Massachusetts Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue to Residents and Non-Residents.

A Class A license authorizes carrying of handguns, including large capacity handguns, for all lawful purposes, subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of handguns as the licensing authority deems proper, and carrying of rifles and shotguns, including large capacity rifles and shotguns, for all lawful purposes, subject to restrictions imposed by the licensing authority. A class A license holder may carry a loaded handgun in a vehicle, if it is under his direct control. However, this does not apply to large capacity rifles or shotguns. Such firearms must be carried unloaded, in the locked trunk or in a locked case or other secure container.

A Class B license authorizes carrying of non-large capacity handguns for all lawful purposes, subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of such handguns as the licensing authority deems proper, and carrying of rifles and shotguns, including large capacity rifles and shotguns, for all lawful purposes, subject to restrictions imposed by the licensing authority. However, a class B license does NOT entitle the holder to carry or possess a loaded firearm in a concealed manner in a public way or place. A class B license holder may not carry a loaded firearm of any type in his vehicle; all firearms must be carried unloaded, in the locked trunk or in a locked case or other secure container.


Example Resident Permit:
Massachusetts Concealed Firearm Permit

Issuing Authority:
This is your police chief or state police if you are a resident. If you are not a resident, you will need to contact the Firearms Record Bureau at (617) 660-4780.

NICS check:

Permit Valid For:
Resident – 6 Years
Out Of State – 1 Year

Processing Time:

Receive your license within 40 days. If it is denied, you have 90 days to petition the district court for a review. Click here for the Firearm License Review Board Petition.

Resident LTC fee is $100 for 6 years
Non-Residents are $100 per year

The fee for a temporary license is $100



Required Documents:
1. Approved training course given by a Massachusetts state certified instructor within the last year

2. Completed application
3. Copy of driver’s license or ID card
4. Copy of birth certificate or passport
5. You will be required to justify your request in writing. Make your request as detailed and specific as possible. Valid reasons for requesting a concealed handgun include personal threats, being in a high-risk profession or routinely carrying large amounts of cash.
6. Two passport photographs
7. 2 Fingerprint cards
8. Proof of residency ( may be a utility or cable bill)
9. Report from your home state Bureau of Criminal Records listing your arrest record

10. To receive a Non-Resident LTC you must already possess a permit from your home state
or a permit from another state
11. If you’re a Vermont resident, you must get a letter from the Police Chief in your town attesting to your good character

Renewal Information:

Change of Address:

Change Of Address Notification Form

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
Unlawfully carrying a firearm in a vehicle, or in one’s possession
outside one’s residence or place of business, without the required license or card, subjects a person to a mandatory minimum sentence of 1 year in jail, or 2 1/2 years in prison. This mandatory sentence does not apply to a person holding a valid card but not the required license.

A non-resident may possess a rifle or shotgun in Massachusetts:
1. While hunting and in possession of a valid hunting license.
2. While on a firing or shooting range.
3. While traveling in or through Massachusetts if the rifle or shotgun is unloaded and enclosed in a case.
4. While at a firearms show organized by a “regularly existing gun collector’s club or association.”
5. If he or she has a license or permit to possess any firearm in his or her home state, if its licensing requirements are as stringent as those of Massachusetts, as indicated by a published list of such states promulgated by the colonel of state police.

A non-resident United States citizen with a license to carry a handgun issued by his home state may carry a handgun in Massachusetts for the purpose of taking part in a competition or exhibition of an organized group of firearms collectors, or for hunting provided he has a valid hunting license issued by Massachusetts or the state of his destination.

Places off-limits when carrying:

Alcohol and Drugs:
Waiting For Information. As always, alcohol/drugs don’t mix with firearms. That’s a pretty simple rule of thumb.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Massachusetts is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law. Click here for the law.


Open Carry:
Prohibited in most public areas.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links: – Firearms Forms and Appliations

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  • Soto

    The information here provided is as vague or misleading as Massachusetts Law…
    1. “Unlawfully carrying a firearm in a vehicle, or in one’s possessionoutside one’s residence or place of business, without the required license or card, subjects a person to a mandatory minimum sentence of 1 year in jail, or 2 1/2 years in prison.
    1A. What is unlawfully? Does this apply if one forget their license at home? or the 1 year bid still apply just for forgetting the license? 

    2. This mandatory sentence does not apply to a person holding a valid card but not the required license.
    2A. What is the difference between the valid card and required license?

    • Phillip Ley

      1A – Unlawfully means without the proper license allowing you to transport a firearm.  If it’s a rifle or shotgun then if you do not have an FID card you go to jail.  If it is a handgun or some large capacity weapon then you need a class A or Class B LTC or you go to jail. 

      If you forget your permit at home you have 30 days to provide the valid permit. 

  • Maine

    I often drive from my home in Maine down to VA, forcing me to travel through states such as Mass and NY whose automobile carry laws are draconian.  Is it legal to carry a handgun locked in a case separated from ammo, or do I have drive around half the eastern seaboard to get to VA?

    • Luke Larsen

      According to Federal laws, you are protected to cross state borders if you keep the gun locked up with ammunition in a separate case. Let alone its your 2nd amendment, you could fight it in court.

      • Patrick Bateman

        The second amendment only guarantees that if you’re part of a “well regulated militia.”

        Are you part of a well regulated militia?

        • Luke Larsen

          As our Founding Fathers have been quoted. The “militia” is the whole body of the American people.

        • Luke Larsen

          Richard Henry Lee: “To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…” (LIGHT HORSE HARRY) LEE, writing in Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic (1787-1788)

          Richard Henry Lee: “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves…and include all men capable of bearing arms.” (Additional letters from the Federal Farmer, at 169, 1788)

          Patrick Henry: “The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun.” 3 Elliot, Debates at 386.

          James Madison: “A well regulated militia, composed of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.” (1st Annals of Congress, at 434, June 8th 1789, emphasis added.

          Joseph Story (Supreme Court Justice): “The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic…”

          Those are just a few quotes to prove my point.

        • The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the PEOPLE….not …a Militia. The term …”People” is well defined in the Constitution.

        • kazetsukai

          Debunked over and over. THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. A well-regulated militia (the entirety of the American people), being necessary to the security of a free state, is the rationale clause, not a limitation clause of the 2nd Amendment.

          Most state constitutions also guarantee the INDIVIDUAL a right to keep and bear arms.

    • Newbedford100

      Trigger lock or in a locked container with ammo separated; you must attempt to move in a straight line to Virginia and not double-back.
      You can stop and visit or check into a hotel but take the gun into the room/house and leave the ammo in the car. Never drive in circles, you can go back for reasonable reasons, tire repair, gas, storm, etc..
      If you are black, you are unrestricted.
      Good luck.

  • Billiesingletary

    can  an open case stop you from getting your L.T.C Because is not an conviction 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know about a recent change in the Massachusetts license to carry law where new people who are applying for their first class A LTC will not be able to get an Non Restricted LTC for their first application? I went with a good friend who I helped with his application process, he lives in a town that was always known for issuing All Lawful Purposes and I was told that its a new state law that superseded the city/towns rules that the license you receive is the license you are stuck with unless you have a job that requires you to carry, I went to my towns police station and talked to the firearms license authority who is a very nice down to earth detective and she told me about the new change in law, She told me that my non restricted class A LTC is grandfathered but all new applicants would get a Class A for Target & Hunting per state order unless they have some job that requires you to carry. If you look at who runs this state you will see that these people were all defense attorneys and thats why illegals and criminals have more rights then we do, we need to change this.

    • Foo

      AFAIK every town sets its own policy on what license it will issue to whom. Some towns are very permissive; Boston won’t even issue a LTC to their own off-duty police officers!

      • Zazainktattoos

        Being a commenwealth, everything is governed by town or district. From permits to health regs. Some towns r more liberal than others for sure. Worcester is the worse.

      • Egenlauf97

        In 2004 the federal goverment passed a law that a law enforcement and retired law enforcement officers can carry a firearm anywhere in the usa.

        • Chrbronson

          They have to obtain a permit, and qualify with their weapon to do so.  Not as easy as it sounds.

          • Matthew Hood

            they do have to maintain their qualifications but do not need a permit, the thought is that having people already trained carrying would make things safer for them since officers sometimes get targeted by criminals, also military who are designated “federal law enforcement officers are included, but the USCG as a service does not endorse this but doesnt prohibit it just discourages it,

          • Cb829

            I live in Falmouth and I received a class A with no restrictions within the last month or so….. Massachusetts has the tightest fun laws in New England and we also have the highest crime rate as well. See any relation?

          • Maclellan

            The further you get away from Boston, the more likely you’ll get your LTC without a hassle. Towns inside the 495 corridor can be difficult. Especially inside 128. I was in the Dunkin Donuts in Waltham a few years back. Just came from Henniker NH, doing some pheasant hunting, and we had our shotguns locked into the rifle rack in my pickup. Actions open, unloaded, and locked up tight. Waltham cops swooped in, blocked us from behind and demanded to see our permits. LOL…covered in hunter orange, I guess we stood out, but they rousted us, and told us, “This isn’t Dodge City. Put the guns away.” Not in a nice way, mind you. But…that’s Mass.

    • Chopphadog

      no shit!!!!!! spent $2500.00 on lawyer fees to sue the town of Amesbury and have a juge ORDER my “RIGHT” JOKE, And all the court officials ,so on, are quit aware of the loop wholes,and our rights beening stomped on!! Ohh they love to tell u that its there”discretion” BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!File a law suit, unortunaly thats what it has come to,and see what happens! you don eaven need a good lawyer if your record is good, the julic officer a new asswhole!!! YUP this is what its come 2 in good old MASS! GO over the border,2 vermont/f_newhampshire!they actually have it rite,no felonys u can carry!no kissin some pricks ass for your god given rights!Sorry bro,it sucks, but if you are as vigilante as me u can file ur own lawsuit,$180 court fee!! and have it heard by a JUDGE who has 2 follow the law!! Good Luck

      • Whaeva73

        Know what your saying, live in Salem Ma. and got my LTC but only for target & hunting.. Lt. said what 2 yrs. and you could have the restriction taking for but in 2 yrs. they said NO due to chief… This shit sucks should State Laws and no by laws for each city…

    • OGZ

      I haven’t heard about this new law and I just applied for mine as well. It all depends on the city your in. it’s the cities law not a state law. Actually I shouldn’t even use the word law. It’s the cities choice to do that. I had no issues getting an unrestricted Class A for being a first timer.

    • jcnhwildcat

      I just received my first-time class A LTC w/ employment and target restrictions. I cited protection of confidential and proprietary corporate information during travel through MA as a reason to carry. I have a spotless record and permits in several other states. They still only issued the class A w/ restrictions. I have heard the same thing about first timers getting issued LTC w/ restrictions.

    • Grimm

      I just received my first class A LTC card today, and it’s unrestricted.

    • VSanity

      This isn’t true. I got my first time Unrestricted LTC-A in Wellesley MA back in October.

    • jedma

      depends on city or town you in. they all diff it is up to the chief of police in the city or town . I live in lynn which is pretty good . the neiboring city Peabody is lot tuffer. I have friends who moved there and had tuff time when renewing. it should be same in whole state . but this is one fucked up state!!!

    • Buck Farack

      I was able to get a non-restricted LTC on my first application and it took 51 days from the time I submitted application. It all depends on the police chief in the town you’re applying, there’s no set rule state-wide re restrictions.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a non resident and have held a MA non-resident concealed carry permit for many years.  My latest renewal is taking extra long – I was told that in the future I should plan on submitting my renewal six moths in advance. 
    Six months to wait for a twelve month permit is ludicrous and should also be illegal….

    • Tysrydgsxr

      Well if your living in ma and still claim you live out of state so be it since your cheating paying into our state. but if u just hunt in ma then I can see your point

    • Ondrase

      I have my CT carry and want to get MA non resident concealed carry, what advice would you give for what I should say my reasons are? Not sure how much to say.

      • Robert Martin

        If you insist on being totally legal, just put down “For any lawful use”.

    • Do you have to go back to Chelsea every renewal? I’m about to get my non-res and that would suck!

    • Robert Martin

      You are wiling to pay these fools $100.00 for a one year permit? To me, you have more money than good sense. Just don’t get caught, is my feeling on this one. Mass is just money hungry.

    • Maclellan

      That’s right. I renewed my permit in January, of this year. I finally got it in July. If that isn’t an infringement, I don’t know what is. But the clerk at the town hall just said, there’s a loooong backlog, because after Newtown, they became swamped with renewals and new applicants. But it doesn’t matter. I am a rarity here in Mass. I am legally licensed. I know sooo many people that own firearms, and tell the state to stuff it. First off, you have to take a $100 certification course, and when you get to the town hall, you shell out another $100 for the permit. So, right off the jump, your paying a “tax” to legally own a firearm in Mass. They can call it a “fee” all they like, but it’s a tax. Every 6 years you have to pay it again. Where in “a well reglated militia” does it reference that the govt. has the right to “tax” you for your Constitutional rights? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    I had mine for many years even before they even started the politically correct A,B and C licenses, I have helped up to 30 people from many different towns and cities get their licenses, What caused this quick change of the towns going from No restrictions to Restricted only to new applicants was some person from the media was interviewing a police chief about hand gun ownership and how he feels about people carring for personal protection, he replyed he supports their right and responsibility,  then that media person reported how he issues Licenses, there was a big stink about it and the govenor signed a bill that changed the state law on issuing of those licenses and now new people will have to have a Class A LTC for sporting purposes, If you know anyone applying for their first LTC ask them to look into this new law thay passed less than a year ago, people who hold non restricted LTC’s are safe till they try to screw with us next.

  • Jimmyjames

    I just got my MA resident LTC class A in October this year.  It’s the first time I’ve had any MA firearms license of any kind, and I had no idea and had no one say anything about mandatory restrictions for new issues.  My LTC is unrestricted.  Please point where this new statue exists, because I don’t believe it does.

    • Anonymous

      There will be some license authorities that will still respect their residents and others that will use the liability issue as their reason to give you Target & Hunting or Employment only per order, I would mention the towns and cities here but that could cause problems for those that use this site and discourage good people of those towns to try to obtain a License.

    • TM

      I just went into my town 2 weeks ago. I was applying for a FID and was talked into applying for a LTCa as it would save me $100 in the long run once I do apply for it later on. If there was or is a new law to where new applicants cannot get LTC I sure the hell was not told about it and don’t think he would have talked me into applying for it then. His words exactly were “The way I look at it is, when I checked your file and the state don’t even have your fingerprints on file and you are willing to give them you will have no problem getting a LTCa”

  • Luke Larsen

    Does anyone else see that Mass gun laws are unconstitutional? 

    • Tysrydgsxr

      Yes but it wont change a thing. Perfect example is, Not being taxed on work wage per the constitution.  

    •  You butthurt bro? Maybe you shouldn’t think about robbing someone’s house then. Deal with it.

      • Luke Larsen

        N E, that is an absolutely ridiculous comment. This is America buddy. It is our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Have you ever read the Bill of Rights? People have the right to protect themselves from criminals. Gun laws ARE unconstitutional. They also don’t work whatsoever. Its easier for me to get an illegal gun off the streets for $100 then it is to legally purchase one. So in turn, only the criminals have them. Wake up and realize that gun laws are only created to CONTROL PEOPLE.

        • Patrick Bateman

          That’s right!!!!111

          That’s why I think nuclear weapons, mustard gas, SCUD missiles, and land mines should be available without regulation, at the corner store.

          Or do you think there should be limits?

          • Luke Larsen

            No i do not think there should be limits. First off, if anyone could afford a nuclear weapon they would have to be millionaires. Second, CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS! Criminals will get there hands on any firearms or explosives regardless of the laws. If law-abiding citizens/militias want to be able to purchase these weapons, they should be able to. Your not going to see a rise in violence because of it. Look at the Federal Assault weapons ban, after 2004 when it expired, the murder rate when DOWN. The 2nd Amendment was first created to prevent government tyranny. The people who want to protect their rights should have the right to purchase what they want. There is a risk to freedom, but don’t surrender your liberty and freedom for a false sense of security. You feel safer with these tyrannical governments with nuclear weapons and SCUD missiles? Homeland security has been militarizing the local police departments across the country. Their aim, is against the American people. Wake up you damn sheeple. Our Founding Fathers created our constitution to protect us from these very criminals.

          • sports1948

            I totally agree with you Luke

          • Nate

            Stupid Question Pat, the Amendment states the right to protect yourself and home… I don’t think Nuke’s, Mustard Gas, and SCUD’s are for direct personal protection, and land mines would makes mowing the lawn a pain in the ass.

          • deputy dog in NC

            That actually exposes your ignorance of the 2nd Amendment. It says nothing about “the right to protect yourself and home.” The amendment actually states, “…necessary to the security of a free State…” Thus, to maintain liberty and a free state, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The amendment is directly concerned with protection against government tyranny; personal protection from robbers and/or other criminals is simply a side benefit. Pat’s question is actually spot on. Why can we not use whatever available weapons to protect us from a tyrannical government that would have use of such weapons?

          • Maclellan


          • buster

            Nate,2A refers to a ‘free’ state. Meaning free from state tyranny.

          • Maclellan

            Technically, according to the original constitution, yes. Any citizen could own any arms or ammo the government could purchase. So…like it or not, according to The Constitution, you “can” own a nuclear weapon. Back then, if the government could own it, so could you. Hehe…think ’bout that. Hehe……

          • buster

            In my grandfathers time, the local guys had civil war era cannon they would fire. They were an Artillery Society, name forgotten. And were considered a Militia.

    • Kevin Baxter

      The supreme court ruled about taxation issues, while they have not ruled on gun issues in this regard. The issue with MA is that they have passed many of there gun laws through as consumer product protection laws, not gun laws. the same agency that protects kids from lead paint makes it so the majority of guns are not allowed into the state. It is also not the state laws, it is the local municipalities power hungry police chiefs that decided what is and is not appropriate.

      • hilltowntrader

        My local police chief just did a great imitation of the tyrant that the constitution warned about. Such chest power and assertion of power. In HELLER Sotus’ David Souter in the MAJORITY decision clearly stated that the bill of right delineates rights of man given by our creator, not privileges granted by government. This Class A Massachusetts “privilege” approach is screaming to be challenged in court.

        • kazetsukai

          Unfortunately, gun owners are whipped and docile in MA.
          There’s no outrage anywhere, and MA doesn’t recognize ANY other states’ concealed carry permit.

          • Bouncer77

            In other words you don’t know any gun owners in MA. Just because we’re a minority in a heavily anti-gun state doesn’t make us “whipped”, you douche. Try to not blame those who actually believe in 2A rather than being part of the problem.

          • kazetsukai

            I do know a few. They don’t seem to care that they essentially have no rights and that police can literally legislate on an individual basis. You people have no spine, if you did you’d have brought these despots to court and thrown them out of office. You did neither, instead you remained silent while being raped 3-4 billion dollars worth of taxpayer money for one of the biggest bridge-to-nowhere scams in the country.

            MA is the new Michigan, get out while you can.

    • Wow! I have to agree with you this is a little out of hand! You basically have to be almost squeeky clean to get a license

      • Anthony1986

        Not true I have a juvenile record and I just got a u
        nrestricted class a

        • BIGHOSS

          You should not have to have a class anything, period.

          • Archanian

            There’s no class restriction anymore. Just a CC, or a long gun permit. Both cost the same and require a safety course. The FID (long gun) permit is kind of redundant, as they both require the same hoops to be jumped through. So an individual looking for a permit simply goes for the CC. That covers all firearms.

        • Leprechaun

          What reason for carrying did you give. ?

          • Ryland Baker

            All lawful purposes

        • Chris Dullea

          I have this EXACT Weapon, good Choice.

      • josh

        Well DON’T BREAK THE LAW ASSHOLES! Then you won’t have anything to bitch about. I know plenty of people in mass with no reason and got it just fine cause they didn’t break the law. If you were denied no matter how much you want a gun…you probably shouldn’t have one anyways.

        • Scott

          I believe in being able to own and carry firearms but saying mass law is unconstitutional is incorrect. “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

          It was written with the intention of all the states to be able to have a well
          Armed army because at that point in time the states protected and regulated them selves there was very little federal government anything. The only reason we still are able to posses any sort of firearm is because “it shall not be infringed” and its not, it’s being regulated which everyone should be content with that certain people who have assaults and charges on their record are legally getting access to escalate their actions.

          • DA5H

            Really? You don’t think that people in cities like Salem, Peabody, Danvers, and others, where the issuing authority WILL NOT issue a permit to ANYONE but the police, are having their right to keep and bear arms infringed upon?? Please…

          • Ron

            Dash, That’s BS! I live in Peabody and I had absolutely no problem getting a Class A ‘unrestricted’ LTC. And, no, I’m not a cop. I’m just an average Joe like you.

          • Buck Farack

            Ron, the fact is that a police chief in any town can make an arbitrary decision and in some towns they deny all LTC applications as a matter of procedure. I got mine in 51 days from a town where the Chief is a big 2A proponent but not all towns do that and that is an infringement.

          • Dmkdale

            right, Scott, that’s why it says “the rights of the people”?? Don’t you think if it applied to the states it would read “the rights of the states”?? You think that, alone among the right enumerated in the Bill, only the 2nd applies to the states and not the people?. It was written so ‘the people’ would have the means to resist tyranny

          • Michael Scott

            ‘Firearms enthusiast” sounds so much better than “gun nut.”

          • Libertarian

            Scott, you are a moron and your lame reasoning is believed as gospel by every champagne liberal in the North East.

            1) The militia was every able bodied man between the ages of 18 to 49 – NOT the National Guard, and 2) SCOTUS held in Heller that the 2nd Amendment is a personal right – NOT a state right.

            Look up your facts, Scott, before making baseless conclusory statements. As usual, conclusory remarks sound nice to liberals, but are often untrue.

          • RVNMike

            No true. An English language historian has already disproved that line of though. He explained that the language of the time meant what it said when it said “the right of the people” shall not be infringed. He went on the explain in great detail. Fact checking proved he was telling the truth.
            Reading the letters of the founding fathers and their speeches also confirmed what he said. No free man shall be disbarred the use of weapons.
            You should read a little more about the country you were lucky enough to be born in. You have been misled by your teaches and politicians since you were born. I learned a lot more about American rights after I left Mass.

        • David

          You don’t have to be an asshole to have a record. You only need to have an ex-wife. The first thing that happens in a divorce is that they rush to see who can get a restraining order first, giving them the heads up. Josh, don’t call other people assholes until you know the facts. Otherwise, you’re and asshole.

        • Nicholas G Kaltsas

          HERE HERE JOSH!

          My fear is that there are some that are wrongfully convicted!


      YES! That is com communistic BS!

    • sports1948

      I agree way to much to ask of anyone

    • I completed an accredited handgun safety course in Spfld Mass and took my cert to the chief of police just to get a permit TO OWN, not even carry a gun. I was told that yes, I had the second ammend right to bear arms….. now have a good day, NO. I have never had a record. Mass doesn’t honor or care about the constitution. But, I now live in Utah and have a concealed permit.

      • RVNMike

        I moved first to VA. then Texas, then to Va again and now in N.C.. I will not even travel to Mass to see old friends.

      • whooosh

        I got mine in Nevada, where we had an 8 hour course in safety and the law. Then we went to a gun range where we had to qualify with our handgun. If you can’t hit a barn, then you don’t get a license to carry. Then the 4 month wait for the FBI check etc.
        I’m a firm believer in qualifying with a weapon.

    • NoHoE

      Seems that way, in Northampton, MA it is up to the Chief of Police to say yes or no to granting an LTC A, he can simply not like the way you look.

      • Luke Larsen

        Exactly that is how it is in every town/city in MA. I have my LTC Class A, but this state is completely violating our rights.

        • Buck Farack

          Agree w/ Luke. I have my LTC (they no longer do Class A&B in MA) but it’s an arbitrary decision but the local police chief.

          • darthcoder

            I Believe the MA SC ruled recently that the suitability clause is so vague as to be unenforceable. I understand GOAL is working hard on rolling back the nonsense going on in the licensing process.

      • buster

        Mass. is not a shall issue state. It is a ‘may’ issue state. So even tho everything is fine on application, the law states a license ‘may be issued. There is a ‘suitability’ clause that gives the Chief absolute discretion, with no recourse for the applicant.

    • Kittens&Politics

      State’s Rights. You don’t like em, move to Texas.

    • Fran Taylor

      Not according to the Ma. Supreme Court.

      • Luke Larsen

        That doesnt make it any more Constitutional. Back in the day even the federal supreme court stated that blacks werent humans and couldnt be US citizens. Just because a bunch of puppets in black gowns vote against your Constitutional right, doesnt mean they are in the right.

    • Todd Alfke

      It honestly has to do with your local sheriff, the buck stops at them, MASS does not hold it from residents it is the local sheriff. And generally it has to do with immigrant populations, I live in central MA, country living, predominately white community – frankly red neck central and the cops there say as long as you have no felonies and not on any depression or anxiety drugs “specially cannabis” now legal for medical use in MA you can carry with class A license. NO HERB can mix with LTC! But the ATF loves their alcohol tobacco and firearms. So being out of control on the most common drug used is fine, but relaxed and having the munchies is a problem. Do the right thing people, regardless of what outsiders expect from you.

  • Phusion

    My question is what is a justified reason as mentioned above in the requirements for submitting for a class A license? Isn’t the protection of ones self and family good enough or is this only for the rich who “carry large amounts of cash” on a daily basis? I currently live in Florida and will be moving to mass in the next few months and currently have been carrying concealed for almost 5 years now. If you are a law abiding citizen and have a clean record and are also ex military (such as I) there should be no such reason I couldn’t receive a class A license. This is complete non sense.

    • Kevinbr91

      i live in Boston. when i went to go get my FID and asked the lic. officer that same question, he said that in boston it is next to impossible to get a Class A unrestricted. doesnt matter if you are a veteran or not. at the time my brother was overseas and coming back and he asked me to ask them. and even though hes a veteran he hasnt gotten his class A, he told me that only doctors and lawyers may have the bext chances of gettin a class a in boston. my advice to you. dont move into boston. some cities or towns may give you a Class a .(provided you complete the safety course) . look up online for “green” cities regarding ltc A’s in mass.. and look for a place to move in those cities..

    • Soto

      These are the words used when I applied, “all lawful purpose, Including the protection of life and property”

      That’s it…
      This was for Worcester. The supposed most impossible city to obtain an unrestricted Class A license in the commonwealth

      I believe that when make an attempt to justify their right to carry by using too many words or reasons it raises concerns with the authorities.

      • MassGuns4life

        They did away with the wording Protection of life & Property on licenses because your really not allowed to protect your property or protect your self on private property, Thats why they issued it as Protection of Life, as the Licensing officer said to me Lowell police Dept, When Defense Attorneys took over Massachusetts they kept changing the wording of the issuing of license and then it became All Lawful Purposes, It made it easier to pull your LTC because what is more lawful than the word protection? I went threw three types of these politically correct terms, I held A license to carry way before they started this Class A Crap, Now My class A LTC say restrictions as None, If we are going to have a system where you need government permition to own and carry a firearm then it should atleast be one license across the bored and please bring back the Life time FID card and drop the price back to $35 for the our Licenses, If I had my way I would do away with Licenses and have a stand your ground law and end chapter 180 all together.

        • Robert Martin

          You tell em’ Guns4life. These demoncraps up here are certifiable. They should all have to go to Kennesaw, GA and start over. They might actually gain some insight to the constitution.

        • Maitai

          Well, I just don’t know. An applicant who doesn’t know the difference between “permission,” and (sic) “permition;” “board,” and “bored;” or “through,” and “threw;” to me, that raises some red flags.

      • Maskofdesign

        i have to say your reason for obtaining a class a ltc in Worcester is virtually a mirror image of what i wrote. I did also express my constitutional rights, but not overdone. As a lifelong resident of Worcester and hearing others say “oh man NO WAY are you getting a unrestricted in Worcester” i say HOGWASH!! I think Worcester is a green town , maybe just a little more discriminating when issuing. So yes, in fact ! did recieve my class A unrestricted…first time out of the gate!

    • Do you really need to move to MA?  I’m in FL now but will going to home state, MA to finalize my move out of that taxing and socialist state.  After sale of home up there who knows, Nevada?

    • Robert Martin

      Well, fellow vet, you are absolutely right in your assesment of MA. But. To make your life simpler, just put down, “For any lawful purpose”.

  • Gladehand25

    can i  shoot at zombe targets in ma

    • J J

       I do not believe that you can legally buy and/or shoot at any target that is of or resembles a human being.

      • Lolwut

        That is false information JJ, That law only applies to Gun clubs that have a Class A license through the state. There is only one that I know of and that is in andover.

        • Rdhiaire

          Cape Ann Sportsman’s Club allows zombies and human shapes

      • That’s a myth. Many ranges have silhouette targets.

    • FMR AFSP

       Yes you can, they have them in Salisbury, MA range.

  • DMolinari

    I’m a non resident and the cost of a LTC is ridiculous. I
    remember years ago they had a “POLL” tax in some states including Mass. Well
    they deemed it illegal due to the fact it’s charging someone for their
    constitutional right to vote. Wouldn’t the same apply to our second amendment
    right? Secondly why 5 times the price for equal licensing time? Non Resident is
    by the year, resident is for 5 years. I had a business in MA for years and had
    only to pay the resident fee. Well I have retired since and after 25 years of MA
    permits I am getting the shaft. I still pay MA taxes since I part time work in
    MA. These people in MA have their collective heads up their backsides. The gun
    owners should file a class action suit against the state for their attitudes for
    the armed citizen. Talk about communism.

  • MassGuns4life

    Keep in mind, This state is runned by defense attorneys, to have the license issuing put on the state level is Almost impossible, some dems will lose their seats here in mASS this coming electing and that might help us in some areas. My brother lives in Lowell and he has a restricted LTC A  They upgraded his LTC from target and hunting to sporting, that only means he can carry while hiking under sporting, what a fking joke,

  • Lrosado0869

    So im in the military and my home state is mass but not my resident state. Im trying to get a conceal carried permit. I travel there on a regular basis. Does any one know the requirements for a military member. Would i still need to take the class? 

  • Matthew Hood

    My question is: Toward the end of the out of state application, It has emplyment of military use only, commanding officer approval; what is this used for? i’m in the military but want to carry off duty, is this for my command to approve me carrying off duty, or to carry intown while on-duty? anyone who can offer insight before i submit my application would be greatly appreciated.

  • MassGuns4life

    Lets hope we can pass the stand your ground law here, It passed in NH but they didn’t updated on the NH site here.

    • Patrick Bateman

      That would be great!

      Only good things can come of a “stand your ground” law! We need more of these to keep us all safe, of course.

  • climber55

    I recently applied form my LTC. First off let me say the person who took my application was wonderful and informative. I was told that as a result of my passed record [no convictions] that it was somewhat doubtful if I would be approved for my LTC but there would be no problem with a FID. The person told me that I could not be refused a FID. I have had a LTC in the past but stupidly let it expire.
      But here is the clincher I was told it will take 10 weeks to process my application ?

  • Rcroteauiii

    If I was arrested for missing a court date because of exprired car insurance and registration, can I still get a license to carry?

  • Anthony02126

    I completed my Basic Firearms Course November 22, 2011
    I went to the PD Licensing with my paper work on January 27, 2012
    I went to qualify shoot on February 13, 2012
    and was told by the  officers running it that I’d get my LTC in the mail in 6 weeks.
    It’s been 7 weeks now does anyone have any Idea why this is taking so long?
    I can’t even apply to a job a friend lined up for me until it is physically in my possession.

    • POL

      I just posted above – took me 47 weeks from application submission to license in hand, and that was with calling a few times in between. The person I went with who simultaneously applied with me got theirs in about 25 weeks.

      • law states you should get it within 40 days (work days). that is exactly what it took me to get mine this past March. they are breaking the law. it is on the licensing authority and not the state police. sometimes they sit on these things without submitting them to the state. look at the state’s website, it shows which batch of licenses they are currently working on.

        • rw21r

          got a link for that ?

        • Bedlam

          I’d love a link to that page as well. Been waiting over 40 days now as well….

  • TheSheklly

    i always amazed at how stupid people from MASS are. They seriously have no idea how to get real gun laws enacted and crappy ones thrown out.

    • stupid is as stupid does. who is more stupid, us in ma or those who call us stupid without understanding the issue? didn’t you read several posts before that these laws are passed as consumer protection regulations instead of gun laws? that we have discretionary licensing decisions? those are the two closest issues that I can relate to your comment. the others I mostly agree with such as the need to check for mental condition and criminal record before giving you a gun.
      next time reserve your colorful and “smart comments”

  • POL

    I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to process my application. It took 47 weeks, but my LTC class A unrestricted finally arrived. I think I’d better apply for my renewal a year in advance! 

  • literate

    Massachusetts does NOT have a stand-your-ground law. It has been proposed, but the governor has promised to veto it. Until most of our senate decides to end their careers, and Patrick is somehow forcibly prevented from vetoing the bill, murder will remain a crime in Mass.

  • DE

    Im a 31 year old guy who wants to get his LTC, but when i was 18 i got into some trouble with friends breaking into a closed building.(stupid I know, and ive been denied jobs because of it) Im almost certain its listed as a felony….do i stand a chance at getting my LTC, or is a felony a disqualifier in all cases no matter what?

    • pennray1

      Forget it, you have no chance at all.

  • TS

    i submitted my renewal for my ltc back at the end of february and i just checking in at the local PD and it still hasnt come in…what is the realistic time frame that this process is getting thru. technically the law states you should have it or a response within 40 days…this is getting pathetic……this state is unbelievable……….

  • Chris

    Ok heres my questiin i was thinking about getting my ltc but ive been arrested for A&b but it was continued with out a finding for 6 months with after paying fines my records show it as dismissed should i even try? Sorry for double post

  • Chris

    Question i was arrested for A&B got contiuned with out a finding for 6 months my records show it as dismissed does that hurt my chances of obtaining an ltc

  • cdog19861

    if I’m in a methadone clinic and I’m almost out and haven’t touched a narcotic in over a year now can i legaly apply for my ltc in Massachusetts? Pleas any help would be extremely helpful..i applied in 2010 and was denied because i filled out question 10 wrong. I’m so stupid! ..also said I’m an unfit person. i just do not want to fail this time. its very important for me to achieve this in my life ill do what ever it takes..and thank you for any help or information you can throw my way.. take care

    • Will

      No. If you have had any substance abuse issues (including alcohol such as a DUI) then you can not get an LTC in Massachusetts. Don’t even try to lie, because if you do then the police WILL find out when they do your background check.

    • pennray1

      Forget it, you have a snow balls chance in hell to get a permit of any kind.

  • VSanity

    I’m an SC resident (student) moving back up to MA in a month or so. I’ve got a pistol with no concealed carry permit. I don’t care to carry my gun around with me, but I was wondering what do I need to do to hold my gun on my property “legally” in MA?

  • AdirondackKid

    Update on wait time:

    I just got my Class A license in Massachusetts (7/13/2012). When I applied they said that I should expect to wait 8-10 weeks for my license to come. It came in just over 6 weeks.

  • jcnhwildcat

    I have a squeeky clean record, concealed carry permits in my home state of NH and non-resident in Maine, have several NRA certifications and it still took nearly 3 months after my in person interview in Chelsea to receive my Mass class A LTC with employment & target restrictions. What do you have to say to get an unrestricted class A?

  • Derrik

    OK I have a question. I have a juvenile record of a robbery ( I screwed up as a kid ) when I was 15. I then went and served my country in the United States Marine Corps as a infantry machine gunner. I served honorably and was in combat day in and day out while in Marjah, Afghanistan and I also served as a policing unit while in Ramadi, Iraq. I’m currently 24 years old, will I have a problem getting a class A LTC considering I served my country honorably where they gave me a weapon for four years?

    • kazetsukai

      Move to NH if you haven’t already, stop giving tyrants your tax money.

  • Papa Bear

    where does Mass. rank nationally in # of concealed carry permits? Stephen in Sherwood, Oregon.

  • ct

    My 76 y.o. neighbor has had a permit all his life, got refused this year for a DUI arrest from 1956 in alaska while he was in the army, my friend got refused from a juvenile (sealed) record for a non violent issue.

  • kabonka99

    Anyone applied in Rowley mass. for a Class A LTC lately? How did it go.


  • SpeakLibertyNow

    So I am a sitting duck for any Boston robber or rapist while on vacation. Lovely, cradle of liberty. Lovely.

  • sports1948

    Does anyone know if you have a valid Ct pistal permit and want to get a Massachusetts permit is the NRA class that I took back in June to get my Ct permit good enough to get a Massachusetts permit?

    • pennray1


  • Ma. Sucks

    screw massachusetts!!! other than that other liberal bullshit State, Illinois, which doesn’t issue at all, the requirements are ridiculous. two passport photos?? what the hell is that? write a letter stating why you want or need a permit…how about this. The 2nd Amendment!!! that’s my letter you liberal assholes!!!!
    Used to live in Taxachusetts for work…never happier than the day I got to move to Pa. where we “hold on to our guns and our Bibles”.

    • flyfisherman 911

      Bibles don’t do you much good, guns do.

      • kazetsukai

        You’d be surprised.

  • anthonyd

    if anyone can help with a question i want to get a class a ltc i have never been convicted but have a couple of court dates on my cori last court date i think was in ’98 or ’99 will i be denied the ltc class a? i also live in Massachusetts

    • pennray1

      If you were not convicted, there is no court record to worry about!

  • Liliya

    MA gun laws are just ridiculous… As a single mother just out of an abusive relationship(with a restraining order), i feel the need to have a license to carry. Massachusetts has made this near impossible. Apparently it’s ‘safer’ for me to be unarmed against a 200 lb man with combat training and means, motive and will to kill me than for me to carry a firearm. Since when did the state decide a mother can’t protect her child?

  • BackwoodsJW

    See I took the class, was told if someone comes in your home your best bet is to shoot first, then call 911 just do not say over the line that you shot them, just say you have it under control at the moment. 911 is recorded remember. I also did not have to write a reason for my wanting a Class A LTC, I just went to the PD (where I also currently work) and my Sgt. sent the application into Chelsea. Either way this state sucks because it took a little over 3 months for me to get it. It might be due to the fact that so many people are applying these days to prepare for who knows what. Also I was a first time applicant, and I received an unrestricted Class A.

  • Mr. D

    why do you need the valid reasons stated above. I thought you could put down for a reason”for any lawful purpose” No?

  • Jethro

    Hi folks, MA concealed carry permit holder here. I will be relocating to NC next month, I know if says it above, but want to be sure NC will honor my CCP or do I need to retake the class and re-apply down there?

  • proud the carrier

    The banning or limitting guns is not the ansawer maybe you sould eat your stake with out a knife because nifes kill.The fact many pepoel don’t under stand that it.s not the gun that kills it’s the person behine the gun . If more pepoel carried their still would be these killings but maybe some one would get a shot off to end it and hopefully save lifes even if it was only one life ,hey that one life could your wife or kid .

  • Hadley

    Has any one had to go infront of the firearms review board to get your ltc how long did you have to wait to get the results?


  • Paul

    So reading this I have to keep my handgun concealed in public, right?

  • MassGuns4life

    The town of Westford is getting ready for a ban on 80% of all firearms,

  • Raylan Givens

    I stole some gum from the 7-11 when I was 8.
    If they find out, I can’t go dove hunting with my shotgun
    OH NO, Tuesdays will never be the same!

  • Mark

    Where is the list of areas/places where you can not carry in Ma. ?

  • bugzy7210

    i got my class A unrestricted IN MASS.. S&W 9…

  • Texheim

    Alright, I’ll be in Mass in a few months and I have a Texas CHL; I do not plan to carry while in Mass. If I happen to run into a situation where I’m dealing with the police (pulled over, drunken bar fight) do I need to inform the officer that I have a Tx CHL even when I’m not carring?

  • Simply renewing your FID card in Massachusetts is a intrusive process that takes over 4 months. Geezus…4 months? And don’t BS me about it. I just renewed….4 months. If that is not an infringement of your 2nd amendment rights, I don’t know what is…

  • kev

    How’s it going people I live in the city of Boston , and I am going for an employment restricted Ltc and I have had treatment for depression, I met with the chief who didn’t deny me right off the bat he said I needed a doctors note which I got a couple days ago and will be going to meet with him again Wednesday. Does he tell me on the spot if I’ll get it? How long will the background check take? (I have never been arrested) And If I fail the range qualifications the first time can I just retake it?

  • NoHoE

    I’ve been waiting over 90 days since applying for an FID in Northampton, MA…I may have to file a law suite.

  • NoHoE

    I’ve been waiting now for over 90 days in Northampton, MA…unreal.

  • NoHoE

    I’ve been waiting over 90 days in Northampton, MA…unreal. Lawsuite?

  • charlesbigtruck

    Under our state constitution (Declaration of Rights) it states that “Article XVII. The people have a right to keep and to bear arms for the common defence. And as, in time of peace, armies are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be maintained without the consent of the legislature; and the military power shall always be held in an exact subordination to the civil authority, and be governed by it. Please tell me again why we have a even have CCW Permit.

    • Frank

      that Article XVII is against the Constitution. It s so clear to me that amazes that that article still stands. The “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. That’s the Constitution and doesn’t mention “consent of legislature” at all. The US Constitution supersedes ANY State and Local regulations. Massachusetts anti Constitutional “may issue” legislation will come to an end…just matter of time.

      • Charles

        I say that Article XVII backs up the Second Amendment and that having the state require a person to have permit is illegal just as needing a license, registration and insurance to drive a car.. Check the definition of Liberty.

        • Frank

          I guess you have to learn how to read then! Where is written in the Constitution that you need a “consent” to keep and bear arms? The article is separated by a comma hope people understand what a comma is and its function. The “militia” phrase is completely separated by the second one. The 2nd IS our LTC, period. The only common sense measure is to keep weapons out of the hands of felons or mentally ill otherwiseI do not a permit to carry. Driving License? That is not a right the 2nd is! Do you need a license to exercise your free speech? Any other interpretation, Supreme Court and so on.. are just attempts of he political branch to control people, limiting their rights. That article is so simply written and easy to understand that it astonishes me looking at all the court decisions in merit. I guess no one can simply, anymore.

          • buster

            Frank, right. In order to have a militia, first the people must have their own arms, thats how I read it. And the only rights are individual rights, unalienable.

          • cenk

            Time will come that the absurd and anti Constitutional laws in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and others, will be overthrown , for good. It’s a shame that those laws are still on the books and the courts of those States have also upheld them!

  • Aaron

    Living in Michigan right now, but moving to Boston, MA at the end of August. I have a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL), will I have trouble getting a non-resident LTC? I don’t even want/need to carry outside of the home, just want the weapon in my home in case I need to protect myself/family/property.

  • anonymouse

    I received my class A in Lowell a month ago. It’s restricted to “sporting” which is bullsh*t. If anyone has a clean record, that’d be me. Not bragging or anything but I really don’t have a single reason to have a restriction on my license. I did training courses, I go to the range often, I AM A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. What good does having a gun at home do me if I get home from work and someone’s broken in already? There’s been B&Es going on around my area. Can I protect my family AND my property? Or should I go: “Oh wait a second mister criminal, I gotta go upstairs and unlock my safe to protect myself. Make yourself at home while you wait.” How can I change the restriction to “unrestricted”? It’s my right, it’s the second amendment. What do I have to do to change that?

    • Craig Ryan Allaby

      Same exact problem here in Dracut. I was told that after 2 years, I can send the Chief a letter asking for the restriction to be lifted but, IDK if that would work, seeing what others said.
      & yes, I know that I responded to an old post.

  • PAGSY2000

    What do I list as a reason on my Massachusetts application for a license to carry? It says it could be one of three reasons. Carrying large amounts of cash, threats against your life, or a dangerous profession. I do not fall in any of those categories. I do have a clean background. Just don’t know what to list as a reason except that I have a right under the constitution of the United States of America.

  • Daniel Webster

    There should be reciprocity throughout all 50 states, just as drivers licenses are honored in all 50 states. If you qualify for licensing in one state, there should be no need to acquire licenses in other states in order to carry….this would truly comply with the original intention of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  • john

    If it is so tough to get why do so few states accept? Do many states honer other states licenses?

  • Bruce Atkins

    if you have an honerable discharch from the u s military you do not need to take a safety course just give them a copy of your dd214 is shows the weapons you qualified on

  • bill

    what happens ir the person with permit to carry passes away and the wife or husband does not have permit to carry?

  • Sandman

    When I retire in 5 years I will be spending my money that I earned in Mass in a free state like New Hampshire.

  • Peter Putnam

    Folks, I’m a public school teacher who just got the LTC class A license here in Western Mass. Now of course I have way too many questions to ask here, so better to just ask where can one get the real low down on what one can and cannot do with my new license. The only question I will mention is if my license isn’t good in all the States surrounding me, how the hell do I transport me and my gun to, say, Texas, where I’d like to go in summer, thsanks for any info you can muster

  • Loaded

    You will be checked and all records researched thoroughly from the time you were born – Averything from day one will be revealed!

  • Fran T.

    Do you carry a Less Than Lethal Weapon in addition to your firearm? I sometimes carry my pistol, in accordance with my concealed carry permit but when I do I always carry my pepper spray as an option to deadly force. I know the chance of my need in a firearm is much less than my needing my pepper spray, which I have needed a few times, for attacking dogs. When you leave the house if you carry a firearm, its an awesome responsibility and deadly force is always a last resort. I know that almost all assaults start with someone shooting off their big mouth and maybe a threat to “punch you out’ but that doesn’t get you to the point of being justified in using your gun for defense, or even drawing it. Using pepper spray on the other hand is an option. Its far better than shooting someone and taking a life, even if the guy is a dirt bag. Unless your a active duty law enforcement officer, you have no duty to apprehend anyone, only to survive an assault on you as best you can with the least amount of force necessary. I can tell you from decades of experience, a good pepper spray unit that will shoot about 10 feet minimum works on about 95 % of the people you will encounter. Keep in mind that many shootings don’t always lead to success. People miss, gun gets dropped, and Murphy’s Law steps in and makes it all a big mess.
    I would much rather try to defend my use of pepper spray, even though armed with a pistol, than to shoot someone because I got into a spot and let it escalate to the point of deadly force being used. If the other guy doesn’t have a weapon, I know I am going to have a very hard time justifying my use of a gun, even though I am now “officially” a “Senior” citizen, and to some dirt bags, they see me as a target.
    I could just stay home for the rest of my life but, that’s not happening, nor should I have to.

  • MIKE


  • bbhdogs

    I live just outside the City of Boston, and I applied for my LTC A unrestricted in March. Its going on 90days and I have not received it yet. The kicker is, I contacted the licensing bureau whom stated that the license was approved March 31st and it was mailed out the local PD. I contacted the PD, whom returned my call and left me a message stating that I was approved but that he is still waiting for my license. I call bull*&^*. But I don’t know what to do! Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do.

  • bbhdogs

    I live just outside the City of Boston, and I applied for my LTC A unrestricted in March. Its going on 90days and I have not received it yet. The kicker is, I contacted the licensing bureau whom stated that the license was approved March 31st and it was mailed out the local PD. I contacted the PD, whom returned my call and left me a message stating that I was approved but that he is still waiting for my license. I call bull*&^*. But I don’t know what to do! Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do.

  • rogpeck

    Florida would recognize Mass conceal carry permit if it honored ours (Florida), as we do with all states that recuperate and would benefit its people as such a large amount show up each winter. The Federal background checks are the same and once issued, should be honored in all states.
    The fact that Mass would not even allow me to purchase ammo, show this state has leaned way to far left and conflicts with the 2d Amendment and tells me to spend my money someplace else, like 10 miles into Rhode Island which does not have ammo restrictions.

  • edgy01

    Massachusetts is certainly one of the tighter states when it comes to a License to Carry but it’s not as impossible as many others, e.g., California–if you’re in the wrong county there, nothing will pass muster.

    I had a concealed permit in Massachusetts for several years when I lived/worked in the Lincoln area. The police chief was very fair and commented once to me that everyone who ultimately had a CCW in Massachusetts was never found to violate any gun regulation/law. You would think they would then want to sign off on more of them!


  • JimR

    Texas reciprocates with a MA CCW holder but MA won’t honor mine from TX, or any other state which blows since I’ll be visiting there in the near future. Nothing better happen to me where I need to defend myself in such a manner….

  • Mrk

    God I hope I never have to live there.

  • SNS77

    Do you say open carry is “prohibited” because you know it isn’t actually illegal…? You should definitely clarify that statement. There is nothing that prohibits open carry in Massachusetts. People don’t do it because we’ve allowed the general public to associate guns with bad guys, and many of them freak out and call the police when they see average people carrying. The big problem is that if the responding police decide to give your Chief of Police – the guy who holds the ultimate say over your permit – a call about the incident, the Chief has the right to arbitrarily pull your license and declare you and “unsuitable person”. Then you have to make lawyers rich to get it back.

  • CDV1958

    Does anyone have input whether to submit my application for a Class A license in the town of Arlington (my place of business) or in Lynn (my residence)?

    • Craig Ryan Allaby

      You must submit your application to the town where you live.

  • Mark

    Does any one know the law covering concealed carry in public or private buildings that post “No Weapons” signs on their doors. I know that one can’t carry in government buildings, i.e. a post office etc. Thanks.

    • surveyor

      The carrying of a firearm into a place which the owner or manager has posted as a “no guns” allowed zone would constitute trespass.

      • Mark R

        Thanks for your response. If I may trouble you a bit further, do you know the statute in Mass law? Or, where I can go to find it?

        • surveyor

          I’m not an attorney so I may not be referencing the best statute for this, it was part of the course I took for instructor training. M.G.L. Chapter 266, section 121 states “Section 121. Whoever, without right, enters upon the land of another with firearms, with intent to fire or discharge them thereon, and, having been requested by the owner or occupant of such land or by his agent to leave such land, remains thereon, shall be punished by a fine of not more than two hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than two months, or both. ” It may seem to be a stretch to satisfy the requirement of “…intent to fire or discharge…” but the argument could be made that the only reason to carry concealed is if you intend to be prepared to fire. The provision pertaining to the owner or agent’s request would certainly be satisfied by the posting of the sign.

          Again, I’m not an attorney so someone else may have a better answer or possibly can add a case law reference for a better explanation.

          • Mark R

            Thanks again for your response. I spoke to the state police this evening and the trooper said essentially the same thing that you quoted, that is, one may enter armed (signs notwithstanding) but if discovered and asked to leave one must leave. He even elaborated a bit saying, “Even as a law enforcement official (permitted to carry in ALL states), he would have to leave any public establishment if asked to do so unless he was acting in an official capacity.) I am still looking for the “Trespassing” statute if it exists in my state.
            If I may add, the wording, “without right” and “with intent to fire” sounds like colonial military speak to me. I would be very interested to know the date of this M.G.L. What say you?

  • Stu

    I live in the Berkshires and just received my LTC, Class A Unrestricted in 24 days! Maybe there is hope for this state!!!

  • big mike

    i want to carry a gun with me all times whats the best way to go about it i don’t have anything yet

  • I just received my Class A unrestricted in 20 days in Massachusetts. Local Police Department (Grafton) was very helpful.

  • LorenzoJ

    Required documents and other info really out of date, no birth certificate required, no year expiration on safety course, no Class B permit now, etc . Check the actual state application for details

  • Julien LeBeau Vargas

    To those who obtained a carrying permit on a scale of 1-10 How difficult was it?

  • Kyle Reed

    So if I live in NH and want a mass license to conceal because I work in mass and always go to mass. Means I can only go with a gun if I’m going to anything that has to do with guns? I can’t just go town to town seeing family with concealed! I’m confused.

  • aa aaa

    If Mary Jo Kopechne had a CCW she might be alive today.

  • Nicholas G Kaltsas

    I looked through some of the posts. Why the hell are you guys fighting amongst yourselves! ENOUGH division. ENOUGH of the separation that has been the goal of this administration! We need to find a way to come together…..we must not be divided! We must be UNITED!

  • Marty

    Can a Sheriff issue a CCL in Massachusetts?

  • Samual Adams

    Can anyone tell me do you need any type of permit for any other ammendment currently on the books such as our 1st ammendment do you need a permit to exercise your freedom of speech, or the 5th do you need a permit to remain silent. So why do we need a permit for our 2nd? If its a tax then isnt it against the law to only tax a select few since everyone already have this god given right. Comments welcome


    My license came in for the non resident. Its a class A large capacity, but the restrictions are (sporting&employment) what does this mean. I’m confused of why they even gave me this

  • Viktor Smirnov

    This is what liberals do to a free state. They have absolutely no respect for US Constitution and rights of law abiding citizens. Their security personnel is armed with large capacity and all kind of “military style” rifles that they don’t want YOU to have.