Connecticut Muggers Meet Target’s Sig Sauer P239

Connecticut Muggers Meet Target’s Sig Sauer P239

Connecticut Muggers Meet Target’s Sig Sauer P239

Brandon Kruse said nothing when three attackers set upon him on his way out for sushi and a beer. Words weren’t necessary.

Kruse pulled out a handgun instead. The attackers fled; soon after, he helped the cops arrest them.

The encounter took place Saturday at 9:46 p.m.

Kruse, a 29-year-old sales manager for a company that sells ceramic pots, was walking from his Trumbull Street residence to Kumo Japanese Restaurant at State and Elm.

He had a handgun on him, a Sig Sauer P239. He has a permit to carry the gun, but he doesn’t usually carry it. For some reason he carried it Saturday night. He’s not sure why. “I just had a weird feeling,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    and thts why we carry!

  • Hersfelder

    If you have a carry permit, you carry…every time you leave your house, especially after dark.

  • ‘“I just had a weird feeling,” he said.’ Premonitions are fine but I can’t predict the future so, like the spare tire in my truck, I carry all the time.

  • ExtraSmooth1

    Morning routine:  Bathroom business,  underwear, Kramer shirt holster, firearm (either Kahr PM45 or S&W 340 PD), finish dressing, wallet, watch, pocket knife, cell phone, socks, shoes, then off to work.

    This never varies. Not one bit.  If you establish a ritual, the gun will be on you when you need it.

    Look at it this way. In a world of possibilities  and probabilities, is it probable that you’ree going to be mugged? No, but it IS possible, as Brandon K discovered..

    It IS probable, however, that if you DON’T  routinely carry, you will not have the gun on you when you need it.

    Thankfully, Brandon listened to his “little voice” and carried that fateful day.

  • Paul

    I agree you should carry. However, Kruse stated that he was going for a beer on foot. Where I live one can not carry and drink alcohol. Kruse is lucky the incident did not occur on his way home. I could see him losing his permit for carrying while drinking alcohol. In my opinion stating your intention to consume alcohol while carrying a firearm is foolish; stay quiet regarding your plans.

  • Anonymous

    Something in a holster every day

  • R6pilot

    When you carry, you don’t go out for sushi and BEER. You go out for sushi.

    Stay safe!!!