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Are you a firearms instructor looking to get more exposure and student attending your classes? Register with USA Carry today to become a USA Carry Registered Firearm Instructor.

Here’s what you get:

  • Instructor Forum Badge that shows up under your username that all users can see.
  • Free listing on our USA Carry Directory. You must submit your listing yourself. This will give you control over the listing to edit descriptions and details.
  • Access to the Instructors Only Forum.
  • Self-Defense article publishing on the USA Carry Homepage.
  • Website Badge for your own website (See below)

Yes. All of this for free!

To become a USA Carry Registered Firearm Instructor, you simply have to follow these two steps:

Step 1

Create an account on the USA Carry Forums. Click here to register. If you already have an account you can move on to step 2.

Step 2

Submit your Free or Featured listing in the USA Carry Directory. You will need to login with your USA Carry Forums username and password.

That’s it!

Want to get more exposure? Try our Featured Instructor Listings.

You can also become a Feature Instructor for only $25 a month. This gives you all the great features as above but also includes:

  • Featured Listing in the USA Carry Directory
  • 234×60 banner on the State Information Page
  • Featured Instructor Forum Badge
  • Website Badge for your own website (See below)

Simply follow the steps above and choose Featured Listing when submitting.

Once you have become a Registered or Featured Instructor, you may use the following codes to add these Instructor Badges to your website.


Registered Instructors Website Badge:
USA Carry Registered Instructor

<a href="" title="USA Carry Registered Instructor"><img src="" alt="USA Carry Registered Instructor" width="200" height="250"></a>



Featured Instructors Website Badge:
USA Carry Featured Instructor

<a href="" title="USA Carry Featured Instructor"><img src="" alt="USA Carry Featured Instructor" width="200" height="250"></a>



  • Dalsndrs

    I am an NRA member for forty years. I am recently a certified NRA Instructor. I just yesterday signed up on your website and received a listing. Today I try to accesas my listing and the comp. tells me that my user name is wrong. PLease straighten out this mess.

    • I just sent you an email with your username and a new password. Just reply to that is you have any other issues.

      • david

        i need some ccw instructor in modesto,californi,,but i need spanish,,can u help me?>

  • John Mortimer Twin A service

    From Twin A Service I am a NRA Inst for the last 8yrs. I am trying to use this sight. I am getting through it.
    John M from WY

  • Todd Beam

    New to your site, I’m from North Carolina and offer the concealed carry class for $65.00. I”m in Gaston Co. NC. [email protected]

  • William

    I’ve been a NRA Pistol Instructor for over 8 years. I’ve been having a hard time getting registered on your website. Can you please help this happen ?

  • spartan defense

    i sent a request in and haven’t received a response 

  • Gary

    My name is Gary Hilliard and I am an NRA Instructor, and my business is Protection Trianing Associates. I signed up as a registered instructor this morning and when I submitted the information, the screen returned to the Instructor page. I don’t see my infor listed,  how do I know I have successfully signed up?

  • rccola44

    NRA Certified CCW Instructor
    Ammunition available on site
    Small classes preferred
    Can use my pistols for course if needed
    5613 McCauley Rd.Alger,Mi 48610
    Inside shooting area or outside safe shooting area   989-329-5227
    10 years experience teaching
    NRA# 57911428

    • Glockrepair

      You can’t use NRA certified cow instructor. That is against the NRA rules because the NRA hase no cow instructors. I have your NRA number but I will give you a chance to change it. If you use the title again you take a chance at loosing your NRA credentials

      • rccola44

        If I knew how to remove the whole description completely,I would,I realized what I had done too late,not thinking I copied my business card.Tell me how to correct,and it will be done…

  • Leslie muniz

    Great Deal!!!! Concealed Weapons Permit Every Day. Class in English an Spanish. A basic handgun instruction course plus documentation and certification necessary to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Permits. For additional fee, application will be notarized and photos meeting state requirements will be provided. Call for info Leslie Muniz at  (813) 466-8736  or email at [email protected]
    Value $100.00 WOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • david

      hey,,im from modesto,,california,,,u know somebody here for ccw?

  • Personalguntrainer

    I am having the same problem as Dalsndrs.  ?

  • Rtdavis

    I registered with your website a couple of months back. So much for free service. This website is so frustrating. Either do it right or drop the free service.

  • USACarry

    If anyone is having problems registering as an instructor, contact us here.

  • Ladylibertyllc

    I am an NRA member and also a NRA pistol instructor. Do I also have to take your course?

    • USACarry

      We do not have a course.

  • grizzerr

    I’m currently a registered instructor in Colorado but have moved to Missouri. How do I update my info?

    • USACarry

      1. Log into the directory using your forums username and password:

      2. Click on My Account

      3. Click on Orders

      4. Then click on the pen and paper icon next to your listing and you’ll be able to edit all of the information.

      If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Rome

    I have tried registering as a new user on this site multiple times and every time it tells me that you dont allow a spammer and to use the “contact us” link. However, the contact us link just leads to an FAQ with no contact information. I am posting here because this is the only place I have found the ability to contact someone (without a user name) on your entire website. Please help admins.

  • USACarry

    Please submit all listings here:

    This will give you control over the listing to edit descriptions and details.

  • edge289

    Iam currently an FFL holder and would like to become a licensed firearms instructor as well, can anyone point me in the right direction to become a licensed firearms instructor? You may email me directly at [email protected]

    • Jon

      What state are you in?

  • Mike

    As a instructor can you carry concealed in all of the states…?

    • Mike

      I’m from NY.and reside in S.C even with out of state license N.Y dosent honor them…is why I ask

      • ken

        Sorry mike NYS doesn’t like guns, all the gun laws only help the criminals. You can’t even shoot a bad guy in your home NYS is just against all law abiding gun enthusiasts. Take for example the Safe Act they tried to pass; honest law abiding gun carriers got arrested because they had more than 7 bullets in their pistols. Don’t live in NYS they tax and fee you out of your money and they don’t want you to have guns or ammo.

    • Jon

      Most states reciprocate fairly well, but not all states take other states CCW. Best bet is to go to the NRA, USCCA or state you want to carry in’s CCW website and see which ones they take. California doesn’t take anybody’s except their own, for instance. Ridiculous! I know.

  • Akinremi Thompson

    Whats new ?