wallets. Pennsylvania has and/or is revising their standards of CCW permit requirement. It appears that some politician has discovered, that the state is not receiving their fair share of the CCW application proceeds and have enacted legislationas to a “MUST APPEAR REQUIREMENT” to process the applicant’s application.

  • Ds7

    I do believe that Noth Carolina has Iowa listed as a state they recognize now. It is posted on there web site.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, this has been updated.

  • Laurence

    Have none of the lawmakers of the various states ever read the U. S. Constitution, which they are allegedly sworn to uphold? Article IV of the Constitution states quite clearly:

    Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

    Which means every state MUST recognize the laws (public acts) and judicial proceedings (permits and licenses) of every other state. Can you image New York refusing to recognize a drivers’ license from Virginia or Vermont? Or a marrige certificate from Ohio? That is exactly what these states are doing by refusing to recognize other states’ licenses and permits.

    Why doesn’t the NRA or some other large organization file suit to enforce the Constitution, which the do-gooder politicians are deliberately flouting? After all, any law or regulation that contradicts the national Constitution is automatically null and void

    • Gryryder

      The politicians of Illinois have never heard of or totally understand the purpose of and/or the rights of American citizens as so provided the US Constitution. They only care what is proper for their individual self and/or party policy. They fail to understand the purpose of the Oath of Office that they took to preserve and protect.

      • Bills1949

        stop voting for them, get involved, the people in chicago left mayor daly in there forever till he finally retired, vote them out, so apparently the majority thought he was doing a good job

    • Teflondon115

      you are so right gov- politicians brakeing the laws of the constitution . lets fight for our rights

    • Independent

      every state has the ability to dictate the laws under which restrict who can and can not carry concealed weapons the reason some states do not recognize other states permits is because they do not have the same standards for who can receive them

  • mr_charlie

    fwiw: NJ should be listed as a right denied state, while there are provisions for issuing concealed carry permits there are almost impossible to obtain.

    • Anubis

      Agree. Also Hawaii; cc permit law on books, also never issue.

      • Packin

        California is very tuff too!

  • Gryryder

    As soon as the politicial office holders can figure out how they can receive as much money, that they can bleed from the applicants of CCW applications, they will come up with some manner of a issue to satisfy their do-goody legislation.

  • D. Babcock

    I don’t believe that the information on West Virginia is Correct.
    Unless I am reading something old/out-dated. They do not accept any non-resident permits from other states. (So if I get a non-resident permit from states such as Florida or their neighbor, Pennsylvania, and I have a resident permit in Alabama, I will not be legal to carry concealled). …I could be wrong… it’s happened before

    • Anonymous

      H.B. 3314 allowed West Virginia for the first time to honor non-resident licenses issued by reciprocity states. The law went into effect July 10, 2009.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. The map has been updated to reflect this.

  • Russyjoe35

    i like to go to chicago to have fun but they can stick it the state of illinois ,,,, boycott them it it is our right to carry

  • Millert_120317

    so if I have an Indiana permit I can carry it to Florida??

    • Anonymous

      If you are a resident of Indiana and have an Indiana concealed carry permit then it is accepted in Florida.

  • Vikings666

    I have a conceal license in minnesota, can i carry in nevada?

    • Anonymous


  • Wildmangood2000

    WI & IL Have no carry permits? That is f!#@#@ bullshit!! The criminals have there weapons, that is a total infringement on the 2nd amendment.. I think there should be a union started in regards to gun owners.. That would be some collective bargaining.. All gun owners wheather your from these states or not should do whatever you can to change this and change this now!!! This is socialism at its best. This is what Obama & his cronies are all about..

    • Wildmangood2000

      Pencil neck scumbags, harvard fruitloops, community organizer, welfare signer upper for votes.

      • Dellavar

        It’s ignorant rants like that that give traction to the argument that “ordinary” people should not have guns. Take it from this Harvard-educated retired police Captain. Your thinly-veiled racism and intermperate tone do no service to the cause.

      • Dellavar

        It’s ignorant rants like that that give traction to the argument that “ordinary” people should not have guns. Take it from this Harvard-educated retired police Captain. Your thinly-veiled racism and intermperate tone do no service to the cause.

        • why not? this sort of “meaningless” tone elected a President after all

        • Saabman

          I will never understand why you need a permit to exercise your constitutional rights. It is even more interesting that individual states can determine how a citizen will be allowed to exercise his federal constitutional right. Doesn’t the supremecy clause prohibit states from interfering with the powers authorized by the constitution? Perhaps there is a loophole in the supremecy clause that only allows that to occur in the case of states trying to protect their borders. The democrats are not right and the republicans are not right, “We the People” are right.

    • Bill Carson

      I share your outrage. NJ and HI are theoretically “may issue” states, but actually are never-issue so there are actually at least 4 states in which the average joe can’t get a permit.

      • Markbythesea72

        You are right. I did volunteering work for the state of NJ for a few years. Looked good for my non resident application but still got denied 3 times. I was told to make a generous contribution to the governors campaign fund and maybe that would grease the wheels. NJ / MA forget about it!

        • Rick Prater

          The only permits issued in NJ are to Active duty police officers, Judges, & Armored car employees.
          Mass, is very easy to get a resident permit & is not a problem to get a non-resident permit if you have a current permit where you reside. I had a non resident permit for over a year. Not sure how it works now, but I used to have to renew monthly @ $1.00/month, but it was almost automatic.

          • Markbythesea72

            I applied to MA and told me that they weren’t accepting applications for non residents? WTF?

          • Heritagehd05

            Glad I live in Florida! Used to be Texas, where I first aquired my CCW, before that it was Maryland, good luck up there, I went through hell just trying to by a handgun.

    • Dellavar

      Guys like you hamper the efforts to obtain fair gun rights for all far more effectively than any “socilaist.” Anyone reading this would agree a person like you should never be allowed to have access to firearms.

      • Chuck

        I’m also concerned those who “rant” about their rights, they NEVER consider

        the rights of those who do not want what he wants!!! ” I’ll get my way or “you
        will be sorry” like a school yard “bully”! Just another “knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, red-neck.

        A proud Democrat, protecting me and mine from his type !!!!

        • the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment…it isn’t a matter of choice whether or not it should be honored

        • Independent

          spoken like a true Democrat exaggerating what people are saying and viewing it at a narrow view.
          people fighting to loosen gun control laws are not saying you have to do what they are doing thats the beauty of America Just because something is legal doesn’t mean you have to do it. I would like to carry my gum for my protection and to protect everyone i can with no intent of ever firing it.
          Your little argument here is almost word for word something that it used as a joke by Ann Coulter in one of her books. If you want to be able to present a decent argument you need to know what you are talking about and you need to try to understand the views of other people we are all allowed to have our own view. arguing with no understanding of what you are arguing about is the liberal way.
          I do agree that Wildmangood2000 is not smart enough to be able to present a good argument but he is doing what he can to fight for what he believes in. yes his rant was counter productive due to his lack of knowledge and his presentation.
          Fighting to have a law changed is an American privileged and everyone should take advantage of it.
          An independent person smart enough to make my own choices

        • Jeff

          The difference between repubs & dems. If a repub doesnt believe in god he wont go to church, a dem who doesnt wants no one to go to church. A dem who doesnt believe in the 2nd amendment wants no one to own a gun, a repub who doesnt believe in the 2nd amendment doesnt buy a gun. Im a firm believer that if you only vote partyline and not for the best person for the job you shouldnt be allowed to vote. We need to get over all the hype and politics and remember what makes this country great, Freedom and not trying to change something that has worked for years just to pacify a minority that want to scream politicle correctness and rights when they dont get their way but assume they have the right and power to take your beliefs if you dont agree with their own. Not everyone has the luxery to live close to a police station or a community that has never seen any crime, I refuse to be a victim and blindly expect or demand that a police officer protect me 24/7

          • Bmill02

            I have to disagree on you that if you only vote for the partyline and not the best person for the job you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I used to only vote for who I thought was the best candidate, but lately that doesn’t matter. Republicans will vote for Republican bills and Democrats will vote for Democratic bills. Until the party leaders stop putting so much pressure on the freshmen Representatives and even on the Senators we don’t have much of a choice. What we need to do is start telling all of them, if you don’t stop all of this partisan crap and just start fixing the problems then your all fired. In all honesty what is best for this country is to take some of the Democrats views and some of the Republicans views and combine them. Neither one of them by themselves has the right answer for what is best for America.

          • Heritagehd05

            I’ll have to second that. With that wisdom, and how I hate to bring this into it, the Repblicans who won’t get an abortion don’t want anybody to have one. Just tossing in my 2 cents. I think that you should only vote party line after researching the candidates, if you agree with their platforms, go for it. You’ll never see me going down the line with all (R) or all (D). Minds like that will never see, or help make positive changes to our country, which we so sorely need.

          • Computerbrain111

            I disagree. Anyone who gets an abortion, does not respect the rights of the most innocent of all of us. Babys (yes…even unborn ones) have not Only constitutionally protected rights, but GOD given rights. If you reject the notion of God, then you reject the ideals that founded our nation [and the constitution]. This will jeprodize all of our rights if unchecked eventualy, even the right to keep and bear arms.

          • Vetwhosworeanoath

            That’s where you’re overwhelmingly wrong. A vast majority of our founding fathers were deists and against organized religion. They believed in a “creator”, but they also believed in separating church and state. Read the 1st Amendment! Our original seal of the US can be found on the back of a one dollar bill, in it you will find what the founding fathers intended. The statement in Latin is “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM”, translated to English, it reads “A NEW SECULAR ORDER”. Secular is defined below:
            1.of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests.
            2.not pertaining to or connected with religion.
            3. concerned with nonreligious subjects.

            So what I’m basically saying is: Read and study your history before you spout all of the God and founding father stuff.

          • truthseeker

             That’s an absolute revisionist falsehood, and you have fallen for it and have failed to learn the history of this country.  Some founding fathers were “diests,” but not in the modern sense of that term, and they certainly did not set out to create a secular paradise as revisionists in the NEA now teach.  They were deeply religious men, and even the most secular of them, Ben Franklin, said things about the truth of God and Christianity that would shock the modern liberal or athiest.  The founding fathers were against a state-run religion like the Church of England, but said publicly many times that democracy depends on Christianity to survive. Get educated.

          • Steve Bumgardner

            Sorry “truthseeker” back to school for you. Franklin was responding to a stalemate. He was offering an elaborate insult: If you guys can’t do it, pray to one who can. It worked. Several of them got their knickers in a pretty tight knot over the comment, but they compromised and got the job done.

            Funny someone calling himself “truthseeker” should snipe about revisionist history while offering revisionist history. Not really all that interested in truth, eh?

            Oh, and it was the Continental Convention of 1787. They didn’t call it the “Constitutional Convention” because they didn’t want folks to know what they were up to until it was pretty much done.

          • amhistoryprof

            Abosolutely True an very well put. Amen!

          • wonder worm

            where did they say this? then why isnt it in the constitution?

          • truthseeker

             Here’s a snippet– the “athiest” or “secularist” Benjamin Franklin to the Constitutional Convention:
            “In this situation of this Assembly, groping as it were in the dark to
            find political truth, and scarce able to distinguish it when presented
            ot us, how has it happened, Sir, that we have not hitherto once thought
            of humbly applying to the Father of lights to illuminate our

            In the beginning of the Contest with G. Britain, when we were sensible
            of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for Divine protection. – Our
            prayers, Sir, were heard, & they were graciousy answered. All of
            us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent
            instances of a superintending Providence in our favor.

            To that kind Providence we owe this happy opportunity of consulting in
            peace on the means of establishing our future national felicity. And
            have we now forgotten that powerful Friend? or do we imagine we no
            longer need His assistance?

            I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more
            convincing proofs I see of this truth – That God Governs in the affairs
            of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice,
            is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?

            We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that “except the Lord
            build the House, they labor in vain that build it.” I firmly believe
            this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall
            succeed in this political building no better than the Builders of Babel:
            We shall be divided by our partial local interests; our projects will
            be confounded, and we ourselves shall become a reproach and bye word
            down to future ages.

            And what is worse, mankind may hereafter from this unfortunate instance,
            despair of establishing Governments by human wisdom and leave it to
            chance, war and conquest.

            I therefore beg leave to move – that henceforth prayers imploring the
            assistance of Heaven, and its blessing on our deliberations, be held in
            this Assembly every morning before we proceed to business, and that one
            or more of the clergy of this city be requested to officiate in that

          • B1itsjustme

            That sir is incorrect and you probably know it. B. Franklin had a fellow Pennsylvanian read this to the congress before passage….

            Mr. President

            I confess that there are several parts of this constitution which I do not
            at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them: For having
            lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better
            information, or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on important
            subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise. It is
            therefore that the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgment,
            and to pay more respect to the judgment of others. Most men indeed as well as
            most sects in Religion, think themselves in possession of all truth, and that
            wherever others differ from them it is so far error. Steele a Protestant in a
            Dedication tells the Pope, that the only difference between our Churches in
            their opinions of the certainty of their doctrines is, the Church of Rome is
            infallible and the Church of England is never in the wrong. But though many
            private persons think almost as highly of their own infallibility as of that of
            their sect, few express it so naturally as a certain french lady, who in a
            dispute with her sister, said “I don’t know how it happens, Sister but I meet
            with no body but myself, that’s always in the right — Il n’y a que moi
            qui a toujours raison.”

          • wonder worm

            and if my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle.

          • Anonymous

            . . .and prone to vulgarity just as you are.

          • Anonymous

            Well done!

          • The7thson

            Your translation of “Novus Ordo Seclorum” as “A New Secular Order” only shows that you have an abysmal ignorance of Latin.

            Novus Ordo Seclorum means a “New Order of the Ages”.

            As for your “separation of church and state” argument – The 1st Amendment only says that Congress will not establish a national religion.  It does NOT say that all religious discourse is to be banned from the public square.

          • Anonymous

            No, you have succumbed to the propaganda of the left. If you actually would read the writings of the Founding Fathers you’s see that they, to a man speak of God with reverence.

          • B1itsjustme

            Where in the constitution is that written? And where in the bible is that written? Nowhere. Many of the founding fathers rejected the idea of god. Most actually. Under god was not on our money, or in the govt. until 1950’s, although some coins had it.

          • Amhistory prof

            Read the  Declaration of Independence, there buddy. I believe God is mentioned  and signed by almost all our founding fathers,  which WAS the foundation of the US. By the way, the first 10 ammendments (the bill of rights) were included in the constitution and acknowledged as God-given by nearly all who voted for ratification.  I’d like to know of that whom signed either document rejected the idea of God. Just because you do, please don’t show your lack of inteligence by making an unfounded claim such as this. Your ability to make such a claim is the beauty of YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to free speech (which is backed by the constitution), even if it is erroneous. How would you like it if the government decided free speech was detrimental to national security and tried to regulate it? You’d have to have permission to post here, or risk breaking the law. Kind of what’s happening to the 2nd ammendment, huh? Beware what you support.

          • Tim

            Fuck your GOD GIVEN RIGHT !!! Fuck GOD as well dip shit.

          • Matt from CA

            Wrong. The whole point of separation from England was that the crown was trying to usurp God granted rights. The founders were saying, God gave man the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are not granted by men to other men but come from the Creator. As such they can not be regulated, controlled or revoked by men. If you try to take away the founders belief in God (which there is a strong push to do these days) you destroy the very idea this great nation was founded on. Learn true history and don’t let yourself be lead astray by people trying to revise our history.

          • Martialmaster89

            Your wrong, very wrong. Its simple, read the Treaty of Tripoli, article 10. 

            We are in no way a Christian nation, the belief in a god doesn’t mean your a theist, which is why they were called DEIST!  It says GOD, not the Christian God, not Jesus. You have to put that in yourself..

            The Treaty of Tripoli ends the argument..

          • Rboyer3298

            How did you guys get so far off point. This is about the ability of  Americans to legally conceal carry a fire arm. What we need is for a federal law that allows this for all states. and not on a state by state basis. Simply pass the back ground check, and you are good in all 50 states. End of all the BS.

          • Tim

            Fuck God. Fuck your God !!!!

          • Billy Bob

            What a bunch of crap. Sheep, yes the animal are a lot smarter than you.  They just don’t have the brain function or intelligence to form an opinion or the ability to use the web to disperse such idiotic drivvel. You have been told what to think for so long you actually think that you are thinking on your own. HA

          • Ronlinx

            Sheeple, will blindly go to slaughter because they “know” that the government will protect them from any bad guys in society. Patriots, will defend themselves first, while waiting for government agencies to come and cuff the “suspect”.

          • Anonymous

            Or carry the body away!

          • wonder worm

            you dont get out much, do you?

          • CommonSenseTheSuperpower

            that doesn’t even make sense. One can be atheist or even agnostic and
            still understand the same basic ideals of freedom and service that went
            into writing the constitution. As for abortions; you try being 14 and
            pregnant, or broke and pregnant. Is it better to deny the unborn
            unthinking fetus higher cognitive function or allow it to be raised cold
            hungry and insulted, possibly diseased? or even let it die crying in a
            dumpster? Don’t hide your ignorance behind the idea of rights; this may
            be Kevorkian of me but damnit if you cant give a child a good, even a
            passing life, if the only life you can give is a miserable one, then
            simply don’t give it one. sure, your response would be “then she
            shouldn’t have gotten pregnant”… rape much?

            next time try using a little common sense to construct an argument
            instead of mindless bull you hear on the radio on the way to (by the
            sounds of your argument) the welfare office to get your monthly check

          • Sorry, but not all pregnancies lead to live births, so how can you say that the unborn is a baby?  Sorry, but zygotes, embryos, and fetuses are not babies, they cannot breath or eat without major medical assistance (in the case of well developed fetuses only).  Also, life, in and of itself is NOT sacred, since it requires nothing but biology to occur; it is how you live that adds value to your life.  People need to learn the difference between biological and religious view of life, too many like to muddy the differences.  BTW, one of the biggest contributing factors to the decline of crime in the US is the fact that thousands of unwanted babies were NOT born to mothers who didn’t want them.  These babies, if borne would have had the burden of being unwanted, and that would have a large impact on how they would chose to live (greater probability of a life of crime).  Life is sacred only to those who truly value it, and that cannot be forced on anyone.

          • Anonymous

            There is a difference. Choosing to have or not have a gun is just a bit different than taking an innocent life!

          • William

            That is the reason they should be more transparent and more in tune with the people. There is no way they could not have known the people want them to stop wasting money and spending what they do not have.

          • Rlbow99

            Right on Jeff

          • Lowriderracing

            Very well put Jeff!!!!!!

          • Hawk

            The Consitution doesn’t mention Jesus, Jehovah, The Holy Ghost, the Pope, Mary, Peter, Paul, Mark, Luke, John, etc. Read the Treaty of Tripoli, the USA is not a “Christian” nation. You religious fanatics scare me as much as folks like you scared the Founding Fathers.Jesus, please deliver me frm your followers!

          • B1itsjustme

            Jeff. You are a little confusing. You say if you only vote party line that’s not good, yet you only qualify repubs as right and dems as wrong. What about a repub who does believe in god and wants everyone to believe how he/she believes and wants the laws of the land to reflect their position only. Doesn’t that seem more of what’s going on than your example? How about a dem that believes in gun rights, but wants limits on buying 35 handguns in Ga. in one go, knowing that they are most likely on their way up 95 to N.Y.? Or a dem that wants waiting periods at gun shows to take that idiotic loophole out of play. (I am a dem who bought a nice beretta at a gun show) There are more dems like me than not. I’m also a dem that is secular but respectful of other religions, the plural. This country was founded on pluralism. If you don’t believe that, look it up. As far as not changing something that has worked for years, I’m not sure I follow that. Are we talking guns, which you have to admit needs something done. God? Hell that changes all the time. Or slavery? Should we have left that alone?

          • Jtfkf

            1 Quick answer.Theres good and bad in everything on this planet earth.” Bad cars….good cars.” Example: I Own a CCL from Texas, I like the feeling of being safe for my family, when we go out to eat at night or day.The Police are over worked and under paid. They can”nt be everywere at once.
            If it was a perfect world, I would”nt carry a Glock 30 hand gun, but i still would like to keep it because I like to Target shoot.
            But thats just me.

          • Tim

            Fuck Jesus Christ !!!

          • JonM1911

            Exactly. Its quite funny to b/c the liberal’s response to people who are against gay marriage and abortion is “If you don’t like it don’t get one”. Yet when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, they want to ban all guns instead of taking their own advice and “just don’t get one if you don’t like it”. And they call US intolerant…

          • William

            If Norway had a CCW Law perhaps some of those kids killed there might be alive today because of a responsible adult who could have shot that loony bastard before the ninety minutes were up.

          • wonder worm

            if you believe all that krap, then you are an absolute moron. I am a Democrat and proud of it, but I dont hold to any of that nonsense you spewed.

          • Tom

            When one does not agree with someone, they are exercising their 1st Amendment right to do so. However, it does NOT give them the right to prevent someone from saying it. M. O’Hare was given something I hope no one else gets, a change in a law because it didn’t agree with her “morality.”
            ALL the Amendments to the Constitution rely on the 1st two remaining intact.

            “Remember: when seconds count, the police are just minutes away”

        • Rlbow99

          You mean a proud dumacrat

        • Lowridderracing

          Chuck your a fool also. You and dellavar can share the boat ride away from the US. Do you have a clue what the constitution is?

        • Frenchfriar

           Yep, just like gay rights, illegal alien rights, Islam right, etc, all shoved down our throats!

          • Tech36

            excuse me? Do you really believe that gay rights as an issue of equality is a threat to something? What does it threaten? Please don’t recite the same old tired rhetoric that has been repeated to the point that people want to fall asleep when they hear it. Current national polls clearly show that the vast majority support gay rights as an equality issue. The only groups who oppose are the illiterate, the ultra-right win religious, who are led around by their so call spiritual advisors, and the elderly, over 70. of course there are sub groups who oppose, but they don’t have any original reasons. The main arguments againts gay rights have been disproven time and time again. Gay people are not a threat to our children, they don’t rape, and they are not out to take over the world. I find it funny when people use those arguments. Arrest records throughout the country prove that “straight” men comit more crimes against children of both sexes than any other group for all crimes. So, Frenchfriar, why don’t you join the 21st century before it leaves you old and bitter.

          • Ya know, this is a such a combersome topic…atleast for me. A gay…aka homosexual…. person is a PERSON …period. Same as a, how do you politicaly say it… black person, white person, or native american .We are all americans, we all bleed red, the same god…reguardless of the name you call him/her by has given us the same breath. As far as the gay marrage issue, thats a no brainer. Marrage is a religeous institution that the state has no business being involved in. Seperation of church and state. Look at the contitution and bill of rights….also consider the letters Jefferson wrote to congress. My son is gay..I accept him for whom he is. He’s my son. The bottom line is….MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS, RESPECT EACH OTHERS RIGHTS AND THE FREEWILL WHICH THE CREATOR GRANTED US ALL !!!!

          • Tech36

            Just so I made myself clear, because I did use some multisyllabic words; I am gay. I make a lot of money, A LOT OF MONEY. Without people like me, you would never be able to see a doctor, go to an emergency room, or get antibiotics. I also carry a gun at all times. I never know when I will run into a bigoted idiot. To date, I have never had to use it, and I pray I never have to.

          • B1itsjustme

            So… the only people you think should have rights are who? You? And people like you? Move to Saudi Arabia then. That’s their gig.

        • Huge difference between ‘wanting’ to grant someone a right based on your own opinions/want, and being willing to stand up for the unalienable rights of others because it’s the right thing to do.

          Also, your comment:
          >>” I’ll get my way or “you
          will be sorry” like a school yard “bully”! Just another “knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, red-neck.

          A proud Democrat, protecting me and mine from his type !!!! <<

          …yeah, just the same kind of 'schoolyard bully (three exclamation points) name-calling, shout-louder-cause-it-proves-I'm-right' ranting that you claim to abhor. Hypocrisy, thy name is apparently Chuck.

        • Carterworks

          I had much rather be a knuckle dragging Red-Neck than a democrat. We red-necks look after all our rights. The Second Amendment is a good starting point

          • B1itsjustme

            The only thing you get out of the constitution is the 2nd ammnd? Seriously? Foxworthy would love to add your idiocy to his stand up routine. Duh

          • scuski

            The only thing you get out of Franklins quotes are he didn’t believe in God?
            You should read the book “Signers of the Declaration of Independence” which will tell you that viryually all 55 signers of the 1787 Constitution were members of Christian denominations: ( here is the proof) 29 were Anglican, 18 were Calvinists, 2 were Methodists,2 were Lutherans, 2 were Roman Catholic, 1 was a lapsed Quaker and sometimes Anglican and 1 was a Deist who was Benjamin Franklin and who said all the things that ‘truthseeker’ said in his thread.

          • S_bumgardner

            I take it your book didn’t mention that all but one colony required membership in their specific religion in order to hold office. Even Jefferson was registered. None the less, the majority were actually Deists. Franklin, who didn’t hold office and as a consequence didn’t have to register, was hardly alone. Deism was a popular religion during the Enlightenment period. FYI, Deism is not a form of Christianity.

            Yes, Franklin said the things “truthseeker” said. But as I mentioned, it was actually an elaborate insult. As I explained, several of the members, including Alexander Hamilton who gave quite a speech in rebuttal, got very upset. In the end they didn’t offer up so much as one prayer during the Continental Convention. Not one.

            You know, if you try you can look this up in legitimate sources. I suggest you read “The Great Rehearsal” by Carl VanDoren. It was written before historical revisionism became so popular.

          • NippiDipper

            What a maroon!

          • amhistoryprof

            So you are saying that everything in the constitution, including your exercision of the 1st ammendment here, is worth getting behind EXCEPT the 2nd ammendment? I tend to think it should be all or nothing. How can we obey the rule of law if people like you can take a guaranteed and unrepealable (thank God the founding fathers thought of idiots like you) provision and pass legislation to weaken it? What you fail to realize is, if it can be done to the 2nd ammendment,why not infringe on other rights and censure free speech, or reinstate the quartering act, or just allow the police to break down your door and drag you to jail because your neighbor said you exercised free speech against the government? Sound ridiculous? Remember the Holocaust?

            Talk about Foxworthy material- look in the mirror! I’d rather be the butt of a Foxworthy joke than aligned with Hitler.

          • amhistoryprof

            So you are saying that everything in the constitution, including your exercision of the 1st ammendment here, is worth getting behind EXCEPT the 2nd ammendment? I tend to think it should be all or nothing. How can we obey the rule of law if people like you can take a guaranteed and unrepealable (thank God the founding fathers thought of idiots like you) provision and pass legislation to weaken it? What you fail to realize is, if it can be done to the 2nd ammendment,why not infringe on other rights and censure free speech, or reinstate the quartering act, or just allow the police to break down your door and drag you to jail because your neighbor said you exercised free speech against the government? Sound ridiculous? Remember the Holocaust?

            Talk about Foxworthy material- look in the mirror! I’d rather be the butt of a Foxworthy joke than aligned with Hitler.

        • Sbrink8332

          Thats OK democrat, he will be able to protect you AND your rights because he carries.

        • Tbaughey

          Im a Democrat and i like my gun rights.. I think training should be a big part of ccp. everyone should have to take a basic traning thats hands on.

        • I beleive in the 2nd amd. I,m a country boy well 55 not aboy  I just think they twist things around 2 much . Just like freedom of the press but I have guns 2 hunt and self protection but I got a perment but I don,t carry down main st. just thought I.d throw that in seems like everone has a good point dose,nt matter if its r/l wing its whos doing the right thing

        • If I choose to carry, I am not changing your ability to act as you wish. However, too many liberals are seeking to institute their ‘pacifist control’ over my actions. The ignorant shouldn’t rant about ranting. Labels are bullshit!!

        • Anonymous

          Why should one be concerned about whether someone else does not like the sharing of another’s expressed  desires? Is that offensive to you? Where did you ever get the idea that that other people should have to guard their expression of likes, dislikes, and desires to avoid offending you? I am offended by your labeling someone a bully or a knuckle dragger. Is my being offended by your comments and labeling going to influence you to not say such things? Well, sun of a gun, I guess we’ll just both be offended. Can you live with that, or do you think “there ought to be a law.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. Make a law to use to stop people from offending others. We’ll call it the “anti-hate speech law.” And you’d say, “Damn the first amendment! It only applies when you agree with me!”

      • Lowridderracing

        Dellavar, with your beliefs you should move out of the US. You want to give up consitutional rights thats your perogotive, but keep you nose out of our rights. Just move away!!!

        • Dbluefish

          Way to go lowridderracing, we live in a country where everyone, regardless of their beliefs, religious or otherwise, can express their opinion and not be subject to the small minsedness of ignoramuses like you.  I was in the Corps to protect those rights and you shall not take them away.

          • FirstTeam4life

            Semper Fi Dbluefish, 1-7 here from 2004-2010. Ignorant people such as Dellavar may have the right to express their views such as we do, wich we fought to keep and protect, and if they wish to fight to revoke our Rights as a US citizen then Dellavar i will GLADLY raise funds to send your un-american ass out of this country… Iraq perhaps? I have some brothers from the 1-7 who will be happy to greet you there im sure…

          • Rboyer3298

            Agree with you FirstTeam. I think if you can’t stand behind our troops, then you should stand in front of them. Thank you for your service. although it seams wasted on morons like Dellavar. It was appreciated by true Americans. God bless you.

          • Strangler

            Where did Dellavar say anything about the troops, or oppose 2A rights in any way?  You guys are morons.  He was saying that Wildmangood’s comment was obnoxious and nonsensical (conflating socialism and gun control? What?).   Actually, pretty much anyone who throws around the word “Socialism” nowadays should just be ignored.

          • wonder worm

            I agree with you Strangler. The word “Socialism” is getting overused about as much as “hero” is.

          • Anonymous

            Over used doesn’t mean it is not applicable!

          • Grumpy

            Um, pretty sure they were directing their comments towards Idiothater…

          • idiot hater

            Enough jarheads. I for one could care less about your service.  Most of you only join because you can’t get a real job.  If you have any brains you would have finished high school at least and learned what the first and second amendment mean.  And BTW, thanks for fight for my right to call you a jarhead.

          • You are aware that “Jarhead” isn’t something  to be ashamed of aren’t you?  Proud to be associated with that handle. 

          • Indyearth

            To continue this, I will say nicely, debate– there are many over generalizations– logical fallacies, and personally heated opinions that this can easily run wild…

             There are people who are not competent enough, and should never own a firearm. Of those that could/should, there are those who should not be allowed to carry a firearm– openly or concealed.

             There are persons who entered military service as a ‘last resort’. Some, being raised and indoctrinated into a religion or mindset– do so out of idealism and/or belief. None of which precludes them being idiots, stupid, nor thrill seeking freaks as possibly implied above by others.

             Thank you to those who served. There are conflicts that I have not agreed with that they have participated in… Our opinions are our own, and sacred. The intent is everything.

             I am a well trained near pacifist who owns a gun, and has a permit to carry concealed. Whether I carry or not isn’t the point, I can if I feel it necessary, and have the right to do so. I am highly educated, have healthy respect for the powerful responsibility that comes with such a right…

             Someone above stating that criminals have all the firepower vs law abiding citizen is correct.. ASK the Brit who owns the weapons in England… Not the Police officers, not the competent citizen— No! The criminal. He/She will have much to say about that.

             To sum up: There are persons not fit mentally/psychologically prepared, fit, or mature with regards to the responsible use/ownership of a weapon– firearm or otherwise. There are laws and checks-and-balances to help that disparity.

             Removing the rights of everyone means giving Carte-Blanche to the criminal faction, and empowering them many fold…

             Keep in mind, just because someone passed their act 240 with psych exam to be a police officer, does not make them sane, or able… Too many have abused their power.
             Call me names (1st Amendment), own a gun (2nd), fight illegal search of person, home papers ( 4th), and do not incriminate yourself (5th)… Freedom is not a pick and choose thing! You cannot decide today, this is acceptable, then tomorrow you want it back or gone… Give it some thought!

          • Thanks#2

            WOW…. It is honestly disgusting that you would tell someone who stared death in the face for you that you don’t care about the shit they have done…. You disgust me. 

          • However, they did it while ‘just following orders’.

            That doesn’t exactly scream ‘fighting for our freedom’.

          • MMASeaDog

            Dear idiot hater:

            You actually have to pass the ASVB Test to get into the military. The test shows what your reading comprehension, math ability and mechanical aptitude is. For the record I served in the Navy Reserves for 12 years, graduated college and have a great job.

            In my opinion college degrees are overrated. Leadership skills learned in the military are equally valuable to a worth college education. Making tough decisions when you have been in harms way gives you a unique skill set to deal with pressure and making tough decisions in the civilian work place.

            Until you walked a mile in a soldiers or sailors boots you should learn to keep your uninformed and ignorant opinion about the people that serve and protect the USA to yourself.

          • Generalizing is always what it is, a generalization.  You can’t have lived someone elses life, so you can only theorize.

          • Sandman77

            you can always join a branch and find out for yourself whats its like, 

          • Tehran444

            You may as a Marine calll one another “jarheads” but you as a jughead don’t meet that criteria. Donald R Hohman CWO(RET)USA POW. Semper Fi for my brother Marine’s.

          • What is in a name?   Except a thread derailment of course….

          • 64Driver

            idiot hater:

            I see you have no idea what it is to feel respect for your country and the desire to serve and protect it.  It is ironic that you don’t understand that the only reason you have the right to say what you want is that you live in a FREE country because of those who are willing to serve and sacrifice so people like you can live in ignorant bliss.

            I personally carry concealed as do many and believe in our rights to do so.  I also know the history behind the 2nd amendment and know we do not have a well-regulated militia, or militia at all, but do have a VOLUNTEER military force, so theoretically you fall into neither and perhaps should not carry yourself.  Just a thought.

            I graduated both high school and college with multiple degrees and am an Army Officer flying the AH-64D Apache helicopter.  Tell me I couldn’t get a job anywhere else and I will continue to laugh in your ignorant face as I do now.  I feel sorry for you in the way you disrespect these servicemen whether you agree with their opinions or not. Have a nice life enjoying your freedom.

          • Anonymous

            I just read your post and I say RIGHT ON! I simply can’t understand so many of these, in my opinion,  narrow minded people who seem so strongly against the values of our free country, for which many have fought and even died for. Thank you and yours for your service. (For those who wait also serve, big time!)

          • splashout 101

            You were close, Title 10 USC, section 311 All able bodied Americans from 17 to 45 years of age are members of the militia. all former members of the us armed forces are members of the militia until they reach 64 years of age. It’s the Law.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, Idiot Hater, how long did it take you to memorize that quote from a John Kerry speech?

          • johninmatteson


            Go ask Michelle for a tissue.  Cry me a river Barack.  You are the waste of time.  So long in 2012.

            Tincan Sailor
            Trusty Shellback
            Vietnam 1965-66
            Sempre Fi to all USMC

          • Grumpy

            You may be on to something here…I joined because I couldn’t find a job…or, at least one I really liked…at the time.  With three college degrees and working on a fourth, I consider myself relatively well educated.  I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion rather I agree with it or not.  Therefore, you Sir, are the idiot you ascribe to hate…the pain and sacrifice suffered by so many servicemembers can never be understood by a non-serving member of society…ever.  In an average business climate, no employee will ever be expected to leave their families for more than a few days, and that is usually to some other domestic city that still has all the trappings of modern society, let alone be intentionally placed in harms way to defend the liberties of a population that doesn’t understand what is being offered to them, all with the expectation that those servicemembers are creating a country that will desire to befriend ours and not fantasize about our very destruction.  With all that, we still salute smartly and press on because that is our job and I am incredibly proud of those servicemembers that are carrying the torch this day and all those in the future!

            I will admit that I certainly am no Rhodes Scholar, afterall, I retired from the USAF after 25 years as an enlisted man, but I am smart enough to know that if those of us that desire to defend and believe in our right to self protection must unite in order to further our cause (the continued ability to pursue our freedoms and passions).  I believe in my country and what we have accomplished but also believe we are on a fast track to obsolescence through our own ignorance.  Agree with me or not, that is my opinion.

          • WOP2

            Not really a reply, but rather a hearty “Welcome Home”, and Bravo Zulu from a Zoomie.
            Vietnam, 1973, Linebacker II

          • To “idiot hater”
            If you could care less about those who served our country I have to assume you could care less about America as well.  As an idiot hater you must hate yourself very much, you should get help for that. You should also be aware that because of the freedoms in our country you can leave, it’s quite possibe you can find another country with much more to hate.

          • Dennis the Menace

            Spoken like the true coward that you are. Please speak your opinion when the shit hits the fan so that I don,t mistakenly defend you.

          • magnum power

            You truly show your low IQ whenever you type and open your mouth! Your comment shows yuour total lack of knowledge of the militaty and the quality of the men and women who serve this country. It’s these brave men and women who daily, protect YOUR right to say totally moronic things. You leftists hate the military and all it stands for yet are more than happy to use them whenever you think they’ll serve your stupid ideas. You’re also too stupid to realize that it’s the military that protects this country and your right to say moronic things yet you’re too stupid to understand that. God Bless!

          • Simonson Connor

            Thanks for insulting some of the finest men and women on this planet. I know a lot of Marines and most of them have more degrees and schooling than any civilian can boast. If you don’t know what you’re talking about you shouldn’t be speaking at all. Semper Fi guys thanks for what you do.

          • Itprofx1

            idiot hater should hate him or herself, what a moron, they should let you run around in the desert as a target during target practice…

          • Ooh-Rah

            Semper Fi from Fox co

          • Guest

            BLT 2/7 Viet Nam   Big Al

          • ARMED IN CHICAGO

            my money says Dellavar voted for the goof in the white house and probably thinks he is doing a good job. Bah bah little sheeple.
            2012 and the trash WILL be taken out.

      • “Guys like you”… that’s very condescending, Dellavar. You failed to give any justification for your position, why you think he’s a hindrance to fair gun rights, and are quick to want to deny him his rights based on … what?
        Do you disagree with wildmangood2000? Or just disapprove of the commenter as a person based on…. what? A passionate plea for constitutionalists to support one another’s rights?
        Just because a person is passionate in their beliefs, doesn’t mean you should bar them from their Constitutionally guaranteed/protected rights. Why would you assume Wildmangood2000 should be kept from his rights? He’s made no outrageous claims, called for no illegal or violent actions, and has merely stated that supporters of gun-rights should band together in a union to get a collective/larger voice for their issue. This is no less or no more than teachers do, machinists do, firefighters do… are you going to call for their rights to be infringed?
        Look to the message (without reading your own bias into it) and not the passion with which it’s delivered.
        Given the choice between a passionate supporter of my rights (wildmangood2000) and someone who’s quick to jump on the ‘for me but not thee’ bandwagon without supporting evidence (Dellavar), I’d much rather arm wildmangood2000. He’ll speak up for me if someone tries to do me wrong. I doubt I’m alone on that score.

      • Taco_Friendly

        Dellavar; you fail. gtfo. noob.
        Wildmangood2k; its called the NRA.
        Dbluefish; lowrider is expressing his opinion and should not be subjected to your closed-mindedness xD
        everyone else: dont feed the trolls

      • Wcj0616

        I bet you voted for Oracko Bahama


        Moron, let me refresh your failing memory. THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

        My gun permit is the US Constitution. 

      • There is a constitutional right.  What does it matter if you think he shouldn’t have access?

      • Dennis the Menace


    • Rlbow99

      you are so right. All states should have the right to carry and all the laws should be the same for all states

    • Lowriderracing

      How can a state take away our constitutional rights. #$#@%&%*%$ them states. Dont spend a dime there. Do not travel.boycott them. The supreme court needs to rectify this BS….

    • makarov

      Obama is the person that pushed the country to allow us to carry in national parks now. It is up to the states to allow people to carry in there states. It is not up to the federal government. The supreme court just told the state that do not allow carry permit that it was infringement on the rights of there residents so it should be changed soon.   

      • makarov

        sorry it was national forests not parks sorry for the mix up

        • Terryreno

          No it’s National Parks, you were right, expect in the states where you cant carry anyway.

    • Emt56444

      WI is actually working on it right now. Looks like the bill requirement a permit is what the governor is going with.

    • UAZ

      there is a union, it’s called the NRA.  look it up sometime.

    • Whammond

      There is a “union” in regards to gun owners… It’s called the NRA.  You should be a member

    • Funtran

      Being from the free, right to bear amrs state of Arizona the way I look at it is:
          There are three types of people in these repressed states that limit fire arms.
      These are the three types of citizens, 
                                                                 1- The Police
                                                                 2- The criminals
                                                                 3- The victims
      Which one of these are you good people. Remember when seconds count the Police are only minuted away. The main job of the police in these states are drawing chalk marks on the floor.   God bless the Great State of Arizona !!
                                                                     [email protected]

    • Sheefer5

      look up DC v. Heller the supreme court is has ruled that it is your right to carry a gun!
      and it is not obama it is your state!

    • Stanley Turner

      LOL … Another dumb republican with a gun.

    • Anonymous

      There is a saying “ your rights end where mine begin “ simply put yes you should be able to have a gun or a cigarette, but don’t go around shooting people for no reason or blowing smoke in their face. Isn’t that easy?

    • Swatrn

      Hey,there is a union……it’s called the NRA!

    • Jon1elberg

      There already is a gun owners union, it’s called the NRA.

    • Jim

      Wisconsin now does have a Concealed Weapons Permit process.  It doesn’t go into effect until 1 November 2011, but the law has been signed.  It’s a shall issue law with the ability to accept other state permits.  The other state permits that are acceptable will not be revealed until 1 November 2011 as well.

    • Wisconsin has now passed a cc law effective 11-1-11

    • Wcj0616

      I totally agree where do we sign up? 

    • yamomma

      I completely agree about the violating of the 2nd Amendment….its ok for WI & IL to enforce a law like that and the federal government completely supports them…on the other hand california changes its laws for marijuana sales and yet the federal government swoops in and still puts people in jail. That doesn’t make sense at all

    • WOP2

      In the past seven months, Wisconsin has come out of the dark ages, established concealed carry (it went into effect yesterday, the 1st of November, and reciprocity with 25 states, including my own home state. Ilinois is the last holdout, and between Heller and McDonald, I see that changing soon.

    • Vermonter

      I find it quite amusing that the most “socialist” state in the union allows residents and visitors to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

      Loaded handguns are fine. A loaded deer rifle in your car will get you into trouble 🙂

    • Twobumknees

      It didnt start with Obama  look in to who was in office when it turned in to a no carry state  there is a lot of people to blame on this on  including the people for not sticking up together to change this stupid law.

    • libertyrequired

      Old statement I know; but , WMG2k here is actually the knee jerk, more mouth than brains constituents gun lobbyists fear.  Obama/socialism……….saddling these jingo right wing objectives to defend our 2nd amendment rights demonizes it for the moderate middle.  

      More Charlton Heston; way less Teg Nugent folks.

  • Mathias754

    I am a Pennsylvania Concealed Carry License Holder ( also ACT 235 Certified Lethal Weapons Agent) – I’m not certain that your state reciprocity map is accurate? I recently identified myself in a telephone call to the Delaware State Police prior to visiting their state. They merely asked that I be safe while traveling in and through their state?

    • Anonymous

      The Delaware State Police do not handle concealed carry reciprocity. It is handled by the Delaware Attorney General. And according to their website they do not have reciprocity with Pennsylvania.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      • jjonmc

        I am a DE Resident and work in PA. DE does not recognize a PA permit(I believe it has to do with the fact that DE is may-issue and requires an NRA certified course and live fire target requirements but PA does not). Most PA residents I know that carry in DE do so with a Florida non-resident permit as DE and FL are reciprocal since FL requires a class as well(I have DE, PA & FL permits myself)

  • Jim Eischeid


  • Jackson Daniels80

    @ Wildmangood2000 yea but in WI you can open carry, One guy open carry’s an AK47. Youtube it!! Its pretty much a constitutional carry. However the issue is what to do while your driving through WI.

  • Sportsternut

    I hold a permit from my state of residence, PA and have relatives in NJ but am paranoid about taking a firearm there. There was a young fellow who was sentenced to seven years for transporting two hand guns in locked cases in the trunk of his car. He was moving at the time and basically transporting his personal property from one residence to another. WTF! Maybe it didn’t help his cause that he went on Judge Napolitans’s TV show and they both mocked the judge before sentencing. Thank God for Gov. Christie! He pardoned the kid and fired the judge. I’m still wary though. People who actually commit crimes don’t get that harsh of a sentence. Will only retire to a state with shall issue law. Eliminates some nice goegraphy (CA, DE, and NJ). Oh well FL and AZ are fine.

    • Mathias754

      Interesting thoughts and comments…and even though mentioning AZ being fine – where were all of those fine licensed citizens when the latest tragedy occurred there? I certainly hope that they weren’t standing by, in the crowd, and quivering?! My position has always been to carry is to protect…and that is not just limited to my family, friends, and loved ones, but to those in my community when an “active shooter” raises their ugly head. God Bless!!!

  • Goodguy

    Got my ccw permit in florida, moved to ohio, now what? does that tranfer, anyone know?

  • scurby

    carry me i have had a mi. cpl for sometime now. can i carry in all 35 states listed on map or am i missing something.

  • scurby

    i have a mi. cpl can i carry in all 35 states listed or am i overlooking something

  • smogman62

    I can’t make heads or tails out of the map, can anyone tell me If I can ccw in FL with my MN permitt. Or do I need to get a ccw permit from FL. Thanks for your help…

    • Anonymous

      No, Florida does not accept Minnesota. To see that on the map all you would need to do is click on the state of Minnesota and then Florida shows up Red which means you can’t carry there.

    • Asvr2

      If one can not figure out this program, maybe you should not have a weapon……………

    • Kgman9310

      As far as the map shows, Your MN. permit is not reconized in FL. It looks like you will have to obtain a FL. non residence permit.

    • Bubba316

      you need a florida permit

  • Fslater102

    Re: What Wildmangood2000 said I agree 100% But add NJ to that list. Before you can get a CCW here You have to have just about been shot dead by a criminal, with another one shooting you while your lying dead in your coffin. Actually in NJ before you get a CCW you have to prove “Justifyable need to the local PD chief and the a county superior court judge. This equates to NO ONE GETS IT!

  • Saberman64

    Wisconsin has open carry ” no permit”, Michigan also has open carry, and i think no permit? so can I open carry in Michigan? as a Wisconsin resident.

  • Shess66

    i live in VA and have my CCW permit, anyone know why NJ is so tough to get a non resident permit ?

  • Ctallmen

    I am more Dem then Rep. But I know if you take Guns away from the honest people only the criminals will have them! plan and to the point 2nd amendment it not a Obama thing! it’s a State law not a Federal !!

  • JOHN roe sr.

    Is it true that 29 states, and if true which 29 states allow vetrans of the armed forces to carry concealed with only a DD214 and a one time fee.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never heard of that.

  • Hjbrianbhio123

    How about instead of being crazy political and crap we need to get together and work on this logically. Emotion gets nowhere.

  • Spook

    A proud democrat.. FDR was a proud democrat. Johnson was a proud democrat. Obama was a proud democrat. It’s the proud democrats that are ruining our country with all there foolish laws, regulations and poor understanding of the Constitution. What we don’t need is more proud democrats and there nanny attitudes and corrupt unions.

  • wcnorton

    FYI… for those of you living in SC; obtaining your SC CWP and Florida Non-Resident CWP will make you legal in 38 states as well as some of our closest neighbors such as Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi who do not honor SC CWP but honor Flaroida NR CWP’s. Well worth it to obtain both if you travel a lot like myself. Hope this was useful.

  • wcnorton

    Hey Chuck, if your daughter, mother, sister, etc. was walking broke down on a back road and attacked by a rapists would you rather her have a gun, or would your rather her have a politically correct cell phone, condom, or hey…. maybe a rape whistle? Talk about imposing on others rights. What gives you the right to tell someone who’sbeing attacked they can’t protect themselves? I’d carry a cop instead of a gun but they’re too heavy. Last but not least, people like yourself often claim that others carry guns because they’re compensating for something. You’re exactly right. The elderly, the average woman, and mean like myself who are 5’7 160 pounds are compensating for the fact that we’re smaller and weaker than the average violent attacker. Is your “morally acceptable” philosophy “Survival of the Fittest”? That’s what you’re telling the folks I mentioned above if you take away their right to self-protection.

  • Bctampa69

    the 2 amendment is the right to bare arms, if you choose not to then that’s your right. but a firearm should be allowed to those who are or can be responsible with it. just because i carry a firearm doesn’t mean i go around saying hey mess with me. no it just states that if i need it i have it,, rather have it and not need it than not have it and need it.

  • Chefranger

    So since I have my CCW for NV. I am welcome to carry in all the light blue states, Is that right?

  • Dsinn7

    Pennsylvania now has Iowa listed as a state they honor.

    • Anonymous

      The maps have been updated to reflect this. Thanks.

  • Laurence Almand

    Some of these states have never heard of the Fourth Amendment, which requires that ALL states honor the licenses and permits and laws of all other states.   In addition, Wisconsin and Ilinois are directly violating the Constitutional right to “bear arms” i. e. carry guns.   Suppose Wisconsin stated it would not honor the dirvers’ licenses of Illinois?   How long would that law last in the courts? 

    • Slvr_bullet

      You’re thinking of Article 4 section 1.
      Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

    • CharonPDX

      Kind of like how many states do not honor some states marriage licenses?

  • Tech36

    The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the second amendment. however, there is no clause that says you must have a weapon. So, for those of you who are opposed to firearm ownership, don’ t get one. For those of us who wish to exercise our right to own firearms, do so. For all of us, be careful. What we don’t need is a “war” of right and wrong. One day there will be a real need for all of us to unite, and I hope we are all armed on that day.

  • Spike_dawgg

    Governor Walker of Wisconsin wants to ban the First Amendment and possibly (if he has the votes) Amendments 3-10. Wisconsin is NOT an American state.

  • Bankwalker042101

    Ok traveling from Ms. to Al toGa is ok but if I go into SC where do I display my gun and suppressos?

  • Madhzrx

    Why is it that IA honors permits from MN, but MN does not Honor permits from IA? 

  • Spacesec

    I have a cwp from Arizona and moved to Texas, I have changed my address with the AZ. DPS to notify I have moved to TX.
    can I still carry concealed in Tx. until the AZ. permit expires or do I have to get a TX. permit, I am becoming a resident of TX.

  • Spacesec

    I have a cwp from Arizona and moved to Texas, I have changed my address with the AZ. DPS to notify I have moved to TX.
    can I still carry concealed in Tx. until the AZ. permit expires or do I have to get a TX. permit, I am becoming a resident of TX.

  • jenni

    i can’t get a permit so i can protect myself from the criminals in la thats shit!

  • Chef

    Great map!!! This should take care of all your ?????

  • Pdeluca3

    Wisconsin passed the concealed weapons law the governor will sign it in to law this week 

  • CapnRob

    Beginning July 1, 2011 Nevada will honor CCWs issued to residents of Arizona and Kentucky.

  • CapnRob

    Another update which should be made discovered when selecting “Permits Honored by State” tab:

    Arizona currently honors CCWs issued by ALL states and territories. Further, no permit is required AT ALL, of residents or non-residents alike, to carry concealed in most places within the state. There are a few exceptions to this, CCW holders can carry in a few places non-holders can not and there are places, such as courtrooms, federal buildings, etc… where NO ONE other than L.E. can carry. Refer to AZDPS website for details.

    All in all, the AZ Resident Permit is currently the most recognized in the nation.

  • Charie

    Wildmangood, there is already a “union” for gun owner rights. It is the National Rifle Association
    (NRA). They are guarding your gun owner rights and are primarily the reason many states allow concealed carry. Everyone who feels that the second amendment is important should belong the this organization.

  • Djmw

    While Hawaii does have a “may issue” law, I’ don’t believe it is actually possible to obtain a concealed carry permit.

  • Smgouch

    A lot of you seem to have forgotten that your comments should be about gun rights.  I am a lady who has had guns sinces the age of 10.  I have a nice collection in my gun safe from handguns to rifles.  I like to target practice and hunt but age and a bum knee have put a temporary hold on that activity.  I have had concealed carry permits both in the state of Oregon and Washington since the age of 22 (now 65).  Protect your rights, practice gun safety, teach your children gun respect,and use the political machine to change what you don’t approve!

    • CharonPDX

      I am curious how you have had concealed carry permits in Oregon and Washington for 43 years, when the Oregon has only OFFERED concealed carry permits for 22 years…  (Washington, I’ll buy, they’ve had “shall issue” for a very long time.)

  • Boaz

    I live in Arkansas.  Please color New Mexico “Blue” as they have recently given reciprocity with us.
    Visited with a gun enthusiast from Wisconsin in May.  Said there were more gun owners than known and is only a matter of time before Wisconsin becomes a “Shall Issue.”  Let us hope so.

    • Anonymous

      The maps have been updated to reflect this.

  • Tmdbroncos

    After calling the Nebraska State Patrol Headquarters and the Colorado Department of Public Safety I can say this reciprocity map is bullshit.  Neither state will honor any other state’s Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon.

  • Ocean37

    As of today, July 1st 2011, Nevada will accept Arizona’s CWP. Good news.!

    • Anonymous

      The maps have been updated to reflect this.

  • Tombainter

    why do these dicussion posts always seem to degenerate to politics,religion? i will not go there personally. some people in il.just want the legal right to protect the lives of their family from a ever increasing violent crime problem. it is getting to be a sad world that we live in

  • Tombainter

    why do these dicussion posts always seem to degenerate to politics,religion? i will not go there personally. some people in il.just want the legal right to protect the lives of their family from a ever increasing violent crime problem. it is getting to be a sad world that we live in

  • Lejeune911

    What is the issue with states like Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio not recognizing Indiana’s CC permit?

  • Ridiculous how crazy it is to defend yourself in our country.

  • Kbroz

    I have just received my permit in Texas.  Want to carry a In the Waist Band 45. .  I am 6’4″ 225lbs 17 yrs old – former Marine.  All recommendations and feedback welcome

  • Billybob

    Looks like Wisconsin has finally allowing CCL’s. You all there is too much politics in this gun issue for it to be a part line thing. Get over it and realise that whether you are a Dem, Rep, Independant or a Tea party person its YOU YOURSELF that makes up your mind as to whether you like guns or dont…Just dont paint any one party with the same paint brush. Not everyone sees it the same way as you or i do and when we ( you or I ) start taking the line of ” If you dont agree with me then you are against me” just makes the other side dig in deeper… In other words PLAY NICE!  

  • Dpcool222

    In reference to taking some ideas from democrats and some from republicans goes, how about this-they ALL read the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS, and just do what it says??


    THANKS for updating the map. I screen shot this and sent it to Governor Quinn of Illinois with the heading “How does it feel to be a Communist?”   I expect that shortly, the Illinois State Police will be raiding my home. 

  • lonny

    To Wildmangood2000 I agree bill &hillary haave been trying to change the 2nd amd. for years trying 2 bring it up in the UN change tis & that looks like they ,d understand when a citizen can,t get a weapon only the criminals will have themI think most of them are full of bull [email protected]

  • I enjoyed reading u,r coments the amendments I belong 2 the nra and like discussing differnt veiws on subjects also learn alot 2 I,ve read ualls coments i,ll have agree with parts of all uall,s coments some or most parts makes alot of comon sence take care all lonny

  • I enjoyed reading u,r coments the amendments I belong 2 the nra and like discussing differnt veiws on subjects also learn alot 2 I,ve read ualls coments i,ll have agree with parts of all uall,s coments some or most parts makes alot of comon sence take care all lonny

  • John Burns1950

    If i’m traveling through the states which show permit honored, does that mean I can carry or that I have to apply for a CCW permit in that state prior to traveling.

  • Troy30047

    as a gun owner we have to look at the big picture.  There is always going to be a law against something or the guys in the big chair can’t make their political money.  But if that looked at the laws on the books and inforced the the right way then we law bidding citizens can express or right to onw and carry without recourse.

  • Babypuppy216

    glad to have this app and obama is secretly trying to take all of our rights away starting with the 2nd adm.

  • Jonescolsc

    Illinois law should be declared unconstitutional.  Laws restricting gun possesion are designed to protect the criminal, not honest Americans.  Criminals are carrying the weapons illegally to start with.  Passing additional laws doesn’t effect them.  It only effects the honest person who is trying to obey the law.  Wake up America,  Quit protecting the criminal.  When I see a store that has a no concealed weapons sign,  I go somewhere else.  All Americans should not shop in these stores.  Criminals who are carrying a gun illegally to start with ignore the sign.  Only honest people are effected. I know it’s difficult but support your Country and honest Americans and shop somewhere else.

  • Billy Bob

    Just think what Americans have seen change over the past 235 plus years.  Not to mention the accelerated development of scientific research and computer intellegence. The future is not as easy to foresee, especially the way liberal minded thought is deviating from our past.  Think about this…all present day crimes will no longer exist. Prisons will be deemed unconstitutional and crimes as WE know them now will be stricken from the books. The belief that smaller government will be squshed like a small innocent insect. And you can kiss away any personal privacy and indivual independence.  Believe It.  You & I won’t be around to see it… But it is headed that direction. FAST

  • red dog

    Forgive me for forgetting the doctor’s name, however the opinion/diagnosis is spot on.  A renowned psychiatrist recently opined that liberals are mentally ill.  If one stops and thinks about that statement, it makes complete sense.  I have the right to own and cary a firearm.  If one doesn’t argee with their right to own and carry, then don’t own and carry.  The mental illness in this argument is the belief that their personal belief should be imposed on others.

  • Anonymous

    Please read and understand both meanings here about who are outlaws and who we are making outlaws by passing certain legislation throwing out our right to possess firearms…

    If guns are outlawed – then only outlaws will have guns.

  • Anonymous

    If guns are outlawed – only the OUTLAWS will have guns….read that and then read it again – different laws make good mild-mannered citizens who simply want to excercise their right to bear arms and be prepared (not out looking for a fight – not trigger happy) just be prepared to protect themselves and their family…different laws make THOSE folks outlaws if they choose to arm themselves as the REAL outlaws who mean us harm do.  WHAT are we really regulating and who are we making into criminals.  The criminals are not LEGALLY allowed to own firearms once convicted of a crime even when they return to society.  Don’t make American citizens outlaws for wanting to go through the LEGAL process of owning a firearm. 
    IF GUNS ARE OUTLAWED – ONLY THE OUTLAWS will HAVE GUNS!  (and that will be everyone – as those who shouldn’t have them are outlaws and those who tried to obtain them for proper purposes and through legal means will then be outlaws too)

  • Someone needs to fix the map.  I don’t know about any other states, but both Michigan and Indiana honor ALL other states’ resident permits. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what the maps show.

  • john

    i have an Oregon ccw current and a NM ccw in prosses, and i need to travel thru Ca,.
    will mi run into problems if stoped?

  • Dsinn7

    New Hampshire now honors Iowa

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. The maps have been updated to reflect this.

  • AlexGBLUEyes

    First thing first Semper Fi. Gun rights should be taught in school and excercised by all.  I”m from Ky and currently stationed in Tx.  Here you don’t have to have a permit to carry in your truck because it is an extention of your home.  I dont think any legal american should have to pay for a permit to carry a gun.  Crime here is less because 7 out of every 10 vehicles has a weapon in it.  Let god sort em out!

  • CharonPDX

    Minor quibble, although you don’t have a category for it…

    Oregon is a “shall issue to residents, MAY issue to non-residents.”  If you’re a non-resident, you have to give a “compelling reason” why you want one.  And you have to live in a directly bordering state (Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California only.)  It’s up to the individual Oregon county sheriff’s offices to decide where in the bordering states they accept from, so if you’re in a bordering area near multiple Oregon counties, you can pick the one you think will be more likely to grant.)  For example, Multnomah county will only accept applications from Washington residents (specifically those who live near Multnomah county, although they don’t detail the exact requirements.)  Clatsop county specifically says they accept from “Pacific, Grays Harbor or Wahkiakum County Washington”  But it appears that Tillamook county (which is on the coast and doesn’t border any other states,) will consider applications from ANY bordering state!

  • Mel

    As of 8-15-2-11, Louisiana does not honor Florida non resident permits for residents of Louisiana.  I think l got that right.

  • Terry

    Wildmangood2000:Yes, a total infringement of the 2nd amendment.  You MUST have a Firearms Owner Identification card to purchase, carry, display, own or transport a firearm, or to purchase ammunition.  I lived there 20+ years and I REFUSED to sign up.

  • wonder worm

    Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two different manuscripts and two whole different meanings.

  • wonder worm

    I am a liberal democrat and I dont want to take our guns away. So there goes your argument right out the window.

  • wonder worm

    you are an idiot

  • wonder worm

    and you must be an idiot Repugnican

  • Jumpherbones69

    If I have a conseal carry is it legal to carry it in a semi 

  • RD Knowles

    In regards to Illinois and Wisconsin, if they won’t let you carry, don’t go into the state carrying a weapon (CCW).  It is the law.  There are many states that you can carry.  Basically, change the law, don’t just cry about it!  SLANCBP…BTW, you can take the alternative and carry anyway.  Not necessarily the bright way.
    For you Marines, Semper Fi!  Please remember we did fight for other people’s rights, we might not agree with some, but we did it none the less.  We did it without questioning, and with honor.  Someone has to step up to the plate.  Lead, follow or get out of the way…………………….
    Having said that.  It is sometimes hard to understand the unconscious thought patterns of some!
    Truthseeker… interesting snippet. 

  • Larry Rhude

    I too, fought for our rights, and I think everyone has a right to say what he thinks of any law, but he has no right to call those who disagree with him names.I am a firm believer in the second amendment especially. Those who wrote the constitution had an excellent understanding of repressive government. They fought a war to first attain our rights because we were being denied almost any rights. The current government is acting very much like the English government did back then. They have the idea that “they” know better than us “common” people. Remember Obama’s remark that he wished he could just rule the country without answering to anyone else? Another important basic truth is that the founders of our country based the Declaration of Independence on GOD given rights and morals. Read the first two paragraphs if not the whole thing. It is short. Same for the Constitution. At the time of the writing of the Constitution, 98.4% of Americans were Protestant Christians, 1.4% Catholics, and .2% other, mostly Jews. There were an insignificant number of atheists and agnostics. Only two of the delegates were not professing Christians. Ben Franklyn was an agnostic, but he still believed in and touted the morals of Christianity. The Constitutional Convention started with a THREE HOUR prayer session. We need to reclaim America for Christ and much of this garbage government will be straightened out.

    • Ali

      “The current government is acting very much like the English
      government did back then. They have the idea that “they” know better
      than us “common” people.”What do you mean back then… they are doing it more than ever now. I should know.Signed- A limey who lives in a country where even pepper spray is outlawed, and you can go inside for using “excessive force” on a criminal.

      • Ali

        That should have put new lines in between the quote and my reply.

      • Larryrhude

        I see what you mean. By “back then” I was thinking of when they actively had armed soldiers all around to control the people, forced residents to house and feed soldiers, etc. But I  agree that Brittan currently has really screwed its citizens with their confiscations and severe laws that leave the honest citizens unable to protect themselves effectively. I pray for your country and others like it. I hope you and others are fighting to correct this horrible injustice. Does NRA have a branch there or is there some other org fighting for your rights? Love to hear more from you.

    • Sick of Christer Taliban

      Shove your fascist “Christian” bullshit up your ass, sideways.

      • Rsuitor118

        Learn to spell the word “Christian”; also, why don’t you clean up your language with some intelligent conversation?

      • One39two

        Get your head out of your own ass

      • The Cisco Kid

        Christian?!?! Read “Erick Von Danken’s” books LIke “Chariots of the Gods”, etc.
        Makes a lot of sense like Von Danken I was also born & raised as a Catholic going thru R.C, schools. But Von Danken’ will make stop and think!!!

      • Jlelandthomas

        Christer your very last name spells trouble to me and your language alike we need morals Christian or just what ever you are my family has defended this country in all wars to be free of getting hung for for saying I believe that is why we are here if you don’t like it then I personally invite you to leave it and if I see you around my little grand daughter or son I will put at the earths end for beings like you and we walk to the same walk in this country no matter what we believe as long as it has positive morals at least I know what my 1 through 4 amendments stand for and mean to a real American

  • MyAmerica

    I have to wonder will NY even consider more concealed guns during the 10 year aniversary of 9-11? I know we know how to handle ourselves, I’m also sure that the NYPD doesn’t know how to handle themselves with armed citizens. Good luck with that guys.

  • Anonymous

    The “Golden Rule” is my getalong bible with a small difference, Do unto others as long as they will let you!!!

  • Curt

    House bill H.R. 822 now in process will allow CCW Holders rights in all ststes that issue CCW’s. That’s 49, ILstill a commie state with CA right behind. Contact your House Rep to vote this bill through!

    • I live in CA, it’s nothing like Illinois. The law in CA is that the local sheriff departments, and police departments, if you live within city limits have jurisdiction over who can get a permit and who will not. So in CA the state law is ambivalent to the issue. If you live in a place like San Francisco you can forget it, but I live in Sacramento and was easily approved. So depends entirely on the county and that sheriff’s policy.

  • xdmowner615

    Umm this is confusing because I select my state and all the states but 4 are lit up… I know this is not correct information.. any assitance? Iowa Resident here

    • xdmowner615

      ok correction it was my computer that was messed up sorry for the wrong post…

    • xdmowner615

      ok correction it was my computer that was messed up sorry for the wrong post…

  • geronimotwo

    does anyone know what states issue a lifetime non resident pistol permit?




  • Anonymous

    To Bruce_in_San_Jose and Truthseeker: RIGHT ON! Keep it up. I still stand by my earlier post, and YES, I have read the history of our early country and the Constitutional convention. My facts are correct except for one thing, I Called Ben Franklyn an agnostic and, as Truthseeker pointed out, he was a deist. A deist is one who believes there is a God on the evidence of reason and nature only. Ben believed in God, he just didn’t know much about Him and didn’t commit. If you don’t believe that there is a God look at a newborn baby and explain to me how that happened, other than the basics of conception. Billions of cells began as two conjoined cells and differentiated themselves into the thousands of body parts that make us what we are; coincidence, evolution, what?? Try throwing a bunch of parts into a bucket and see if a clock evolves.

  • Zach

    God Bless the USA, the gun-carrying law-abiding citizens, and the men and women who protect and fight for those rights every day.

  • Wiegandrichardson

    what does a green state mean

    • 1911colt

      that is the state you marked where you held your permit.

  • Hr 218 is a carry in all 50 states, is this addressed on this site?

    • jigger

      I don’t believe it’s actually “addressed” here, with exception to the comments. This is mostly a site that show’s different states reciprocity in conceal carry permitting.

  • Erik.

    After clicking  on Oregon (because I have a non-resident Oregon License to Carry (LTC), it still states in the “Permit not honored” list, “Oregon” among other states where it’s not honored.  I certainly believe that my Oregon LTC is honored in Oregon, so it’s more than likely a glitch.

  • Holabird Super Spook

    My family has over three hundred years of military service in the U.S. Armed Forces, most with degrees and three of which were Presidents.  College isn’t for everyone though. As a Counter -intelligence Agent for ten years I used to hunt down the likes of “Idiot Hater”!  Lucky for him and others of his ilk I’m out.  Gee Wizz, I guess I’ll just ask the “Marines” if they would like to take my place.

  • Jessicacage10

    I enjoyed reading what everyone had to say, all I know is that this country is truly great
    because everyone is able to speak their mind. There is no right or wrong only freedom
    so enjoy it and stop the hate. Be proud be American

  • Axel417

    Wow, people actually know how to spell and use grammar on this website. I think my opinion of gun rights advocates has changed for the better.

  • Smdevine

    I have a Missouri CCL but now live in Michigan. Is my Missouri CCL good in Michigan?

  • Sayianjim

    Is WI. gonna honor permits from other states when they start to get offer them on Nov.?

  • Tbill60

    This Map needs to be updated. As of Nov 1 2011 Wissonsin CCW will be Honored in several States

  • Amarquezjr

    Is this site out of date?  Arizona’s website says that CA does NOT honor it’s CCW permit.

  • Bernie

    Does anyone know why there is no reciprocity between Virginia and Georgia?

    • Virginia requires training and won’t honor Georgia.  Georgia is a mutual reciprocity state…. you honor ours we’ll honor yours.

  • Benji24601

    Does Washington honor a Montana permit? “States that honor my permit” says no, but “Permits honored by state” says yes…

  • Dennis the Menace

    Google your state and the state your seeking reciprocity with. That’s the best way on-line. Place a call to the State Police of the state your seeking information about and ask them.  that’s the best way!!! 

  • bigdollars99

    Are you guys sure Rhode Island is a “Shall Issue” State?

  • Mc Craig

    I would like to Thank the city of Olympia,WA for granting me full  legal access to defend myself-if need be. 5 years for $50.00. My old state of California-Los Angeles are shit heads.
     Gang members and thugs have more rights then me. I feel like a real America now. CC

  • Denny Rector

    I have read some of the comments.  I am surprise we are attacking each other in this area of comments.  I thought this part of the site for comments for the right to bear arms.  No I’m not talking wear short sleeve shirts either..  I believe a person has the right to carry if the wish, if not then they don’t have too.  No one should get upset if one has a firearm on them if it be concealed or open carry. I carry about 98% of the time.  In the years that I have carried, I have had one incident with carrying my firearm.  It was cleared up with a phone call to the corperate office of a business.  The company was attempting to enforce two policies and one can be enforced.  We are to be adults on here, I think it is time we show people that we are adults.  I respect everyones opinion but it is how you tell your opinion.  Thank you

  • Ashie_ma20

    where do the money go to when paying for gun permit as an ohio resident

    • Ashie_ma20

      please reply asap.. doing a research paper

      • Ashie, it would go to the State of Ohio’s General Fund.

  • Theglims

    I have a CCW resident permit from Florida. How can i legally transport my weapon through states that do not honer my license…….JG

    • Rbrandt51

      Unloaded in the trunk

      • MadmaxUSA

        ammo should likewise be transported in the trunk in a separate and locked container.

    • A person shall be entitled to transport a firearm from any place where he may lawfully possess and transport such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and transport such firearm if the firearm is unloaded and in a locked container. In vehicles without a locked container, the unloaded firearm shall be in a locked box other than the glove compartment or console.

      • Garyneil

        Absolutely stupid! I can see it now, “uhhh, Mr. crook, would you please wait a minute while I find my key for the lock box.” Really stupid. I won’t lock my gun up for anybody.

        • Guest

          I feel the same. I travel through all 48 states as a truck driver.  I carry a handgun that is banned in the state of CA for anyone to own.  I go there all the time.  I am from AZ where you don’t need a permit to open carry or conceal.

          • Gilly4410

            I learned some years ago at a DOT seminar put on by Fred Pryor Seminars that DOT regulations state that you as a truck driver can not carry a weapon “AT ALL”, CWP permit or not.  Has that changed?

          • MikeJoe

            There is NO DOT regulation addressing the carrying of guns in a commercial vehicle.  You just have to obey the state laws. Many truck drivers are always thinking they can’t legally carry in a commericial vehicle.  This is total BS.  Now, a very small number of companies prohibit their drivers from carrying per company policy, but if you get caught the most they can do is fire you.   Personally I would never drive for a company like that.   I have carried in a commercial vehicle for 20 years, been observed carrying by a DOT cop, and there has never been a problem.  

          • MikeJoe

            Ask your instructor to show you the regulation.  You guys carry those little regulation books with you.   If you can find anything about carrying firearms in the D.O.T. manual, I will give you my truck and next years paycheck.  Don’t listen to other drivers, look yourself.  Any DOT officer will tell you it depends on the state.  If you have a carry permit, you are fine.   Remember if the sign says “No Weapons Allowed” then you can’t go there. 

          • N8imprb

            DOT disallows a firearm to be carried inside a commercial vehicle of any kind.

          • timb

            Cite the DOT regs that mention that please.  I’ve never found it.

          • Mjkey6

            the dot disallows so many things anymore that they probably have a law disallowing themselves from disallowing anything,  Sorry but screw the DOT, no matter if they say I can or can’t carry a loaded firearm or not or even if i can’t carry an unloaded one I wouldn’t care.

            What do you think they are going to do if I were to get threatened? It’s still self defense buddy.  If I or anyone else lives and works in our vehicles they are considered our places of residence, so to all the criminals out there go ahead and try to break into my house, see how fast you fall to the ground bleeding from a gunshot wound!

            Try again Mr Legislator, incompetent buffoon!

          • Onlyfriend

            That is where are wrong. The DOT has no such law or regulation, however each state has laws pertaining to the transportation and CCW’s. Commercial Motor Vehicles are not specifically excluded from transporting a weapon.
            This is a myth the Trucking Companies have been for years to discourage drivers from carrying a concealed weapon. The companies can ban this activity in their employee policies.

            Don’t argue with me do your own research.

          • ABACAS

            I agree with the boycott approach.  Just as I refuse to shop in any store where my gun is not permitted, I refuse to travel in States where my gun is not permitted.  Loss of revenue is what gets the attention of business owners and politicians alike.  Refusing them revenue from my pocket is the only way to win freedom for all Americans.

          • Gene

            If you drive respoonsibly, and there is no reason to be stopped by the “authorities”, what freaking difference does it make WHAT you are carrying WHERE?!!!!

          • Gene

            I’m not a typist, that is meant to be responsibly.

          • Cgrube

            Please cite regulation…. This is a urban myth made up by trucking co. to keep you from having a gun in the truck. I researched this 2 yrs ago and all the replies stated that gun laws for cmv were regulated by the state.

          • Scheib

            In accordance with DOT 173.54 Forbidden Explosives, subparagraph (f) states:(f) A loaded firearm (except as providedin 49 CFR 1544.21949 CFR Pertains to Aviation Personnel and those allowed to Carry on Commerdial Aircraft

          • MadmaxUSA

            Thanks for the research but I believe that 49 CFR 1544.21949 pertains to common carriers or other businesses who transport “Forbidden Explosives” for profit. If the intent were to disallow private citizens from transporting their personal firearms then no one would be able to transport their firearms in their personal vehicles at all.

        • ARMED in CHICAGO

          well if thats how you feel, come to Illinois. But make sure there is an envelope next to your unlocked gun box that has your bond money in it as they WILL lock you up,take your car AND your gun. While its hard to do,swallow your pride and comply with SOME of the laws. Jail and Prison food PLUS the loss of ANY AND ALL of your CCW permits is NOT worth being a hard head.

          • Rlrork55

            Even in IL the case doesnt have to be locked. Unloaded and in a case, zippered is fine and a loaded clip can be in the case, just not in the gun. Also the center console is now considered a legal case.

          • Robinlovesthemgeorgiadawgs

            I’m just a Southern Peach looking for a good website to get advice on what kind of gun should I have for protection, then I come across this.  I thought only, “us” females put down each other in forums.  lmao  Anyway, just to make it ALL easier, do this…  Put yourself in a Policeman’s shoes for a minute.  Imagine pulling over someone for either speeding, a light out, or for what ever reason.  If not you being the Policeman, then what if it were your Son, Grandson, etc.  Now, how would you answer the questions, or reply to the above??  Just something to think about??  Have a great day, guys!!  Robin/From Bulldawg Nation   Gooo Dawgs!!!

          • Kanerman69

            I can see where your going with that BUT the point of having a permit and carrying LEGALLY as a US CITIZEN is to defend yourself against those who would seek harm against you or your family, friends, strangers in a 7-eleven at 1am on a tues……whatever the case may be. Criminals don’t give a damn about the law, thats why they are criminals and if a cop (you, your son, daughter, cousin, 4th uncle twice removed….whoever) makes a stop and its some jerk-off that just knocked over a liqour store and has a 9mm hidden under the seat, they have the same chance they could get hurt as any other stop cause you just never know. BUT if I were a police officer and made a stop and found out the guy was carrying legally with a permit I would be just fine if not more comfortable with that. People need to understand that revoking gun rights anywhere either by state or federal law is a horrible idea cause it only makes it easier for CRIMINALS with no sense of law and order to do what they will and forces good clean law abiding citizens to have to make a choice of wether or not to follow the law and hope nothing ever happens or to they themselves carry a weapon illegally and possibly end up getting in a heap of trouble. I would NEVER go to illinois for one simple reason, thanks to state legislature, the a–hole with a ski-mask waiting for me at the atm with a gun, knows i don’t have one. I wouldn’t go looking for a situation like that but as I said before….you never know.

          • CodyJ

            that is why you get a finger print safe, opens in less than one second.

          • Armed1InCali

            [email protected] Chicago I will never go to that state again. They are Constitutional Violating Criminals that run that state! Chicago is LAME!

          • Moorian

            I was born, raised and lived in Chicago for 31 years.  The last time I checked it was still a city,  Highly corrupt and very gun unfriendly but still a city located in the state of Illinois.  So glad I moved out of there 15 years ago.

          • RobGoetzSr

            This is gradually changing

          • cale

            If a gun is not readally accessable is it still illeagle to carry it in your vehicle in Illinose? My leagle inquieres indicate that a simple padlock, with out the key can be secured behind the triger of a revolver making it leagle to transport. Thats after the red lights go on.

          • Kevin

            Illinois sucks

          • Kanerman69

            That or just drive around that state if you prefer. I for one agree that everyone has a choice to not enter and/or support a state that does not support the right for a person to defend themselves. I live in idaho, I have a idaho resident permit and will be getting a WA and possibly OR and UT permits which will pretty much open up my options for most of the places that I would ever travel. I don’t want to hurt anyone and hope I never get into a situation where I would have to use my weapon. But I do carry and like knowing that IF there ever was a time I would need it, i will have it and I personally wouldn’t travel through a state either that won’t let me carry my weapon on me ready to use if necessary. Then theres no reason to worry about lock boxes and other junk. And any state that would deny privledges (illinois) in my opinion are completely violating the constitution and have no business calling themselves a part of this country. (Not the people that live there just the local government)

        • Dreagin

          Then they can just lock you up instead of the gun.Pretty easy to solve that problem.

          • Mickeyminie692

            if they want to lock me up then no problem, but make sure to bring a body bag for the IDIOT who tried to assult/rob me because he decided to do things illigaly and on top of that he don’t give a ……….. about the law in the first place. i do have a ccw and I DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT MY SELF AND MY FAMILY AT ANY COST,  you make the choice to do something stupid like that to me and guess what? prepare yourself and look at the camera and just wait for the flash because i REALLY hate stupidity so, go ahead and lock me up then, but i first make sure that the one who decided NOT to follow the law gets out of the street PERMANENTLY!!! i completly agree with Garyneil, the person who’s going to rob you is not going to give and/or show you any mercy, my family will always be FIRST and like him I WILL NEVER lock my weapon up for nobody, the state allow me to carry and conceal so if i get pulled over no matter what i am obeying the law.

      • GoldWing

        Exsept Massachusetts if you do not make arangments with the state and prosses the proper papers it will be taken and you will be fined for transporting a wepon not registerd in that state.

        • cawpin

          That is illegal and false.

      • Tom

        Is a car’s truck considered a locked container?

        • Camper_mike

          buy a gun case.. $5.99 at wal mart.

      • Joel Sturm

        Be careful. New York State does not honor Title 18. It is accepted only as a defense after you are arrested.

        • cawpin

          Illegally, yes.

    • EricH

      What I did to address this issue was to buy gun safes for the car.  The are key or combo locking with a cable that goes around a seat frame or trunk frame.

    • Scottyjneilson

      clip removed from fire arm in separate case than fire arm both secured… according to Nevada officer who does not reciprocate to my resident Utah ccw. Didnt have my gun so no prob but that is what he said was ok if I did have it.

      • Mgrumpyone

        Scottyjneilson: CLIP? Really, do you live in a fantasy world? What gun do you have that you have to remove a “Clip” from? All the weapons I come across these days use a magazine.
        A clip is a device that is used to store multiple rounds of
        ammunition together as a unit, ready for insertion into the magazine or
        cylinder of a firearm.
        This speeds up the process of loading and reloading the firearm as
        several rounds can be loaded at once, rather than one round being loaded
        at a time. Several different types of clips exist, most of which are
        made of inexpensive metal stampings that are designed to be disposable,
        though they are often re-used.

        The term clip is commonly used to describe a firearm magazine,
        though this usage is technically incorrect. In the correct usage, a
        clip is used to feed a magazine or revolving cylinder, while a magazine
        or a belt is used to load cartridges into the chamber of a firearm

        • zombiehiker

          Do you enjoy being a douche bag?

        • Seriously

          what a dick bag. geez.

          • Ejoz

            Too funny

          • not everyone likes a smart ass, dick bag. lol

          • Smrtyguy

            i read magazines and load clips-i’ve spent 30 years in law enforcement, including guarding the president, and am police certified in two states.  several years ago, i pulled into a rest area, east of tallahassie, florida, late at night.  about 2 hours after i left, the news on the radio said that 2 german tourists at that rest area were shot and killed.  i called the officer in charge and he told me that the reason they didn’t target me was that i didn’t fit their profile.  i also had my s&w 327 and that was before concealed carry.  i’m a concealed carry instructor for oklahoma and am planning a trip to california, soon.  will i have my weapon, you bet.  last summer, a friend of mine was shot in the head at a ca. rest area by a guy looking for cigarettes.  fortunately, he survived.  you never know when you are gonna need it.  rather be in jail on a gun charge than in the morgue.

          • cawpin

            “i read magazines and load clips-i’ve spent 30 years in law enforcement,”

            If that last part is true, we’re in a sad state of affairs. Unless you’re using a revolver with moon clips and an M1 Garand with en-bloc clips, your duty firearms use magazines.

          • Concientious acceptor

            guys like that are dinks. Most likely a cop……
            and using the terminology for this reason….
            He WANTS to piss off someone . that way , he can actually have a chance at shooting someone.
            That’s my guess and I’m sticking with it.

        • Seabee

          Needle dick child that still lives in mommy’s basement.

        • Jackram

          omg …. some chit heads read so much they know every ‘term’  and SHAME on the poor fool that uses the ‘incorrect’ term  …..  man you are sooooooo much smarter than the avg fool …. how can we ever live in your presence 

        • BlackJack

          Wow.  The gent asked a question, seeking advice of the community, not your opinion on terms and usage of such.  Unprofessional.

      • Tedlidie

        Yeah not sure about that in NV. both magazines and ammunition are non regulated in California, as a matter of fact as long as your firearm is locked the magazines and ammunition (unloaded) can be in the same bag that you brought them out of the store in and stored in the passenger compartment. Two locked containers would be taking it a little far–even for California-

      • nvdoc

        In Nevada we have an open carry law if you do not have a ccw. It can be load on your person as long as it’s in plain view. Except in North Las Vegas.

        • cawpin

          “Except in North Las Vegas.”

          That is incorrect. They have an ordinance against it but it is an illegal ordinance as Nevada has a state preemption law.

    • C. Smith

      In a gun case unloaded

    • M203

      dont know about other states, but from florida to michigan you can take I75 with your pistol in your holster, LOADED , and on your person.  if you get pulled over tell the officer right away that you have ccw out of fl.  and your weapon is secured with you.  and how would he like to procede.  also have your ccw out and ready during the entire trip so your not fumbling around to find it. dont give a reason to feel threatened.  

    • @Theglims – While there is a Federal
      Law that protects you while transporting your weapon from The state you
      are legal in and the state you are going that you will be Legal in, it
      is up to each state as to weather they honor that Federal Law or not.   I
      Recently needed to go through California on my way to Oregon, so I
      contacted CHP.  I own a Taurus Judge, which I had heard was considered
      an Assault Weapon in California, and therefore illegal.  I was told by
      CHP, that, regardless of the Federal Laws, if I was stopped for some
      reason and my weapon was found, locked or not, that it was up to the
      individual Officer.  I would most likely be charged with a Felony,
      regardless of the fact that There is a Federal Law protecting me to
      transport from My previous state to Oregon.  So best bet, contact the
      State Police / Highway Patrol of each state you plan to drive through.

  • John1466

    i have a ccw permit in ga can i carry it in sc?

    • The state of South Carolina does not honor Georgia permits.

  • tfields626

    How do you legally carry a hangun through Ilinois if you are driving through there on the way to another state.  I have a CCW.

    • Comradev

      IL case law has been interpreted by the courts to allow non-residents to transport unloaded weapons in any secure container. This could be the glove box or a fanny pack. As long as its unloaded you’re “transporting”.

      • Camper_mike

        If you carry in a fanny pack, it is legal in Illinois (unloaded) but they will still arrest you just to give you a hard time.  Not recommended.  The cops can be real jerks if you are trying to test the law. 

        • Isn’t this a form of harassment / police brutality?

          • Camper_mike

             I was told this by the police chief in Marion, Ilinois.  Personally I moved out of state and now I have my second ammendment rights.  I refuse to even visit Illinois, the only place in the country where only the bad guys are armed.

    • Camper_mike

      I used to live in Illinois.  I moved so I could have my constitutional rights back.  Anyway, their law says the gun must be unloaded (clip removed) and placed in a closed container, eg. gun case, box, etc.  You are not required to unload the magazine, just the gun.  If you are a resident you must have a FOID (Firearms Owners Identification Card) to own a firearm.  If the gun is not loaded and completely encased you are legal.  Open carry is illegal in Illinois.  Put it in a case, unload it, and put it on the seat. 

  • This map says MA honors UT?

    • Both Resident and Non-resident Utah permit holders are not honored by the state of Massachusetts.

  • Worldsfinestgse2

    I have a non-resident CCW from Florida. Is it honored in Michigan?

    • No, Michigan does not honor non resident permits. Do NOT get caught CC a gun in the State of Michigan without a CCW that is valid or you will not see the light of day for a long time.

      • ARMED in CHICAGO

        however OPEN CARRY is legal as well. It will raise a few eyebrows especially in Inkster and Detroit but not a lot they can do about it.

      • Billcamera

        This is not correct. MI extends recognition to all other states. However, you must be a resident of the state where the permit was issued.

    • Quietman333


  • mahi

    I have a GA. Firearms license. I salt water fish with friends (residents) in SC. While SC does not honor my GA license, as long as I possess a non-resident fishing license I may carry while fishing with friends, correct?

  • Bruce

    I am the president of an organization and I transport a decent amount of money to the bank. I live in Rhode Island, am I going to have a tough time getting a permit? 

  • Joeking27

    i have a florida concealed weapons permit and I travel  (drive)  often  from Florida to Virginia with a stay in South Carolina am i allowed to cary my handgun?

  • Joeking27

    just reading below I guess my question should be can I carry in South Carolina with a Florida ccw?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but Florida resident only. SC does not honor any nonresident permits. SC won’t honor my Florida permit since I live in Alabama.

  • Ellesi2004

    i have a resident fire arms license from georgia but i planing to move permanet to florida , i need new license in florida or just chance or what

  • Sphynx2230

    My CCP is issued as a resident of Va. I will be moing to Md. I will need to get a new CCP for Md correct???
    Thank you

    • Dandc Auto

      Good luck with that!!!!! Maryland is the hardest to get a CCW. FFL is easier!!

  • Wmroos

    I have a permit to carry a handgun in Indiana. The courts in Indiana do notdistinguish between concealed and open cary. So do I have a cc or not? The sharref of two counties (Lake and St, Joe) have told me that I should cary concealed so as not to alarm people.

    • road

      Agree.  I carry in Indiana.  County Police said that unless I like to be harassed by police and civilians, I should only carry concealed.

      • Kmj1966

        I live in Kentucky just across the river in Louisville and go into Indiana often Kentucky calls it a concealed carry deadly weapons license which covers me for all deadly weapons like a 9 inch bowie knife however when I cross into Indiana although they are very polite the Indiana police I have asked have said even though Kentucky issues concealed carry the state is still an open carry state ( Kentucky) however if you come into Indiana you loose your open carry ability and you now must MUST carry concealed interesting

    • you have a permit to carry mn also does not have a concealment mandate in their law though they would prefer  that you carry concealed they left that “loophole” their so if for example your carrying in a shoulder rig and your walking down the street when a gust of wind blows your jacket open and other pedestrians see the firearm that can be considered open carry and in sme states you can get in trouble for it mn and in didnt want there residents to have that concern

  • Garry Evans

    I will be traveling from Virginia to Florida. How do I legally carry a handgun through Georgia?

    • KC

      Do you have a permit from your *home state* where you are a resident that allows you to carry in Georgia?  If so, you needn’t do a thing.  If not, you will have to stop outside of the state line of Georgia, unload your firearm and place the firearm in a container.  Keep all ammo/magazines stores in a separate location (I would STRONGLY advise you keep the magazines unloaded!) and the container should be one that locks. 

      My suggestion is: store the firearm and ammo/magazines in such a fashion that gives no one a reason to suspect you can quickly arm yourself. 

  • Laidbackm109r

    Is MN conceal and carry permit accepted in WI? 

    • Camper_mike

      no.  wisconsin will not accept cc permits from any other state.  wisconsin will only issue resident permits.  i have cc in oregon and florida, and wisconsin is one of the only states that will not accept my permit.  so i dont go there.

      • I don’t think that is true any more. From the Journal Sentinal:
        “2. If you are not a Wisconsin resident, but you hold a current (not
        expired, suspended or revoked) license from certain states with
        requirements similar to Wisconsin’s, you can legally carry in Wisconsin
        with a permit from one of those states. In other words, you don’t have
        to do anything. As of Oct. 26, the DOJ recognized licenses from Arizona,
        Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho,
        Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota,
        Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania,
        Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin

        • Ducky-roxy

          dont think revoked is correct

          • Guest

            Camper_mike is incorrect.  Google the Wisconsin DOJ and you will find on their website that the Minnesota’s permit is accepted.

        • guest

          only if your a none resident

        • ARMED in CHICAGO

          LIST HAS BEEN UPDATED AGAIN 12/8/2011

        • Camper_mike

          You are correct.  Wisconsin is getting better.  I have an Oregon resident permit, and a Florida permit.  I am valid in 34 states, but I am wondering why does Wisconsin not accept a Florida permit?   I thought you guys were basing your law on the Florida program.

      • John_in_WI

        I misread, but then, I speak english.  No, WI doesn’t recognize Oregon or Florida, and WI does not issue non-resident licenses.

      • Rex

        Wisconsin honors multiple states.  Use the Map utility

      • seeker741

        Incorrect, if you look at the map provided you will see it is a blue state reciprocal agreement with many states!  Also some guy a while ago posted about driving from flroda on I75 all the way north well Georgia, and alabama are non- reciprocal states so unless you fly your car over Georgia(i-75 goes all through Ga) you would be illegallyt transporting.  Nopw my question I am virginai and will be CC permitted soon, so I can drive through North and south carolina no problem?????? but have to stop at the border unload pistol lok it in a lock box until I hit florida then can get it out again?

        • seeker741

          and I can’t type worth beans from the looks of things, sorry about mis-spellings!

    • Mikebowey

      i live in wisconsin go to the wis doj web site i believe they just released an updated list and i think mn is on it

  • Armynick2

    im from florida i have a ccw i am alowed to carry in 35 states, im stationed in tx at ft bliss i got pulled over and the cop was pissed but i showed him the map, and he called his sgt to confirm, he said no so i showed him the map and told him to re check so he did and yes i carry in texas

  • Manfred Redstag

    is colorado honors ga gun permit

  • Jawa999

    hi im miltary. i have a co permit. but now live in tx…valid?

    • Jawa999


  • Mike Weigel

    I’ve recently relocated to Nevada from Michigan where I have a CPL. I cannot find out the to transfer my Michigan issued CPL to a Nevada resident permit. Everyone I’ve asked has given me a different answer. Can you offer any help on how to legally do this without having to start from scratch. Thank you in advance

  • Anonymous

    Will Illinois ever come to their senses and allow concealed carry?

  • Seaboldc

    Please define unloaded in IL?

    • Camper_mike

      unloaded means no bullets in the gun.   clip may have ammo in it but may not be in the gun.  gun must be in a closed case.  if you are a resident of illinois you must have a FOID card.  violate any of the above in illinois and you just committed a felony.

  • Camper_mike

    where are the maps?

  • Riffsong1

    I have a CHL from Texas.  Can I carry in D.C.? What if I travel by bus from Texas to D.C.?  Do Castle Laws allow me to have it on my person while on the bus or on my carry on? 

    • Riffsong1

      Ok, I saw on another site that D.C. does not honor Texas CHL, nor most or all other states’ CCW permits.  My question about the Castle Law and carrying on private transportation such as a chartered bus stands in D.C.. 

  • Donny5enator

    i have a permit in pa and i am going to ny i thought with this new law i can carry concealed in any state that offers a permit to its residents?

  • Usarmymp177

    I am moving to KY from Michigan. I have a ccw from Michigan, will i be allowed to purchase firearms in KY, and how do i go about transferring my permit from Michigan to KY since it is far from expiring?

  • Vmthtr

    Will MN change so WI can carry there?  Why so many staes do not recognize WI CCW??

    • Snowman789

      I think maybe because it just passed into law 5 weeks ago.

      • Raymond Hornung

        It may not since MN requires an actual shooting event and WI does not. The vagueness of the training turns a lot of states off. Consider getting a MN non-resident carry permit.

    • Grant Harrington

      That’s because you guys don’t have the range training in your class.

  • Misterlf79

    I have a ccw permit in Wisconsin and I’m planning on moving to Georgia will I have to register it for there or will they honor the one I have

    • Vmthtr

      They will not honor WI CCW

  • Mangan55

    I have my LTC A in Massachusetts, what other states will allow me to just get a LTC based upon this? I’m looking for basically NH, LA,Texas

  • Tomdlee

    Mississipi will not honor my non resident Utah carry permit because I’m a resident of Mississippi.
    I was led to believe that it would be honored. I see nothing in the ms code that says they won’t
    However, the license bureausays no. I think this issue has been overlooked and it should be addressed.

  • Speidell

    Does Maine accept Pennsylvania’s non resident license. I get conflicting answers from the agencies in Maine.

    • Billspider

      I received an answer from Maine. They will not honor any  states non resident license, except their own non resident license.

  • Jakester

    With a “Rights Denied” state like Illinois…it was said that a handgun must be “unloaded and in a locked container”.  My question would be…

    Can the container be non-locking if a lock is placed on the gun itself?  As in a trigger lock or a lock that passes through the ejector?  I ask because my case does not lock and I would rather not buy a new one.

  • DoctorJ

    This map shows why this type of permit should be a a Federal Nation-Wide permit, so as to eliminate all the differences and ocnfusion as to where you are legal and where you are not. A situaiton where you would “think/hope” a nation-wide regulated type of permit would be better than 50 individual state issued documents.

    • Camper_mike

      Agree.  You almost need a college degree to stay out of jail if you travel and carry.  Glad this website is here to help.

  • Drkludt

    I have a valid ccw in Mn. I am in Az. right now going to Nv. Am I leagel

  • Joshhedgpeth

    If I am a Georgia resident but attend college in Texas, can I still conceal in Texas? (I know I can’t on campus)  I was wondering because it just says “Georgia Firearms Licence” on the card…didn’t know if that card would allow me to conceal in Texas.

  • Alleitzel

    Ok i carry a Pa concealed gun permit good for 5 years now i have sence moved to Florida do i need to now get one from Florida or is mine still good till it runs out?

    • Kmj1966

      All permits have a requirement that you notify the state of any address changes so my guess your permit is now void particularly if you have changed over your drivers license…..

  • Gkeglic

    i live in pa and i have a permit can i carry in nc or the other blue states that are shown on the map

  • Boomlarry

    It’s a good thing guns are so hard to get in Chicago…because crime is so low and the locals are so non-violent. It’s funny how that works out. Places that understand that restrictions on liberties HAVE to be justified by need and not by the “feelings” of some anti-gun politicians. When my Sheriff greatly liberalized the critieria for a CCW, as a police officer, I was concerned that we’d get some stupid behavior by gun toting  hot dogs. Fact was, we did not see one out of a thousand permits mis-used. If there was some quetionable judgement- the Sheriff pulled the permit and required the permitee to justify the behavior. That’s more control than the anti-gunners have…and it doesn’t create criminals- something Illinois has enough of despite their visionary gun policies. Those folks can’t get a Governor that stays out of jail.

  • Luisetgt

    Traveling from michigan to texas how can I carry gun with my CPL?

  • Cobeone1

    are there states that allow you to only open carry but do not let you conceal

    • StoutCortez

      Wisconsin was like that before it went “shall issue” a few months ago.

  • Rgschultz

    I have a WI permit.   Can I carry in Michigan?

    • Ukdiver31153

      well the map clearly says you can …….  ??????  ….use the map thats what its been posted for

      • Ukdiver31153

        just dont via Illinois lol

        • EricH

          Illinois, what a messed up state!  There is no way I would ever want to live in a state that didn’t allow me to protect myself and my family by any means conceivable.  I go through IL at least twice a year and I lock my handguns up in the car safes that I have before I cross into that state.

    • David

      The map says that you can, you are good for quite a few states.  Good advice is to apply for a non resident permit for a state that allows for reciprocity for more states.  Except for my good ol’ state of New York.  We are finding new applications are only good for to and from the shooting range.  Don’ even ask about carrying in NYC, unless you are Sen Charles Schumer.

    • Detmcyd1

      Depends on each states gun laws. What I used to do is call a police department in the state that I had concerns with just to be sure.

  • GUS


  • SPECIALJ4419


    • Anonymous

      Utah only. Not Cal or Hawaii.

  • Jacquelinedogs

    are you able to use your iowa carry permit in Wisconsin

  • Johntrippjr

    Can we deny the right to have another career politician?

  • Curious

    i know this is gun permits, but i havent been able to find the answer to my question anywhere: does anyone know if its illegal to carry a knife of 7.5 inches in new hampshire? concealed or not?

    • Kmj1966

      I dont know but in Kentucky they addressed that by having the CCDW permit the Concealed carry deadly weapons permit allowing the holder to carry brass knuckles, knives of any length,num chucks etc

  • Bachman4Pres

    What’s with Illinois?  But then again, that’s where Obama is from.  Maybe that’s why it’s shown as black on the map. Lol.

  • Jersdoowop

    I have a ny state ccw with restrictions for hunting/target/ bussiness.   I also have a PA  non resadent full carry. Can i carry on my person to PA or  do i have to transport it.  Thanks for a replay..       Jerry    R

  • It is unclear that the states require the training course for nonresident licensing to be taken IN-STATE.  I just ran into this with Texas, and their requirement to take the course in Texas.  Also as you apply they requesst a credit card for billing, and the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  I’m currently looking into getting a refund from Texas, and do not know what that will take.

  • The other problem is that Electronic fingerprints are not allowed to transmitted across state lines.
    This is a FEDERAL prohibition.  So trying to apply for an out of state permit is virtuallyt impossible.

  • Teddy Goggans

    if i have a ccw for nc and i have it on my person while driving is this illeagl

    • Detmcyd1

      no. it is legal to carry concealed while you are driving in nc.

    • Funny Ha Ha

      Only if you are illiterate.

  • Kent611

    I you have a permit in one state , should be good for all except  Illinois………..

  • Camper_mike

    For those of you who keep asking where you can carry, if you can’t read the maps, maybe you shouldn’t carry

  • Jvpost1975

    I am confused.  The note says Wisconsin accepts Virginia’s non-resident permits only.  The map says my WA resident and my Utah non-resident permots are accepted in Wisconsin. Please explain.

  • Anonymous

    Currently awaiting Michigan CCW, have non-resident UT permit in possesion after move to Michigan (do not have to surrender it according to UT CCW rules, have already changed address on UT permit).  Where can I carry legally untill Michigan permit granted.

  • Pghsoupnazi

    What states honor a carry permit from pennsylvania

  • whats the point of owning a gun in america anymore? you cant carry it, you have to have it locked up, you cant use it. the goverment (the biggest criminal) must know what you have and where etc etc etc… im sick of it. i stopped buying guns “legally” when a neighbor called the cops on me for a loud party and the cops showed up guns drawn demanding to know where my gun was!!! ITS MY HOUSE!!! who the hell are you to ask where my gun is? its not your business. gun laws do nothing but stop good people from being able to protect themselves. CRIMINALS DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR LAWS THATS WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!! but my loud party gets guns pointed at me like im a criminal. up yours goverment. point your guns at me again and see what happens.

  • LazarusLong

    My state, Vermont, does not require a permit for any citizen to carry- concealed or open. Only felons and mentally disturbed are banned.  Why does our ‘no permit needed’ not count as a permit in and of itself with other states?  We are simply following the original intent of the US Constitution since our (lack of) gun laws has remained the same since 1793 – it is the right (and also the responsibility) of the citizen and not subject to government approval any more than the right to free speech is?

    • Detmcyd1

      I think it’s because of the lack of training and background checks. Surely you agree that  some people should not be carrying a firearm open or concealed.

  • Bryantsplace1

    Is it legal to carry concealed while driving in the state of Virginia

  • Brian

    I was wondering If I have a target shooting permit in NYS and I have a permit in PA for the same can I take my handgun over the border to shoot at my inlaws ?

  • Dan

    I have a Utah Non-resident, i live in Indiana, but work in Ohio. Am i legal in those states to carry back and forth?

  • Bob1701a

    I just refuse to go to any state that won’t honor my permit. I won’t buy gas, food or anything else there. If I’m going from one state that allows to another with a jerk in the middle, I’ll go around it.

    • stevew

      So you’ll withhold your $40 from some random guy’s gas station because he happens to live in a State that won’t recognize your gun permit?  Why is he a jerk?  How do you know he doesn’t have a gun himself?

      • Bigbadboy

        You bet!  It’s up to him to vote those violators of the 2nd Amendment out of office.

      • PegScraper

        I think he means the governor, legislature of the state w/o reciprocity.. and not supporting the economy of that state. I like the idea…one of the reasons I carry is for travelling, especially out of state.  Why travel through a state that you can’t enjoy the safety of having your weapon on you, while travelling. He’s stating that he’d rather around that state and get gas at a gas station he can legally protect himself and/or his family and/or the employees at the gas station.  You guys jump to alterior conclusions too easy…open your mind and stop watching too much tv and movies

      • Anonymous

        When I was a teen, my dad worked nights in a gas station. From 6pm to 10pm, streets were busy, and he kept his Beretta in a drawer under the cash register. After 10pm the town quietened down and it went inside his belt in plain sight.  BTW, the night constable who contracted with the businesses on mainstreet, appreciated and knew he could depend on my dad.

        • Caledurago

          I have a number of friends in law enforcement and they say that when they see a person has a ccw they relax, because it means you have gone through the same background check that they did and you are one of the good guys.

          • Anonymous

            Caledurago, I guess I should have stated that… I’m 67, and that situation was in the early 1960’s, before JFK and Bobby Kennedy were killed. Er, Uh, before the Gun Control Act of 1968. It was no big deal for anybody working nights to carry a weapon.  That’s not to take away from what you said, and I do understand.  I do wish merchants would take the attitude you are talking about and take down their warning signs, “No guns allowed on this facility”. I’m sorta like the guy on the other post, I don’t patronize those places unless I have to. It’s hard to get around going to the bank, or in my case into the schools, which are “gun-free zones”. Yeah, like they are able to enforce the “drug-free zone”.

    • Anonymous

      @ Bob1701a:  Bob … I gotta say, you sound little like a guy in my concealed carry class who outright admitted that the basic reason he was getting a permit to carry concealed was because he couldn’t *wait* to shoot someone!  Everything he found out that he *wasn’t* gonna be allowed to do with a C.C. permit p!ssed him off – or so it seemed.  Needless to say, he was excused from the class about half-way thru it – no refund! – and a report was filed with the authorities in his town and county for follow-up.  He’ll likely never be issued a C.C. permit, either.

      I’ve yet to hear of *any* State putting the issue of whether to allow concealed carry up to the general population on a voter referendum … therefore, you’re likely avoiding any number of  States chock-full of people who don’t like it either.  Most State legislatures take it upon themselves to decide on the issue of full concealed-carry – and whether to reciprocate with residents of other States.Most highly liberal States are those most likely to make sure the criminals have more rights than you do.  Even if they do have some sort of concealed-carry law, they likely want to keep as tight of a control on it as possible – including the matter of reciprocation.  Don’t avoid going to those States by wasting your valuable time and spending money you don’t need to on fuel, etc. – you really make yourself sound terribly childish with such comments – just go where you have to, get thru it as quickly (and as legally!) as possible, make things easy, quick and simple – *always* be alert when and if you stop – and avoid situations where you won’t NEED to use a concealed weapon.

      If you’re gonna intentionally drive into a no-no State and wait until you’re out of gas, then fill up at a remote gas station at 2 a.m. – kinda-sorta hoping you get confronted …. well, NO State want people like you in it – ever! – and neither would most law-abiding citizens anywhere.

      You might think about growing up a little more, sport.

      • M203

        hey GlocksRock… except when theyre unloaded and locked up in a case… why would i even want to carry a weapon in my hometown or in different states if i would have to go through that much to get my weapon out to protect myself, friends, family, or strangers.  obviously you have never been in a combat situation. and i as well dont go to states that dont honor my right to keep and bare arms. its not the gas station attendant. illinois for example, the people need to take charge of their constitutional rights or become a province rather than a state.  you sound like a liberal hippie. get your sh!+ together..           yours truly, an ohio boy

      • Joseph

        If I heard a guy such as you describe in a firearms class I’d suspect him as a plant by the police.

        This Bob here just appears to be protesting a state’s policies in the only way he can, not gunning for anyone.  You’ve created quite an imaginative narrative from such a brief and inocuous statement.

        • Anonymous

          Gee, I wrote those silly words several weeks ago. You don’t wake up very often, do you?

          What ever his name was, he can drive out f his way to avoid all the places that don’t allow concealed carry if he he wants to. Actually, there aren’t many States that *don’t* have some sort of CC laws are there?

          I was just yanking on his chain and trying to see what kinds of weirdos would chime in.

          Welcome to the party – even if it’s already over. (No one left to play with but I’ll bet you’re pretty good at playing with yourself …..)

    • Anonymous

      @ Bob1701a:  Bob … I gotta say, you sound little like a guy in my concealed carry class who outright admitted that the basic reason he was getting a permit to carry concealed was because he couldn’t *wait* to shoot someone!  Everything he found out that he *wasn’t* gonna be allowed to do with a C.C. permit p!ssed him off – or so it seemed.  Needless to say, he was excused from the class about half-way thru it – no refund! – and a report was filed with the authorities in his town and county for follow-up.  He’ll likely never be issued a C.C. permit, either.

      I’ve yet to hear of *any* State putting the issue of whether to allow concealed carry up to the general population on a voter referendum … therefore, you’re likely avoiding any number of  States chock-full of people who don’t like it either.  Most State legislatures take it upon themselves to decide on the issue of full concealed-carry – and whether to reciprocate with residents of other States.Most highly liberal States are those most likely to make sure the criminals have more rights than you do.  Even if they do have some sort of concealed-carry law, they likely want to keep as tight of a control on it as possible – including the matter of reciprocation.  Don’t avoid going to those States by wasting your valuable time and spending money you don’t need to on fuel, etc. – you really make yourself sound terribly childish with such comments – just go where you have to, get thru it as quickly (and as legally!) as possible, make things easy, quick and simple – *always* be alert when and if you stop – and avoid situations where you won’t NEED to use a concealed weapon.

      If you’re gonna intentionally drive into a no-no State and wait until you’re out of gas, then fill up at a remote gas station at 2 a.m. – kinda-sorta hoping you get confronted …. well, NO State want people like you in it – ever! – and neither would most law-abiding citizens anywhere.

      You might think about growing up a little more, sport.

      • ANZACVET


        ….. How is Bob1701a a man that appears to want to shoot someone???  You need to get a life mate!!! All he stated was…I do not want to stop and get gas at a state that does not honor my permit!!!  It is instructors like you that make me sick thinking they know it all and pass judgment on others who WANT THE RIGHT to defend themselves!!!

        • Shawn K

          Instructors who think they have a brain are scary as hell.  It is anyone’s right to support or not support a state based on ones own values and beliefs.  If this was the case than no one would ever of moved west from the colonial days.  To not have freedoms like this phony instructor is saying goes against the very amendment to have a firearm.  It’s people like him who will ultimately want a dictatorship and not value the rights of man.

      • Burly52

        Wow don’t you make unfounded assumptions. Nothing bob1701a said lead me to believe he wanted a confrontation. I for one believe it is my God given right to carry concealed or otherwise! If a State won’t allow me to get, or honor a permit to do so, to protect myself and my loved ones, I would rather not support that States tax base. This does not mean I want to use my gun, in fact if I never have to use it in a defensive situation it would be fine with me. I do, in fact, want the option and ability to do so if need be. Check yourself before you make unfounded accusations about others!

      • Anonymous

        I’m in agreement with the others on this. There is nothing in Bob1701a’s post that suggests he wants to go ballistic. I also have vowed to not go into states that will not honor my CCW. However, I am forced to drive across lower portion of Illinois to travel to my son in Tennessee, short of an extensive detour.

        I did not get my permit because I want to shoot someone. In fact, I pray I will never have to use it. But I do want to be prepared if the need arises. I hope I’ve got what it takes to do what is necessary and only what is necessary.

      • BrAdY

        Hey glockrocks. Im new to the world with hand guns. I was wondering if there is a book or website with just about any question I might have. What state can I carry in? I live in Va. Where can’t I cc my handgun? Stuff in that nature.

        • Daily Llama

          I recently read that ONLY Illinois – can’t verify if this is actually true – is the “last of the Mohicans” as far as a list of our 50 States that DOESN’T allow some form of concealed-carry.

          Sounds too good to be true …

          Your Virginia state website should have content on exactly what you CAN and CANNOT do – legally – with a personal handgun / firearm.

          Or, visit the local police department or sheriff’s office.

          Note:  If you have a felony CONVICTION on your record, pretty sure you are BANNED fro9m even touching a firearm in *ALL* 50 States – by Federal law.   

        • Jamccrar

           Look up the “Travelers Guide to the firearm laws of the Fifty States” I have used it for years with no issues.

      • Bob b

        Hmmmm, interesting.   I carry a concealed weapon every day.  I own a store and will not be there without a gun.  Way too many strange folks wander in.  I don’t carry with the goal to some day shoot someone.  In fact, I sincerely hope it will never be used..  I simply don’t want to be standing there when some @#@#[email protected]  tries to take what we have earned at the point of a gun and me unprepared.  Bob1701a is free to make what ever choice he desires, but he will miss a lot of neat places in the country.

        Let’s be realistic.  Concealed carry is a very big responsibility.   The consequences of your actions can be significant.  I think it is an individual choice, and, you are right, some folks shouldn’t carry.  They are simply too reactionary.

      • Jiltedpatriot

        You missed Bob’s point…he merely said he is essentially doing a silent protest of these states and not spending his time or his money in those states.  I commend anyone who stands up for their beliefs and does something more than just cries about it.

        • Daily Llama

          I agree!  I was over-exuberant in my original criticism.  I apologize to everyone offended.

          The problem is … one person raging against “the system” comes across to many as just another a nut.  To change laws and governments, we all need to support a united front!  Let’s let the NRA speak for us.  If you haven’t joined, please do!!!  

          I just finished my concealed carry class and was pretty horrified by who started out in the class.  We started out with 15 showing up.  9 completed the requirements.

          1.  One guy didn’t even bring a firearm with him – and had no intention of renting one or even firing one.  He said he would simply demanded a permit after taking the course and the tests – “because”.  He was excused.  FAIL!

          2.  Another guy was excused just before the noon linch break when he found out the course DID NOT include food.  Some do, some don’t.  He whined and made a rather loud “stage whisper” that someone who rips people off like that – and it wasn’t a rip-off at all, HE mis-understood the rules of the course – “could be shot for that and who’d complain?”.  FAIL!  The police came and he left with them.  I understand they had a “nice” talk in the parking lot …

          3.  Two guys showed up right from the get-go with loaded weapons – ONE WAS EVEN ROUND-CHAMBERED, COCKED AND OFF-SAFETY!!!  FAIL!!!!

          4.  One other guy showed up carrying a revolver tucked in the waist-band of his jeans – FULLY CONCEALED and ILLEGAL!!!  It *was* unloaded but still ….  FAIL!!!!

          5.  The final drop-out claimed an “emergency” and left after lunch-break and without any further reason for leaving … and didn’t ask about a refund, said the instructor.

          Sorry, but these 6 people came across as having more than a few screws loose!  I was wrong in automatically categorizing the original poster in the same class as these VERY strange people.  The rest of us were eyes open and mouths shut.  We were there to learn, NOT criticize and complain.

          Maybe I’m just taking this hand-gun ownership and concealed-carry business too seriously …

          • Caledurago

            I am 67 and have had a ccw for thirty years and taken a renewel class numerous times, I have never encounter even one person as strange as the any of the six you described in your class. My experience has been to see people that understand that the police can not be there when a criminal kicks in your door, no sane person wants to hurt another person but We also refuse to be hurt, a fundamentle right.

          • StoutCortez

            As an instructor, I have never had any students like the screwballs Daily describes. I’ve heard other instructors mention one or two cases over the years, though. But certainly not a class with 6 nuts.

      • Jake hazzard

        Glock rocks sounds like a pacifist .

    • Mike

      Why don’t you go talk about it on Facebook, or something.  You sound like a real idiot, and people like you give the gun control folks a valid reason to press their point.  Grow up.

    • Robert Blank

      I do the same thing.  I am from Florida.  A few months ago I was going to Pennsylvania but Maryland not only doesn’t recognize my permit, but they will confiscate weapons.  Even though it was out of my way by several hundred miles, I avoided Maryland.  Their unfair law cost them gas and food money.

  • Jrc

    does anybody know the actual waiting time for a wisconsin permit

  • Jrcunnien

    anybody know how long wisconsin is taking to issue its permits

  • Hector

    The map should read;  States that honor the Constitution.  Some webster for anti gun people;  To bear = carry, to have in your possesion.  infringe = to take away, to violate.  Militia = Group of civilians banded toghether to defend against crime, invasion or opressive government. (The U.S. ARMY National Guard is part of Govt.

  • Jewa96

    Buy the “Travelers guide to the firearm laws of the fifty states” by J. Scott Kappas,Esq. Maybe it is on-line too?! Copyright 2011 Traveler’s Guide, Inc.
    Just a suggestion from a fellow law abiding U.S. Citizen who had to unfortunately get rid of my guns due to financial issues except for my 1911-A1 bought a decade ago and had someone holding it while I was away and they didn’t take care of it and I won’t shoot it because I don’t have the correct knowledge to rip it apart in fear of @!;&ing it up. So if anyone can help out a disabled Vet in the S.E. Area of Denver Co. PLEASE HELP?


  • Clark Kent

    My state says if you have a conceal carry permit it has nothing to do with a gun in you car (glove box) door pocket, back seat.   The carry permit is for your BODY only. Not your car.  

    So some states say you can carry concealed but you can’t have a gun in your car (concealed) ie glove box, door pocket.  

    Can you be arrested for having a concealed gun in your car if you have a conceal carry permit?

    • Anonymous

      What state?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I am very curious as to what states I am legal to carry in. I possess a carry/conceal permit in NYS and I keep my HR-218 certification current. I’m retired NYS Corr. Officer and I’m also possess my NYS Armed Security License. With all this, I am still totally confused. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.

  • James cole

    If I gold a ccw in Arizona how can I carry in California? And why is it so difficult?

  • Remat457

    Are you sure Oregon is shall issue for non-residents (and contigious states only at that)? I am pretty sure that it is at sheriff’s discretion

  • Stephenjaffe

    A couple of years ago, I went on vacation to Virginia and Washington DC. I left my “piece” in Virginia when I went to DC. When we left, we were going to Pennsylvania, but had to pass through Maryland. I unloaded my pistol and put in the back of the van when we went through Maryland. I think in a lot of cases,if you get stopped; the officer probably will use discretion (unless he or she is a total butthead) in sizing up who you are and your attitude. One thing is certain. Never try to argue with  the cops about the 2nd amendment and your rights. Give the cops all the cooperation they need to make their job easier. Hopefully they will see that you are an “okay” person and let you go on your way.

    • Erajtem

      We cannot rely on cops moods and other subjective criteria…

  • Night Owl

    I would like to see a similar map for purchasing handguns and long guns for out-of-state residents.

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Neither:  my ass nor my money will go where my gun cannot

  • Me .ccw carrier

    I live in maine and have a ccw. I can not go to NH carrying because they do not reconize my ccw.I took the ccw class but NH will not let me carry.I bet a lot of bad guys carry.I live on the border and I have to unload leave my gun in the open for a bad guy to steal and put inside his or her pants.Maybe the ccw class could be good in all states 23states all ready honored a Me.ccw. Why Cant NH or maybe New england. I will bet the ccw class I took is no different than cops take.My ccw instructor was a navy seal taught FBI,CIA,state police and was very tough but goy his point across about gun safety.I have been around gons all my life 55years.There are a lot of people who should not have anything to do with firearms.But a few people should nottake our right to bear arms.Any instructor can pick them out a mile away.I could go on all day about this but I will stop now.PS I think a ccw course is very important.

    • Anonymous

      Simply obtain a NH permit. They’re not hard to get.

      • Erajtem

        But they are expensive!!

  • Bart

    This map appears to be wrong.  Iowa does not issue permits to non residents as far as I understand.

    • Anonymous

      No but they honor Other states permits.

  • louis

    can i get a florida ccw permit if i live in nyc and my DL is ny? and if i did get florida ccw would it be valid in other states knowing that im a ny resident? 

  • louis

    can i get a florida ccw in im a nyc resident and my DL is NY? and if i did get florida ccw would it be valid in other states knowing that im a NY resident? 

  • Krusader

    I have a Florida permit will Georgia-Alabama and all other States colored dark blue honor my permit?

  • crankycanard

    It’s certainly not hard to see which states have been controlled by democrats!

  • constance garcia

    wheres one place in the state of missouri that u cannot carry ur concealed weapon within 100 yards?

    • Anonymous

      Check ur laws, but none that I know of.

  • Anonymous

    I really like the Taurus “Judge” revolver. It seems to be the perfect home-defence weapon. The only problems is, I live in California. Is there a way to legaly purchase one or is it back to the “black market”?

  • Caledurago

    Ok so you can’t carry in a given state, does any state forbid having a flair gun(for signaling) in an emergency? And what fool would want to find out what damage a 12 gague flair gun would do.

  • Chucktripleh

    The California Shall Issue Concealed Carry Proposition will allow any applicant who can legally own a firearm to also have a permit to carry a concealed handgun after they pay a reasonable application fee and complete a two day course provided by an instructor who is certified by the State of California to teach the course. The permit SHALL be issued with no other unreasonable requirements, such as political contributions, celebrity status, or other restrictions. Front Sight Training in Las Vegas is supporting, and in fact assisting, in the gathering of signatures to get a Shall Issue Concealed Carry Proposition on the November, 2012 General Election Ballot in California. In 1986 only 7 states had shall issue. Now 38 states have shall issue and another 4 states have no restrictions. 

  • Burkesid76

    The Utah CHP offers 30 some states that it is good for.  This may be a stupid question, but here goes anyways.  If I obtain this permit does that mean that I am covered in those states or do I still have to get an individual permit for each state?

  • cale

    No sane person wants to kill another humanbe8ng, also no sane person wants to be killed or watch other innocent people be killed ergo I carry(with a permit) and pray that I will never have to use that right. ps I am a Vietnam vet and I know the price you pay when you take anothers life.

  • VietnamVetMilRet

    Looks like transit to Florida is blocked by Alabama and Georgia. It’s a shame that Alabama and Georgia will miss my business due to their uncooperative attitude with a lawful citizen with a constitutional right to carry a weapon, concealed or not.  The unfortunate victim in this is Florida.  I have family and face-to-face business to conduct in Florida and I cannot get there via a land route with my legal weapon.  I am a trusted citizen in 31 states.  What the heck is wrong with the other 19 states?  They were happy for me to carry a weapon in defense of the nation in a foreign land, but won’t allow me to lawfully carry one in the states that I fought to protect.  That’s just down right messed up!!!  I have been carrying weapons for 43 years and never illegally discharged any weapon. I am highly trained in the use of a wide variety of firearms.  I must remain at the mercy of the criminals that illegally carry firearms in these 19 states?  There are 19 states then that don’t need my business or any recommendations to others to patronize those states.  I carry high value LEGAL products and need the weapon in the performance of my business. I WILL NOT BE A VICTIM in those 19 states because I was denied my constitutional right to carry a firearm for my personal protection.  To the know it alls that think it is just a matter of sucking it up and obeying the law and it is childish behavior to avoid those uncooperative states, understand this – OUR constitutional rights are being refused!!  I obey the laws.  I will obey the laws of those 19 states by not going there.  It is my choice!  I’m not going to put money into the coffers of a state government that denies my constitutional rights – PERIOD!  That is not childish, it’s my right! 

    • Anonymous

      What state are you from? Alabama honors the permit of any state that honors Alabama’s permit. If your state does not honor Alabama’s permit, then Alabama returns the “favor.”

      Whatever your home state, you can get a Florida non-resident permit without much trouble. Both Alabama and Georgia honor that.

  • Jones6071

    I am with Bob on this one.  I am a law abiding citizen,  I don’t want to be put in a position where I might be breaking the law. If I will be traveling with a gun, I plan my route so that I don’t need to worry about problems if I happen to get pulled over and have to explain why I have a gun in my vehicle.  Even worse, I worry about what might happen if I am forced to defend myself in a state that dosen’t recognize my permit.

  • trustglock

    to glocksrock: its very childish and pathetic to “kinda-sorta” hope someone gets confronted! Put the gun down sir, and pick up a bible! i hope your never confronted with any evil, godspeed

  • permits are just another form of begging the government for permission for a right you already have under the constitution.

    • Daily Llama

      Close!  “Permits” are simply paying a required fee … to exercise the rights we already have.  It is in many cases anyway.    It’s just another form of taxation …

    • Jersdoowop

      You are right on.   Jerry P  ps  I like that begging for the right we already have.

      I live in Westchester County I have restrictions on my permit . Check this one out for me if you have time. I have a full carry non resadent for PA can i carry on my person from NY to pa. Once i get their im good to go. My ccw is for Hunting target and bussiness, Since i will  not be doing any of the three , can i carry or do i have to transport to PA.    Thanks Jerry P

    • jake hazzard

      Well said. And daily llama,,well said as well. I despise financially motivated made-up regulations and permits. As a californian,, we too are highly over regulated from out of bed in the morning to getting in bed at night.

  • Anonymous

    I live in CT. I will get my pistol permit for local and state of Connecticut. My Inlaws have a 100 acre farm that is in Dutchess County NY. The perfect location for target practice. Is it possible  to obtain a permit to discharge my firearm? Thanks

  • Oscarclydepersinger

    To the know it all (Mgrumpyone) that finds using the word clip rather than magazine incorrect.  If you ever heard of the M1 Garand, probably one of the most produced guns in the world, certainly during WWII and Korean war, then you must be aware that the 8 round “magazine” was called a “CLIP”.  Of course you have to be old enough to realize you don’t really know everything and ain’t half as smart as you think you are.

  • cHisel684

    if wisconsin only accepts virginia out of state permits then why is the map blue for a utah carry out of  state permit ???

    • Shawn K

      Wisconsin accepts:  Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin

      I live in Minnesota and the trainers allow us to get a Utah permit which would in turn give us more states like colorado, and texas and more…  Getting a utah permit just means more finger printing and picture taking.

      • Shawn K

        Permit Honored:
        Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
        Permit Not Honored:
        California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, District of Columbia

      • Anonymous

         Wisconsin also accepts…ccw from Kansas

  • Korky

    @Theglims – While there is a Federal Law that protects you while transporting your weapon from The state you are legal in and the state you are going that you will be Legal in, it is up to each state as to weather they honor that Federal Law or not.   I Recently needed to go through California on my way to Oregon, so I contacted CHP.  I own a Taurus Judge, which I had heard was considered an Assault Weapon in California, and therefore illegal.  I was told by CHP, that, regardless of the Federal Laws, if I was stopped for some reason and my weapon was found, locked or not, that it was up to the individual Officer.  I would most likely be charged with a Felony, regardless of the fact that There is a Federal Law protecting me to transport from My previous state to Oregon.  So best bet, contact the State Police / Highway Patrol of each state you plan to drive through.

  • Mike67857

    I do not understand why (for example) indiana honors almost every other states permit but indiana permits are only honored by about 50% of the other states.. I think if a state honors another state than it should be mutually honored.. Am I not seeing things correctly?

    • Shawn K

      “H.R. 822, the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act, recognizes this important fact by establishing the interstate recognition of concealed carry permits in much the same way driver’s licenses are recognized,”
      “Although 49 states issue these permits and many have reciprocity agreements with other states, the lack of uniformity makes it hard for law-abiding permit holders to know for sure if they are obeying the law as they travel from state to state.” 

      Bill H.R. 822 passed the house.  Now it needs to pass the senate.  But the bill may not even hit the floor for vote.  The President may veto it anyways if the bill passes the senate and gets to him forcing it back on the senate.  

      So in short.  It is a problem but politics may be what keeps it this way at the state level making it confusing and hard to carry everywhere.

  • Bob

    This is one country, if you have a permit in your state  it should be good in any state…..all the other 49.

    Bob from Ohio

    • Mike

      No, this is a union of several sovereign states.

      • Nick

        Mike you’re wrong. Second Amendment applied to all 50 states equally, so everyone can travel throughout the United States and still preserve their rights. Second Amendment doesn’t say anything about crossing state border lines.

        • JoePublic

          You are on the right track.  According to the US Supreme Court, the Second Amendment applies to all States, as incorporated through the 14th Amendment.  However, the US Supreme Court narrowly decided that issue by a 5-4 vote in 2010 in McDonald v. Chicago.  In other words, if we lose one “conservative” member on the Court, bye bye gun rights.  Plain and simple. 

          So, while what you are saying should be correct, in reality the Courts have allowed the government (local, state, and federal) to slowly whittle away our fundamental constitutional rights if what the government is attempting to do is a “compelling governmental interest.”  As long as the Court can construe what the government is doing is “narrowly tailored” to achieve that interest and it is using the “least restrictive means” possible, then it will be found to be lawful.  This has been going on for the past one hundred years and is in large part why this country is so screwed up.  Most people have no clue that our rights can be so easily violated.  I fear that it may already too late to wake them up.

          • Marchabri

            2nd amendment gives us right to protect.  You can’t drive through New York with a gun at all.  Not in your car, not locked up separated from ammo, nada.  Only if you’re going to a gun competition if you are a non resident.  So much for the bill of rights

          • Jiltedpatriot

            Just another reason to thank your liberal friends for losing their minds…

          • You should specify “Hand-Gun”.  I tote two rifles and two shotguns up there ever Deer seaon 😉   Called ahead to the NYSP to make sure my .50 Cal Beoulf AR-15 was good to go…it met the “Non-Evil” rifle clauses and I got an 8-point with it 😉

          • Informed

            This is not true. Read the law and this is absolutely ok to do so anywhere in NY except the 5 borrows of NYC.  

            It’s amazing how much bad and false information is out there…

          • Caledurago

            Sadly we are ruled not by the senate, house or president but by a ologarke of nine judges that are appointed not elected for life. Not a good idea. If the nine decide tomorrow that tha right to bear arms means only that you can wear a short sleave shirt that would be the law. Does that sound strange? Think abour the right to kill a viable infant after it has been removed from the womb and could live, does that make any sense? According to our nine masters it does…

          • jake hazzard

            I am a constitutionalist first,and a conservative second. A proud American to the core. But i have to say the abortion issue in USA these days must take a back seat to our current rights infringement by feds(and some states like CA). Abortion is an unfortunate reality,but there is already not enough responsible parents to raise the kids that are with us today. Much less add millions of unwanted ones. Its a terrible rock and a hard place situatiuon. But for now,,keep your eye on those garbage judges and crooked congressmen and senators. MUch less the comedian&chief. And “Be Prepared” who knows when “they” will come for your guns.

          • Caledurago

            Yes abortion, Dakhow, Awoschitz are unfornitute realities ZIG HAIL///

          • Jtperez

            we are not ruled by nine justices. Aall they can do is interpret the constitution and deem laws and acts unconstitutional.They cannot make a law. They also have absolutely no enforcement power and that is why they rarely decide to see a case. Please educate yourself before you make an ignorant comment.

          • Cale

            Intreprite, so however they “intrepret the law is the law” they could leagly make any intreprepation they want and have in fact reversed their own previous “intrepretation”, sounds like legislation from the bench to me…

          • Cale

            Another point, for the first 150 years the constitution was “interpreted:’to not alow abortion, then the supreme court “interpreted” TO  alow abortion and you think I am the ignorant one. Look in the mirrow for the definition of ignorent. That is legislation from the bench…

          • Dale

            Not only is abortion legal….But the taxpayers are required to pay for it thanks to Obamacare

          • GWDriver

            The Constitution should NOT be interpreted, but read as it was written, by Founding Fathers who knew what they were doing, had lived the alternative and decided that freedomn was worth the cost required to achieve it.

            There is only one way to change the Constitution and that is layed out in specifics.

            Remember, the Second Amendment was written, assuring a God given right and not giving that right itself. It was written to protect the people from an over zealous government.

          • StoutCortez

            Correct in theory, but the Congress long ago abdicated its responsibility to make laws and looks to the Supreme Court to make the tough decisions. Keeps the Senators and Representatives from having to disappoint constituents: “Yes, I agree with you, Mr. Citizen, but just look what that awful Supreme Court has done to us!!”

          • Scubaslawncare

            when you say bye bye gun rights what rights exactly would we lose? No one can have a gun, or no open/concealed carry? 

          • Well, think of it this way.  Obama has a number of anti-gun zealots working in his administration who have a stated policy that the 2nd Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, but rather that it pertains to the “people” collectively (the government).  He has spent his entire political career pushing for more and more radical gun control laws. He has opposed right to carry carry laws and even wants to ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of all handguns and commonly used hunting ammunition.

            You have US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who openly states that she believes that the US Constitution is an outdated document which other nations should disregard when drafting their own constitutions.  The other Liberal justices do not believe that individuals have an individual right to keep and bear arms.  Read the opinions.  Obama himself has also stated repeatedly that he believes that our Constitution is an outdated, deeply flawed document.  He never mentions that we have an Amendment process which could be used to “fix” those “flaws.”  Wonder why?

            An Obama appointee, US Federal Court Judge Myerscough, ruled a few days ago that the 2nd Amendment does not give citizens the right to carry firearms in public.

            Operation Fast and Furious.  Enough said.  I could go on and on.  We can either see the writing on the wall or continue to support politicians who happen to have a D or R next to their name.  

            You draw your own conclusions.

        • What does the Second Amendment state about “Concealed”?

          • StoutCortez

            Doesn’t deal with concealed carry directly. However, the Supreme Court, in Heller, said that their decision finding the District of Columbia’s gun laws in violation of the Second Amendment would NOT affect laws prohibiting possession of automatic weapons or laws prohibiting concealed carry.

      • Cris

        So should you not be able to drive a 6000lbs killing machine (commonly called a car) in my state? I think we both know a car can kill and you can have a license in one state and drive in another. When will people get this concept?

        • Sgtadaniels

          i think you have it…lets put it out on every news channel

          • Jersdoowop

            You have my support. The big boys do what the want. There is big mony on cars ,insurance gas repair ect.  .  The good guy should be able to have a full carry.   I have a ccw for NY state Westchester county with the good old restriction hunting pistol range and bussiness. I miss Putnam county by 3 telephones if i lived there it would be a auto full. But they can come to westchester Its all balled up. rest my case.  Jerry P

        • Erajtem

          The right to drive was devolved to the states. It was not mentioned as something the Federal Government was responsible for — such as national defense; nor was it considered a transcendental right such as free speech that can be abridged by no one as it is God-granted.

    • Joseph

      I would agree that “bearing arms” should be allowed anywhere but UNTIL this does not require a permit or license, it is unlikely to be recognized in every state.  Just like the practice of medicine, law, plumbing, or teaching school, which are not considered fundamental rights, a license is required by every state and they find no obligation to honor the license of other states though this be one country.  A license is permission from the issuing body for you to perform some act which would otherwise be unlawful, a trespass, or a tort.

      Not that I think its right, but that IS the way that carrying weapons it is viewed by the law. Knives may even be more restricted than firearms right now.  Until the courts honestly accept the original intent of “keep and bear arms” as an uninfringable RIGHT, the peaceable citizens are at the mercy of the distortions of the law and miscreants who have no regard for good or bad laws.

      • Phillip

         I think, that unlike medicine, law, plumbing and teaching, the right to keep and bear is a fundamental right.

      • guest

        Do not incite the right to “Bear Arms” as you may feel it means, you need to recite the full line ” TO KEEP and BEAR ARMS,” they key word is “to keep.” If it just said to “bear arms” we would have been stripped of our rights long ago.

    • Mtzion


    • Dsrtneck

      What i dont get is all the states that do allow ccw they all go through the same channels for background checks state and federal so if i have a permit from another state why cant i transfer it to a state i move to all the basic requirments ar the same no phelonys no substance abuse have to be 21 and be of general sound mind so what is the problem with me wanting to dial 1911 instead of 911 when my or another life is on the line.

      • AlanBuffaloNY

        Most states just run a record check the name and DOB on whatever identification you provide.
        Here in New York, we have to submit a 10-print fingerprint card which is checked by the FBI for criminal background.
        You can get fake ID in this country; You cannot get fake fingerprints!
        I absolutely DISAGREE that every citizen has a right to possess firearms. Convicted felons, people with a history of violent mental Illness, and unsupervised children should NEVER be allowed to possess firearms of any kind, handgun or long gun.
        I submitted my fingerprints one time 35 years ago and have a CCW permit that is good for life, unless I am convicted of a crime. In some states, you can get a CCW just because the Sheriff has the hits for your sister! Until ALL states handle CCWs as seriously as they should be handled, full reciprocity is simply not possible.

        • Gerhead67

          Alan if I don’t have any felony convictions on my record which IS checked. There is no reason to deny me a piece of paper to carry a concealed weapon. This is “The United States of America” and if a state issues you a permit then all other states should honor it like a license to drive an automobile, If I had to submit my prints to do this I would be ok with that, but here in N.H. we respect ones right to privacy.

          • Ben Austin

            I n our town here in Maine they issue about 65 permits , the man who signs them has lived here all his life. He knows each person on a personal level, he knows who is in trouble with the law and who is not, and yes he has even refused a permit to a family member he didn’t think should have one ! Most of the people that cause trouble here nowadays seems to have drifted in from parts unknown or are druggies. Just the other day the news had a fatal shooting where three people broke into a home and attacked the homeowner and he shot them ! The 2nd ammendment was put into place to protect the people against the goverment AND other persons! Thank you founding fathers!

          • Cale

            I have nothing but respect and admiration for our men in blue, That said we all know and they agree all thay can do is hunt down the bad guy after the crime.. Thats why I have a ccw. Kick in my door and go home in a bag.

          • whitehorse67

             The permit should NOT be issued based on whether this man thinks they need one or not. If they qualify according to the state law, they should be given one with zero questions asked by “the man”

          • Your 2A RIGHT, issued only at the discretion of some local yahoo? What if he thought you cheated with his wife, and denied you because he didn’t like you, even with no criminal history? Discretion is 100% antithetical to the idea of a RIGHT. Quit being so naive, Ben, and think. If there’s no shall-issue, there’s a problem.

          • Josepheddelinck

            you are definitely right,  license to drive is honored by all states therefor a license to carry your weapon should be honored by all the states. that’s it.

          • Floyd Britton

            The polititions are the ones keeping the permit issue in the dark ages.

        • bob

          Kansas permits are issued by the state attorney general, require fingerprints, completion of  a course by a certified instructor, and a full background check, yet New York doesn’t acknowledge a Kansas permit, or any state’s permit for that matter, regardless of whether those states’ requirements are equal to or stricter than New York’s requirments.  I’m not sure what good a fake concealed carry permit would do you.  I would imagine that if a cop asks to see it he’s going to run it to make sure its legit.  (Plus Kansas’ concealed carry permit is made the same way as our drivers license and would be very difficult fake).  So why can’t states like New York at least recognize states that do take it seriously?

          • Thelawccwdsm

            Iowa CCW permits in Polk county are just like a license to drive. All logged and searchable by all law enforcement agencies nationwide. Just about all states have a tracking system to root out the fakes. If your a felon I hope you get caught if not just get your permit, it’s not that hard in the majority if states. Though I strongly believe not everyone should be able to carry, this is why I think all states should require you to shoot if not for your sake at least for the sake of other lives you could take in the heat of the moment due to lack of knowledge of your weapon.

          • Training yes, absolutely, as much trigger time as possible, shoot, don’t shoot scenarios, knowing about the critical “T”, recognizing what a hand cannon will and won’t do, clearing jams/stovepipes/failure to feed, knowing YOUR gun inside out–I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! Government mandated training–NEVER! Because what the benevolent government gives can be taken away in a penstroke.

          • Cale

            I agree.however only a very follish person would drive a car without knowing how and the same is true for a gun. Remember that you are liable for what that gun does.

          • Markmohrwstp

            Cale, do you know how to check your cars oil level or tire pressure? How about changing a flat tire or an oil and filter change? Transmission fluid change? Your assumption that I should know how to field strip my weapon is as absurd as giving a person a pencil and telling them before they can write a letter they must pass a compentancy test on proper use and practice of annotated footnotes for a thesis paper on old world grammar.

          • Criminals carry without a permit.

          • Floyd Britton


          • Cale

            You are correct, consider that you are responsible for any stray bullets even if you are justified to shoot. If you choose to carry it learn how to shoot it.

          • Doug

            NY doesn’t recognize its own citizen’s rights, THAT is why they don’t recognize anyone else’s.

          • mrstawarzsr

            you got too many democrats in new york democrats hate guns and hate you if you want to have one i lived there 33 years in 73 while i was on active duty they had the nerve not to honor my active duty i d when i went fishing ,a fucking pfc combat marine that has a legal active duty permit can fish anywhere in the the u s  the i d is your fishing permit along with a lot of other things it covers too  fags can do all the perverted shit they want,blacks can beat and rob and rape and stab you along with the puerto ricans but you better dare not do any thing to protect yourself or you’ll go to jail forever i lived there for 33 years born there and was never so glad to leave there i wish i did it sooner of all the shithole states and there are quite afew on the east and west coast n y is def in the top 5 or less i thought i could be proud of where i come from but that would be a joke i rather say i come from some commie nation then say i was from new york
            get rid of all them democrats and you might see some change for the better being in new york is like being on the jersey turnpike every exit is a toll both or an ambush, my newphew was a corections officer and he had to go in front of a judge to get a permit to have a side arm, a judge  what happened to the second amendment theres too much shit thats have gotton way out of hand and i dont feel sorry for you people cause you let them shit all over you ,dont any of you have the balls to stand up and put an end to this shit its your state not the democrats you put in office you cant even go in the store with out getting raped in taxes ,theres nothing worth that much ,take it back grow some balls in stead of being robots ,nothing personal against you it just burns my ass how they have fucked all new yorkers around its a shit hole over run by forigners get out lie i did ive never been so happy i wont even go back to visit

          • Floyd Britton

            Your so right. Domos. and don’t forget orginized crime

          • Rstawarz11

            o c is a buisness im sure they been around me as i delivered bld materials to nyc  construction sites  if anything they were there to help  moe

          • Islaguam96915

            What racist BS! What a NY hater! should people like the Penn State ass bandit have a permit? I’m not going to be a hater by saying what about white people, I am going to tell you there are ass wipes in every race just as well as good!
            I’m a person of color and I don’t rape, rob, murder or sell drugs etc. If needed I would no doubt give you the shirt off my back if you needed it no matter what your skin color! I have also volunteered my time to the state of N Y in the New York Guard and am proud to have served my state. We need to support all good citizens as we seek to make better communities for all no matter what your race happens to be.

            Oh, and by the way no I’m not a democrat!

          • mrstawarzsr

            racist bs i kew a little boy 6 years old went to elemantary school in 1963 he was the only cacusian kid in a school of about 300 kids everyday he got beat up after school by a mob everyday and at six years old he didnt know why out of all the children in the school he was the only one getting beat up he had no idea,as he got older he found out it was the color of his skin and nothing he ever did to anybody, he did not know till then there was hate embedded in his schoolmates hate for the color of his skin nowthat he is older he must be careful of what comes out of his mouth otherwise he is considered a racist and the kids that beat him every day can call themselfs the n word or spics or fags but there not racists ,so you see the pendulim swings one way if your the right color you can say what you please ,i was born and raised in the south bronx and i ‘ll say what ever i want to about n y i took the beatings for it and dont need no apology im not a boy from the hood im a boy from the wood and it gets a lot darker there at night!

          • Deigh

            You are lumping an entire race of people in with a few ignorant assholes.
            What would you say if someone included you in with a group that does not present a true representation of you? That’s B.S. right?
            I’m sorry you were attacked, but you survived, you have risen and you are strong now. There are ignorant assholes that come in every shape, faith religion, color and creed. You learn from their foolish behavior and grow. Don’t hate, don’t blame an entire religion or race.
            Stay armed, strong and respectful.

          • Retired: Charlie 3/7 Commo guy

            This is a bunch of crap from just another coward who slithers behind the safety of a computer

          • seeker741

            Sorry he is right about Democrats hating gun owners and running ripshod over the constitution, and it is one of the last Democratic machines in the country. Mayor Erastus Corning was DEMOCRATIC Mayor for 46 years till he died!  That is what bloomberg in NYC is trying to do, the illegals and the foreigners that the democrats suck up to love them casue they hand out social welfare for votes and reward Democratic loyalty with handouts!  Why hasn’t anyone challenged the NYC law where you can’t even on federal controlled property the airports follow federal laws and transport a properly declared  and licensed in your another state, that locked in locked box sealed etc, without getting arrested and losing your gun! a Defense lawyer advises attrorney’s not to fight charges cause if it goes to indictment there is no chance to pay fine lose gun and have no record! Once out of there I would file a class action law suit in federal court and finally let the SCOTUS give NYC and state a kick in the balls!

            I understand NY doesn’t follow the federal law in the lawful transportation of firearms in violation of 18 USC sub 926A “Interstate transportation of firearms
            Notwithstanding any other provision or rule or regulation of state or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or recieving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle, Provided, that in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console”.

            Chicago’s democratic machine took one in the ass over their gun ban, DC got their balls handed to them, but still are circumventing the Ruling by Supreme court by making hard to get the safety class, cause it is against the law to have a gun store in dc and the list of “approved safety instructors is out dated or lacks proper contact info to go out side dc for class.

            He is correct where ever Democrats have gained a control, those are the states that you have to be a criminal to have a gun!  Some of the western states are a little different cause they were founded by rough and ready people and knew they needed guns to protect themselves and families.

            I would have filed complaint with the State Dept Natural resources because he is correct a resident that had a previous hunting license and is on active duty does not need to have a NYS big game tag or fishing license your active duty ID is sufficient unless the Democrats have infiltrated that part of government also.

            I will concede that not all democrats are bad but it seems the ones that want to infringe on many of our rights are the ones with the millions and the ability to bribe and buy the laws they want. 

            Obammma has already said he is going to circumvent the constitution if he wins again, he said he will use executive directives and orders to rule the country and bypass the legislative branch, the only good part about that is once a Republican hero is elected some time down the road he  can immediately rescind every executive order he has issued!
            Lets hope we have enough good Americans left that are moderate Democrats that will stand up to the rise of a dictatorial form of ruling from the White house!

          • rstawarz11

            whats your beef chump?20 years ago i moved to a free state that i dont need a judge to say if i can carry or not and i carry not because i want to br a big shot,i carry because here im a free man! my gripe is if i were to go to the place of my birth i would be considered a criminal,you see some states do not respect the constition and this is  what its about and if you knew who i really was you would be ashamed of yourself

          • Deigh

            I feel sorry you. I am a vet. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I have a CCL.
            Are you a card carrying racist or what? What you said is absolutely not Christian, but it must be in your world.

        • Cherish that CCW Alan…they don’t hand out many any more.  Heck, In NY…you need a Permit to even OWN a handgun.   On top of the 10-print card made by the NYSP you need the 3 recommendations from citizens in good standing who will vouch for you.  Plus the NYS Fees, the form, the background and  plus the NEED to CCW which is reviewed.  Hunting…is not a NEED for a CCW in NY.   Heck I couldn’t even hunt with my 1858 Remington Black Powder revolver in NYS!   They consider that a full fledged firearm. 

          I left NY a long time ago for jobs…and ended up in MD.  Getting a CCW is next to impossible in MD…but at least I can buy, own and shoot without a Permit.

          My next move is to VA….a FREE STATE.  LOL

          • guest

            You said it! God Bless the Commonwealth States!

          • Scotty

            I had a CWP in NY, and a permit to own in NJ. Also left those states for work, to WA, a shall issue state. I feel like a refugee from two communist countries! I also am an “old school tech”…..wonder if we’re related???   LOL!

          • Mountainskytop

            I fled “Communist” NJ for that and many other reasons! A terrible State in which to live for many, many reasons!

          • Mike

            Got that right. Try NC, which is great!! Also, can any non-firearm morons explain that a lot of CCH permit holders are retired FBI, DEA, Vets, State, County and local law enforcement. Do they think that they somehow forgot what they learned about firearms? I cannot fathom thier pretzel logic. Glock 33 Mike

          • Patriot131

            Scotty, tell those commie traitors back east that your “permit to own” is found in the Constitution.  It’s right after the part of that document which grants you the right to say that.

          • Bucks County Pa, you just walk into the Sheriffs office, and as long as you dont have a felony  or other conviction, , they cant deny a permit. Think about it, only the trouble makers should be denied. Most everyone else is sensible. I carry everywhere, and I keep it CONCEALED, not even my mother knows. 

          • c0d3r

            She does now. . . .

          • Befor you go to the expence of moving see the news yesterday in md.

          • Hollywood

            Now here in Oregon I just bought two AR-15, and a handgun at the last guns show  with only a state background check $10 plus $5 each additional.  We don’t have reference checks or gun licenses. That is as free as it gets so don’t knock Oregon!  If you are a gun toting freedom loving American Patriot we are loosing ground here in Oregon and we need re enforcement soon!

          • TheKingJAK

            The only thing I don’t like about VA is how political the CCW process can be. I’ve yet to apply here in my home Commonwealth, but if you have an issue with a judge, sheriff, police officer or prosecutor, they can attempt to prevent you from obtaining a CCW. I’m not sure how this works in reality, but in theory it can be done.

        • Mike

          You people in New York have been brainwashed into thinking guns cause crime.  I carry and have used my gun to stop bad guys from committing crimes, and here (in Oregon) the dirtballs think twice because they dont know who is armed. 

          • Daryl

            Mike, The bad guys in Oregon may not know who is armed but they certainly know who isn’t (anybody with with out-of-state tags). Oregon has the same ridiculous rules as my state of NY when it comes to honoring permits from other states. I have permits from 4 states and can carry just about anywhere (with OR being one of the few exceptions). Not so different afterall huh?

          • Hollywood

            No hold on!  Their is very little gun crime in Oregon (except Portland which is a sh*t hole), and Oregon permits anyone from any state to open carry except prohibited by federal law and government buildings. Until we get our legislators to honor CHL from other states feel free to open carry.

          • Totaled108

            Just so no one gets into trouble, you are unable to open carry in the Portland city limits, or Beaverton and Tigard. I’m getting my CCW very soon and have been researching all the crazy laws regarding firearms in Oregon.  

          • whitehorse67

             I live in the Southern Tier of New York Mike. I take offense to your statement that “you people in New York have been brainwashed” Must be most people out your way assume that every New Yorker is from The City. Just so you understand….I know what causes crime and it’s not the .45 I carry on a daily basis…which my CCW…(from..of all places, New York) allows me to do!

          • I grew up in the Southern Tier. Yes you are right we all don’t live in the City. But N.Y. permits are not isued fairly. And Fl. one of the first shall issue is much more acurate on taking prints than N.Y.

          • whitehorse67

             I never said they were issued fairly. I took exception to the comment that ALL New Yorkers have been brainwashed. Fortunately for me, I live in a conservative County that will issue carry permits to those who qualify without hassle.

          • Frogmandiver

            Whitehorse67,  I never met a New Yorker until I served in the Marine Corps and he lived in rural country and never seen the rotten apple.  I do understand that you are severely out numbered by liberal trash and it is a shame.  I would recommend moving to a more patriotic state. I mean no offense either. 

          • whitehorse67

             I would if I could, trust me. I stay here to be near my Daughter. The good part for me is I live in a very conservative County where our officials believe strongly in the 2nd amendment and a CCW is easy to get. My Brother moved to Idaho years ago, i would LOVE to live there.

          • bgrouchyrouch

            Stay in New York! We need all of the conservative constitutionalists there that we can get. Perhaps your views will help someone else there understand and convert! It is important to support your family (daughter).

          • Cory

            I am from NY and see how that state treats even those asking about weapons. The sherrif nearly jumped out of his chair ”  DO YOU HAVE IT HERE?” when I inquired about a permit because I purchased a gun in West Virginia (and kept it down there).   I spent 23 years in the Coast Guard (and Retired E9) and have been around.  The city (NY) is what spoils NY (aside from all the government mismanagment that has nothing to do with this post).  It seems (to me and the way I was brought up )  that hand guns are tabboo.  Staying out of that place poses no problem to me… Just like I will never live in California.   I suppose I would move back if i was running for some political job to make a change, but no thanks…  Besides, It’s way cheaper to live elsewhere (Indianapolis) where owning and purchasing a pistol or acquiring a carry permit is not such a suprise or hassle..

          • Scudrunner

            Ahhh … The memories. You reminded me of a call I made when stationed at Ft Knox in 1971. I was going to my home state of West Virginia and called the State Troopers to ask what was the legal way to transport my .357 in my car while I was visiting family. He acted about like your Sheriff saying “WHY ARE YOU BRINGING A GUN HERE?….. I never got an answer to my question. :

          • Pissed off non resident

            duhhhh Our sherriff in action, why are you bringing a gun……uhhhhhh so I can get the bad guy before he kills me and then call you guys since it will be about 20-40 minutes before you arrive, Meanwhile if I was unarmed you would be calling the coroner for me after you arrived, thats why

          • Bug man

            To your point. I carry a .45 I decided to carry because my occupation brings me into hazardous situations. Im small business owner.For example. Due to a back injury I had to have one of my employees service a home which was in a high crime area. As I waited outside by my vehicle for my employee to finish a small gang war broke out 30 yards from me. I took cover behind my vehicle. This event basically made my decision easy. I have NEVER felt more helpless in my entire life.
            The very next day we went to service a local restaurant . It was early in the morning. We knocked. But no one answered. I pulled on the double doors which opened. I then called the owner to inform him the doors had been unlocked upon our arrival. He replied…” Oh ok I’m glad it’s you because the alarm was triggered I’m on my way . When the police get there tell them I’m on my way . FOURTY MINS LATER 15 minutes after the owner arrived. The police arrived. This is a small town people. The police station is 8 mins from our location driving the speed limit and hitting every red light. If this was a dangerous situation where the restaurant was being robbed the owner and employees had no chance. That day I finished my CCW paper work. Got printed and mailed it in. Today I don’t go ANYWHERE without my Glock 21 .45 caliber which I’ve become extremely proficient with by the way 🙂

          • Laurence Almand

            Good for you, Bugman! If more people would carry there would be far fewer “knockout” incidents where Black punks attack innocent people. I too carry a Glock 19 almost everywhere. In this day and age you never know who will attack you for no reason at all. Good for Zimmerman!

          • cawpin

            Yep, it’s only black people doing it. Idiot.

          • mnmike

            cawpin… do the math. most gun crimes are the blacks percentage wise. this is not a racist comment. it is a fact. ps i voted for obama and i am white.. Idiot

          • cawpin

            Care to show the numbers on that?

          • Laurence Almand

            Go to the FBI website and check the national figures.

          • christie

            how about the actual crime on film street camera actual footage not good enough for u but I bet u believed the story about the mexican

          • google fan

            Google it and show how smart you are……if at all.

          • cawpin

            I’m not the one making the claim. What would I look it up?

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            So what if you voted for Obama, that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Blacks have been voting for White presidents since forever. Moron. The comment is very racist and then to try and justify it with “I voted for Obama is even more stupid. You probably have only one black friend too, so that makes you not racist. GTFOH!!!!

          • granny

            Listen Abrams, you just showed your muslim attitude. White Presidents are the only ones that have been on the voting machines. If BO wasn’t doing such a uneducated job, there would be no attitude … why don’t you GTFOH. You seem to be playing the race card naturally.

          • cawpin

            Moderators, can we get this person blocked?

          • Bradley Hill

            All you have been doing in here is posting your comments against everyone else’s posts. Why don’t you do something original and post something based on your thoughts…Got any?

          • LC60

            People who voted for Obama, voted for our gun rights (or 2nd Amendment Rights) to be infringed upon by our federal and in some cases, even STATE governments (as with the State of NY). What is the saying that those who voted for Obama should be reiterating right now? “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” Get with it, guys. How many of you actually DID vote for Obama, but own a gun? REALLY? LOL

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            Not a Muslim “granny-dont-know”. Thank you for proving my point. Columbia, and Harvard Educated BO is doing what he can despite all the hate and blocks he receives from a nation that is supposed to support him within the government, and outside of government. I travel the world and despite what you and others think of BO, the rest of the world highly respects him and loves him. That’s a fact!!! So deal with it you BIGGOT.

          • Bradley Hill

            It means a lot to the 9 million Americans who lost their jobs in the past 5 years.
            It means a lot to the thousands of people who lost their Health Insurance Benefits this past year.
            It means a lot to all the business owners who are having a hard time keeping their doors open to make a living.
            It matters to people who will be paying huge electric bills because of the coal pits being shut down my his EPA.
            What do you mean; So what if you voted for Obama, that doesn’t mean a damn thing????
            Oh, I see, you are collecting a monthly Welfare check and Food Stamps and don’t feel the squeeze?

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            Its funny how your rhetoric is off base Little Bradley, All of the tings mentioned are not a result of BO but of the bad leadership that has taken place 8 years before him. Your last statement is very racist, and for your information, there are more whites people on welfare collecting checks and food stamps, than any other race. Get your facts straight, and squeeze a book of knowledge into your mental capacity, but don’t overload it because you don’t have a clue Little Bradly Hill.

          • CHICKASAW

            I don’t care who is in charge white or black you see I am an American Chickasaw Indian. I am a Vet of Nam and middle east, and my family was in ww1 and ww2 Korea. I can only say you can change things in the next election so get off your asses and vote. we need to clean house in Washington. GOD, COUNTRY,AND HONOR.

          • Bush Wacker

            Don’t confuse them with the facts they are too blinded to understand the truth.

          • LC60

            And blacks only vote for black presidents, if they are liberal Communist leaning Democrats. Yet, many Democrats own guns and many would not vote for good people like Allen West or Herman Cain, would they? Go figure. I state my case.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            And Pinks, elected BO, so Please miss me with your philosophical B.S. Dummy. Republicans and hate have BRAINWASHED you into complete stupidity. That’s the most stupid statement, I have ever heard. Read a book and learn about the many real and diverse cultures of this nation and world.

          • Daley’s Crimes

            Yes, if you voted for Obama you ARE an idiot.

          • christie

            yes you are mnmike glad u realize it

          • JA BOBALOO


          • JOSE


          • Bradley Hill

            Seems you LOSER made losers out of all of us voting for Obama

          • carl lewis

            most crimes that are reported you mean! But honestly there is evil in every race my friend and good as well .Please stop pointing fingers its dismisses fault/responsibility to side

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            Your an idiot, White Amerikka is so quick to blame the Blacks and everyone for everything that is a product of themselves. More whites are serial killers, rapist, con artist, and there are more whites on the welfare system than any other race combined. So Check your facts Moron.

          • freedommonger

            I agree with your premise, however, you just did what cawpin did. You said, “White Amerikkka is so quick to blame the blacks” when, in fact, it’s a PERCENTAGE of White AMERICA that blames them. Your KKK designation for all whites places you at the same level with cawpin.

          • cawpin

            Excuse me, but I never said anything of the sort. I called ONE guy an idiot.

          • freedommonger

            Then you stated that “White Amerikkka is so quick to blame the blacks”. How many people make up “White Amerikkka”?

          • cawpin

            No, that was Yaaqob Abrams…
            You said he did just what I did, and I never said anything like that, which is why I said so.

          • Laurence Almand

            Let’s cut the silly name-called and have an intelligent discussion.

          • Educated Indian

            Why is that the Blacks are always fighting for a cause. If black kills black, they say nothing. If white kills black, then they become nasty individuals that claim the race card. I know a lot of educated blacks and they think the other percentage of blacks are uneducated & do not want to be associated w/ them. It was a white America until the blacks were brought here against their will. We owe them nothing as they live better here than they would have in Africa.

          • cawpin

            “It was a white America until the blacks were brought here against their will.”

            Um, no.

          • Laurence Almand

            Do some research and you will find out that large numbers of White people were also brought to North America as slaves. And note that the free people of color – there were many of them, called gens de coleur – owned their own Black slaves.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            This was a nation of Native American Tribes and People. And your not an educated Indian because Native Americans dont use the term Indian, DUMMY. Stop Posing RED-Neck. Your ideology is a bunch of B.S. to make you feel superior to those who are in fact greater than you. Step into this day-in-time, that uneducated statement you made is embarrasing and a disgrase. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • ihavetopickastupidname

            This is all completely untrue.

          • Daley’s Crimes

            Check your own “facts.”

            Blacks make up 12% of the US population but commit OVER HALF of all the murders. Fortunately most of their victims are other blacks.

            Blacks make up 12% of the population but are more 40% of the people on welfare.

            Let me guess, your inability to do basic math is part of Whitey’s plan to keep you down?

          • Educated & I read

            Your percentages are way way off. About 45% off of the true figure. Your inability to get things right means you had no education and refuse to look up stories before you put them on the internet.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            You are a MORON, and your numbers are way off you Racist Hillbilly Red-Neck. Therefore, you are not worth or intelligent enough for me to debate your lack of intelligence. So Sad BOY!

          • Gus

            Blacks are violent. Everyone should carry because of them.

          • cawpin

            You are a cunt.

          • Gus

            Fuck off swine.

          • Retired

            Wow, I misjudged you. There are ways of getting your point across without the foul language.

          • cawpin

            Not with everybody, there isn’t.

          • Laurence Almand

            This is an informative website for intelligent people, so let’s cut the vulgar language and insults.

          • cawpin

            Agreed, but the man was posting racist comments. It seemed the only way to get his attention. Luckily, he has been banned.

          • christie

            you are a racist aren’t you all come in many colors is amerikka a new country or an attempt to change the name of the greatest country in the world its people like you that are bringing this country down play nice or board the boat to your amerikka

          • Educated Indian

            You are the racist. It was the greatest country in the world till your relatives came here on the Mayflower. You race card AH are whats bringing the country down.

          • christie

            my ancestors also here before the mayflower not my husbands guess I’m not sure why you spell America with kk

          • christie

            besides I was writing in response to cawpins it was not meant for you sorry about that

          • David

            They never went to the schools we built them

          • Larry F. Smith

            Who did the Indian take the land from, This started as a CCW blooge now we are throwing mud. I was born here and I am an American, not black not white not lite skinned or dark skin.This land was taken from some one else since the start of time. We all have one carry law and that is the 2nd Amendment ( the right to carry).
            I am an American and proud of it !!!

          • Roselind Berry

            Who did the Indian take the land from? From the cows and buffalos, from the deer and the antelope, adn maybe from some cavemen. Does that make them Natives? Maybe. But they were not here from the beginnings of time. I don’t like to play in mud (Mother says I always did hate to get dirty!) but I do love history and facts.

          • YourWelcome

            what a joke…the Mayflower NEVER landed on mainland America. It actually landed in Central America. Also, we didn’t introduce slavery to this homeland, the indian tribes were at constant war with each other enslaving and conquering each other coast to coast. If the founding fathers wanted to bring civilized order to this land they had no choice but to prove their superiority to the Indians, its a common way of one civilization replacing another as has been done all over the world for thousands of years.

          • Typical Sheep

            Uh, I don’t think Plymouth Rock was in Central America….Columbus landed on the Island of Hispaniola…but Columbus wasn’t on the Mayflower, LOL! Mayflower came much later!

          • cobra555


          • cobra555

            Ever hear of Plymouth rock?

          • Roselind Berry

            The Mayflower never landed in Central America. You must be thinking of Columbus, who’s ships were the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Columbus did not want to enslave the native peoples, but he was pressured to do so by the Spanish rulers, and by poverty of his own. He died as a debtor and left nothing to his sons. The best biography I have found is in “The Light and the Glory,” which relies on his own diaries and logs.

          • billyboi57

            ROTFLMAO!!!! What a tool!!!

          • throwedoff

            Not very educated after all. The Mayflower landed in what is now New England. Columbus was sailing for India and made landfall at Hispaniola in what are now called the West Indies. No where near Central America. Central America, that narrow (in relative terms) strip of land that connects North America to South America. Look at a globe some time.

          • lucifernv

            actually Africans sold their own people into slavery a practice that has existed for thousands of years and the whites were simply middle men. then when slavery ended in America some slaves returned to Africa ( Liberia ) and took slaves and built plantations. nothing raciest just historical facts.

          • guest

            I like his statement because it is true. Do you just stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t?

          • ron

            State your citations please!

          • ron

            Cite your sources please!

          • BaBars44

            I think U could have left out the ” Black” part. Some of the bad guy’s ( punk) R also white & Mexican. Ya’ Know. I will shoot no matter what color they R. Period!

          • christie

            that was quite a story the Mexican one I mean people were heating up the real story you know the one with actual visual proof I/e street camera footage where you see black male knocking a woman to the ground where are the pictures??? then the first arrest was a Mexican guy you believe everything you read don’t you the majority of incidents are black males also that story was just my opinion sheep fodder I do not consider my self a racist nor do I believe everything I hear that article hit me as a set up to diffuse the situation and fuel another people need to pay more attention to details especially with the poor quality of mainstream media in this country the truth is not coming out of their mouths REMEMBER BENGAZI

          • Joe Schmo

            REMEMBER BENGAZI! All caps with an exclamation mark….. What does that mean Christie? What do you know about what happened in Bengazi? Just what Fox news kept spewing to enrage the public against anything/everything associated with the president (because he’s not a white male over 50) until it just fizzled away?

            Do you have any clue as to how many other US embassies have been attacked?

            Facts really suck when they don’t paint the picture you’re attempting to palm off on the American people. Facts are Republicans – in spite of talking like
            a character in a John Wayne movie – have failed and failed miserably over the
            past 37 years to protect Americans and America’s interest at home and abroad.

            Since 1974 – President Gerald Ford – there have been 44 terrorist attacks against American interests, as a result of which 3,154 Americans have been killed (including four ambassadors), and 18 American embassies or consulates overrun or attacked; so, with those numbers in mind, under which party’s Presidents have American interests – and citizens – suffered less?

            Fourteen (14) terrorist attacks,
            263 Americans killed (including two ambassadors), five embassies/consulates
            overrun/attacked under Democratic Presidents.

            Thirty (30) terrorist attacks, 2,891 Americans killed (including two ambassadors), 13 embassies/consulates attacked/overrun by terrorists under Republican Presidents

            -Three terrorist attacks, seven Americans killed (including two ambassadors), one embassy/consulate attacked/overrun by terrorists under Republican President Gerald Ford.

            -Two terrorist attacks, One American (ambassador) killed, one embassy/consulate overrun under Democratic President Jimmy Carter

            -Eleven terrorist attacks,466 Americans killed, three embassies/consulates overrun/attacked under Republican President Ronald Reagan

            -Six terrorist attacks, 237 Americans killed, two embassies/consulates overrun/attacked under Democratic President Bill Clinton

            -Sixteen terrorist attacks, 2,418 Americans killed, nine embassies/consulates overrun/attacked under Republican President George W. Bush

            -Six terrorist attacks, 25 Americans killed (including one ambassador), 2 embassies/consulates overrun/attacked, under Democratic President Barrack Obama
            This is REAL “fair and balanced” accounting of REAL FACTS- invite you to check for yourself- somewhere other than just Fox Noose – sorry to rub your face in the truth (no, actually I’m not sorry!)

          • Autocat

            Where else would you even hear about Benghazi? The point was that this administration left our people twisting in the wind. Hell, I could have damn near booked a flight on expedia and made it there faster. Wise up. After all, “what difference does it make?” I suppose none if it isn’t you backside on the line.

          • tmaca

            Get there faster booking on Expedia? OK.obviously an exaggeration to make a point, but equally obviously, you know nothing about how military operations actually work. They did get there quickly under the circumstances. The problem was lousy planning (maybe complete lack of it) that resulted in the right kind of troops, with the right equipment and training, and access to immediate transportation, just didn’t exist close enough to accomplish anything.

          • Al Dunaway

            From Sigonella, Italy we could have aircraft anywhere in the Med in 1 hour. We also keep aircraft carriers on duty in the Med, likewise. The carriers carry their own tankers to refuel aircraft if necessary, The attack lasted over 8 hours while Obama and Clinton did nothing except what Iranian born Muslim Valerie Jarrett told them to do. They are guilty of the murder of those we lost in Benghazi.

          • cawpin

            Valerie Jarrett is an American and you have no idea what religion, if any, she subscribes to. The only reason she was born in Iran is because her father was a doctor working there. Stop attacking people for no reason.

          • ABRanger47

            Are you really stupid enough to think the World Trade Center killings were planned under the Bush Administration? Bush was in office just about nine months when they took place. If you think those attacks only took nine months to plan you are just as stupid as the rest of the leftist idiots. Those attacks were planned under the Clinton Administration ( 8 Years ). By the way these are the same people who brought you the Benghazi fiasco. If we don’t get rid of these leftist democrats in November this country is finished. They have decimated our Constitution to a point that our fore fathers wouldn’t even recognize it. This coward in chief has every other country laughing at us. If George Bush had used executive privilege half as much as Obama has the liberals would have called for his head on a stick. I really hope this country has learned it’s lesson by November 2014 if not we’re finished!

          • cawpin

            Keep it on topic.

          • Lefty

            I agree whole heartedly! Democrats are only commited to staying in charge. All the intitlements the come up with is to keep the recieptients voting for democrats so that they won’t lose any of those benifits, or they will have to go back to work like the rest of the people that pay for them but don’t qualify for them. AMAZING! So I agree,,,go repuplican to save america. now democrats want to change the constitution!!!

          • tmaca

            ecauseAnd Republicatians (especially the real right wingers) are dedicated only to preventing Obama from accomplishing anything, no matter wgat it might be. They publicly stated that the minute he was elected. Like so-called Obama care, a plan originated years back by Newt Gingrich and first implemented in Massachussets by Mitt Romney. Named “Obama Care” because opposing anyhting Obama wants, no matter what it is, is now the way to go. And I’m NOT a democrat. Nowadays I’m a disgusted-o crat.

          • Bush Wacker

            Yes democrats are that blinded by there Ideology to believe something that outrages.

          • tmaca

            Sorry, I ain’t a Democrat. But what I believe is facts I can verify, not what some talk show host tells me, whether he’s left or right. And while both sides used to be just about even on using their distortions and outright lies to try to convince peopel, in the past 20 or so years the scale has tilted far to the right as the source of lies.

          • tmaca

            As is normal, a right wing Obama hater doesn’t worry about facts, as long as he can find some way to blame Obama for whatever. Bad enough you have to lie about facts, at least you could try not to get them bass-ackwards. HERE are the actual, verifiable, facts on who used executive power how many times since 1960, in order of usage: Clinton, 364; Nixon, 346; Johnson, 325; Carter, 320; George W. Bush, 291; Kennedy, 214; Obama, 182; Ford, 169; George H.W. Bush 166. So which Bush are you talking about? I have to assume you’re referring to George W. Bush, who used executive power 109 more times than Obama, who is only 8th on a list of 20 Presidents. And Dubyuh’s dad, based on his record, if he’d won a second term. was on track to use it 332 times, which would have left Obama 9th on the list, ahead of only Ford, who was in office less than 3 years.

          • patteeofurniture

            Simple, they don’t feel as threatened by the Dems in office.

          • Dave

            How many of those embassy attacks have been blamed on an Internet video seen by thousands of muslims that are lucky to have electricity 1 hour a day and no running water.. must be magic laptops.

          • Robin Hoodwinked

            you left out the towers so not so accurate —- the problem comes from this country thinking it should police the world —– WWII was a catalyst to this way of thinking before then the U S pretty much stayed isolated except for WWI which sprung the lock on the isolation door and how stupid was that war — over two idiot grade school minded aristocrats — no one should have fought that war —- but hey what do i know

          • Bush Wacker

            The problem is Obama is the first president in 70 years to get an ambassador killed by his negligence in a terrorist attack. This would not have been as bad if Obama Rice and Hillary had not tired to lie there way out of there incompetence blaming it on a video which had nothing to do with the attacks. Add to that the folks in Benghazi begged for help and Obama refused to send any. Anyone who says there was none is lying we have troops in Italy and Marines in the 6th fleet along with the battle group which always has an aircraft carrier and war planes which could have been there in the six hours these attacks occurred. Where was he that night the news said he went to bed that is sure an example of the poor leadership this man has shown over the five years. he was also neglect in not providing sufficient security not only that the Obama administration tried to remove what was there with an unstable government in charge. Then he hung the Libyan prime mister out to dry by saying it was not a terrorist attack after the Prime Minister had publicly administered that. With friends like Mr. Obama the man sure did not need any enemies around.

            Further what was every done to Hillary did obama call for her resignation as a leader would have no because he needed Bills support to stay in the white house. Then to add insult to injury he went to fund raiser instead of staying in Washington as he should have until the crisis ended he created through his inaction. Then there was Hillary s “whats the difference” and you democrats what
            this woman as your next presidential candidate you picked a real winner.

            Normally it is the host governments responsibility to protect an embassy the problem with Libya they still do not have a fully functioning government Then like locking the door after the horses got stolen Obama sent Marines into Libya to protect the the embassy. Normally they do not open an Embassy in a country which is still going through a civil war. From what I am hearing from folks who are have been there the locals would like to have Gaddafi back. Not because they liked his rule but at least the had order.

            If you had bothered to watch the congressional hearings when the Security offficer testified all the these facts were brought out. The differance is you are to blinded by your Ideology to see the truth.

            One other thing the worst Terrorist attack in our history was under Bill Clinton in Kenya can you see the Irony here another Democrat and that is where Obama’s father came from.

            Oh and one other thing about Regan he would have done something about it and in fact did Mr. Obama has yet to do anything. Obama destabilize the entire middle east with his incompatible over the last five years. Did it not seam strange to you when his guy from the Muslim brotherhood was thrown out how he wined about it. It makes a rational person wonder where this mans loyalties really are.

          • Gaius_Vindex

            Just wondering Joe–In how many of the terrorist attacks you cite, was the White House aware of the attack, in real time, lasting for >8 hours, with rapid deployment forces ~90 minutes away (base in Sicily in the case of Benghazi) and did nothing? And BTW, I don’t favor Fox or any MSM as my news source.

          • Dave

            Joe Schmoe …so what you’re saying is that terrorists like you democrats better than they like conservatives. I agree totally. Why would terrorists spend time attacking when they’re being aided and abetted?

          • tmaca

            The majority of the bad guys are usually whatever race is the majority of the really, really poor people in whatever city.

          • carl lewis

            yup if I happend to be in the viccinty Id help you

          • Brandon Vlasak

            or asian for that matter too… lot of hmong gangs ..especially in the twin cities and the bay area in california or la.. (more viet gangs though down there)

          • tmaca

            Did any of you CA people know that open carry (in a holster, in plain view) is legal in CA? Seems not many do. Gun has to be unloaded, magazines have to be elsewhere, like on the opposide side of the belt, though.

          • Jeff

            All that sounds good but for real let the police see you and I bet you’ll be laying flat on your face with cuffs on before you could say “Help me Jesus!”

          • cawpin

            Unloaded open carry is no longer legal in CA.

          • James S.

            Unfortunately that has gone away unless you are on your own property.

          • AMJSunshine

            FYI Laurence WASN’T being racist. He was being factual about a LARGE MAJORITY of perpetrators in a specific crime. Laurence was specifically referring to the cowardly, chicken-hearted & weasel action known as the “knock out game.” A disgusting “game” where people (mostly black males) are punching an unsuspecting person. (Again, factually the majority of the victims were white or non-blacks.)
            Even more disgustingly, the MSM took ages to even report about these senseless crimes. Several even DENIED it took place at all.
            The undisputed facts (caught on surveillance tapes) are that a majority of black men &/ youths were & ARE STILL carrying out this spineless, gutless & bullying act.
            To my best recollection, 1 Asian person & 1 white person also admitted participating in these repulsive & abominable acts.
            Several victims were SEVERELY injured & some DIED as a result of these gutless people sucker punching someone in the face or in the head.

          • AMJSunshine

            & some of the victims the black people suckered punched were elderly & women (again, caught on tape).
            The majority, if not all were just walking down the block, in an alley / even walking in the subway station when they were punched for no reason, except the perpetrators were “playing” this stupid & moronic “knock out game.”

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            its people like you that don’t need guns because of your mindset. People of all ethinicity’s commit crimes however, White America hides most of the statistics of white crime and recieves favortism to make everyone look like thugs and savages to make whites look superior. BTW who do you think Blacks learned it from. The knockout game has been on the news as being committed by whites more often than blacks. Surveys on crime in this country are biased; why do you think no other country trust Amerikkka.

          • hoopcat

            It’s America Yaaqob, not Amerikkka. There is still KKK in the U.S., but 90% of all Americans condemn it. I condemn it, and have stated so at KKK rally’s. I have told KKK members they need to get a life and quit living in the past, and unfortunately there are a lot of black americans who are doing the same. You try to blame all white americans for slavery, while actually a very low percentage of people owned slaves. But we all pay for the sins of our fathers. Mans iniquity against man has always been and always will be. But remember, blacks wasn’t the first and only slaves in America. Check your history and you will find that the Native American was the first slaves in North America, and there were many slaves of different types in South America. Even in mother Africa, villiages would take rival villagers and make slaves of them. At one time or another, we have all been slaves. What we should all be doing is coming together and trying to stop a runaway congress, senate, and an egotistic President that believes he is above the Constitution, and doesn’t answer to anyone but himself. Now should be a time of unity, not division. It seems pretty obvious to me that our Government has and is still controlling our concepts of one race against another. Lets break the pattern and elect real Constitutionalists to office. Then maybe we can get away from the status quo, and start on a road of healing.

          • christie

            well put hoopcat

          • Ted

            The other part that seems to be conveniently ignored is that it was their own people, the blacks in Africa, who sold them as slaves in the first place. Black slavery started with ill will from the blacks.

          • carl lewis

            Finally!!! an adult has assumed the role calling a spade a spade,instead egging on the arrogant ,ignorant bias speech of grade school children.There is power in numbers but only few understand this.I don’t think we should all get along but I think there should be respect.I don’t have to like anyone or know one has to like me ,but Ill respect everyone so respect me.Way to much time wasted on finger pointing instead of creating alliance to battle what every race is and will be effected by in the near future. Just my 2 cents of an opinion.

          • Larry F. Smith

            I hope people read your post, My feeling to a tee. No more black Americans or any other type. If you where born here you are an American.

          • cobra555

            But the question remains …Why are so many blacks joining Isis and becoming Muslims. Love of America…. Think not

          • Typical Sheep

            I don’t like the racist rhetoric of the KKK or AfrikanSpeak!

          • Gus

            I have a plan! Why don’t you head over to Liberia since you hate “Amerikkka” so much? Blame whitey. Always blame whitey…

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            The world is as a whole is Blaming “Whitey” as you so called put it. African people are not the only race of people who are fed up with this white supremacy ideology.

          • christie

            then why do you stay here white America ? other countries don’t trust America are u kidding they mooch off of us and send us idiots like you on a continuous basis our prisons are overflowing with trash that we the working people pay to educate feed and you think this country is unfair you really are uneducated aren’t bring back the firing squads quit prosecuting non violent crimes and this country will get rid of a lot of trash

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            Your crazy lady, America owes other countries out the ying-yang and have been the moochers and thieves of the world since the beginning of its existence. I stay here because the cultures that built this nation Africans, Asians, Irish, are the true architects and economic stimulators of this country yet still dont get there due. People like you are are out of touch with reality and see these issues one-sided are the true trash and the world is better off without your type of one-sided thinking/ignorance.

          • Ryan

            YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • cawpin

            Actually, he has every right to say that.

          • GrammarMan


          • There is a great deal of delusion in almost all of these comments. First of all, let’s address this race issue. This land was founded and belonged to the Native Americans who most folks ignorantly call “Indians”. The whites came here under false pretenses and lies bringing with them their third world ideology and what they thought should be law based on their own cultural opinions. They called my people savages, yet the whites drew first blood. When all was said and done, they lied, stole and murdered at will calling it a “state of war”.
            In the following years after stealing or swindling the land from our people, things eventually died down and they found other peoples lives to disrupt. Whether by will or force this land turned into a revolving door of every nations peoples. All of you that are so preoccupied calling each other names really need to grow up. The reality is, the common enemy is not black, white, pink or Klingon; it is crime, greed and lust. You may live next to a criminal or be one yourself, but know that America as a society is learning to look at things under a tighter scrutiny.
            Concealed Carry is a privilege, not a right. Reread the constitution established by “We the People”. There is a VAST difference between the Right to bear arms and Privilege to carry concealed. CCW is a position of Trust established individually per state. AFA I know, each state must still submit prints to the FBI for NCIC background IIRC. Even though all of you who are here legally as Americans, Remember this; NONE of you except for Native Americans are True Americans. All of your roots are Immigrants.

          • granny

            The percentage of crimes committed in the USA are mostly black. There are whites that commit crimes also, but the blacks did not learn it from the whites. They learned it thru their parents, and the other blacks they hung out with. Don’t you ever look for true percentages before you open YBFM. Google was meant for uneducated people like you.

          • cawpin

            “Google was meant for uneducated people like you.”

            Yes, only uneducated people ever need to look something up. I suppose you know everything about everything, right?

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            Granny-know- nothing has brain and the IQ of a mosquito. And who said I was Black Moron.

          • Ted

            B.S. Quit playing the victim. White America does NOT hide the statistics of white crime, and does not receive favoritism. You are trying to convince people that your own distorted viewpoint is some sort of fact, which it is not. You play the game of the victim, claim that you’re always held back, think that someone owes you something, or fail to see that the blacks created many of their own problems. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop playing the race victim game, and you’ll see that life has much more to offer.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Irish Native Americans have given in this world what they were dealt. White America wanted these cultures to be the burden bearers of this nation that was meant to be by white people and for white people. White America has stolen every idea, concept, business, and etc through their belief of superiority to other cultures. You are a damn FOOL to think that Blacks have created many of their problems themselves, they were from millions of tribes in Africa and came from Kings and queens.

          • lucifernv

            they also sold them self’s into slavery ( twice ) once to the dutch traders and once after American slavery had ended.

          • cobra555

            You’re right and im half Comanche, born in Oklahoma and have a Comanche pedigree. so what…. I think blacks are out of control

          • Bush Wacker

            statistics do not support your position it is mostly intercity fatherless males who commit most crimes. The democrats welfare system has destroyed families.

          • cobra555

            Thats a load dude!

          • granny

            The only black punks that attack are the ones that don’t want to work for a living. Just like the Mexicans……they have their hands out with a mouthful of “Gimmees”.

          • Cisco Kid

            Excuse me, but don’t mix the Mexicans with the bulk of the “N’s” the most here in Texas are very hard working and family oriented in comaprison, as a matter of fact the majority of a single race that rebuilt New Orleans & Suburbs in the aftermath of “Hurricane Ike” and even made money in the process while many blacks stayed on here in Texas than returning to rebuilt their homes. Saw quite a few who bought “jewelry” with their FEMA/insurance claims reimbursements. Talk about “LAZY”!!!



          • Zues The Great

            You right about that….racist pieces of shit.

          • yvonne jenkins

            I know many hard working educated black people that can spell…comaprison? Or did you mean comparison? Judge not lest you be judged.

          • Zues The Great

            Bitch u stupid!!!!! Don’t be mad because your broke and live in a trailer park while This Mexican works hard as a certified electrician making stupid money….legally bitch.

          • cawpin

            Don’t feed the troll.

          • r.j.

            I agreed with you until the Black punks statement. Violence knows no color or ethnic background, its the narrow minded individuals like yourself that is a growing problem in this country. And people who use the First Amendment to say whatever comes those little narrow minds without thinking first.

          • Laurence Almand

            Yes, it does sound racist. But the fact remains that the vast majority of street crime is committed by Black punks, so my statement stands.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            And the majority of crime, scandal, and world conflict, comes from white punks with your uneducated mentality and dont-know-how. IDIOT

          • Sanju

            Fitst Ammendment….hmm… can say what you want….but remember once the words are out…it is like your sword is out of the scabbard…they will hold you to it. You can get fired and sued and have a whole lot of other problems besides that. So….speech is something that should be thoughtfully worded in America…if NOT face the consequences.

          • Roselind Berry

            If freedom of speech does not apply to “offensive” speech, it applies to nothing. I may not agree with all speech, but I accept that freedom means there will be things said with which I do not agree. As for Black punks, let them get the same treatment as the white punks, the Hispanic punks, the “Native” punks, the Chinese punks, etc. Don’t look at numbers but at individuals. Justice is done by the individual, not by the numbers. (As for putting native in quotes, I consider myself to be partly American Indian. It isn’t slam against the racial group but against the misnaming of a race of people who came here from Asia over the Aleutian landbridge.)

          • Jeff

            If you think that only blacks are criminals you are vulnerable. You are going to get caught blind sided. And remember, it is that off duty black cop or that black guy who is a CCW holder may be that person who save you from harm. So never profile because criminals come in all ages, race, size, and gender. Don’t be fooled. I’m a jail guard and I know.

          • Sanju

            You are absolutely right.

          • Zach_Max

            This is a great comment. I agree 100%. I am white and have seen many bad white people and many good blacks. Evaluate each person on their merit.

          • yvonne jenkins

            Very good point

          • xrayne1 .

            Punks are punks, no matter what color they are!

          • Guest

            Zimmerman is a murderer. He instigated the entire episode.

          • carl lewis

            sad but true

          • ihavetopickastupidname

            My favorite reply to this type of question: “Because I can’t carry a cop.”

          • wigman

            I live in CT, and while CT is full of lunes, the town I live in is very conservative. I am also retired CG (20 years, E-7). I am at the police dept. occasionally for town business (on board of finance). I carry almost all the time. When I asked the chief of police what protocol to follow when I come to see him if I am strapped, he laughed and just said leave it in the holster unless yo hear shooting! Funny guy. To bad all police chiefs and sheriffs were not like him.

          • Jimmy,vig627

            Hey Wigman, were you on the Vigorous in the late 80s

          • granny

            We need more chiefs and sheriffs with that kind of an attitude. Would thank him but it seems that my CCW is not good in Conn. Sorry.

          • Wow! – That’s a rare response. He seems like a great guy. Semper Fi!

          • larry1355

            New York City or should I say the mayor has made New York look bad…..but not as bad as Chicago by any means. They got rid of King Richard finally to get the guy they have now…..not much better! They blame everyone for the violence there and then turn around a let the criminals back out of jail with the revolving door policies. Don’t have a trial there, they try to plea bargain every crime down and not jail anyone. Murder?….maybe it was only a ACCIDENTAL discharge of a firearm.

            $150 fine and probation! No time in jail…..then they kill 4 people next time and they do almost the same thing…..2-4 years but, no felony charge! Sound familiar?

          • Dave

            To bad you dont have the common sense to know that you should not be carrying a weapon in a Police Station. Its people like you that cause the problems and need a refresher course. Did Andy just come out with that reply or did he have to ask Barney?

          • cawpin

            Why exactly can’t you carry in a police station? There usually isn’t a law against it except the secure parts. The lobby is a public building.

          • Bradley Hill

            There isn’t a law in the state of Washington for carrying a legal weapon into a Police Department lobby area, but in some cities have a NO CARRY sign on the door. In the counties, it is illegal to carry a firearm in or around a jail lock up area.

          • Gary

            The lobby is not a public area in a Court House don’t push on your bubble to hard it may burst..

          • cawpin

            What? I’m not pushing anything. If you actually read what I wrote, you’d notice it was about police stations, not courthouses. I even specifically called out that it was prohibited in the secure parts. If you go through security to get into the lobby of the courthouse, that is a secure part of the building.

          • cawpin

            What? I’m not pushing anything. If you actually read what I wrote, you’d notice it was about police stations, not courthouses. I even specifically called out that it was prohibited in the secure parts. If you go through security to get into the lobby of the courthouse, that is a secure part of the building.

          • fredawright3

            what have you done so wrong that you are so shi.lesly afraid of your neighbor

          • DaSarge

            Who said that the writer was shi*lessly afraid of anything or anyone? I didn’t see that. And neither did you. As a matter of fact, the majority of crime in a neighborhood is caused by the “neighborhood bully”, and they can be a “neighbor”.

          • Gary

            The lobby is not a public area in a Court House don’t push on your bubble to hard it may burst..

          • DaSarge

            But in some states you cannot do even that. In fact in the majority of the states you cannot a thing like that, so the thought was valid, even if the comment’s vitriol made it not so much.

          • cawpin

            I’m sure there are a few states that don’t allow it, but it certainly isn’t most.

          • DaSarge

            Actually, I did the research and most of the states do not allow the carriage of a firearm into a Police Station, a Courthouse, a Jail or (in most cases) City Hall.

          • DaSarge

            And please also include Federal and State buildings.

          • John Fernau

            Actually it depends on what state you live in as to whether or not it is legal. To just accuse someone of being irrisponsible/foolish/stupid without knowing their respective laws is just as bad if not worse than what you accuse them of. That or you got your opinion/answer/responce from Polosi.

          • Keith Kinlan


          • WOP 2

            Well, then, Dave, color me stupid and a trouble maker. Here in PA you can carry in a police station. Its real smart though, to let the officers know you’re carrying when you see the sign “No firearms beyond this point”. My local cops know I carry, and that I’m a good training resource too. I’m welcomed in our town’s police station.

          • Not everywhere do you have the lib loons and people who should you should be protected from. Some places are so few of that type of people that they can use common sense. Common sense may be new to you, Look it up.

          • Tucson Ron

            Hey Kevin, you’re a dick!!

          • DaSarge

            No. But you are.

          • Jim Th

            Wow…that took some thought

          • tmaca

            Who says you “shouldn’t”? In some states you can, in some you can’t, and I’ve been away from CT too long to know what the law there is.

          • iwuzafuz

            Sounds like he is the one with sense, if you comprehend what you read, you would understand he asked as opposed to just responding to something he didn’t understand. Most states prohibit permitted carriers from entering government buildings armed, however the majority of police chiefs agree their department’s are not off limits. If some nut entered my office blasting, I’d be upset with you if you were there unarmed. If you only carry where you’re safe, stay home.
            Sure lock it in the car when going to the bank, courthouses, or the DMV, those folks are not armed, but the police are not in that position, therefore don’t feel their department should be off limits. Just have sense enough to ask, as the Patriot and public servant you condemned did.

          • DaSarge

            HEY! He’s on the Board of Finance in a town in Connecticut, and if you didn’t know (and you obviously do NOT) thet do allow this kind of thing, carriage of a firearm inside public buildings in Connecticut for members of the Representative Town Committees and Boards of this or that. Sometimes the laws are town to town, some are county by county. But do NOT castigate this gentleman since he did ask the Chief of Police(or the C-O-P as we called them when I lived there, for 15 years) for his information. At least he tried to find out what was legal. And YOU have no idea what is and isn’t legal there. So go and get a look at the state statutes before you criticize.

          • carl lewis

            yes sir sonds like a good man

          • Ron Berry

            Thanks for Your service Chief. Semper Paratus.

          • Bush Wacker

            I meet your gov a few years ago he is a piece of work for sure.

          • Great map and wonderful information – thank you! – Spy-Tronix

          • Lee G.

            My home state is California (Southern), after the Service I went back and it was a mess. I figure the great weather and the geology brings out all of the wack jobs. BTW I moved to a better state.

          • ktjebkes

            I live in Iowa and carry. I hired a guy who moved here from CA who also carries and is an NRA Instructor along with being an IT. Which is what I needed him for since I am just losing the ability to walk so he does my onsite service calls. We get along great. I once asked him why he moved from CA to small town Waverly IA. He told me, out there if you carry, you are pretty much immediately branded at terrorist. Out here it’s different, he smiled and said, “Out here it’s a pretty good chance your Grandma is carrying and nobody cares that you carry. He loves it here even with the snow.

          • Granny

            This Great-Grandma carries….. Shooting rifle/gun since I was 12. I hit what I aim for. Whether its skeet, targets, or the bad guy that thinks I am an easy target.

          • Nate L.

            I too live in Waverly, Iowa and love the small town feeling. Former service member and then civilian contractor for a few years. I even carry in my favorite watering hole but made sure the owner and the bartenders were aware of it and were OK with it. Turns out they were more than OK with it. I served my country and fought for the rights that so many people spit on and second guess anymore, and it makes me sick to even think about. They forget that with out the second, the first can’t stand for long.

          • Cindi

            This Nana carries! But did you know in Iowa you can use the weapon to protect YOURSELF BUT NO ONE ELSE? Was told if I used it to protect my grandbabies, from kidnapping for example, I would go to jail. I told them then they better get a cell ready cause NO ONE is taking my babies!

          • grandma-sarge

            I live in CA. My county is low population and has a HIGH percentage of carriers. Just like NY, don’t assume all of CA is like the coastal high-population nonsense.

          • Echo52

            Hello Master Chief Cory, I am also in the Indy area. I also was in the Guard 1963-1967. I enjoy the constitutional supporting laws of Indiana. Have you gotten your Indiana CG plates yet?

          • I left NJ in 1972 one reason was being treated like a crook when I inquired about a handgun purchase permit. I was 21 and wanted a 28 Smith and Wesson .357. I had a valad long gun permit which was also good for the .22 air gun I had. Silly I think.
            I resented the treatment and chose to buy in Virginia. They really got bent out of shape when I told the local PD that. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Yes sir I can I am a resident in Virginia too. So I bid good bye for ever to the PEOPLE REPUBLIC OF NEW JERSEY. No regrets or thoughts except total joy in living in Wisconsin. By the way I had a relation in NJ who had a “special officer carry permit” Obviously being a draft dodger did not prevent him from supporting a specific political candidate and getting his pay back.

          • Dr W

            Wow E9 that is a master chief ? There is hope that this November we can teach the democrats that gun owners sometimes can pull together and change the state.

          • Ron Berry

            Thanks for Your service Master Chief, Semper Paratus.

          • Bruce1369

            Move from New York. You are just pissing your vote away. New York is bought and paid for by the libs, your voice will never matter.

          • david alan

            newbies being scared is a good thing. It keeps them from even thinking about doing stupid shit.!

          • godswill

            i hope all u people on here that are very aggressive and seems to enjoy fighting don’t have a gun and carry it around because there is no way I would consider u a safe and sound minded person . god bless u all

          • Bruce1369

            Nobody cares what you think. Go cower in a corner.

          • TheKid


          • DaSarge

            Dear Godswill: I am not aggressive in the way that you believe we CCW permitees are. WE aren’t like that at all. It is a simple truth in this beloved nation of ours (ALL OF US) that those states with a constitutional outlook on the 2nd Amendment have a much lower crime rate. Take Alaska, for example; EVERYONE up there carries a gun. They HAVE to, due mostly to the fact that it takes law enforcement (few and far between!) a long time to reach any emergency location, and a bear or a moose attack is a likelihood if you live anywhere west of Canada. Which is anywhere in Alaska. When I was there, I found wildlife at large in all the towns, on all roads, in all the streams and backyards… there’re more of THEM than there are of US!!! And in places on the southern border, there are fewer cops than you might think because they are almost all watching the illegals trudging north, and are all spread so thin they may as well not be there if you need an ambulance or have been mugged or otherwise assaulted. What about the Bronx? I lived there for 20 years, and a more f**ked up place I will NEVER see… unless I move to Chicago. Can you think of a better way to stop the violence, a way better than letting ALL the law-abiding folks there carry lawfully obtained handguns? With BIG A*S magazines, 15 rounds or more to a clip? I can’t, and I was a cop for 28 years there. Care to reply?

          • carl lewis

            yes sir I agree with everything you said I love my ccw aswell and appreciate the fact i can protect myself if I have to when I don’t have the option to wait for the Leo’s to come and save my life or others

          • hungryHippo

            Well, I just read about 20 comments b4 yours and didn’t really see anyone say anything about ‘enjoying fighting.’ Have you seen the news lately? About the knockout games? Yeah, some of these ‘knockouts’ can cause brain damage and death. Yeah I think two in the chest and one in the head is the proper prescription. Then maybe the headline will be: “Knockout games waning due to deadly retaliation by the victims.”

          • Badkarma060

            There is the problem, you equate carrying a gun, and pro 2nd amendment as wanting to fight. Self defense is not wanting to fight, for all the millions who carry, their day usually ends without incident. I live in one of the boroughs of NY, and will be relocating down south as soon as I sell my house. I have been carrying for 33 years, and the only time my gun has been fired outside of a range was in self defense. None of my weapons have ever gone on a crime spree.

          • billyboi57

            You have the username “godswill”. First of all, capitalize the name of God. Second, you seem to be a rabid liberal. Third, Jesus is a conservative!!! You are out of bounds.

          • lucifernv

            Jesus was FAR from conservative.

          • christie

            he already has I live in a free country and carry my own protection

          • Laurence Almand

            And don’t forget the influence of organized crime, which originally passed the outrageous Sullivan Act, to protect the criminals and give them a virtual monopoly on guns.

          • granny

            Would not matter what STATE he was in, as his voice will always matter & be heard. At least the voting machines won’t be as crooked there. Yeehaw.

          • Stephany

            Really. Idaho is full of dumbass rednecks where anyone can get a gun. Those of us not from here are scared of the natives. You should really think about your statement.

          • Dan Smith

            Then leave Stephany,You will be more comfortable in the land of fruits and nuts

          • Jeff from ID

            So, it would seem that you moved to ID from another state and now want ID to be just like the state that you left. Why do you go back? we don’t want you here! If you move to a new area assimilate and do your best to blend in, not complain about how much better it was in…

          • DaSarge

            Jeff, you have a great point. When I moved to Greenwich Ct from NY City, I was amazed to meet all the New Yorkers who had moved up to Greenwich. GW is right on the NY/Conn border and is only about 20 minutes from the city border. I am a dyed-in-the-wool conservative and a Tea Partier, and I applied for a CCW as soon as I got there. I was amazed at all the damned liberals at the Representative Town Meeting (Town Council). And what were they doing? Complaining about the hunting regulations, and about the “redneck gun laws”. And I remember standing up and saying:”Since a lot of you paid over half a million for your homes, and some of you twice that amount, then why did you spend so much on homes in a place that you don’t like? You’ll NEVER change the hunting regs here. You will just have to live with them, and get smarter about posting your land. Live with what you got, not with ‘I want I want I want’ “.
            I was applauded by every “townie” there. The “New Yorkers” mostly just got up and left. A traitor to my class? Nope. A man who found his voice, by God.

          • viking lover

            “when in rome,do as the romans do”

          • Leatherstocking

            Stephany……been long enough now you might never read this, but I have lived in Idaho for eight years, moved here from my former home state of Colorado. What the heck are you talking about? I have never felt more safe any place I have lived, never felt more included by all the “red necks” and enjoy the freedom we experience here. As has been said, if you don’t like it here leave, especially if you’re from California….your liberal buddies have destroyed Colorado and are quickly Californicating it!

          • Ken Alan Draper

            Stephany is probably scared by even seeing someone with a firearm on their hip. she ought to avoid Indiana because there are quite a few people who open carry & I’d hate to see her wet her diapers. I’ve never understood people who get scared at the sight of a holstered weapon, they remind me of people who are scared of other people because of their skin color.

          • hungryHippo

            Well, to be fair, I grew up in the liberal Mecca of Provincetown, Mass. home to the biggest fruits and nuts you guys will ever know! Trust me, NO ONE carried a firearm that I am aware of except the cops! So, for folks like us the sight of one is a bit strange at the least. My dad had long since given up hunting let alone owning a gun. Thankfully, we were never robbed or attacked…that is, until my mom was mugged right in front of me in Alexandria, VA. by a black man. He hit her in the face, knocked her to the ground and ran off with her purse. She didn’t drive. Living in relative safety in MA gave her a false sense of safety once we moved to Alexandria. And add to it the liberal illusion of the ‘goodness of people’ and other utopian nonsense led to her putting herself (not to mention ME) in harm’s way. I am now a christian, love Jesus, love freedom. I don’t own a gun yet (mostly cause of $$ issues) but intend to get one ASAP.

          • suebrowcounty

            Take a safety course and practice on the firing range on a regular basis before you make your purchase. Know the gun you want to carry in and out. And once you buy one continue to practice with it, know all its features. This will allow you to carry safely!

          • Ted

            How do you practice on a regular basis BEFORE you make your purchase??

          • Wayne Barricklow

            Rental guns.

          • blogengeezer

            Many years back when the California land rush made selling a Cal home and property, a Gold Rush, California expats began taking their millions in pure profit, fleeing the outrageous taxes they had voted for and flooding into Colorado.

            They bought every piece of valuable land and the most beautiful properties for pennies in comparison to California, from whence they fled. There were huge billboards along the Western Slope. “Go Home. Do Not Californicate Colorado”.. Noticing the latest politics of Colorado, I think Liberal Leftist Californians did consummate the act, took Miss Colorado to the ground, in spite of the signs. :>)

          • DaSarge

            Hello, Stephanie. I live in Idaho. I was born and raised in NY City, and also spent 15 years in Connecticut. I went college and then law school for 3 years. I was hurt in the 9/11 debacle and was an Auxiliary Police Sergeant in the NYPD back then. Idaho may be full of very PROUD rednecks, if by “redneck” you are referring to the hard working men and women who work hard and play hard to live their lives free of the restraints placed on them by elitists such as yourself. My neighbor, a graduate of CalTech runs his own IT business from his farmhouse. Another friend of mine has three doctor of Theology degrees, one from Union Theological Seminary in NY City. He does a lot of on-line teaching on ancient religious sects and their impact on the development of Christianity and Judaism. Is this high-brow enough for you? My other neighbor graduated high school, runs a farm that was passed down to him by his father and their dad/granddad, and that farm is a multi-million dollar business. He runs it without any college degree at all. Pretty amazing, huh? And we all have those amazing red necks. I guess it comes from getting out of the house and actually doing SOMETHING other than just sitting on one’s computer and calling other people we don’t even know names. Do you feel better now?

            Sorry, I can’t hear you.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            You are so full of S**t. Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, and the Irish have been the epedimy of your statement “Idaho may be full of very PROUD rednecks, if by “redneck” you are
            referring to the hard working men and women who work hard and play hard
            to live their lives free of the restraints placed on them by elitists
            such as yourself.” But look how American racist extremist did the burden bearers and the tru architects of this powerful nation, however they dont get the credit they deserve. Most rednecks and poor white trash are out of touch with reality.

          • Gus

            Keep living in the past. You bared no burden you turd. If we only had picked our own cotton, America would be perfect. Having to put up with the likes of yaaqob is our burden for a small percentage of our ancestors just carrying on the human trade that those on the dark continent started. Your kind has built nothing but destroyed everything.

          • Bush Wacker

            Most democrat are out of touch with reality.

          • carl lewis

            My kind of neighbors may have to visit

          • suebrowcounty

            And yet the homicide / shooting rate in NY is exponentially bigger than the carry date of Idaho. They are even shooting kids in baby strollers in the Bronx.

          • Ted

            The same dumbass rednecks that would kill a criminal to save your sorry ass…

          • IdahoForever

            Sorry bub. New York is gone to the communists. What we need to do is get the rest of the communists in the country to move to NY and to CA and leave the rest of the country to freedom loving constitutionalists.

          • Yaaqob Abrams

            America is full of communist, and aliens and they just so happen to be whites. The true citizens of this nation are Native Americans. Africans and other Non-whites were brought here against there will and built this nation of hypocrisy. White veiws and ways destroy this world. The Native Americans didnt invite anyone to their country.

          • Jerry

            Quit your crying. Stop being a victim. You haven’t built anything other than a stack of empty soda cans next to your computer in your mom’s basement.

          • Pissed off non resident

            Idaho is great!

          • jazondubya

            Wooh-hoo Idaho!!! Where CCW’s grow on trees. 🙂

          • Charlie Branch

            Kootenai County used to process permits one day a week, and this year they had to change the schedule to three days/week. Now you can an “enhanced” Idaho permit, which should be recognized by more states beyond our borders (exc. Canada). My CFP instructor said a year and half ago that most states were doing away with the live fire requirements, as that imputes some liability on the state’s part. So (pre-enhanced permit), the instructors of these classes are also certified by the state of Utah, which issues permits to nonresidents.
            Firearms are tools, just like screwdrivers, hammers, knives, footballs, baseballs and bats.

          • Kevin

            Wish I knew what county. I live literally just across the border in PA. Have to watch which roads I drive as you can cross in and out of NY 10 times in 10 miles. Asked about non-resident a several places and they all just laughed. Yet NY residents cross over with a permit and get one issued in PA. I wish Harrisburg would reject NY permits until NY honored ours for issue.

          • WOP 2

            A quick call to Kathleen Kane’s office, the Pennsylvania AG, and likely your wish will be granted. She is sooooo proud of closing the so called Florida Loophole, and has killed non resident licenses held by Pennsylvanians issued by Florida and at least one other State. She’s probably in bed with Bloomberg, she has no respect for the former AG’s work to establish reciprocal agreements, and generally has left a bad taste in the mouth of honest Pennsylvanians who wish to carry, but were unfairly denied by the wicked witch of the East (Lt. Lisa King, Philadelphia PD)

          • samy g

            Shows how smart she is.. any resident with a non resident permit should be conciderd safe,what with the fingerprinting and concealed carry class you have to take in order to get one. Not to forget the second background check…..

          • WOP 2

            Kane is a Constitutional moron, aided and abetted by our dysfunctional Governor, Tom Corbett.

          • charlydog

            get the utah cwp and you r good in p.a

          • cawpin

            You must have a permit in your home state to get the Utah non-resident permit now.

          • Dave Stump

            Renounce the North and Move to the Freedom Loving South. We would GLADLY offer an exchange program and assistance to send our Liberal Left Wing Lunatics up there. Concentrate them ALL to one or 2 States and then ignore them and outvote them at the polls.

          • JeffreyandBecki South

            I know what you mean. The only (2) reasons my wife and I don’t live in Washington State is our daughter and grandson. Aside from the miserable summers here we don’t mind living in Virginia and having the freedom to legally carry concealed but unfortunately the pool is becoming contaminated and beginning to look purple.

          • Laurence Almand

            If Demorat McAuffle or whatever his name is gets elected, you won’t have any freedoms at all. Bloomdumb of NY is financing his campaign – no suprise there.

          • happyinID

            I’m a former upstater that moved to ID. I love it here. Not many libs here, but are gaining more power by the year. My question is,”why would they come here,just to make it like where they came from”. Anyway… got my permit in 3 weeks, and cost $60. How about yours?

          • Bradley Hill

            Great state, Idaho is….I live in WA. state, but would love to move to Idaho just as soon as my wife retires. We make it over to Lewiston a few times a year to see friends and just about everyone I talk to is in their Conservative mind.
            Used to live in Seattle and outlining rural areas and the stench of Liberalism wrecks. Live on Whidbey Island now and the Sheriffs over here like their freedom don’t want anyone messing it up. Oh yeah, we have the Lib’s but they live at the south end of the island.
            It’s amazing to me that Washington state has not gone and done something stupid like restrict guns on the citizens as yet. I would have thought they would have been one of the first. They are very relaxed about the fact that many people are running round with their guns on their hips (without permit) or concealed with permit here.
            Good to hear that you are doing well in the rural area of New York. I would like to get back there again and see the upstate part of NY. Take care.

          • jennfire

            In Washington, they call us Blue, but only the larger cities are blue. I too live in a GOP county, and life is beautiful here.

          • US citizens are US citizen….rural or city, no matter where they are from or what their civil or polical idealology.. they have a right to bear arms…. and kick the teeth in of any stupid Marine who calls him Liberal Trash

          • mpman

            Actually you don’t have the RIGHT to kick anyone’s teeth in and neither does anyone else. You have a right to defend yourself. Kicking in someone’s teeth because they called you Liberal Trash is not self defense. So get your facts straight…LIBERAL TRASH. Bet you won’t come kick in my teeth. Lol.

          • J. Mac

            I think you missed the point completely… He’s on your side; just wants all Americans to have the rights afforded them, regardless of their political views.

          • Jim in Iowa

            He didn’t miss the point. The Liberal Trash in New York are who are taking away the 2nd amendment rights of the citizens. Liberals have the rights as well, but Liberal Trash are different.

          • Bruce1369

            You need remedial reading classes.

          • tyler

            Internet balls aren’t balls….

          • ninehour

            Ooo Rahh, mpman…..”get some”

          • ninehour

            Yo Whistler’s Elk, this is one Marine who doesn’t put up with liberal trailer trash, in any form!!! 2nd Ammendment says I can carry – lets duel…..

          • This Marine feels the same way even though I am 77 years old. Semper Fi.

          • Bet you didn’t think “stupid Marine” after Guadalcanal.

          • Thomas L Walker

            Thanks for proving the Marines point!

          • Jim in Iowa

            Come kick this Marine’s teeth in. you have a seriously screwed idea of what your rights are and what is self defense. Do yourself and keep your ideas to yourself and let people think you’re stupid instead of posting them and removing all doubt!

          • Bruce1369

            Semper Fi.

          • USMC Gunny

            OOORAH! brother.

          • Bruce1369

            More than likely the liberal trash would get its ass handed to them if they had the guts to try “kicking a Marines teeth in”
            Care to try?

          • USMC Gunny

            come kick this Marines teeth in Jr. You’ll find out what happens to lib-tard trash when they open their battleship mouth with a row boat ass.

          • Aubert Modeste

            Bullshit Gunny.

          • CsfhVwrbi

            The problem with liberals is they want the government to coddle them and are willing to take the rights of others in order to feel safe. If they could only be made to realize that they can never be 100% safe and that taking the rights of others is a grievous sin, then maybe we would all get along better.

          • DoggerLV

            I moved from NY to Las Vegas. So in essence I voted with my feet.

          • I was raised in NY near Albany. was hunting alone since I was ten. Never shot anyone accidentally, nor did any of my eight brothers and sisters. We left when the state went wacko.

          • Joanne

            Frogmandiver, I moved from ny because it’s so liberial and the conservatives won’t fight these dam giveaway liberial. Ny is overtaxed, and in your face every minute. I live in VA now for 16yrs and they could give me a million dollars and I wouldn’t move back. I have carried for over 10yrs and I feel safe. Only The Bad guys have guns up in ny. The good people don’t because they can’t get permits!

          • Dr W

            If it were that easy I would be packing yesterday !

          • Charles Boot

            Frogmandiver & Whitehorse67, Sounds like you’ve been brainwashed into thinking liberals are your enemy. The most consistently liberal state in the USA, Vermont, where a legit (self-described) democratic socialist is senator (Bernie Sanders), is the only state that has maintained unrestricted gun carry laws even before concealed carry became popular

            – James Brady (RIP) (Brady Law) wasn’t a liberal. He took a bullet protecting President Reagan.

            – Just look at the map on this page and you can clearly see that most “blue states” permit concealed carry. And NY is not that liberal if you are judging libs to be Democrats and conservatives to be Republicans,

            – The truth is that most states are purple and they swing from red to blue, even Idaho and New York City. Hell, Staten Island is a staunch stronghold of the GOP. Don’t get too comfy with geography, because it will change.

          • joemc

            I am very liberal and I laugh at how it’s thrown out around here. I love guns, and I carry everyday and have many weapons. I will always fight for my right to carry. In fact, most liberals that I know love their guns.

          • whitehorse67

             I would assume then that your not as liberal as you think you are. I have NEVER met a liberal that believed in the constitution. They are good at talking the talk, but can never walk the walk.

          • Mattyoh

            And I have never met a supposed conservative like you who has ever taken a class in constitutional law and who actually knows what the hell they are talking about.   Go back to your trailer.

          • Dear Angry Matty:  Methinks thou dost protest too much. 

          • Ttack1947

            Ditto Darien-Me thinks the same and by the way, I have a minor in Political Science from a Morehead State University. While we do kid around about trailers her in Eastern Ky., we are not so down right nasty about it. This type of comment by Mattyoh reflects badly on ones upbringing and especially on ones mother.

          • Liz

            Ouch, but sometimes a mother will do all she knows to do yet Adults make their own decisions. I am the mother of 5, I know. We all can say unwise things and make an unwise decision in a flash when faced with a difficult situation. I have done so myself. I once blamed myself for every bad choice my darlings made but no more. I worked diligently to teach them Bible principles now they are on their own. People who carry guns need to be balanced so to make a good decision during a bad situation. Can one do this and be as hot tempered as some of our ccw writers? I sense insecurity and that they might need a hug. Lets go up a level and write intelligently.

          • and I suppose if you were in a foxhole you wouldn’t allow the soldiers to swear. I teach Sunday School and I see nothing wrong with asserting our first amendment right. And yes, I would want one of these patriots defending me. Maybe you’re too young to remember but many of our veteran heroes were spit and and vilified when they returned home from war, but they would still save our biscuits, because that’s who they are… Americans.

          • Liz

            You made me laugh. Everyone does need to calm down.

          • whitehorse67

             What does your ignorant statement have to do with your original post? Did I say anything about the Constitution? You wanna debate Constitutional Law? Bring it on Sparky, I’ll come out of my Trailer and school your internet tough guy ass on what the Constitution really stands for. It’s a fact that Liberals like you preach about 2nd amendment rights but behind closed doors, do all they can to spit all over the Constitution. Go save the ozone layer….you can’t hang with me.

          • You tell em Whitehorse67! If you mess with one of us, you mess with the whole damned trailer park!!!!

          • Liz

            Ignorance is lack of knowledge. Where is your patience. And you guys carry guns?????????????

          • TripodXL

             WTF are you and why are you even here???  You’re just another dumb @$$ed liberal that thinks they are superior to the “fly-over” people because you live in a “cultural paradise”.  You “effers” wouldn’t know the constitution if it bit you in the @$$.  Do you even own a gun, much less carry one?  Living in a mobile home is an economic condition…not an IQ impediment.  Did your mother have any children that had an IQ over 100?

          • Palerider13

            Yea I bet your a real Rocket Scientist when it comes to the Constitution! So, if you divorce your wife is she still your mother? I’am a disabled U.S.M.C. Vietnam Veteran and a Democrat that carry’s a Gun everyday! So save your self worshiping stupidity for your drunk patriot friends. I know many many so called Patriots that have NEVER fought for this Country and they ALL have some excuse as to why they never had the balls to put their lives in the line for what they supposedly love so much! I promise you that if you ever visit “The Wall” you’ll see names of Democrats AND Republicans. Punks like you and Whitehorse make me sick. But I guess that I gave my legs for your right to both be losers!!

          • Arkie — from “fly-over”

            Thanks for serving! When I grew up a conservative looked out for his neighbor and understood that greed and exploitation are bad. Todays right wing has moved past conservative to regressive. Personally, I have no interest in going back to the segregated south or the expectation that women should be quiet, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I get the sense that the “no govt” plank of the party isn’t concerned about the consequences of rolling back the last century of laws that enabled a broadly successful free market by granting access to more of us. As corporations aggregate and consolidate power, the small business (and small town) is dying. Corporate greed is a bigger culprit than progressive vs. conservative, but they have us distracted by bickering with each other over birth control while they steal our country.

          • Liz

            Yes, we must be focused on real issues at hand and in agreement when possible. Bickering and bad language only reflects ignorance. By the way I loved being barefoot and pregnant all five times; but now I enjoy a career. We are different people at different stages or wear different hats depending on the season of life. Corporate, Government greed need our focus. They are robbing us by taking and misusing our money while making themselves filthy rich.

          • Thank you for your service Sir. I tried to go but the Corps wouldn’t take somebody who had half their foot amputated by a lawn mower at age 3. I do have 2 Brother’s who served…

          • Liz

            God bless you. I did not go either but I prayed for those who did. We do what we can. Your heart was with our guys..I am sorry that you lost your foot at 3, what a horrible thing to experience at that tender age.

          • J W

            I really have doubts as to whether you’re any of the things you’re claiming in your obtuse statement.  You’re no Vietnam Vet, nor were you disabled from military action.  You’re likely “social security disabled” from some dumba$$ things you did all your life, like drug use and stunt driving.  One TRUE statement you made, is that you ARE a liberal.  But, you tell this same $hit on other web sites, figuring making a claim to being a combat veteran gains you street cred.  If you eve had served in the military, you were likely an e’ffin cook or driver.  You’re a liberal through and through, so go back to your cheeto eatin, beer drinkin’ and jackin’ off to porn.

            Jack Wheeler
            Vietnam 67-68
            1/9 Marines

          • ltcurry

            They are actually paid to do this. To them, some of this is actually there job paid for by Congress. Ad the DNC

          • Liz

            Perhaps ,but do you have documentation of who is who? Be careful, judging can be a dangerous boomerang!.

          • Liz

            Spoken like a true ignorant person. Do you have a crystal ball? You make very ugly assumptions and your language is ugly and angry. I would not want to be near you and your gun. I do thank you for your service to our country and I will pray for you. I hope you find peach with others that are different and learn to celebrate those differences. People are beautiful individuals. How would you have eaten while in the Marines if not for the cook. Shame on you!

          • tommie1107

            palerider13, right on dude, I did 2 tours in Vietnam, Thanks for your service, I truly mean that

          • When you and slick Jimmy come over for dinner I will serve prime rib roast, lobster and chocolate chip cookie cheesecake on my best china. thanks for your service, and semper fi!!!

          • Robert

            palerider13 some of my freinds names are on that wall I have been there and you are right noth democrats and republicans are their I am sorry you gave up your legs for dumb butts like that SIMPER_FI and God bless

          • Mandrcecil

            Palerider13                      I love it, best dang comment on here. Thank you for your service!!!!!!!

          • ArmyVet Iraq/Afghan.

            The difference there Marine that the names on the wall came from a different time period. Now there are lines drawn between liberal and conservative. Liberals have let it known that they are against gun rights and the rights to carry. It should not matter what state people are in and what constitutes law of how the CCW is issued, People say that “well people with down syndrom can have a permit, or a person with mental issues can have a CCW, it doesn’t matter to the criminal who does not have a CCW of where he carries now Does it

          • Patriot131

            You hit the nail on the head.  Today’s “liberal” is really a progressive Marxist.  The Democrats of 40-50 years ago no longer exist.  If you think you’re still a member of the same party which was in power in the 1960s (you know, the one which started and escalated the Vietnam War) you’re living a lie; THEIRS.

          • Joe D.

            Vet you got it right, I am a republican, and I think we should all just be Americans first and foremost, we should all put all of this B.S. bickering away and move forward instead of just spinning our wheels in the same ol’ mud hole. Thank you for your service.

          • Liz

            Yes, you are a wise man.

          • Liz

            Truly something to consider. Thanks.

          • Liz

            The fact that criminals can and will get guns is the issue. They always will. Thus we must be prepared to protect ourselves and others. Someone said once,” That in a self defense situation you must still love the one that you must stop with a gun even to their death” If I ever have to shoot someone, I will love that person but I will shoot to stop them.

          • Liz

            Thank you sir for protecting us all.

          • I can love humanity but hate the sin. But I was not feeling love for the psycho who showed up at my house with a gun, and neither would you. All I could think about was protecting jasmine and malachi from death, and myself too. thank goodness I know how to defend myself.

          • Deigh

            You Tell Em!
            I’m a vet also and I thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

          • Deigh

            My mistake.

          • Liz

            we all make them.

          • Liz

            how nice a humble person

          • Pete

            Semper Fi!!! brother, served in Nam USMC 68-69 two tours, I carry and will till the day I’am gone

          • Liz

            Thank you dear.

          • you can come to dinner too–then you guys can give me tips when we go outside to our own personal range.

          • Liz

            Then behave like a Vet. Be respectful. Your ugly words and anger accomplish absolutely nothing. I am reading your comments to learn from you experienced gun carriers but instead I am needing to be mother to 50% of you. You fought for this country. I will forever be in your debt but not everyone is the same, not everyone has the heart to fight, don’t judge. Good point about the Wall. Educate us, as a vet who has suffered a great loss please do not lower yourself to name calling and bad statements. You are better than that! God bless you for your sacrifice and supply your every need.

          • mac u.s.n

            thank you for your service !

          • thank you for your service and incredible sacrifice. I do salute you.

          • Liz

            Pray for those in Isaac and live in a mobile home. Some choose to live in a mobile home because they do not need the false status symbol of wealth. Their wealth is in their friends, family and ethics. And perhaps the million they may have in the bank! Appearance is just that, it is often not the reality.

          • Fallen Angels13

            Hay why don’t back off the trailer comments and talk in a civilized manor. It’s people like you who make me sick, thinking that just be cuse he talks like that he is some dumbass is messed up. So if your so smart speak in a civilized way. And there are plenty of people that know the law.

          • Robert Walbock

            Not true Matt.  I’ve been able-collar Democrat all my life and I have a carry permit in Oregon and working on one in Arizona.  This last month I amassed every quote from the Founding Fathers concerning the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 14th Amendments.  I won’t vote for Obama, nor Romney, but I did attend a Paul rally.  It used to be that my brand of politics, wasn’t much different from those across the aisle, but now that both parties have been hijacked by extremists, what can I say?  If you can’t accept this reply…..

          • bigmac72956

            If you don’t vote for Romney then its an automatic vote for Obama. Pick someone and stand by your vote……

          • FIREMAN243

            you are correct. Paul will divide up the conservative vote. Romney is not the best choice, but I think he will do the right thing when elected. Otherwise I will vote against him too.

          • FIREMAN243

            you are correct. Paul will divide up the conservative vote. Romney is not the best choice, but I think he will do the right thing when elected. Otherwise I will vote against him too.

          • Voting against someone is the act of a loser.

          • If you vote for either Romney or Obama, you are wasting your vote, The lesser of 2 evils is evil. If you vote for the best candidate, you’ve voted correctly. (I know it’s hard to understand. Just think of the first rule in voting as it was taught to you in grade school.) With the communication power of the Internet we can all force change by voting for who we want. You’ll never get change by voting for who you don’t want. Think about it.

          • bob

            You are correct Sir!

          • You just said 2 contradictory things, one true and one dead wrong: “Pick someone and stand by your vote” – truer words never spoken. I pick Gary Johnson and stand by it. “If you don’t vote for Romney then it’s an automatic vote for Obama.” Dead wrong sir. If I don’t vote for Romney (and I won’t be), it is most certainly NOT a vote for Obama, the ONLY candidate on the ballot worse than Romney. It is a vote, pure and simple, for the person who is the BEST choice for POTUS – and that’s Gary Johnson. Romney is nothing but a spoiler to Mr. Johnson, if you want to pull out the spoiler argument….

          • caledurago

            TEA Party!! Dem Rep We dont give a flying beep, what are you going to do for our country. ps balance is the key without some greed why would I work a 60 hour work week and keep trying to get biger, and bigger means more employes?

          • Jon

            Arizona did away with concealed weapons permits last year, you can now carry here with out one, not that I agree, I think you should at least have the training, but I thought i would let you know…but you can still get one and if you want to travel you should get one

          • I didn’t have to take a class in constitutional law. I carry and carry a copy of the United States Consitiution in the console of my truck. I do know a whole lot of folks with an ego wall covered with diplomas from various institutions of higher learning who don’t have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot with directions on the bottom… Why is it that most liberals assume that most conservatives are illiterate and live in a trailer? Is the trailerpark a bad childhood memory for them?

          • Patriot131

            As a conservative who is pro-2A, married to a woman from UPSTATE New York and HAS taken an actual constitutional law course in law school, I can say without equivocation that the majority of New Yorkers have a distorted view of the Constitution in general.  Specifically, they do have a skewed view of 2A.  The right to keep AND BEAR arms shall not be infringed.  “Bear” means to carry with/on a person.  Case closed.  Next! 

          • Philaundre Thomas

            Bear REALLY? We don’t need to have AR-15’s being beared by everyday people. People using the law as a way to sway politics is childish, anyone with any brains understands we need moderation in our gun laws. What happens if someone buys a 50 .cal weapon and then mounts it on a hummer that has been made bullet proof? We couldn’t stop that nightmare, because of your politics and people like you. Let’s stop playing politcal games and start thinking people….

          • Slick Jimmy

            Ahhhh, to be liberal, and live with the assumption that anyone who owns, say, more than a pop gun, is obviously a pistol-packing, gun-slingin’, rootin’-tootin’, bullet-blazin’ psycho-sociopath all filled with violence, and is just a ticking time-bomb just waiting to have his or her fuse lit so they can go all postal on a rampage of slaughter and mayhem. Yes, let the government control everything, and we’ll all be safe and secure. Our nanny and big brother will tuck us in every night as we have blithely float through life in this brave new world. Trust your political leaders to the point of prostration and worship, as long as we can still suckle at the government teat. There will never come a time when we will ever have to defend ourselves. A handgun, an assault rifle, a machine gun, a surface-to-air missile, a tank, yes, of course those should only be in the hands of professionals. Not ordinary citizens. Goodness, most of the plebs aren’t – what’s the word? – Responsible? Intelligent? Powerful? – Hmm? What is the word that the general, average, law abiding citizen isn’t enough of to not be allowed to own every type of weapons (barring those pesky, and oh-so-elusive WWMD’s) the military or law enforcement is allowed to use? I just can’t think of it. Weird. Freedom, it may be cliche, but it isn’t free, and being free is risky sometimes. This 230-something-year-old experiment is a risk. Driving down the road every day is a risk. A far more dangerous risk per capita that losing your life to gun violence. Should we ban cars and trucks, and everybody just rides mass transit? Maybe? Hunh? (I can just see some socialist troglodyte drafting the insipid bill now, so he can slip it surreptitiously in the Congressional hopper at the end of a midnight session.) Living life is scary and sometimes dangerous, but mostly it’s banal, but sometimes, on rare brilliant occasions it’s glorious. Worth protecting from all threats, both from within and without. At all times and in all places. Every citizen who had the strength and inclination to safeguard the heath, welfare, prosperity and happiness they and their loved ones have earned through sweat, blood, and tears, well, shouldn’t be allowed to do so? Just my not-so-humble opinion. Flames welcome from all you flamers. Heh. That’s a double entendre. in case you missed it. 8P

          • Liz

            Got It! You really impressed me until your last statement. You spoke so intelligently, as someone I would trust with a gun. Keep it balanced and intelligent; it is the wise way to be. One poor statement can put a cloud over the whole written word.

          • Joe

            Thank god, for you and the rest of the self-appointed thought police. You polishing your Romney pin?

          • mac u.s.n.

            this is what is scary ! we base our decisions on political rhetoric and party lines ! “NEVER” stopping to realize the chip has already been planted ! my god liz , if you think voting for romney is a vote for a “paradise” , your certainly gulping the bug juice ! “WE THE PEOPLE” , no matter our differences , have never been this close to losing our normal , “everyday life” , as “right now” !!! the stage is set ! forget about romney and obama!
            you better decide what future you desire for any citizen you happen to care about ! kids , grand kids, the guy at starbucks e.t.c. !!! we are being divided systematically ! just like there are three sides to “every” story ! yours , mine and then the “truth” ! you have your progressive , government needs to control everything side ! you have your social ,gov. needs to support me side ! then you have the “ME” side ! the leave me and my family alone side , to live as we see fit ! # three will be the deciding factor whether side # 1 & # 2 prevail , and form this new “grand illusion” of a united nations “wonderland” ! the truth is scary ! it has no agenda ! even if people actually get a chance to see what the health care expense will be once it is free , by then , little will matter ! it is as simple as pie ! no politician, no president , law enforcement , united nations, or even you, will “ever” withdraw my ability to move freely within lawful boundaries , protect myself , my family ,neighbors , or hell , even you , force me to purchase “ANYTHING”, no matter what “executive” order is written stating otherwise ! and here lays the problem ! that is when you will decide , with everything to lose , do i do “nothing”??? “OR” with nothing else to lose , do i do “EVERYTHING??? i understand , i may be alone with my family standing this ground ! i am willing to find out regardless ! the fight may be short ! but to put up no fight, will insure the “longest” nightmare forthcoming !!! simple ! look around, and be careful what your agenda hopes for ! im not shining any political button ! im voting for my country ! a country that will “NEVER” be powered by 100% granola bars and airplane props ! vote for your family ,not the view,or hollywood.. not your party or your hurt feelings ! they all “LIE” ! and we know who’s lying to you the most ! in four years, you can choose another liar, at least you will have the chance ! if not, and this administration is allowed to continue with its full plans , refer to the above , and watch for me and my family ! we will be the ones holding our flag, inviting “anyone” , foreign or “DOMESTIC” to try and remove “any” PART OF IT !!!! ……simple ! and certain !

          • Slick Jimmy

            Oh, good heavens to Betsy!!! Did I offend all those gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual-trisexual (Those are people who have sex on tricycles… or is it people who will try anything sexual? I forget… Anywho…) sensibilities out there? Liz, sorry to be so flip and offend you, but you don’t know me or my friends or family. I have several close friends and family who are homosexual. I’m very familiar with all the politically correct rhetoric that is supposed to be polite. See, I am not PC. Never will be. However, I reserve the right to defend good people whatever their race, religion, creed, or orientation, but I also reserve the right to make wickedly witty fun of them whenever and wherever I please. Damn, that pesky First Amendment! So, until the totalitarians take over, and put a chip in my head forcing me not to say ribald, outrageous, and “inappropriate” comments I will continue to type and say whatever pops into my head. Hopefully my previous comment in the above post did not cause any gay hearts to go poof up in flames, but if so? So be it. And thus, Lady Liz, though I’m sure you’re a lovely, thoughtful, compassionate person, try and lighten up a little. It was just a wee joke. Laugh at the world and its foibles. It’s better for your health. If you don’t, you’ll just end up crying. Cheers!

          • BullMuse

            Lighten up, Francis. If you’re going to paint all liberals with the same brush, then you don’t get to claim immunity from criticism by someone simply because she doesn’t know you personally. It works both ways. Incidentally, saying or typing whatever pops into your head makes you neither wickedly witty nor clever; it simply illustrates a lack of tact and maturity.

          • Slick Jimmy

            Hey, thanks for enlightening me on my boorish and juvenile demeanor. You’re a peach, bub! I would have never realized and internalized the scope of my loutish vulgarity without your truly eminent sagacity.

            Oh, wait! Now that I mull it over a bit, and think on it, yes, I long ago had the epiphany that I am an eternal 13-year-old boy, now trapped the fabulous middle-age clay of a Rubenesque Adonis! (Mercy Me! Bask in my glory!) Yep, I admit what I am freely and gleefully! At least I’m not a curmudgeonly tosspot who likes to insidiously insinuate words and ideas in other people’s mouths.

            When did I ever claim immunity from criticism? The only right I claim (in this particular instance) is the right to free speech. I don’t really care how anybody replies to my bombastic ranting, just as long as they accept the fact that I will possibly give back to them in kind, and with equal or accelerated verve.

            Look, I’ll shellack liberals (or conservatives, for that matter, or any other stripe of political animal) as pinko pussy willows bending whichever ways the wind blows. You can bet the animal farm in this brave new world, bucko, that I’ll paint from the palate of my myriad lexicographic vocabulary sprawling, epic. satirical masterpieces about anyone and anything that inspires the sardonic urge in me to do so, and anyone is free to do the same to me. Tit-for-rat-ta-tat-tat, baby! But then such interpid individuals can expect a literary salvo in return. Hear that whistling? That’s the shell heading your way. Better jump in your foxhole, get in the fetal position, and pray to the god of your choice, ’cause the Pale Horse is a comin’, sunshine.

            Incidentally, friend, whether one is witty, clever, or glib (wickedly, righteously, or otherwise) is all in the eye of the beholder. See, just because I might hold the opinion you’re a nattering twit blither-blathering away your free time (I mean, the same could be said of me) does not mean that there isn’t a pretentious brain-trust floating out there in the nebulous ether that absolutely thinks you are pregnant and dripping with fecund profundity.

            However, this hypothetical beacon of cognitive prowess might want to replace the flickering 10-watt filament illuminating their myopic, microcosmic lighthouse. In any event, you keep on keepin’ on there, chuckles. I’m sure there are a few mendacious souls out there who will appreciate your pharisaical and opprobrious rhetoric. Excelsior!

            (Ball’s in your court, sweetheart. Let’s see whether you have a strong backhand, or just a limp wrist. If the latter is so, better not use too high a caliber, or your return volley will flip the barrel back and break your beak, and wouldn’t that be a shame?)

          • cawpin

            You’re trying too hard and not contributing to the conversation at all.

          • MonkeySniffer

            It’s been a long time since I read the mental farting of a butt hole of your magnitude! Are we supposed to be impressed with an obvious loser that thinks big words make a smart man? The only thing that keeps you from being the most mind-numbing boor of all time is that you are a hoot! Not your words, YOU. Did your mama go to changin’ your diaper one day long ago and stick her finger where it shouldn’t go? Seriously, were you born a steamin’ pile, or did you have to work at it? Please expound with that extremely derivitive verbosity and narcissistic hyperbole that speaks volumes but says nothing… C’mon, give it your best shot, Skippy… and this time put some stank on it…let’s see exactly how not-worth-a-damn your upbringing REALLY was… whadya say?

          • I think it would be nice to respect all mamas. Let’s leave every one’s mother out of it. Slick Jimmy said a whole lot of truth. I respect your right to speak your mind just as much. But we don’t have to get vulgar about our relatives. After all, you wouldn’t say it’s nice to point out that our president did not pay the $1000 needed to keep his nephew alive, that his brother, George Obama, got the money from Dinesh Sousa, to keep our president’s nephew alive… in 2012. That wouldn’t be nice to speak about a relative, would it?

          • Bruno

            Thanks for the laughs.

            Being agreeable has never been the posture of any free peoples, but the attitude of serfs (or subjects).

            And here i thought all the Tories went to Canada after the Revolutionary War.

            BTW, Iceland just arrested all their crooked politicians and their bankster enablers earlier this year. They did an audit of their central bank dealings and went a hunting.

            Their economy is booming, now that they are not being robbed blind (think bailouts).

            I think i will drink a toast to Iceland today! Noble bastards. We should learn from them.

          • Gandalf

            The Hell with Iceland…I’m drinkin’ a toast to Slick Jimmy! That last diatribe was…priceless.

          • yep. as priceless as Dr. Benjamin Carson (neurosurgeon who separated the joined twins a few years ago and received the Medal of Freedom) spanking our president with the message of liberty at the annual prayer breakfast yesterday. Watch the 26 minute video and feel proud to be an american. The good doctor was as politically correct as my adopted brother Slick Jimmy, and he is correct — when someone has to be worried about saying Merry Christmas, jeepers creepers… yay free speech

          • Avenger

            Well said … and funny, Slick Jimmy!

          • oh my. neighbor heck–I think you are my oldest brother. …. Buddy?

          • tyler

            Someone hurt his internet feelings, so he got out the big guns….. ( the thesaurus).

          • JameWingood

            You are an amazing writer and should be paid to do this. I look forward to your posts and wish that I was on this site eight months ago so that I could read your thoughts and opinions! Thank you for the laughs and the use of my brain reading your post! Keep up the great work, again, I say that you should be paid to write. I would read your book with great glee!!!

          • Bruce1369

            OMG! He wasn’t tactful!! But he was spot on. That’s what really pisses you off.
            KMA bullmuse

          • oh yeah, I really do wish you were my neighbor. We’d have you over for dinner often!

          • tanker

            Unfortunately, the Pres is a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, he is the biggest liar to hold the office. He is also the most extravagant spender of tax money for his own and his family’s fun. He is not a communist, but he is not a democrat. What he is would make Awful Adolf’s ashes reconstitute and then he’d roll over in his grave. Barry is more of a National Socialist. WW II Germans called them National Workers Socialist Institution, or NAZI, using their acronym

          • NJHuguenot

            You mustn’t say anything bad about Obummer The Messiah.

          • JameWingood


          • Mr.Zin


          • gun2carry

            I cannot agree more..residing in one of the “better” neighborhoods of Gary,IN has convinced me that regardless of my understanding of the 2nd Amendment, carrying a concealed weapon for self defense is a NECESSITY! Regrettably, it took a firebombing of a neighbor’s home and the screaming of both mom and her fourteen year old while they burned over a drug debt had convinced me it should be carried consistantly! Without limitations, without restrictions! Had our neighbors really felt free enough to be armed in a city with a propensity to restrict private gun owners and concealed carry, responsible action would have been taken to at least prevented the incident from occurring or may have stopped it in the act. Having spent several years as a police officer and over fifteen years in the US Army, I have been exceptionally trained and what dismays me the most, it took the the Gary PD over nine minutes to respond. If a Government fails to protect its citizenry, it is the absolute right of the citizenry to protect themselves!

          • Wilson

            The warden… he don’t want nobody starting any fights or trouble… he don’t like it when anybody tries to stick up for themselves neither.

          • thank you for your service, Slick Jimmy. I wish you were my next door neighbor instead of the dolt who thinks obummer is the next messiah, not the Stoner/Snorter-in-Chief

          • Adirondack

            Well said Slick Jimmy!

          • CCWsher

            Hey Slick, and Gun 2, I’m on your team with this issue, not caring whether you are liberal or conservative. Slick, I loved your intro–sure got my attention. Your essay nailed it. And Gun2, what a horrible experience. Also bad, is that even if you have arms, there are restrictions in some states that if you are traveling in a car and someone threatens you at a stoplight, too bad, so sad. Oops!, My gun is locked up in the trunk, and ammo locked in another case. “Excuse me for a minute while I ———.”

          • NJHuguenot

            Under the UN’s plan called Agenda 21 we’ll all be riding mass transit. Is your city putting aside small parcels of land for parks? Turning down permits for single family housing? Allowing more multifamily housing in the city? That’s part of Agenda 21. The plan is for people to be herded into the city’s so we can use less carbon fuels. Familiarize yourself with this plan. It’s being implemented now.

          • RRR

            This is such a stupid statement I do not know where to begin. You have watched too much Hollywood TV. Let’s see I have two “50 .cal” weapons…they take black powder. My AR-15 is lawfully owned…wish I had a Hummer though….

          • Liz

            You sound frightening

          • bhg

            Yes Ar-15 rifles and semi auto handguns of all types should be kept by everyday citizens so they may train with and have 24-7 access to them so that they may bear them at a moments notice when needed. This is because the people , the regular citizens, the grocery clerk, the car mechanic, the landscaper the carpenter, become the citizen militia, the last defense against foreign invaders or a government headed to tyranny. Whenever the gov wants to restrict certain handguns or rifles to only military and/or law enforcement, they are infringing on the 2nd amendment rights main purpose for existing, The 2nd amendment was not for sport shooting for hobby or hunting, sport shooting is just a way to practice and hunting works as well with a bow and arrow. The 2nd amendment was so the people could defend against military threats whether foreign or domestic. Study history.

          • Liz

            My family hunts for food, with bow and guns.

          • J. Mac

            The 2nd Amendment was designed for the specific purpose you stated, but guns are not a requisite to wage war; in fact, they would really have little relevance in overthrowing a regime or foreign invasion in today’s world. Look at 9/11 – a perfect example. Not a single gun used; bin Laden attacked the WTC due to Western occupation of lands holy to Islam. This is exactly the type of unconventional asymmetrical warfare that is used today. Bin Laden could have sent a Muslim with a gun to the WTC & had them go nuts, firing into a crowd, but do you think it really would produce the same wrenching affect for Americans as flying 747s into two symbols of western economic power and killing several thousand people still does to this day? I’m completely opposed to banning guns or severely controlling them, but I don’t see them as a crucial asset for asymmetrical tactics that are more effective than anything an armed militia could come up with.

          • Gandalf

            Here’s the difference. Millions of guns and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition are all ready out there, in the hands of the people. Whether “the people” know it or not, they are an available paramilitary resource that can be called upon if necessary to resist a foreing invader, or can also be (if they have the will) assembled and used to resist a domestic government bent upon tyranny.
            On the other hand, explosives are tightly monitored, controlled, and in many cases chemically “tagged” so that they can be traced. The “explosives” used in the WTC attack were aircraft commandeered by hijackers. and with all the new so-called security and domestic spying laws (yes, I said domestic spying…don’t kid youself that it’s anything else) now in place, repeating this type of attack is much more difficult). I’m willing to bet that the government is a heck of a lot more worried about the millions of firearms out here in civilian hands (many of which are untraceable because they were acquired privately without forms, background checks etc) than they are about some future “unibomber” – types with a car bomb which would be few and far between. This is as it should be. The government should be scared of the people. It’s a Hell of a lot better for the people that way than the other way around. If you don’t believe that, just ask the German Jews massacred by the Nazis, or the Cambodians who suffered and were butchered under Pol Pot’s regime…Oh wait, you can’t: there all dead; millions of them. Wonder if any of them would have liked a chance to at least go down fighting with an “evil gun” in their hands and a “2nd Ammendment” that would have helped protect their right to live. Yeah, I know, it can’t happen here; this is America. I’m sure there were lots of Romans who believe that as well…right up to the point where the barbarians began sacking the city. Several other civilizations/empires probably fealt that way too and, like the Romans, they’re long dead, too.
            Contrast the long dead civilizations above with the Swiss who’ve remained armed, neutral and FREE for over a thousand years. What do they know that our modern day anti-gun types don’t? Be honest with yourself and you’ll see the answer. But, here’s the answer on Swiss citizen-soldier gave. While observing Swiss military maneuvers, the German Kaiser once remarked to a Swiss soldier(I’m paraphrasing, now), “Your military is impresssive; highly motivated and well trained. However, you are only 500,000. What will you do if we Germans attack with a million men? ” The Swiss soldier thought for second and then replied, “We will shoot twice and then go home.” If you can understand the motivation of that Swiss soldier, you can understand why we need the 2nd Ammendment. If you cannot, then you will never “get it”.

          • JRedHorse

            Excellent post! and may I add another race of people destroyed because we were disarmed first ,my ancestors The Native Americans!
            The Government disarmed us once but it will NOT happen again because we now teach all our young people how to handle and use fire arms for hunting and self preservation.
            Thank you for a clear thinking view on a great subject!

          • Native Americans? they weren’t destroyed as far as I can tell. They make billions selling tax free cigarettes and gas, operating casino’s and the likes, but expect all the benefits of living in a community, ie police and fire protection but aren’t willing to pay for them. By the way how many of your ancestors completely wiped out outer “tribes” for the purpose of their own expansion?

          • Bruce1369

            Look up the words destroyed and exterminated, r.a. Hensel. Oh, and read it, too.

          • NJHuguenot

            Wacovia Banl was brought down in less than three weeks by a “silent run” on deposits. The FDIC was making a cash run every day for over a week before it closed them down and put them up for sale. It was less than 5% of their deposits. Imagine a 10% run on all three major banks? Wars aren’t just fought with guns. There are also things that can be done to demoralze the populace so they’ll press the government to give in after a while. They’re so brain dead they will give in to anything that separates them from their XBOX and iphone.

          • that’s because you haven’t witnessed sharia law getting implemented in your state, where wives get beaten and the husband defends this with sharia law, and is not prosecuted. Pay attention and you will learn that I can hunt deer with an AR-15; then again, we can hunt deer with a handgun in this state. I prefer my pink bow and pink/purple arrows.

          • Then you don’t really understand what COULD happen. Terrorist actions are a small part of the problem. Military, civil ( criminals ), and possible political are the threats that are still real. 9/11 happened and no handgun would have stopped it. But how many robberies have happened and the victim was shot, stabbed or otherwise hurt? These things happen daily.

          • Bruce1369

            Thought you might like this:
            Third Place
            After stepping around a marked police patrol car parked at the front door, a man walked into H&J Leather & Firearms intent on robbing the store. The shop was full of customers and a uniformed officer was standing at the counter. Upon seeing the officer, the would-be robber announced a hold-up and fired a few wild shots from a target pistol.
            The officer and a clerk promptly returned fire, and several customers also drew their guns and fired. The robber was pronounced dead at the scene by Paramedics. Crime scene investigators located 47 expended cartridge cases in the shop. The subsequent autopsy revealed 23 gunshot wounds. Ballistics identified rounds from 7 different weapons. No one else was hurt.

          • Bin Laden didn’t send a army he sent cowards to do his dirty work, maybe a armed citizen on even one of those planes may have been able to stop at least one plane from crashing into the WTC or Pentagon

          • NJHuguenot

            Liberals like to throw up the argument that today’s poorly armed citizens couldn’t overthrow the government. They think all battles are fought on some defined battle field. I remind them of The Zvi Leumi Irgun, The Haganah, Shining Path, The Sandinistas, he Viet Minh, The Viet Cong, and the American patriots who fought underground and eventually beat their rulers. I hope it scares them to death.

          • WOP 2

            I couldn’t agree with you more. At the end of the day, all wars, short of nuclear annihilation, fall to the efforts of “boots on the ground”. Liberals don’t think (insert your favorite buzz topic here), so therefore no-one should be allowed to own (insert your favorite item here). One must give the devil his due. General Ghiapp, in his memoirs, (Ghiapp was Ho Chi Minh’s brilliant strategist during the wars in Vietnam. Yup, there was more than one!) wrote 2 telling things. The first was that if only 10% of the population would fight, but the other 90% would support them, no power could ever defeat a guerilla force. He also asked why, after the horrible defeat of the North Vietnamese Army in the Tet offensive of 1968, did the United States give up? The pussies in D.C. would never allow a new American War for Independence to last long, and they’d throw in the towel. I’m sure your “lightly armed citizens” was a tongue in cheek remark.

          • Bruce1369

            You are very, very wrong.

          • Bruce1369

            You rationalize to try to make your point. Grow up.

          • You are so right but the main stream media and the progressive liberal leftists conceal their agenda with smoke and mirrors.

          • pete1427

            Here in Washington state, the AR-15’s .223 is not legal to hunt large
            game with, ergo I will not bother to purchase one. I do however have
            both 30-06 and .308 former military type semiautomatic rifles in my
            personal collection .
            I do however agree with the rest of your post.
            I live in Washington state, I do have a CPL (WA version of a CCP/CWP)
            and I do own more than a few firearms.
            I am 68 years old and have two honorable discharges from the USN.
            (Vietnam era veteran)

          • NJHuguenot


          • pete1427


            Naval Air—I often flew as a crew member on ASW aircraft*

            primarily as an ECM operator. I was an AT

            (* SP2H Neptunes, and P-3 Orions)

          • NJHuguenot

            I asked because few Naval personell handle small arms after boot camp even in a 30 year career.

          • pete1427

            You’re correct regarding a lack of additional small arm use by
            most naval personnel. I enlisted in 1963.
            In boot camp, I was trained on both the 1911 colt 45, and the
            Springfield Arms 30-06 M1 Girand. I currently own modified
            versions of both of those types of weapons.
            The reality is that when I now take those two types of weapons
            to the range I probably fire more rounds in one or two days
            than I did firing them during my entire time in service to the
            US Navy.
            I try to rotate my time at the range between my weapons so I
            can maintain at least some degree of proficiency with them all.
            My first firearm was an old octagon barrel Winchester pump
            22 caliber that my dad gave me as protection from bobcats
            and cougars while I was in the woods that surrounded our
            property. I was 11 years old then. My father (also ex WWII
            Navy plus a pre WWII stint in the Coast Guard) taught me
            weapon safety, and handling starting at about age 5.

          • NJHuguenot

            Being a SEABEE was different since we are organized more like infantry battalions.(Marines with trades) As an electrician I was assigned to Bravo Company with the Utilitiesmen and we are a small arms company. M-16, M-60 and M-79 Grenade launcher. Some pistol but not much. The M-79 is now replaced with an M-16 mounted device, still “bloops” though. The 1911 is now a Beretta 9mm. I have a few .40s(M&P) and an AR15. The wife and I go to the range at least every two months. I was in 1971-1975. The only gun was my grandfather’s. He was a bear hunter. I think my aunt got it since she was still living near hom when he passed. I’m thinking of getting a pump shotgun. It’s the only thing I haven’t really had much experience with. I absolutley hate what they’ve done with the unifiorms. I had to wear Greens in Battalion but enjoyed the simplicity of Seafarers Permanant press. I heard a guy call the new blue camouflage great if you fall overboard because no one can see you. lol

          • USMC Gunny

            Nice to see someone actually UNDERSTANDS why the 2nd was actually put in place! Thank You

          • WorriedfortheUS

            What gun law will stop a tard from buying a “hummer that has been made bullet proof” OR someone from mounting a .50 cal on it? We lave enough laws we just need more people to understand them so they can be enforced…… M-4, M10, 9mm, .40, .45. closest cops 15 minutes away!!

          • Liz


          • WOP 2

            Uh, guys and gals. Someone has indeed already bought a hardened HUMV with a .50 cal mounted on it. That somebody is the United States Army. I must remind you that at the end of the day, the 2nd Amendment is about your ability to resist a dictatorship or other repressive and oppressive form of Government. Hopefully, on November 6th, a sea change will occur, and worries about Federally owned armored vehicles will be allayed. Its much better to effect change using the ballot box, not the bullet box, and far less bloody.
            Patriots have, in my never humble opinion, a duty to maintain arms, ammo, and equipment suitable for military purposes. These are to defend yourself against any enemy of the Constitution, foreign, or domestic.

          • 2-7 tech

            Actually, it’s not HUMV, it’s HMMWV, which stands for high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle. Join the Marines and get educated, then post propers acronyms on gun blogs…

          • WOP 2

            2-7 Tech. Sorry to have incorrectly identified the HUMV, Hummer, or whatever. You see, I’m just a sorry assed enlisted swine who spent 20 years in the Air Force and retired as an E-7 before the Hummer came along. Besides, rather than travel by off road, kidney shaking vehicle, we usually hitched a ride on an airplane. I can’t join the Marines. I’m way too old, and once you have retired, you are done! Uh, by the way, besides being the spelling policeman, did you have something germane to say about my original post? Oops, my bad. Far too much to expect from a seasoned veteran of the Corps.

          • Gargoyle Tactical

            I hate to say it…but not a lot of Marines will cut you any slack when you say you were Air Force… Then again, neither will guys from the Navy, or Army, All of which also hitch rides on airplanes, helos, gunboats, RIBs, HMMVs, APCs, and a host of other means of delivery, but thanks for your service anyway.

          • JRedHorse

            WOP2 Thank you for your service to our Country!

          • amen. that duty includes being proficient with arms. I’m with u.

          • Cameron

            “a 50 .cal weapon and then mounts it on a hummer that has been made bullet proof?” seriously? Why don’t you grow up and stop believing in bogey men.
            We DO need to have AR-15’s being beared by everyday people, it is the only thing that keeps our Gov from using force against us. 2A is for tyranny, not just burglars.

          • It would have to be cased being desplayed outside vehicle in most states.

          • Joe

            Oh Yeah, baby, $30 full auto 50 cal sniper rifles! Everyone in the Wally World parking lot is selling them out of the back of their pickups. The ones with the rebel flags. The proceeds all go to hate groups. Tanks and attack drones can’t stop a Hummer! We’re DOOMED! The government must SAVE US!

            I am sick of your contemptible politics of fear and your entitlement slave collar predation. You wouldn’t know moral nor intellectual integrity if it bit you in your godless low salt, soda free, smokeless, tofu ass. Chicago is the murder capital of the US, perhaps the western hemisphere, because it is filled with disgusting tools, ignorant hysterics, clueless chumps, and degenerate entitlement grubs like you: Those deaths are all on your own bloody, joyless, fascist weasel hands.

          • Why don’t we need everyday people bearing AR-15’s? Anyone with brains understands that the second amendment was written to ensure that if the government should ever become tyrannical and need to be overthrown, then the people would have the capability to do so, by being well-armed. Everyone talks about how the founders didn’t have automatic weapons, but do they remember what they DID have? CANNONS! You don’t hunt with a cannon, you wage war, and the second amendment didn’t exclude cannons.

          • FreedomGuy

            You make a great case for allowing law abiding citizens to own .50 cal rifles and armor piercing ammo. So we COULD stop that nightmare!

          • klamathinternet

            The 2nd amendment says nothing about “need” in regards to any specific firearm. It gives us the right for ownership and carry only!!

            As far as what we own and carry is the freedom of choice we enjoy in America. It isn’t that we “need” any specific type of firearm; it is that we “want” a specific type of firearm based on many considerations. Some of these considerations include, but are not limited to, fit and feel while holding it, personal preference toward a gun platform (lever action, semi-auto, etc.), etc., etc.

            If you let the gov’t choose what you can have in guns, then they will later choose what you can have in cars and then in ………………. It will never stop. After all, nobody “needs” a sports car, or a truck, or even a hummer.. But many people have these very different types of vehicles because that is what they “wanted” !! If you think this last statement is unreasonable, just think back a few short years ago when they were blasting those “very dangerous” SUV’s !!!!!!! (See, they have already tried to choose your car for you)

          • yup, just like they choose our lightbulbs which now secrete mercury… nice. (not)

          • WNYMAK

            And, you don’t need and SUV nor a 32 oz. Coke, nor access to world-wide internet, nor private news media, nor…..

          • if some can buy a .50 cal and mount in on a bullet proof humvee, then i suppose someone can buy a RPG and take care of the armed humvee threat. its not about about the gun or size of it , its about having a Constitutional right removed. what’s next the First amendment? after all no one should have an opinion right?

          • Andy Wolf

            Guys with simple homemade devices stopped vehicles all the time back in Iraq, unless my memory from 15 months there serves me wrong. Your scenario is pretty absurd.

          • Bruce1369

            You are a paranoid madman! Seek mental help, quickly!

          • Liz

            Thank you for your erudite statements.

          • BullMuse

            So a constitutional law course and a marriage certificate somehow made you personally privy to the thoughts and political beliefs of all New Yorkers, eh? What a buffoon.

          • BillMuse’s thumb

            buffoon, really? carefully remove the thumb out of your anal cavity, now insert it in your mouth and suck it vigorously.

          • he had to remove this fist, not his thumb

          • Bruce1369

            We don’t need to be privy to their thoughts, we just have to see what they have done. (voted for) What a buffoon.

          • MNMike

            @Mattyoh – I believe all lawyers would be required to take at least one class in “Constitutional law”. The problem is they are often taught by people who don’t understand (or choose not to acknowledge) the actual meaning of said Constitution AS IT WAS RATIFIED. They prefer to accept (or whole-heartedly endorse) the notion that we can reinterpret the meaning simply because it suits an agenda.
            Oh, and your “trailer” remark is rather insightful as to your intellect (or lack thereof as it may be).

          • Liz

            Shame on you. What juvenile speech. Why make such a critical statement of anyone who may live in a trailer? Trailers can be beautiful and very dangerous in bad weather. Pray for your brother/sister to be safe. But You guys are sounding like the brats that are the Presidential Candidates. We carry weapons and need to be professional at all times.

          • oh yeah? Now you have. When my constitutional law professor needed the right answer in law school, I had it. Yup, this Proud Conservative most definitely knows what I am talking about; I give away copies of the Constitution and I have even read the Federalist Papers. BTW, I do not live in a trailer. We own two homes, 2 BMWs, one SUV and a motorcycle and they are all paid for–because we work hard, tithe to our church, and live frugally so we can give to charities through donations and service, help our families and save for the future. And yes, we built this, because we put ourselves through school without government assistance, and we have no debt. We do have gratitude to God for blessing us. Can you say that, Section 8 matty? Do YOU volunteer at a homeless shelter? Do YOU represent veterans for free when they need to appeal to the VA? Huh? Do you? Please do not talk the talk if you do not walk the walk! By the way, we also have family prayer, read scripture and attend church. With love from, a very happy member of the Tea Party!

          • Perhaps we can meet some time and learn a bit about each other. I am a conservative from a Southern state who has had training in the constitution. I live in a house, wear shoes, and does not like the taste of beer. I would defend my life, my family, and have defended my country. To do so I am willing to be “certified” in concealed (or openly) carrying.

          • theTaxman

            I worked supporting the U.S. constitutions for 39 years, including military 1969-1971, and am a Life Member, Vietnam Veterans of America. Come again, Whitehorse67, where have you walked?  What constitution do you follow?  You shouldn’t knock other Americans who hold different politics, some of them would have died for your ars.  theTaxman

          • Liz

            We need to give each other a bit of liberty. We are only speaking in the moment. There is no way for any of us to know in detail the depth of our personal beliefs and convictions. God bless every Vet.

          • Pissed off non resident

            There is a bumper sticker that reads “You can’t be liberal and believe in the 2nd ammendment”. The problem liberals have is coming to grips knowing that they vote 90% of the time for liberals who don’t believe citizens should have the right to bear arms

          • BullMuse

            Wow. A bumper sticker says that, really? Then it MUST be true. Well done, Socrates. I bow before your impeccable reasoning.

          • J. Mac

            I think you’re setting the bar a little high there with 90%, particularly because it is entirely subjective and you have no window into their minds; and regardless of political stance, not even close to 90% of Americans (of the approx. 50% who do vote) have a clue what they are voting for – if they did, the Democratic Party and the GOP would have long been kicked to the curb… George Carlin nailed it when he stated “Garbage in, garbage out,” and that wholly rests on those who vote without being fully informed. If a democracy is to work, it needs to follow something akin to real democracy; one where those who take direct responsibility for the body politic (a Civilian, or one of a civic mindset – not referring to military nomenclature here, so the Jarheads needn’t get pissed) are those who receive the right to vote.

          • 1sgretired

            USA is not a democracy. It is a Republic! I hope you know the differense!

          • CCWsher

            We elect our leaders and lawmakers –republic In modern times, however, democracy can mean either people voting directly, or electing those who vote for us.

          • ninehour

            I cannot understand, after receiving voting privileges almost 50 years ago, why we use popular vote for everything but the president. The electoral college should be disbanned, demoted, eliminated or just blown up by a suicide bomber, then we’d all be a lot better off.

          • BudHall

            We use popular vote for ONLY State offices(our “Representatives and Senators). There are no National/Federal offices/issues elected by a popular vote because we are NOT a “national” democracy…we ARE a Republic of Democratic(democracy) States. That’s the basis for Constitrutional “States Rights”; each State is a democracy within itself. Popular vote for President might give you a “warm & fuzzy”, but if we went to popular vote for the Prersident we’d quickly loose any state self control or identity. ;-(

          • WNYMAK

            A Republic, where the people are sovereign and the elected go to do the peoples daily chores of paying the bills and enforcing our security, etc… They are not elected to tell us how to live. Trouble began long ago when people sold their vote for privileges that are easier to take than earn and are willing to give up the responsibility of managing their own lives. Mostly a failing of family which has been promoted by liberal social engineering. It focuses on moving us to socialism, then to a one-world view …where I suppose all the world’s people will join hands and sing Kumbaya.

          • your right we have been moving toward a socialist form of government for some time now. as long as people out there think they are “entitled” the move in that direction will be hard to stop. its become more of “I the person” and less “We the People”.

          • JameWingood

            Everyone but my Family and me! I was taught to use the brain that GOD gave me and to stand up for my rights and the rights of those of us that are too young or simple minded to think on their own. I know that we have the right to bear arms and I for one bear mine proudly. I know that many great people have served and many have lost their lives for me to have that right. I am forever grateful for the privilege to do so!!!

          • read the definition of “Republic”— you cannot have a Republic without Democracy!

          • cawpin

            They are two different forms of governance. Democracy is a direct control by voters, the people. A Republic is indirect control by voters, representatives.

          • NJHuguenot

            The founders had nothing good to say about Democracy. They considered rule by mob.

          • jazondubya

            Ehhh…’Democracy’ as a state of being is a little different than ‘Democracy’ as describes a country. A few of us informed voters may vote IN democracy, the principle of people ruling popularly (I suppose that’s what you’re going for), but living IN A democracy just isn’t practical with more than…maybe 10 citizens. This is a republic, even if it’s a devolving one. 🙁

          • Bruce1369

            Wrong again. My, you are ignorant!

          • Jake

            No sir, I hope YOU understand the difference. The USA IS a democracy. More specifically, it is a Republic. Yes, a republic is a type of democracy. The two most basic plain vanilla types of democracy are direct democracy and representative democracy (aka a republic).

          • Thomas Feckin’ Jefferson

            The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.

            It is not a democracy.

            Your ignorance is appalling and caused Baby Jesus to murder a dozen puppies and kittens.

          • Bruce1369

            You are wrong. Flat wrong. A democracy is not a republic. Pull your head out of your a$$.

          • JameWingood

            I am so glad that I am not the only one that knows this! Almost everyone is taught how to say the Pledge to the Flag and no one seems to listen to the words that we say.”to the Republic for which it stands…” I have been in many discussions with people that still argue that we are a democracy. Thank you for passing on that little bit of knowledge for others to learn from.

          • Bruce1369

            He doesn’t. He’s just what a communist calls a “useful fool”.

          • amstar23

            We’re not a democracy… we are a Republic.

          • Bruce1369

            You can take a sweet suck on my “jarhead” a$$, J.Mac. Your just another lib bigot.
            Try reading our founding documents, fool.

          • JRedHorse

            Thank you for your service!

          • Bruce1369

            If you hold “different politics” then you do not support the US constitution. Socialism vs. the freedoms provided in our constitution are incompatible. But you would know that if you had read our founding documents. So that makes you a liar. Where have you walked? I suspect with Karl Marx.

          • brianbwo

            I find it funny how every conservative points his finger at the liberals and says “You want to take my guns away!” when the ONLY party to try to do so, AKA the Brady act was brought forth by the Republicans. Also the only President to completely ignore the Constitution was George W. Bush. These aren’t my opinion, they are straight up FACTS that can be proven by anyone who can read a newspaper or do an internet search…

          • Cameron

            “the only President to completely ignore the Constitution was George W. Bush” -really??? what do you call Obama deciding he has the authority to KILL U.S. Citizens without consulting anyone outside the executive branch and then refusing to answer congress on the matter?

          • Common Sense

            And…. The Patriot Act passed by Bush had an expiration date. Obama signed the extension of the Patriot Act after it expired. Pretty fucking unconstitutional.

          • FreedomForever

            Wow! After reading your comment, I have come to the conclusion that your a retard. Go read a book and learn something instead of believing the lies the liberals tell you. Learn on your own! Nobama is the biggest threat to this country ever! He was placed in this country to bring us down period! Look at the spending he has already done…..thats like 5 or 6 trillion dollars. More than any other president combined. The sherriff in Arizona has already proved his birth certificate was forged. IMO hes a shiite muslim in sheeps clothing and he will do anything to bring in his new world order to the U.S.A. Be very aware of this monster because he is real and lives among us!

          • Gary

            You are calling someone else a retard, now that is funny after reading the BS you just typed.

          • If liberals are anti-constitutional and conservatives are pro-constitution then we haven’t seen a conservative president in decades. The only politician I know of, offhand, that gives a crap about the Constitution is Ron Paul.

          • hasan o’reilly

            and being very liberal, i am sure you voted for those gun grabber liberal politicians such as obama/clinton.  Hypocrite.

          • Ttack1947

            I was just looking at the carry map and couldn’t help notice the only black state, no pun intended, is where our so called President is supposed to be from and where he learned to be a politician. It’s also the same state where the Governors generally end up in jail often as not. Then there’s Chicago, which in the past, has had one of the most corrupt city governments in the history of this country. Apparently, it is a kind of “Buy here Pay Here” type of government in Illinois.

          • Plumberdan

            The simple truth is that we are in a State that has been daubed the Most Politically Corrupt State in the Nation. We used to have the initials ILL. and that is how most of us feel about our Socialist State Government Officials from the Chicago area. Our State is controled by the Chicago Machine and it sucks! 

          • John

            If it was really socialist, you would at least have great healthcare and free college….

          • bfisher003

            You said it, Sir. I was born and raised in downstate IL. I think I recall cheering when the first Mayor Richard Daley keeled over and croaked in the doctor’s office. 😉 I moved out of IL around 35 years ago and wouldn’t move back there because of the corruption, socialism and rampant disregard for anyone in the state who lives outside of Chicago. The state is broke, driving businesses away in droves and I just hope and pray none of my tax money is ever spent to bail it out.

          • camaro

            I live in that black state (Illinois) and I would like to get a ccw,but our gov.would veto it when it comes to his desk.Chicago is holding most of our state from even getting the ccw to the gov.desk.The ppl from Illinois need to get the governers from he other states to talk some since to the governer of Illinois.

          • john

            Has Obama done anything to take away our right to carry? So far, I don’t believe he has. If you want to attack anyone about their anti gun status, It is funny though that
            Mayor Daley is followed by armed guards in a city where guns are illegal…

          • Cameron

            Obama HAS! Just not in america, all his work has been on the international level with the aim of circumventing the 2A and the judicial process all together. When the oppression comes, it will be wearing blue helmets and OUR troops will be elsewhere.

          • peter

            I am myself a current Marine. And in the oath I took i swore to follow orders from my superiors, but it also gave me a loop hole to only follow lawful orders. Any military member, police officer, or other such member of society who truly believes in the citizen’s right to bear arms would not follow an order that infringed upon that. I myself will go down shooting if the government ever came for my guns without due cause.

          • Larry Rhude

            I am what I suppose most would call a definite conservative. I am registered as a Republican but vote as an Independent. I know several people whom I would consider to be “liberals” and every one of them is anti-gun. I commend you on your pro-gun stance and hope you will convince others to our side.

          • I have alot of guns and if the gun grebbers want my guns thay will have to kill me frist. I tought my 5 kids ot be safe & no how ot use them.I am 77 yeras old. GUNS DONOT KILL UNLEST YOU WANT THEM………………………………………..

          • Craig Stewart

            OMG…if your IQ is reflected in your grammar and spelling I pity your children. Were you the product of inbreeding?

          • ZEBB

            he ‘s smarter than YOU

          • JR

            Next time use proper grammar and spelling yourself. OMG, last time I checked, was not a word but an acronym. Is OMG in Webster’s Dictionary? Oh, I
            forgot, it is in the “Webster’s Dictionary of Texting Acronyms.”
            Find something more relevant to talk about. This type of comment
            makes you look ignorant!

          • cawpin

            “OMG, last time I checked, was not a word but an acronym.”

            If it isn’t a word, it isn’t an acronym. To be an acronym, it has to be a pronounceable word, like NATO. OMG is not an acronym but an initialism.

            Don’t try to educate people on a subject unless you are yourself.

          • R U STUPID?

            “If it isn’t a word, it isn’t an acronym.” – Are you retarded?
            “To be an acronym, it has to be a pronounceable word, like NATO.”
            – Says WHO, you? …LMAO! You have to be a liberal because only a liberal would be so idiotic.
            You are an imbecile that has NO IDEA what you’re talking about. A pronounceable word?!!! What about these ACRONYMNS: FBI, CIA, ATF, DHS …??? And yes, they are ALL acronym. Someone please find ONE reliable source that states acronyms have to be “pronounceable words”.
            And then even having the unmitigated audacity to tell someone else to educate themselves after showing your own ignorance. Pathetic!

          • cstewart

            ROFLMAO….two words for you JR….”Bite ME” you whiny little dick.

          • Cisco Kid

            Ha! ha! ha! cheesey.. . . . .

          • Bruce1369

            Well, well, well. Another lib bigot. Troll back to the HuffPo, lib trash.

          • Craig Stewart

            Far from a bigot and definitely far from Liberal. So blow it up your arse your racist piece of crap. Not sure where you got any of your BS. You must be a liberal spy.

          • Bruce1369

            …and delusional.

          • USMC Gunny

            Craig Stewart;
            Before you critique someone on their apparent lack of “grammar and spelling”, you may want to proof read your own cluster of drabble. The use of “comma’s and basic punctuation” in proper usage would be very much appreciated. Now, with that being said, GO FUCK YOURSELF!
            Thank you,
            USMC Gunny.

            P.S. Please use condoms, the world has enough idiots.

          • Joe – you are a conservative, you just don’t know it (yet).  I pray for your awakening.

          • The Democratic party of today is not my Father’s Democratic party. The Republican party of today isn’t what it used to be either, they seem to have switched…

          • semi

            to many money is their god, The LOVE of Money is the root of all evil. We need true, devoted, conservative “original minded” republicans. Rubio I heard is now in favor of amnesty… BOOOO. Harry Reid if for senate bill 6 BOOOO (which welcomes terrorists in the USA if they want assylum) Why the hell are our troops in harms way then… Reid and his like thinkers need to be locked in the bottom of an outhouse for a month…to kinda clean out their minds…

          • Pissed off non resident

            That wouldnt help LOL

          • Brad never misses

            God bless whitehorse,im a vet also, i love our country hate our current leaders,,, they need pampers. I carry cocked n locked 1911 everywhere i go and sleep with it,,,,,god gave me the right. If the govement can hand me a machine gun then guess i can have my pistol!!!screw all you brain washed liberal stupid fucks.. Go to the wall and wake up,,,, there gone so you goat lovers can be gay,, fuck ya all. God bless america guns and rel women

          • Amen brother, 1st Cav. 2nd of the 7th 65/66. Don’t want to hurt no one, an’t gonna let anyone hurt me or mine..

          • Pissed off non resident

            Exactly protecting what you have, not looking for a fight. All it takes is one CC person to do something wrong and you hear see, see, CC doesnt work. All of the laws we already have on the books are plenty, but as I stated before, felons don’t give a sh*t about laws

          • Wow/ Not many people are aware of that. I commend your knowledge.

          • ShuckFumer

            That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Democrat party today is communist. Republican Party today = socialist lite cowards.

          • lizzie mccallion

            Any one who carries a weapon legally and believes in the freedom provided by the Bill of Rights is a friend, no need for further labels.


            If you are a liberal and carry does you senator, congressman or even president know this. if they do not, Tell them how you like this right and want to keep it. do not just blog it here. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THIS RIGHT TO CARRY VOTE FOR IT!!!

          • Dpries123

            Well Said, I have yet to come across a democrat that wants to take away guns. Its just a tool republicans use to get votes.

          • Flyfishdav

            Are you kidding?! If you haven’t noticed, which obviously you haven’t if you really believe what you said, almost all of the current administration is anti-gun (anti 2nd amendment) with the exception of, ironically, Harry Reid. Of course he’s screwed up on so many levels it makes up for it. If this administration is retained, next year at this time you’ll be living in the United Socialists States of America. Like some have said, this is not the Democratic party of even 50 years ago. How can Democrats be so oblivious to what Obama stands for? It’s not like he hides it. He told us about it before he was ever elected. But some chose to ignor it because they disliked Bush. News flash, Bush wasn’t running again. Wake up before it’s too late. You probably won’t like Socialism!

          • WOP 2

            I beg your pardon. Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein,Schumer, Bloomberg have all proposed anti gun measures, including confiscation. What Democratic Party are you watching, Guatemala?

          • paul

            Rahm Emanuel wants to limit firearms even more for IL

          • jimbo

            What color is the sky in your world? You’re blind and refuse to see. You, are a tool of ignorance. Good job, though!

          • That’s got to the dumbest, most patently untrue statement ever uttered. Nearly EVERY national-level D is virulently anti-gun and supports any and every ban that ever comes down the pike. Not so with state-level Ds here, thankfully.

          • theTaxman

            In your corner joemc, theTaxman!

          • JeffG…

            I would disagree, it’s been my experience that staunch conservatives only support the parts of the Constitution that support their agenda, and ignore what don’t suite them.

          • When the president of the united states (Obama) has stated that the constitution is outdated and the Supreme Court does not have the right to rule on the constitutionality of a given law we should all be afraid and yes he has said that.

          • Student

            Perhaps you should reconsider your self-applied label and consider, “libertarian”, instead.

          • ltcurry

            Then do not agre with there politics, and you will not be a target of ridcule, as you woul dbe by youre own party of beliefs? Why have a firearm. the Gov can take care of it. You shoul dknow better. You are a Democrat, Liberal for gods sake, Right man. !

          • Vert

            The problem with being liberal and also a 2nd amendment supporter is finding someone to vote for.

          • brutallyhonest865

            I enjoy having the ability to carry a weapon. It gives me the peace of mind knowing I can take care of myself if the need arises. I agree with your comment above.

          • Andy Pannafino

            Did you vote Obama in ’08? If you do again in ’12 you will have to turn all your loving firearms in. Or maybe Barry will just take all our ammo away!

          • Gary

            BS you have a better chance of losing them with Romney. Obama hasn’t done a thing to infringe on our right to bear arms. Try listening to someone other than Rush Dumbball.

          • Liz

            I would hope to have someone like you at the dining table next to me in a place of business if a crime happened.

          • IndyMac

            Good there are some liberals out there that love their guns. That means it shouldn’t be a problem getting Obama and Hillary out of office.

          • Trucking U.S.A.

            Your right I open carry all the time, The police don’t like it and I don’t care 2nd amendment baby!!! We need every one to open carry, Every one i know is chicken, Its your right and stand up to it, Why pay for a permit you can do the same thing for free the only difference got to case in the trunk that is all the difference except for pistol ZONES and if you carry there you don’t deserve to even own a gun, Use your brain when you carry that’s all !!!

          • Pissed off non resident

            Wow most liberals I know shudder at the thought that you might have a gun on your person.

          • mog

            A further note….. more liberals (and Democrats) commit crimes of felony than conservatives. The mass media tries to spin it the other way. Find out how many main stream print or TV journalists can get passed on a drug review alone, for a carry permit. Check out the facts before anyone calls me wrong. Federal and county prison surveys are out there… Oh, and I do not do your home work if you disbelieve. Liberals hate the CCW because they have placed themselves at a ‘life’s choices’ disadvantage and there is no re-do. Most (not all) Democrats simply enable bad liberal behavior as “why can’t we all get along”. I was drafted and served my country extremely well and proudly also. This is a country with true liberty and a CCW keeps it that way.

          • earlycsa

            And what “group” wants to restrict gun ownership (not to mention carry), Liberals or Conservatives?

            Feeling “influential” in your group? (sarc)

          • Then try to convince MORE of them to stop reelecting leftist, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-gun rights/cocncealed carry politicians! We wil never be able to advance national cc recoiprocity if you people keep electing leftist idiots into office!

          • GunTotingLib

            Most polls show that 30% of gun owners self describe as liberals, as do I

          • But vote for politicians who would remove them…hypocrite

          • Jim in Iowa

            As I said in one of my other post, there is a difference between Liberals and Liberal Trash. Most liberal I know don’t like guns, but respect my right to carry and I respect their right not to. It is the Bloomburgs, Clintons, Daleys, Obamas and their cronies in the world that are trying to circumvent the Constitution that I refer to as “Liberal Trash”. sorry if I offended you, you sound like a respectable liberal.

          • Mike G

            I am also liberal and support the right to conceal carry. I am from Colorado and I love it here except for the new enacted laws about everyone needing a background check even between family members and the magazine limit. Neither will do anything to prevent crimes but will cause law abiding citizens to break laws unintentially.

          • I am “from” NY; upstate born and bred – I left because of the state government (taxes, excessive laws, etc).  In my opinion, Mike is right.  My family and friends and most of the residents are brainwashed by lib/prog politics and agendas.  NY: You can have it!  I’ll visit when I absolutely have to, but I won’t stay long.  I know; you don’t want me there anyway – ask me if I care.

          • Danimperial101

            I have a NY License and was denied in one county to get approved in another for a unrestricted one. I think NY STATE needs to pull its head out of its ass and make the law uniform across the state. And the city is full of its self. Although I do have to say that onece you get your license you are good for life and that is the only good thing about NY STATE unless you get a restriction then it really sucks. I also hope that the case in maryland that the judge said that self defense is all the reason you need for a CHL finds it way to NY CA HI and All the other comunist states. and once National Right To Carry passes my NY License has me set for life and I will never pay for another license again. Thanks NY

          • Docman

            I too live in NY – the STATE, not the CITY.  My county possibly has more diary cows than people.  I am college educated but hunt and shoot.  Most people think that only hlllbillys and rednecks have firearms.  I have a CCW for NY, PA, UT, and others.  Most of my college educated friends also have CCW (here we actually call them Pistol Permits).  I own a 50 BMG and enjoy shooting from .22 Short up to the 50.  I can shoot during my lunch hour if I choose to do so.  That does not make me brainwashed, that makes me able to make a decision to do what I wish to do, when I wish to do it.  I’ve never had to use anything I’ve carried to stop a bad guy, and hope I never need to do so.  The violent crime in the area I live in is very low, and my county issues many permits.  Is there a relationship?  I don’t know about here, but statistics for other states say there is.

          • Dan Pendleton

            What about those who frequently travel to NY with no provision to aquire a legal permit

          • uziman

            I’m curious how you got a full carry in NY?

          • uziman

            My mistake- My comment above, ”
            I’m curious how you got a full carry in NY?” was meant for Mike

          • brutallyhonest865

            I just read Mike’s comment and (a) he sounds like an idiot, (b) sounds like the type of person who should not be carrying a weapon, and (c) have used my gun to stop bad guys? He sounds like a 12 year old with a BB gun. I work in law enforcement. And in 9 years, I have pulled my weapon once. And have never used it. So “use it to stop bad guys” – You sound like George Zimmerman. Look where he’s at. You moron.

          • Red White and Blue

            Dont be a puss grow some skin and let the comments go. Good lord take offense to something a stranger said. Who cares what people say on here.

          • mopar1838

            I lived in the southern tier awhile ago and moved, I still have my NY CCW. I now live in VA and have a CCW here but neither state honors the other. So stupid. I have had my NY since 1970. I was going to try and have it changed to an out of state permit but was told if it’s not broken don’t yry to fix it.

          • Pissed off non resident

            You know what causes crime so why not get with your legislature and discuss the gun laws and the fact that felons will continue to carry illegally so lets not make it harder for the abiding citizen to CC

          • ShuckFumer

            I agree with Mike bc most people in this state are stupid to the extent of being mentally ill. I have been waiting almost an entire year for my permit, and my county (further upstate than you) does NOT issue CCW’s. A state that elects chuck schumer with 75% of the vote is beyond brainwashed…..

          • Newsie

            Whitehorse – doubt that he meant to lump you in with the lunkheads of NYC. It’s kind of a verbal shorthand used to reference the anti-gun types. When I tell folks that I live in southeast Michigan. They assume that I live in Detroit because that’s the notorious cesspool that everyone knows. They’re right that Detroit is a cesspool. They’re wrong that Detroit=Michigan. Not meant as a personal attack, I’d guess.

          • Annie Oakley

            How did u get a cow? I too live in NY Long Island Suffolk County to be exact. CCW’s are extremely hard to get. Saved for ex law enforcement, jobs that put u in the face of crime. Very difficult like I said.

          • OffendedByIgnorance

            There is part of they problem…”I live in New York, and I take offense to your statement.”(In my whiniest voice) Everyone has to be PC all the time and never offend anyone around them or you will be in twouble.

          • UYH

            NOT IN NYC !!!!!!!!!


          • WOP 2

            That’s a pity. Here in PA, we have a statutory Firearms Preemptions Law that prevents local municipalities, boros, unicorporated areas, or even big cities from passing their own laws. Philadelphia has been spanked several times for throwing their weight around on this, and the last time it cost them 25 grand. Not a lot of money, of course, but its the principle of the Preemption statute. I would suggest you look into passing the same into law in New York. It could keep guys like Cuomo and Bloomberg at bay.

          • William Bennett

            I obviously can’t speak for Mike, but I am also a NYS resident and have had my unrestricted permit since 1987. I have been out of NY for 26 years while serving in the Army, and can attest that gun owners in NY are often very different than gun owners in other states where guns are much more socially acceptable.

          • mike

            Take offense to anything you want. Who cares?

          • nC

            Yes BUT zero reciprocity and Bloombertg ban in NYC unless Donald Trump Bill Cosby etc. Go west young man go west But not as far as Californi..

          • granny

            I have to assume that Mike does not mean the whole population of NY. My case is the same I do not live in the city. Am totally proud that you carry a .45 on a daily basis. He is probably referring to the Liberals that think we gun carriers cause any deaths except ones that come looking for it.

          • Bradley Hill

            Mike, you deserved that from whitehorse67, along with all 492 followers.

          • Wolf

            Whitehorse67 The problem is that the tens of millions in urban areas of New York, Illinois and California are by far the largest demographic representing those states and they decide for the rest of their state how they are represented and what the laws will be.

          • Bush Wacker

            IF there were not a lot of misguided folks in NY these anti-gun laws would never have passed as the citizens would not have put up with. I see a not of protests against the laws so many do not support them. However enough to for the Extreme Constitution hating democrats to get away with this.

          • 1911a145acp

            Actually your U.S. Constitution recognizes your PRE-EXISTING right to carry. It is the document that puts LIMITS on the GOVERNMENT’s ability to infringe upon your right. It you have to ask your local government for permission to exercise your rights- THEY are breaking the law.

          • mattj

            It is the truth whitehorse67. my stepfather was denied a concealed carry in albany because the judege said only first responders and police were allowed that privilege. not true.

          • KenB

            Since when is a right transformed into a privilege supposed to make you think the state ALLOWS you to carry

          • Floyd Britton

            10/4 on that

          • Frogmandiver

            As regretfully BLUE Oregon is we do fight off all the anti-gunners’ don’t we!

          • Hawkinsj1

            Mike, read my response to Alan and please do something to have your state honor my Texas CHL

          • I just checked. Oregon will not honor my North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit. Talk to your elected officials for us Mike and help change that law!

          • Johncgcflorida

            Proven fact, states that allow CCW have a lower crime rate.

          • call me a commie?

            Anyone starting a sentance with “you people” shouldnt be allowed to carry a gun in any state, just my opionion and hate it all you want. And for people saying its your second ammendmant right to be able to carry a gun where in the 2nd does it say everyone can carry in public doesnt it just simply state that we can own them? Im all for ccw’s and have my mn permit but theres alot of ignorance on constitutional rights here i think.

          • Muskrat

            Mike, get a dictionary and look up” infringed”. It is our right to “Keep a bear arms”. Not just here and there, but everywhere in this USA. If you don’t agree,you are part of the problem.

          • I would argue that the founding fathers took for granted that the average citizen would be armed, they were as were their neighbors. One even stated that an armed populace makes for a civil populace. If you tried to tell Washington that he could not carry a gun he would have challenged you to a dual and shot you. If you do not like the constitution there is a process for ammending it, good luck on that.

          • Cpt Bob

            You are obviously unaware of the fact that the 2d Amendment states that we have the right to KEEP A N D Bare arms. That means carry them.
            You represent the threat to all Americans today, A lack of knowledge of what is going on!
            Many voters are going to vote because “their guy” is running. F*** their guy, vote for the ones who understand Freedom and the responsibility it demands/requires. History shows that Big gov’t is a failure. Sadly, history also teaches that we do not learn from history!

          • semi

            folks who have cc in nys arent the brainwashed ones… ever heard of politicians…with ulterior motives??? actually none of us should have to get a permit but some jack… altered the constitution back in the 30ies so i heard…

          • LA

            Guns cause as much crime as spoons make Rosie O’Donnel FAT! I only wish that ALL the states honored CWP’s they do with your drivers license.

          • Terri

            Im from NY and I agree with you.. PPl just dont get it.. if some felon wants a gun, hes gonna have an easier time getting one than the 10 print card toting law abiding citizen!!

          • Curmudgeon46

            And yet your state doesn’t provide reciprocity. Curious!

          • Liz

            Thank you for carry enough to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. I would hope to do the same. I would hate to live in IL where every criminal knows I am not permitted to protect myself, family and property.

          • Pissed off non resident

            Exactly! Same with Georgia

          • Repok

            I would love to spend some of my money in Oregon but, alas, Oregon does not accept my Colorado CCW.
            Idaho, here I come!

          • I was originally born in Oregon and they are like a less educated California only with more hippies… I left 13 years ago and never looked back. I really wished what you say about Oregon is true. However, they won’t even honor my Louisiana carry permit.

          • Thank you for preventing crime by dirtballs. I think it’s ironic that the only state to deny its citizens CCW has more people murdered there by firearms than American military killed in the Middle East. Those Chicago thugs are now hiding out in Iowa and running drugs here. You can actually watch Escalades with IL plates on county roads heading north through Iowa on Rts 150, 187, 63, 218 and 13. God help us…

          • RPJ

            Too bad Oregon is no better than many other states. I have 6 CCWs & am not able to carry in your enlightened sate

          • usser b

            the government makes up the rules and brainwash the public and most of them fall for it. if all carry the bad guys don’t know who is packing. New York try to go above and beyond the dam sky, ny full of shitttttt

          • Not all of us from NY are brainwashed into thinking guns cause crime. A lot of us carry on a regular basis… I would rather have the dirtbags that commit crimes think twice because they have no clue who is carrying. Do agree that we have our fair share of libtards and are outnumbered… and most of us would move if we could.

          • Andrew4549

            The number of permits in Oregon seems about average (similar to my state, Colorado). I’m glad Oregon allows CCW’s but what I don’t understand is why there is such a HUGE number of states (28) whose permits Oregon will not recognize. No other state seems to give the cold shoulder to so many states. I agree with another contributor that ALL CCW states should have reciprocity!

          • Laurence Almand

            NOTE: California and New York will not recognize any permit from any state. I think the same is true for Illinois and other Demo-dominated states.

          • O

            unless you are rich I highly doubt you’ve ever used your gun to shoot someone.

          • kyusho

            Friend, you are one out of touch dude……better check you’re info on those statements……..things change in the real world…….have a good day…..

          • kyusho

            Sorry bout that Mike ,……comment was aimed toward Alan

          • FUAC

            Not all of us. Please remember that there is a big difference between New York City and New York STATE!
            Sadly the City sets most of the police so me and mine are moving to Pennsylvania.
            I’d suggest that those who can, do so as well. I’ll pay my taxed to a firearm friendly State from now on.

          • Shawn Stover

            Its the same in North Carolina, 9 out of 10 carry!

          • richie

            I was born and raised in NYC and I AGREE WITH YOU 100%…New Yorkers are BRAINWASHED that gun cause crime. ALL of the gun laws in NYC and NY state are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New yorker need to WAKE UP!!!

          • Aubert Modeste

            Mike I agree with you and I am a retired N.Y.C Police Officer and because I reside in Florida I cannot carry in N.Y where I am wanted by the Criminals. The President’s signature means nothing to N.Y under H R 218. All active and retired Law-Enforcement personnel should have the privilege to carry in any State according to the Law of the land. But States like N.Y do not respect the the Law.

          • Zilbonie

            Is it true in Oregon, the person is licensed, not the weapon….like a have a license, you can drive my car…here we both have a CCW you can’t touch my weapon????

          • cawpin

            Any type of carry permit/license is issued to the person, not the gun. Some states make you qualify with the guns you are going to carry, or have them listed on your permit, but it isn’t the gun that is licensed.

          • hoopcat

            Some of the best god fearing, constitution abiding, gun toting rednecks I have ever met are from Upstate NY. They take their civil rights and constitutional rights as serious as we do here in Tennessee. So don’t go trying to characterize the many for the stupidity of the few. And generally, that few are the ones that are elected to be stupid. A strong nation requires a strongly armed civilian sector. Criminals will get weapons when nobody else can, and I am pretty damn sure they don’t get theirs thru legal channels.
            So don’t lump everyone in NY into that narrow minded view of yours. There are plenty of people in NY that would step up to protect their family, loved ones, and property. Don’t think so, go see for yourself.

          • Chris

            That Yankee air is getting to him I suppose, liberals, another reason why I will never move up north.

          • viki

            It would be great if Oregon honored Washington cpl.

          • dotson

            oregan does’nt accept utahs..dumbasses!!!

          • dotson

            oregan does’nt accept utahs..dumbasses!!!

          • Slidder

            I have a CCW permit for more years than I can remember. I live in Oregon. I travel a lot to Eastern WA but the second I cross the State line from Oregon into WA I need to ensure I absolutely have NO type of weapon/s in my vehicle. If an officer finds any ammo in my vehicle, he now has cause to do a thorough search. I hate to say it but with the World going crazy, when I go into WA, I make darn sure my “secret” hiding place can’t be found unless a police dog trained to sniff out weapons is with the officer. I honestly think “Politics” have a lot to do with WA not recognizing Oregon’s CCW permits.

        • 21gun

          If yours is so Good why can’t you carry in NYC…

        • Dale

          Your disagreement to every citizen having the right to possess a firearm is correct but…..EVERY law abiding citizen has the right to possess.  Convicted felons cannot own a firearm regardless of the type.  In order to purchase a firearm (long-gun or hand-gun), if you have been convicted of any crime that is punishable to 1 year or more, you are disqualified (can be appealed).  Those with documented mental illness or those who are documented with violent crimes are disqualified (NO appeal).  All applications for a concealled carry permit must go through a background check….it doesnt rely solely on the Sheriff. 

        • whitehorse67

          Full reciprocity IS possible, and hopefully when the Liberal majority is booted out of the Senate, the current Reciprocity Bill will pass easily!  This is an area that should be equal in every State. As long as you don’t have a felony or Mental illness, you should be given what the Constitution says you have a right to. Period. Problem is, those of you who live on the Bigger Cities have become accustom to the harsh laws that are pushed upon you. It isn;t your fault, it’s just what your used to. Her in my County in NY, I was automatically given a carry permit. Those with the power to make the decisions here hold out rights as citizens in high regard. I just wish those of you who live in very restrictive Counties could experience what we do here. 

        • Mickey

          Hey Alan from Buffalo NY, I’m not sure what other states you have applied to for a CCW, but in the 4 states I have permits for, 2 copies of my fingerprints were taken, and an FBI background check was done. Can you tell me which states just glanced at your ID and handed you a permit?

        • Areyouforreal2 Ww

           Just goes to show how little you know about CHL laws. Most do not run just a name verification check and most states do require fingerprints. the fact that NY give one for life is stupid. Texas you have to requalify every two years or you lose your CHL license.
          Please do show us which states are so nonchalant about letting people carry concealed.

        • Heatmizer74

          The felons part i don’t get. if it was a violent crime then no gun, if he didn’t pay his taxes then still no gun? that doesn’t make since!

        • Rickdonjr

          Yeah may want to do some research before posting false comments to own a CHL you have to have a FBI background check with fingerprints and I think anyone who is lawfully able to carry a weapon should be able to carry a gun with them in any other state and as far as you saying you dont think criminals should be able to own weapons neither but guess what the law thinks they shouldnt have weapons either but guess what thats why they are called criminals because they do not abide by the law all the more reason you should be able to carry in all states

        • Thedeboe

          sad thing is … im registered with homeland security…my fingerprints are on file..i have a   TWIC card and i have to renew all evey 5 years  just to be able to work ….so seeing how i have a ccw ..i should be able to carry in all states..atleast that would be smart reasoning you would think

        • Seriously, When people say we have a right, NOBODY is talking about convicted felons, mentally ill, or children. WOW! only from NY I guess. ALL STATES run the NICS or eqiv backround check at purchase time…ALL STATES! It’s federal law. Even in states that don’t require a permit to CC, the Federal disqualifiers still apply! The funny part of NY is most only know what NY tells them. I’ll bet gun control helps crime too right?

        • Camper_mike

           Stay in New York, and I will stay out of New York.  

        • Nemesis1096

          Right ……. because New York gun laws aren’t just completely assinine. Felons, the mentally ill and children can’t own firearms in Ohio either. But if you are a law abiding citizen it isn’t a crime to own a handgun…… Like it is in New York where you have to jump through hoops to even own one. Most of my family live in Buffalo. A number of them are law enforcement and they think NY gun laws are garbage.

        • TripodXL

           Alan, you’re wrong.  Most states take FPs and submit them to the FBI for a standard BI.  They also run them through the NIC system as well.  I don’t know any state that allows the sheriff to issue permits because you have the “hits”(sic) for his sister.

          • Trvorsmith

            communists muslims and liberals will destroy America with thier sissy faggot anti God Lucifer cock sucking politics. Liberals are not even real men thier scientologist and atheist propaganda will one day get innocent people killed mostly Christians so go fuck your selves no excuses for you and forget about political science the government is continually evil.

        • Brandon69

          In Sc and every other state requires fingerprints for you to get a ccp/cwp it’s a fed law the state. Then once the Feds are done they send an approval to your local sheriff where it sits until they approve you in your county.that being said all states have different hg-laws and is probably the reason for the cwp not being universal as people wouldn’t know all laws passed each year in every state…

        • Mike D

          your states not the only one that cross checks with the FBI. i know i know, you think your special because your state taxes the hell out of you and it still smells like crap. go get stuck in traffic somewhere

        • Hawkinsj1

          Alan, I wish your state would honor my Texas CHL. Here I have to take an 8 hour class in safety and laws pertaining to handguns, qualify on a prescribed firing range, submit a full set of fingerprints, be cleared by an FBI background check, and it is not for life. My original permit was issued for 4 years. I had to take a new class, qualify on the range again, submit a new set of fingerprints and be cleared by another FBI background check to get my renewal permit which is good for 5 years; NOT FOR LIFE. Texas will honor an New York State permit, but New York, for some reason will not honor my Texas permit. This one sided approach is why something needs to be changed. How about having your state catch up and do what is right.

        • Dave

          I’m from chicago where illinois is the last ‘right denied’ state. I disagree with the denial and I also don’t think open carry is a great idea, but I think if you want to conceal carry, you should have to take the same written and range test I had to for work. I was recently in arizona and any shmuck could carry. Better yet, I obtained a ccw in 35 other states with a 1 hour class…kinda ridiculous

        • Gosh dude, I wish I had a sister!

        • Mercdragon76

          I’m sure your government tells you that more states dont do FBI fingerprints then ones that do but it is the other way around. I have my CCW from 3 states and all did same check as if I did not have any at all before.

        • Sdkinniy

          Your permit is only “good for life” if the gov’t decides it is.  Just ask the citizens of Illinois.

        • Army89

          Every American Citizen should own and carry (concealed or not). It is a constitutional right. It is not a privledge it is a right. Thats like saying if your under 18 you cant be a catholic, or if your under the age of 21 you cant belive in Jesus. That is were i stand. im 23 years old and an athiest. so my personal age and religion dosent influence my opinion. iI do serve in the armed forces and belive that if the constitution that I lay down my life for says you can keep and BEAR arms you should. Individual States need to stop infrenging on our rights 

        • Mgarrison1964

          My 12 yr old nephew has a long rifle as well as a shotgun. He is a very proficient hunter and I trust him around firearms a heck of a lot more than some of these so called neighborhood watch participants. His father is a ccw instructor as was his father. It is second nature for them all to practice safety and common sense at all times. Nothing wrong with a child having firearms. As long as they are educated.

        • Deez

          you do understand as a felon you “cannot” legally carry a weapon right?  But if you have a felony on your record there isnt anything stopping you from getting an illegal weapon so in all honesty there isnt much you can do to stop them from obtaining such firearms, except arm yourself for defense.

        • Silveradoguy845

          I agreee I am also a CCW holder here in NY and also i was gun to gun with another here in NY when i was at a park not at night but in the afternoon minding my own buisness 3 dirty rednecks jumped out of a truck wearing dirty wife beater tanks with stains and surounded me and for no reason they were edging the one on to cut me and cut me and he lunged at me with a knife, i side stepped and drew my gun and since i was alone and they blocked my vehicle and no cell service i forced them back towards there vehicle to have them move it out of my way and the one grabbed a typical red neck gun in my mind a .50 cal revolver luckily no shots were fired and they left after what seemed hours. I quickly went to the state police about 1mile down the road gave them discription told them what happened etc. Turned out they found them driving around the block same area and the guy had a friggen NYS CCW Pistol permit! The troopers even thought and said these guys must of been on drugs or something as they did not have alchol in their system.. Here in ny all you need to do is pass a background check and thats it. i STRONGLY feel they need to require drug testing also, and some form of mental capacity or something because it is scarey

        • FirRsq

          I don’t know which staes do not require fingerprints but every state I have been in required tehm and in Florida it cost $45 or more now.

        • Student

          Alan – Convicted Felons have lost their rights of “citizenship”, therefore, they DO NOT have the Constitutional Guarantee of their “right to carry”.

          If one have “Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights”, all states should recognize said Right …… it is not a “privilege”.
          The same should apply as “driver’s license” and “marriage license” …… Article the Fourth, Articles of Confederation – one of the four “Organic Laws of These United States of America” guarantees that any “licensed activity” of one state must be honored by all other states.

        • ltcurry

          Uh, every state that issues a CCW permit fingerprints, 10 fingers. It puts you in the Federal Database as Required uy the Gov. I went thru it in Florida many many moons ago. I am glad to finally see other states recognizing it. But i will ner get the chance to go back to where i was born. Jersey, as even with a republican as gov the House and Senate will not allow it. Its a shame. its in our constitution. And the Gov tries its best to block it any way. At least 43 states agree with Florida.

          • WOP 2

            You are incorrect, sir. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a true “shall issue” jurisdiction, issues a License to Carry Firearms, and does not require fingerprints. I cannot speak to other states Permits, Licenses, CCW’s, or whatever moniker they choose to use, with the exception of Utah. Utah requires training, and fingerprints, and does indeed send them to the FBI for a crosscheck.

          • Barcelo

            PA issues permits by county. You have to apply to your own local sheriff and each one I hear does things a little different. When I did live in PA, I never applied for a permit, but I did hear about people applying, and they had to have a photo taken and their fingerprints taken. The state says an NCIS check has to be run on every applicant and I don’t see how that can be done without prints being taken.

            A simple search of the requirements to receive a CCW in PA will show you that fingerprints are required in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

        • Barcelo

          I didn’t read all of the responses to this, but I didn’t see anyone point out that the basis for this argument is incorrect. I used to live in NY, now I live in Florida. When I applied for my CCW in NY, I had to submit prints, provide like three references, pay a fee, and wait. In Florida, when I applied for a CCW, I had to submit prints, take a safety course, pay a fee, and wait. I don’t know of any state that issues a permit without fingerprints and having an FBI background check done. There are a couple states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit or license, but they don’t issue, so those two or three states don’t count.

          The entire argument is based on the false belief that other states only ask for a date of birth and ID. Every state that issues a license/permit take fingerprints and run them through the FBI. A quick internet search will provide you with the requirements to obtain a CCW, so don’t take my word for it, check for yourself instead of listening to what NY politicians tell you, or what the NY news reporters tell you.

          In Florida, I have to renew and have my prints run every seven years, in NY, it was a lifetime permit that only expires if you get arrested or move out of the state. So, you might want to base your opinions on fact rather than rhetoric.

        • Americal

          Georgia also does fingerprints..As far as i know that is required as part of the background check

        • dave_j

          I seriously doubt anyone is arguing in favor of giving felons, children, or the mentally ill concealed carry permits. New York has a long history of irrational gun laws…until a few years ago, they wouldn’t even allow police officers from out of state to carry there! Regardless of what your stereotypical New York superiority complex may have led you to believe, the rest of the country isn’t some backwater, and the vast majority of jurisdictions aren’t just running a background check based on whatever name and DOB someone might provide. Nearly all require fingerprints at a minimum. Frankly, it disturbs me a bit that any jurisdiction would issue someone a CCW permit that is good for life…after all, who is to say that your mental capacity hasn’t deteriorated due to age, illness or other circumstances since you got that permit 35 years ago? Regardless of who the sheriff has “the hits” for, everyone should be required to renew their permit from time to time and demonstrate that they are still qualified to carry.

        • Ok Alan. I went through exactly the same fingerprinting and background checks as you as well as having to pass proficiency tests every 4 years and take a refresher course every 4 years. So, why in the world would my Texas CCL not be good in New York state? I agree with much of what you say in principle, but again, why in the world deny me my right to carry when I’m in New York – I just don’t get it.

        • blow me

          you’re a dickhead commie bastard

        • You are way off and ill informed on other states investigations. Do your homework before shooting off your mouth.

        • Liz

          Sure that is why requirements should be the same. There are exceptions, as you mentioned, but for anyone who has qualified for ccw in one state this should be enough to freely carry in every state. I also had to do fingerprints in NM, have training and submit to a background check. This is fine, but should once be enough? I traveled this summer and had to review each states requirements for how to carry my gun, in glove compartment, in trunk, locked case and much more. Nonsense…

        • my 2 cents

          Um. I have 3 permits. (Oregon, Utah, and Arizona). All three of them required those same fingerprints and FBI background check. The liberal media lies to people in order to make them think that every constitution-believing state hands out firearms and permits to every rapist and meth head. Felons cannot legally purchase firearms. Likewise people with mental illnesses. If you have purchased a firearm recently (in the last many years) you would know this. That paperwork you fill out saying that you are not a criminal or insane, etc. is something done nationwide; not just in New York. And anyone who cannot legally purchase a firearm cannot get a CCW. And no I am not going to categorize all of you NY’ers as liberal morons; however that is a common trend over in that part of the country. Thank you to all of you NY’ers who do believe in the constitution and contribute to this country in a positive way. God bless America.

        • Jim

          First, there is a difference between “interpreting” a document, and just reading it for what it actually says. “Shall not be infringed” very simple words, that Liberals have “defanged” and changed to “does not exist”. A permit is given by your Owner and Master to do a thing that would otherwise be illegal. A Right needs no permit to be exercised. A Right can’t be given up or taken away – only a privilege can. There are actually very few true Rights, but a great many privileges doled out by the State. Think about these things…

        • Pissed off non resident

          Reciprocity is one thing but New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California make it very, very, very difficult to gain a permit. Meanwhile the felons you speak of dont give a rats a** about a permit, thats why they are felons. So while these states place obstacles the felons keep on killing……..with guns stolen from abiding citizens

        • Rachel

          So you know for concealed weapon permit in michigan they collect all ten as I know other states do to. Being military new york was the worst place to be stationed based on how hard it was to take my property, hand guns, to my new forced residence. I could not get orders for anywhere else even if if i reenlisted so i finished my contract and went back home.

        • AmericanDad

          I had to submit fingerprint cards for Utah, Nevada, and Florida permits. I’m pretty sure this is more the rule than the exception.

        • Lou DeMarco

          Hey believe it or not, ALL STATES in the U.S. require a F.B.I. background check!!!!!! Why do you think 39 out of the 50 states are recipitory!!!!! The rest of you and your states are liberal P*SSIES and want to stand out and say your different!!! Like the “People’s Republic of California” your state and the rest of them are slowly killing our constitutional rights!!!!! New York and California are not stopping or slowing down the criminals by having illegal guns to commit crimes so why not allow a law biding citizen carry theirs legally to protect themselves from muggings and car jacking a that your great state has a violent history of!!!!! If the more citizens carried them the bad guys would think twice!!!!!!

        • Rev. Dave

          The U.S. constitution gives you the right to keep & bear arms, it does not say anything about being a felon can not have firearms. How long to you suggest a person must be punished for committing a crime? After they have served their time I see nothing wrong with them having firearm’s.

        • MA is the same with the initial license. All renewals are right indes finger only since that is the one attached to the license for positive ID purposes. So it make sno sense that the only state in New England I can cross the border legally is VT, which has no license anyway.

        • I dont think all Felonies should be dis qualifiers cause some are non violent ones and have nothing to do with that persons ability to protect themselves or others in society

        • Avenger

          Agree with you that some people do not have the right to bear arms (convicted felons, etc.). But the recriprical thing: MS also requires fingerprints and a background check. Have to renew every 5 years and a new picture and fingerprints every 10 years – yet N.Y. does not honor CCW from MS. Why is that?

        • Mike

          Can you list the states that don’t fingerprint applicants for a CCP? I am pretty sure they all do, and submit them to FBI before they will issue you your CCP

          • WOP 2

            Pennsylvania does not require fingerprints. They do not require mandatory training of any kind. They do run a background check using the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS). PA is a “shall issue” state. Fee is 20 bucks for the photo I.D., and its good for 5 years unless sooner revoked for good cause.

        • John

          So, felons like Martha Stewart can’t own a gun? 2nd Amendment rights can be taken away forever if the government makes us all felons.

        • klamathinternet

          I must totally disagree with your assessment AlanBuffaloNY.. I currently hold CWP’s in 3 states and all 3 required a full application, fingerprints, and the FBI background check. 2 of the 3 also required a several hour safety class by an approved instructor… None of the states I carry permits in offer a lifetime permit either. All must be rechecked and renewed regularly (average every 5 years)..
          With all that, I must agree that once you are qualified and obtain a valid concealed carry permit from your state of residence, it should be honored in any state in our union; just as a drivers license is !!

        • Mark

          NOBODY is saying that mental patients, unsupervised children, felons and such ilk should have a right to possess firearms. That is a fallacy perpetrated by gun banners to make pro gun citizens look like nuts. Background checks for criminal history and cases of mental illness NEED to be done and those listed should not be able to obtain weapons.

        • Certain common sense comes into play when it comes to guns. Of course children shouldn’t own guns. They shouldn’t drive cars and play with knives too. Your argument is pretty dumb.

        • here in idaho we do to have to do finger prints and all the bacvkground checks they dont just give ccw permits away

        • @AlanBuffaloNY, yes, every citizen should have the freedom of armed self defense. If someone cannot be trusted, with a gun, then they shouldn’t be on the street. There are plenty people, in this country. If some do not want to play along, nicely, they should be locked up and for the serious felons, execution is a great option.

        • Justb

          Most states require the fingerprinting that you refer to for a concealed license although some states don’t require a license at all.

        • Marty

          Convicted Felons, mentally ill, perhaps some. But all? No, the gun grabbers are using PTSD to ban Veterans from having CHL, some want all combat vets to be declared mentally ill when it comes to CHL, except those still in the service or who are LEOs, and not all felonies are the same, there are now many non violent felonies, do you want to deny to them, there are so many laws and regs out there that on a given day many people are unwittingly committing crimes i.e. if you tell the State of Mass you have health insurance, and you don’t even if you think you do, that is a felony,

        • Marty

          PS Alan how are them NY gun laws now?

        • The Dude

          VA has NY beat, had to be finger printed by county of issue and provide 2 passport sized photos

        • CCWsher

          In Missouri, fingerprinting is required for CCW and must be renewed every three years. You seem to be up in “arms” (pardon the pun) over this, like most would want children, felons, and mentally incompetent to have guns. On the one hand I’m surprised you have a lifetime membership w/ Mr. Gun, w/o having to check in once in awhile. On the other hand, I think it’s ridiculous that not all states have reciprocal CCW laws. It’s too difficult for law abiding citizens to get arms in some states, and then there are travelers who are required in some localities to unload, separate gun and ammo then lock all up. Look at the poor suckers in Chicago. Have restrictions helped them?! Of course not! Their crime rate is horrendous. I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by explaining that one. People should have a right to prepare protection for themselves and family.

        • But New York does not make you take any kind of class, where the instructor can say yes or no to your ability to use properly. Also a concealed weapons permit requires a background check in most if not all states. This is not a local check but a federal check. You need finger prints and I.D.

        • cntrysteve8

          Listen no one wants a violent person shooting up the streets,schools ect…. and if you want to carry you should. It’s your human right to life, as it has been said you don’t cut off the Antelopes hoofs and antlers to protect him from the cheetah, you go after the cheetah. In this country of ours we had a saying …”Innocent UNTIL Proven Guilty” We have lost our sense of pride to work hard, teach kids morals and respect. We have told our kids not to lie but every day we watch politicians do it. We’ve become our own watch dog that “big brother has trained us to do we don’t even see it. Turn your fellow Americans over for a $500.00 reward?!<<<< I read this today, don't people realize that is more tax money, cause you know it isn't coming out of their rich hands….. Wake up people the 2 amendment was really for the sake and safety of our freedom, and against those that wish to use their power and influence to say they know whats best…. Are we that scared to live that we wish to be told how to live??? A gun is a tool, just like a hammer, steak knife, and even bare hands, they can be used for good or evil. The choice will be up to the person.

        • Compromise Now

          Florida and Texas require a fingerprint search before a CCW s issued but Florida allows residents to also carry tasers, Combat Knives and Billy Clubs

        • Paul

          Have you even read the US Constitution? The right to bear arms shall not be abridged. The Federal government does not have that right. Felons who paid their penalty should be able to have their rights and be able to vote also. Maybe you agree that your rights for freedom of speech should only be done with approved government speech. Or you right from unreasonable searches should be yielded if the Federals want to poke around. The Federal government was not given any right to abridge our rights. That is what the Constitution says. Now it does not say that the Sates can not do something.

          • cawpin

            “The Federal government was not given any right to abridge our rights. That is what the Constitution says. Now it does not say that the Sates can not do something.”

            The constitution applies to ALL government in the US, not just the Federal government. State governments must abide by it as well. That is what they agreed to do when they ratified it.

        • James O Donnell

          Go fuck yourself, Alan from Buffalo, NY

          We have the RIGHT to keep and BEAR arms. Not the “privilege” to do so only after jumping through 15 hoops, shelling out $600 and blowing a half-dozen bureaucrats.

          Your pathetic suck-dick appeasement is the reason that New York just passed its nightmare gun control laws.

          You’re a sheep, and you deserve the bad things that happen to sheep.

        • David Brouwer

          All states that issue CHL require fingerprints for FBI checks. That’s the only way the FBI does background checks. NICS doesn’t use fingerprints for background checks for buying guns.

          • WOP 2

            I respectfully beg to differ with you. Pennsylvania does not require fingerprint cards for a License to Carry Firearms.

          • David Brouwer

            You are right, I didn’t know that. They really need to change that and fast. PA needs to take a good hard look at their whole setup.

          • WOP 2

            Pennsylvania’s Constitution, Article I, Section 21, says “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” Consequently, a License to Carry a Firearm, even though inexpensive, is unconstitutional. HB 671, Constitutional Carry, is winding its way through the legislature as we speak. If passed, no permit, license, or other document will be required for a non-prohibited person to carry a concealed firearm. That is how it should be. To your point, Pennsylvania’s legislature has taken a “good hard look at their whole setup.”, and we are working towards Constitutional Carry. And you have a problem with that because__________?

          • David Brouwer

            I don’t have any problem with that, I wish it was that way here in Texas. We are still trying to get open carry here. I never understood why we needed government permission for a right. What I was talking about was the fingerprint requirement it is they only way a state has to truly know who is applying for a CHL and with out it is worthless. Anybody can use fake ID and lie. Of course criminals don’t bother to get a CHL they just carry illegally.

          • WOP 2

            Thank you, David. So far as fake I.D., we have a larger issue at the polls than with License to Carry Firearms. One must consider that in any shooting, God forbid it happens that any of us must use lethal force, there will be a hard look taken at the shooting by investigators, District Attorneys, and others in Law Enforcement. Just because Pennsylvanians have a Constitutional Right, we must all exercise prudence and responsibility. When I am out and about and well heeled, my radar is tuned to a higher frequency, and I recognize that if I’m not under IMMINENT danger of grave bodily injury or death, its far better to retire and live to fight another day. Of course I’m old, have a couple of fractured teeth and fingers from my younger days, and have learned to tolerate and avoid morons when possible.
            So far as open carry, I do respect anyone’s right to strap on a blaster and go about their daily chores. Personally, I don’t care to draw that much attention to myself. I do, from time to time, carry openly, especially in our beautiful woods and forests. Sometimes, though, in foul weather, I cover my sidearm with a jacket. Strangely, at that moment, I must possess a license, as the sidearm is concealed. Pennsylvania is working hard to adopt Constitutional Carry, and to clarify Transportation of Firearms.
            Keep working on your Legislature in Texas. Open carry isn’t off the table so long as you keep fighting for it.

        • Pete C

          You sir, could not be more wrong. The 2nd Amendment is a right given to us by our Creator so that no man could take it away, just like all of our rights. If a convicted felon, child abuser, etc. is still danger to our society then why are they not still locked up? Why do child abusers get to roam the street when it has been determined that you can not remediate them? There are only one set of people that are not supposed to have rights and those are prisoners. Letting them out is the problem.

          Also, the slippery slope you go down when you say that some should and some should not have the right. Who gets to determine the some? The federal government? HA. Read the 10th amendment sometime.

          It is actually permits that are a violation of our 2nd Amendment right. This amendment is the only amendment that says “shall not be infringed”, yet look at how infringed it has become.

          NY is the worst violator of our 2nd Amendment rights and you, sir, have the audacity to defend them.

        • NRA


        • fred

          michigan also checks fed background and fingerprints.

        • Hi Alan,

          Alan said “I absolutely DISAGREE that every citizen has a right to possess firearms. Convicted felons,”

          I agree with this but also disagree with this.

          I agree that is someone has been convicted of a felony which involved serious injury or death to someone else or they are convicted of committing a felony while using any type of weapon (A baseball bat can be a weapon in a felony assault) then they should not be allowed to possess a firearm.

          But there are many people who have been convicted of nonviolent felonies which did not include the use of a weapon. who were punished for their crimes already.

          Wouldn’t continuing to punish them be kind of like double jeopardy because they will be punished again after already being punished?

          Say someone gets convicted of fraud and is convicted and sent to jail. 10 years after they get out of jail they have gone straight and obeyed all the laws. Should they not be allowed to buy a gun to hunt with or protect themselves and their family?

        • citizen soldier

          just so u know NC has the whole 10-print finger card and the same background requirements still that little red bubble up there in the north don’t reckonize nc permit

        • NJHuguenot

          North Carolina has the same rules for issuance of a CCW Yet we cannot carry while traveling through the state. I thought it most laughable taht Nany Bloomberg wouldn’t allow National Guardsmen to carry a gun in his city. They couldn’t do anything until thay placed a request for NYPD to bird dog them. I disgusting Communist operation that won’t even trust teh National Guard? I’m glad I left that crap hole in 1964.

        • Phil Becker

          Here in Texas, we must take a firearms course, with a shooting proficiency test, then we submit the same fingerprint card, and run the same background check, our licenses have to be renewed the first time in four years and you must retake the course and repeat the background test, then renew every five years. And YOUR state doesn’t recognize our state.

        • Craig Stewart

          AlanBuffaloNY , you should stay in NY where all the other morons and degenerates live.

        • Ivanjon

          Don’t tell me full reciprocity is impossible. Is your drivers license or citizenship or insurance coverage or your money or countless other things questioned from state to state? It’s only because of our bureaucrats that keep our great nation from running smoothly and functioning properly. Look at this state of IL…It’s all about the money for them. And why did the pilgrims leave their countries across the ocean??

        • Mike O’Brien

          Speak for yourself Alan. I’m from NJ where unless you’re a police officer or work as an armed guard, you won’t carry a gun in your home state, EVER besides at the range or in your home.

          Once your right to bear arms is denied, maybe you’ll understand why it is so important. In the meantime, I’m moving out of this liberal hell hole.

        • Ray in Idaho

          The reason that reciprocity does not exist is that the Democratic Senate won’t allow the bill to come to a vote. This has been covered on both the NRA and Gun Owners dot org web pages.

        • SteveTN

          I don’t know about most states AlanBuffaloNY but in TN we were fingerprinted when applying of our carry permit. You may be assuming a little too much about other state’s ID process. Interesting we all go through fingerprinting and all kinds of background checks so that we can enjoy our second amendment rights but the people that vote into office our elected officials that could possibly take away our rights don’t have to prove citizenship, have a valid ID, etc. to vote (that would be voter intimidation).

        • William Bennett

          Every citizens absolutely has a right to possess firearms, until that right is taken away through a judicial process. I am also a resident of the People’s Demokratik Republik of New York, and have had my unrestricted permit since 1987. Fortunately I was smart enough to join the United States Army and had the opportunity to live in the south and Midwest for the last 26 years. Next year I head to my last assignment in Texas and I will never return to NY for anything. Those who think like you are part of the problem.

        • BillyJoeJimBob

          same here in Indiana Alan

        • James

          Most states????

          Alan, you’re so full of it. I’m a SC resident permit holder and a former LEO. For SC residents, you have to be FINGERPRINTED, take an 8 hour course, take a final exam on SC law (graded) and shoot a firearms proficiency course (graded).

          Do you want to know one reason why states should NOT have automatic reciprocity with other states?

          Georgia. The state of GA doesn’t make you take ANY kind of class, shoot any kind of course, nothing…. Zilch!

          You pay your $80 and in a week or two, you have your CWP. This is the MAIN reason why South Carolina does NOT honor Georgia’s issued CWP’s,

        • Pitgnarf

          You have a permit for life, first, at the discretion of local law enforcement, whom can reject an application for no reason whatsoever, also the permit is subject to the political whim and fancy of the times in state and local jurisdictions!
          NY’s gun restrictions are only designed to keep the most important citizens, (those whom are clear thinking law abiding potential threats to maintenance of the current power structure) from acceding to power, see prewar Nazi Germany and Stalins “citizen centered government”
          Isn’t it interesting that the most dangerous places in the US are those with the most draconian, completely ineffective, gun laws? So whom else other than the aforementioned citizens are these laws governing……the criminals???
          Gun laws in the US are clearly not the right of the states to regulate and anyone anywhere in the US should be able to purchase and carry based on Federal regs, not the drivel puked up by states like, NY, NJ, IL, MD, CA, MA, RI,!
          Safety and (un)common sense rules (most)already in place in federal law which should be the final word on the matter

        • reppoc

          everybody….everybody takes a fingerprint card! Where’d you come up with that BS?

        • Ed Cola

          I’m sure Drstneck knows about felons and mental problems, but I was allowed to own a gun in the 50’s at age 8. Crows were $2 apiece bounty from the farm consortium, the city encouraged us to shoot rats behind the city buildings along the river. My son can’t carry a paintball gun in bright orange into the woods now. The erosion of our rights is gaining speed. 14 Yrs Navy and 10 Army reserve. God save the USA.

          • Glock33

            To the Editor: Let me see if I have this correct. The
            following men supported a law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms: Washington,
            Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, et. al.

            The following did not and are pro gun-control experts:
            Hitler, Castro, Qaddafi, Idi Amin, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, MaoTse-Tung, Kim
            Jong-il, and, as of late, Obama and Urbaitis have sided with these illustrious
            fellows. Vietnam Era Vet and CCH permit holder. Mike Hastie,

        • csrpinecrest

          It is stupid of You to think only NY does fbi background check. In Florida your fingerprints are taken as well , either electronic at a police station or fbi office, or paper at a police station. Son of American Revolution ps second amendment is to protect ourselves from the government remember they had to throw one out

        • Jon

          “In some states, you can get a CCW just because the Sheriff has the hits for your sister!”

          Ummmm, nope. Too bad you just made that shit up. Literally. Every state requires fingerprints and an extensive background check as well as training to receive a CCW license.

          • cawpin

            I will agree that the CCW/sister statement was just dumb.

            However, don’t accuse somebody of making stuff up when you are, apparently, doing the same thing. Not all states require training classes to get a carry license.

          • WOP 2

            Vermont–no license required. Alaska the same. Pennsylvania only does a background check. No prints, no training required. In some counties in Pennsylvania, you can go to the head of the line if the county sherrif likes your sister (or maybe your sheep:) PA is shall issue. Sherrif must issue License to Carry Firearms or specific reason for denial within 45 calendar days. 20 bucks buys a 5 year License. Sounds wonderful, no? Its all bullshit. I have to pay 20 bucks to exercise my right under Article 1 Section 21 of the PA Constitution, which clearly says “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” And that language pre-dates the Second Amendment

          • Laurence Almand

            Then why doesn’t someone challenge the local sheriffs and put a stop to the political graft – which is what it is. No local legal entitiy can override the State laws, because of the state’s preemption laws.

          • WOP 2

            Laurence: There have been challenges, many of them successful. Butler County simply elected an honest Sherriff, for example. Beaver County and Allegheny County have a chance, on November 5th, to do the same. A member of our PAC has documented thousands of technical, if not criminal, abuses of the Commonwealth’s Firearms Pre-emption. Why no Sherriffs in jail? Look no further than Kathleen Kane, our Attorney General, who believes in selective enforcement of laws. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is in the process of introducing impeachment against her. Bravo! I wish him well in his efforts.

          • Laurence Almand

            What good news! I too wish Rep. Metcalfe well in his effots to get rid of Kane. This “selective enforcement” of laws is becoming a national problem in regard to 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

          • Laurence Almand

            Jon – FYI: Alaska allows anyone over 21 to carry concealed on foot without a permit. Vermont does not require any permit to carry concealed, let alone fingerprints or a background check.

        • DaSarge

          I disagree. I also lived in New York, down in the city and I was there for 36 years. As an Auxiliary Sergeant with the NYPD I was actually refused a Premises/Target Permit because “of the risk that I might (MIGHT) carry my gun concealed while on duty”. Now let’s get this straight; I’m an Auxiliary Police Supervisor, uniform, shield, ID and radio, and Peace Officer registration to go with the training (although that status is denied by the brass at 1 Police Plaza) and I can’t get a license for a handgun because some paranoid moron in the licensing bureau fears that I MIGHT, MAYBE, POSSIBLY carry concealed a handgun while in my uniform and on duty. Aux P/Os cannot carry on duty even if they are peace officers in their regular jobs with permission to pack on their job. But here in Idaho, my Enhanced Permit (renewed every 5 years) is accepted in 34 states now as a CCW permit. How many states accept your “license for life” from New York? I’ll save you the trouble: just 20 states that choose to recognize NY State’s permit. And they all accept every state’s permit. Even Idaho. New York’s permit system and the accompanying psycho-babble justifying it is just excuse-ology meant to hamstring as many people as can be forbidden from actually owning any firearms at all. Pap, I say. Oh, I agree about the mentally ill and very young children, but some felons, SOME (not all) should have their rights returned to them due to the non-violent nature of their crimes. My own brother is one. For 40 years he’s been forbidden from owning or possessing firearms or projectile weapons of any kind or variety due to a stupid thing he did of a completely non-violent nature when he was 19. There is little rhyme or reason to this “system”. It’s time all the 50 states and all of the territories and commonwealths started recognizing each others permits and licenses, just as the Constitution says we all have to do as per Article IV, section 1 is to “respect the public acts, records and judicial proceedings of every other state”. The Full Faith and Credit Clause is one of THE most important Articles of the Constitution because it sets the basic tone of the interrelationships between the “various states”. We ALL need to keep these things in mind. And come to Idaho; you’ll love it out here where the air is free and clear!!

        • jaustin2008

          Yeah because new York people are so collected. So you have yours for lifetime which is great but who says you can’t become mental or have a grudge. Nothing does. 2nd Amendment is our right. We don’t have many of them left. Carry on!

        • Ken Alan Draper

          I’m pretty sure most states require fingerprinting to get a CCW, even my state (Indiana) requires it for a handgun permit. & Indiana is pretty freedom minded in their gun laws.

        • CommonSense

          Blow me you New York poge – you effin New Yorkers are a scourge on Amerika.

        • Lee

          I agree about the felons but I had a CCP in Nebraska, I gave 10 digits plus left and right full hand prints as well as 2 passport sized photos. I also had a hazmat endorsement on my DL and I gave it all up when I moved to New Jersey. Most of the upper east coast is afraid of a honest citizen that has a firearm. What gets me is all states issue a DL to almost anyone, with that, that person can get a Smart car all the way up to a Ferrari! The DL is not garenteed by the Constitution but yet almost everyone has one. Just saying.

        • Omar

          Wrong. NY isn’t the only state that makes its due diligence in checking cwp’s. I’m in Florida and not only do they require fingerprints also a full background check and safety course. Get off the high horse pal.

        • JRJ21

          Yes it is Mr. Statist,it’s called the SECOND AMENDMENT,Ever hear of it?

        • ArcticWarrior

          You’re an idiot and exactly why New York is f*!ked up over gun control. There’s a reason why your state has a high crime rate. You jackasses think that if you take the guns out of people’s hands that crime will go away. HA!! All you did is create and foster a state full of victims. Now instead of the LAW abiding citizens being able to defend and fight back against the criminals, to include your f*!cked up Police forces, you have made a gun-free zone or as I like to call it a criminal playground. Does everybody have the right to bear arms? Yes. The Consitiution doesn’t say unless you’re blah blah blah. See the idea behind it was that if you have a criminal that’s convicted, he stays convicted and in jail. He serves his time or dies, which ever come first. As far as children go, it was a way of life and they were taught at an early age how to handle and shoot a weapon. Mine don’t even have a curiousity anymore. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your children. I’m sure you’re going to spout off with some liberal hate BS and some untruth about some fact that doesn’t exist, so let me stop you right there. The fact of the matter is, the states, cities, towns with more guns in the hands of citizens, the less crime there is. I’ll spare you the other half since I am sure you’re smart enough to figure out what the opposite is.

        • granny

          They also do the fingerprint check in Michigan, doctors letter stating that we are of sound mind. However the ones that are criminals manage to get a gun without all that. Most of the police here (except in Dearborn, Michigan) are good guys & very nice to those that even stop you for a busted taillight or license plate loss of paid year. Thank got for those little slips of paper that state we are legal & paid our dues. Many thanks to those great police officers that are human beings & treat us with respect.

        • disqus_TN8DLwA6Mv

          Alan NY is absolutely ridiculous…I live in NY and have a full carry.

        • Scott

          Alan, Some of your points are valid… But the sheriff sister shit makes you sound like a idiot! Just saying.. Sheriff Washington state

        • WilliamDahl

          Perhaps you can show me exactly where in the 2nd Amendment that it prohibits ANYONE from owning or carrying a firearm? If you believe in the Constitution, you cannot justify infringing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of ANYONE, even former criminals.

          • Laurence Almand

            William – You are correct. The Constitution states plainly that THE PEOPLE have the right to bear arms. It does not name any groups, nor restrict any groups, nor does it give the states the power to enact laws infringing upon this basic right. Technically, any state law that infringes upon the right to bear arms, such as California’s or New York’s, is illegal and invalid.

        • Chris

          Well there are some discrepancies, Just because you have had your 2nd amendment rights suspended for conviction of a felony does not mean Forever on the contrary to popular debate. I can personally atest to this. Class A Felonies are Forever But Non Violent crimes, Non Controlled Substance and crimes NOT against a person are Not permanent dis qualifiers. RCW 9.41.040 (4). New York City, California in General , Chicago, and D.C. do not qualify in my mind as American Cities due to the delusional Anti 2nd Amendment non sense that goes on in these places. basically Commie Gun Grabbers. Oh and ALL those who believe that just because someone made a mistake in the Past should be permanently Shunned, You People need to grow up and realize some People can change and deserve a second chance. do not get me twisted, I have a little brother who absolutely does not need to have a gun but I myself have the utmost respect for firearms and MY right to own and carry one or Thirty if I so desire. Only God can Judge me Now.

          • cawpin

            Speaking of discrepancies…

            You start off with a true statement and then immediately make one that isn’t necessarily true.

            First, this depends completely on whether or not the crime was a federal or state offense. Second, if it was a state offense, it depends on in which state it occurred. Some states are very easy to get rights restored; others are not.

          • Chris

            This is true, I hate making a statement that is more or less open to interpretation. I have never actually dealt with any Federal Crimes only State but there are very specific guidelines and requirements which must be met in order to have your rights restored, but it is possible. I just get irritated when people chastise others for making mistakes in their past. not everyone is a career criminal who has a record nor should anyone assume so.

        • Robert Everman

          @AlanBuffaloNY You sir, are incorrect. Because of reciprocity issues I have 4 permits one from Florida, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. That combination only allows me to carry in 36 states. I had to submit a separate “10-print fingerprint card” for a separate background check in each of those states when I applied. So no, you can’t get a CCW with just an ID, fake or otherwise.

        • Mr Phoenix

          Washington state is pretty thorough also!

        • DaSarge

          Regarding fake fingerprints, you are wrong. Regrettably. I just read in The Economist (know thy enemies) that an MD from the Dominican Republic was caught flying up here to provide a crucial medical service for the more genteel of his alleged countrymen; he was surgically altering their fingerprints for about $4500 a pop. Scary, right?

        • Mark

          Alan, I believe that NO ONE should be denied their right to posses or carry a firearm if they are otherwise free. If and individual has committed an offense that is so bad that he should not have a gun. Then this person should either be incarcerated permanently or removed from the gene pool. People commit crimes every day with objects other than firearms and have since the beginning of time. Its the people that need to be held responsible. But most of the rest of us in this country realize that New York residents are not nor have been free for some time.

        • Terry-Lisa LaForme

          I was raised around guns and have had and carried guns most of my life. I do agree that not everyone has the right to carry a firearm, I also agree that there should be a universal background check that would be good nationwide. The only people that are afraid of a background check in my opinion are those that wouldn’t pass one. A friend of mine in VA. had a stalker that was doing their best to ruin his wife’s life. When they finally got the cops to act on the situation they found out the person had been in the hospital for mental illness, had had several PFA’S filed against them but yet had a housefull of guns, both long guns and handguns. Perfect example of someone that had no business having firearms and a non efficient background check.

        • Is your CCW Permit good in NYC?

        • lefty

          I,m from MN and am surprized thwhen you mention a ccw for life. Good for NY. Here we have to renew every 5 years, which I kind of understand, but we are also required to take the class again before we can renew, at $80.00 a po0p I feel that some greed got in there. the classes are just a repeat of the last class!!!

        • Wally Wallace

          cause some states have self serving , ignorant , politicians that don’t give a rats ass about the people of these United States, as long as they get paid either by the state or by some crooked scheme they cooked up for the good of big business with their hand behind their back and someone padding it with cash or material things!

        • Christine Kaplan

          That is utter bullshit.

        • tmaca

          FALSE!!! Most, in fact I believe all of them nowadays, run fingerprints through the FBI before issuing concealed carry permits. This has been the case since at least the late 1990s. NY, like many East Coast states (CT, DC, MA, MD, RI) just does not recognize permits from ANY other state, even ones that are as strict on checking as NY is. For example, CT, which is not recognized by NY, and also does not recognize NY, requires a permit from your local city police, who run the FBI fingerprint check, before you can even apply for a state permit. The 2 states I have permits in now, Utah and Nevada, run the prints, and Nevada requires passing an all day handgun course and an actual shooting test. NY just doesn’t like civilians having handguns (nor does CT). Northeast states, in general, just don’t like citizens to be armed. I NY I was literally laughed at in the early ’70s when I asked to apply for a permit at the Schenectady PD, and in CT 3 years later the city PD said not to bother applying, they wouldn’t approve