New Hampshire Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Information on how to obtain your permit, fees, and locations coming soon. If you would like to contribute to this page, please post the information in the State Forums.

Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents and Non-Residents

Example of New Hampshire Non-Resident Permit:

New Hampshire Non-Resident Permit
New Hampshire Non-Resident Permit

Issuing Authority:
Pistol and Revolver licenses are only issued to Non-Residents by the New Hampshire State Police. Please contact your local policing agency for a Resident Pistol/Revolver License.

Out Of State Permit Issue:
New Hamppshire does issue permits to non-residents.

NICS/Background Check:

Permit Valid For:
Licenses expire at midnight on the anniversary of the holder’s date or birth no less than 4 years from the date of issue, with March 2 the expiration for persons born on February 29.

Permit Issued Timeline:
Licenses must be issued or denied within 14 days of application, and if denied, the reason shall be stated in writing and delivered to the applicant within 14 days, with a copy kept by the denying authority. The applicant may appeal a denial within 30 days to the District Court in the jurisdiction in which the person resides, and the court shall hold a hearing within 14 days.

License fees are $10 for residents, for the use of the local law enforcement department, and $100 for nonresidents, for the use of the State.

1. Be a suitable person to be licensed and has good reason to fear an injury to his person or property or has any other “proper purpose.” Hunting, target shooting or self-defense shall be considered proper purposes.

Required Documents:
1. Application form
Download Resident Application
Download Non-Resident Application
2. Non-Resident Only – A copy (front & back) of your valid concealed carry permit issued by the state, county, or town in which you reside, or a valid concealed permit issued by any other state.

Renewal Information:

Change of Name or Address:
If a resident license holder moves to another community, he or she shall notify in writing the licensing authority in his or her new place of residence that he or she has a current license, and the license shall remain in effect until it would otherwise expire. For non-residents, please forward a letter to NH State Police, Permits and Licensing Unit, 33 Hazen Drive, Concord NH 03305 notifying us of the change of address, including the old and new address. If you would like to receive a license that reflects the new address, enclose a fee of $3.00 made out to State of New Hampshire – Treasurer.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
License to carry is required to carry a loaded pistol or revolver in a motor vehicle. Without a permit, handguns must be unloaded and may be carried openly or contained in gun case in the passenger compartment; rifles and shotguns must be unloaded while in a vehicle.

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. Courtroom or area used by a court.

Alcohol and Drugs:
As always, alcohol/drugs don’t mix with firearms. That’s a pretty simple rule of thumb.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
New Hampshire is not a Castle Doctrine state and has no stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Unrestricted under state law and generally accepted.

Localities with Varying Laws:
State law prevents cities and other localities from enacting laws concerning the regulation of firearms, components, ammunition and supplies, which are not in conformity with state law. A municipality or any political subdivision of the state may not any ordinance, law or rule regulating hunting, fishing and trapping.

Forms & Links:
Download Resident Application
Download Non-Resident Application
NRA-ILA: New Hampshire Gun Laws

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  • Bob

    Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:

    New Hampshire has Castle Doctrine now FYI =D

    • Dino

      Yes they do, and a stand your ground law!!!! This site must be updated!!! This law is at least 6months old……..No excuse for not updating this info at least monthly!!!!! Shame!!!

      • Dan

        Not anymore… thanks to the people who voted in the Liberals..

        • Thom Moore

          In 2013 the Senate let the repeal of SYG die on the table. We still have our SYG law.

  • Jon

    I just want to make sure i have this right… Since i have a conceal license for NH I can also  conceal in (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming) without acquiring a separate license from those states? Also what is  (NH Res Permits Only:
    Colorado, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina)?

    • Xmanhockey7

      In states like Michigan, Colorado, Florida, South Carolina (yes SC and there could be more states) you must have a permit from the state that you reside in to have it recognized. So if you have a Utah non-resident you could not carry in Michigan but with any resident permit from any of the 48 issue states you can.

  • Jasonkorinko

    so what are reasons for them to deny your app?

    •  Felon & mental issues are the two most common. Thankfully it’s not like Mass where they can deny you because the police chief or selectmen had a bad bowel movement that day and don’t feel like approving your permit.

      • Holla64

        Can the check be a personal one or does it need to be money order

        • Jamie Boo

          It can be a personal check.

    • Guest

      It is the money !! Plain and simple

  • Luger_38

    How old do u have to be to get ur license because I’m 18

    • Joe

      age isnt a disqualifying factor im 17 now and i just had my permit signed today

      • At 17 how did you get a pistol permit?? you need to be 21 to purchase and carry a pistol.. I seriously doubt they gave you a permit to break the law…

        • JoshuaWolves

          You dont have the right to buy a handgun under 21. You do have the right to possess one and carry it. That is state law.

          • open carry you are correct Joshua.. but for a pistol permit you most definitely won’t be issued one at 17…

          • he got it. i saw it. all is good

          • Joshua Salmonson

            Look up the law Jay, their is nothing that states a minimum age.

        • John

          You need to be 18 in New Hampshire to purchase, posses, and carry a handgun. You have the legal right to do all of these things at and over the age of 18. The federal government has prohibited persons licensed to deal in firearms from selling any weapon other than stocked rifles and shotguns to persons under 21 (Violation of 2nd and 14th Amendments, big surprise.). A persons 18 or over can legally purchase a handgun from a private party in New Hampshire. Please do not spread this disinfo about being magic-21.

  • Sonnyd69

    just got My MA class A with Res target and hunting was woundering if i can apply for a non res LTC for NH??

  • picked up my permit yesterday,  it’s a 4″x6″ piece of paper.   wonder how they expect them to last for 4 years folded up in someones wallet?

    • O_

      Copy and laminate. Shrink it down to so that its credit card size. Mine still looks brand new after 2 years.

      •  Careful, that is not considered a legal document at that point as it’s been modified from it’s original format. Depending on the officers mood it could be problematic. I’d be sure to have the original handy. Mine needs renewal this month and it looks just the way it did when I received it from the Police Cheif except for mines folded into a small square and resides in my wallet behind my Boating license and Auto license. It’s coming up on 4 years and I haven’t had a problem.

        • NHSUE

          I agree with you about shrinking it down….. and also, mine is up for renewal in a month and it still looks like the day i got it.

      • nhgunowner

        In the state of NH you do NOT need to carry your resident pistol license on you. The reason is the police officer will verify your license with your local issuing Police Department. better safe than sorry I do carry mine but legally speaking a citizen’s concealed carry license is a right So by getting your license you are merely informing the police department that you’re exercising that right much like a wedding and marriage license. Your license is private by law as well. Live Free or Die ! the only nearby state with better gun laws is Vermont , which is awesome and has Constitutional Carry!

    • Josh

      I too thought it was funny a Resident gets a little POS paper, but a NON-Resident gets a little card. Is that weird??? Show’s how much common sense runs New Hampshire, and now the NON-Resident is $100. Sorry, but “The right to bear arms” mentioned no tax’s, I mean I do not mind $10, but $100 for the state to spend as they see fit, to much fine print has been added to the right to bear arms.

       I love my country and would die to defend it, but WTF. We keep allowing these laws, fees, and registrations and soon enough all weapons will have a $200 tax stamp, and endless loop holes to jump through.

      P.S. I as well laminated my CCW permit, and it has been accepted by 5 police officers over the course of time, I think most of the State Police and Local Police understand the concern for protecting your license

      • Lauren

        WELL GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN OBAMA WANTS TO REVOKE OUR RIGHT TO ARMS. CLEARLY HE HASN’T CAME OUT OF HIS WORLD AN NOTICED LESS CRIME IN STATES THAT ALLOW ARMS. Also look at youtube video U.S. soldier detained for having a gun holstered because some one called the cops saying he looked scary. I’m sorry but a MILITARY personnel armed I FEEL SAFER.

      • j_hutch

        well it makes more sense for non res, to get the card because they pay $100 for it we pay 10 and they are further away from getting a replacement unlike us but i still see your point i think we should get a card too.

      • Cactusbob

        I came from Swansea, MA and my license came laminated from the state and it was $100.00 for resident, Now I live in AZ and my license comes laminated and it’s only $65.00.

    • livefree

      There is no requirement that you have the original with you when you are carrying concealed. This is the difference between a license and a permit. If you have a reduced-size, laminated copy of your license with you, it will help verify that you have complied with the licensing process for whomever it is that needs to know this information. If a cop wants to know if you have a license to carry, you can tell him “yes, I do.” If he wants to know the number, you can tell him or show him your copy. If he thinks he needs to see the original for some reason, then it might be time to get your attorney in on things, because he has overstepped his requirement and is really close to violating YOUR civil rights.

      • nhgunowner

        Absolutely correct

    • Dino

      LOL!!! yea, I covered mine in plastic……What do you want for 10 bucks??? I remember when auto regs were printed on toilet tissue here for christs sake!!!

    • Take it to staples they will reduce it and laminate it for $3 troopers say its acceptable just keep the original in a safe place

    • Citizen X

      I found that shocking too, but then I just look at it like this: having to actually give us a “permit”, for a Constitutional RIGHT, is bullshit, so you might as well print that shit on toilet paper. So the resident NH conceal carry permits are effectively printed on toilet paper, as a message to the man. FUCK YOU TO THE MAN, WE DON’T NEED NO FUCKING PERMIT.

      • Thomas Kane

        As someone that knows someone, I suggest if you carry concealed, you should do yourself a favor and obtain a license. It’s none of my business what you do or how you do it. But, The difference between having spent $10 and getting the license and being caught carrying without it is several thousand dollars in legal fees, fine of thousands of dollars and lengthy prison terms, because it is a felony. Soon enough it will pass that we won’t need one if we are law abiding citizens, and Constitutional Carry will be law in NH. Don’t commit a felony that will prevent you from owning a firearm forever by being stupid. I don’t like having to “BUY” my 2nd Amendment Right, but $10 is cheap insurance.

  • Heath_475

    Use packing tape to keep it new and readable

  • Rmosher65

    went online got a nh res. lic. to carry application it says phone numbers are optional, nh law says that cities and towns can’t make up their own laws but town of plaistow says you have to give your home phone # are they breaking the law by wanting thi to get your permit.??????

    • Mudman413

      yes, it’s not a requirement to have a phone to carry concealed. read up on your state laws. print them out and present them when you apply for a permit. some towns just suck. mine wanted a photocopy of my license, till I pointed out to them the statute saying “NO OTHER FORM OR PHOTOGRAPH NEEDED”

  • Anonymous

    Did New Hampshire just pass the Castle Doctrine and stand-your-ground law? I hope they update this here.

    • nhgunowner

      Yes NH is castle doctrine

  • Nick Knee

    they just denied my application to carry bc of a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge 10 years ago. is there anything i can do?

    • mac


    • nhgunowner

      Get a good lawyer this is NOT a legal reason for denial you can fight this in court.

    • Chad Vaughn

      A Small Misdemeanor drug offense is no reason to deny your 2nd Amendment Right. They have to have proof of violence, gang relations, anger issues, etc etc to deem it “UNSAFE” to allow you to carry a firearm. Yes you could be under the influence at some point in time with a firearm and that could prove to be probably cause of denial. However looking at the time frame and any other (assuming none) offenses, there is no reason to deny. I would contest.

    • devlin7

      a misdemeanor charge does not = a felony. So I don’t see how it can prohibit you from getting one. If they don’t agree then file with the court for your 10 year old record to be expunged.

  • Nick Knee

    here’s my permit and i am currently carrying!!!!

  • Biggmattman19

    Do you have to be twenty one to carry a concealed wepon in NH?

    • you need to be 21 to purchase and carry a handgun in NH

      • JQ212

        No, you have to be 18.

        You cannot BUY a handgun at 21, but you can be gifted one by someone (although you can’t pay them for it, that’s illegal). But you can possess a handgun in NH at 18.

        • Joshua

          Wrong. Their is no minimum age limit.

    • Lauren

      Its 18 to carry says right there on the application to register

  • Josh

    New Hampshire has tried for the Castle Doctrine, and I feel we should have it, but as of 3/20/2012 we have to run and hide from a attacker, not defend our selfs. We have a right to defend our self’s, but Gov. Lynch is a asshole stuck in his own ways. He has single handly shit on our rights because he’s scared it will drum up violence. 

    • Rerochejr

      I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that NH recently passed a new law that allows one to basically stand your ground to protect yourself, your property or another person. In fact it evens protects you from civil liaibilty.

      • mac

        Yeah the new castle doctrine law has been revoked yet.

    • Joshua Salmonson

      The new law adds “where legally has a right to be”. In NH one had never had to retreat in ones own domicile.

  • Jason C

    I’m a PA CCW. Got my non resident license today. I’ll be traveling up to NH for the weekend to open carry. I just wonder are LEO’s knowledgable of the law or will they try to give me a hard time if they see me open carrying.

    • LEO’s up here are usually fine.. as long as you are being nonchalant about it and not all up in peoples faces about it… I have never had an issue at all.. Just a few stares from people when open carrying…

      • mac

        Just make sure while you are in your vehicle it is unloaded and it is in open view

        • Lauren

          That’s false with permit you are only required to make note to the officer to address that you have a permit an that there is a gun in the car. Trust me I have looked deep into everything to keep from breaking any rules.

        • nhgunowner

          Only IF you do not hold a valid NH ccl

  • John Stuber

    How do I get my CCW permit reissued? My wallet was stolen.

  • BubbasBBQ

    $100 for an out of state permit???? It used to be $20!

    • nhgunowner

      Mass permit for out of state ‘or in state, is $100

      • Buddy_Bizarre

        Mass is $100… for 1 year!!

  • Anonymous Andy

    Is there a minimum age for getting a a license?

    • chris

      18, i got mine at 19. its weird, you have to be 21 to purhase a handgun from an FFL, but private sale is not mandated, permit at 18, but you still have to be 21 to buy ammo. luckily most mom and pop shops dont care with ammo.

  • Nick

    Do you have to be present in order to get a concealed license? I am in the army (currently over seas). I am a resident of NH. Also is there a military discount?

    • TheSkepticalCynic

      I had a license a few years ago, let it expire, and then more recently reapplied for one. On both occasions, the approved license was hand delivered to my residence by a home town police officer.

  • Dawgs

    I don’t believe I will spend $100 on this permit, so you can just keep it, I don’t spend that much on my home state so there;s no way in hell I will buy it. NH kiss my ass!

  • Joel

    I have a 19 year old daughter who wants to get her ccw. I cannot find a definitive answer online on if that is allowed or not. Is it? Any help would be appreciated.

    • TheGameGuru

      It’s 18 in NH.

  • Patrick

    Where it says date approved next to the signature at the bottom, is that for you to date or the state? P.S. it’s a non-resident permit.

  • Tim

    As NH resident am I allowed to mail the application in or do I have to deliver it in person to the local police?

  • Mary

    charge $20 dollars and I have 32 friends that would purchase them. But for $100 you can keep it! I can’t see getting price gouged by greedy people. I only need it for Georgia. But can live without it!

  • Marty Gary

    I will no longer be purchasing a permit from NH.

  • David

    The “NRA-ILA:New Hampshire Gun Laws” file just above the permit map appears to be corrupted. I cannot open it and if I download it Adobe Reader (latest version) won’t open it either.

  • Does anyone know where to go in Orford, NH to submit my form?

  • j_hutch

    i just want to thank the state of nh for letting us do what we want “LIVE FREE OR DIE” i never knew just how much nh stands buy that. until i was reading nh gun laws befor getting my license to carry. so thank you N.H.

    • ernaldin

      The liberal infiltrators from Mass, Conn, NY, NJ, etc are making it tougher by the day. We should ban immigration from socialist states!

  • Dan

    Does anybody know if you can you buy a hand gun in NH with a non resident permit?

  • Ken Cogburn

    Its not a PERMIT…its a LICENSE !!!!!!!

  • Guest

    If I’m a CCL in Mass. and I can open carry in NH, other than concealment, why should I apply for a CCL in NH for $100? Given the previous question, when I open carry in NH, do I need to unload my pistol when I am in a vehicle?

    • Conundrum

      Yes, it has to be unloaded in a vehicle if you don’t have a license. The magazine can even be next to it, NH supreme court ruled the magazine has to actually be *in* the weapon. Given your situation there is no reason to pay the $100 unless you want to conceal carry or transport in a vehicle LOADED.

    • ernaldin

      NH does NOT reciprocate with Mass….

  • nhgunowner

    Under “requirements” this needs to state that the “suitable person” requirement only refers to issuance of out of state non resident ccl. This does not apply to NH residents who are legal UScitizens

  • Dave

    Do you have to be 21 to get a conceal permit

    • TheGameGuru

      No. It’s 18 in NH

  • Gk

    Will NH renew my Restricted for work hours only “carry” permit??? Looks like it says a copy of home state permit OR ANY other valid to you out of state carry permit?? What is this BS??

  • Matthew A. Berish

    Still no update on the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Law? Its what makes NH badass!

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    Hey Guys, I am 20 years old and looking to get my CCW, people have said that I cant get it until I turn 21, but I cannot find a law or statement anywhere online about the age at which I can get my permit. If you guys could let me know what the law is, I would really appreciate it.

  • Bubba Grant

    Why doesnt south carolinia nothonored this permit?

  • Alex

    I am a mass res with a Utah non res CCW. I can carry in NH right its not limited to utah residents?

  • Gary

    If you check out website USCCA it states that a MA CCP will be reciprocating in NH. Why then is it NOT the reverse?

  • James

    Denied in Stratham and Exeter due to my Juvenile Record is this even legal?

  • Turned my application in the other day, looking into a C&F, and rather happy with this state.

  • MB

    I paid my $10 (lol) and got my nh gun license but I’m confused because some told me it wasn’t the same as “license to carry concealed”, which is what I thought I was applying for. I’ve been called as a reference for others to get their’s, but none of my references were called and I got my license the day after I dropped it off.
    Any ideas if I got the license to carry concealed? Lol I don’t mean to sound dumb, but seriously, wouldn’t it say on the license or at least on the application?
    Thanks in advance for shedding some light on the subject!

  • michael

    how many states can you carry with a NH permit

  • Guest

    I just got my non-resident permit. how come it doesn’t say concealed on it anywhere?

  • J Rocco


  • Mike

    Can someone tell me, as a MA LTC holder, if I want to take my gun to a NH range, can I transport it unloaded/and locked in my range bag in the trunk of my car to the range without an out of state NH license? I have no desire to carry in NH, just transport it to a range, practice for a bit and lock it back up in the back of my car.