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Kansas Concealed Carry License Example
Kansas Concealed Carry License Example

Kansas Concealed Carry License Example

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Kansas Concealed Carry License Back Example

Kansas Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Does Kansas issue concealed carry permits?

As of July 1, 2015, you no longer need a Kansas Concealed Carry License to carry concealed in the state of Kansas as long as you are not prohibited from possessing a firearm. But you can still get a Kansas Concealed Carry License to take advantage of the reciprocity Kansas has in place with other states.

Kansas is a Shall Issue State and issues Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses to residents of Kansas and non-residents that are Active Duty or dependents of Active Duty stationed in Kansas.

To apply, you must apply with the Sheriff of the county you reside in.

Kansas became a Shall Issue state as of July 1, 2006 but issued its first permit on January 3, 2007.

Who issues Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses?

Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses are issued by the Attorney General. Applications are submitted to the sheriff of the county you reside in. Once your license has been approved you will receive a letter directing you to go to a participating drivers license office to take a photo for the license. You will receive a paper version at that time and the actual license will be mailed to you in 1-2 weeks.

Are background checks required for a Kansas Concealed Carry License?

Yes, the Attorney General will conduct a background check when applying for a new license and renewing a license.

Does having a Kansas Concealed Carry License exempt you from the background check when purchasing a firearm Kansas?

Yes, Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses issued after July 1, 2010 qualify as an alternative to a background check when purchasing a firearm according to the ATF Permanent Brady Permit Chart.

How long is a Kansas Concealed Carry License valid for?

Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses are valid for 4 years.

What is the processing time for a Kansas Concealed Carry License?

The processing time for new Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses is within 90 days by law. Turnaround time is usually around 30 days but you shouldn’t expect to hear anything for 45 to 60 days.

How much does a Kansas Concealed Carry License cost?

The fee for a new Kansas Concealed Carry License is $132.50. This can be paid with a money order, personal check or cashier’s check to your local sheriff and must be one in the amount of $32.50 payable to the sheriff’s office and a second one in the amount of $100 to the “Office of the Attorney General”.

Renewal licenses cost $25 and can be a money order, personal check or cashier’s check made out to “Kansas Attorney General” as long as you renew before the license expires. If it has expired, you have 6 months to renew the permit with an addition $15 fee making it $40. After 6 months you need to apply as if it was a new permit.

Replacement fee for lost and stolen licenses is $15 and can be a money order, personal check or cashier’s check made out to “Office of the Attorney General”. When changing your name or address the drivers license office will charge a fee but we could not find that fee stated anywhere.

What are the requirements for a Kansas Concealed Carry License?

When applying for a Kansas Concealed Carry License you must:

  • Have payment for the applicable fees (see above).
  • A photocopy of a certificate signed by an AG approved instructor showing the applicant’s completion of an approved training course. A certificate of completion may not be required if: (a) you are a retired law enforcement officer and apply within 8 years of retiring; (b) you are a state corrections or parole officer, or federal corrections officer who qualified with a handgun within the 12 months preceding application; or (c) you are a resident of Kansas in possession of a valid concealed handgun license issued by a jurisdiction whose training is equal to or greater than the Kansas training requirement.
  • A 2” x 2” frontal view (head & shoulders, no sunglasses or hats), passport-type color photograph of the applicant taken within the preceding 30 days.
  • A photocopy of your Kansas driver’s license or Kansas identification card. Eligible active duty military personnel and their dependents living in Kansas and possessing a non-Kansas driver’s license or state issued ID card must attach hereto a copy of: (a) their driver’s license or state issued ID card; and (b) the orders which currently station the member (or dependent) in Kansas.

Things that could cause your application to be denied:

  • fleeing from a jurisdiction to avoid prosecution for a crime or to avoid giving testimony
  • Currently under charges, indictment or information (including a diversion agreement) in any court for a felony, or any other crime
  • Being convicted as an adult or adjudicated as a juvenile in any court of a felony crime even if expunged
  • Being convicted in any court of any misdemeanor crime involving domestic violence even if expunged. This can include convictions for domestic battery, battery, disorderly conduct or others.
  • Currently subject to a court ordered restraining order involving an “intimate partner” or child of such a partner
  • Being an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance
  • Having ever been adjudicated mentally defective
  • Having ever been involuntarily committed to a mental institution
  • Currently or ever being a “mentally ill person subject to involuntary commitment” or “person with an alcohol or substance abuse problem subject to involuntary commitment”
  • Being discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions
  • Being an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States
  • Being a nonimmigrant alien residing in Kansas unless you reside in Kansas and you fall within any of the exceptions set forth in 18 U.S.C. § 922(y)(2)

Exceptions to Nonimmigrant Alien Prohibition: An “alien” is anyone not a citizen or “national of the U.S.” A “national of the U.S.” is someone who owes permanent allegiance to the U.S. A “nonimmigrant visa” is a visa properly issued to an alien as an eligible nonimmigrant by a competent officer. Nonimmigrant aliens may apply for a Kansas concealed carry handgun license if the alien: (1) is admitted to the U.S. for lawful hunting or sporting purposes and in possession of a hunting license/permit issued in the U.S.; (2) is an official representative of a foreign government who is accredited to the U.S. Government or their Government’s mission to an international organization having its headquarters in the U.S.; (3) is an official of a foreign government or a U.S. Dept of State designated “distinguished foreign visitor”; (4) is foreign law enforcement of a friendly foreign government and here on official law enforcement duties; or (5) has received a firearms waiver from the Attorney General of the United States. See 18 U.S.C § 922(y)(2) for additional exceptions)

How do I renew my Kansas Concealed Carry License and what is the cost?

The Kansas Attorney General will mail you a renewal notice at least 90 days before you Kansas Concealed Carry License expires. You must then fill out the application, get it notarized and then sent via certified mail it back to the Attorney General or hand deliver the notarized application to the Attorney General’s Office in Topeka. You must also supply a current 2×2 inch color photo of the licensee and a money order, personal check or cashier’s check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to the Kansas Attorney General.

If it has expired, you have 6 months to renew the permit with an addition $15 fee making it $40. After 6 months you need to apply as if it was a new permit.

How do you change a name or address on an Kansas Concealed Carry License?

You must notify the Kansas Attorney General within 30 days of your address or name change in writing. Once you receive the approval notice you need to go to an approve drivers license station to re-issue the license for a fee. We could not find how much this fee would be.

What do you do if your Kansas Concealed Carry License is lost, stolen or damaged?

You must notify the Kansas Attorney General within 30 days of losing or having your license stolen including a notarized statement setting forth the circumstances of the loss and a money order, personal check or cashier’s check made out to “Office of the Attorney General” for $15. Once you receive the approval notice you need to go to an approve drivers license station to re-issue the license for a fee. We could not find how much this fee would be.

If I get arrested or convicted, do I have to notify the Kansas Department of Justice about the arrest or conviction?

Are far as we can tell, you are not required to notify anyone if you are arrested. Any reasons that would cause you to be denied on an initial application can cause your license to be revoked or suspended.

If I move my permanent residence to another state, is my Kansas Concealed Carry License still valid?

While we cannot find anything that specifically states this, since they do not issue permits to non-residents other than ones that are in the active military or their dependents which are stationed in Kansas, then once you move out of the state it is no longer valid. You must notify the Kansas Attorney General about your address change within 30 days.

Can I transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to Kansas?

Kansas does not allow you to transfer another state’s concealed carry permit or license to Kansas.

Does Kansas accept any other state's concealed carry permits or licenses?

Kansas recognized all permits and licenses from all other states. To see the most up to date reciprocity information please view the maps below.

Do I need to inform Law Enforcement that I am carrying a concealed weapon?

No, you do not need to immediately notify law enforcement that you are carrying concealed but you must give him your license when asked. Since you no longer need a license to carry a concealed handgun in Kansas, you don’t need to have your license on your but it is recommended.

75-7c03. (b) At all times when the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun, the licensee shall carry the valid license to carry concealed handguns. On demand of a law enforcement officer, the licensee shall display the license to carry concealed handguns and proper identification. Verification by a law enforcement officer that a person holds a valid license to carry a concealed handgun may be accomplished by record check using the person’s driver’s license information or the person’s concealed carry license number

Does Kansas issue Kansas Concealed Carry License to resident aliens with a green card?

Yes, Resident Aliens can apply for a Kansas Concealed Carry License. The application states:

(If born outside of U.S. attach a copy of your foreign-born U.S. citizen birth certificate, U.S. passport or certificate of naturalization)

What are the laws for carrying a firearm in an automobile in Kansas?

Since you no longer need a license to carry concealed, you may be able to now carry concealed while in a car without a license but we have yet to verify if this is correct. Once we receive verification on this we will update this entry.

What are the laws involving alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon in Kansas?

It is unlawful for anyone carrying a firearm on their person or within immediate access and control while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is a class A misdemeanor offense which punishment can be up to one year in jail and/or up to $2500 in fines.

Carrying concealed in a restaurant that serves alcohol is allowed.

USA Carry always recommends never to carry a firearm while drinking alcohol.

Does Kansas have laws for No Gun signs?

No, No Gun signs do not have the force of law.

From 75-7c10:

(e) (1) It shall be a violation of this section to carry a concealed handgun in violation of any restriction or prohibition allowed by subsection (a) or (b) if the building is posted in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the attorney general pursuant to subsection
(h). Any person who violates this section shall not be subject to a criminal penalty but may be subject to denial to such premises or removal from such premises.

Are you allowed to carry concealed in Kansas State Parks, State & National Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, and/or Road Side Rest Areas?

State Parks: Yes
State Forests: Yes
National Forests: Yes
WMA’s: Yes
Road Side Rest Areas: Yes

What are the Kansas Open Carry laws?

Please visit our Kansas Open Carry page for more information.

Does my military training exempt me from the training requirement for a Kansas Concealed Carry License?

No, you are not exempt from the training requirements for a Kansas Concealed Carry License if you are currently servicing in or are honorably discharged from the military.

Kansas Concealed Carry Maps


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  • Shanna52

    I moved from AZ to KS – Can I get my conceal carry transferred?

    • Jay

      Go to Kansas Attorney General Website for information

    • BorderSniper

      As a KS resident, you have to have a KS permit. You can apply for a KS permit using a photocopy of your AZ permit in lieu of a firearms training certificate. Once you have applied, the KS AG’s office will mail you a letter saying that you are legally permitted to carry using your AZ permit while you KS permit is being processed. I carried this letter in my back pocket until my KS permit came.

  • Standaman1949

    I would like to know excatly what the law says  how individual businesses must mark the said business to prevent CCL from getting into trouble (signage)

    • rjplt23

      I agree, this “signage” info, Needs to be a part of each states rundown!

    • Myantempler

      Signage information is available on the Kansas attorney general’s website.

  • gr33nPi11

    And so far how many lives have been saved by this? 0, how many taken, unknown as of yet but then again ask a family in FL and what happened to there son,  I think you know his name by now. MJ

    • Boomstickman71

      Don’t you mean “their” son?  They same son who had just broken a man’s nose, and was banging his head on the ground?  I think we should wait for all the facts before jumping to conclusions.  And many lives have been saved by concealed carry.  Maybe even George Zimmerman’s.

      • Chris J

        Don’t you mean “the” same son?

    • 70% of all statistics are made up right on the spot without the need for something troublesome like evidence… .

    • Twisted93

       if you dont like it nobody is forcing to to carry a weapon to protect yourself or your family! stop complaining!!!!

    • Neary1803

      A Kel Tec 9mm saved the life of the guy there son was attacking. YES, Martin attacked Zimmerman first and the attacker got what he deserved.

    • you feel lucky punk

      you need 2 do some homework there fella. The first month mo allowed cc, a man at a carwash was attempted car jack. luckily he just got his permit that week  shot and killed that worthless pos before he got his truck. Im sure there are many many others.

    • David-ks

      many ….. many …
      Do you know…. how many murders, violent attacks, etc. occur every day where you live that you do not know about ? I can tell you …. a LOT LOT more than you think. Only “some” ever hit the news. Most people would pack their bags and move to the mountains if they knew how many things really go on every day.
      How do I know ? Because , I have worked in the system and seen them first hand, and most of them … never ever hit the news or are even known by the public in general.

    • falco

      Diarrhea of the mouth right here…really you know 0? You base that on what exactly? I suppose since you did “so much” research on this that you also have the statistics on how many are law abiding citizens and who are criminals. I would like to know how many people have shot or killed someone with a gun that wasn’t legally able to carry one. Giving law abiding citizens the right to carry doesn’t have to increase the likelihood of murders. If anything it will make a would be criminal think twice.

  • Ray

    how can i check the status of my application?

  • Chessnutrob

    I took the cc course about 4 yrs ago but didn’t follow through with  the application. I was told by a cc instructor that I wouldn’t have to take the course again but would have to have the cert. from the instructors and could apply any time after that, for ever. Is this correct?I want to  proceed to apply for the permit with the state. Does anybody know about this??

    • james

      I lost my paperwork when we move, 6 years later I found it and the AG office says it’s ok

  • Tom

    Is it true that once one has been issued a concealed carry permit, (In Kansas), that person can no longer carry openly? I had someone who had taken a class tell me this, he was informed by his instructor. My instructor said nothing of the sort. Was wanting to clear it up…

    • David-ks

      If you have a CC license, you are actually better covered to open carry…. but having one in no way impacts your ability to open carry as long as it’s legal where you are.

  • newt

    I have a problem with some of the places you cant carry a gun as I am sitting here reading about it CNN is covering the colorado shootings looks like places like that and sporting events and schools are where these nut jobs like to shoot people

    • falco

      HA…well of course. That’s exactly why they shoot up those places…they know law abiding citizens won’t have guns. A perfect example of how the law protects criminals. Meanwhile loved ones rot six feet under while some punk is out in 20+.

      • acornwebworks

        Wrong. That is *not* why “they” are shooting up those places. For crying out loud, READ about their motives!!! For example, the Colorado shooting was because the guy was mentally ill and imitating a graphic novel. Kids shoot up schools because they’re mad at people *in* that school.

        Good grief. Jared Loughner is a “nutcase” and he went to a place where all sorts of folks had concealed weapons…plus there was security. Why did he go there? Because he didn’t like Gabby Giffords and that was where he could go shoot her and everyone around her who *did* like her!!!

        • nikki klantzos

          Sorry to tell ya but your answer is wrong Acornguy. If you check over the last few years EVERY SINGLE NUT JOB that went to a public place and shot people picked places specifically because they DID NOT ALLOW CONCEALED CARRY and HAD SIGNS POSTED! The Colorado nut even went miles out of his way and bought his tickets two weeks in advance because he knew the that SPECIFIC THEATER HAD SIGNS POSTED NO CCW! It is a fact that there were a dozen theaters closer to him that did NOT have signs posted. You people need to figure it out, criminals and nuts kill defenseless people because they are cowards who want sitting ducks!! I (or my family) will NOT be a sitting duck for some nut because you cowards cant face the truth. The founding fathers had specific intent when they wrote the second amendment and why it follows the first, people need to stop twisting its true meaning.

          They wrote it specifically so that a well armed citizenry could oppose and over throw a tyrannical government and its leaders icluding the military. It was the reason why Washington and Jefferson both opposed having a standing federal military. Sadly the threat from France, England and Spain to take us over was continuous and they could not afford to leave the new Nation defenseless! So we the PEOPLE should NEVER be DEFENSELESS!!!

          • acornwebworks

            Oh, come on. Don’t blame *me* for your ignorance!! It’s *you* who haven’t bothered actually fact-checking.

            Jared Loughner? Shot Gabby Gifford? Killed 6 people. Wounded 19?

            Well…it happened in a mall in Tucson…a mall that did *NOT* prohibit guns!! (You don’t know much about Arizona, do you?)

            Perhaps it would help you to look up Joe Zamudio?? Hint: He had *his* CCW and *he* drew. But *he* didn’t shoot,,,and it wasn’t because of a nonexistent prohibition against guns in the mall.

            And the recent mass shooting in Clackamas Mall outside of Seattle? Again. No signs whatsoever against guns. Indeed, this time you should look up Nick Meli. Hint: He had *his* CCW and *he* drew on the guy in *this* mall. But he *also* didn’t shoot. Don’t blame THAT on a nonexistent anti-gun mall sign or policy, either.

            The fact is that *you* don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • I do know this, regardless of whether or not American Citizens are legally allowed to own guns the crazy lunatics that kill people will still find a way to get the guns that they want. There will always be a black market! So screw everyone who wants to limit my gun rights!

          • scatrbrain

            amen. These people ignore that almost ALL guns used in crimes were obtained on the black market. Heres the facts, anti gun people will pick and chose there little examples and statistics to try to prove their argument but they leave out the other part of the statistics that say that armed citizens lower crime rate which has been proven repeatedly, and there are enough examples of this now that even someone very SLOW should be able to comprehend what that means. Problem is that some of thee people are smart, and simply just don’t want me to be able to defend myself and my family from the criminals that ignore the law. Note to the people what don’t want me to protect myself: Come try to take them.

          • scatrbrain

            Wow! You have literally a hand full of examples out of 100`s /1000`s of others that are the opposite! Great job! You did your research and you ignored the fact that almost EVERY occurrence of this ARE IN GUN FREE ZONES! The incidents you cite make up a fraction of them. Where did you do your research? Wikipedia? Hate to break this to you, but it is INDEED YOU that needs to do a hell of a lot more homework.

          • acornwebworks

            As I wrote in reply to your other message, you’re simply assuming that there was no other reason for these mass shooters to choose a particular location…and you couldn’t be more wrong.

            And, *if* you’re like so many other folks, you also assume that certain public places (like malls) are all posted as gun-free zones, when sch an assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

            No. I did not “research” Wikipedia…and I hope you didn’t depend on the NRA for unbiased information, either.

            My gosh. If someone got fired and lost it and went back to his workplace to shoot all the people he felt had “wronged” him, do you seriously think the fact that there was a gun-free sign on the door was why he went *there* to shoot them?

            You know as well as I do that that’s just plain silly.

        • scatrbrain

          Yep, they have motives, and their capable of planning to hit a place that is “gun free” so they can get more bang for their buck. If you don’t see that dude, you ignoring a hell of a lot of established facts. Sure, you may have one example of some nut job going in to a place with armed citizens but in reality an occurrence like this is almost non existent. Some people are crazy and calculated, and some are crazy and crazy. You do understand this right? Your argument is completely pointless.

          • acornwebworks

            Want another example of an *NOT* posted public place? Clackamas Mall. Last December 11th. A mass shooting *since* I posted last??

            (Remember Nick Meli from *that* mass shooting? He was the concealed carry permit holder, who drew his Glock 22 there in the *NOT* posted mall, and took aim at Jacob Roberts? After which Roberts committed suicide? Apparently you don’t.)

            Look. You *want* to believe that “gun free” areas encourage shooters. That they choose their site for this “bigger bang for the buck” concept. Unfortunately, the figures don’t agree with your belief. Not even close. It’s just *your* belief that a myth is true.

            Like it or not, in most mass shooting cases, there’s another, far more pertinent, reason a particular site was chosen. Workplace shootings, for example. (The reason for *that* choice of location should be obvious.)

            And in 99% of school shootings? The shooter(s) has a personal link to the school. Again, it’s not a random “oh, it’s gun free” choice.)

            Heck, the majority of mass shooters commit suicide, so it’s kinda hard to argue that *they* wanted to get out alive 🙂

            Look…if most mass shooters had no personal link to the gun free zone where they killed people, then your argument certainly would be valid. But that’s simply not the case.

            Like it or not, almost all mass shooters have a *personal* reason for choosing a particular site to go kill people. And, like it or not, many mass shootings have occurred…and will continue to occur…in *non*-gun free zones.

          • scatrbrain

            Yes another example of a fraction of what the bigger picture is. What figures do you refer to? I find that interesting. The law enforcement and our city officials totally disagree with you. So you must have some really good sources. Forget about where the signs are posted etc etc, i think you people need to understand that crime goes down when licensed citizens are allowed to carry. Thats undisputable as is my last post. which is why Kansas passed CCH a few years ago, then they started allowing concealed handguns in some of the city buildings. Now they just passed open carry. Our Warren Movies Theaters have signs that say “no open carry” because Bill Warren also is aware that his customers are safer with licensed trained and armed citizens around them. Sorry dude, your argument is deader than dead with the people of and Kansas, and especially Wichita.

          • acornwebworks

            I check data from things like the BOJS and the UCR. What about you?

            As far as the effect that CCH and open carry have had on the crime rate in Kansas? Check the Kansas crime rates. You’ll find that neither CCH nor open carry in Kansas has had an appreciable effect on the crime rate.

            Heck, the murder rate in Kansas since CCH was implemented in 2006 has never been as low as it was in 2001-2002. And it goes up and down, up and down. And the violent crime rate? It’s been going down since 1998..long before concealed carry.

            You can look at these figures and statistics yourself, you know. he real ones…*not* the cherry-picked NRA *or* left-wing “figures”.

          • XDS

            You’re right Acorn, shootings still happen in places where it isn’t gun free, no one will argue you on your very valid point about that. That is your only point though, because those incidents you are speaking about someone stopped them from being worse than they actually would have been if no one was there to stop them. Have you ever heard the saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” This is what you’re advocating, when you want it so law abiding citizens are not allowed the choice to have a weapon with them. Lastly school shooting yes they normally have a personal link, but they again are gun free zones which equals more casualties due to no resistance.

          • acornwebworks

            Unfortunately, they argue all the time about it 🙂 You can read their arguments in the following posts.

            Plus I am *not* arguing against guns. Not at all. You won’t find me arguing against them *anywhere*. So why, even just based on what I’ve posted here a month ago, would you assume I *am* against guns???

            I simply argue against the nonsensical claim that keeps being made that “that’s exactly why they shoot up those places…they know law abiding citizens won’t have guns” and “EVERY SINGLE NUT JOB that went to a public place and shot people picked places specifically because they DID NOT ALLOW CONCEALED CARRY and HAD SIGNS POSTED!”

            It’s *not* true, XDS. It’s simply not true.

            Folks like these make this argument simply because *they* are against gun-free zones and think this argument is compelling enough to make them go away.

            For example, Jared Loughner was stopped by 2 unarmed men…those “good men” you mentioned…*not* by Joe Zamudio and his gun.

            Or how about T.J. Lane? Chardon High? Chased off by the unarmed assistant football coach, Frank Hall? (Contrary to your claim of “no resistance” 🙂

            And, for example, there *were* armed police at Columbine, including one who was serving as a school officer. Didn’t help. But there *was* resistance.

            I guess I get frustrated at the people who think that ‘gun free zones’ are the problem…and that things would be so much safer without them. It’s just not true…which is why there’s absolutely no actual evidence these folks can bring up that proves that it is. They literally cannot provide ANY evidence that ANY mass shooting location was deliberately chosen because it as a gun-free zone…just their personal opinion.

            Nor can they provide any evidence that, as you claimed, “gun free zones… equals more casualties due to no resistance”. Like it or not, shoulda/woulda/coulda is *not* proof.

            By the way, about your “so law abiding citizens are not allowed the choice to have a weapon with them” approach?

            I think what folks have to remember is that the choice of those law-abiding citizens who want to conceal-carry wherever they want simply does *not* override the choice of those *other* law-abiding citizens who have the right and choose to post those gun-free zone signs.

  • Jkatt

    I’m going from Indiana to Colorado through Kansas can I carry my weapon loaded in my vehicle. I have a lifetime permit to carry a gun in Indiana.

    • Dan

      Yes you may in Kansas.

  • Ladybugg

    Is it true that whatever gun you qualify with you are required to carry that caliber or smaller ??

    • its perfectly legal to carry any firearm concealed in Kansas if your a CCW holder. Its just a matter of legal view if you use said weapon. For example how the court could view you concealing a sawed off shot-gun vs a pistol.

      • David-ks

        it’s a conceal carry “handgun” license, not a “firearm” license. You cannot carry anything but a handgun (revolver or semi handgun) with the license. You carry a sawed off shotgun, you’ld face Fedl charges plus State charges ….

        • Ryder

          kansas considers pistol grip tactical shotguns to be handguns as well as federal but it must have a certain barrel length open carry has also been proven to apply to anything up to and including semi automatic rifles although both will get you alot of attention

    • David-ks

      NO ….. no such requirement on either the handgun nor the caliber, as related to whatever you decided to quality with. You can qualify with a .22 caliber and carry a .45 if you want. The “qualifying” is to show you can handle a gun safely, that you can shoot safely, that you can hit the target within the qualifying limits while being safe.

  • Kyle

    Can u conceal and carry in a commercial vehicle?

    • nightstalker

      Yes you can, as long as your permitted in that state or they recognize your states permit.

  • gene

    does kansas have an open side arm law?or is there no difference according to the concealed law in kansas

  • David-ks

    Places restricted while conceal carrying above, is misleading or NOT correct. They are listed in the statute, but just prior to that (they were previously restricted), but a revision to the statute removed the restrictions on carrying at these locations and added the wording priot to that list …. ” unless conspiciously posted with the approved AG signage”. In other words, like anywhere else, if not posted with the AG’s approved signage it is legal.
    Also, the statutes provide no allowance to post “property”, parking lots, parks, etc. …. only “buildings” can be posted and all entrances must be posted.
    To be a legal posting , it requires using the prescribed / approved AG signage (AG also defines size, sign, etc) and locations of the signs in relation to entrances / doors into the building.. in order for it to be a legal posting.

  • Chase

    I just completed my class. After completion we found out my wife is up for a possible promotion that could land us anywhere in kansas (which is fine) or possibly missouri. This is suppose to happen around the first of the year. If I submit my app right now it will take until early jan to get my license back. If we end up in another state would it be better to have my app pending, or wait and apply where we end up? Would my license be transferrable, or is a kansas license accepted there with notifying the attorney general of address change?

    • BorderSniper

      Apply now, and apply for a permit if you end up in another state. That way you get your KS permit ASAP if you end up staying, If you move to another state – just apply for their permit.

  • David-ks

    You keep removing my comments… on where the above is incorrect regarding the laws in Kansas. I’m quite willing to provide you with the statutes, etc. to support everything I put in there…….. such as the “places that are off-limits” ….. your statement on this is NOT correct. They are no longer considered “off-limits” , per the statutes … “unless conspicously posted with the AG approved signage”, etc. The Legislature removed them as generally or automatically “prohibited” under the law. It’s only if the “POST IT” with AG approved signage like any other location in the state.
    Also… the only place that can be “restricted” with the AG’s approved signage, is “BUILDINGS” …. per the state statutes.
    Better to correct it, than give out incorrect information.

  • If I were to take the conceal and carry class now, I am turning 20 soon, would it count when I apply for the permit next year or is it only valid for a period of time before it expires?

    • It will still count. My son took the class when he was 20. You only have to be 21 to APPLY for the permit, not for the class.

  • steve

    I took my carry class but didn’t get the rest of it. How long is my certificate is good for. I am wanting to get it now. If you can help I would appreciate it… thank you

    • kwag

      It is good for lifetime, it used to be a year.

  • jorge

    How long is my weapons safety certified good for

  • bulldog

    Moving from Ga to Ks..can my Ga ccw be used in lieu of training certificate to get a Ks ccw?

  • chuck

    Where I am employed I have to be certified with a handgun and a shotgun; can this training be used instead of having to take the course from an individual?

  • chainedsilence

    If I have a bad conduct discharge from the millitary with no jail time and a soecial cory marshall can I get a cch

    • maryhally

      my records were chasing me from achieving my dreams,and that was the least of my problems,some bunch of kids came to rob my place and i couldn’t even defend myself,i sort out to get a gun just to protect myself as an American citizen,i was told even that have served the time for my crime,i still couldn’t get a gun because of my records,i sort help through my lawyer who helped hire a group of ethical elite hackers who helped remove my records completely everywhere they ever existed, eliterealhack((AT))gmail((DOT))com guarantee 100% record removal like they never happened.they guarantee 100% money back, you can thank me,later,don’t let the past hunt you.its time to be smart guys,lets get all the help out there.

  • David

    It has been over 180 days and I have sent in all my info checks have cleared and still have not heard anything what do I do to find out if I get or do not get my ccl thanks

  • James

    What does res permits only mean I’m from Michigan coming to Kansas for awhile can I conceal carry with my Michigan issued cpl

  • mmracing

    The above Kansas CCH application fees are incorrect. It is $32.50 to the county Sheriff Office and $100 to the Attorney General Office .

  • Sven79

    Wyoming should be blue now. They now recognize Kansas CCHL permits

  • Clay

    I looked through the comments but I did not find an answer to my Question.
    I understand Under the KPFPA, if at any time a law enforcement officer asks the licensee if he/she is a CCH license holder or asks if the licensee is carrying a firearm, the licensee must display the license.
    But this does not state or explain if a CCH is not carrying their firearm if they are to still carry their CCH license or even inform the officer that they are a CCH. If someone can direct me to a Kansas statue explaining this that would be great.

  • Flybob

    Read the US Constitution article VI. ANY law or constitution in ANY state to the contrary of the US Constitution is NOTWITHSTANDING!!! NO gun laws in ANY state are legal or binding. The Constitution IS the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. USC 18 Section 242 prevents ANY person from denying you your right to carry open OR concealed. Show me in the second amendment where it says “except for court rooms or schools or airplanes”! IT JUST AINT THERE!!! We have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms ANYWHERE!!! Why would a judge have a right to carry and the people are not? The US Constitution was written to limit GOVERNMENT, NOT the people!!

    • iQuil

      I agree with you, but good luck with that argument in court. Just sayin.

      • iQuill

        I amend that. You’re a little off on USC 18 sec 242. It’s referencing racial/religious etc. discrimination of rights, but yes, the second amendment should be the only permit we need, HOWEVER, I do support some required training before taking a firearm into public domain for the same reasons we are required to have training before operating a motor vehicle. Mistakes with either tend to be lethal and proper training will drastically reduce mistakes.

  • javier

    So after paying for the class I still have to pay to get my permit??

    • Thom Clark

      Yes. Those are the processing fees

  • james

    Very outdated Info. The laws have been amended at least twice since this has been posted.

  • Trent

    So I am a resident of AZ, currently serving active duty in the Army in Kansas. I will be getting my AZ CCL soon. I’m a little confused about the kasnas law and how it applies to me. Am I considered a resident of kansas which would mean I have to apply for a Kansas permit in order to CC? Or does my Active duty status mean I’m not a kansas resident and I can still carry Conceal with just my AZ license?

  • xanderk

    I completed by training course 7 months ago, but due to moving to a differant county have not yet applied for my liciense. Will by course still be valid after this amount of time? THanks

  • Rick

    I submit my CCW application, checks, ect. back on April 4th and was told Topeka would take the full 90 days to make their decision. It is now July 22nd and I still have not received anything in the mail; no decline, no approval, no “need more information”. What gives?

  • Ruby

    I was denied due to a disorderly conduct 8 yrs ago, because it involved a domestic partner. I applied 2/2013. Has something changed since then? I understand from this that it would’ve had to happened within 5 yrs of app. Am I correct?

  • Tracy Terry

    Are there online courses?

  • johnebook

    Several months ago I took the Kansas CCH course but have yet to actually apply for my permit. Does anyone know if there is a ‘drop dead date’ from date of class completion?

    • johnsebook

      disregard I just found the response that I needed below…..Great discussions by the way.

  • Bluewings

    In 1987 I was a certified rangemaster and firearms instructor, distinquisted firearms expert. I’ve been through the police academy and the correctional academy with continual ongoing firearms training. I have certifications of completion, although they are dated 1988 and 1989. Would these certifications be sufficient to submit with my application? BM

  • jos

    What is the likelihood of getting your CC if you have petty things on your license like driving while suspended or failure to appear

  • Lawyersofkansas

    KS State Senate Bill 45, as of FEB 2015 it shall be LEGAL for residents of Kansas to conceal carry a firearm with OUT the need of a conceal carry permit OR the previously required 8hour safety course…. As of March of 2015, Law Enforcement Agencies have not been told to treat cases with this knowledge and to refer to previous laws on carrying. The AG will update its site and inform LEO’s within the upcoming months.

  • Shaun Dawson

    If Youhave a class b misdemeanor for disorderly conduct can I get a concealed carry