New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue to Residents and Non-Residents
Issuance of the permit is almost completely discretionary, and New Jersey courts have upheld the policy of strictly limiting permits “to persons pecifically employed in security work . . . and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection.”

Issuing Authority:

Application is made to the police chief where the applicant resides or to the Superintendent of State Police if the community does not have a police chief or if the applicant is a nonresident. The licensing authority makes a recommendation to a judge of the Superior Court who grants or denies the permit. The judge may also place restrictions on the permit.

Out Of State Permit Issue:
Yes, see above statement.

NICS check:
Waiting For Information

Permit Valid For:
2 years from the date of issuance


The applicant must meet the requirements of the Permit to Purchase and FID, provide personal information, be fingerprinted, prove his familiarity with the use of handguns, have three reputable people knowing the person for at least three years and have a “justifiable need to carry a handgun.”

A description, including serial number, of every handgun which the applicant intends to carry must be provided. Only one permit need be obtained for all such handguns.

Failure to give notice to an applicant within 60 days is deemed to be an approval of the permit. The procedure for appealing a denial is the same as appealing a denial of a Permit to Purchase or FID.

Required Documents:
Completed Application
Four photographs of the applicant: one and one-half inch square, head and shoulders, no har, light background, and taken within the last 30 days must accompany this application.
Each person applying for a Permit to Carry and Handgun must supply a letter of need, specific in content, as to why they have a need to carry a firearm in the State of New Jersey. If this application is employment-related, then your employer must supply this letter.

Renewal Information:
No different information regarding renewals so treat it as obtaining a new permit.

Change of Address:
Waiting For Information

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
Waiting For Information

Automobile carry:
All firearms transported into the State of New Jersey:
* Shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gunbox, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel, shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances.
* The firearm should not be directly accessible from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a compartment separate from the passenger compartment, the firearm and ammunition must be in a locked container other than the vehicle’s glove compartment or console.

All firearms transported through the State of New Jersey:

The following guidelines are provided in order to assist law enforcement officers in applying New Jersey’s firearms laws to persons who are transporting firearms through the State of New Jersey.

1. New Jersey laws governing firearms permits, purchaser identification cards, registration and licenses do not apply to a person who is transporting the firearm through this State if that person is transporting the firearm in a manner permitted by federal law, 18 U.S.C.A. 926A.
2. This federal law permitting interstate transportation of a firearm applies only if all of the following requirements are met:

A. The person’s possession of the firearm was lawful in the state in which the journey began;
B.The person’s possession of the firearm will be lawful in the state in which the journey will end;
C. The person is transporting the firearm for lawful purpose
D. The firearm is unloaded
E. The firearm is not directly accessible from the passenger compartment of the vehicle
F. The ammunition is not directly accessible from the passenger compartment of the vehicle
G. If the vehicle does not have a compartment separate from the passenger compartment, the firearm and ammunition must be in a locked container other than the vehicle’s glove compartment or console;
H. The person is not
1. a convicted felon
2. a fugitive from justice an addict or unlawful user of drugs, or
3. an illegal alien
I The person has not
1. been adjudicated to be a mental defective
2. been committed to a mental institution
3. been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces, or
4. renounced his United States Citizenship
3. A person who is transporting a firearm though the State of New Jersey in the manner permitted by person’s possession 18 U.S.C.A. 926A, see Section II above, need not give notice.
4. Procedures for Investigation of Conduct Involving the Possession or Transportation of Firearms

A. An officer who reasonably suspects that a person is transporting a firearm in violation of New Jersey law should make reasonable inquiries in order to confirm or dispel that suspicion.
B. In a case where circumstances reasonably indicate that the person’s possession and transportation of the firearms my be permitted by 18 U.S.C.A. 926A, the officer should make reasonable inquiries in order to determine whether the person’s possession is permitted by that federal law.
C. If reasonable inquiries lead an officer to conclude that the person’s possession is lawful under either New Jersey law or 18 U.S.C.A. 926A, as described above in Section II, the officer should promptly allow the person to proceed.
D. Whenever an officer has probable cause to believe that a person’s possession of a firearm is in violation of New Jersey law and not permitted by 18 U.S.C.A. 926A, as described above in Section II, then the officer should make an arrest.

Places off-limits when carrying:
Waiting For Information

Alcohol and Drugs:
Waiting For Information

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Waiting For Information


Open Carry:
Prohibited in all public areas.

Localities with Varying Laws:
Contact your local county sheriff.

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: New Jersey Laws
New Jersey State Police: Firearms
New Jersey State Police: Firearms Forms

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  • Maxi

    can u use your permit in other states but new jersey

    • Anonymous

      Yes. That’s what the map directly above these comments shows.

  • Tom

    Does NJ recognize the Arizona permit?

    • Anonymous


      • Jack

        I think you need to reread the question. I’m pretty sure NJ does not recognize any state’s CCW permit.

    • New Jersey Firearms Academy

      New Jersey doesnt honor any other states CCW’s

      • John j

        Why is this a freakin circle jerk? Many of us have asked the same question with no answer, WHAT CAN WE DO TO CHANGE THE LAW IN NJ!!!

        • John

          In NJ…NOTHING

        • john murphy

          Nothing, the NJ cities are majority black residents and they all vote Democratic. it is these Democrat politicians who back these anti gun laws in NJ. They will always be in power, as long as these high population NJ cities with large black resident populations continue to vote for these Democrats. This is the truth, not racist, just the honest truth. sorry.

    • Lbiswim

      No! Like NJFA and Jack mentioned, New Jersey does not honor any other state’s CCW permits. Unfortunately, carrying concealed in NJ without a NJ-issued permit could land you in serious trouble. Our state is incredibly strict when it comes to issuing CCW permits, and unless you have a letter from an employer justifying the need, or have serious political connections, you’re wasting your time.

      • john murphy

        You cannot get a NJ CCW unless you are friends with a corrupt NJ Judge (most of them) or you are a celebrity or donate $$$$$$$ to a NJ politician.

    • john murphy


  • Alewis_724

    can i carry my wepon in new jersey with the Utha conceal carry permit?

    • New Jersey Firearms Acdemy

      ABSOLUTELY NOT!! DO not have a firearm on your person in NJ if you do not have the NJ CCW, unless you are at a range or on your own property.

      When transporting to and from the range your guns must  be unloaded in a locked case or in the trunk.

      NJ is very unforgiving about this.

    • john murphy

      NO WAY

  • Alewis_724

    Do any one know if maryland is going to pass the law so we can carry concealed as well?

  • Guest

    There are thousands of law abiding (except when it comes to CC) citizens who carry for self protection, to combat criminal and potentialy deadly attacks upon their person or family. Just knowing that good citizens are carrying legal weapons is a great equalizer against the bad guys. Statistics show that crime is down in such states and communities……..

    • misaligne

      Tell that to the lawmakers in NJ.

  • Tdyman1

    What about a course that is given by USCCA, that will let you take it, and be able to carry in 33 states?  I’m kind of confused about this.

  • Contraban

    I am in New Jersey, the sucking chest wound of America. The Capitol of organized crime, not only will you waste your time applying for a CCP, you can’t buy a gun without a documented sighting of the Virgin Mary.

    • Jeff

      So are you saying it’s easier for a camel to walk through an eye of an needle than it is to get an handgun permit?

    • Carl Walther

      Contraban, New Jersey is considered the butt crack and arm pit of America.

      • Luv2Fly

        If the USA was to need an enema, they would stick it in North Jersey, or Trenton or Camden. That’s a pretty large wrinkle grommet.

    • LongPurple

      The trouble is, it all depends on what kind of guy is your chief LEO. I’ve been lucky, since my local Chief is pro-2A. I had to be fingerprinted for my first “permit to purchase a handgun” but he does not annoy anyone with red tape after that. I once had a permit issued in 1 day after a phone call to request it.
      I have heard many horror stories of “issuing authorities” who systematically delay purchase permits for the legal time limit, just because they think “only us cops should have guns”.

    • john murphy

      It is the blacks in the big NJ cities who elect these liberal politicians who are anti gun and anti self defense.

  • Guest

    I’m a PA Resident and own a tavern in NJ about 4 miles from the PA/NJ border (Delaware river)
    I make nightly deposits randomly at the local bank in NJ, I’m also an active hunter in PA & NJ and carry for protection from wild life attacks (which has never happened). When I applied for the NJ non-Resident permit at the State Police I was told to hire an Amour Car Company or I may carry my unloaded gun in a locked case in my truck and place the deposit next to it so I could still have access to it, if I came into a confrontation. Don’t these people realize that the criminal doesn’t care about laws and can take advantage of the law abiding citizen, I most like be dead by the time I unlock my gun case load my weapon an have a chance to protect myself. NJ is the worst state when it comes to owning guns or caring them, I feel the laws should be changed and all states should honor in-state or out of state caring permits.

    • Njfirearms

      Welcome to the club! New Jersey does not recognize your need for self defense as a valid reason to carry a firearm. Get Florida CCW, get involved, spread the word!

      • Guest

        I SUPPORT The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill H.R. 822

        • Dave Templeton

          And you think Obama would sign a National Reciprocity bill? He would release his
          College transcripts and actual birth certificate first! DT

      • Jeff

        Florida CCW isn’t recognize in NJ Jjfirearms.

      • john murphy

        HR822 leaves out NJ, NY, CA, MD, CT, MA and HI residents because HR822 only applies to people who have a permit from their HOME state. Since NJ, NY, CA, MD, CT, MA and HI do NOT issue home state permits, 75% of the USA population will NOT be able to carry under this seriously flawed HR822. It should include ALL permits, non-resident and resident permits, otherwise it is terribly flawed bill.

        • Eddie Cochran

          I don’t know where you are getting your information but CT acts as a shall issue state to residents. Almost everyone in my family has permits and several people in this state carry concealed and open.

          • TJK-10

            Same in NY. (excluding NYC, of course. Different permit regs down there.)

        • James McCracken

          Not sure where you are getting your information, But I live in CA and I know of at least 10 counties where if you have a clean record and are not out there trying to be Wyatt Earp you can be issued a CCW just by asking for it.

          • Jack Knoll

            So you are saying CA has good CCW laws? Idiot. Sure, out in the boondocks where you don’t even need to carry you MAY be able to get one. But in all of the high crime areas of CA, you CANNOT get a CCW. Quit being an Arse.

          • Luv2Fly

            Question about CA CCW. If you get a permit in one of the good counties is it valid all over the state, only in the county of issue or invalid wherever they say so whenever they say so?

    • Ken Valero, Sr.

      You must ask yourself the question,” Would you rather be judged by 12 or carried by 6?”

  • Every one has the right to bare arms so nj need to change the law and let concealed carry into law of the state if new jersey. I support the right to carry in all states and it should be a federal law for all state to have concealed carry.

  • JD

    Thank God I live in PA where my rights are respected.  I work in Trenton and a murder occured a block away a few months back – just as we were getting off work.  The suspect ran through our parking lot.  We have young women that work late in my office and I could envision needing to protect folks here under certain circumstances.  I’m a 15 year Navy veteran and spent my first 5 years as an enlisted SEAL on Team 5 blowing up Cocaine labs in South America.  And N.J. won’t let me carry.  Pure crap.  I’m ashamed.

    • Ndjshagh

      Dude there is no seal team 5 lmao.

      • bill

        Yea actually there is a seal team 5 moron

        • Jeremy

          Haha that made my day…

      • ndjshaghisafuckingmoron

        yes and you would know this how? because you’ve obviously never been part of the military in your life moron

    • Dan

      I know my punctuality on this subject is horribly off, my apologies for this. I agree with same ideas our friend JD posted. But as an actual former special operation soldier, I have to call you out. As trained special forces, we are taught keeping our job a secret no matter what it entails. People who rant about allegedly working for a specific SEAL team and speaking about what is sure to be classified information are either mentally delusional or as fellow Frogman would say, full of shit. If you honestly served with us, I hoped I never worked with you. As Frogmen, we can tell just by the mans posture if he is a brother to us. MAL AD OSTEO!

      • Matt Halsey

        I have no idea whether or not JD was telling the truth or not but I’d like to just say this: a friend of mine gave me a shirt with the SEAL trident on it and I told them to take it back. I never earned the right to wear that symbol and out of respect for the men who did earn it I would never want to come off like I did the same.

  • scott

    nj barely honors there own laws and permits, let alone other states

  • Anonymous

    You would be surprised at how many people in NJ carry weapons for protection regardless of the law. Each township has a limited number of Barney Fifes who do not receive the same training as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix. Essentially, for anything above a traffic citation or DUI, they’re in OZ. Look at it this way, if you need the weapon, nothing else will suffice. The criminals and gangbangers in Jersey are armed and don’t care, and law enforcement in NJ does a piss poor job corraling high profile weapon toters. It’s a poor excuse for a State, with priorities and laws concocted at the business end of a bong, which this too, they attempt to mitigate.

    • john murphy

      Sure, agree, but if you get caught carrying illegally in NJ, your life will be ruined.

  • Esoteric

    Here’s a thought. NJ Governments are run by terrorists who do not want you to have weapons to defend themselves. Well that was random, but not far from the truth. In all actuallity, Servicemembers…unable to excersize his/her right to carry a firearm? Forget a regular law abiding citizen. If a veteran can’t, who can? Politicians? Government officials? The rich? Of course they can! Sounds backward doesn’t it? Now hear me out. These NJ politicians are criminals. They profit from criminal organizations and always have been. There was (and still is) the Italian mob for instance. The government has made DEALS with the mob. Let’s start with that. Long before my generation, before members of the familydisowned the mob, changed the family name and went legit, our family was a part of it. The government got knee-deep in corruption and made profit from illegal acts, I’ve heard the stories. And… The departments get their funding from the government when there’s a crime problem, you should know how that works. If citizens all have weapons and crime goes down, Mr. CEO can’t get his government check as sizably as he wants it. NJ CLAIMS it allows weapon carry permits AND conceal carry permits but that’s only for the sake of appearances so that the NRA doesn’t sue the fuck out of the state. The problem is that the claim is (Obviously) a fraud. Though they will play the statistic game and say that they hand out permits. Yes. To corporate interests. New Jersey has been that way for a long time now.. The NRA is looking to irradicate this degradation of the constitution. I suggest you all quit posting complaints on websites and start acting. Because if you don’t, over the course of the next 20 years you will see drastic limitations to your inherent rights as US citizens. Don’t let the greedy destroy everything this nation stands for.

  • Spook Owens

    Support HR 88 which requires all states to honor any other states CCW’s  then New Jersey can go screw itself.

    • Lopez1054

      How, and where do we go to support HR 88, I would think the NRA and Gun shops would want to get behind this.

    • Anon

      Yeah, New Jersey will be required to allow reciprocity under H.R. 822. Too bad that reciprocity doesn’t really apply unless you’re a resident of another state and hold a CCW in that state. So, for all NJ residents, we’re still screwed but now we can have armed people from other states.

      • guest

        However states such as PA and Florida need to issue a permit unless they see a reason not too. So if NJ passed a CCW law then you could get one in PA or Florida and apply for reciprocity, itll work since youll already have one. I am a NJ resident and agree with the statements, it is horrible how a upstanding citizen cannot get a CCW permit yet some crook can.

        • spewking

          crooks don’t get CCW permits anymore than upstanding citzens. crooks carry guns illegally.

          • LongPurple

            Not always true. The “Apalachin Crime Convention” resulted in finding that a dozen of the hoods were holders of N Y pistol permits.
            I’ve often heard that “may issue” permits are proper, because the police know who the criminals are, even if they have clean records.
            If so, then maybe there were corrupt police helping some of their “business associates” not be harrassed by those pesky rulesfor ordinary citizens.

        • Brendan Gweilo Knoble

          That’s why I’m on here I’m from pa we can open carry just can’t get in any vehicles accept Philly requires a ccw period I’m applying for my ccw here once I have that one I want to apply for a nj ccw for when I house sit my gf mothers house it’s was burglarized in the past so that’ll be my reasoning along with personal protection for applying for a non residential

          • Dean

            You essentially need to be retired law enforcement, intense security, of in witness protection in order to obtain a ccw in nj. Your cuurent reasoning won’t work.

      • Jeff

        No if H.R.822 should pass which I strongly doubt then that would for force NJ to issue CCW permits to its residents or lose out on big money because residents would apply to other states for their CCW permits and still would be allowed to carry in their home state. So that would be stupid on NJ part and a loss of money and not to be a shall issue state to its residents.

        • john murphy

          NJ will require CCW permits to be honored for residents of the state only. So FL or PA non resident permits will not be honored in NJ for NJ resident. Currently, CO and PA do only honor permits of those from their home states. Since NJ will not issue any NJ permits, no NJ residents will be able to carry.

    • Jeff

      Apply for a Utah, Florida or New Hampshire CCW. If you send your money and support another state, maybe your state will wake up and see that they are losing money from their own residence to other states they may reconsider changing their laws.

      • Luv2Fly

        All this talk about your state losing out on money to regulate something that is a Constitutional Right is mind-numbing. You poor folks are really deeply indoctrinated with the “People’s Republic” mentality. I was born in NJ. Thankfully, my Dad saw a way out and left the shithole and took us with him. Good luck.

    • john murphy

      HR822 will still NOT allow NJ residents or residents of MA, NY, CT, MD, CA, HI and RI to CCW. These states will not issue home state CCW permits and HR822 ONLY allows Home state permits to be honored across state lines. Since you can’t get a home permit in these states, you will still NOT be able to CCW in NJ if you live in any of these liberal states.

      • Eddie Cochran

        CT has over 250,000 permits issued as of this year so how does CT not issue permits?

  • Eddie Mitchell NJ

    New Jersey always get screwed when it comes to arming ourselves.This is why people usually break the law.Crooks carry weapons,drug dealers caring weapons,but a citizen with NO record can’t. GO FIGURE!

    • NJ guns laws are strict. I think most people don’t “usually break the law”, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. It could end in jail time.

  • FloridaCCW

    While living in NJ I helped law enforcement capture a drug dealer who was known to be armed. The most I could do to protect myself was a restraining order.

    Now that I reside in Florida I have a CCW permit, and make it a point to practice my targeting skills by going to a gun range at least once a month.

    Florida is now lobbying for open carry laws while NJ residents have a slim chance of obtaining a permit!

    As it stands, Federal regulations would allow me to carry my weapon from Florida to PA or CT; however I would not be able to make a stop-over in NJ…

    I would feel safer visiting my relative in NJ if H.R. 822 was passed!

    • BobbyV

      Actually, NJ defers to federal law generally when it comes to transporting a firearm through the state.If you are traveling from Florida to CT (your example) don’t go through MD. I read all of the reasons for transporting ( to and from a range, to and from the home and a gun show, etc) and there’s NO provision for traveling or moving through one to the other end of the state. It is plain illegal.

      • John

        You can travel through the state on your way to another state. The guns must be unloaded and locked in either a trunk or other container. If your vehicle has no trunk it must be in a locked case out of reach of the occupant. Ammo faces the same rules.

    • Tony

      the same goes for me I live in Pittsburgh I travel to New Jersey back a couple times a year to visit family in a not so nice neighborhood I never feel safe especially since I can’t carry over there….New Brunswick… nephew was shot in the head in 2013 in New Brunswick….he lived and is getting better it makes me wonder if the criminals in New Jersey know that law abiding citizens can’t carry a gun to protect themselves

  • Anthony

    I am sick of it. WHAT DO WE DO? HOW DO WE FIGHT IT? Stop nagging and give me a way we can change the laws here in NJ. This is bullcrap that we are left deffenceless against criminals. Times are getting worse, I can protect myself to a point, but my girlfriend is out there and she is 5′ 3″ 115lbs. Calling 911 is crap, even if the responce time is 60 seconds, someone can take your life or hurt her bad in less than that.

    • John

      The NRA told me that we’d have to elect a gun friendly governor. That was their answer. Another time for another issue I was told that they stay out of NJ.

  • Bobdude6767

    im going to start nj’s biggest protest for ccw occupy nj for ccw’s

    • Robertsj

      When? i’ll be there

    • Stevedr

      Let us know what we can do to help.

  • Ex Jersey Boy

    I lived in NJ for almost 20 years, 3 years ago I moved to TX and got my CHL.
    Let’s just say unless things change, I will never move back to NY,NJ
    Until you feel what freedom feels like you don’t know what prison really feels like…

  • Sagerods

    Bring the topic up to every politician and make them answer!
    Sportsman, business owners, soccer moms need to be vocal!
    Demand your 2nd amendment rights, and if they ignor your demands, FIRE THEIR ASS!

  • Mjd

    Thank God i moved to Tennessee

  • ex jerseyguy

    ex jerseyguy   I lived in NJ just about all my life with the exception of a stint in the the us navy.NJ was a beautiful state to live in by the way i was born and raised in Newark i watched newark decline over 50 years,to the poor state its in now. state and local government don’t seem to care and the citizens are the ones who suffer all the criminals have weapons.i moved to another state that have ccw permits,for better protection for my family. all other family still live there i would like protect them and my family when i visit i am surprise the republican governor is not on board with HR822 if he does not get on board put some one in that will stand behind the people.NJ should accept ccw permits from other states.                                                                                 like  reply

    • john murphy

      HR822 only recognizes permits from home states. If you are a NJ resident with another states’s permit, NJ will still not recognize it under HR822. A real moron wrote HR822, serious flaw in this bill. It leaves out about 75% of USA population (Residents of NJ, NY, CT, MD, HI, MA and RI).

  • NJ Carry Law Sucks

    1/13/2012 – FEDERAL JUDGE TRASHES NJ RIGHT TO CARRY LAWSUIT! Clinton Appointee Holds That Second Amendment “Right to Carry a Handgun” Doesn’t Exist Outside the Home.  Calls Second Amendment a Unique “Privilege” that Permits Firearms Users to Cause Injury and Death.  Bet he would change that if he had to defend himself or his family —- Oh wait, He Can Carry – He can give himself one!!!!

    Fl and Utah gives NJ residents with clean records permit to carry in 33 states. 42 other States will also grant non-residents CCW permits.  

    I Just Received my NJ CCW… It would have been easier for me to cut off the 1st section on my pinky finger. You all are correct about the NJ laws. Worst in the U.S. In order to renew in 2 years, have to go through the same process as when I applied for it new. State Police picks on everything, can’t have any parking n moving violations, they clock the times from n to work with the weapon… all for 2 short years…. may not renew unless a judge changes the law.

  • Ant5912

    i live in nj this state will issue a permit to own but wont let you carry i know this much if a private person in the state was issued a permit to carry a concealed hand gun alot of crme would not be as bad as it is i have freinds in law enforcement who would like to see a private person carry a pistol they have said it would make there job alot more easy if some people remember history way back in the 20s&30s people had alot more respect robery was not as bad because you did not know who was carry a pistol in a breast pocket or purse so people back then were respectful of one another nj needs to get there head out of there ass and come in to the twenty first century and stop thinking the sky is blue and the grass is green in this day and age crimenal will put abullit in you for 2 dollers and a pack of smokes that is sad the the only thing the state of new jersey says call a cop you think a cop can get there in a enough time time before t your dead i have yet to see a robber wate  for you to pick up your cell phone as for this federal judge i think he should get his head out of his ass and stop thinking it is a privilege not a rite to bear arms he respectfully needs to be throw of the bench for his stupid remark  just my thoughts on the subject al residents over the age of 30 should be able to carry aconcealed weapon if they don’t have a record of criminal nj wise up before you get rolled over

  • Edafe05

    It is shame that when it is easy for criminals to obtain and use guns against citizens, the state makes it extremely difficult for law abiding citizen to carry a weapon as stipulated by the 2nd Amendment

  • That’s bullshit!  NY is the hardest state to get the CCW!  Screw New Jersey!

    • Not true, Jewelers, doctors, pharmacisits (my uncle being one), and many other types of business people can get carry’s in NY. In fact Broome County is issuing ccw’s to people who walk around in the woods where there might be coyote’s.

      NJ will only issue to armed guards, CEO’s of Security Companies, RPO’s and cash couries and handlers, etc, not to other business owners.

      NYC is tough, but if you can prove you’re carrying lots of cash legitimately you can get it. Not the case in NJ.

      So, yes  – screw NJ, but it is easier to get a carry in NY.

  • contraband

    This is so beyond reproach….you have that “brain trust” mayor of NY, Bloomberg, calling for all States to tighten their gun laws so that guns in legal States won’t migrate to the shithole NY. Message to Bloomberg, “dude, your people are in a war with each other, 6AM news carry’s your overnight bloodbath of death, and it’s black on black in many instances. Don’t rely on us, grow a pair of ca-hones, or buy a pair with your money and arm your legitimate citizens. We don’t see the death pillage in our armed States. If legitimate citizens are armed, the bad guy won’t know where and if lethal force will be focused on him. Dry your cry baby tears Mayor and man up to what will save NY. Taking our guns away……just try it. our going to come up against opposition, the likes you’ve never experienced.”

  • Deanl1002

    answer…come to pennsylvania.or anywere west of jersey..and orginize a boycot of the communist state of new jersey
    Jersey is the armpit of the world…worst of all… it is next to new york.. equally as bad, maybe worse…the biggest question is …why the hell… would any a sound mind.. desire to live there…high taxes.high prices..and no freedom
    I am from Pa  and avoid jersey and points east like the plague…the further east I travel the louder the “sucking noise” becomes…I refuse any more… to travel east …more importantly… I refuse anymore… to spend any money in a repressive state that would deny my 2nd ammendment rights..whats next freedom of religion or speech denied..hell yes it will be..give em time
    people can vote with their wallets…the liberal idiots won’t listen to a single matter how right or rightous it is…but…. if we could get orginized and talk in millions…avoiding… and not spending money in the cespool they call jersey or new york city…we can make them “howl”….and what a joyfull noise that would be

  • Tomsustek

    I wonder if our  Members of Congress in New Jersey have ever realized how many of our family members may not be in the cemetary if that were afforded the choice of being able to defend themselves? We have  lost a lot of mom, dads, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunt and uncles just because the did not have the opportunity to defend themselves. I most humbly pray that one day that NJ residents have a choice if they so choose.

  • Michael13

    As I will be on vacation later this year and and will be passing through New Jersey,I will stop and get
    gas and other needed items before entering the state and not making any purchases in the state as they do not honor other states concealed carry.  I will make sure to have all of my stuff locked up in accordance to the law, before entering the state and return through New Jersey will do the same.  NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY. BALONEY ON THE $20.00 APPLICATION FEE!!!!!

  • studi30

    You can transport a firearm unloaded in the trunk of your car. The ammo must be in the car and not in the trunk. How can you carry the ammo out of reach according to line F if it can only be in the passenger compartment of the car?

  • Snapon steve

    I think someone with no record, has 3 people put their names on an application as references, should be able to carry a gun. But only after some formal training. I would love to be trained and carry. I would have no problem drawing and firing if any one was in life or death threat. Seems gettting gun ready to fire from legal transport packaging would make any thought of defending my self suicide. Id be better of running away screaming, hoping perp couldn’t shoot.

    • John

      I am an experienced shooter having hunted for 48 years in 5 states. I was an auxiliary policeman in NJ for over a year – going through an extensive training period and carrying a gun. I am a navy veteran. I have taken and completed successfully the concealed carry instructor training course in Kentucky. I have a clean record. I cannot get a concealed carry permit in NJ.

  • trapped

    NJ gun laws only protect the criminals. Is this really surprising seeing how there are so many criminals in politics?

  • Jalmfc

    I didn’t realize just how bad it is in NJ. As an NJ resident, I feel lucky that I received my permit after readying all of these comments

    • Tony

      How…? Are you in law enforcement..?




  • outofjersey

    The PEOPLE REPUBLIC OF NEW JERSEY, Its a disgrace,the liberals and liberal hacks in Trenton are the ones that need mental health background checks it’s no wonder why people are leaving NJ Here are some 2011 stats 323 deaths by those scary black rifles,496 by claw hammers,650 by stabbings,1200 by drunk drivers,195.000 by malpractice,lets see how many die from obama care,the pres. sends his kids to a high end private school that has 12 armed guards on staff plus secret service to protect the kids and we get screwed,

  • New Jerseyans who support the 2nd Amendment and mean it need to vote Libertarians into office so we can make NJ laws comport with citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights!

  • Requirements:
    The applicant must meet the requirements of the Permit to Purchase and FID, provide personal information, be fingerprinted, prove his familiarity with the use of handguns, have three reputable people knowing the person for at least three years and have a “justifiable need to carry a handgun.”

    justifiable need to carry a handgun? Cause I think getting mugged in a dark alley is bad for your health!! I currently live in FL and getting my Concealed Permit, thinking about moving back up for work, I hope the permit process is easy when I get my Fl CCW.

  • tomas

    in the old west everybody carried one or two guns,today in some states are prohibeted and now are more fatalities than 100 years ago.

  • concerned citizen

    The ccw laws in NJ are a throw back to 1965. All this permitting and may issue started back then because of the race riots. NJ took a more proactive stance in an attempt to thwart violence and the use of firearms during that tumultuous era. Today, race riots hardly exist and the may issue law should be repealed. I have written, emailed, and called governor Chris Christie several times and I urge you all to do the same. Without pressure from the people nothing will change and we will continue to live like good little obedient victims with our must retreat laws to go along with it.

  • cappyjoe08527

    I live in NJ and it SUCKS. The cops can say what they want to try to get to search your vehicle . The courts in NJ don’t have the backbone to stand up to the police. (even if you are right) they wont uphold the constitution the will side with the police. I have had firearms since I was 19 years old and I am now 51 and wanted to get a change of address for my FID and it took me 5 months and multiple phone calls to the PD telling them finally that if I didn’t have an answer I would be retaining an attorney. The card was ready the next day. You have to stand up for your rights because no court in this corrupt state will stand up for you!

  • Patriot

    This is what I think about NJs unconstitutional conceal carry laws (as a NJ resident). I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. My defense. The 2nd amendment.

    • john murphy

      That is fine, until you get caught and your life is ruined by NJ police and NJ prosecutor.

  • Ajsrx

    I’m a pharmacist here in BERGEN county after being threatened and physically accosted I like an idiot applied for a ccw permit after being already denied one in 2008 at that time I thought the powers that be knew better and I accepted their decision and was denied .Here we are in 2014 and despite the ongoing threats and a drug problem. That would rival any third world country I applied again,this time asking only for a provisional permit I.e pharmacy to house bank and drug wholesaler not the whole state.Well the hearing was today and even though I carry large amounts of cash ,medications and the like it seems the only way it would be considered was if I was already shot or maimed and of no use to my family.I better stop here I’m still pretty pissed, you know what they say at least kiss me beforehand.Truly pray someone gets through this horsesht and finally is able to show justify alb need while they are still alive.BTW does anyone know the last time a ccw permit was granted to a civilian and what case it can be found by to all who read this defend yourself New Jersey is definitely not going to!

    • Guest

      Move out of NJ!

    • Jeff

      I’m speechless! The only word I can say is “Wow!”

    • PharmD

      I am a pharmacist too and will be moving to Newark for work as the fiancee goes to law school. I do have a ccw permit in one of the most strictest states on the west coast and hoping iIget this one as well.

      • Peter Goldwing

        Good luck, not gonna happen.

  • Bryan Thomas

    HR 88? FOIA freedom of information act?? data confidentiality for scientist??????

  • Andrea

    HR 88 is not about guns, its about drugs??

    Summary: H.R.88 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)

    There is one summary for this bill. Bill summaries are authored by CRS.

    Shown Here:
    Introduced in House (01/03/2013)

    No More Tulias: Drug Law Enforcement Evidentiary Standards Improvement Act of 2013 – Prohibits a state from receiving for a fiscal year any drug control and system improvement (Byrne) grant funds under the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, or any amount from any other law enforcement assistance program of the Department of Justice, unless the state does not fund any antidrug task forces for that fiscal year or the state has in effect laws that ensure that: (1) a person is not convicted of a drug offense unless the facts that a drug offense was committed and that the person committed that offense are supported by evidence other than the eyewitness testimony of a law enforcement officer (officer) or individuals acting on an officer’s behalf, and (2) an officer does not participate in a antidrug task force unless that officer’s honesty and integrity is evaluated and found to be at an appropriately high level.

    Requires states receiving federal funds under this Act to collect data on the racial distribution of drug charges, the nature of the criminal law specified in the charges, and the jurisdictions in which such charges are made.



  • John Strat

    Democrats are the rats behind the anti-CCW laws in NJ. If you want to CCW in NJ, then vote for Republicans only in NJ. Simple.

  • The Aeons Torn

    I’m about to get out of the Marines, and of course, I want a concealed carry. They want to know my reason for carrying a concealed permit? Open your fucking eyes and look at what’s happening out on the streets all over. ISIS sympathizers and extremists and lone wolfs are every where and are targeting military and former military, as well as our families and homes. So yes, id like to have my CCWP when I return to Jersey. because there have been accounts of retired and active military members being hunted down and attacked while they are with their families. I’m going to fight this as much as I can, that’s for sure

  • JoJo PB

    NJ sucks with reagrd to eveything, this included

  • Steve

    I’m a NJ resident nra member a hunter for the past twenty years I have permits for hand guns to own but carry its a joke that I have a CCW non resident of Utah for the past four years and four other states and can’t carry in my own state this is not right when a law enfocment retired can carry concealed but I whom gone though the courses required can’t carry a concealed i was in a accident that my left foot lost a lot of movement i can still walk and hunt but if confronted with a threat how I’m I supposed to defend myself not with my handgun but the criminal it’s ok for his disregard of the law NJ will never issue a CCW to a civilian ever if u want to carry concealed I suggest u move out of this state because law abiding citizen have no constitutional rights here

    • NJ Zombie Guy

      I gave up on Jersey long ago. I have to live here because I am a state employee. Only reason I’m still here. I go to PA for all my shopping because I can carry there. Get a permit from anywhere else like AZ or Utah so you can at least carry in your car in PA. Then get a New Hampshire permit. It costs 100 bucks, but it is still recognized by PA and the requirements are nothing. 3 references. Copy of you’ll DL, And a copy of a permit to carry from “ANY” other state, resident or not.

      No class, or finger prints, or anything. And its only a 14 day wait for approval.

      Good luck. And don’t shop in NJ if at all possible.

      • john murphy

        You are ILLEGALLY carrying in PA. PA only recognizes FL or UTah permits if you are a RESIDENT of FL or Utah.

        • NJ Zombie Guy

          I appreciate your concern, but rest assured that I know the law. Can I conceal carry in PA? Of course not. But with my permits I can still cary in my car and I simply open carry in PA which is perfectly legal for everyone. They have not clossed the loophole that PA still recognises ALL conceal carry permits issues in ANY state for carrying in your vehicle. You just have to quote the correct statute if pulled over. I don’t have it handy. I’ll post it later.

      • NJ Zombie Guy

        For those trying to lecture me on the Utah and Arizona carry permits. Please scroll down to #11. That is the one you quote about carrying in your car.

        Listed below are exceptions as outlined in 18 Pa.C.S. § 6106. (2) (b) Exceptions:

        1) Constables, sheriffs, prison or jail wardens, or their deputies, policemen of this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions, or other law-enforcement officers.

        2) Members of the army, navy, marine corps, air force, or coast guard of the United States or of the National Guard or organized reserves when on duty.

        3) The regularly enrolled members of any organization duly organized to purchase or receive such weapons from the United States or from this Commonwealth. 4) Any persons engaged in target shooting with rifle, pistol, or revolver, if such persons are at or are going to or from their places of assembly or target practice and if, while going to or from their places of assembly or target practice, the firearm is not loaded.

        5) Officers or employees of the United States duly authorized to carry a concealed firearm.

        6) Agents, messengers and other employees of common carriers, banks, or business firms, whose duties require them to protect moneys, valuables and other property in the discharge of such duties. (Individuals carrying a firearm as an incidence of their employment are required to be certified through the Lethal Weapons Training Act requirements set forth in 22 P.S. § 44(b).

        7) Any person engaged in the business of manufacturing, repairing, or dealing in firearms, or the agent or representative of any such person, having in his possession, using or carrying a firearm in the usual or ordinary course of such business.

        8) Any person while carrying a firearm which is not loaded and is in a secure wrapper from the place of purchase to his home or place of business, or to a place of repair, sale or appraisal or back to his home or place of business, or in moving from one place of abode or business to another or from his home to a vacation or recreational home or dwelling or back, or to recover stolen property under section 6111.1(b)(4) (relating to Pennsylvania State Police) or to a place of instruction intended to teach the safe handling, use or maintenance of firearms, or back to a location to which the person has been directed to relinquish firearms under 23 Pa.C.S. § 6108 (relating to relief) or back upon return of the relinquished firearm or to a licensed dealer’s place of business for relinquishment pursuant to 23 Pa.C.S. § 6108.2 (relating to relinquishment for consignment sale, lawful transfer or safekeeping) or back upon return of the relinquished firearm or to a location for safekeeping pursuant to 23 Pa.C.S. § 6108.3 (relating to relinquishment to third party for safekeeping) or back upon return of the relinquished firearm.

        9) Persons licensed to hunt, take furbearers or fish in this Commonwealth, if such persons are actually hunting, taking furbearers or fishing or are going to the places where they desire to hunt, take furbearers or fish or returning from such places.

        10) Persons training dogs, if such persons are actually training dogs during the regular training season.

        11) Any person while carrying a firearm in any vehicle, which person possesses a valid and lawfully issued license for that firearm which has been issued under the laws of the United States or any other state.

  • Joshua

    Stop crying and complaining like babies. do something about it. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE DUMMIES YOU ARE CONSIDERED SLAVES IN NJ STATE.

    organize a big marsh/protest days and nights until they change the law back to normal (The right to keep and bear arms) don’t give up, keep protesting make the state loose more money stop the activities.. and you will see the change. the entire US and the world need to talk about your protest. once your voice is heard then you will have your CCW.
    I got mine in less than 15 minutes in PA. filled up a form in 5 min about 8mnt little nice and friendly chat with sheriff print out my permit and walked out in less 15mnt. The best cops and sheriffs in the US. they respect the freedom of the citizens therefore all my money will be invested and spent in PA. I wont spend a penny in NJ until you guys free yourself and be MEN you brought shame to the American people you are controlled by a bunch of corrupts gw bridge , thieves and mafia.

    • john murphy

      The black residents of NJ are primarily in the big NJ cities and they all vote Democrat, who support the anti gun laws in NJ. The rest of NJ can’t get CCW as long as these black residents continue to elect Democrats who dominate and run NJ and these anti 2nd Amendment laws. There is absolutely no way NJ will ever get CCW with these black residents continuously voting for these anti gun Democrat politicians, such as Senator Booker and nearly all of the NJ Democratic Party Legislature.

  • Nice!

    “New Jersey courts have upheld the policy of strictly limiting permits “to persons pecifically employed in security work . . . and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection.”

    That is so unconstitutional it isn’t even funny. This just proves that our rights are void. Nowhere in the bill of rights or the constitution does it say “only in your home” or “if we think you really need a firearm”. This is fucking insane! How can these laws be legal when they are clearly violating the 2nd amendment!!!??

  • Nice!

    I thought city and state laws couldn’t conflict with Federal law? You know, the second fucking amendment? How can they just say, we’ll give guns to ex cops, but you will need to really prove to use that you need a firearm in order for us to even consider it. Fucking bonkers!!!

  • Peter Goldwing

    I applied for a permit in March. In July the cops approved it and forwarded it to the courts. Since then I called the court twice and they said the judge is busy with “other cases”Apparently there is no time limit in waiting. I found this above and it is not correct.

    “Failure to give notice to an applicant within 60 days is deemed to be an approval of the permit”

  • The New Jersey attorney general claims that a New Jersey handgun carry permits allows one to carry a handgun openly and concealed and yet you say that New Jersey bans Open Carry in all public places? Even assuming you were only referring to handguns, what New Jersey state law bans the Open Carry of long guns?

  • Rob Scheerer

    You have to keep the fire arm unload and in the trunk ? So what the hell good is it if you get car jacked ? Oh wait I have yo go in the trunk get it out , load it . Well if I can’t have a fire arm to protect myself and family then I will not have a fire arm to go to war with to protect the morons of this state.

  • Rob Scheerer

    What’s the reason you need a fire arm ? Um mm I live in NJ .lol

  • mike wilson

    it is so sad i had to move from new jersey because .the police cant protect us ,,i love pa nw