Hawaii Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue to Residents only.

Issuing Authority:
In an exceptional case, when the applicant shows reason to fear injury to his person or property, the respective chief of police may grant a license to carry a concealed firearm on his person within the county where the license is granted to a U.S. citizen or duly accredited official representative of a foreign nation age 21 or older.

Where the urgency of the need has been sufficiently indicated to the respective chief of police, he may grant to an applicant of good moral character who is a citizen of the U S. of the age of 21 or older, who is engaged in the protection of life and property, a license to carry a handgun unconcealed on his person within the county where the license is granted.

NICS/Background Check:
NICS is performed uplon application.

Permit Valid For:
Licenses to carry are valid for one year.

Permit Issued Timeline:

There is a license fee of $10.00.

1. Show reason to fear injury to his person or property
2. Citizen of the United States
3. At least 21 years of age
4. Qualify to own a firearm under Section 7 of Chapter 134 of the Hawaii State Statutes. This section describes the disqualifying criminal background factors.
5. Sane
6. Qualified to use the firearm

Required Documents:

Renewal Information:

Change of Name or Address:

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
It is unlawful for any person on any public highway to carry on the person, possess, or to carry in a vehicle any loaded or unloaded firearm without a license to carry.

Places off-limits when carrying:

Alcohol and Drugs:
It is unlawful for a person to own, possess or control any firearm or ammunition if he is a fugitive from justice or has been convicted of a felony or of the illegal use, possession or sale of any drug, any person who is less than 25 and has been adjudicated by the family court to have committed a felony, two or more crimes of violence, or illegal sale of drugs; addicted to alcohol, committed to a mental institution or has been diagnosed as having mental disorders unless the person has been medically documented to be no longer adversely affected by the addiction, abuse, dependence or mental illness; or any person under a restraining order by any court.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Hawaii is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Prohibited in all public areas.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: Hawaii Gun Laws

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  • Tigger

    Hawaii is, for all intents and purposes, a right denied state. Although there is a statute on the books allowing for concealed carry permits, the reality is that the state has not issued a single permit in the last 20 years. Based on comments from the chief of police, who has approval authority, that is not going to change on his watch.

    • Shawn

      Well being in the military and coming from the stae of hawaii and island
      of Oahu, I feel it’s a crime or straight fear of the cheif of police for not issuing any permits out allowing honorable citizens to be able to carry concealed.
      In states that actually issue permit the crime rate is lower due to that reason. What
      I’m saying is he is denying everyone their god given right out of his own fear and it
      unconstitutional !

      • stop thinking you’re in jewmerica and you’ll understand your jap masters a lil better…. Kerry was right, “stay in school, so you don’t end up in the military”….

      • medocadvikian

        It isn’t a god given right, but it is a constitutional right!

    • casserji

      Absolutely not true. At least not on Kauai. Look into it on your own before buying into anti-gun B.S.

      • FederalReserve Brown

        you are a LIAR & cannot show a single person with concealed carry permit on kauai or any other island.

        • phil zimmerman

          FedshitRetard Brown is gay and masterbates with his tiny feet.

      • Hawaii Gun Owner

        You are wrong casserji. Read your own article:
        “Hawaii does have a concealed carry law, however it allows the four county police chiefs to decide if they “shall issue” a concealed carry permit.

        That’s an extremely rare occurrence, gun-rights advocates maintain….”

        “Four private citizens applied for a concealed carry license in the City & County of Honolulu, and one applied in Maui County, and all five were denied at the discretion of the respective county police chief…”

    • Dave Hare

      True, all Liberals will never allow you to carry guns if they can help it.

  • Andrew

    I was seriously considering a move to Hawaii but after reviewing their gun laws I quickly decided to stay in a state that allows its law abiding citizenry to carry. Thank God for The Republic of Texas!

    • FederalReserve Brown

      3/4 all phone books are front to back japs… you LOST WWII in hawaii for sure,,, and spanky you ain’t seen racism till you lived here. ( we HATE whites),,, I know, I am one.

    • Renée Collins

      Great I live in Hawaii… Rot in Texas, we don’t care.

    • medocadvikian

      What other right do you have to have a police chief sign off on?

  • Grant_X

    Hawaii has the lowest rate of gun violence in the nation. Reducing the amount of guns in the hands of people has led to this statistic, of which I am sure the vast majority of residents (including the chief of police) is proud.

    • Heck it worked for Illinois, right? The only state in the NATION that has no carry permit whatsoever… Oh wait, no it didn’t. They have Chicago, which has one of the highest violent crime rates of any city in America.

      • FederalReserve Brown

        the ONLY state is hawaii,,, thee most corrupt & jap owned.

    • hawaii makes up for the lack of gun violence with GROSS levels of police corruption, cops selling drugs, women & murdering at will… THAT is hawaii “police”,, racist lowlife japs hating anyone & everyone…. then there is being white in hawaii.

      • Jason Ellison

        your an idiot!

        • Jason Ellison

          If you dont live here, you have no clue, ive lived on 2 different islands, all i have ever seen was mano e mano! Get your facts straight before you mouth off Brown! Also, i am in Law Enforcement, and gun violence is very rare.

          • FederalReserve Brown

            “”””Get your facts straight before you mouth off Brown!””””,,, rest assured mr. big badge I am a son & grandson of ” law enforcement”,,, and you people are the scum of the earth hawaii or uSA…. your total BS “war on drugs” is, IS a war on american people and you KNOW it,,, I have lived on ALL islands except niihau & can reassure you the lack of gun violence is more than made up for in outright THUGGERY, and you MIGHT get away with LYING to yourself but the media is being forced to expose you low lifes for what you really are…. and that Free ‘Police Station” in Monsantos FRONT YARD???? you have lost any credibility PERMANENTLY…. airborne Hepatitus C in the corn/ corn POLLLEN & you pathetic excuses still chase pot smokers…. what losers. F%&K the pigs.

    • Do No Harm

      Are you kidding? I live in hawaii… Guns are VERY prevalent here. We just choose not to use them on each other. we have access to (most) of the cool toys… if you think that there has been any kind of a reduction of guns in the hands of the people -think again, local gun shops are having record sales – and no one has ammo in stock. because we keep buying it all. Hell, In the last 12 months I’ve personally added 2 shotguns, and a .22 rifle to my collection – which includes 2 so called semi automatic “assault rifles” a handgun and a bolt action rifle. all legally purchased on a police department issued “permit to acquire” I know that there a dozen other households in my own neighborhood that are equipped as well as – if not better than I am… and guess what? we rarely have any kind of disturbance that would require police intervention… let alone a shooting. this idea that having guns around promotes violence is sooooooo much liberal media induced bunk.

      • Paul Bartomioli

        Hawaii has a homogenous population. Its isolation, even with modern travel, has kept it that way. Homogenous populations are less violent that melting pots, such as mainland U.S. That accounts for the differences from GrantX and Do No Harm. Both live in the same homogenous society. People that immigrate to Hawaii do so freely, with the knowledge of expenses involved. People that make that decision are generally not predisposed to antisocial behavior.

        • island z survivor

          living in hawaii for almost 20 yrs has taught me more of foreign cultures than any where else i ve lived..we are a melting pot with people from all over the world, we are not a homogenous population. hawaii is made up of more than rich white people that u have eluded to. as far as antisocial behavior there is bad apples in every bunch.

          • Paul Bartomioli

            I did not allude to “rich white people.” I have mainland family that lives there, Why do people always inject racism into discussions.

          • PunaPerson

            What’s a “native islander”? The U.S. Census data is clear: Hawaii is the most ethnically/culturally/family-country of origin diverse state in the country. It is the exact opposite of your claim of “homogenous”.

    • Greg

      When I went for a visit a officer told me that he wished that people could carry. He said that it would probably cut down on all the robberies by knife.

  • you sorry idiotic americlowns actually thought YOU own hawaii and not the lil japs?,, crack a phone book on any island & see 75% jap names front to back,, hawaii lets the americlowns think they are in gvov’t here, but tokyo calls the shots, makes the laws etc… and NOTHING is more terrified of its own shadow than a poor lil jap near others that can defend themselves…. they truly are a pathetic parasitic jew like people…. we should have wiped them all out not become owned by teeensy tiny lil japs.

    • Hawaiian

      What’s up with all the racists remarks…not only Japanese make the laws here. The person running the state is a Caucasian man who is a former Washington DC Representative…and before you start making remarks about little tiny “japs”, our former beloved Senator Inoyue kicked some major ass in WWII in his time, even lost his arm in the war, and probably helped your sorry ass to bring your state monies to finance what was needed to help toy and your family because that’s how smart and great he was as a Japanese he was.

      • Paul Bartomioli

        Hawaii is also among the most racist states in the U.S. It is not covered on the mainland, so the racism flies under the radar.

        • Paul

          live here now. Very true. And I guess I don’t understand why I should even get a concealed carry permit if I can’t even take it with me anywhere since its unlawful to carry it in a vehicle. Ridiculous. I guess I’ll just hope some maniac doesn’t shoot up a movie theatre or mall while I still have to live here. And don’t care if it is a white, Hawaiian or Japanese making the decisions. 95% of politicians are corrupt regardless of race and I might be being to nice

          • Shooter

            Wow recheck the law. You will be able to carry in a vehicle if you are licensed to carry concealed. The law as it stands now only allows you to carry to and from a range and the gun has to be unloaded and locked in a case separate from the ammo. I carry in my vehicle all the time as I spend a great deal of time at the range and have never had a problem even when stopped by law enforcement.

  • Matthew Hurt

    They have the law on the books so they can claim they meet the 2nd Amendment requirements but they have never granted a CCW to my knowledge. So they openly violate the 2nd Amendment and have several lawsuits pending because of it. Unfortunately those will go to a court that is so liberal that it really shouldn’t be called a court because the rule of law doesn’t apply there just the rule of political beliefs. I was stationed in HI and the hoops you jump through just to buy a gun is insane. I left just as fast as I could. I felt like I lived in a police state.

  • Watchray

    What is more ridiculous is not allowing transport in a vehicle. FED LAW supersedes this. People like me have chose not to visit Hawaii because we have to go unarmed there. Just think of the millions of dollars they are losing in tourism revenue! I’m going to Florida for my vacation The hell with Hawaii (and California!)

    • Shooter

      Its not like your visiting Syria for god sake, I think you would be perfectly safe in Hawaii on vacation without your gun. Besides where do you hide it in a bikini?

      • Mr

        Crime happens anywhere

        • Mr
          And… Previous posts are correct the level of racism in Hawaii is higher than the previous 8 states I’ve lived in over 52 years.
          God bless abd and keep you and deliver you from ignorance.


    Look, When you think of Hawaii. You need to think suburb of San Francisco or any Californian city. Hawaii has politicians who are closet communists and follow lock step to what happens in California. By WWII the commies had already been working for 30 years through the labor unions. Owning a gun here “legally” is a scary option. Now we are the only state to directly furnish the Feds with your information above the table and for all the world to see.