Maryland Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue to Residents and Non-Residents

Example Resident Permit:
Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

Issuing Authority:
Application for a permit to carry a handgun is made to the Secretary of State Police.

NICS check:

Permit Valid For:
The permit is valid for two years after its issuance and expires on the last day of the holder’s birth month. Subsequent renewals are valid for periods of three years each.

Original Application = $70
Renewal Application = $50
Duplicate of Modification = $10
Fingerprint Fee = $5

1. Is 18 years of age or older.
2. Has not been convicted of a felony or of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.
3. Has not been committed within the previous 10 years to any juvenile detention center for longer than one year.
4. Is not an addict or alcoholic nor has ever been convicted of a narcotics offense.
5. Has not, based on the results of investigation, exhibited a propensity for violence or instability.
6. Has, based on the results of investigation, “good and substantial reason” to carry a handgun, including a finding that the permit is “necessary as a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.” [5]

Required Documents:
1. The applicant should submit a notarized letter stating the reasons why he is applying for a permit
2. Completed application

Renewal Information:
Applications for renewals should be submitted 90 days prior to expiration.

Change of Address

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
Rifles and shotguns being transported in motor vehicles must be unloaded.

It is a crime to wear or carry openly any rifle or shotgun with the intent or purpose of unlawfully injuring any person.

It is unlawful for any person without a permit to wear or carry a handgun, openly or concealed, upon or about his person, or to knowingly transport a handgun in any vehicle traveling on public roads, highways, waterways or airways or upon roads or parking lots generally used by the public. This does not apply to any person wearing, carrying or transporting a handgun within the confines of real estate owned or leased by him, or on which he resided, or within the confines of a business establishment owned or leased by him. [3]

Federal and Maryland State or local law enforcement officers generally are exempt from the permit requirement. However, sheriffs and their deputies are exempted only while on active assignment engaged in law enforcement and only with respect to handguns which they are duly authorized to wear, carry or transport as part of their official equipment. Law enforcement officers from other states are exempt only while on official business.

No violation is committed by any person who can demonstrate that the handgun is being carried, worn or transported:

1. To or from a place of legal purchase or sale or repair shop.
2. Between such person’s bona fide residences or between his residence and place of business if the business is operated and substantially owned by that person.
3. While engaged in or traveling to and from a “target shoot, formal or informal target practice, sport shooting event, hunting, trapping or dog obedience training class or show.”
4. By a bona fide gun collector who is “moving any part or all of his gun collection from place to place for public or private exhibition,” and while such handguns are actually on exhibition.

During transportation to and from the above places, the handguns must be unloaded and carried in an enclosed case or enclosed holster. [4]

An additional penalty is provided for any person convicted of unlawfully wearing, carrying or transporting a handgun, if his deliberate purpose was to injury or kill another person.

Places off-limits when carrying:

Alcohol and Drugs:
It is unlawful for a permit holder to carry a handgun while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Maryland is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.

Senate Bill 411, sponsored by State Senator Mac Middleton (D-28), provides civil immunity from damages when force, including deadly force, is used under reasonable circumstances to repel an attack in the person’s dwelling or place of business. Pursuant to Maryland law, this measure will be effective on October 1, 2010.

Open Carry:
Prohibited in most public areas.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: Maryland Gun Laws

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  • Vmitex1974

    In reality, the only people who carry in the Peoples Republic of Maryland are felons and thugs.
    Law abiding people are given the run around until they give up trying for a CCL

    • Gwenda Nealy

      I agree

    • chiraq we murder

      aint no thugs in maryland lmao

      • Did Ray Lewis move lol

        • Nate Martin

          good one….LOL

      • Buddie So Throwed

        they in Baltimore tho

    • flash5100

      That’s bull,so read my post and finally i agree not every cititzen has the ability to handle carrying any gun permit or owning a gun in the first place,which the appropiate training may work that out or not ,so it depends on the students ability and mental character!

  • marylandsucks

    its a shame that maryland hasnt come around yet. i cant carry my handgun on trips back to West Virginia because i travel a 50 mile stretch through maryland. if i could i would avoid this state all together.

    • Nate Martin


  • Tap 76

    I am a PA resident and self empleyed contractor that does a fair amount of work in southwest Baltimore and feel a little out of place not carrying in that area… come on MD. Its not the law abiding folks that are the problem.

    • Cucumber35

      Submit an application.  You might be surprised.  Just be very thorough and cross all your t’s and dot your i’s.  I’m also a PA resident and a self-employed contractor and i recieved a permit.

      • Mr. Garrison

        How, and what reasons did you put on your application that got your application approved?

      • Mr. P

        Thank you for the information. I am a CCW permit holder in Va. And it seems ridiculous that there is not mutual reciprocity between Virginia and Maryland. DC, get on board…

        • Wm Thomas Capps

          Maryland does not believe you have the right to carry let alone be able to defend yourself. Plain and simple….

    • CB

      Well said Sir!  I agree with you.  I am a Virginia resident with a CCW.  I work a lot in MD and sometimes in Baltimore.  Like you ” I feel a little unsafe not legally being able to protect myself in that area. 

    • jasmine

      as a resident of Maryland and someone who lives in Baltimore it is a joke. It has been this way forever. It is incredibly hard to get a carry permit in this state. You don’t even live in the state and you are complaining about it which I think is funny.

      • I live in southern MD, whole state is gun free, or so it would seem. I carry most everywhere,so they have made me an outlaw.this from an old veteran,law abiding citizen( or so I thought)……….

        • flash5100

          I too live in Southern Maryland and have been an SPO armed for over twenty years,so i’m going to make an effort to carry legal in our state,However I’ve had the opinion that our state police should follow the Va permit programs due to the facts they work,Finally also with my training I have always felt shooting at the right offender in the right situation will always be a hard choice no matter how well your trained and a gun permit program won’t be their with you when that moment happens in a split second!

      • iPadguy57

        Yeah it isn’t funny. If you carry concealed in VA or a surrounding state you have to go home to lock up your self defense to travel into MD. I live in Alexandria. That means I cannot cross over to National Harbor or worse Oxon Hill in my $160K car without my weapon.

        • Donna Dressel

          Um you can put in a gun safe in the car they cost 25.99 I’m sure you can afford it if you can afford 160k car. So now you can travel thru the state of Maryland problem solved. I live in Maryland and do not agree with the laws however it is what it is so just make the best of it and be thankful you can carry.

          • Truthinchrist

            Mronic reasoning! Please don’t vote.

          • Malik Obama

            When the state makes you pay more taxes it is what it is so just make the best of it and be thankful

      • Timothy Hardy

        Then why does Maryland even offer a non-resident permit?

      • David Brown

        jasmine you not only have a name like a person whom makes a living dancing on a pole but are obviously a mental retard .

      • rrrrmac1

        Uh, you point is? That if you visit the state or work there or cross state lines on one of the interstates that you should not be able to carry because it has always been that way??? Yea the same argument was made for keeping slaves, not allowing women to voter etc. All of which are examples of societies norms being challenged by a populous that did not accept individual States had the right to dictate what societies norms should be…
        I agree that Maryland should issue permits using applicable state laws, Reciprocity for neighboring states should be part of that consideration.

    • jasmine

      and BTW, I forgot to mention, SW Baltimore is one of the better areas now, it is in transition and up and coming so if you are scared there you should just stay home, lol. both stadiums are right around the corner

      • That Guy

        The reason it’s so nice is the trash has been moved to the subs

      • iPadguy57

        Yeah it appears Camden Yards is real safe. The O’s are playing a game today with no fans allowed because it is unsafe.

      • EightBall343

        Better areas? Not now.

    • Jeff

      You can forget. Md is a non-reciprocity state. Unlike PA, a commonwealth state, they are a shall issue state as long as you don’t have a criminal conviction that would bar you from possessing a CCW. But in Md you need a reason to carry a handgun to get a CCW. They just don’t freely issue them out like in PA. So keep your firearm home if you have to come over the MD line because they will arrest you bud.

      • Donna Dressel

        You do not have to stay home just don’t carry into MD. Yes it’s an inconvenience to have to remove your firearm and store it away while in MD. If you take it off your person then no arrest can be made. Put it in a car gun safe and problem solved.

        • Truthinchrist

          Hey Donna thanks for being so wise.

        • rrrrmac1

          So I am on the Interstate (that MD did not pay for BTW) and I have to pull over and put my gun in a safe so I can transition from West Virginia cross the Potomac into MD, for 40 miles of Maryland then as I enter PA I can pull over again and take my gun out of the Car Safe? Seems Totally reasonable to me…(Sic)

          2 issues with your assessment:

          1st Having a gun in a Car unguarded is asinine. It is a likely target for theft and likely increases the likelihood that a non register person (Criminal) can get access to a firearm.
          2nd The entire point of why Gun Free Zones are not effective is that someone that is going to break the law is going to do so period. If that were not the case, then there are no murders by firearms in Baltimore, Montgomery County or PG County MD. Which is of course not the case. The people in many cases that are victims in those situations are unarmed. (and the criminals know it).

      • Truthinchrist

        Duh, thanks for the advice humamist.

    • rmullen7

      You have a better chance of getting killed in Baltimore than Kabul. I hope you guys figure something out and stay safe.

    • Chuck Jenkins

      I see this is still the same in Maryland. I see these mass killings in other states, and I fear that it is illegal to protect myself in Maryland. bummer state. Man ruins the beauty of the moutains, Bay and beaches by these big taxes and inane laws.

    • BmoreBirds88

      I live in Baltimore so you can imagine how I feel.. I’m also 5’10 & polish.

      • Depluribus Unum

        I grew up in Bmore waverly area but I got the hell out and headed south. Much better life

  • ArmyVet0409

    They are trying again to get it so we can carry in MD lets hope it works this time.

  • bassplayeratlarge

    i`m a musican, and often confronted by thugs who wait for you after a gig , i live in the dc md area, i need a conceal carry permit, before my luck runs out,because i`m getting older now and being approached more often when walking to my vehicle with my equipment .  

    • Craigzy1

      Getting harrassed after a gig is not going to get you a permit. I would not list that as your reason for applying.

    • John_Wayne

       Sorry ’bout your luck BPAL.  In the eyes of the law you are just a derelict musician whose life and musical gear isn’t worth the political firestorm that would be raised by the local media after they twist and sensationalize the reports of a shootout occurring at 3 am outside a bar in some Md. suburb.  You see, unless you are carrying 5K in cash or valuables on you on a regular basis, or unless you are well connected and can get a political favor, you don’t really matter.  Your life is worthless unless you can contribute to the Maryland Political Machine. Welcome to Maryland, now kneel and kiss the ring.

      IMHO, it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.  If you have a warriors heart, and if you believe in your Constitution, you will carry anyway and accept your fate. 

      • Antoine King

        John couldn’t have have said it better! What really get’s me going is well many things however with this topic the b.s. MD makes everyone goes through to CCW. For many years in PA never a problem and there was know people who went out of there way to cause trouble just because we had a Concealed Permit. I was a Infantry Combat Medic for 14 years served in Iraq 05-06 our Motto ” For When I Have Your Wounded ” Wrong answer for being home MD WAKE UP!

        • boboj

          Undoubtedly you did not pass your spelling or grammar test when becoming an infantry combat medic.

          • William Yambou

            What spelling and grammar have to do with this topic. They aare talking about gun control but you are attaking his personal character. Is that fair?

        • HillaryH8R

          All of the republican state delegates and all the black democratic delegates have permits; as do their family and friends. It’s all in who you know. This state sucks dick.

    • DK BMore

      I have a ccw in MD and it wasn’t that hard to get. If you have your own biz (you’re a musician) and you carry cash regularly (which it sounds like you do), it isn’t that hard to get. It might take a few months to actually receive it, but the process isn’t that hard. There’s a lot of ppl out there saying its impossible to get in MD. It boils down to a few criteria: own your own biz, be able to demonstrate that you carry cash, and fill out the form and some friends to vouch for you. You get an interview with a trooper and voila 4 mos later it shows up at your door… Don’t try the fear for your life stuff (they don’t give a rats a**), just keep it simple – your own biz and you carry cash – end of story that’s all you need to say to get it. (well you do need to prove you have a biz and carry cash, if you need to know how to do that message me and I’ll go over the details with you….

      • jeff

        I have a business and carry cash. What is the details? Thanks for your time.

      • Fred

        You have your own biz and carry cash?
        No wonder the drug dealers all carry.

      • So, they’ve basically put a wage limit on the right to bear. That’s not very fair.

        Shall not be infringed, indeed.

      • Jayme Koons

        Dk bmore,What do I need to show to prove I carry large amounts of cash nd checks on me. I don’t own my own buissness but I do work in baltimore city as home remodler, handyman and I collect payments everyday, most jobs are small, so I’m getting up to 3 payments a day, and only have the option of turning them in once a week, I’ve been robbed once already,

      • rmullen7

        Very helpful. Thank you so much.

      • Dave Lynn

        Sooo… For me to be at risk and need self defense at all I need to own my own business? Hmmm… Tell that to the hundreds of victims of muggings, rapes, etc…

        Federal Court just ruled the “good and substantial” clause unconstitutional in DC. Maryland citizens, you need to stand up for your 2nd amendment rights and have the law overthrown in federal court.

      • Bill

        I am in the process of getting my ccw. Not sure what I should say in my letter. Can you go over the details with me?

  • KDP

    Thank God I live in Virginia.  The liberal politians will never change Marylands laws. 

  • Jeffro835

    Md needs to wake the f____ up! You can carry almost any were else with ease. They are stupid for not letting us carry, do you know how much money the state would make with the permits ,no instead they just want to raise our taxes!!

  • Frederick

    MD needs to look at the stats….in states WITH conceal carry, criminals are less likely to commit crimes against another person.  They’re essentially cowards, so why would they risk their life to rob/commit  a crime against a person in an area where it is legal to conceal/carry and that person could ultimately put them down for a dirt nap?!  Instead, MD is a state where the coward criminals PREY on the law abiding citizens KNOWING that they will obey the law and NOT carry a concealed weapon…must be nice to have that kind of job security!!

    • Nate Martin

      they are dumb… always dumb people who cant get with the majority of the rest of the country………all i can say is DUMB….. DUMB….DUMB

    • Doesn’t fit the agenda.

    • rmullen7

      Well said! Criminals and liberals think a lot alike. They want guns for themselves but not for others. I would rather face a judge alive than be dead by some thug.

  • Bad89coupe

    oh come on, really? even if md did give a permit, no neighboring states accept it! wtf maryland, get with it already!

  • Chase

    I am a landscaper who works solely in hud or section 8 housing throughout baltimore and dc. I would like to apply but don’t want to waste my time either. Do you think it would be beneficial to try?

    • Harry_Callahan

      Here’s a dirty little secret the MDSP has that everyone needs to know, courtesy of Inspector Callahan.

      MDSP has to report CCW permit statistics to the MD General Assembly.  They are able to consistently state that they have a +/- 97% pass rate in granting permits because of the fact that nobody applies for them in the first place. 

      This is simply because of the well known fact among Md residents that they are impossible to get.  Ask any gun dealer, they tell everyone they can apply but it will never be approved.  So nobody bothers to apply. This allows Md politicians to lie and say that everything is working great, only the thugs, wife beaters and druggies are denied permits when that is the furthest from the truth. 

      If you are eligible and can afford the cost everyone who wants one should apply.  No one should be denied their rights. If some activist college co-ed has the right to force everyone to pay for her birth control costs when they aren’t even getting the action, then I damn sure have the right to carry my gun.

      Word of caution, be sure you meet the requirements because if you forgot about that old domestic battery conviction you got before you got divorced you could be screwed.

      • Harry_Callahan

         one thing, before anyone goes haywire.  I’m NOT implying that Gun Dealers are working in partnership with MDGOV.  They are simply telling the truth, but by doing that, the statistics do not change and neither does our situation.  Flood them with applications.

        • Feed USA kids 1st

          Why should I,  the tax paying Md born American Have to pay any amout of money for an application to apply for the ” Right to bear arms ” , when the right is already mine? I have been carrying a 40 cal ruger since 1996 and will continue to carry my piece to ensure the peace in and around my home and business, protect my family, and my property! If I am EVER arrested for this….which is not a crime…… I will sue to the highest possible level …you should as well and lets see if we can overcome this ridiculious democratic communist motion…ROMNEY 2012 !!!

          • QuickSilver

            Oh goodness … I love threads like this because it surfaces a a couple of the fringe who probably shouldn’t even own a weapon, let alone CC

          • Come on. Who are you to judge?

          • Lou

            Romney 2012 Really?
            He`s the piece of shit from my state(Mass)Are you serious or stupid?He is the most anti-gun individual there is.FACT..

      • Thomas Pain

        fWhy Doesn’t NRA come to town with a lawyer asking for all Marylanders injured because they weren’t allow to carrybring a class action suit against State.Politicians named individually because thier actions created and supported law use any INdividual hurt by armed thugs since the law was put up for review .I mean make it a Billion Name Gansler and O’Malley through the fools into a world of hurt in legal defense funds .LOL MOM lose presidential chance because funds tied up defending him. Come on NRA wise up hurt them in thier pocketbooks!!

    • Farmhood

      As a business owner Chase your at step #1 to qualify under the MSP unfair procedure, but, just follow the outline and use the Florida application as your reference to additional inf supplied. What FL wants MSP likes. If you really don’t want to take a chance with your money, invest in a consultant (fee) I know I know we shouldn’t have to go through this being 2A and all, but until the judge rules on this thing you got to work the system. look at it like this…I could paint my own car but, if I want it to shine come Sat. I may need a professional. DONE

  • Tcapurro

    I have a valid CCW for the state of Nevada. Does having an current CCW in another state make applying for a Maryland CCW easier?

    • Natebruno1

      Nothing makes it easy to get a CCW permit in Md. I have Utah, Az, and Fl. and can carry in 42 states, but cannot carry in the state in which I live and pay taxes.

      • Nate Martin

        unbelievable… what madness…. Maryland… seriously… get with the program … or get out of our Great country

  • No1uKnow

    Laws might be changing here REAL soon folks!!

  • farmhood

    For The Constitution in Maryland

    We just received word that the United States District Court for the District of
    Maryland has granted a motion for summary judgement for plaintiff Ray Woollard
    in the Woollard v. Sheridan case that challenged the good and substantial
    requirement for issuance of a permit to carry a handgun.

    You’ll recall that this is the federal court case that Maryland Shall Issue
    helped to fund through a $10,000.00 donation to the Second Amendement
    Foundation who spearheaded this effort.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we

    This is all breaking news and there is far too much analysis to be done to
    comment any further today, but we wanted to make sure that MSI’s members were
    aware of this exciting news.

     Here are some important excerpts from the opinion:

    “Because the ―good and
    substantial reason requirement is not reasonably adapted to a substantial
    government interest, the Court finds this portion of the Maryland law to be
    unconstitutional. Woollard is entitled to summary judgment. ”  

    “A law that burdens the
    exercise of an enumerated constitutional right by simply making that right more
    difficult to exercise cannot be considered ―reasonably adapted‖ to a government interest, no matter how substantial
    that interest may be. Maryland‘s goal of ―minimizing the proliferation of
    handguns among those who do not have a demonstrated need for them,‖ id. at 40, is not a permissible method of preventing
    crime or ensuring public safety; it burdens the right too broadly. ”

    “At bottom, this case
    rests on a simple proposition: If the Government wishes to burden a right
    guaranteed by the Constitution, it may do so provided that it can show a
    satisfactory justification and a sufficiently adapted method. The showing,
    however, is always the Government‘s to make. A citizen may not be required to offer a good and substantial reason why he
    should be permitted to exercise his rights. The right‘s existence is all the
    reason he needs.”    

    • Redwing Two

      Current law says it is ok to have a handgun on your property/house.  If you are out on your property of 400 acres it is ok to carry your handgun.  My way of thinking is that while in my car/truck I should be able to carry my pistol because, I have title to my car/truck thereby proving that it is my property and I’m within my property, therefore should be permitted to carry my pistol.  Just a play on words such as our Politician’s do. Any thoughts on this????

      • G Sings

        You are right…it is your property if the law does not specify you can fight…Ohio used to have the no guns signs that said it is illegal unless allowed by law…well, a CCW holder fought that and got that changed, now they have to have certain signage to allow only criminals to carry on there property, but I would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6, so whether MD recognizes my Ohio CCW, I will still carry….

      • David Phelps

        The law says real estate. A vehicle is not real estate.

        • Derp

          What about people who live in their vehicle? Like truck drivers? Or RVs?

        • Derp

          What about people who live in their vehicle? Like truck drivers? Or RVs?

      • laweegee

        Makes too much sense. Lord Omalley wouldn’t understand.

  • Charles White

    I went to this site for a Concealed Weapon Carry Permit Application and find it impossible to locate the form.

  • John

    I hope I really Hope waiting here in Frederick, md already have my VA CCW

    • CourtneyFNP

      John, I’m a reporter with the News-Post in Frederick. I am doing a story about concealed carry laws changing in Maryland and I came across your post here in my research. Please contact me at cpomeroy[email protected] or 240-215-8652 if you would like to be a voice in my story!

  • C Phelpsjr

    We can only hope

  • Hiker dude

    Are disassembled handgun parts (frame, slide, barrel, springs) considered to be a “Handgun” by MD law?
    I’m planning a trip thru MD but will be stopping there overnight. From what I’ve read, it is a violation of MD law to transport a handgun unless subject to the a small list of exceptions. 

    Can anyone point me to information on transporting “handgun parts / disassembled and or non-functional handgun” thru MD? Thanks!!

    • Your best bet is to have the parts in a locked container secured away from prying eyes.
      Just to CYA your ammo should probably be locked in a separate container. Also, make sure you don’t present as a gun runner.

  • pissed taxpayer

    MD is the biggest pansy state!!!! i hate living here. i got a few more years and im out to a more livable state where my rights are not stepped on. its like the constitution is just a piece of paper with words on it from a long time ago to these people . ready to manipulate it at will … maryland will take your money but wont honer your rights . unless u are a criminal then u get the red carpet . i would rather give my money to a state that honers your rights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tatred

      and which state is that…lol

      • truth


  • GlockConceal

    I hope so, it’s sad that Maryland violates the 2nd ammendment to conceal carry.

  • KING25

    Let’s hope so, no1uknow. I can’t wait.

  • Jomomma

    Ah the Peoples Republic of Maryland where I was born and raised. I remember a cpl years before I left that place forever, a guy was held up at gun point. The intended victim managed to get the gun from the would-be robber and shot him. The states attorney charged the robbery victim for defending himself. Gotta love the pseudo-commies up there. But hey, you get what you vote for.

    • Wm Thomas Capps

      Heck I have a friend of mine who I went to Meade High with back in the 70’s about ten years ago he was held up twice. Note he has never been to jail or violated any laws. The State of Maryland refused to allow him to have a right to carry. You see folks the elected officials would rather you be held up or dead then allow to be able to defend yourself. That simple.

    • Higgycomm

      Spaceman here 🙂
      Soooo true .

  • Larry r

    I think its bullshit they can regulate carry laws between states, when our four fathers gave us our 2nd amendment it didnt regulate which states u can and cannot carry, I dont go to maryland just because of they dont recognize their neighboring commonwealth ccw permit.

    • HDFLSTS2002

      Our “Forefathers” did not give us the second amendment, congress did. The Bill Of Rights did not give us rights, rather it spelled out protections to rights, that we as free citizens, were presumed to have had. The second amendment did not give us the right to keep and bear arms, but rather it protects (or so it was intended to) our intrinsic right, from infringement by the Federal Government. The nation’s founders and early representatives had great concern of the Federal Government becoming to large and powerful and rightly so. This more than likely being the reason for the tenth amendment.

      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the Staes, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      So the second amendment prohibits the Federal Government from infringing a citizens right to keep and bear arms, but the tenth would pass that ability if so desired to the States.

      As much as I would love to be able to carry in every state with simply my resident PA CCW, I can not which is why I have obtained both UT and AZ to permit me more states where I may legally carry. The only real resolution to this issue is for those within any state such as MD, to express their views at the poles. Pressure your legislators to do as you wish.

      I’m sure that there are those here who would say the answer is a Federal Permit. Well the founders would never have seen that as a viable option. At every turn they made every effort to limit the power of the Federal Government and for good reason. The more the Federal Government can give to it’s people, the more it may also take from it’s people. The founders while simple men had good common sense and were quite determined to learn from history and not be destined to repeat it.

      These are troubling times, and to myself at least it seems that we’ve gone off the tracks. The Fed is becoming bigger and garnering more power every day. So we as citizens of free states must take up our duty to keep our united, states free. We do this with our votes. From the local level first, then to the county, parish what have you to the state level. These are the people whose responsibility it is to represent us at all levels of government. We can change the process but only when we become active in the process. If you voted for someone who is not doing the job you asked of them, let them know it. Speak up, call, write, and if they still do not get the message give them a pink slip by voting them out of office. The tenure of quite a few politicians today is obscene. Our founders saw service as an honor, a duty, and a hardship. Not as a career. They left their jobs, to serve and after serving returned to their pre-political lives.

      Do we need term limits? We shouldn’t, we have the ability to limit any politician’s term at anytime with nothing more than our votes. But perhaps much as the founders protected themselves from themselves, we should do the same.

      Ok I’m sorry, I’ve taken this way off course of the topic at hand here. I do at times become quite passionate about our nation, and find nothing more fascinating than our own history. History after all is, or should be the best teacher.

  • thatguy179

    the stay was denied, we are only 14 days from becoming may issue as long as the 4th circuit does not issue a new stay

  • big mike

    So with the stay denied, what will happen to the application process for ccw in MD? Anyone know anything or have any thoughts

  • MrLogical

    Will Md grant recipricity to other state concealed permits such as Utah?

  • If i have a Ohio permit, what do i have to do to get a maryland permit? anyone know

  • JLowe

    SHould I send in my application for permit now? Wait until the 7th? Or just save my $127 and carry any way??

  • Chris M

    Now that the stay was denied and we are becoming a may issue state, has anyone heard anything about them changing reciprocity rules? Or any speculation? I live in MD and have a Florida CCW from when I was in the military. I still have years left on that one and it would be nice if MD would stop being douchebags about it and let them work. If you’ve been investigated and approved in one state, I don’t see what the issue is.

  • Lucky1212

    A stay was issued until it is reviewed on Oct. 10th I think it is. They said it would probably take about three days to review…

    • jk

      From Wikipedia, Woollard v. Sheridan:

      “August 2, 2012 the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (CA4) has granted Maryland’s motion for a stay pending the outcome of appeal of the Woolard case. This overrules the lower court’s order that would have lifted the stay effective August 7th. Oral arguments will be scheduled at some point between October 23-26. A ruling on the case is likely to come at some point in early 2013.”

  • I am a self employed private process server (delivering summons, complaints and subpeonas etc) and do have to do so in MD from time to time (I live in the PA/DE/MD corner), for those who DO have a MD permit and have gone through the process do you think this form of employment will meet the “substantial reason” requirement? I am apprehensive in attempting because if denied then when I apply in other states and renew the permits I have I will have to disclose the fact that Ive been denied a permit if asked. Thoughts, comments and suggestions here are most definately welcome.

    • Well, I wonder, if residents can’t get a permit (because the state is so tight on giving them out) I would think non-residents would have an even harder time getting one, Not sure though. Your best bet would be to stop by a State Police office and ask them.

  • DaveC

    Am I correct in reading the requirements that there is no training certification required to apply for a MD concealed permit ? I’m just trying to figure out what instructor credentials are needed to teach a class geared towards obtaining a MD CCW/L

    • marcofmarylnd

      Yes you have to certify in maryland by completing a firearms class which includes instructions from a certified instructor, as well as range time in which you have to hit the target a certain amount of times, which i believe is 85% of the time.

  • 68camaroman

    Any new on a CCDW permit? I live in Delaware and would like to get one in MD. We travel to and thru alot and would feel more comfortable with it than without it.

    • Gwenda Nealy

      I feel the same way.

  • Gwenda Nealy

    I feel Maryland should at least except Concealed Carry when passing through or visiting the State of Maryland.I live in North Carolina and I have family in New Jersey,Maryland and New York.I am also Disable and I travel with my Grandkids.

    • Th3_Resistance10

      Sorry Gwenda – The Governor of Maryland (Martin O’Malley) thinks you’re a criminal and the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to the citizens of HIS state. So much for the potential of the 14th Amendment. (Bill of Rights apply to the states?) Maryland cherry picks which federal laws they like and don’t like. Maryland pols suck!

  • Adam

    MD has not not heard we won our independents. Its ok u idiots we are a free people.We beat there ass and ran them back where they came from.Look guys the people running this state never had history they got threw school because they new someone.All jokes aside i have carried for thirty years and am not stopping until I leave this world I love my country but I will without some asshole state law tell me I cannot do something my forefathers died for.

    • Ro Gal

      Admire your 2nd amendment spirit, but please use a spell checker.

  • ImNotaWitch

    WTF? Look at all the states that accept Maryland!

  • Law biding citizen

    Pretty lame MD, can’t protect our own families in your crime invested state. The moment we defend ourself from the scum of the earth we’ll be the one’s going to prison.

  • kamau65

    Moving to MD and have a concealed from Ga. Is there a minimum time you must reside in Md before being able to apply for a concealed in Md?

    • Maybe not but you won’t get it unless you own a business or carry large $5kplus sums of cash. Even then you WILL be restricted to carry ONLY when you are performing business or are at your business IF you own the store/building. For the most part, in Maryland you don’t have much of a chance! Sorry.

  • marcofmarylnd

    Here is some food for thought. Lets say… you had obtained one of those licenses that allow you to carry. That allows you to carry in regular clothes and not a uniform. Hmm… Watson i think you are on to something. There is a fellow by the name of R.Stern he is a firearm instructor and owns Delta security. Contact this human and he can help. Oh, btw this is for those who live in maryland.

  • Jayme

    do you know if you have to take a class to get a CCW?

  • Mike

    Texas honors your permit, shouldn’t you return the trust?

  • Spartacus

    hmmm, Maryland doesn’t honor any other states permits even though some other states honor Maryland permits. Looks like a revenue scam. Perhaps other states should enact reciprocal policy and take back some of the revenue.

  • Do Maryland issue to nonresidents

  • 89

    I just moved here from Michigan and i would like to have a carry permit, how would i go about getting one.

    • Nate Martin

      good luck buddy…. aint easy.. my Uncle lives there and he said its tough to get one

  • Lou

    Wake up everyone! No state has the right to override our constititional right to bear arms to proctect ourselves and to defend our country from tryrannny. As for me, I will do whatever is necessary to insure I can protect myself, family and others from criminals and the mentally derange who threaten me.

    • Tatred

      what about the fourth amendment….that’s the one that’s getting raped

  • LJK

    Wake up everyone! Do what you need to do to protect yourself, famliy, and others from the criminals, as well as the menatlly deranged perpertrators who will kill or harm you. No state has the right to oppose our rights in our Constitiuton to defend ourselves.

  • Nate Martin

    Maryland, New York and Illinois are the idiots… when is the madness goin to stop… ya cant even carry concealed in these states and i go there from time to time and cant even bring my piece… stupid stupid… stupid…. guess they like more crime in thier state… cause eveyone knows that ya have more crime where law abiding citizens arent allowed to carry concealed….. Dont understand their stupidity

  • Th3_Resistance10

    The People’s Republic of Maryland hates guns! Then again they hate the entire US Constitution so go figure? Looking to escape from Maryland ASAP…..

  • livid american

    O’Malley the socialist turd welcomes you to be a victim in the unfree state of Maryland. You can cower and beg for mercy when your set upon by our protected criminals. Just think , a criminal ignores laws and can carry a gun, but a law abiding ,tax paying american citizen of the socialist state of Maryland can’t carry a gun to protect himself. So, when your shot and robbed and left for dead, the police still 5 minutes away, after your assailant is caught know he will not get the death penalty for your murder.

  • Chuck Chuck

    what does RES stand for . for Michigan Permits

  • Perilous Liberty

    The Maryland State police estimate that Maryland had 47000 CCW holders. How is this possible when the permit lasts 3 years and they had less than 3000 renewals in 2011. Extrapolating, I figure that Maryland has about 9000 CCW holders.

    The rejection rate is low because no one is willing to give their fingerprints and waste $70 when they know they wont get a permit.

    What we need to do is if this goes to the USSC is to have every Marylander apply for a CCW that year and dare them to turn us down. At that point, their justification that almost everyone is permitted to carry who applies evaporates.

  • Cashncarry

    I have a VA CCW, no problem getting one. I am moving to MD and carry alot of cash for my business. I know MD does not recognize my VA permit but is carrying cash a sufficient reason for getting a MD permit?

    • Francis D Orbin Jr.

      id say yeah.especially if you have to drive in n out of baltimore.

    • white lightning

      Yes, but you will probably need to get your AVS card (All valuable shipments) before or at the same time as the gun permit.

  • Steve Appleby

    Or you just carry the gun and don’t be waving it in the air like a dumbass. Be smooth and discreet about it.

    • Robert White

      Steve, Be wary of this choice. In MD having a CCW from another state has been grounds for stopping drivers based on license plate checks. The courts here are as corrupt as the politicians and they seem to get a great deal of delight out of trying to out do DC in rights violations.
      Best choice just find elsewhere to visit.

  • Jonathon Custer

    what is up with Maryland not honoring other states licenses. seems absurd to me.

  • T Waite

    I live in PA only a few miles from the PA / MD line. and I would rather go miles out of my way then do business in MD. I simply will not become unarmed to save a few miles by visiting a business in MD, I’ll stay on the PA side

  • laweegee

    When seconds count the police will be there in 5 minutes.

  • Jason

    saying that MD is a stand your ground state is pretty irresponsible. it is most def not. it is a duty to retreat state. i believe the only reason you could legally “stand your ground” is if the danger so imminent it would be unsafe to retreat. i think in MD you have to be cowering in the corner of your bedroom before you can legally use deadly force.

    • white lightning

      It was recently changed to a castle doctrine state.

      • Jason

        i believe “stand your ground” and castle doctrine are 2 very different things.

  • EndBigGovernment

    Live in Maryland if you don’t value your life, common sense or a sound economy.

  • Robert

    What if your ex spouse says you are worth more dead than alive? I have to meet in MD every other weekend. I’m worried for my safety. I don’t know if any stunts will pulled, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  • RJ 68

    Where do I get the application to get this process started? – dumb question I know, but I am looking to get a weapon that is going to be used strictly to protect me and my family from those who wish us harm. Where can I find the application?

  • Wm Thomas Capps

    Well lets be real about why Md makes it hard to get a carry permit. Baltimore plain and simple. Most folks act like idiots and people kill each other all the time. The screwed up thing is it is a minority of the people in Baltimore that act like idiots. So those citizens who follow the law and do not act like fools are the victims and have no way of defending themselves. I do not go to Baltimore unless I have to go to the VA. you could not pay me to live in Baltimore let alone the city. Most of Maryland is peaceful. But guess what we have allot of elected officials that have permits and if you are wealthy you can get a permit because you have to go along with the shake down of a donation to the political parties. this gives you the right to carry. So if anyone wants to visit Maryland stay the heck away from Baltimore and Baltimore city…..

  • Shawn

    Amazing that multiple states accept the Concealed permit from Maryland but Maryland will not accept another states

  • Richard Benjamin

    It is unbelievable that Maryland does not honor CC permits from any other state, yet will honor driver’s licenses from other states. Make it one way or the other. Honor other state CC permits or outlaw all other state drivers licenses.

  • Richard Benjamin

    And add to the disallowed list any non-Maryland license plate in Maryland.

  • Sunny McAlister

    Wow, what an Unsafe place to be if only the bad guys have guns!! Most of us wouldn’t be here if only the bad guys had guns in the old west….

  • john

    So has anyone here actually got their permit!?

  • Silver_Bullet

    Well my CCP was expelled after a DUI but I still carry!! Because I’d rather be judged by 12 rather than carried by 6!! Over 1 mistake!!!

  • James V.


  • Andy Baynes

    I have a Caryy Permit for the State of Maryland-do I need to take a class or what ever to purchase my 1st Pistol?

    • white lightning

      If you are an armed guard, LEO whatever, you still need to get the HQL card. Since you have a permit, its free. You have to navigate the user unfriendly MSP website to find it.

  • Bill Yohe

    Im the same as you Tap 76. I am a PA resident with a ccp and work all throughout the Baltimore and Howard County areas. I am in the process of applying for a MD CCW. Ill keep you posted

  • FireforHOMO

    Born in Baltimore, moved to north Carolina . Lovin the ccw life.

  • af

    I currently live in NC, and was considering moving to MD to get closer to family. I have just changed my mind. Looks like Delaware now. Get with the program MD. Every state around you has reciprocity….

  • jimundheidi

    Am MD resident, retired military police officer with over 10 years of service. Believe the LEOSA rule handed down by Congress, stating that retired MPs are authorized concealed carry in all 50 states. How do I get that cleared with MD officials?

  • Jarhead

    You all are missing the point. Your constitutional right to bear arms is being “infringed” This is a freedom paid for by the blood of our soldiers over and over again. This freedom was so important it was #2. We elect people based on image and not performance and question why there are bullshit laws preventing us to exercise our basic rights.

    “Infringed – : to do something that does not obey or follow (a rule, law, etc.) ( chiefly US -: to wrongly limit or restrict (something, such as another person’s rights)”

    I’m a veteran and VA resident and visit family in Md and De frequently and this should be alarming to everyone. Gun control laws should apply to criminals and mentally handicapped only, not law biding citizens. Revolutions had started for less. Where are those Americans that our fore fathers wrote about? I’m concerned for my children’s future that the Constitution will no longer provide the foundation for TRUE freedom and will be a guideline to the agenda of any fully funded politician.

  • Wm Thomas Capps

    Crime Goes up and the elected ones are still re-elected yet we the people have no way for self protection.

  • Ralph Haines

    What is missing from this article is the fact that almost everyone who tries to apply for a concealed carry permit in Maryland will get rejected.

    Personal protection is not considered to be a valid reason unless there have been threats made against your life supported by police reports and notarized statements. Even then, you may be turned down.

  • dave

    I to am a md resident with a utah carry PERMIT I was FBI. Finger printed and was issued a permit but cannot carry in my own …now. Our new governor needs to step up……tired of md laws on guns


    i live in Maryland unfortunately i live in one of the worst parts of baltimore city and i am disabled after a broken back and several spinal fusions i would really like to have a conceal carry permit but i was told you can’t get one unless you are a business owner that carries cash,is there away to get the permit using my disabilities?any help would be appreciated

  • Wendy

    Not sure if anyone can help me, but here goes. I am a military wife, and just recently moved to MD. Since MD doesn’t honor my home state’s permit, how can I get a permit in MD to carry when there’s jargon that says I have to have police reports of either assault, robbery, threats, etc.? I know it may be pretty obvious but isn’t that in conflict with 2nd amendment?!?!

  • Comish

    Look I don’t know y u can’t carry your firearm if u have one from one state u should be able to carrying in all states

  • Brenda Cole

    what happened to “the right to bear arms”? Does Maryland have it’s own constitution? It’s all BS. All these bans on things. Law abiding citizens are not the problem. Criminals don’t follow laws, that is why they are called criminals!! If they are carrying, I’d like to be too. I want them to think twice about who might lay them down they go messing with the wrong person.

  • spymyeyes

    total joke laws!
    laws that are written by design to superceed the constitution are null and void, period!
    what part of “shall not infring” do they not understand?
    charging you money to exercise your god given right to self sefense as well as your natural rights as an american citizen is wrong from the get-go and I would tell them that to their face if I ever decided to move to a slum like camden.

  • Kelly

    I have property in Kentucky as well as Maryland. I grew up in md. I have a conceal and carry from Kentucky. Does anyone no since I own property in both states how that works

  • BlueMoon 21850

    I live in Maryland, next time I have to move for work it will be in another state. You would think after the current riots. The violent crime is at an all time high and getting worse. You would think the people would be tired of the liberals running that state. They have proven there views and policy do not work. Soon it will look like Detroit. A baren land and welfare state where the only businesses will be pawn shops and drugs.

  • white lightning

    I’m a currently employed PSO at a federal facility. My last job was operating a shuttle truck for an armored trucking company as well as doing customer stops. I have carried millions of dollars. I do NOT probably qualify for a carry permit for personal protection.

    I live in Baltimore MD.

  • wharfrat

    Maryland is crazy,they must have a lot of crime with weapons,but the residents need to carry if they are in danger,in Virginia we have a fast background check,two weeks- and it’s only $50,for five years,and we have open carry,so Maryland is just trying to piss off the residents so they’ll give up and not want a CC Permit,there are too many restrictions for getting a permit.

  • Brad Martin

    I have a conceal carry permit in Pa. Iam going to Maryland for 1 week on vacation and wanted to bring my firearm along and leave in my vehicle. Can i do this? Is there a way to get a temporary permit to conceal carry in Maryland? Thanks

  • white lightning

    I used to be an armored truck guard at my last job. Currently, I’m a PSO at a federal site. I used to carry millions of dollars. Unlike former correctional officers and police officers, armored guards can’t get carry for self defense. What ex-police or corrections officer would be familiar with the procedures for carrying millions of dollars?

  • M-Jeezy!

    I think it’s pathetic that the three border states of Maryland don’t honor the MD CCP.

    • white lightning

      Since you can’t really get one in the first place and Maryland doesn’t honor their’s either, its the least of our problems. Without CCW, lunatics and terrorists will figure out that MD is a soft target and innocent people will get killed. With more and more other states obeying the 2nd, the incentive to attack our state gets worse and worse.

  • Neal Smith

    I was born in Maryland, live now in Virginia. Fellow Marylanders…..get out and lobby…& VOTE for people that will defend your rights..not those of criminals. Write all of your ledgistrators…send them emails & leave phone messages stating your views and desires to restore your carry “RIGHTS”.

  • Scott

    I am an active duty special operations soldier who travels between PA and MD all the time. Gov Hogan, please review the law and allow us to not only protect ourselves, but others in cases of extreme emergencies. All lives matter!

  • flocks james

    Where do I sign a application at

  • Runner

    Sadly – It sounds like a lot of you are just afraid of black people.

  • el Genius.

    Maybe nowdays after Dallas, it’s easier. I’d include as my reason…”I want to have all cop’s backs”. And I would.

  • Kimar31

    It seems cops are the only ones that have rights when it comes to ANYTHING.

  • Roddy10-4

    Trying to Find the Application for Consealed Carry for Md has been unsuccessful, anyone have a link to d/l it? Thanks

  • Chris

    To all those complaining, if you have a cc permit in another state with at least gun safety requirements and meet the other state requirements, getting an MD permit is not a big deal. Reciprocity is not needed in this case.

  • tracymae

    I am a retired, Wisconsin Sheriff’s, Captain who within the next couple months, will be selling my home and buying a motor home to tour our great country, with my wife and my brother, who after having a stroke 10yrs ago will be with us. I have a federal permit, HR218 signed into law by then President George W. Bush. That permit is supposed to be valid in all US States and Puerto Rico. Now I am told that the liberal, arrogant, State of Maryland will not recognize permits from any other jurisdictions. Perhaps the remainder of the reasonable States should ban together and forbid recipients of a Maryland permit to go somewhere else and that if they do not recognize reciprocity the remainder will act the same.

  • Sean Henson

    I live in Baltimore city, I have my carry permit so this will help me nicely in my occupation!!!

  • Lawrence Edward Hinchee

    I am moving to that area with a conceal carry from another state. What is the affidavit requirement they are talking about?

  • Robert Sharpe

    I’m a Permanently Disabled Veteran who served 7 years with AF Security Police and I travel a lot with a disabled wife and with all the gun crimes out there these days I felt it necessary to get a CCW to protect myself and my wife while traveling.. I feel States like Maryland and New Jersey need to get on board and make things easier especially for our service men Active and Veterans who have CCWs and who have military police experience…I’m hoping one day that our CCW’s will attached to drivers license and be accepted in all states…just as our driving prevlidges are..

  • Rick B

    I don’t believe individual states should have the right to limit or deny rights granted under the bill of rights. If you’re a law abiding citizen, of sound mind, you’re gun rights should be undeniable in any state. Aren’t we setting a dangerous precedent allowing one of our rights to be limited or denied? Whose to say they’ll stop there?

  • Robert Sharpe

    I live in Delaware and from time to time travel south to visit family and friends, I have my Delaware permit and I’m seeking to obtain a Maryland permit..They say you need a notorized list of reasons stating why you need a permit… besides for self-protection…what other reasons could there be…I’m an Air Force Veteran with Security Police Experience and have passed numerous back round checks and been finger printed numerous times… by both federal and state agencies therefore I’m surely no threat to any agency, on any level…Please advise me on the what reasons this list needs to contain to complete my application….thanks..

  • Taxedcitizen

    What is considered a “good and substantial reason” to carry a handgun according to the state of MD?