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Indiana Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Does Indiana issue concealed carry permits?

Indiana is a Shall Issue State and issues concealed handgun licenses to residents of Indiana as well as out-of-state/non-residents. Shall Issue means that the sheriff must issue you a permit even after meeting all requirements for an Indiana Handgun Permit. The relevant Indiana statute is IC 35-47-2-3 which you can read here.

Indiana handgun licenses are qualified or unlimited. A qualified license is issued for hunting and target practice. Unlimited licenses shall be issued for the purpose of the protection of life and property.

Out-of-state/non-residents must have a place of business or regular employment in Indiana to obtain a license and it is limited to the 4 year license. You should contact your local sheriff for more details.

Indiana became a shall issue state in 1980.

Who issues Indiana Handgun Licenses

Indiana Handgun Licenses are issued by the Indiana State Police. You can visit their Handgun License homepage here.

As of October 1, 2014, all applications are made online. There are no more paper applications.

Are background checks required for a Indiana Handgun License?

Yes, background checks are required when applying for an Indiana handgun license.

Does having a concealed weapon license or permit exempt you from the background check when purchasing a gun Indiana?

No. Having a Indiana Handgun License does not serve as or exempt you from a National Instant Criminal System (NICS) check.

How long is a Indiana Handgun License valid for?

There are two different types of Indiana Handgun Licenses, a 4 year license and a lifetime license.

What is the processing time for an Indiana Handgun License?

The processing time for a Indiana Handgun License is approximately 60 days from the date they receive your application.

You can check the status of your application online here.

How much does an Indiana Handgun License cost?

The initial fee for a four year license is a $10 local fee and a $30 state fee. $5 of the local fee and the entire state fee is refunded if no license is issued. There is also a $9.99 fee for using MorphoTrust Electronic Fingerprinting.

The initial fee for a lifetime license is a $50 local fee and a $75 state fee. $30 of the local fee and the entire state fee is refunded if no license is issued. There is also a $9.99 fee for using MorphoTrust Electronic Fingerprinting.

The fee for a lifetime license is a $40 local fee and a $60 state fee with a current valid license. $30 of the local fee and the entire state fee is refunded if no license is issued.

A processing fee of $1.00 plus 2% of the transaction amount is added to the price of the service as well.

What are the requirements for an Indiana Handgun License?

To obtain a Indiana Handgun License, you must be 18 years of age or older, must provide fingerprints, and fill out the online application that includes personal information such as height, weight, race, hair and eye color, and reason for carrying (the two options for reason for carrying are personal protection and target shooting).

Other requirements:

  • Have a proper reason to carry a handgun
  • Be of good character and reputation
  • Be a proper person to be licensed
  • Be a citizen of the United States or not a citizen of the United States but is allowed to carry a firearm in the United States under federal law
  • does not have a conviction for resisting law enforcement under IC 35-44.1-3-1 within five (5) years before the person applies for a license or permit under this chapter;
  • does not have a conviction for a crime for which the person could have been sentenced for more than one (1) year;
  • does not have a conviction for a crime of domestic violence (as defined in IC 35-31.5-2-78), unless a court has restored the person’s right to possess a firearm under IC 35-47-4-7;
  • is not prohibited by a court order from possessing a handgun;
  • does not have a record of being an alcohol or drug abuser as defined in this chapter;
  • does not have documented evidence which would give rise to a reasonable belief that the person has a propensity for violent or emotionally unstable conduct;
  • does not make a false statement of material fact on the person’s application;
  • does not have a conviction for any crime involving an inability to safely handle a handgun;
  • does not have a conviction for violation of the provisions of this article within five (5) years of the person’s application;
  • does not have an adjudication as a delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult, if the person applying for a license or permit under this chapter is less than twenty-three (23) years of age;
  • has not been involuntarily committed, other than a temporary commitment for observation or evaluation, to a mental institution by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority;
  • has not been the subject of a:
    • ninety (90) day commitment as a result of proceeding under IC 12-26-6; or
    • regular commitment under IC 12-26-7; or has not been found by a court to be mentally incompetent, including being found:
      • not guilty by reason of insanity;
      • guilty but mentally ill; or
      • incompetent to stand trial.

If you are deployed with the Military, in most cases you will have to wait to get home because you have to get fingerprinted and visit  your local law enforcement agency for approval. You may try contacting your local law enforcement agency to see if they can accommodate you while on leave.

What can cause a Indiana Handgun License application to be denied?

The following can cause an Indiana Handgun License application to be denied:

  • Convicted of a felony
  • Had a previous handgun licenses that was suspended unless it has been reinstated
  • Under the age of 18
  • Under the age of 23 if the person has been adjudicated a delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult
  • Arrested for a Class A or Class B felony for an offense committed before July 1, 2014, for a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 felony for an offense committed after June 30, 2014, or any other felony that was committed while armed with a deadly weapon or that involved the use of violence, if a court has found probable cause to believe that the person committed the offense charged. In the case of an arrest under this subdivision, a license to carry a handgun may be issued to a person who has been acquitted of the specific offense charged or if the charges for the specific offense are dismissed. The superintendent shall prescribe all forms to be used in connection with the administration of this chapter.

How do I renew my Indiana Handgun License and what is the cost?

You can renew your license using the online form starting 365 days before the expiration date on the license. If it has already expired it is no longer valid but you can still renew the permit. If you submit a renewal within 30 days of the expiration date, the license is automatically extended until the application has been approved or denied.

The renewal fee for a four year license is a $10 local fee and a $30 state fee. $5 of the local fee and the entire state fee is refunded if no license is issued.

The fee for a lifetime license is a $40 local fee and a $60 state fee with a current valid license. $30 of the local fee and the entire state fee is refunded if no license is issued.

How do you change a name or address on an Indiana Handgun License?

You have 60 days to update your Indiana Handgun License once your name or address has been changed. To change your address or other changes, use the online form here to request the update. There is a $20 charge for a duplicate license.

What do you do if your Indiana Handgun License is lost, stolen or damaged?

To report your licenses as lost, stolen or damaged, use the online form here. There is a $20 charge for a duplicate license.

If I get arrested or convicted, do I have to notify the Indiana State Police about the arrest or conviction?

Yes, if arrested, convicted or any other change that may affect your status as a proper person or otherwise disqualify you from having a license you must notify the superintendent in writing within 30 days.

Can I transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to Indiana?

Indiana does not allow you to transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to Indiana. You must apply for a new Indiana Handgun License.

Does Indiana accept any other state's concealed carry permits or licenses?

Yes, Indiana accepts all permits and licenses that are issued by other state’s as long as the licensee is not a resident of Indiana.

Do I need to inform Law Enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon?

There is no Indiana law that requires you to inform Law Enforcement that you are carrying a concealed weapon. If approached by law enforcement for official business such as traffic stops or complaint related inquiries, it is recommended that you tell the officer in a non-threatening manner that you are carrying a weapon or have a weapon in the vehicle and that you have a valid permit. A law enforcement officer does have the right to inspect the permit. You can find a big discussion about informing LEO of concealed carry by clicking here.

Does Indiana issue Indiana Concealed Weapon License to resident aliens with a green card?

No. Indiana does not issue Handgun Licenses to lawful permanent resident aliens that have been deemed so by Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

How does a resident of Indiana apply for Indiana Concealed Weapon License?

First you must fill out the online application form here. You will also receive instructions on scheduling your fingerprinting as well as pay the state fee.

You will then schedule your electronic fingerprinting with MorphoTrust.

Then visit your local law enforcement agency to obtain an approval and pay the local fee.You will have to provide them with your application id.

You application will then be forwarded to the Indiana State Police for final review. You will receive your license in the mail if approved or receive a denial letter if denied. If denied, you can file an appeal here.

How does a non-resident of Indiana apply for a Indiana Handgun License?

The application process for non-residents of Indiana is the same as it is for residents of Indiana. You can find out how to apply in the question above.

What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in Indiana?

You may carry concealed in a vehicle with an Indiana Handgun License or a recognized state’s permit or license. Without a recognized license or permit, the firearm must be securely encased, unloaded and not readily accessible such as in the trunk.

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Indiana?

The following is a list of places that are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Indiana:

  • In or On School Property.
  • On a school bus
  • In or on property that is being used by a school for a school function
  • Private School(IC 20*9.1*1*3) & (IC 35*41*1*24.7)
  • Head Start (IC 35*41*1*24.7)
  • Preschool (IC 35-41-1-24.7)
  • IC 35*47*9*1Allows the carry of firearms by persons permitted to possess and who are transporting a person to or from school or a school function.
  • On an aircraft
  • Controlled access areas of an airport
  • During annual State Fair 80 IAC 4-4-4 (Must lock in vehicle)
  • Shipping port 130 IAC 4-1-8 (Controlled by Indiana Port Commission)
  • A riverboat Casino

Does Indiana have a Stand Your Ground Law AKA Castle Doctrine Law?

Indiana is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.

Home protection; use or threatened use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.

On April 26, 2005, SB-436 was signed into law and took affect on October 1, 2005.

What are the laws involving alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon in Indiana?

There is no law the states you cannot drink alcohol while carrying concealed.

USA Carry always recommends not to carry a firearm while drinking alcohol.

You are allowed to carry a concealed weapon in any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose.

Does Indiana have laws for No Gun signs?

Properties that display a No Gun sign do not have the force of law in Indiana unless that property is specifically mentioned in the State Law as being off limits to permit holders.

If you are asked to leave a property then you must leave. Refusing is breaking the law and you can be charged.

Are you allowed to carry concealed in Indiana State Parks, State & National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, and/or Road Side Rest Areas?

State Parks:YES*
State Forests YES
National Forests YES
Road Side Rest Areas: YES

* Concealed carry is not allowed in Falls of the Ohio State Park.

I am a Indiana resident but am currently deployed with the Military. Can I still obtain a Indiana Handgun License?

If you are deployed with the Military, in most cases you will have to wait to get home because you have to get fingerprinted and visit  your local law enforcement agency for approval. You may try contacting your local law enforcement agency to see if they can accommodate you while deployed.

What are the Indiana Open Carry laws?

Please visit our Indiana Open Carry page for more information.

Indiana Concealed Carry Maps


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  • Phil

    “What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Indiana?

    8. On an aircraft”

    Is this wording correct? I was certain that I’d read somewhere in the IC’s (and now can’t place where) that the wording was “Commercial Aircraft”. This ‘may’ seem like I’m splitting hair’s, but there is a HUGE difference between a GA “Private Aircraft” and a “Commercial Aircraft”.  Not to mention, does Indiana distinguish between a Delta or Southwest Airline “Commercial Aircraft” and Jim Bob’s Cropdusting and Commuter “Commercial Aircraft”? I know that there are some FBO’s that offer charter services (which fall under “Commercial Aircraft”) that wouldn’t care if their passengers are carrying.

    • Wksiddons

      schools, school busses.casinos, gov. buildings. airports, planes, river port auth.areas, state fairs.  search indiana gun carry laws and youll get a full list and answers for all questions

    • Nrhxxx

      It is commercial, but Jim Bob’s Cropdusting and Commuter is considered commercial.  It’s pretty much any aircraft you have to buy a ticket for. If you or a friend own a plane you can have it on there, just not one that you buy a seat on. 

  • Devildog501st

    You also can not carry in a school, court house or post office.

    • sross450

      Can you carry a pistol on your old permit if you applied for your new permit within 30 days of its expiration date?

  • Mtg1208

    what happens if my parents address is my permanent address on my license, but they move out of state…what should i do in that case?

  • Treezy2010

    i have a gun permit but im 19 can i carry a concealed weapon?

    • Abgewichst

      As long as you have a Personal Protection carry permit, you may carry a handgun openly or concealed.

      • diesel73power

        Concealed carry means concealed carry you can not openly carry with a concealed carry permit

        • Brad Manzenberger

          Indiana does not issue a concealed carry permit. They issue a License To Carry a Handgun. The law is silent on how you must carry. Open or concealed are both legal.

    • Truckie

      No. You must be 21, and have a valid LTCH (Unlimited) to carry a firearm. If your 19 the most you can hold is a Hunting, Target (Limited) License. Which only allows you to go hunting, or go to the range, with a rifle only.

      • DARQWEZ


      • Trltires

        its 18

      • theoutdoorsman

        thats not true. if your over 18 you can legally posses a shotgun or rifle without any kind of license. as far as carrying a hand gun bry9371 is correct with his reply.

      • David17wade

        not true im 20 a i have a carry permit, u jus got to be 21 to buy a handgun. you can be 18 a buy an assault rifle just not pistols.

      • fireman36

        Yeah.. you’re wrong. My (19 year old at the time) fiancee walked right in and applied for hers, and got it. And is now legally carrying my xd40 on a daily basis.

        • Dwaynetyree

          thats what i have springfield xd40 great gun

      • Jaco John

        NOT TRUE, ive had my licenses since i was 18 and i carry everyday.

      • Dwaynetyree

        you only have to be 18 to get a license to carry but you have to be 21 to buy a gun

      • Axleman94

        This information above is outdated, you can hold and carry a concealed weapon at the age of 18 in INDIANA, Truckie needs to learn his updated information.

      • kyle

        Incorrect! I have had a personal protection permit since my 18th day u just can’t purchase a handgun till 21… My dad bought me a glock compact 27 for my 18th day and I carried it until I turned 21 and was able to by a member…

    • Bry9371

      As long as you have a weapons permit and are 18 years or older you are legaly allowed to carry a handgun. However you are not allowed to purchase a handgun until you are 21.

      • Who may not be eligible for a license to carry?
        IC 35-47-2-3
        (g) A license to carry a handgun shall not be issued to any person who:
        (1) has been convicted of a felony;
        (2) has had a license to carry a handgun suspended, unless the person’s license
        has been reinstated;
        (3) is under eighteen (18) years of age;
        (4) is under twenty-three (23) years of age if the person has been adjudicated a
        delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult; or
        (5) has been arrested for a Class A or Class B felony, or any other felony that was
        committed while armed with a deadly weapon or that involved the use of violence, if a
        court has found probable cause to believe that the person committed the offense
        In the case of an arrest under subdivision (5), a license to carry a handgun may be
        issued to a person who has been acquitted of the specific offense charged or if the
        charges for the specific offense are dismissed.

        • Jerm92

          I have a felony, but it was over 10 years ago AND it was non-violent. I applied to ISP and told them all about it. I did it at L1 Identity Solutions. They said as long as you don’t lie about it and it was like that, it would more than likely be approved.
          The date of approval on my permit when I got it back was the very next day.

          • hi i just put in for my permit and i just saw what you wrote about having a felony and you got the permit anyways well i also have a felony from about 15 years ago non -violent so im hoping i get one…..are you able to buy a gun in indiana thanks tracy

    • Devildogusmc08

      Yes you can carry in the state of Indiana at 18 with a valid license. However you can not purchase a handgun until you are 21. So the handgun you carry has to be “gifted” by someone over the age of 21 who legally purchased it. My father let me use one of his. And as stated above you can buy a rifle or shotgun at 18 and no license is necessary

      • NRA upstanding member

        Actually there is no Indian state law that says a person under 21 can not buy a handgun.  It is in fact stated that the only requirement to buy any gun in the state of Indiana is that the person be 18 years of age with no felonies on their record.  That being the case there is a federal law that constricts a licensed gun dealer from selling a handgun, or handgun ammunition to someone under 21.  However a person at least 18 years old can in fact buy a handgun from a friend or acquaintance so long as said person is not a federally licensed firearm dealer and so being are in fact just a citizen selling his gun to another citizen.  

      • As I understand it, you have to be 21 to buy a handgun from an FFL dealer. Private transfers have a minimum age limit of 18.

    • Bob Curtis

      Yes, at least in Indiana; anyone 18 and older can apply for a carry permit. It must be the carry permit (the “unlimited” license), and not the “transport” permit (the “qualified” license”).

  • Guest

    I have received my ccw however it has been misplaced is it still legal for me to carry a gun even though the paper itself is not on me?

    • Anonymous

      I would not even want to test that one…

      As far as I can tell, you can NOT carry without having the permit on your person.

    • Truckie

      If you are in Indiana, you would have an LTCH. And you are required to carry your license   and a government issued picture ID when ever you leave your privet property. Failure to present both will result in your arrest.

    • Jaco John

      this is illegal, you must have your permit and valid id when carrying

      • Axleman94

        You also MUST have the permit on your person while carrying. Even though you have one, if it is not on you, they will take you to jail.

    • Jerm92

      No. You have to have it on you.

    • Ionshooter05

      And its not conceal carry its a permit to carry a firearm

      • Brad Manzenberger

        Actually, it is a License To Carry a Handgun. In Indiana yo can carry a long gun without any sort of license, as long as you legally possess the weapon.

    • Bondmanjbd

      nope you better have that permit on your person

    • bunk

      It’s the same as driving without having your drivers license on you. While you may be legally authorized to do so, without the proper documentation on you’r person it is illegal.

  • Apete

    Can u carry an extended clip in gary indiana

  • Trltires

    the price is 125 not what this says  this site is so inaccurate

    • Nrhxxx

      The price is $75 plus whatever local fees apply, which vary based on where you live.

    • Vdragulav

      it is totally accurate. I paid $75 to the state $50 local and for quicker trunaround $10.95 for the electronic fingerprinting which was also easier.  So yes you ar correct it cost $125 but they are referring here to state cost as local costs vary from county to county.

      • irritated

        applied for my lifetime ccw on Jan7. used the l1 electronic fingerprint place and everything. here it is feb 24 and STILL waiting. have called 2-3 times to check on the status and keep getting told they are behind so it’ll be 6 weeks…. call again and its 7 weeks….then 8 weeks. asked the lady why it keeps changing everytime i call and why cant they just be straight up with me and tell me they just don’t know. it’s not a big deal other than i don’t like paying extra for a service (expedited processing) for no reason.

        • Wesley sanders

          I have had the same problem I applied for my permit in Oct of 2012 and now it’s the end of Feb 2013 and still no permit!

          • esell

            Same problem here I applied for mine on Nov 14th still no permit does anyone know the number to contact in order to check in on my license status?

          • I put mine in at indianapolis city county building on 11/26/12 its been 16 weeks and still waiting

          • esell

            I did finally get mine it took 16 after they cashed my money order. I suggest calling your bank to find out if your money order was cashed and when if possible. At least then you will know if the process has started. The number you need to call should be on the paper work you recieved when you applied.

          • Jim

            i did mine last february 12th…… got it february 19th. before the whole mad rush. which made me glad to ignore my families urging not to actually get it cuz there was no reason to carry a sidearm. but now they decided to get theres. after 19 weeks my mother just got hers and my brother is still waiting after 19 weeks.

          • My app was put in 11/26/12 check cashed 12/12/12 20 weeks on tuesday still waiting

          • rob

            if they cash the check do that mean i was app.

        • I got mine before the run on the permits and I have law enforcement and military background and still took 4 months. Just hang tight folks they will get to you. THEY ARE GETTING 4000 APP’S A MONTH

          • nick

            Ya i took mine exactly a month

          • Dolores Wieland

            Your post is the most recent…Can you tell me if you had to do a shooting course to make sure you know how to shoot a gun??? I can’t seem to find this info….

          • Jon R.

            In indiana there is no requirement for you to shoot to get the permit.

        • Hector S Martinez

          I’m in the same boat as you guys. I paid for L1 fingerprint services at the beginning of January as well. It’s now March and haven’t received my LTCH.

        • Caesar

          I applied for mine with L1 and turned in all paper work on 12.18.12. It came in the mail today. 03.08.13.

        • plumit

          mine took 11-1/2 weeks to receive my CCW.

        • my check was cashed around Jan-1, I was told 15 – 17 weeks when I requested a status update about 8 weeks in…. still waiting….

          • My check was cashed on 12/12/12 on 17 weeks now still waiting

          • 18 weeks now

          • 19 weeks still waiting

          • Don’t feel bad, I have been waiting about the same amount of time..Just like the ammo slowing down or down right drying up…so goes permits…If obama can’t get it through legislation, he will get gun control through every other means possible.

          • from time check was cashed it is now 21 weeks

          • GotMineWhileYouSheepleSlept

            Nice try, but Obama doesn’t have anything thing directly to do with the speed at which a state processes applications. I will concede that he and his policies have however driven up the number of applications and overwhelmed the process in many states, but they have no control over the process in any state much less Indiana which is about as Red as a state can get,

          • Ken Alan Draper

            oh no, a president going on a crusade to illegally bypass the second amendment through full court press media, buying up ammo, lying, & U.N. treaty has absolutely nothing to do with demand for carry permits going through the roof. (sarc).
            If you believe that I have a bridge I’d like to sell you, it has a wonderful view of San Francisco bay.

          • newsavy

            I think you forgot that we were blue when he first got elected.

          • Gordo2772

            You are a typical Republican’t. Obama has done NOTHING to hinder citizens owning guns or acquiring permits for concealed carry. Stop dumbing down America with your inaccurate Republican’t talking points. I’m a gun toting progressive liberal that despises the ignorant fear mongering that most of you righties profess with every breath. Do us all a favor and stop watching FAUX news.
            (F)aked (O)ut (X)enophobe= Racist, Misogynistic, Ignorant Right wing, venom spewing, hate filled, so-called Americans.

          • GordoTard

            So progressive gun control laws that go against America are good for America? Please tell me how this is great from your Communistic bunker. You are an Obamatard that hangs on his every turd. Gun toting? It’s people like you that give us, who carry for ‘better’ reasons, a horrible name. You sir and go fall on Obama.

          • Gordo2772

            Give me an example. Links please…I’m waiting. Can you answer from your mountain on high?

          • Tyson Bradford

            Wrong again. He’s created this severe shortage on ammo and the extremely long waiting periods due to severely high demand due to his crusade to ban every gun above that of a musket. Maybe you’re ignoring all the gun grabbing measures he and his cronies are trying to force through? It doesn’t matter democrat, republican. Just open your eyes. There’s a reason homeland security bought over a billion rounds of hollowpoint ammunition which can’t be used overseas. All the fight over gun control and ammunition is causing a HUGE demand and run on both making them hard if not impossible to find. He can’t ban our guns, but if we can’t find the ammo it amounts to the same thing.

          • Hank

            have to disagree with you there. President Obama didn’t create the
            shortage–we gun owners did by buying up loads of ammo–often on
            rumor and thus there were shortages. It’s like with 22 cal.
            now–shortages all around the tri state but I can get 9mm with no
            issue. Then again, last year (June through September) I had a hard
            time finding 9mm but found 22’s everywhere. Remember too, the
            ammunition manufacturers are also playing the game of shortages thus
            the prices go higher and they make more profit. So, next time you
            find yourself short on ammo, check out that mirror and ask–did I buy
            more than i needed lately? Just sayin……

          • Gen Minion

            I haven’t been able to find/buy .22LR since the Sandy Hook shooting…

          • RHW55

            Ruger SR22 If you want to go big money you can buy one w/ a legal silencer!

          • canteenjesus

            There isn’t a shortage. The same amount keeps on getting produced. We just buy it all. Calm down ya fucking whiner.

          • Mr.C

            ^Yet the most hateful thing said on this comment thread so far lmao

          • Bob Curtis

            Only because he hasn’t been successful at it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to do so.

          • Patrick Gong

            ur obviously not a true gun owner

          • proud to be repub

            Typical repub… you are way out of line.. you have no ideal of what you are talking about. and further more if you are a democrat than you are a traitor…

          • Son of God

            shut yo mouth u progressive geek

          • GaryfromIndy

            So is that why he’s put a Surgeon General up for conformation that wants your doctor to ask if you have a firearm in your house? Is that really any of their business? You hide your head in the sand only listening to one side of the argument from the lame stream media. Fox at least gives both sides of a story. Listen to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and all you hear is the Dumocrat’s side. They don’t allow any other opinion out unless they can lie and belittle it like you are. You and your ilk would like nothing more than to have only your propaganda told. Dumocrat’s are so honest. Remember “you can keep you insurance, you can keep your doctor”? Send the IRS after you. Not a smidgen of wrong doing. Then say “I won’t answer your question because I don’t want to incriminate myself in wrong doing”. Keep drinking that cool-aid.

          • Gordo2772

            ‘lame stream media’..LOL I bet you think Sarah Palin is a great person. You betcha.

          • Righty no.76239551

            I would call Gordo a so-called long winded, fat headed, propaganda spewing, limp wristed, America hating, conservative phobic, name calling, random label spewing, ADHD inflicted, leftist, commi-liberal, retardo , but he used a lot of big words and DID manage to spell XENOPHOBE and MISOGYNISTIC correctly. So I must leave out the “retardo” part and replace it with “fag”.

          • Gordo2772

            Do you still have your guns?
            Have your gun rights changed in any way over the last 6 years?
            Keep watching Faux entertainment, simpleton.

          • Pat Mazelin

            Now who’s the asshole — YOU!

          • mommy

            Gordo ..

            thats your response ..? Really ..??

            firstly, in ANY debate, name calling = you Lose.

            secondly, obama AND hillary-ous ARE going after the 2nd amendment via that int’l treaty .. its very nefarious and underhanded, like going thru the backdoor sort-of-thing in order to achieve it .. but calling names and telling others THEY are the wrong ones doesn’t get very far in understanding your position ..

            Ultimately it boils down to the fact we need LESS GOV’T (not more!) we dont need more laws, but rather to ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAV ALREADY .. people see a single incident on the news, (sensationalistic, drama-driven) and think thats the norm, when in reality areas where legal gun ownership is highest, is where gun crimes are lowest …

            I dont mind a differing opinon, (at all!) and of course I welcome debate .. but with reason, and facts !

            So Gordy, STOP THE NAME CALLING .. it doesnt giv much credibility nor credence and you ARE trying to create a bridge of understanding.. aren’t you .?

            A differing opinion is not a bad thing .. and I will tell you that what I respect is those who are INVOLVED !

            But remember, name calling = you Lose.


            p.s. yesyesyes to GaryfromIndy

          • Shannon Igans

            well put.

          • Edward Hurst

            Man, you are one mixed up dude!

          • Kimberly

            Wow!! Hate much!!

          • JTINDY

            Mine took less than two weeks to arrive.

          • Gen Minion

            Got a 4yr license in less than a week, that included from start (Filing the form, paying the local fee, and fingerprinting) to finish (received license 3 days after I finished my forms).

          • Dolores Wieland

            Wow! You were lucky

        • irratated2

          what number did you call? i have been unable to find out anything at all regarding my permit.

          • steven f

            I filled out pw and did L1 on Jan 17th and just got mine on Saturday 4-12 Just be patient because they are not giving status updates. If you did paper finger prints it will be even longer.

        • Tyler

          I filled out the application on sunday the 17th of feb. Electronic fingerprints through L1 on Feb 18th, and paid the local state fee on the 19th. It’s may 8th and still no word. When I call the number I don’t get a response.

        • CCW Holder

          I did mine March 3 and they said the wait period is up to 16 weeks. Even with L1

        • ps

          It took 5 or 6 weeks for mine – applied just after Thanksgiving. But give them a break. The Indiana State Police web site says they have received over 900,000 applications (nearly 14% of the state population) in the 4th quarter of 2012 and 1st quarter of 2013. That is pretty incredible considering there are only about 6,500,000 residents in the state.

        • br

          I also did mine on jan 7 , but I went downtown. they said 4 months. been 5.5 and still nothing

        • Unvoiced

          I’m sure you have it by now, Indiana is about 6 months backed up with permits and licenses. I applied fit mine on Jan. 11, just got it in the mail on June 6.

          • Duane Boltinghouse

            Still waiting check cashed 12/12/12

          • Duane Boltinghouse

            Nope still waiting had a DUI in 1998

        • brg102613

          I filed for mine in September of 2013 and had it by the end of Oct. But a friend of mine still doesnt have his and its been months. It just takes time. Then again I have military experience and work at Brinks so im not sure if that had anything to do with it.

        • Shadobear54

          I haven’t been able to find out anything either. I paid for the electronic expedition services and it said within a week and it’s been 3, the Girl at the city /state tax building (City Hall) said they were backed up and it might take 6 weeks to 6 months. Why did I pay to have it expedited for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Shadobear54

            I filed on 1-17 as well

        • mike

          my father had to wait 306 days for his 4 year permit he called about 2 times a week after 4 months of not have it till they told him he would have it over the weekend or Monday and took me 2 mouths to get my life time

        • Hank

          Hmm. I applied for mine back in 2013 and it took a total of maybe 2 weeks from the time I filled out the forms at the Sheriff’s office until it arrived in the mail. perhaps they really are backed up. hang in there, it’ll come eventually.

        • ItsmySecret

          I paid for the expedited check, went for eight months man . . . quit complaining and be happy

        • ItsmySecret

          I paid for the expedited check, went for eight months man . . . quit complaining and be happy

        • Banksct

          My wife and I applied on the same day back in October and she still hasn’t gotten hers yet. 4mo and nothing. When we call we only get “There’s no way to tell. You’ll either get your license or a denial letter in the mail.”

      • Hank

        I think the confusion stems from the fee we pay for fingerprinting (I think it was around 85 or 87$) AND the 75$ for the Lifetime permit/license. Either way, it’s not expensive, IMO. Although I must admit, for the money I paid I expected something a little more substantial than a peach colored paper with a “license” printed on it. I mean, drivers licenses only coast around 20$ and you get a decent hard plastic item. Should be the same for CCL. Just sayin…

    • Tykerbell

      It there a site that has 100% facts about this. I would like to read more up on getting one ?

      • Guest

        google search your local laws, or just call them. If you live inside city limits it would be the city police, if you live in the country its the sheriffs office.

        • Hurst01

           Not totally accurate.  I live in the city limits and had to go to the local Sheriffs office.  I have had to go there the last four times I had it renewed.  Now I have the lifetime permit.  I have heard rumors that they are going to discontinue issuing the lifetime permit.

          • bunk

            Those rumors pop up every time a big election comes around, i.e. presidential, state Governor stuff like that. It’s just people freaking out over officials that are not gun friendly. The last discussion I heard about getting rid of the lifetime one was back in 2008.

      • 66lima

        Go to the Indiana sate government site. Google it.

    • Stevenfancher10

      75 is the state fee it doesnt add the county fee as soom are different

  • Old Fatr60

    i  have  a friend  that resides  in  In.  she  took  meds   for depression  several  years  ago.  is  there  a time  frame  on  the books  as  to weather  she  can apply  for  and  get a  carry  permit

    • I don’t know how accurate this is, but I was told 5 years.
      I think what they really look at is are you “mentally incompetent”.
      Ref:  IC 35-47-2-7Prohibited sales or transfers of ownership
           Sec. 7. (a) Except an individual acting within a parent-minor child or guardian-minor protected person relationship or any other individual who is also acting in compliance with IC 35-47-10, a
      person may not sell, give, or in any other manner transfer the ownership or possession of a handgun or assault weapon (as defined in IC 35-50-2-11) to any person under eighteen (18) years of age.    (b) It is unlawful for a person to sell, give, or in any manner transfer the ownership or possession of a handgun to another person who the person has reasonable cause to believe:        (1) has been:            (A) convicted of a felony; or            (B) adjudicated a delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult, if the person seeking to obtain ownership or possession of the handgun is less than twenty-three (23) years of age;        (2) is a drug abuser;        (3) is an alcohol abuser; or        (4) is mentally incompetent.

  • Stanley Turner

    What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in Indiana>You may only carry a handgun in a vehicle with a Indiana hangun permit.

    So you cant carry your gun on youre person in you’re car? with a pa or florida permit?

    • NRA enthusiast

      Would just like to let you know Stanley that Indiana in fact accepts permits from all other states provided you are not a resident of Indiana.  So yes, you can carry your weapon in your car using your Florida permit, so long as they would allow you to do so in Florida.  As with dealing with an out of state permit one must adhere to all the rules and specifications of the issuing state regardless of what state one is currently located in.  But I say again, if you are, or become a resident of the state of Indiana you will require an Indiana License to Carry a Handgun in order to carry.

      • Dunn46

        Hey I bought me a hand gun at a local gun store and I asked the owner if i could open carry and he said no the gun had to be concealed. I live in Indiana and i have a lifetime license to carry.How do I find out for sure

        • George

           You can “open carry” in Indiana, though what would be the point of this. You should conceal your weapon and not flag yourself as a threat to thieves or an idiot to others.

          • Axleman94

            Open carry is not posing as a threat, Open carry is for gun owners who are not skilled enough to draw and fire a weapon from inside the pant, where ever that may be. To open carry only says that the carrier is prepared, and is willing to use it if need be. A con of that though is that every police officer that you pass WILL card you for your permit, so be prepared. I myself carry inside the pany on my left side. With the proper practice and training, you can learn how to draw and fire from that position.

          • Arrowmaker61

            i open carry its more comfortable have been carrying for 35 years has nothing to do with skill ishoot cowboy and tacktical

          • Jacob Lively

            Regardless of WHO you are, it takes longer to draw concealed than it does from open carry. Plus more chance of snags getting out of shirt. Has nothing to do with skill. When it counts, open is the ONLY logical choice. To argue this point is just naive, and arrogant. I shoot everything possible and have for quite some time. Consistent Half dollar groups @ 25yrd shooting single exposure reflexive fire.

          • Fdjackson

            If I was this stupid, I’d keep it to myself. Try drawing and firinf a weapon from your panties, just after you’ve been the first and only one shot, because your non-concealed weapon was an obvious threat to the “sportsman” who decided to rob the store you just entered.

          • GArmy7118

            Recently took a course with a certified NRA trainer (retire policeman). He said you should carry concealed for the same reasons Axleman94 stated. My advice, get lots of training and practice with someone who knows the pros and cons of both.

          • Bondmanjbd

            also remember if u are carrying one open u are going to be the first person that gets shot if you are in a store when a thug comes in to rob it because you are his main threat so hide the gun and use the element of surprise

          • Brad Manzenberger

            ” for gun owners who are not skilled enough to draw and fire a weapon from inside the pant”

            If this is the case then they need to spend much more time at the range training so they don’t endanger others.

            “To open carry only says that the carrier is prepared, and is willing to use it if need be.”

            It also screams “shoot me first!” to any bad guy who sees it.

        • Dragonmaster

          Indiana has no concealed carry law you can open carry

  • Bypass97

    I’m in Ohio, travel into Indiana alot, both in car and motorcycle, so,if I’m inside Indiana in or on either vehicle, do I carry the hand gun on me, or take it off and carry on the seat or glove box, in Ohio I carry the revolver on me.

  • Youngn5

    I have just moved to Ohio but have not established Ohio residency yet by getting an Ohio drivers license.  I would like to get an Indiana carry license because you do not have to take a $120 class to get your license.  Can I get my Indiana carry permit and will it still be valid when I do establish Ohio residency in a month from now or am I just screwed and have to get an Ohio permit?

    • Ohio does not allow licensees from Indiana to carry in Ohio. You will be required to get an Ohio permit, or a non-resident permit from a state that has reciprocity with Ohio, such as Florida.

    • Arn=myVet0409

      If you are going to claim residency in Ohio you need to get an Ohio permit no State will let you carry as a resident with a out of state permit.

      • ArmyVet0409

        Yes my SN got messed up typed to fast

  • DC

    Indiana’s is a LICENSE TO CARRY HANDGUN. It allows to conceal or carry open as you are licensed to carry. It is NOT a concealed weapon permit.

    • Graske

      Did Gov. Mitch Daniels sign into law extending places to carry a weapon to include libraries?

      • Bob Curtis

        To my knowledge, libraries were never prohibited under the Indiana carry law. I may be wrong.

        • Chris

          Any government building you’re prohibited from carrying any weapon that includes libraries until Mitch Daniels changed that.

  • 1vinnie

    I am a landowner in Indiana however I am not a resident. The land is cash rented. Is this considered business in Indiana?

  • David17wade

    can the weapon be loaded

    • Only if you have a license to carry, otherwise the seperate-and-lock rules apply.

  • Anthony

    Can I carry after I’ve done all my application process and have receipts and while I wait for my card in the mail?

    • Litjj201

      That would be a no.  Just because you have applied doesn’t not mean that you have the authorization to carry.  You must have the card with you any time you are carrying.

    • Darrin

      No, you have to have the permit on your person.

  • Hoosier

    Wow, one of the worst and most inaccurate information about Indiana I’ve seen posted.

    What sort of clowns cobbled this together and how can I trust any information on the other states with this one being so inaccurate?

  • Bill

    To Anthony,  Legally you can’t carry a handgun while waiting for your application to be processed and have it in your hands.  To carry legally you must have the Permit on your person.  Now if you want to go to the shooting range and don’t have your permit yet you can put the handgun in the trunk and go to the shooting range.  Should you get pulled over in the process MOST officers would OK the going or coming from the range,especially coming from and you have a receipt from said range that shows you have truly been there for shooting practice.  Again, it is not really legal but……………………………………..

  • Sonny

    my property is next to a school. I live in a rural area a farm outside of city or town limits. What or is there a distance I need to be away from the school to target practice in the fields.

    • Sonny,
      Your best source on this one would be to call ISP or DNR and ask them, get the name of the officer too when you ask. That’s a tricky situation, you don’t want to take our word for it.

  • BMC

    I am under 21 and have a permit. Can i legally conceal/ carry someone else’s firearm? (a firearm belonging to friend over the age of 21); or does it have to be signed over to me? I have researched and haven’t found a solid answer.  I really don’t want to find the answer out the hard way and be wrong. Thanks

      Indiana doesn’t force you to register firearms, it’s not like a car title or silliness like that. It’s like a hammer with a serial number, you can buy and sell all day long, no paperwork required unless you buy from an FFL dealer who then must do a background check… but that still does not in any way “tag” you as the gun’s owner. Just make sure you know absolutely that the gun is NOT stolen in case it is ever checked (and the serial number cannot be defiled in any way)… very important. Other than that, yes your buddy can give you a gun (long as you aren’t a felon and your license is revoked).

  • Anon

    Prices are wrong on this.  You only included the state fees, there are local fees.  I will post them soon

  • Ryan Ritenour

    The map is confusing and may have gotten a former marine arrested in NY. Above the map there is a red box that says, “States that honor IN permits.” If someone would interpret that the red box is the same as the red states in the map, meaning all red states honor the IN permit, that person would be wrong. All of the red states shown do not honor the IN permit, as shown in the small portion in the bottom right of the map.

    Some needs to make a color change to this quickly before some else possibly misinterprets the map. Not sure if this is the website the former marine went to for his info, but it is a possibility. It’s the first place I came after reading his story, and when I first saw what I listed above, I was wondering for a moment, until I saw the small text at the bottom corner. What I had done was that I was using page down, and when I did that, the small text at the bottom of the map did not yet show up as it was below my page view. I realized after a few seconds that something didn’t see right so I scrolled down and noticed the index of colors.

    • Runawaygun

      This is 5th grade map reading..  THE MAP’S KEY tells you the correct information not the heading, he is a Marine so he should know how to read a map. We did lots of land nav in SOI.  Not to mention you are looking at maps 4 months past the arrest, which any information could have been changed/updated.  I spend 6 years in the Marine Corps, I’m a Police Officer now and a CCW supporter in a state that does not allow CCW’s at all.  BUT HE SCREWED UP.  IT IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY to verify any information found on any website PERIOD. If I had to worry about where I carried I would check the requirements with competent authority in the area we I would be traveling.  I’m not happy about his arrest, he was trying to do the right thing, it was legally justified.  The colors of the heading and states are clearly shaded differently.   

    • BMC

      the top of the map that reads “States That Honor IN Permit” is a tab, not a heading. It shows the states that do and do not honor IN permits, where as the blue “tab” next to it shows states where IN permits are honored.

  • Boredtech78

    What does “IN Res Permits Only” mean?

    • Brad Manzenberger

      It means you have to be a resident of Indiana to get a License from Indiana. They do not issue non-resident licenses like some states do.

  • Chrisrubio78

    I have a question, I am 33 now. I was young and dumb, and was charged and convicted of selling drugs back in 2003 2004 ,will this affect me noq 8 years later. I’ve been clear from that mess for a long time .

  • guest

    So if I’m in an authorized place (not a school, library, post office, or airport etc.) I can openly carry a firearm correct……that being said

    What if I’m approached by an officer and he try’s to tell me that’s not allowed?

    Reason why I’m asking is I live in northwest IN and my buddy had a regular belt holster on but was wearing a jacket and got hot took it off then stopped at a gas station were a cop just so happen to be there. He asked my buddy if he was police or security of some sort  (which he is not) so he says no. The officer then tells him put his hand on the wall and surrender his fire arm. The officer then unloaded the weapon and dissembled it and handed it back to him in pieces and said you were not allowed to open carry in IN unless your police.

    What’s up with that?

    Is this just another police officer abusing power?

    How do I go about a situation like this without things getting ugly?

    • Anonymous

      I’d say the best thing to do (and I’m sure others will disagree), is to remain calm & polite. Allow the officer to feel you are not threatening (read questioning) his/her authority. Acquire his/her badge number. Leave the stop/scene as directed, with gun disassembled, if need be (put it back together as soon as practical and out of sight of said officer). At soonest convenience print up a copy of IN laws concerning concealed & open carry, take it to the police station that said officer works out of and ask to speak to his chief. Again, in a professional/polite manner have a discussion with the chief and show them the law. Show the chief that you are familiar with the laws concerning carry as they pertain to you, and ask that the officer also become more familiar with said laws.

  • CE

    I purchased a lifetime carry permit from Indiana.
    I have recently moved from Indiana to Illinois, and return to visit family in Indiana.
    Can I carry in Indiana?

  • GJ

    Question, what does it mean for IN Res Permits Only:
    Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire?  Am I allowed to carry in these states also with a legal Indiana permit or not?

    • Bunk

      Yes you are allowed to carry as long as you are a legal resident within the state of Indiana, you must live in Indiana, not just own a business.

    • the_boss

      Are you from Indiana? If so, FLA and MI, you can carry. Not sure about New Hampshire or Colorado, but I do suspect so. I’m from IL and I spend time in Michigan quite often. I am not allowed to carry in MI because I have an out-of-state permit. Michigan only honors out-of-state permits if you are a resident of the state to which your permit was issued

    • bryant

      it means you must have an indiana driver’s license which means your an indiana resident.. if you carry in michigan, you can not carry openly like indiana, it must be concealed and you can not have one in the chamber like in indiana

      • Actually, you’re wrong about Michigan. IF you visit here with an Indiana permit, you can carry openly, and you can have a round in the chamber.

        • FormerMichigander

          Michigan is an Open Carry state, however, it is not recommended that you open carry in downtown Detroit. Law Enforcement will stop you and are known for issuing citations for disturbing the peace just for open carrying even though they can’t cite you for the actual carry.

    • 66lima

      Florida does not honor your CHL if you are not a resident og Indiana.
      Check the FL state website.

  • Dwaynetyree

    can you carry a hand gun in a state park now in indiana

    • K_schilling

      Yes you can now carry in state parks if you have a a valid permit.

  • Anon…

    As stated already, Indiana has no GUN PERMIT or CONCEALED WEAPON/ GUN PERMIT. That’s as annoying as when someone refers to an AR as a “Black Rifle”.

  • Tompettibone

    I forgot to sign my permit before I laminated it. Is it still valid or do I need to replace it?

  • Tinapoyser

    my current address and the address on my carry permit are not the same. am i legal to carry???

    • Ionshooter05

      Yes but you need to notify the state of the address change as soon as possible so its on file or else you could get hassles over it

  • NES30

    what if you were in the military, do u have to re-fingerprint?

    • Steven

      Pretty sure you will have to. I worked for DoD and carried a clearance abs still had to.

    • Yes

  • Mike

    Seeing Indiana excepts almost every states license.Why don’t they go after the states that don’t except ours ?

    • Some states have different laws for getting a permit (courses, training ect.). IN doesn’t require anything but a background check and finger prints.

  • confused in NC

    I currently have a Life Time personal protection permit from Indiana, I moved to and now am resident of North Carolina. North Carolina says that I am legal to carry as long as Indiana says its legal to retain the permit. However, when I ask authorites in Indiana they tell me, “That’s a good question we’re not sure”.  Anyone know an official they can ask? 

    • Guest

       As long as Indiana allows for Non-Residents to apply for and hold that permit, it is legal.

  • confused in NC

    I have a Lifetime personal protection permit from Indiana. I am now a resident in North Carolina, the authorites in NC tell that I am legal to carry as long as Indiana allows me to retain the permit. When I ask the Indiana authorites if they will aloow me to retain the permit their reply is ,” Thats a good question, we don’t know”. Does anyone know an legimate authority they can ask? 

    • Indiana state police would be the ones to ask, but I believe your permit is only good if you still have a valid IN ID.

  • how old do you have to be to carry a handgun?

  • Bmerkling

    In the state of Indiana it is illegal to carry on “school” property. Are college campuses considered “school” property?

    • Brad Manzenberger

      It is not legal to carry on school property unless you are in your vehicle dropping someone off or picking someone up. This does not apply to college campuses. Most colleges in Indiana have rules that prohibit guns on campus but it is not a crime and they can only ask you to leave, unless you are a student or employee, then you can be expelled or terminated.

  • P Carter31

    The Barrak Obama state being the one that denies the ownership of guns and permits, not surprised!

  • Caterpillartim

    i live in indiana and im staying in michigan for a month. is it still legal for me to carry? i dont quite understand the whole “in res permits only” thing.

    • You can carry in MI if you are an IN resident with the resident permit. (A non-resident permit is one that the person does not live in IN)

  • Northernshoveler

    I have carried for a few years now.  This is my take on open carry.  I have been told by others who carry.  Think as if you were a criminal.  Say you were robbing a store.  You would look everyone over.  You see a guy with a gun (open carry) he would be your immediate threat and you would first eliminate the threat.  Concealing removes the obvious and gives you a better chance at protecting yourself. 

  • Stefawhite1219

    i dont remember when i applied for my permit. If I went passed the date do i just fill out the permit info again

  • IndianaConcerned

    I just did a background check on myself and found that I had this on my record from 10 years ago, will I be denied an Indiana CC permit?  Indiana code35-42-2-1(a)(1)(A) We all do dumb things when we are stupid.

    • Yes you will be denied for battery whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony as long as it is still on your record.

      • Brad Manzenberger

        Wrong. He will be denied if it was domestic battery. A misdemeanor battery conviction will not get your LTCH denied.

  • Gawd Help us all

    Some of the posts in these forums scare me… The questions are uneducated half the time – you can tell people do not know how to read the above information – most of all – these are people that have or are going to file to carry a gun… Gawd help us all.

  • Sugarfootmac

    No where on the sample permit does it say “concealed” . Does this permit allow you to carry you handgun concealed? 

  • mike

    right denied? does that mean you can’t even have a handgun in Illinois?

  • Monsivais Jose

    i am currently 18 and if i am given a hangun by my dad am i allowed to own a permit?

  • whendoesitstop

    This was very helpful. I was thinking about traveling to visit my sister, but wasn’t sure if her state, or the ones I would be driving through honored my states CCW. THANKS!

  • cavalier3664

    I used to have a handgun permit in Indiana about 15 years ago. I was going to apply for a new one and it asks for the number on your former permit. I have no Idea what it is. Any suggestions to what to do?

    • Mglii1974

      I had the same issue and my local LEO told me to simply write Unknown in the permit number field. My new lifetime permit was approved with out any questions asked

  • I have applied three months ago and I haven’t herd anything back on my background check but still haven’t been issued or evrn contacted about paying the final fees who should I call

  • how old do you have to be for a license?

  • I have a lifetime permit in indiana, but will be living in Detroit for ten months to work with city year. Do i have to apply for a Michigan permit?

  • CM

    Is an unlimited license still work for hunting and targer practice or do you need to buy two licenses?

    • You still have to purchase a hunting license every year. Hunting is through IN DNR; carry permit is through IN State Police

  • Kelteclover

    I am now a resident of Indiana and have a lifetime unlimited permit to carry a handgun. If I switch my residency to Tennessee (which honors IN permits) is my IN permit still valid.

  • Dave

    Can My employer prohibit me from concealed carrying in the work place?

  • mp

    The concealed carry permit law is a croc. The 2nd amendment states that we have the right to bare arms not the right to bare arms after you have a permit and or a training course.

  • Gene

    How do I get my application number off the internet. I have already completed it and had my fingerprints processed by L-1 this morning

  • Ranger2010

    If I haçe a target hunting license and it sill good can I upgrade to a carry license or have to wait till that license is up?

    • You can get a handgun carry permit with your hunting license.

  • EvoSpyder

    What is the laws regarding a person with an Indiana Lifetime Resident permit who moves to another state?

  • jim

    Where do I get a Duplicate Handgun License request form?

  • WhyNot

    What is the minimum age you can get a conceal an carry in Indiana? And does Ohio respect the conceal and carry laws of Indiana, i.e. can i carry in Ohio if i live in Indiana? Specifically Cincinnati?

  • RT

    what about a shotgun with a pistol grip? I have my CCW i also have a new Mossberg Just in Case 2 which is a shotgun with a pistol grip. I know the state law says anything that can be fired from one hand is considered a handgun, also barrel length not to exceed 18 inches (i think) and overall length not to exceed 26 inches (i think). Does anyone know for sure about this?

    • Really? You actually want to carry a JIC II? A pistol grip shotgun is sold an an “other” which falls under handgun laws. But I’m guessing if a cop sees you carrying a shotgun walking down the street he’s going to arrest you and charge you with something like disturbing the public and then a judge will call you an idiot and take away you handgun permit and probably all your firearms. JIC II’s are meant for home protection, leave it there.

  • NP

    Does the Indiana CC law say anything about imprinting?

    • No, IN is not a CC state(you can open carry) and therefore imprinting doesn’t matter.

  • SF

    I have a Indiana License to Carry. If I move to Kentucky, is my Indiana license still valid, or do I need to get a license in Kentucky. What do I need to do if I move back to Indiana?

  • BD

    is it possible to check and see if your ccw is valid? Sheriff said they were going to pull it for me having my gun in the front seat of my car while I was driving and I guess a person driving by called the cops and so on and on.

    • It is not illegal to have your weapon visible in your vehicle, unless you were recklessly abusing your permit(i.e. flashing it at someone that cut you off). Your permit should still be valid but you can contact the state police to find out if you permit is still active.

  • indiana_open_carry

    not a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT. its a LTCH!!!! we open carry

  • I just moved to IN a month ago and have a current GA carry permit. Is it still good here since I now have a IN drivers liecense?

  • Aryva

    Reside in IN as a temporary resident 1-3 years I still carry my WISCONSIN drivers license now do I have to have a IN driver license to qualify for a IN resident permit to have a hand gun concealed for protection family and property? Maybe a lease or electric bill in my name be ok to show I am residing in IN but tempory by me just telling them it’s a temporary move? Or do I HAVE to change over my WIS license to IN?

    • You have to have an Indiana driver’s license to get a IN resident carry permit.

  • matthewdo

    what is the transportation laws. Say i was going through a state that does not allow.

    • When driving through a state that does not honor the IN permit you need to unload your firearm and keep the ammo and firearm separate and out of reach. Some states also require the firearm to be in a locked case(IL).

  • IndyRose

    Question on the “mental illness” question, Indiana CCW online application: The “frequently asked questions” section explains for the “mental illness” question that it covers your lifetime and includes depression. I had depression treated by a psychiatrist in 1992. I have lost track of him, he must be in his 90’s if he is still alive so cannot get the records. I do still take a mild dose of anti depressant. Would I be denied since I am still on medication? Do I have to supply a letter from my family practice doc even though she was not the one who treated me for depression?

    • You will only be denied if your mental illness was registered with the state or institutionalized.

  • shicoryarnett

    Ok ok I live in Lafayette indiana ang i am 19 am I allowed to carry. A hand gun

    • Yes you can with a carry permit. You can’t carry it on Purdue’s campus though.

      • Brad Manzenberger

        The prohibition on carry on the Purdue campus is not a state law, but a school rule. It is not against the law but if you are a student you could get expelled.

  • gman

    Tennessee concealed carry licensed permit holder will be spending some time in Indiana later in 2012. Am I legal carrying my personal hand gun during the drive thru Indiana and the days I will be staying there?

  • Shooter J

    This is one of the absolute worst web pages I have ever seen in my entire life. Did you not PROOF-READ this before deciding to go public?? Why should I believe one word on this page because it seems to me that a criminal could have done a better job at making this seem real.

  • I am an active duty service member currently residing in florida. My driver’s license and home of record are both in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was wondering if I am able to get an Indiana lifetime concealed carry (unlimited) permit while I am stationed out of state.

    • Yes, you could get an IN resident permit. Only problem is you have to go to your local(IN) sheriff’s department to submit your application, you can’t simply mail it in.

  • chris

    i live in a duplex that is owned by a private school, is it legal for me to have my ccw

    • It is legal but you should contact your landlord to make sure they don’t have any policies restricting you from possessing firearms on their property.

  • The following clip from the article above is now incorrect:

    “Are there any Indiana localites with varying laws?
    East Chicago and Gary have assault weapons bans and Indianapolis prohibits the possession of weapons in city parks. Also, the city of Speedway has an old ordinance banning concealed carry (hasn’t been enforced since the state CCW law was enacted).”

    The state of Indiana passed a law last year that removes localities/counties/cities to restrict gun carry laws further than what the state has already mandated. For instance, the city of Evansville can no longer restrict carrying in local parks or public places since the state of Indiana does not restrict it. This law went into effect in July of 2011. Just thought I’d share.

  • guy1717

    I had a traffic ticket for reckless driving when I was 17 back in the early 80’s…is this something I should list on the application? I’m not even sure how this would be classified…I know it took 6 points off of my license.

  • eli

    how long does it usually take to get your conceal permit in the mail

  • jrich

    does this apply to knives and throwing starts

    • Brad Manzenberger

      No. And throwing stars are illegal in Indiana.

  • Dave

    I used to live in Indiana, moved to florida and now posses a FL drivers license and my Indiana carry permit expires in feb 2013, am I able to renew that being that I am a florida resident now ans still reside in florida.

  • Joe

    where can i check on status of a permit I sent it in 10/03/12

  • amanda

    Is there a time limit that I have to change my four year permit to a lifetime before it expires?

  • brave60

    as an 18 year old who has a license to conceal carry is he or she allowed to carry?

    • deucide

      they wouldnt issue the license if you were not allowed to use it

  • old dog

    If I move to Kentucky, is my Indiana license still valid, or do I need to get a license in kentucky

    • deucide

      most states require you get a permit there, however alot of states honor indiana permits. you will have to check when you get there if they honor it or not,

  • LynyrdSkynyrd

    I live in Marion County and have just applied for my life time LTCH . I have paid my state fee ($75) and an additional 10 bucks to speed-up the process with an electronic finger printing option . I now need to go downtown to the city/county building to pay my $50 local gov. fee … my question is “who do I make this $50 money order out to and where/who do I need to go/see when I get there ???

  • need some help

    i have had a ccw permit in Indiana about 20 years ago i was wanting to start carrying again but on the application it ask if you have ever had a permit and if so they want the year issued and permit number . how can i find these things out?

  • Rusty

    i was subject to a restraining order over a year ago, but no longer am I still able to get a personal protection permit to carry my handgun?

    • deucide

      as long as you have no class a or b felony or have no felony involving a firearm or no violent convictions for crimes such as battery. if you have ANY THIN on your record what so ever, however, it will take considerably longer to get your permit because they will do an extensive background check before issuing.

  • YG

    So if you have a license to carry a handgun can you carry it concealed? Such as, having it tucked away so others cant see. Appreciate it if someone could answer this.

    • deucide

      most places actually prefer you carry it concealed – however legally it can be concealed or open

  • Milo

    Don’t expect to get your permit in 4 to 8 weeks the state of Indiana has pushed it to 6 months so good luck!

    • deucide

      its only due to current circumstances with the amount of people applying, not that they are purposely taking that long – and for a lot of people it has been like 9 months – but if you already have a permit from another state, it doesnt matter, just that permit until your indiana permit arrives. well honer all other states permits here in indiana

  • Kesha Thompson

    I have a conceal license im from mi a CCW wherw di i go to get it register here in Indianapolis,mi

  • muzik

    when u move what address do you send the change of address for to

  • IndianaFutureResident

    I have a CCW from another state and I am moving to Indiana. What do I need to do to transfer my CCW to Indiana?

  • Future Indiana Resident

    I have a CCW in another state. I am moving to Indiana. Is there anything I need to do to update my license?

  • Kris

    Need some clarification on IC 35-47-9-2

    Possession of firearms on school property, at school function, or on
    school bus; felony

    Sec. 2. A person who possesses a firearm:

    (1) in or on school property;

    (2) in or on property that is being used by a school for a school
    function; or

    (3) on a school bus;

    commits a Class D felony.

    Need some clarification on (2) of Section 2.
    “in or on property that is being used by a school for a school

    If I am legally carrying my concealed weapon in public restaurant or catering location that happens to have a private room within it with say the School prom or some other school function going on am I in violation of the law? How am I expected to know and be responsible for violating (2) if I am in a public location where the location has a private event going on in a private section of their Pubic Business?

  • Hope Ventures

    Is it legal for guns to be fired around my home by adjorning people after dark between 7:00 and 12:00 pm at night. This goes on quite often. It is being fired with 4 others houses within a 150 yards. Some are closer.

  • Big B

    They need to update this page it is not the sheriff that issues the license it is the State police and it is not a concealed weapon permit it is license to carry there is lots of inaccurate info on this page.

  • joe

    is there any way to check on the status of a permit. its been two months and counting since i applied

  • deeger

    What state has a non-resident permit that I could obtain that would allow me to carry in Ohio? I am a current Indiana resident with an Indiana LTCH

    • Brad Manzenberger

      Utah and Florida. They recognize the Arizona permit but you have to be an actual resident of AZ. Utah requires and Utah-specific class to get their license. Florida accepts various training, and if you are a Veteran they accept you DD214.

  • Brandon

    I am in the military and my permanent residence is IN, but i dont have an Indiana Drivers License. Can I get my Concealed Permit?

    • Devil Dude

      No, because the State of Indiana does not have, nor does it issue a “Concealed Permit”. However, if Indiana is your official Home of Record/your last residence before you enlisted, you can apply for a License to Carry a Handgun. I had a LTCH the whole time I was in the Marine Corps…

  • LJ

    After reading comments about the possible extended time frame to receive my lifetime carry permit, I have more faith in the postal system.
    Good thing: I was about ready to go door-to-door to ask if any of my neighbors had my mail by mistake, and ask my carrier if she had, yet again, left mail in the wrong box.
    The “run”, since the election, is an understandable cause for the delay.

  • SV

    i have a lifetime permit… i moved into my current house, ive sent away for a new permit with updated address… can i not carry until i get that back? i have the receipt for the money order made out to the state…

    • Brad Manzenberger

      You’re good. You have already been issued the license.

  • esell

    I applied for my IN ccw on November 14 and I still haven’t got it. I have no criminal record at all but I am still waiting. I was told it could take up to 8 weeks now it is march 4th. What is going on here? Will they inform you if they decide you are not eligible? I am getting concerned that I will never get it.

  • lilangelsbuddy

    Thanks for the info had a driver get a gun pulled on him working in delivery it could of been me that night

  • diesel73power

    I see alot of people giving false info on here go to your county or city police department they will direct you on how to obtain your permit also indiana is a conceal carry permit if you have your firearm in plan view you could get in trouble for branishing a weapon in public and lose your license. And yes they are backed up with this new finger print system I applied for mine right before they switched to this and received my permit in 3 weeks

    • ALB529

      When carrying within the state of Indiana on an out of state permit, the permittee must carry in accordance with the terms of the permit; for instance, if the permit says “concealed handgun permit,” then it must be concealed. If it simply says license to carry handgun, it can then be carried either openly or concealed. Indiana is a license to carry handgun permit state, meaning you are allowed to openly carry your gun…

    • Brad Manzenberger

      Then please don’t give more false information.

      ” indiana is a conceal carry permit if you have your firearm in plan view
      you could get in trouble for branishing a weapon in public and lose
      your license.”

      Wrong. Indiana law is silent on the method of carry. Indiana issues a License To Carry Handgun. It would not be considered brandishing unless you draw it from your holster and brandish it.

  • Norman Jay

    I do not understand what florida is my permit good there?

  • Norman Jay

    after reading I got my answer I can use my permit in Florida because I have lived in Indiana for 55 years.

  • tj

    I just moved to Florida, apon the militarys request not sure when i’ll make it back to Indiana. I have updated my address at the FL DMV , which they gave me a FL DL/ID does my IN Lifetime CWP Get revoked when I update ISP with my new out of state address?

  • bud990

    I have an Indiana ccw permit. What if I’m traveling and have to go through a state that does not honor my permit?

    • deucide

      then you unload the gun, lock the ammo in the glove box , put the gun in a locked case and put it in your trunk untill you exit that state

  • Tim

    If i have a Indiana CCW, and i wanna apply for a FL CCW, what steps would i have to go through to get it? Ill still be living in Indiana, so itll be a non-res FL CCW. i was just curious because ive already do the finger printing and all that jazz for Indiana and i dont really want to do it again for FL.

    • Brad Manzenberger

      You must contact the State of Florida for more information. But you will need to go through the fingerprint, etc. again for FL.

  • AMarie78

    Still trying to get mine. Something is “unresolved” and I am trying to get to the bottom of it, IF I can get a reply to my email. Only eight weeks here, but called locally to check, and thats what I found out.

  • deucide

    this is for anyone who is going to ask how long it takes to get you permit. it is copied and pasted directly from the state website

    “The ISP Firearms Licensing Section is currently experiencing a higher-than-normal volume of applications. Therefore, applicants should anticipate the following timelines:

    For those using MorphoTrust (formerly L-1 Fingerprinting Solutions)–11 to 13 weeks from the date your money order was cashed.

    For those submitting paper fingerprint cards and applications–16 to 18 weeks from the date your money order was cashed.

    Beginning March 26, 2013, all applications must be submitted electronically, and printed paper copies will not be accepted. Additionally, beginning July 1, 2013, all applications must be submitted electronically and all fingerprints must be taken and submitted electronically through MorphoTrust.”


    How do you check status of you permit application? It has been almost 4 months.

  • Pete

    Can I get a replacement license, mine was saturated with water and part of it is torn

  • Eagle43046

    What are the rules on carry in hospitals? Some post no weapons, some do not.

    • Brad Manzenberger

      No Indiana law prohibits it. No Weapons signs do not have the force of law. If you are seen with a gun they can ask you to leave. Failure to do so could result in trespassing charges.

  • Kyle…Camaro

    Money order was cashed Jan. 11 so it has been over 21 weeks since. I have tried calling and emailing and have had no luck with either. Does anyone have a number that will put me through to an actual person? Also has anyone had luck with emails as i have sent more than one with no replies?

  • tailgate

    I applied for mine October 2012 lifetime, got it in 4 weeks no problem. I’m in Utah now travling and going to a class to get non resident here good in 38 states.

  • sross450

    Is your old permit still good if you applied for a new permit within 30 days of the expiration date?

  • rldrumm

    H E L P

    I submitted my app for the permanent Indiana concealed weapons license back in February. I still don’t have it, I think the problem is they mailed the permit to my physical address and I don’t have a mail box, I travel for a living so only have a Post Office Box. Does anyone know what I must do to find out where my permit is now????

  • rldrumm

    Amazing, permit came in yesterday, filed for it in February.

  • kab

    I applied in Dec.12 and still haven’t received my license and my check has clear as well.

  • steve mahalko

    supposedly…. please check first…if you have the receipt and comformation letter from the local police dept u can carry. the exact info is on both.When they received the money and took finger ptints… AND you dint receive a decline on your back round check… you should be legal. that came from the Sheriffs dept.

    • Brad Manzenberger

      You can not carry until you receive the LTCH from the State Police.

  • smjr917

    Bad part is….if you applied for a 4 yr permit….. is it going to be ..4 yrs ????? from when you applied or from when they signed it ! 4 yrs…or 3 1/2 yrs.???

    • Brad Manzenberger

      Unless you are near the end of your life it is more than worth it to spend the $125 and get the lifetime. I never have to worry about it again.

  • Gina Cheaney

    If I already have a finger print and background clearance for CDL’s do I have to do it again for my Conceal and Carry Permit?

    • Brad Manzenberger

      Yes. And it is a License To Carry a Handgun. You do not have to conceal in Indiana.

  • Michael Avant

    Just a question. If I am driving as an independent contractor for a Transport company using my own truck can the company I am driving for deny me the right to carry a firearm ? (I am legally licensed to carry) I want the gun to protect my wife and myself.

    • Jack Thompson

      If it’s part of the contract then they can ban weapons on their contracted vehicles.

  • david

    What does residential permits only exactly mean?

    • Devil Dude

      It means that you must have an Indiana *resident* License to Carry a
      Handgun (Indiana does not issue “conceal permits”; licensed Open Carry
      is legal) to carry in the states marked in yellow (Colorado, Florida,
      Michigan, New Hampshire), non-resident licenses issued by Indiana are not
      recognized in those states.

  • smjr917

    Just some info for all that are waiting for your permit. I got my confmation letter from my local police dept on May 24th which stated it was forwarded to the State Police. just received my permit today..7/30. seems like the waiting period is about 10 wks guys.

  • Dakota

    What’s the minimum age requirement ??

    • Brad Manzenberger

      In Indiana you must be 18 to apply for a License To Carry a Handgun.

  • greasemonkeysc

    in indiana, is it legal to cc as a chaperone for a school outing/event as long as it is off of school property i.e zoo or other field trip

    • Jack Thompson

      You would probably be considered a representative of the school in the capacity of a chaperone so I would check with them. Also, Indianapolis has a ban on guns in parks but I’m not sure if the Zoo is part of the parks system. And remember that it’s not a carry conceal issue. Indiana only issues carry license the concealment is your choice.

    • ps

      The definition of school property includes any place where a school function is occuring. So it is not legal.

  • LydiAR

    this might sound silly but I am reading up on my laws. I dont understand the terminology just yet. If I am a resident of Indiana with a Conceal permit, and want to conceal carry into MI…does this mean I will be legal to carry in MI? or Does the above map state that I can not. I dont understand what the RES Permit only, means. Thanks for your help

    • Devil Dude

      It means that you must have an Indiana *resident* License to Carry a Handgun (Indiana does not issue “conceal permits”; licensed Open Carry is legal) to carry in the states marked in yellow (Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire), Indiana non-resident licenses are not recognized in those states.

  • Rog

    I grew up in Indiana but am glad I live in Iowa for my permit. Went to sheriff’s office, filled out app, no fingerprints and in less than 5 minutes had my permit. Had to wait 3 days to buy gun.

  • Ghost28

    Is there a way to know if you been denied a permit or even know if u be approved?

  • sam21

    I applied for my permit at the beginning of February and I still haven’t received it. Its been almost 8months and I have no criminal record

  • NK

    I applied / sent my application in back on Dec28th 2012. Also sent an email back in the spring & I’ve heard nothing yet. I was talking w/ a friend of mine who recently sent his paperwork in & got his permit in 2 weeks. What’s up with that? I’ve got a clean record. they didn’t even respond to my email requesting info about said application. ???

    • ps

      Call the sheriff or police department that originally processed the application. They may be able to help.

  • richard b

    Wow when i applied for mine a few yeas ago i filed on a tuesday and recieved it in mail that saturday. I feel lucky

  • jeremi

    How old do u have to be to have a gun permit or liesones for assault rifle (AR15)

  • scotie b

    Took 4 yrs to get mine (no joke). But I got it!

  • mike

    can you carry in michigan with in ccpermit

    • Golden Eagle

      If you live in the same state your carry license is from then yes you can carry in Michigan.

  • floorboard

    I got mine in 12 days

  • duckdown

    I sent my application in on November 25th and received my permit on 12/4/2013

  • Elizabeth Lawson

    I have the lifetime carry permit from Indiana. Going on vacation to Memphis ,Tn. If I go thru Ky. instead of Illinois can I carry my gun with no problem?

  • Justplainscared

    Don’t get me wrong , My daddy put a shotgun in my hand at 9 years old. my aunts went berserk. My grandfather was killed with a single bullet from a single shot Winchester crossing a fence. I have that rifle today. The very frist time my dad took me hunting, when we came back into the yard, and he said take the shell out. I and my wife have CCP’s. we have loaded and chambered handguns in a safe accessible place.
    I was raised in the south around a bunch that have one in the pocket, kitchen table, nightstand,,truck dash, car dash, in the closet, and every imaginable place within reach, ALL LOADED, as if someone is gonna pop out of their kitchen cabinets, or out from under the bed. Obama IS NOT TO BLAME for the shortage of bullets. If members of my immediate family go in Walmart for Charmin they will check to see if bullets are available yet. They go out on the back deck less than 25 yards from neighbors and blaze away, target shooting with 44s, 357s, 9mm, 380s, or anything else ‘ain’t been shot in a while. If the neighbor don’t like the noise, HE’s the jerk (right). Oh and did I mentioned day or night when you enter or exit the alarm is set, and a red bandana on the door with a magnet for a signal. They live 15 miles from town with 2 other houses on the lane. I REFUSE TO LIVE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF PARANOIA, AFRAID SOMEONE MAY KICK MY DOOR DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I HAVE MAYBE A BOX OF AMMO FOR EACH WEAPON I POSSESS. I lock the regular locks at night, know where a flashlight is and I bet I can shoot with the best of you. If someone were to come in on me or my wife they would be stone cold ****. I don’t need at present thousands of rounds of ammo “CASE” the commies parachute in while I sleep. IMMA trusting Jack Nickleson gonna be on dat wall while I lay in bed at night. Grow up people. I wanted a box of 22s a while back but Obama flew into our little airport on AirForce One and came over to walmart and bought ALL the 22’s (can u believe dat). Shoot I only got about 500 round of 22s. Oh I am a Pastor, Believe in Jesus, Walther, and Winchester. My aims not as good as Jesuses, My Bible says Pray ‘for” those who have the rule over me. I’m gonna take a baby aspirin now and watch the fireworks from people who think they’re always right. outta here .

  • Anna

    What does Res Permit Only mean? Is Indiana handgun permit honored in FL or not?

    • T.R. Rollins

      It means that the regular/standard IN Resident LTCH* is honored; the IN Non-Resident LTCH is not.

      Technically/factually speaking it is not a “permit”, it is (as indicated in the picture above) a License (not a permit) To Carry a Handgun (LTCH).

  • sasha barger

    Does these license allow for me to carry on my body or just in the car?

    • T.R. Rollins

      Both. If it is not one of the places listed in the “What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Indiana?” section above, you can carry there.

      In general Indiana is not much of a “Mother-may-I?” state. Thanks to those “evil” Republicans that Indiana keeps electing, the footprint of the Nanny State is not as great as in the People’s Republic of California/New Jersey, etc., so unless it is specifically prohibited, it is legal.

  • gb

    I’m an indiana resident. Is my indiana card valid in florida?

    • B.J.D


  • brian brown

    so I gather that a lifetime lic is not a concealed weapons permit.if not does Indiana have a separate lic for conceal carry

    • Ken M

      Indiana issues a “License to Carry a Handgun”.. therefore this permit is required for open or concealed carry. There is no “concealed carry” permit.

  • Does Indiana allow for non-residents applicants

  • Dennis

    I found out that there is only 4 or 5 workers doing the back ground checks in Indiana. lady from Yorktown court house told me that when I was asking about mine. just have to wait.

  • John M. England

    I have a KY permit, moved back to IN in Dec 2013 what do I need to do?

  • colt

    Why don’t Ohio recognize Indiana handgun permit

  • colt

    We recognize there’s

  • q

    if I get pulled over in traffic stop and I have my permit will the police still take my gun and run the numbers

  • KG


  • anon

    this site does need to update the information with the new law that was signed, especially being able to have a gun locked away in your car on school grounds.

  • Guest 1

    Does Kentucky honor Indiana gun permits

  • Craig Miller

    Why in the world does Indiana honor all these other states when some, like Ohio, don’t honor ours?

  • dan stenberg

    Question: I did not read the fine print good enough it looks like. I “thought” I had the unlimited lifetime one, “thought” I paid 60 or 70. ( I sure think I did). but my permit says: “Lifetime Hunting/Target 20.00” Is this going to cause issues carrying? After all, I am or was about to target shoot today… I wonder if there is a way I can see my transaction from a while back (9 months or so) and verify I paid more than 20?

    going to try and get back on here, but flip me an e mail @ [email protected] if you would… thanx!

  • Carrie

    My husband and I applied for our permits on the same day. I got mine about 2 weeks later and he’s still waiting for his at 8 weeks out. The only difference is my complete lack of a criminal history and his misdemeanors.

  • Carrie

    My husband and I applied for our permits on the same day. I got mine about 2 weeks later and he’s still waiting for his at 8 weeks out. The only difference is my complete lack of a criminal history and his misdemeanors.

  • Dennis

    How do i check on the status of my application?

  • Dennis

    How do i check on the status of my application?

  • Smitty2230

    I know you can’t buy a handgun until your 21 but can I carry one if I’m 19? I have already gotten my license to carry.

  • Cobra427

    So can I carry my Desert Eagle .50 around?

  • jjf

    Does anyone know what department I should contact about my application. I send my fingerprints and my money about 3 months ago and still nothing. Vanderburgh country

  • James B

    How old do you have to be to purchase a permit, being open or concealed?

  • Rob

    What does yellow Michigan mean for an Indiana permit carrying person??

  • Michael Maynard

    One bit of information that needs to be corrected. The Indiana permit is not a concealed weapons permit. It is a permit to carry a handgun. The gun can be carried concealed or open.

  • Corey

    Can I carry a gun that’s not regersterd in my name? If I have my permit

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    I’m in the South Bend area. Yesterday I was visiting one of our area hospitals and there was a sign posted at the entrance saying no handguns were permitted in the hospital “in accordance with Indiana state law.”

  • Fud

    How long does it take too get permit applied in June still nothing

  • mike

    Can I carry my gun on me while waiting for replacement for lost permit to arrive?

    • Guest1

      That’s a good question. I’m not sure, but I’d call and ask the Indiana State Police:

  • Tater1

    Duh,I have had lots of guns and ammo since I was a teenager.I currently have 7 pistols 14 long guns and lots of ammo,I was never worried about a shortage

  • Tater1

    PS why did this turn politicial,I thought it was about gun permits!

  • Brian Kelsey

    Indiana only issues to non-residents if they have a regular place of business in Indiana.

  • rp

    Is it illegal to carry a hand gun in my personal vehicle in indiana without a carry permit? Ive been looking and cant find anything. Just wondering becuse i havent had time to go get mine and i snow plow in some scetchy areas

  • Randy Adams

    What is the law concerning open carry while riding a motorcycle? Since it’s considered a motor vehicle do I need to conceal? I usually open carry unless I’m wearing a vest or jacket.

  • Tyler B.

    Took about three weeks from the time I filled out my online application until I had my permit in hand. I kept putting it off after hearing all these stories of people having to wait weeks on end. Wish I would have done it sooner.

  • cliff

    how can i travel to south caralina with a indy gun permit

    • Francis

      There should only be state permits granted in Indiana, an ‘Indiana License to Carry Handgun’ like most if not all other states. The usacarry site provides info on what state allows what regarding carrying. Here’s what I found, but always double check with that state’s state police as laws change. It appears South Carolina does NOT allow Indiana permits, so does NOT have reciprocity. (Indiana does however accept South Carolina’s permits and every other states).

  • kyle mccreary

    I received my permit in the mail without paying my local fee. Has anyone else experienced this. It only took about 2 weeks to get after I did prints.

  • Thill

    I started filling out the ccw application on my iPhone phone and after I got halfway through something went wrong. Now it won’t let me go back and check what I already filled out and when I try to start over it says my email has already been used. What I need to know is should I just use a new email address and if I do will it mess my application up. If that’s not the right answer where do I go to or who should I contact to finish the application I started.

  • Ray Young

    While applying for a carry licese, I keep getting this message. An application has already been created with this e-mail address. Please specify another e-mail address. I tried three different email addresses.

  • If anyone is interested in the time it takes to actually get a 4 year Personal Protection license, here is how long it officially takes (my personal experience): After waiting approximately 1 week to get a fingerprint appointment, I was able to visit my sheriff the same day to pay fee and submit paperwork. Waited about 1 week for Sheriff to submit paperwork to Indiana State Police, was approved 43 days after visiting Sheriff. Physical license arrived in mail 6 days after approval.

    Keep in mind, this all took place over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

  • Merrill

    How do I convert my 4 yr lic. To a lifetime

  • CARL worthington

    What is the fastest and easiest way to apply for ccw..I’ve tried online but site won’t accept my name..

  • C.W.

    What’s easiest and fastest way to get ccw in Indiana?

  • 2A_Tom

    Your information is incorrect and out of date.

  • 2A_Tom

    It seems since DC informed you 6 years ago you could have updated.