Delaware Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue To Residents Only.

Issuing Authority:

Example Permit:

Issuing Authority:

NICS/Background Check:

Permit Valid For:
5 Years

Processing Time:

Renewals: $65.00

1. Arrange with a newspaper of general circulation in your County to have your application published once, at least (10) days before the filing of your application with the Court. Obtain an affidavit from the newspaper company stating that this requirement has been met, and attach it to your application. PLEASE NOTE: Newspaper of selection must have a circulation of at least 35% of the population in your zip code. Be sure to use your whole name – no initials – and your home address.
2. Arrange to be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting by Appointment Only Appointments are ONLY Tuesday & Thursday noon to 6:30 p.m. You will be given the address of the Delaware State Police Troop to report to at the time you are given an appointment. For an appointment call: (302) 739-2528 or 1-800-464-4357 Payment by certified check, money order, business check, or credit card for exact amount only. No cash or personal checks accepted and picture ID required. Fingerprints must be taken within 30 days of filing application.
3. Have the reference questionnaires completed by five (5) citizens from the County in which you reside.
4. Complete the attached questionnaire and have it notarized. (The Prothonotary Office will notarize a document for a $1.00 fee)
5. Include two (2) 2 x 2 color passport-style photographs of the applicant, taken within the six-month period immediately preceding the filing of the application.
6. Include the statutory filing fee of $34.50. Cash, money order or personal check, made payable to the “PROTHONOTARY” will be accepted. (Credit cards are accepted in Kent County ONLY)
7. New applications may be filed at any time. You must file the original set and a complete copy of all the documents. (DUPLICATE COPY) You may hand deliver your application to the Prothonotary’s Office or, if all the requirements are met, mail to the Prothonotary Office in the County in which you are applying:

New Castle County Prothonotary Office
CCDW Permit
500 N. King Street, Suite 1500
Wilmington, DE 19801-3704

Kent County Prothonotary Office
38 The Green
Dover, DE 19901

Sussex County Prothonotary Office
Sussex County Courthouse
1 The Circle, Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947

You may be contacted by a representative of the Attorney General’s Office for a personal interview.

If you have any questions, please contact:
New Castle County 302-255-0556
Kent County 302-739-3184 ext. 164
Sussex County 302-856-5742

Following review of your application by the Attorney General’s Office and the Court, you will receive written notification as to whether your application has been denied or approved. If your application is approved, you must now complete an Approved Gun Course. For exact details of what the course must include see 11 Del. C. § 1441. Upon completion of the course please submit your Certificate – certified by the Instructor and notarized to the Court. Your new CCDW permit will be issued following receipt verification of the gun course.

Required Documents:

Renewal Information:

Change of Name or Address:

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:

Places off-limits when carrying:

Alcohol and Drugs:

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Delaware is not a Castle Doctrine state and does not have a stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Unrestricted; however, local ordinances prohibiting open carry may exist.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: Delaware Gun Laws
Attorney General – Delaware Concealed Weapons Reciprocity

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  • Hpmurphyjr

    Useful information, easy To follow and understand. Missing is the date it was last updated which is important because changes take place that could make some of the imformation incorrect.

  • juknelis

    Please correct the address for mailing your CCW application in Sussex County, Delaware to the following:

    Prothonotary’s Office
    Sussex County Courthouse
    1 The Circle, Suite 2
    Georgetown, DE 19947

    I mailed my application to the PO Box listed above, and it was returned as a bad address.  Hand-carried it to the office at the correct address.

    Also, the renewal fee in Delaware has been increased to $65.00, but the permit is good for 5 years.

  • Kkeenan

    What about open carry for out of state residences?

    • Tomb194086

       Why do you want to advertise to the ‘Bad Guys’ by open carry? There is really no reason to open carry except to showoff.

      • toolate

        There is if you can’t legally conceal carry? Would you rather have no defense at all? Especially in the upper states with dangerous animals if your camping or hiking..

  • mr. realist

    wow delaware wants you to jump through hoops to conceal carry, no castle or stand your ground… what a joke if someone breaks into your home or attacks you, you should always have the right to protect yourself.

    • rog

      Delaware certainly does have a castle law, and you do NOT have to retreat. Learn your facts better…

  • Mateo

    What’s the sense in having a reciprocity with other states when every state surrounding DE doesn’t honor it? Basically you can’t travel legally or leave the state while in possession of your firearm anyway.

    • Chris Hornberger

      You can carry your gun to other places. It’s just a matter of how you transport it.

  • Jim Dunn

    Sure is a shame that the state didn’t have the foresight to install some computers in the prothonotary office so that office could do a background check in a timely manner.
    I followed all the guidelines for a CCW permit in Feb. and had the forms turned in by the end of that month. Thinking I should not have a problem getting a permit, I went in the middle of March and took the course to demonstrat safe handling and use of a firearm. That form was turned in March 20th. Now here it is the end of May and still no permit. Perhaps I should apologize right here for putting that office to so much work. It’s just that I have a friend that recently bought a pistol and it took the gun dealer all of 20 minutes to do a background check on him.
    They say when you need the services of the State Offices and local offices, the timing of those services is all dependent on who you know. I don’t know any of those people up there and wouldn’t ask any favors if I did. The one thing I do know is that when it comes times to vote for those in office, I will be putting articles in the paper and crowing at the top of my lungs about my thoughts and experiences concerning this matter. Is there any wonder why they say, “Let’s get rid of the incumbents?”.

    Jim Dunn

    • Shawn

      I agree with you I filed my ccw and all my documents I needed on May 4th and still haven’t gotten an answer or anything from them. But if you owe them they are all over you for a penny

    • David Glunt

      I turned my paper work for my CCW on Dec. 23. Just got my permit July 12th. There are so many people trying to get permits, they are really backed up.

  • jim

    Turned in all paperwork including the gun class on Feb 24,2012 no a word yet and they don’t return calls either called 3 times no response. A freiend told me to get lawyer he did and 1 week later he had his.

  • Sam

    Judge tosses gun evidence in motorcycle stop
    This email is in reference to your above headline from Thursday, November 3, 2011 – 4:19pm, I have attached all of the needed information.
    What I want to know is how can the State of Delaware  waste tax payers money?
    A judge at the Superior Court of Delaware heard the case, saw the dash cam and had the officer stuttering and actually confess that he pulled over the Hells Angel because, the Hells Angel was riding in Pagan terratory, therefor he must have a gun. Which is Profile Discrimination! I must tell you that the Hells Angel has a permit to carry in Pennsylvania.
    The Superiour Judge Granted Defendant’s Motion to Suppress.
    The District Attorney filed to reargue the case. The judge decided that, the State’s Motion for Reargument is DENIED.
    The District Attorney then filed again for the case to be heard by a different judge on the 11 hours, of the final day …… WTF?
    What is the reasoning? Where do they think that this is going to go? What are they trying to do, save face? Are they going to keep filing to reargue, until every judge denies them and how much of the tax payers money are they going to waste?
    Why is it that we the public are held accoutable for our action and punished accordingly?
    Shouldnt the same go for law enforcement officers? Are they above the law?


  • paul

    I called the Prothonotaty office with a question and received a return phone call in 15 min.
    The only hoops Delaware wants you to jump thru is to show you know how to SAFELY handle and fire a handgun.

    • Vans40

      What? What about the requirement to take out an ad in the newspaper giving your name and address plus having five residents in the county you reside give a statement that you are of good moral character? That stuff is insane. Deleware is a joke when it comes to permits. They may be better than NY or NJ but that’s not saying much.

  • She’ll

    I have a carrying permit from the state of GA and currently residing in DE I would to have this transferred is that possible?

  • Wally


  • Kbunting70

    Can we carry our firearm with us when traveling across the country?

  • Timothy Warden

    As I read of delaware law you can open carry your firearm with out a permit it is a law that you can not carry a firearm in a state park court houses police staions dosint matter if you have a permit or not you will be charged thes are the onley things i found you can not do with your firearm all of the united people have the right to bear arms and that will never change the onley thing that can beat a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun its not showing off wene your life is in danger or help the people that are defensless the people i see that carry guns are law binding people that could save your life it bothers me for the victums of shootings thes people are defenessless little kids that haveint even started there life yet and being killed this is complet evil i feel that to stop the guns in the wrong hands and put them in the right hands we as the united people can not just stand and watch thes people getting killed what would you do if someone has a gun to your head wait for the police to get to you? it would be to late

    • Jm1965

      We have a right to bear arms theoretically but in New Jersey, if you are carrying concealed or open without a permit which are almost impossible to get, you face 10 years in jail. It’s so bad that a young lady with a carry permit drove across the bridge and was stopped for speeding and barely got out of going to prison. That’s the reason I’m actually looking at state I can move possibly and defend myself.

    • Hello Kitty1969

      What up boyfriend?

  • Harry

    Delaware is not a Castle Doctrine state and does not have a stand-your-ground law.

  • Harry

    Look Above.

  • Yazan Gable

    (5) citizens from the County in which you reside.
    This seams a little bit ridiculous, I am not a sociable person nor do I enjoy going out and “hanging”. I simply prefer to be left alone. How would I be able to get 5 refs when nobody would even know me very well?

  • sixt1pan

    Will having a medical marijuana card in Delaware
    affect my concealed carry permit in Delaware ??