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Iowa Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Does Iowa issue concealed carry permits?

Iowa is a Shall Issue State and issues Non-professional Weapon Permits to residents and non-resident with with exceptions. Iowa Professional Weapon Permits are issued to residents and non-residents employed in a private investigation business or private security business licensed under chapter 80A, or a person’s employment as a peace officer, correctional officer, security guard, bank messenger or other person transporting property of a value requiring security, or in police work, reasonably justifies that person going armed.

Iowa became a shall issue state in 2011.

Who issues Iowa Weapon Permits?

Iowa Non-Professional Weapon Permits are issued by the Sheriff of your county of residence. Iowa Professional Weapon Permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety.

Are background checks required for a Iowa Weapon Permit?

Yes. The Sheriff (for Non-Professional Weapon Permits) or Iowa Department of Public Safety (for Professional Weapon Permits) will submit a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) on each applicant. They also submit a request for juvenile felony arrests from the Clerk of District Court to verify if the applicant was found guilty of the felony. [source]

Does having a Iowa Weapon Permit exempt you from the background check when purchasing a firearm Iowa?

Yes. Having an Iowa Weapon Permit does exempt you from a National Instant Criminal System (NICS) check when purchasing a firearm. [source]

How long is a Iowa Weapon Permit valid for?

Iowa Non-Professional Weapon Permits are issued for 5 years. Iowa Professional Weapon Permits are issued for 1 year. [source]

What is the processing time for a Iowa Weapon Permit?

The processing time for new Iowa Weapon Permits is up to 30 days from the date they receive your application. [source]

How much does an Iowa Weapon Permit cost?

The fee for a Iowa Weapon Permit is $50 for a new permit and $25 for a renewal. Some Sheriff’s may charge $5-$10 for a plastic permit card. [source]

What are the requirements for a Iowa Weapon Permit?

You must be 21 years of age for an Iowa Non-Professional Weapon Permit or 18 years of age for an Iowa Professional Weapon Permit. You must submit an application to your local county Sheriff (for Non-Professional Weapon Permits) or the Department of Public Safety (for Professional Weapon Permits). There is also the following training requirements:

  • Completion of any National Rifle Association (NRA) handgun safety training course.
  • Completion of any handgun safety training course available to the general public offered by a law enforcement agency, community college, college, private or public institution or organization, or firearms training school, utilizing instructors certified by the National Rifle Association or certain other firearms training certifying bodies (such as the Iowa Law
    Enforcement Academy).
  • Completion of any handgun safety training course offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any division or subdivision of a law enforcement or security enforcement agency approved by the Iowa Department of Public Safety.
  • Completion of small arms training while serving with the armed forces of the United States as evidenced by any of the following:
    • For personnel released or retired from active duty, possession of an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions.
    • For personnel on active duty or serving in one of the national guard or reserve components of the armed forces of the United States, possession of a certificate of completion of basic training with a service record of successful completion of small arms training and qualification.
    • Completion of a law enforcement agency firearms training course that qualifies a peace officer to carry a firearm in the normal course of the peace officer’s duties.

The following training documentation is accepted:

  • Photocopy of certificate of handgun training
  • Honorable/general discharge or DD-214
  • Affidavit attesting to completion of handgun training
  • Certificate of completion of military basic training
  • Qualified on a firing range under the supervision of a certified instructor (applies to renewal application only)

[source asource b]

How do I renew my Iowa Weapon Permit and what is the cost?

You must apply for a renewal permit at least 30 days before you permits expires or you will be charged an additional processing fee. The renewal will cost $25. You must meet the training requirements below and submit a renewal application to your local county Sheriff (for Non-Professional Weapon Permits) or the Department of Public Safety (for Professional Weapon Permits).

Training requirements for renewal permits are the same as they are for new permits (see above) or you have the option to qualify on a firing range under the supervision of an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association or certain other firearms training certifying bodies (such as the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy). This training must take place within 12 months prior to the permit expiration date. [source]

How do you change a name or address on an Iowa Weapon Permit?

To change your name or address on an Iowa Weapon Permit contact your local county Sheriff (for Non-Professional Weapon Permits) or the Department of Public Safety (for Professional Weapon Permits) to make the change on your Iowa permit. The charge will be $25.00. [source]

What do you do if your Iowa Weapon Permit is lost, stolen or damaged?

To obtain a duplicate Iowa Weapon Permit contact your local county Sheriff (for Non-Professional Weapon Permits) or the Department of Public Safety (for Professional Weapon Permits). The charge will be $25.00. [source]

If I get arrested or convicted, do I have to notify the Iowa Department of Justice about the arrest or conviction?

Are far as we can tell, you are not required to notify them of an arrest or conviction. But they will suspend or revoke the permit if they find out that a permit holder has been arrested or has a disqualifying offense or is the subject of proceedings that could lead to the person’s ineligibility for such permit may immediately suspend such permit.

The issuing officer will immediately notify the permit holder of the suspension by personal service or certified mail on a form prescribed and published by the commissioner of public
safety and the suspension shall become effective upon the permit holder’s receipt of such notice. [source]

If I move my permanent residence to another state, is my Iowa Weapon Permit still valid?

No. One you have moved your permanent resident to another state the permit is no longer valid.

Can I transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to Iowa?

Iowa does not allow you to transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to Iowa. You must apply for a new Iowa Weapon Permit.

Does Iowa accept any other state's concealed carry permits or licenses?

While Iowa does not have reciprocity agreements with any other states, they do accept all other state’s concealed carry permits and licenses. [source]

Do I need to inform Law Enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon?

No. You are only required to have your Iowa Weapon Permit on your when you are carrying a handgun and display the permit on demand of a law enforcement officer. [source]

Does Iowa issue Iowa Weapon Permit to resident aliens with a green card?

Yes, Resident Aliens can apply for a Iowa Weapon Permit. On the application form there is a field to enter your alien registration # (ARN) or I-94 non-immigrant admission #. [source]

What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in Iowa?

Anyone with an Iowa Weapon Permit or recognized permit may legally possess a loaded firearm in a vehicle. For anyone without a recognized permit or license, you are allowed to to carry or transport an unloaded pistol or revolver in a vehicle inside a closed and fastened container or securely wrapped package which is too large to be concealed on the person or inside a cargo or luggage compartment where the pistol or revolver will not be readily accessible to any person riding in the vehicle or common carrier. Long guns can be transported and remain accessible as long as they are unloaded and cased. [source]

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Iowa?

1. As used in this section, “weapons free zone” means the area in or on, or within one thousand feet of, the real property comprising a public or private elementary or secondary school, or in or on the real property comprising a public park. A weapons free zone shall not include that portion of a public park designated as a hunting area under section 461A.42.
2. Notwithstanding sections 902.9 and 903.1, a person who commits a public offense involving a firearm or offensive weapon, within a weapons free zone, in violation of this or any other chapter shall be subject to a fine of twice the maximum amount which may otherwise be imposed for the public offense.

1. A person who goes armed with, carries, or transports a firearm of any kind, whether concealed or not, on the grounds of a school commits a class “D” felony. For the purposes of this section, “school” means a public or nonpublic school as defined in section 280.2.
2. Subsection 1 does not apply to the following:
a. A person listed under section 724.4, subsection 4, paragraphs “b” through “f” or “j”.
b. A person who has been specifically authorized by the school to go armed, carry, or transport a firearm on the school grounds, including for purposes of conducting an instructional
program regarding firearms.

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a. No patron or employee of the licensee, including the security department members, shall possess or be permitted to possess any pistol or firearm within a licensed facility without the express written approval of the administrator unless:
(1) The person is a peace officer, on duty, acting in the peace officer’s official capacity; or
(2) The person is a peace officer possessing a valid peace officer permit to carry weapons who is employed by the licensee and who is authorized by the administrator to possess such pistol or firearm while acting on behalf of the licensee within that licensed facility

11—100.2(8A) Security.
100.2(1) Dangerous weapons. No member of the public shall carry a dangerous weapon in state buildings on the capitol complex. This provision applies to any member of the public whether or not the individual possesses a valid Iowa permit to carry weapons. This provision does not apply to:
a. A peace officer as defined in Iowa Code section 801.4 or a member of the armed forces of the United States or of the national guard, when the person’s duties or lawful activities require or permit possession of a dangerous weapon.
b. A person possessing a valid Iowa professional permit to carry a weapon whose duties require that person to carry a dangerous weapon.
c. A person who possesses a dangerous weapon for any purpose authorized by a state agency to further the statutory or regulatory responsibilities of that agency. An authorization issued pursuant to this paragraph shall not become effective until it has been issued in writing to the person or persons to whom it applies and until copies of the authorization have been received by the director and by the commissioner of public safety.
d. Members of recognized military veterans organizations performing honor guard service as
provided in 2001 Iowa Acts, chapter 96, section 1.

Iowa State Fairgrounds – 371—2.5(173) Public safety—weapons.
The carrying or possession by any person other than a peace officer of any weapon, such as a dirk, dagger, hunting knife, buck knife, switch blade, or any knife with
a blade of three inches in length or longer, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, pellet or BB gun, blackjack, billy club or any other weapon is prohibited on the fairgrounds unless authorized by the board. Failure to comply with this rule shall be cause for expulsion from the fairgrounds or being charged under Iowa Code chapter 724. Kitchen knives and others purchased at the fair must be wrapped and not concealed.

321G.13 Unlawful Operation.
3. A person shall not operate or ride a snowmobile (& ATV’s) with a firearm in the person’s possession unless it is unloaded and enclosed in a carrying case. However, a nonambulatory
person may carry an uncased and unloaded firearm while operating or riding a snowmobile (This applies to people with AND without a permit).

State Universities.
Prohibits use or possession of firearms, ammunition, or other dangerous weapons,
substances, or materials (except as expressly authorized by the university), or of bombs, explosives, or
explosive or incendiary devices prohibited by law on the campus of the three state universities (U of I, Iowa
State, UNI) or at or during any university-authorized function or event by any person, student, member of the
faculty or staff.

Does Iowa have a Stand Your Ground Law AKA Castle Doctrine Law?

Iowa does have Stand Your Ground / Castle Doctrine laws. [source]

What are the laws involving alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon in Iowa?

Your Iowa Weapon Permit becomes invalid when you are intoxicated.

This is defined as any one of the following: 1) while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or other drug or a combination of such substances, 2) while having an
alcohol concentration of .08 or more, or 3) while any amount of a controlled substance is present in the person, as measured in the person’s blood or urine. [source]

Iowa has no laws prohibiting carry in an establishment that serves alcohol.

Does Iowa have laws for No Gun signs?

No, No Gun signs do not have the force of law unless they are posted on property that is already off-limits as mentioned above. There are some city and counties posting signs that their property are no firearm zones. Whether or not they actually have the force of law or not, we recommend avoiding anywhere that is posted as a “no firearm zone.”

Does my military training exempt me from the training requirements for a Iowa Weapon Permit?

Yes, an honorable or general discharge, DD-214 or certificate of completion of military basic training is accepted as training documentation. [source]

Are you allowed to carry concealed in Iowa State Parks, State & National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, and/or Road Side Rest Areas?

State Parks: YES
State Forests: YES
National Forests: YES
State Preserves: YES
Road Side Rest Areas: YES

What are the Iowa Open Carry laws?

Please visit our Iowa Open Carry page for more information.


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  • Alabama now recognizes Iowa

  • Jim Eischeid

    come on ia do something with minnesota

    • James_natvig

      if you want to carry in MN all you have to do is apply for a Utah Non Res permit and that is good in MN.  Just send in a copy of your permit and they will issue you one.

  • Anonymous

    Its not up to us now, its in their court. We recognize every state. They have to have the MN AGs office approve us.

    • Greg Smith

      I see Wisconsin just passed concealed carry effective Nov. 1st. I live in Illinois and I’m proud to say I’m absolutely embarrased that Illinois is now the only state with no CCL. How is it that you can carry on your own property but when you leave your driveway you have to leave your Second Amendment Rights at home. I along with thousands of others are still trying to figure out Gov. Quinn’s reasoning…

  • Anonymous

    And if you want to see IA code about use of deadly force, its 704, not 724 as shown on this page.

    • Ahabsghost

      Our Marine friend wanting all to get training is a bit confused as to the nature of our bill of rights.  We live in a world of idiots and they get the same rights as everyone else.  I am ex-Navy, with substantial handgun training, and realize that not all ex military have the training as the rest of us, they do however have a minimal amount of self-discipline training and weapon awareness that the civilian crowd do not.

      I would add, though, that we do not recieve the legal training that should be required for ccw.  I recieved my ccw by merely showing a DD-214 but intend to take the class for the legal aspect.  As does my ex-Army wife.

      • Anonymous

        I couldnt agree with you more. You SHOULD take a class to find out at least the basics of the legal aspects of carrying a weapon. And I do mean basics. Its up to each individual to do the reading and research to find out whats involved.

  • Semperfimitch

    One thing ,I think should be a requirement, is every person applying For a carry and conceal need to show they handle and shoot the weapon properly and safely. I have served in the Marine Corps for 8 years and qualified with numerous of weapons and still think that every person including former. Military should take a coarse on handling a weapon not just a sit down class with no testing afterwards.

    • Scimmia

      The problem there is that it’s a permit to carry weapons, not just handguns. Should you have to qualify at the range to carry a baton?

    • M crook

      thats just how a communist thinks

      • FamilyMan25

        Well M crook I would think that your a commi because I respect what he did for our country and he had to be trained to be able to do  such. I concur with Semperfimitch’s post I believe that there should be a training coarse or some sort of hands on class as well. I personally dont think it is to smart to have a bunch of novices with firearms all over the state of Iowa I have a family to think of.

      • Flynmccl

        Actually, Things you didn’t know about communists:
        Karl Marx advocated that ever able bodied person possessed arms, not just simpy have “the right to” (I believe it is actually listed in the manifesto).

    • Joeuser

      There are some people, undoubtedly, who qualify but really shouldn’t be carrying.  Having said that however, this is the price we will pay for living in a free republic; the right to do as we please *unless* and *until* we harm someone else or infringe their liberty.  I might believe that people should take a “coarse” on spelling before posting opinions but our constitution explicitly protects speech and the press so it is an annoyance that I am willing to bear to live in a free republic, should we ever attain one.

      • Roberto Lopez


    • ModusOperandi

      I do not believe you should have to qualify with your firearm to recieve your carry permit. Your right to bear arms is something you are born with as an American citizen, and that right should not be denied unless you have proven yourself to be irresponsible with firearms, or you have a history of violent offenses or criminal behavior. Then again I do not believe you should have to obtain a permit to carry your firearm in the first place, but for now I guess it is something we all have to cope with.

  • Dt9980

    What is the deal with KS not honoring IA’s permit????

  • What about parks?  Or during a parade?  I worry about these things.  Do you have any info on these locations.  I don’t want to get in trouble… 

    • Nukeiraqin2003

      I talked with a divide police officer and he said parks are ok. Myself I thought parks are off limits. The officer said it was ok, will have to check into it more. Anyone else on this chat board know?

      • Nukeiraqin2003

        Dubuque police officer. Damn spell Check!

    • Xgameman

      Is permit carry allowed at Veteran’s Stadium in Cedar Rapids say for a Kernel’s game? 

  • What about La Porte City, IA Festival of Trails, or My Waterloo Days?  These are located down town, in the city annually.  Would these be considered fair grounds?  They have rides, music, games, lots of people… 

    • Scimmia

      State Fair Grounds is a specific location in Des Moines, it’s not a general designation.

  • Nukeiraqin2003

    illIinois Should be the next state to go after for shall issue!

  • Chad Rittgets

    I have lost a best friend whom was shot by a nevada,iowa police officer 3times in chest area.He had a man at a party pulled his concealed weapon to let my friend know he had it! Because he didnt approve of his actions at the timeMy friend father of 2 wonderful childern goes home in state of mind that no one will ever no ever! He was un armied in his house shot
    and killed in front of his son by a police officer whom should of known before dispatched to call that my friend has already had weapon pulled on him prior in night . But now that hes dead thanks to loop holes in ower state laws patron pistol pullers should be required to notify
    police when make life or death dissions when if gun wasnt around alchol partyn. He would still be alive !!!

    In memory my friend
    Kevin johnson

    • Scimmia

      I’m sorry you lost a friend, but I honestly can’t follow this post. What loop holes are we talking about?

      • viewer

        Doesn’t sound like the same story that was reported.  Sorry for your friends loss but sounds like he had a drinking problem.

        The shooting of a Nevada man by a police officer has been ruled justified following an investigation by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.Officer David Johnson was called to 657 7th Street just before 3:00 a.m. when Jennifer Johnson made a call to 911, saying her husband, Kevin Johnson, had come home “loaded” and was making threats to kill the family. She said he tried to choke her and the couple’s 17-year-old son, Tanner, had to jump on his father to get him to release her.Jennifer Johnson also told a dispatcher there were guns in the home.When Officer Johnson arrived he entered the home with his gun drawn and noticed gun cases on a dining room table. In the living room he saw Tanner Johnson sitting in a corner and Kevin Johnson was trying to grab his neck. Officer Johnson advised Kevin Johnson to show his hands.Kevin Johnson turned and yelled at Officer Johnson, throwing his hands up in an exasperated manner while yelling. He then began moving towards Officer Johnson in a threatening manner, which his son Tanner described as, “on a rampage.”Officer Johnson attempted to draw his Taser but because of the speed Kevin Johnson was moving towards him with, he instead shot him three times. Investigators say the shooting was justified because Officer Johnson had a reasonable belief that he would be assaulted by Kevin Johnson. A report cites the difference in size between Officer Johnson, who is five-foot-ten and 164 pounds, and Kevin Johnson who is six-foot-three and 310 pounds. The report also shows that at the time of the shooting, Kevin Johnson was in a position to disarm Officer Johnson.An autopsy showed Kevin Johnson had three gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. His blood alcohol level at the time of death was .211.

    • Me

      it would help if you spoke and typed in english with real grammar. As it is, your story is nearly impossible to follow

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      You sound as stupid as your dead friend.

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      How in God’s name did you even figure out how to turn your computer on?

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      I agree. I honestly have no idea what your story is about. I’m sympathetic, I mean, I’m sorry your friend died, if that’s what happened(?) but really, I have no idea what your story is about.

    • Grammar Nazi

      I’m sure whatever it was Mushmouth here was trying to say was really important.

  • Xgameman

    Is permit carry allowed at Veteran’s Stadium in Cedar Rapids Iowa say for a Kernel’s game?

  • Anonymous

    I realize we have a lot of dumbasses here in I-o-way, but we don’t ALL talk like hillbillies. To wit:

    “Does Iowa has a Stand Your Ground law aka Castle Doctrine?
    Technically no as it is weak. See Iowa code 724.”Does Iowa HAS???

  • Denny

    Since Iowa honors all permits to carry, do you think Wisconsin will honor Iowa’s permit to carry? Has anyone heard? It would be nice.

    • Blondnsassy1974

      I travel into many different states frequently.  I have 2 sites saved on my phone browser where I can check state laws at all times before I enter each state.  You will be surprised the number of states that honor or will honor them soon.  My Missouri permits only causes me problems when I travel into IL because I am close to the IA, IL, MO state lines.

  • Anonymous

    Is a DD Form 214 sufficient proof of training? What, if any, annotations must be on the form (specific training)?

    • Mynewaccount123

      Yes that’s wat I have

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Wisconsin’s law is worded the same way so that is great news.

    • James Paul8422

      You must have an Honorable discharge

      • Wompshmack

        Or be active, or normal discharge under honorable cirumstances, of course.

  • Baccusboy

    I have a question.  I have a CCW for one county, which I got this year, but will likely be moving to another county next year.  I read through the law online, but I couldn’t figure out if I’d have to go through waiting period again (where I can’t carry) until I get my permit for the Ankeny area, where I’ll be moving?  Will there be a window, then, after I apply for the new permit, where I can’t purchase or carry a firearm?  Anyone know?

    • Baccusboy

      Oh, me again… by the way, my permit is, of course, currently valid in the entire state for 5 years.  Thanks…

  • Anonymouse

    What is the law in IA. concerning carry at state universities or while on campus property?

  • Cactus Matt

    Wisconsin has finally passed a CC permit law. I say it’s long been overdue.Will be interesting this 1st year to see how responsible citizens of Wisconsin exercise their 2nd ammendent rights. Many here in Wisconsin are concerned that our streets are going to resemble the OK corral. I love the fact that this will help level the playing field for our law abiding citizens to combat all the thugs, thieves, rapists, murderers, car jackers etc that prey against the unarmed and uninformed. Most that are applying for their permits are taking this responsibility very seriously and are very aware of the huge liability carrying their weapon imposes. Still, it is better to be a sheepdog than a sheep. Thank you Michael Bender of Personal Protection Academy, Lodi Wisconsin

  • Uno7599

    i agree you should have to get training before walking around with a gun. you have to take drivers education in order to get a drivers licence.

  • Frazey12000

    how do I leagly transport my pistol if I dont drive ? and dont have a conceled carrry permit . and I am inside city limits . can i  walk to my girlfriends house with it if it is dissarmed and the firing pin removed ? or do i have to lock it in a box and disamr it  and carry it like a pruse …. can any on clue me in what is the propper way for me to transport it if I am a non driving citizen with out a concelad carry in city limits ?

    • NickolusMayfield

      I would think that as long as it was in a locked container that’s not concealable, or readily accessible to you. Then you should be ok.

  • ash

    If I take the concealed carry permit class, and pass the test, will this exempt me from the background check to obtain a pistol. I am interested in getting my Pistol on my 21st birthday and am curious as to how I can make the process faster so I will not have to wait 3 days for my background check to go through.

  • Misty

    Do you have to have an Iowa Drivers License to get an Iowa Conceal Carry Permit? I’ve completed a class here in Iowa.