Gun Golfing

Gun Golfing
Gun Golfing
Gun Golfing
Gun Golfing

I hate golfing.

To me, it’s a terribly boring sport that I have no interest in. One time, friends talked me into playing a round of golf and I was ready to smash my club into a thousands pieces after just a few holes.

However, there’s a new “sport” I love and I’m calling it Gun Golfing. Let me explain…

The other day I’m sitting in my office and my wife walks in. She’s carrying a two by four that’s about two and a half feet long.

Sticking out of the two by four are several golf tees. She explains to me that she’s just come up with a brilliant idea where you can either put golf balls or ping pong balls on the tees and have a competition shooting them off.

I immediately thought this was the greatest idea ever and asked her if she got this from Pinterest, where she gets everything else. (For the record, she told me she did not get this from Pinterest… this was all her.)

So, I grabbed the two by four full of golf tees and the family and I headed out to the shooting range to give this idea a test. Below are a few of the pictures…

The rules are very similar to golf: you’re trying to fire the least number of rounds required for you to hit all of the balls off the tees. The person at the end of the course with the lowest number of points wins. If you’re playing alone, just try to decrease your score every time you play.

I started “Gun Golfing” from 7 yards and ended up hitting one of the tees the first time around but also knocking all of the balls off the tee, so for my first game, I unfortunately did not have a perfect score (a perfect score would have been a 5 in this case, if I hadn’t hit any tees).

To make it a little more challenging, I played again and I moved back to 10 yards. Using a slow and smooth trigger pull, I had no problem knocking the balls off, and didn’t hit any tees this time. (I was using ping-pong balls because I had more of those at my home, but on windy days will use golf balls as they are heavier.)

The beauty of Gun Golfing is that it goes with the “aim small, miss small” theory. Since you’re practicing at such a small object, if you become proficient in shooting the balls off of the tees, you’ll be well prepared for a man-sized target.

So, if you have access to an outdoor range I encourage you to try a little gun golfing. It’s fun and challenging and breaks up the monotony of simply shooting paper.

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Jason Hanson is a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. He is also the creator of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience, which allows you to take your concealed carry training without leaving home. For full details about this training, please visit Concealed Carry Academy. You can also follow him on Google+ and Twitter.
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Wesley Mouch

If you have to yell FOUR your doing something wrong! Just an FYI….


This is one of those things that sounds great UNTIL you get to the nitty gritty of price. The cheapest golf balls that I found online, with a very quick search, was just under a buck a piece. Now, for Jason this probably is nothing but it’s pretty doggone pricey for the rest of us considering that hits with larger calibers will, most likely, destroy one with one shot.

Dan Wild

Nix the golf ball idea, probably not very safe or cost effective. Many ranges have rules against anything except paper targets. There are paper targets which have ten or twelve .22 cal. bullseye targets showing. Just use these 7 or 20 yard targets at 100 yds.

Going Panther

It works better mini clay targets and much cheaper

Going Panther

of course if you have a source for cut golf balls for nothing….you can’t have more fun…some of the balls go crazy

Dennis Ward

You can get a bag of a dozen or so golf balls at Walmart for about $10. Here in Arizona we just throw them out there and fire away. The better the hit, the further they fly. Plus they’ll take several hits before they’re unusable.

Todd Ellis

this is awesome! buy old range balls on ebay – you can get a couple hundred for like $20.


Many years ago, when I was about 15, a buddy and myself were out plinking with a .22LR. We found a golfball, set it up about 30 feet away, and I took the first shot. My friend and I stood about 6 feet apart. I fired the first shot. We both heard, loud and clear, the bullet whistle by us. I heard it to my right, my friend heard it to his left, meaning the bullet bounced off the golfball and went between us. From the sound of it, the bullet had most of its’ energy. We were both very lucky that day. So – bad idea, really bad idea, to shoot golfballs, especially with a .22. I don’t know which caliber bullets will penetrate a golfball and not bounce off, and I have no intention of finding out. Pingpong balls or wiffle-type balls should be OK, but definitely to golfballs.


I’ve played something similar with a friend of mine, only with rifles (5.56 and 7.62). He generally uses scopes at ranges exceeding 500 yards. I use open sights at 100.
When you hit a golf ball with a rifle, you may not get if back.
I can hardly wait to take my pistol to the tee!


“Since you’re practicing at such a small object, if you become proficient in shooting the balls off of the tees, you’ll be well prepared for a man-sized target.” You do mean COM, right? (not shooting any other part of the man-sized target’s anatomy! 🙂


Center of MANHOOD???


Great drill…I’ve been doing/teaching that drill for a few years and have come up with several variants for dry fire, live fire training, IDPA drills, 3-gun drills, and LE training. The comments are right…ping pong balls work better than golf balls for many reasons, depending on what you’re shooting with and what your range is like.

Shooting the balls for time out of the holster is great for practicing CNS shots and setting up a “rack” of them, like you did is great for practicing plate racks.

One of my favorite drills is to set up 5 balls on 5 tees, shoot the 5 balls with the first 5 shots and shoot the 5 tees with the next 5 shots, for time.

People have been asking me to film and post videos of the drills on for awhile and I’m thinking this just might be the straw that pushes me to do it 🙂


There were several episodes of Top Shot that featured something similar. One was eggs placed on golf tees and another was gum balls or jaw breakers, I can’t remember which.

David K

Bad idea and, imo, juvenile. Use paper targets with small bullseye markings. Safer, less expensive, and there is less non-biodegradeable mess to contend with.


I shoot at crackers. They are a little smaller than a mans shirt pocket. They are cheap, there is several in a cheap box and you don’t have to clean them up. What don’t get ate by wildlife will disappear in a little while. Very easy to know when it’s a hit.


Eggs are cheaper, especially if you can get expired ones free from your local grocer! They are also biodegradable.


Played this game about 30 years ago with the ex out in nice, open flat country. The goal was to be the one to keep the ball moving. Pistols were irons and rifles, woods.


I can attest to the fact that this is a lot of fun and it can sharpen your marksmanship skills too. I would set up the golf balls on old spent 12 gauge shell cases and then pop them off with a .22 pistol or rifle from 30 to 60 feet away. When you connect just right it’s like wacking the ball with a 5 iron.


You hate Golfing, maybe you don’t get deep in it. I used to feel like you about
15ys ago, But now when i spend my time to learn and know how each shot, how golfball move, how to consetrade, and i like golf more then any sport those i use to pay.