Illinois Getting Closer to Having Concealed Carry

On Tuesday, March 8th, 2011, the Illinois House Agriculture and Conservation Committee passed House Bill 148 which would allow Illinois sheriffs to issue concealed carry permits to people that have passed the set requirements. It still needs to pass with 71 votes which could be as soon as next Tuesday. It has failed in the past but seems they have a lot more votes this time around. We’ll definitely be keeping our eye on this.

Creates the Family and Personal Protection Act. Permits the county sheriff to issue permits to carry concealed firearms to persons at least 21 years of age who meet certain requirements. Requires an applicant for a permit to have completed specified training requirements developed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board consisting of classroom instruction and live firing exercises. Preempts home rule. Amends the Illinois Police Training Act and the Criminal Code of 1961 to make conforming changes. Effective immediately.

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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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Robert Taylor

I moved from Illinois because of this, when I retired, I surely hope Illinois will pass this,
it is only one of 2 states you cannot carry, even my friends on the State Trooper dept. (dist. 6) did not agree with this, and so many other issues for carry in IL.
if you just have a loaded magazine with no gun you can be arrested for illegal carry in IL.
it’s time a law abiding citizens can carry in IL., I now live in Va. and most people here carry, with no problems.


Yes, it is stupid that we don’t have concealed carry in Illinois.  What’s worse though, is that there are people that still think you can’t have a loaded magazine, this is nonsense, people stop spreading this misinformation, a magazine is not a gun and it has NEVER been illegal to have one loaded (as long as it isn’t in the gun)  the best way to transport your gun is with a magazine loaded  and out of your gun, this makes you “just seconds from safety”  The Illinois code says “unloaded and in a container”  nothing more.  Don’t believe anyone especially police when they tell you that a loaded magazine is a loaded gun, it is not.  The sad part is that a lot of our law enforcement still think or say this, maybe it will take another lawsuit to fix this.


Well, it’s a start. After (if) it passes, they’ll have to work on non-resident permits, or even better, reciprocity. Then they’ll have to start shaving off some of those prohibited places.

On a positive note, I LOVE the civil liability part. (If a property owner prohibits firearms in their establishments, they are civilly liable for damages resulting from a criminal act of violence committed against those permit holders who were prohibited from carrying firearms.)


the civil liberty part was taken out so the Retail Association wouldnt oppose the bill, they dont support it but they dont oppose it now.

there is another bill (cant think of the number off the top of my head) which has a little bit to do with out of state permits. but reciprocity cant be agreed upon if there is no permit carry yet…

Gray Ryder

There is more than one peice of CCW legislation on the floor of the Illinois Congress. Yes, you are correct the reciprocity issue is, currently, a misunderstanding of stupidity in politics in Illinois in the total purpose of CCW permits.
It is far past time for the United States Congress to take-up the banner of American’s Constitutional Rights and pass a National CCW for all American Citizens, that meet the standards of qualifications. Thereby, said legailation being that of the National Constitutional Rights of the American Citizens, without conviction and/or unlawful personal history is of record, and/or a resident state’s intervention of issue.

How can the politicial cesspool politicians of Illinois be so correct in depriving the citizen’s of their Constitutional Rights ? Then, the Legislators of 47 other states be so wrong in supporting their Oath of Office to preserve and protect the Constitution of United States by passing some degree of CCW for their citizens.

Gray Ryder

( Question.)
Under the current laws of Illinois relative to CCW and FOID requirements. If any individual is injuried and/or killed by any degree of a criminal act. I wonder if the said individual and/or their survivoring spouse, depentent siblings and/or estate would have a recourse of action against the State of Illinois.

Gray Ryder


Go Illinois!!!!


U.S.A. REDBLOOD slam dunk Chicago machine and take our rights to the dance! Bad guys cannot stand conceal-carry citizens.


I’m praying your God given right of self defense and the scripting of those rights, as found in the 2nd Amendment, are restored to you. Make noise Illinois residents so the Liberals, who have been enslaving you, hear and become afraid now and unemployed after the next election.


I grew up in Springfield, Illinois. I left Illinois in 1972 to attend school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the last 33 years I’ve been living in Kansas. I’ve been interested in “gun control” since I was about 12 years old [1958]. Illinois law back then was the same as Kansas law and the law books cited the other state in footnotes. I worked in a sporting goods store that was 75% gun store. The boss, T.W. Hoopes Jr. [deceased] was in favor of the FOID card because it allowed him to exclude the customers he didn’t like, without being charged with discrimination. No card and he’d just say, “Sorry, no FOID and I can’t show you a gun.” If he liked your look and demeanor he’d offer an application and show a gun to the customer.
If Illinois had stopped at the FOID, things would be different. The dealer was criminally responsible before the FOID, the State was responsible for vetting afterward.
Back in the early 1970s, the Illinois Crime Commission Chairman, Charles Cisagusa [sp] proposed HB 710 to outlaw ALL handguns in Illinois. The bill failed to get out of committee. But then there was an immediate spike in armed robbery in Springfield. A sudden 500% increase and all from people from Chicago and St. Louis who traveled 100-200 miles to rob a gas station of $50 at gun point. The police caught most of them and the police officer thought it was political trick.
Illinois pass Concealed Carry within two years, Wisconsin probably this year.
Kansas passed PFPA in 2006 and we are still perfecting the law. Our crime rates are low and going lower. More than 33,000 Kansans have been issued a CCHL and that’s not too shabby for a small population state.
Go Illinois


Does the bill recognize ccw permits issued from other states?


Yes, it also [IIRC] provides a grace period for people with a license from other states when they move to Illinois.


Um, where did you see any mention of recognition of other states’ permits? I read the whole bill and found nothing regarding other states’ permits, or non-residents applying for an Ill. permit.


The bill as shown on the ILGA site and here right now is not the bill that will be voted on. The bill that will ultimately be put before the house for a vote is being held close to the vest and I think that it will be introduced as an “amendment” to the current bill that is being shown to the public. At that time, the “amendment” will simply replace the bill that has been introduced. The NRA lobbyist is going to groups and representatives to discover and answer any objections that might prevent passage. A sixty per cent majority is needed for passage. I think success is in he wind but as the saying goes, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”
Right now, no one knows what the final bill will look like, but anything is better than the way it is now.

Gray Ryder

In your comment you wrote “NRA LOBBIST”, which, at last tally was just one indvdual ” acting ” as a lobbist. The ILSRA was several and, in my opinion, is doing far more to assist in getting a CCW for Ilinois.


there is rumor that the gun control freaks will try to slip an “assualt” rifle ban in the bill—beware!

Gray Ryder

When the corrupted politicians of Illinois can come to a decision of how to equally spilt-up up the application, processing taining and etc., fees, that they are going be charging for permit apllications. Then and maybe then will the corrupted politicians of Illinois come up with some off the wall, under the table, backroom and nearly impossible way to temp applicates into paying through the nose for the pretext of a possible issue of a CCW.Also, the larger part of the division of such fees will have to be in favor of Chicago and/or Cook County.


I hate to be pessemistic but it will never happen in this state. The corrupt Daley/Obama macine is to powerful here. Even if by the grace of God it did pass it will be tied up for decades in every form of litigation that can be conceived by the liberal mind. I have 3 more years here then I’m out of this puke hole and into Missouri.


Hey Rlrork55, I see from your comment, that you too, know to well what the pro-gun owners of Illinois are up against. Along with the Dailey machine you have the majority of Cook County elected representatives, that have achived their political badges of corruption from the cesspool of corrupt politics of Chicago and/or Cook County. I some time wonder what is it, that the Cook County and/or Chicago politicians fear in having CCW Constitutional Privileges for the citizens of the State of Illinois.

All of the reasons of argument of the Illinois anti-gun so-called politicians, that have sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution, to date, have been blown out of the window. I have not heard of any OK Corral type shootouts, High-noon, get out of Dodge and/or any other such situation, that Dailey and Bloomburg continue to use in their anti-gun campiagns. Why is it, that the representatives of 47 other states can be so wrong and why the Illinois cesspool politicians can be so right in dening their constituency their Constitutional rights ?

If Cook County does not wish to be included with the rest of Ilinois. Why in the name of H- – -, do they not pull away from the of the other counties and go on their own as an independent District of Cesspool Politics. There is a Washington , DC. Then why not a District of Cesspool Politics. It is my understanding , that Cook County and/or Chicgo already has their seperate and apart own tax codes, their own manner of collecting traffic citation revenue and/or Chicago, special wavier ordinances, for a political select few, to have concealed carry permits.

The nation is getting a taste of cesspool politics, from the past National election, of one Chicago’s finest. The cesspool over flowed right onto Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington, DC. Then, there is one Illinois, once outstanding elected Senators, that would have to under-go nose surgery if Obama made a shape unannounced turn.

Bottom line, in my humbled opinion, as soon as the cespool politicans can figure out a way to bleed as much as possible from CCW applicants and can reap their fair share of the fees. Illinois will go through the motions of providing an impossible, a non returnable applicant fee, CCW Legislation.

Happy Trails,
Gray Ryder


no it is a done deal—for most of illinios—but you can bet rahm-us emmanuel sworn enemy of the second amendment will make sure crook county will be held weaponless–except of course for gangbangers and the city council—who have permitless conceal and carry


Just wondering where the bill for ccw in IL stands now

Gray Ryder

On March 8, 2011 Illinois House Arriculture & Conservation Committee passed House Bill 148, which would permit each Illinois County Sheriff to issue carry concealed permits to individuals, that pass the set requirements. To date, I do not understand what passing of the set of requirement may be. However, the said HB 148, requires 71 votes to pass the House before being forwarded to the Governor’s desk, which he has vowed to veto.

It is the same old process of a plastic carrot on a stick each year, which ends up either with being shelved or to be under further consideration for some reason or the other.

I am not an Attorney or do I profess to be one. However, I wonder what course of action could be mustarded in a joint-venture of litigation from the pro-gun owners v. State of Illinois’ in the denial of their Constitutional Rights. Heller went after DC and Mc Donald after Chicago. Therefore, why not forming a group an individuals, in name, from each county in a joint venture against the Governor and the Legislation Bodies of Illinois as to recognition of individual’s Constitutional Right.

I would glady donate the first $50.00 to assist in collecting a reserve coffer for legal expenses and fees. If every individual, interested in CCW in Illinois, would donate $10.00 to $20.00 or whatever they could afford in building a legal reserve to support the action needed to force the issue of Illinois CCW to the front. What do we have to loose ? As it stands at the present time we are no further ahead with Illinois CCW than we were last year .

The Legislators will continue to play the waiting game by continuing to wave the plastic carrot. Then, the pro-gun owners will continue to pick the CCW banner, at the next session of Congress. Thereby, being no further ahead on the issue of CCW than they were at the close of the previous session.

The Illinois States Rifle Association, of which I am proud to say I am a member, is making a super fantastic effort in their campaign in lobbying on the CCW issue. However, they too, are only a force of a few. Whereas, the pro-gun owners of Illinois interested in CCW are in the thousands.

I sincerely welcome your in-put and comments to this subject cause. There are a few elected individuals that are in support of the CCW issue. While, there are just as many opposed. Please bare in mind, that we will be up against the Dailey machine and a majority of his cesspool political puppets. However, be remined, that they, as we, put their trousers on one leg at a time in the same manner as we do.

Happy Trails,

Gray Ryder


from what i understand a deal was cut to pass the death penalty ban—conservative law makers in illinios threatened to fillibuster—-the emmauel/daley machine then gave the go ahead for conceal and carry—on a county basis—in other words crook county will never have conceal and carry–unless the citizens stand up to the hoodlums from city hall



Matthew Jimmy

Here it is November 20th, 2012 and still nothing. Moving at the speed of ILL-inois spineless politicians.