Firearms Training for Beginners

Firearms Training for Beginners

Firearms Training for Beginners

Are you teaching a family member or friend to shoot for the first time?

Following are some suggestions from that you might incorporate into your introductory lessons:

  • Safety. Make certain you emphasize your favorite safety rules, including muzzle control & finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Start small. Too often new shooters are challenged to shoot a large bore rifle or a 44 magnum revolver. The recoil and noise can discourage a person from wanting to participate in shooting sports in the future. Try starting out with .22s until your student is comfortable, and then slowly move up.
  • See 1 – Do 1 – Teach 1. Skills are best learned when a student watches the correct procedure, is coached while performing and then teaches the instructor or someone else.
  • Ask for feedback. It is wise to ask many questions to illicit feedback, including “How does that feel” and “which way did it seem more natural” and “what is the toughest part of shooting for you?”

What better way to make memories than to share our passion with those we care about?

Shepard Humphries


  • Silas T. Comberback

    I used a similar technique to introduce one of my daughters and one of my grandsons the basics of shooting a handgun. Both want to go to the range again