New York Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue to Residents and Non-Residents

The determination whether to grant the license is completely within the discretion of the licensing officer. However, the licensing officer must state specifically and concisely in writing the reasons for a denial. A denial can only be overturned in court if the denial is shown to be arbitrary and capricious.

Example Concealed Permit:

New York Concealed Carry Permit Front

New York Concealed Carry Permit Front

New York Concealed Carry Permit Back

New York Concealed Carry Permit Back


Issuing Authority:
Licensing Officer of the City or County where the applicant resides, is principally employed, or where his principal place of business as a merchant or storekeeper is located.

NICS check: Yes

Cost: A license fee is fixed by the board of supervisors in each county, with a $10.00 limit prescribed by state law. The Division of Criminal Justice Services sets the fingerprinting fee. The fee for each amendment to the license is $3.00 ($5.00 in Suffolk County). In New York City and Nassau County, the City Council and Board of Supervisors, respectively, set the license fees without regard to the state law limitation.


Westchester County may require the applicant to successfully complete a firearms safety course and test in addition to meeting the other requirements. Other counties also require a safety course for license issuance.

A license may be granted to an applicant who is of good moral character, who is over 21 years of age, who has not been convicted of a serious offense, who states if and when he has ever been treated for mental illness, who is not subject to a protective court order and to whom no good cause exists for the denial of the license. The age requirement shall not apply to persons honorably discharged from the military. (Persons between age 18 and 21 may possess a handgun at an indoor or outdoor pistol range located in or on premises owned or occupied by a duly incorporated organization organized for conservation purposes or to foster proficiency in small arms. A person between the ages of 18 and 21 may also possess a handgun at a target pistol shooting competition under the auspices of or approved by the NRA and while under immediate supervision).

Applications for licenses must be acted upon within 6 months after presentment. If there is a delay, there must be written notice to the applicant stating the reasons.

If issued, a license is valid until revoked, except in New York City where a license shall expire not more than 3 years after the date of issuance, and in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties where a license shall expire not more than 5 years after the date of issuance.

An applicant for a license to carry outside the home must be required to show, in addition to the requirement for possession, that proper cause exists for the issuance of a carry license, including, for example, target shooting, hunting, or self-defense.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
A loaded handgun may be carried in a vehicle by a properly licensed individual. (Loaded means a firearm with ammunition loaded in magazine or chamber or any firearm which is possessed by one who at the same time possesses a quantity of ammunition which may be used to discharge such a firearm.) Possession of any loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle is illegal.

It is unlawful for any person to carry, possess or transport a handgun in or through the state unless he has a valid New York license. More details on this click here.

Places off-limits when carrying:
It is a crime to possess any rifle, shotgun or handgun in or upon a building or grounds, used for educational purposes, of any school, college or university. It is lawful, however, to possess a rifle, shotgun or handgun in or upon the forestry lands, wherever located, owned and maintained by the State University of New York College of environmental science and forestry, without the written authorization of such educational institution.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
New York is a Castle Doctrine state but has no stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Prohibited in all public areas.

Localities with Varying Laws:
Contact your local county.



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  • Danimperial101

    NY will issue to residents and non residents, it is up to the county judge what he will issue and to who he will issue

    • dp

      Is there any resource on what counties will entertain that idea? Many require residency.

      • Apo

        Hi im apo As a new Yorker I have my pistol permits for 2 yrs now I’m looking to get a full carry license in NY for better job somebody let me know what I should do

        • SMH

          APPLY FOR ONE! 

        • Serenityinfire

          What county? I used to live in Nassau County and they are just like NYC. Only friends, family, rich, and famous stand a chance at an unrestricted carry.

          • I’m looking into one right now as the gang banger across the street brandished a gun at me, pointed it at my face and threatened to kill me the other day, but it’s an insane maze of bueracratic nonsense.

            There are THREE categories for police / retired police, but not one for concealed / self-defense. What the hell is this nonsense?

    • Capgun

       Since whae does NY issue to non-residents??????

      • Jersdoowop

        They Dont   Jerry P

    • Gaius

      NYS only issues to residents, not nonresidents

    • Tomd1rx

      ny does NOTissue to non residents ever

  • Joe5speed_1999

    The red / blue key legend above conflicts with the heading red/blue data – please fix.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what you mean.

    • read before you post

      They are LINKS the legend is on the right

  • Hector

    Is unrestricted the same as full carry”

    • Redlegagent

      Yes, all pistol permits are considered as full (concealed) carry unless a restriction is applied.  The most common restriction is “Hunting and Target only” which means you can only carry at the range or while legally hunting – no where else. A “premises” permit means you can only possess in your home but these permits are usually only seen in NYC etc.

      • Yakker0117

        In NY if you have a “Hunting and Target only” permit you MAY carry TO and FROM the range.  You are not restricted to carry ONLY at the range.

        • Jersdoowop

          Excellent .  You can carry to and from the range. What if you want to stop  for a meal ,is that ok . I have a full carry for PA can i carry from NY york state to PA  on my person. Thanks for any input.. My NYS ccw has restrictions for hunting target and bussiness.

          • Cldgug

            Dont do it…..your gun needs to be locked and placed seperated from your ammo and ammo needs to be locked in NY your PA permit is no good in NY

          • Anonymous

            +1… Good call. Has this changed behind the new reciprocity rules? I have some friends that are cops in NYC that I’ve asked to get their perspective and I haven’t gotten a straight answer

          • Danimperial101


          • Tshtf09

            It’s my understanding that, although police can carry in any state, they do have to comply with that state’s carry laws.

          • kyle

            police cannot carry in any state…unless their an officer of the law in that state, orrrr unless they have their national carry permit…but gl getting that, its a pain

          • Frosty911

            there is no such thing as a national carry permit. And Police officers can carry in ANY state…. its part of the patriot act

          • rich

            there is no such thing as a national permit, and pursuant to Federal Law HR 218 aka Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act a Certified Academy trained LEO can carry in ANY state .

          • rich

            That is correct

          • bill

            NY city is funny. I live In NY state in erie county and my permit is no good in the city, go figure. So if you are traveling through NYcity dont mention weapon, Or call NYPD before you do, or avoid that route if possible.

          • Jen

            You need a separate permit to carry in NYC. I have an unrestricted permit from Rockland then Orange County right outside the city. It is illegal for me to possess my firearm anywhere within city limits.

          • Tomd1rx


          • Pops13071

            if you have a non resident ny permit for hunting/target you would only get your license suspended or revoked because that is an administrative restriction not a law. However i wouldn’t risk it.

          • Danimperial101


          • MSGT JOHN CORREA

            Only criminals are allowed to carry concealed handguns anywhere in the USA. Silly isn’t it? Why do cops carry guns openly and concealed? Is their lives anymore valuable than ours? Police officers are permitted to carry loaded weapons for self protection; what about us? We’re exposed to society’s dangers as equally as the police; only the gunless victims get killed more so than the police. Look at what recently happened at a local theatre. Look at what happened in Australia when the citizens’ guns were taken away from them? Any questions?
            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          • Andrew Reiter

            Because civilians don’t send people to jail. People, who when they get out of jail, might have a problem or two with the person who put them there in the first place. You as a military man should know better…once a target, always a target. You can take your uniform off, but you can’t change your face. Ask a cop how it feels to be out with his family having dinner and see he’s being stared down by a guy he sent away for 6 months from across the room. You are MOST CERTAINLY NOT just as exposed.

          • TheVoiceOfReason

            Police can’t just carry a gun. They need to qualify via proficiency tests, sometimes semi-annually. And if they don’t qualify on a test, they lose their ability to carry a firearm on duty. They are generally subject to much more restrictions than civilians. At least they are required to know how to carry, maintain, and shoot their weapon in a variety of scenarios, which is more than you can say for most citizens. I’m not saying it doesn’t violate the 2nd Amendment, just that cops are generally far more qualified to carry a firearm.

          • TheVoiceOfFact

            Historically, citizens accomplish the same outcome firing fewer bullets than police and make fewer errors. Have a look at the antigun vs. Constitutional criminology papers published and then decide upon qualification. This is the reason for the wave of shall-issue permit laws. More guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, whether trained or not, results in fewer accidental gunshot deaths. No reasons, no explanations.

          • guest

             gun only has to be locked if children are present……

          • Jersdoowop

            Thanks for the feed back,but my question was i have a nys ccw with restrictions. Can i carry on my person to PA I have a full carry in PA. 


          • Trucksndogs

             I just read your post, and wanted  to let you know that it is against the law to carry a pistol across the n.y. state border in a vehicle. You have to ship it, or meet a cop at the state line, and hand the gun to him, then cross the border and get it back from him. This is just one of the totally insane n.y. gun laws.

          • Jersdoowop

            Thanks for your feed back. But i have a full carry for PA. . My NYS has restrictions Can i carry on my person or do i have too transport to PA.  Jerry P

          • Jim

             He just said by NY state law the answer is NO.

          • Danimperial101


          • Danimperial101


          • Danimperial101


          • Danimperial101


          • Jen

            It is my understanding that PA does not require a permit for OPEN carry, but they do require one for concealed carry. The PA counties near where I live in NY once gave you a PA carry permit if you already had one in NY so you could freely visit the state. This is no longer the case in Pike County PA near where I live.

          • KYLE

            as long as no one can see your gun your 100% IN THE LEGAL LIMIT TO CARRY. remember…your always to and from a “range” and carry a target and hearing plugs in ur trunk 😉

          • Jen

            Once you cross into NY, you are carrying under your NY permit. You need to transport your firearm (unloaded) in a locked box separate from your ammo until you reach the range or competition, hunting grounds, etc.

        • Jersdoowop

          Yes you are right .  I have proff of that. With my ccw restrictions can i carry on my why to PA i have a full carry in PA. And what about on the why home.  Can i stop for a meal .  You can not leave you gun in the car thats the law.  This whole thing just sucks.   Thjank for any input..  Jerry P.

          • Tlester7

            I was told by the NRA instructor that if I am traveling to or from target practice or hunting it is lawful to have the gun on my person. If I must stop for a meal or to get gas etc, the gun must be fully concealed or it is considered “brandishing” and is a reason to revoke my permit.

          • Jersdoowop

            Thanks for feed back.So on my way to PA where i have a full carry i can carry from ny state with my restrictions? Too PA  ?  Thanks Jerry

          • whof44

            It’s is illegal to transport any handgun across state lines, regarless of whether or not you have a CCW for BOTH states you are traveling between! You must ship it, or like the other post says, meet an officer at the border and retrieve it from him on the other side of the state line. It’s a felony if done incorrectly. It was even illegal for POLICE OFFICERS to carry across state lines, even when they were qualified and trained with that weapon up until a few years ago.

          • jers doo wop

            This is not true. If you have a NYS CCW and a PA CCW you are good to go in PAQ and back to NY State and many other states.

      • CHIC


      • Rip

         In NYS, or at least in rockland county, the restriction is Residence/Sportsman, which means HOME, HUNTING, TARGET SHOOTING, FISHING, HIKING (this last one means walking in a natural environment).  Also, if you are hunting, make sure you have a hunting license, otherwise it could be considered a violation of you agreement with the judge who issued the permit. 

      • So just to make sure I am clear on all this, I live in and have a NYS Pistol Permit without any restrictions on it(as far as I know, how would I tell?) I can carry any ow my pistols in a Concealed holster with me at all times. Minus of course schools and government areas.

    • Will

      YES !

    • nobux60

      It is when it comes to the criminal.

  • bbc55

    Hector, it is…..

  • All right check this out! I live in the draconian state of NY and I have carried for years as a Michigan corrections officer.  When I retired to NY that permit was stripped from me and all my guns were confiscated.  It took a almost two years to get them back!  I received a permit to carry a concealed weapon by  Judge Howie Sullivan but he altered it by saying it was restricted to hunting and target practice!  All my guns were concealed carry guns and I am an excellent shot so the that permit was useless and was altered in a felonious manner by this good ole boy judge.  I guess I was not rich enough or did not chum with him at the local watering hole. 

    • NY Correction Officer

      What possessed you to move to NY? Most of the law enforcement officers I know tell me they’re moving out-of-state when retiring. Taxes here are out-of-sight. As far as pistol permits go; New York is a “shall-issue” state. Virtually impossible to get any type of pistol license in NYS, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties.Outside of NYC and Suffolk County, the county judges serve as the licensing officers and they tend to issue “restricted SPORTMAN’S” permits to civilians. 

    • Peter Hanson

      By him some heavy drinks during lunch break.

    • Redlegagent

      NYS does not recognize permits from other states so the fact that you were a CO in Michigan is irrelevent I’m afraid for the purpose of obtaining a permit.  The NYS Supreme Court recognizes the “right” of County Judges (issuing authorities) to apply restrictions.  You do have the right to request the restriction be removed.  How this is done varies from county to county.  Once an unrestricted permit is issued, if the county judge retires or is replaced, usually the new judge will not apply restrictions to the existing permit without a good reason. I would find out how to apply to remove your restriction and use the fact that you were a CO as justification – it may take a while though so be prepared to wait it out.  What have you got to lose??

    • Redlegagent

      NYS does not recognize permits from other states so the fact that you were a CO in Michigan is irrelevent I’m afraid for the purpose of obtaining a permit.  The NYS Supreme Court recognizes the “right” of County Judges (issuing authorities) to apply restrictions.  You do have the right to request the restriction be removed.  How this is done varies from county to county.  Once an unrestricted permit is issued, if the county judge retires or is replaced, usually the new judge will not apply restrictions to the existing permit without a good reason. I would find out how to apply to remove your restriction and use the fact that you were a CO as justification – it may take a while though so be prepared to wait it out.  What have you got to lose??

    • Dj686g

      Removing restrictions can be difficult in NY, apply to get them removed if you have a good excuse.

  • Jpeluso3

    Get use to it . Like you said if your not a good old boy your screwed. Only his friends will get concealed carry.The problem in New York is DA and Judges hied behind the law.I don’t know how they ever passed the Bar they still can’t understand that the bad guys will always have guns.

    • Noone

      you obviously were not an English major with the spelling….  maybe you should go back to school and become fully literate before you carry a gun

      • Stopspending

        Noone, your a typical liberal loser. As much as I honor ALL of the Constitution, you only want to honor some. Bet you like the 1st Amendment, but don’t think the second applies. Well, the second is there to protect us from people like you who want to remove it. Also, as much as the 10th is good for State’s rights, unfortunately, again, I stand for the lack of them not honoring others in reciprocity. So, Noone, you are no one to me and the great Americans who responsibly own and exercise their second Amendment rights. BTW, should we outlaw auto’s? There are more legal car owner operators who die/kill other Americans everyday/month/year than any legal gun owners by any percentage. Where are you on that? So, i think for the sake of this you’re not a respectful American who honors the Constitution, only a left minded one who believes that the Constitution isn’t worth honoring or fighting for.

        • nobux60

           I’m left handed, but I sure ain’t left minded 🙂

  • james

    the red indicator above is not right red means not honor but it says “states that honor ny pemit”

    • read before you post

      your not reading it right. Those aren’t the color code, the color code is on the right, those are 2 different links. 

  • The big cat

    Does anyone in the Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse area know where I can purchase a hand gun on my badge. I am a C O for the State of NY.

    585 993-8254


    • Rmh6776

      Buffalo gun center , on Harlem rd, in the town of Cheektowaga

  • Joe

    NY needs to start honoring Reciprocity with other states and it will be returned!!  Although not as bad as some other states, they are still infringing on our rights!

    • William Antico

      That’s 100% Correct ! State like NY that infringe on the 2nd amendment, I call “The People’s Republic of …” such as New York. When a state doesn’t comply with the rights garenteed to us by the constitution, then are they really acting as U.S. States ? New Jersey is as bad, so is California, and Illinois is even worse.

      • Spencer

         Maybe they’re afraid that people who can’t spell “guaranteed”,aren’t responsible enough to safely use firearms.

        • Www Firefly

          what a stupid comment,typical liberal who has to attack ones character because they do not agree.

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • And EXACTLY where in the 2nd Amendment does it state that you need to know ANYTHING about arms in order to carry them? Oh, wait a minute — IT DOESN’T… BECAUSE THAT WOULD *INFRINGE* UPON OUR RIGHTS. The right to bear arms is a universal right of all free men. If you allow the government the power to set training requirements, you are opening the door for an ever increasing amount of “training” so that the government can discourage anyone from doing it. Sure, I think that people should be very familiar with the weapon that they carry, but I do not want to see government mandated training. I think we need less legislation, not more.

          • obihan

            Excellent comment!

          • Intelectual

            2nd Amendment:

            “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
            state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be

            “A well regulated militia” not an unregulated armed populace. Plus the fact the second part, the one that people tend to emphasize on the most doesn’t actually specify what kind of ‘arm’. It doesn’t specify state the right to bear fire arms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self defense but there are certain things worth looking at. You can’t just let any idiot carry a gun and expect everything to be fine. Someone who forms part of this country’s well regulated militia should be considered capable of carrying anywhere they want. Joe Smoe who doesn’t know what they’re doing should not have a gun. Beside the fact that the gun safety course is easy as shit. Doesn’t take much to pass it.

            If you were to suggest however that there should be a federal conceal carry permit in order to comply fully with the ‘right to bear arms’ specifically fire arms then I totally agree but that type of permit should be the most restrictive and difficult to obtain in order to appease all fifty states. There are not too many people in say New York that complain over there right to bear a fire arms.

          • David Fellows Jr

            The reason the forefathers created the law was, for the people to be able to defend the “free state” against tyrannical government. As you may want to interpret in a different way, im sorry the intent does not change. unless your some moron who knows nothing of history, you know what the intent was. and trying to dodge it with some bullshit interpretation only makes you look like a complete idiot. No offense but the phrase you should have focused on was ” The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I must ask you who are “the people”? Is that in reference to just the military? How about to “KEEP and BEAR” im pretty sure that means to exactly what that says. And of course the most important part ” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” . Just in case you don’t know what infringed means here’s the definition. Infringed- to wrongly limit or restrict, violate,
            To transgress or exceed the limits of, actively break the terms of law, limit or restrict. So im sure you can figure from their that ” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” pretty much means the complete opposite. I must applaud you for your liberal creative thinking though.

          • NYSAM

            Typical moronic-type comments! To indicate that there is only one point of view, or interpretation that matters (yours) is narrow minded, naïve and is partly why we are so over-regulated. Although people should have the right to protect themselves and others in need, it’s NOT a ‘God-given’ right to walk around irresponsibly with weapon of choice with complete disregard to the society in which you may live. Yes, we are over regulated, but one should demonstrate that they are capable and responsible dealing with such important and potentially dangerous things. If more people were actually trained and competent (CCW, Hunting, driving, etc.) there would be less accidents and less regulation. Unfortunately, our governments idea of regulation seems only to obtain funds which they waste away, rather than creating meaningful regulation which actually benefits society. Am I a CCW holder. Yes. Do I think that I should have the right? Yes. Do I think that I should be able to exercise those rights without being responsible or capable? NO. Proper training and proof of proficiency should be required.

          • Jeremy Root

            I like this response.
            Unfortunately so many people associate guns with angry stupid hateful rednecks on one side and criminals on the other with nothing in between.

          • Mike Lloyd

            Entirely agree..well articulated!

          • mr lackey

            “The reason the forefathers created the law was, for the people to be able to defend the “free state” against tyrannical government.”—

            —And we now have the most tyrannical government ever!

          • Tom

            It wasn’t created to arm US Citizens against their own government. And we definitely don’t have anything close to the “most tyrannical” government ever.

          • Julz Wansley

            actually it said foreign AND DOMESTIC

          • Mike Lloyd

            Yes exactly!

          • ArmedAmerican

            it was created for the Security of a free state against ANY tyranny.

          • PatriotGames

            Actually….it WAS. Because the Forefathers knew that an unarmed Citizenry would be slaves to any Governing body.

          • Eric

            I wonder what would have happened in Nazi Germany if more people carried a side arm? Next they will be regressing to whose vote counts. 3/5 of a black person or women’s suffragette? When your rights are infringed upon it is all rights in jeopardy not just a cafeteria where you pick and choose.

          • Nando

            Actually, part of the reason was to arm the first citizens of our country against the government in the event it should turn it’s back to the people, much like England did to us, through excessive taxing without providing relief, which is why this is NOT an extension of England.

          • Mike Lloyd

            TY they just received a needed lesson in US history from you Tom.,.

          • Andreja-Jelen

            Are you a tard ?

          • Tom

            No, tards get their news from Breitbart and think it’s real.

          • Julz Wansley

            Glad to see some one read it… foreign AND DOMESTIC

          • Mike Lloyd

            Including my USMC 3/7 Cutting Edge Heckler & Koch’s .308 fully automatic sniper rifle (always set at single fire) and only use a 15 round magazine. Sane, law abiding, and have the right to bear arms folks…..Semper Fi fellow Jarheads!

          • trigger

            I hear ya Citizen13,
            I grew up in NY…one of the most beautiful states in the Union. Left it because of it’s numerous unconstitutional laws and moved to a free state with open carry and no state tax.

          • Jacob

            I live in NY State and there are quite alot of people that have issues with all the bogus restrictions and what not. I have no problem taking a permit class, but i should… constitutional carry should be how it works. I am not a criminal of any sort, i’m what you are considering a “joe smoe” and i have the right to personal protection regardless of what a law says. Just because some people aren’t pro gun and have their own opinions, doesn’t mean my choice to carry should be restricted. I am a member of the “2nd Amendment Coalition of Western New York” and just like any other true american, we believe in freedom and liberty. The option to carry is a personal choice, and the fact that someone else thinks they can control what another person can have disgusts me.

          • suckit

            F the laws and carry anyways. We all have a moral obligation to not follow any unjust law.

          • AlphaAsFuck

            Although I like that idea, thats just silly.

          • TD

            And if you are on a jury, you have the right to also judge the law as well as the defendant. Google: Jury Nullification.

          • lf

            that’s retarded and idiots like you is why we need stricter gun laws

          • Turd Ferguson

            Um, “Lf”, that is the argument I am always against. We keep passing laws to control the unlawful (suckit in this instance) and impacting only the lawful.

          • John Junioe

            I agree with you, the criminal still get access to gun meanwhile the model citizens still can’t

          • AR_Libertarian

            Ummmm…and a felony just for having an unregistered gun in NYC? I’ll pass.

          • ConcernedCitizenFromSyracuse

            I’m in Syracuse the laws suck here

          • Jeremy Root

            I’m from Syracuse and would like to be able to continue in NY to visit home as I do where I am currently domiciled. It isn’t impossible to obtain a ccw but it seems difficult to explain “proper cause” in the letter to the judge.

          • ConcernedCitizenFromSyracuse

            True..I have my sportsman’s license and am currently in the process if getting my unrestricted

          • Andreja-Jelen

            They suck worse in Erie county.

          • Leo

            How does a law abiding, veteran like myself, get a CCw in New York?? Please advice, send info to [email protected]. Thank you Jacob.

          • joe

            Militia – a military force that is raised from the civil population to SUPPLEMENT a regular army in an emergency.

          • Don

            I am a New York resident, I grew up in the Bronx (my mother still lives their) I moved to a county that allows full concealed carry licences so after 5-6 years I went and applied, so I am new to this gun debate. New York is not just New York City. NYC (the five Boroughs ) have the strictest CC laws, you can not get one unless you own a store, so growing up no one carried a gun just the cops and criminals. (of whom I knew both) ” normal ” ” law abiding citizens ” had no reason to carry a gun. even though I had two pointed at me when living there. that is what everyone grew up in NYC, grows up believing. to be scared of them, not being able to educate yourself about the different uses of a handgun or rifle.
            “The uneducated is the most prejudges”,
            and that is with everything not just guns. I did not know all the uses for a gun, I thought is was either for holding up a store or cop used it for protection, Yes self-defense is a good reason but not the only one, your 2 amendment right is also a good one, Hunting, target, competitions like in the Olympics, all good reasons skeet shooting, I could go on, but the bottom line is this people in “say New York (city) don’t complain over there right to bear a fire arm” because they are uneducated about what that right is. It was taken away from them so long ago. the worse part about it is I can not go visit my mother( if i’m CC) without breaking the law.
            So don’t use New York as your example because I know plenty of New York’ers who not only complain over their rights but will and are fighting to bear firearms.
            repeal the New York safe act

          • Mike Lloyd

            Slightly misinformed. Don’t have to own store, just carry or be responsible for large amounts of $ like financial advisor or be bodyguard etc…

          • ArmedAmerican

            Try READING it again, dope…this time DONT IGNORE punctuation.

            The militia being NECESSARY for the SECURITY of the FREE STATE DOES NOT DICTATE that the PEOPLE who have a right to bear arms must be regulated.
            IF and WHEN the goddam militia is called up to SECURE a free state THEN it becomes an issue of ‘REGULATING’ that militia….which pretty much means training them for combat.

          • ArmedAmerican

            “. It doesn’t specify state the right to bear fire arms.”
            What a bullshvt response, Brady nut.
            Does your ignorant ### think that STONE KNiVES and BEAR SKINS could be used for the SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, nut?
            Not in a world of FIREARMS…..GUNS that were in COMMON USE when the second amendment was written…when it was INTENDED to guarantee the PRE EXISTING RIGHT to bear ARMS

          • ArmedAmerican

            ” Joe Smoe who doesn’t know what they’re doing should not have a gun.”
            And yet MANY of those Mr and Ms ‘shmoes’ have SUCCESSFULLY USED FIREARMS to fend off violent criminals.

            I dont think someone like YOU should be allowed to determine who can and who cant own or carry a gun.

          • Tom

            Yeah, but what are the statistics of lives saved because the Smoe family was armed to the teeth and fended off violent criminals? It shouldn’t be harder to vote in the US than it is to get a damn gun. The 2nd Amendment is outdated, misunderstood, and 220+ years from relevant.

          • ArmedAmerican

            If liberal trash have their way Russians will be voting in the US polls soon.
            And Ive used a gun 3 times to save myself and my family, Brady….so Im sure its a lot. But what about your bullsht of ‘if it saves one life’ ?
            Oh…thats right…your puke axx argument there only applies if its keeping some bad guy from getting shot by his victim.

            Secondly dopeshvt….tell the Mexicans being raped and slaughtered by fking cartels that the right to bear arms is outdated.

            The SECURITY OF THE FREE STATE, son, the REASON for the Second…is NEVER OUTDATED !

          • Tom

            And what do Mexicans being raped by drug cartels have to do with a populace being armed by a 228 year old amendment in another country? The US is the laughing stock of the world for several reasons, not the least of which is all the gun nuts insisting they NEED firearms. It’s the insane shithead right wing pieces of shit that keep the US in a perpetual state of mediocrity when we could be the best in the world in every way. But no, citizens need to be armed to teeth, and we need to be in a constant state of war around the world. Oh, and you could really benefit from a dictionary.

          • ArmedAmerican

            Guy…I just had three of you Brady trash wimps bail on me after having your idiot guts stomped out in these debates. So you really want to do this too?

            1. if you arent mentally capable of figuring out how UNARMED Mexicans are being victimized, Bradytard, then I suggest working on those cognitive skills.

            2. WE DONT GIVE A SHT if the rest of the effeminate world is laughing maggot…in fact the RUSSIANS just passed concealed carry not long ago so their citizens dont have to be sheep to criminals anymore….and a LOT ofcitizens in a lot of countries have guns, dick…whether you know that fact or not.

            3. Oh….I of course your scumball axx will need to save some face by pointing out typos and grammar….as is typical for you sht sucking scum because you have nothing otherwise.

          • Tom

            You don’t happen to be a religious fundamentalist too, do you? And by the way, when someone gives up on trying to talk sense to a drooling moron by using reason and realizes they may as well be talking to a rock so they leave you to wallow in your own pathetic filth, that’s not bailing. That’s writing you off for being the wart on the taint of society that you are, and not worth the energy. Again, it shouldn’t be harder to vote than get a damn gun in the US.

          • ArmedAmerican

            You dont happen to be a limp wristed effeminate girlie bvtch, do you?

            stick around sweetheart….lets see how well you fare here.

            Again…by the time you shvtbags were done anyone would be able to vote.

          • Tom

            No, just American citizens. Did you serve in the military by chance?

          • ArmedAmerican

            My life has nothing to do with the topic here.

          • Tom

            A raw nerve you don’t want to talk about. Probably couldn’t qualify for the Marines, of all things. If one feels the paranoid NEED, or inferiority complex, to make them feel like a badass to walk around with a deadly weapon capable of killing ten people at a whim without any skill, the problem lies with that person.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            I know some Marine’s I wouldn’t trust with a butter knife let alone a rifle. I don’t care how much Government propaganda says “OMGz nothing more dangerous than doz marines and dar rifles so elite!!”, its BS. Many are tough, many embody the true US Marine mindset but many are just social welfare recipients that joined a branch that was slightly (but not insanely) more difficult physically and mentally to either prove something to someone else, themselves or compensate for some deficiency…not that I have too much of a problem with it but don’t think everyone of these guys is some super bad ass. Also plenty of cops know about as much how to shoot a pistol as some old male politician does about women’s health…aka not much but again not too much of a problem with me so long as the title doesnt go to their heads too much.

          • Jeremy

            When did you guys change the topic to the military? Your problem is trying to seem intelligent and standout, yet you want everyone else to be a sheep and play follow the leader? America doesn’t follow anyone, there’s a reason we don’t copy Europe, that’s what makes us American, and yes people may laugh, but what damage does that do? Look at Europe, they’re in chaos, nobody is self efficient and no country besides America is able to readily defend themselves, if it wasn’t for the fact the Russians had guns to defend themselves, Hitler would’ve walked through them like feathers. The right is just that, a right, name a single country in Europe where they’re all safe with a gun free policy, actually I’ll expand, name any country throughout history where the citizens were unarmed and safe

          • Tom

            Thousand bucks says this guy never served. Just another FNC jackoff who thinks he knows what the Constitution means…TWO thousand bucks say this fucktard actually thinks Trump is a decent and viable candidate for President. Why don’t you make the same promise Nugent did, except actually follow though, you pussy. People like you are the exact reason the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            Religious fundamentalist? Have you based this on his posts? Genuinely curious, perhaps you can “educate” me but it seams like you are reaching a bit here with a character insult….how progressive!

          • Tom

            Obviously my comment went over your head.

          • lf

            cause true americans don’t need no english language lol that guy is the reason why we need stricter gun laws , tinfoil wearing wack job

          • lf

            but I do support the right to carry just to be precise just not everyone indistinctively

          • Nate Opgenorth

            Ok…just understand that your opinion is not binding legal precedent or based on any constitutionally valid purpose. Hmm…maybe we should require you to know every County Judge in your state to vote, plus three forms of photo ID, plus reciting the entire constitution?

          • Tom

            Lol, do you work at Fox News? “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! And it’s all the fault of Liberals!!” Lmao… Sheep.

          • ArmedAmerican

            What I watch, scumbag, isnt really your concern.
            We all know you have your idiot face planted to the screen when that jokeass CNN is on, though.

          • chris

            i agree with you on that.

          • Philp

            Very well said. In my home state of Arizona any non-felon who can sign his name and put money on the table can legally buy a gun. He may not know which end the bullet comes out, or who is knocking on his door, but he is proud to own a gun. A man in my neighborhood spouts at crime prevention meetings that if someone is knocking on his door at midnight he will empty the magazine through the door, and then open it to see who he killed. it does not matter if they are firefighters at the door trying to save his life because his house is on fire, he wil shoot first because he wants to.

          • Art Caley

            Please realize that the phrase “well-regulated militia” as used by the framers at the time of the composition meant being well organized, or well practiced. It had nothing to do with being controlled by laws. Secondly, as a NY residents I know first hand how many NY’ers are unhappy with the state’s gun laws. Many are moving out of the state. Your interpretation about the word “arms” is wrong also.

          • bob

            Did you miss the comma in the 2nd Amendment??
            You are perverting the fact and twisting the wording to fit your argument!

            “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free

            ” , ”

            the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be

          • Marvin Cohn

            @ bob: As Art Carley has stated, the 18th century meaning of word “regulated” in the Second amendment had nothing to do with restrictions. It meant “well-practiced” or “maintained.” The “free state” cannot call up a well-practiced militia unless the citizenry is armed first and knows how to use those firearms.

          • AlphaAsFuck

            You are correct in the sense that the constitution does not specify what type of “arms’. However, in NY you’ll be arrested for a small knife. Irresponsible citizens should not have guns, but how do u determine that other than a criminal background check? there aren’t too many complaints because New Yorkers just don’t know any better. I would have never thought of wanting a concealed carry permit in NYC if I didn’t get one in another state. I’m sure that upstate new yorkers have a problem with the restrictions.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            In Upstate NY its not so bad. You can often open carry a knife in many small towns or conservative counties without trouble, you can even open carry in some areas, on the permit the restrictions are merely administrative suggestions with no legal authority, no where in NYS law (outside of NYC) does it say that a Judge can legally add restrictions nor does it restrict the mode in which you carry to concealed (even if it says so on the permit). That said County Judges can revoke your permit at any time and give no reason (yeah…so much for due freaking process) so treading lightly is suggested unless you literally know the issuing Judge, your local police and county sheriff, and behave well. In the ADK its often suggested to open carry by some, pistol on the hip is a strong deterrent to a rural criminal, especially when hunting.

          • Brian Harden

            I would expect that Judge’s decision to be subject to appeal.

            Out of curiosity, can you carry concealed with a permit outside of NYC?

          • Roshimon

            This is of course typical liberal claptrap. The 2nd amendment is an individual right. it is NOT a states right. The entire bill of rights is about individual liberties. States already have the right to have a state military elsewhere in the constitution. FYI the militia was and is every able bodied male between 16 and 60. The founding fathers if you bother to read the letters and documents left behind explain in no uncertain terms that the 2nd amendment is meant to give citizens the ability to defend themselves from an overreaching government

          • Andrew Jordan

            back in those days a militia was a well armed populace within a community.

          • Andrew Jordan

            also i live in ny and its ridiculous how many laws have been passed to restrict gun ownership to law abiding citizens, passing laws isn’t going to stop people from obtaining guns to commit crimes there is a black market with plenty of illegal firearms to choose from. these laws restrict law abiding citizens from defending themselves against armed criminals. for example texas has the most guns and the lowest crime rate for home invasions and armed robberies and that is a well known fact. that is due to most of the populace owning their own legal firearms for self protection.

          • echo3713

            For someone who calls themselves “Intelectual” (sic) you sure do need an education. The word “regulate” had a different meaning at the time of the founders, just as the meaning of many other words change over time. To “regulate” back then meant to make “regular”, in other words, common. Adding the word “well” to it meant “in good working order”. It did not have the meaning of imposing rules, nor did it imply “organized”, especially as an official part of the state. As a matter of fact, it expressly mentioned otherwise by granting the rights to “the people” (individuals), not “the state”, and the word “shall” was deliberately used since it is pretty much the most powerful word in legal language since it is the most definitive compulsory word. When “shall” is used, there is NO leeway.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            Very well said. In fact modern legal writing, by many jurists and legislators have said that the term “shall” needs to be limited to absolutes in writing and should not be used for anything less than compulsory orders for example not suggestions that merely suggest an order.

          • Loren Piller

            like gay marriage the right to bear arms should not be restricted at all . The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. Pretty simple declarative sentence. no ambiguity there, at all.

          • Brian

            First off, the Bill of Rights is not a grant of rights; it is a “Thou Shalt Not” set of

            rules for the Government.

            The operative part of the second amendment–that is, “Thou Shalt Not”–is the wording “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The first part, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,” is a justification. In the context of the times, every citizen was a member of the militia as the United States didn’t have a standing army. It was not just your right, but your duty as a citizen, to be prepared to defend the US against enemies foreign and domestic.

            Nothing about that has changed in the intervening 228 years.

            Your questioning the definition of “arms” is a red herring.


            plural noun: arms

            1. weapons and ammunition; armaments.

          • Francisco d’Anconia

            As Noah Webster put it in a pamphlet urging ratification of the Constitution, “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe.”

            The well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free state was a militia that might someday fight against a standing army raised and supported by a tyrannical national government. Obviously, for that reason, the Framers did not say “A Militia well regulated by the Congress, being necessary to the security of a free State” — because a militia so regulated might not be separate enough from, or free enough from, the national government, in the sense of both physical and operational control, to preserve the “security of a free State.”

          • Wearyman

            Your comment shows your lack of historical knowledge. “A Well Regulated Militia” means something very specific. The “Militia” means every able bodied adult male. “Well Regulated” means “Made Regular” As in “Properly trained as a “regular” in the Continental Army.” A “Regular” was a normal volunteer or conscripted adult male. The only expectation was that they were well versed in the care and safe use of their firearm and knew how to aim and hit what they aimed at, and were able to follow directions and take orders when necessary. That was it. This is something any able bodied adult should be able to do with no additional training.

            That said, I think a training program is an excellent thing, and something every gun owner should do, if for no other reason than to ensure that they are “regular”, as per the Second Amendment.

          • Diomious

            I’ll give you something to think about when you say ‘let any idiot carry a gun’.

            When the west of the United States was still called ‘the wild west’, almost everyone who could afford it (and many could) carried a gun. Do you know how often they used them? Often, granted, but that’s again the case when living on the frontier. My point is though, is that those that used them recklessly were taken care of by other idiots with guns, or by the law who just straight up shot them. Movies show a posse of bad guys taking over a town, and some lone gunman winning the day, but that’s factually wrong. Usually a posse would show up, 5 or 6, and would start trouble, then get shot down by the people who had a very liberal meaning to ‘gun safety’.

            If everyone had a gun, no one would go around shooting up places. End of story.

          • Traveler

            If you need to carry a gun to feel safe or manly maybe you need to move or get professional help.Unless you have ever had to decide to shoot someone on a seconds notice you need to be aware that it is a moment that will change your life. Do you really think that arming the general public will protect us from a tyrannical government these days? When it comes to a coup in this country you will be so outgunned that it would be a slaughter.Wake up people. Carrying a gun is just for the male ego. It is time to move on and crack down on the sick individuals that make people want to carry guns in the first place.

          • Hersh

            It has nothing to do with where a person may live or feeling “manly”. My job takes me into people’s houses that I know absolutely nothing about, so of course I am going to protect myself. Stop being so closed minded thinking that there are only two reasons that someone would want to carry a gun.

          • Traveler

            Unless you are law enforcement and enter a residence with your gun drawn, someone wanting to harm you will have the drop on you before you can make the decision to draw your weapon. I stand by my previous statement.

          • Peter Kontolefa

            What happens when your driving down the street n accidently tailgate someone bc there going 5 bellow the speed limit in the left lane so you pass em on the right… they get all sorts of pissed off (maybe there mentally imbalanced or an as***le) and start throwing there trash at you and you laughing with your buddy bc there acting so stupid and than the light turn red and your stuck behind a car at a red light the guy is now behind you getting out of his car with a tire iron….. I’m 24 this happened to me in Tucson AZ and I had my gun on me so I was comfortable and ready to kill….. fortunately the light turned green but when you in traffic and a crazy guy comes at you with a tire iron SHOOT TO KILL and ask questions later I’m 6ft4 240 pounds and maybe I could have disarmed the guy but it doesn’t matter the cops aren’t doing there job I’m no jet Lee so why should I have to fight for my life and risk injury bc some crazy guy has a knife or bat and the government is just as crazy limiting out HUMAN RIGHTS to defend ourselves WERE ALL HUMAN only difference is the criminals don’t care about laws and restrictions they will Cary a gun regardless so the restrictions just make it harder for the good guys… Now I’m back in nyc where I grew up and even if I got my ccw I probably couldn’t drive around with an fn5.7 with a 30 round clip bc of some crazy law and restrictions so I basically gave my guns away for free in AZ bc I couldn’t even bring them back

          • Eric

            Peter – I’m in GA probably moving back to my native NYC. I have a concealed carry license for the state of GA and if and when I move back, I’m absolutely bringing it with me. I won’t carry it around freely like I do here in GA but I’m definitely not getting rid of it. A buddy of mine with the NYPD told me off the record that I could carry it concealed in any burrough in the USA and fellow cops would never even know and if they do find it on me without just cause, the case would get tossed anyway. I don’t carry to feel more manly as a few clowns stated above. I carry just to have a punchers chance in case I am ever in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a perfect world and if I have a say in my fate, the only time I will have to pull the trigger is at the range.

          • Keith

            “A buddy of mine with the NYPD told me off the record that I could carry
            it concealed in any burrough in the USA and fellow cops would never even
            know and if they do find it on me without just cause, the case would
            get tossed anyway”
            Seriously, tell that to a judge because you will be going to jail.
            Will your buddy visit you?

          • mister1

            No he isn’t lying. I was pulled over and my vehical was searched without my concent, they found a loaded 25 under my seat, sure I was arrested and taken to jail but went to court and was released. The reason for this is they aren’t legally allowed to search my car or my person without concent or a reasonable suspicion since they had neither the charges were dropped and my record clear, I believe the legal term for this is “Illegal Search and Seizure”.

          • TeamRih

            Try being black and see what happens then.

          • Tom

            Punctuation is your friend. Try it sometime.

          • Pamela J Wheelen

            Don’t bet on it .

          • napoleon_solo

            And your previous statement is still stupid.

          • Jermaine Blyden

            You sound stupid! With all of the fellons, gang bangers, armed theives, rapist and other forms of sociopaths running around with guns and other weapons that kill, there is no reason to not be able to conceal carry. Not to mention the mere fact that police responds to incidents and are not always walking around you 24/7 like armed security, so you might want to protect yourself. Why should anyone allow themself to go out like cattle in a slaughter house? Now I will say this, owning a gun is not a joke game or gimmick and requires a lot of responsibility. I feel that if you own one you better get yourself well trained or it will be useless to own one. Owning a gun is not supposed to make you feel safe it’s supposed to provide a means to protect yourself when your life is being threatened by another. And being that it is our SECOND AMENDMENT and clearly states that our rights should not be infringed the government need to stop the bullshit. The one thing that I do agree with is that is that it is time to crack down on the sick individuals that make people want to carry guns in the first place!

          • mr lackey

            for the male ego?? What about all the women that carry?

          • Tom

            Ever notice that they aren’t the most feminine of women?

          • Krista Edwards

            I’m a very feminine woman that takes her safety and security very seriously; and just for shits and giggles, why are there “anti gun” posts being made on a site that’s for responsible gun owners? I won’t name anyone inparticular but If you wanna be a preacher, then go to church or some church’s site online and stop bothering the rest of us.

          • Regulated Garbage

            Ever notice you’re a moron?

          • Pamela J Wheelen

            Tom that could not be further from the truth , I take my safety seriously .

          • Crystal Petersen

            Nope I know a lot of very beautiful feminine women that carry. Thank you very much

          • Gracie

            Such a disappointing, sexist comment. I guess you think that all rape victims look like whores, too?

          • Tom

            Of course not. But they do kinda look like dudes, usually. You do realize that comment is over two years old right?

          • cornfed

            Everyone has their own opinion, and mine is, if you really feel that way about guns, or think that it’s an ego thing you should move the #*@$ out of this country

          • Traveler

            You just proved my point. Thanks.

            Brian L. Francis
            [email protected]

          • CPR

            Come try to rob me in my home… You won’t return… My family is so much more important than you and your ignorance. Not a threat just a guarentee

          • Tom

            It’s like you were just channeling me.

          • Crystal Petersen

            I disagree as a female who always carries a loaded handgun (concealed) I feel very feminine not manly at all. My gun does not make me feel safe my training on how to handle my gun in a safe manner does!!

          • Stupid people

            Wow what a stupid person…talk to me went someone rapes your wife or mother in front of you and threatened your life and you can’t do anything about it but just watch…everyone should be able to defend themselves regardless of the situation

          • Brian

            If you need locks on your doors to feel safe, then maybe you should move or get professional help.

          • chris

            i think anyone that carrys a gun, handgun or any kind of gun should take classes to know the safety of it. just like to get a hunting lic. you have to take a class to learn how to hunt safely with a gun, i think there should be classes on how to handle and carry a hundgun, learn the history on handgun and so on. but the classes should be free like the hunting classes. all the classes does than is makes sure the person with the hundgun knows the safety of using it and carrying it.

          • Philp

            Your neolithic translation would allow everyone to own and operate anti-aircraft weapons, howitzers that fire a shell thirty miles, and bazookas. I suppose you support a man’s right to shoot down passenger airliners. And everyone on that aircraft can carry two handguns and a flamethrower. How about if the United States were to give free guns to everyone in Mexico who wants to move into the US, because they are free men, aren’t they? Finally, should we mandate handgun training or just let that woman who just got her new 9mm semi-auto kill five people the first time she tries to pull the trigger?

          • thomas payne

            straw man argument, carry the same arms that our police force, deputized by is carrying, no one is talking about bazookas dude. try again. US arming foreign national would be treason, and just how do you shoot 5 people that you did not intend to shoot?

          • ArmedAmerican

            “Your neolithic translation would allow everyone to own and operate anti-aircraft weapons, howitzers that fire a shell thirty miles, and bazookas. I suppose you support a man’s right to shoot down passenger airliners”
            I believe this horsehit is called a ‘non sequitur fallacy’, son.
            And sweetheart, Vermont has NEVER required training and they dont have any more problems with guns than states that DO require it. Idiots will be idiots, training or no training…we see conclusive PROOF of this FACT every fking day on public road when TRAINED, LICENSED drivers cause accidents due to their on careless stupidity.

          • I’m in WA and we don’t require a test of any kind! Pay $60 and get fingerprinted and then it comes in the mail! I got my CCW out of AZ too, but I had to take a class and qualify to get that one. However, they don’t require a permit of any kind now days. I think all 50 states should have the EXACT SAME laws in regards to firearms! Must pass a background check, take a firearms safety class & then qualify so that they know you know how to shoot! Also, a DV conviction is an asinine reason to revoke the right to bare arms. Just my 2 cents though

          • JSpain

            I am sure that anyone who thinks NYS has weak guidelines to carry a handgun has no clue what they are talking about at all, not even a little. NYS has some of the most stringent laws in the Nation. I would specualte many states don’t grant reciprocity simply because NY does not grant it to them.

          • James M.

            there should be no mandatory course. Even the background check is pushing our rights. If there was such a course that means that there was a requirement in writing from the government stating that they know who has a firearm. Having a CCW permit is even an infringement on our rights. The government should not know who legally obtains a firearm. I should have the right to own a firearm with NO ONE knowing that i have one, not even the government.

          • Jen

            I had to take a mandatory class for my carry permit in NYS.

          • Grekels

            Obviously not one who has gone through the lengthy, exhausting and expensive task of getting a cc permit:(

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • ArmedAmerican

            uh huh…except Vermont has NEVER REQUIRED training and they have ALWAYS had freedom to carry, son…and they are no more dangerous in VT than any state WITH forced training.
            so much for that theory.

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • LOL….sticky keyboard fella?

          • brooklyn jim

            your a shmuck brooklynjim

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • nyleo

            im sure they dont offer reciprocity in the other state’s close to ny because our guidelines to carry are weak….. There should be a mandatory course for the responsibility to carry a loaded handgun!
            not just a clean background check and money, any joe shmoo who does’nt know squat about gun’s can carry….

          • pat

            I agree Firefly, person can’t stand on substance so, will attack. An old saying, “if you cannot dazzle with brilliance then, baffle with bullshit”

          • Bruce

            Half the liberal voters can’t spell their own names in English or at all and they get to vote? I’ll bet if someone filled out a pistol permit for them, they get it in less that a week, just like any liberal lawyer, mayor, senator, governor, or any other registered criminal.

        • Steven White

          You must really despise that Rachel Jeantel woman. She can’t even read or speak English.

        • Jim L. Miller Jr.

          I had no idea that this forum was actually a spelling bee. I am much more accepting of spelling issues than with the lack of intelligent ideas. Hopefully, someday you’ll accidentally come up with one

        • Nobody

          You uhh . . . . . you forgot to space the word “aren’t” from the comma. Just pointing that out.

        • Steve

          You’re extremely ignorant “Spencer”…

        • ArmedAmerican

          Halfwits who have to correct spelling clearly have no valid argument otherwise.

        • chris

          knowing how to spell does not mean someone don’t not know how to safely use a firearm point blank, i suck at spelling but when im out hunting, i pull the gun out of a lock cabnet, check the chamber, go to truck, check chamber again, drive to hunting land, get out of truck check chamber again, walk to stand, check chamber again, climb up the stand, sit down, pull up gun with barrel facing down, check chamber again, load gun, make sure safty is on. tell me im not safe!

        • Gregg the voice of reason

          Maybe you should not throw the first stone .
          At least he said something productive.
          What are you a English teacher or something.

          Probably a liberal democrat

      • Rich

        I would think the reason New York’s (And other states) Laws and reason why they are infringing on peoples rights has to do with pure volume of people in those areas. That being said I do do disagree with what they’re doing. Making it harder to purchase or own a gun lawfully does not but hurt those who try to follow the law, Not the ones doing it illegally

        • bdon

          this is true regardless of their reasoning the laws in new york are fuckin shyt up , at the end of the day criminals will have guns ! we cannot escape that fact but we can even out the playing field by allowing hard working citizens to carry concealed and not have to go through so much to do so..

    • Jersdoowop

      Right on. Jerry P.  

    • Tomd1rx


    • Bigsmoove711

      tell other states to get tougher gun laws n maybe u would have a argument

      • Someguy

        The laws in other states are fine. You do not have any sort of valid point.

        • Actually, the laws in other states are too restrictive. The ONLY gun “law” that we need is the 2nd Amendment.

      • nobux60

        Better that they make tougher mouth laws for people like you.  That would significantly drop the argument/crime rate in itself.

    • NY does have reciprocity with the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin. There is NOT one state that has reciprocity with all states.

      • MJC

        Vermont has reciprocity with all States.

        • Dj

          Now that’s not a true statement…

      • Dynomutt

        You should look up the word “reciprocity” in the dictionary. It does not mean what you think it means.

    • RexCraigo

      Oh calm down Joe.

    • Jennel Justus

      I think you’ll find why NY doesn’t reciprocate is because we have to go thru a very stringent background check

  • Gaius

    There are different counties in NYS that are somewhat considered “shall, or may issue” carry counties.
    NYC, Westchester, Putnam, Nassau, Suffolk are all restricted target issue for  the most part. I have a friend who lives in Orange who got a restricted hunting/ target, and after a year they made it an unrestricted license.
    Can anyone tell me, If they know, what counties issue unrestricted carry right off the bat? I believe that Dutchess county is of that mindset. Any others?


    • garry

      I think that it mostly depends on the Judge.  If the Judge that reviews the application want to put restrictions he will.  I know that columbia county and probably most other counties are unrestricted permits. 

    • Import2nrz

      Putnam does as well.

  • Paul

    When I went to hand my application in yesterday in buffalo,Ny, I was handed a packet that asked about any previous mental illness, if I’ve ever been evaluated, If I’ve been treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. I answered no to all the questions..signed the form and continued with completing the application process. After I returned home..I began thinking about a few of the questions that were asked..and realized that I had a evaluation done about 9 years ago but was not diagnosed with any mental illness. This took place at ecmc hospital in buffalo..due to a bad relationship breakup. My question is..will that be held against me if I did not list it?.. should I go back to the pistol permit department and let them know that I had forgotten about that incident?…I want to be completely honest..and don’t want to blow my chance of getting my permit. I don’t want them to think im trying to hide anything..any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Newbie from buffalo, ny.

    • Oldbie from New York

      Your prescription for an anti-depressant is not a reason to disclose that you have been treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist, or that you are “mentally defective” unless, if fact, any one of these three statements is true. If you have been treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist, it is on record with the NYS Department of Mental Health (a clear HIPPA violation to access, and invasion of privacy, but we’ll deal with that in another post I’m sure). These types of practitioners have a duty and are bound by law to report patients to NYS Dept. of Mental Health. So, if your regular doctor prescribed anti-depressants to you, you are technically in the clear. A lot of quit-smoking medications are technically anti-depressants, and many have other uses. I’m not judging in any manner but there is an ethical/moral issue of having a handgun or other firearm at your disposal if you are depressed, etc. If you had a single incident 9 years ago, I would not worry about it.

  • GQ

    I was medically discharged for PTSD does this mean I have no shot at a concealed carry permit?

    • JMG

      Which state are you in? Yes, it matters. Although Federal Law states that you may not be judged “mentally defective” it matters which state you are in for enforcement and time frame, etc. Chances are that your discharge will stand in your way of a lot, even though we, as a country, should demand that we get you whatever resources are necessary to help you conquer your PTSD and then say thank you for your service and for keeping us free, that will (sadly) never happen. I’m sorry I don’t have better news, and I hope I’m wrong.

  • Paul

    Ok..Im a newbie here and not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this question, so please bear with me. I went to hand in my application on friday at the pistol permit dept, here in buffalo, ny. before the process was complete, i was handed a packet to review and sign about the following: 
    have you ever had a mental evaluation? have you ever been treated for any mental illness? Have you ever been seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist? I answered no to all questions, signed and handed it in to complete my application process. After I got home..I got thinking about the questions that were asked. Back in 2003 I admitted myself to ecmc after a very bad break-up. Im not sure if i was evaluated…and was released 2 days later…being told that I did not need to be there. I also have been on anti-depressants since 2002 and was not aware that depression was a mental illness. My question here is….should I go back down to the pistol permit department and inform them that I had forgotten to list that incident? is it too late to do so? will that be held against me? Is that grounds enough to denied my application? I have been very careful filling out my application as far as disclosing any past criminal history, and to make sure my references have had no arrest history. I do not want them to think I am hiding anything..and am not %100 sure that this information will even come up. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated,

    • William

      Paul, Is there a medical record of that time you are talking about ? Did you notice on the form if there was a time limit mentioned, such as saying “in the past 10 years” or did it say “ever” ?
      Because remember that New York is a “May Issue” state not a “Shall Issue” state. So if they find the record of you being held for psych evaluation, and you did not tell them or explain it, they could deny you your permit. That doesn’t mean they will, but they could. They may call you and say hey, were you admitted in a hospital way back when for a psych evaluation ? You may just wind up with having to give a  lengthy explaination. If it’s been a month since you turned in your papers, and haven’t yet heard about it, then you have a choice to make. Call up the pistol section and tell them the story, and see what they say, or don’t say anything  at all, and see if they find out about it. If you don’t say anything , and they find it, you could just explain it then. Why did you fail to tell us about this? You forgot all about it, or you were told by the doctors you were not deemed mentally distressed, and that you were diagnosed as being fine. And that’s why you didn’t mention it. So it’s your call. Take care.

  • bill compton

    this is why im moving out of NY there gun laws suck…….there so scared about other states not realizing some if not more people have more guns in the cops

    • William

      I don’t blame you. I’m just wondering what State your looking to move to ? Are gun laws the only criteria you have for moving ? Because if that’s the case, Utah, Arizona, Alaska and Vermont probably have the best gun laws in the country.

      • Stevesharpunit65

        wyoming is prolly best for ccw now, you dont even need a permit to carry concealed in wyoming now, you can carry open or concealed no prob,

        • Kyle

          The same applies for Vermont, the glory of vermont is, is that there is no permit there at all. As long as your a resident in VT and can legally own guns, u can carry open, consealed without a permit of any kind…awsomeness!

      • Jason C

        Don’t forget Pennsylvania

    • Dynomutt

      According to the map, “WV resident” has the best US-wide coverage for concealed carry.

      I’d lean toward TX myself, so as to avoid the state income tax of other states, and TX seems very interested in seeking new and broader reciprocity agreements.

  • Yakker0117

    Other than carrying a great deal of money what are considered good excuses/reasons for having restrictions removed?  For example is an NRA fireoarms instructor a valid reason?  Any others??

    • Fishman777

      the main reason to have the restrictions removed is that they are not legal.
      they are unsupported in statutory law, and you cannot be charged with a crime for carrying outside your restrictions…and each county is different….hunting, fishing, trapping and all sporting activities….at any given time you are going to or coming from something on that list….I now recommend “all lawful purposes” to be included on your app.
      remember the “restrictions” have no support in law….go to the NYSP web sight they mention on there that it is not a crime to violate your restrictions…however they can turn you back to the issuing officer for review….but according to the penal code your license can only be revoked for a crime or serious offense…since the carrying outside of ilegal restrictions constitutes none of the above I rest my case……

      • Jersdoowop

        Good show every thing you said is true.  I have one for you, hope you can help. I have a nys ccw with restrictions . I also have a PA full carry. Can i carry from NY State to PA with my pistol on my person >  Mind you I will be carrying for hicking when i get too PA.  Can i stop for lunch while on  on my way too PA.   Thanks for the help.    Jerry p.  PS they make things so diffacult in some countys of NYS.

  • Johnkvocka

    I have a NYS LTC concealed weapon. If I obtain one in a neighboring state, must I relinquish my NYS LTC?

  • Steve

    I’m curious where I can find written regulations for “hunting and target ” only regulations for licenses issued in Westchester County, NY. 

    • Scott

      There are none.  County judges issue arbitrary restrictions from the bench and this practice has been upheld on multiple appeals.   NY essentially adopts a guilty until you prove yourself innocent approach to pistol licensing. 

  • Dale

    I am handing in the first part of the application forms ($10 fee part) friday in Schuyler county. My concern is I have a Disorderly Conduct charge which is non finger printable. Is this going to present an issue with the next part? I just dont want to get my hopes up. I’m 21 and in college but have been a resident of my home town for 16 years… Any insight?

    • Jersdoowop

      I think you will be ok up their. I live in Westchester County no so easy down here.  Regards and good luch.   Jerry

    • Bigjay1580

      I have my minor arrest records sealed do I still list that I’ve been arrested while applying for it?

  • Jersdoowop

    with restrictions can i stop for gas mand food on my way up state to go hunting . i have a ccw. with restrictions hunting target and bussiness.  thanksa  jerry p.

  • Jersdoowop

    can i stop in a dinner on my way to my hunting cabin in up state ny i have a ccw with the good old restrictions. Ps you can leave it in the car.  Thanks Jerry p.

  • Dave!

    I have a permit. If I take a friend to go target shooting, is he allowed to shoot my glock if I’m there or is this a revocable offense?

    • Yakker0117

      In NY your friend cannot handle your handgun unless he has a pistol permit from NYSE. The exception is that he/she can shoot your gun if he is between the ages of 18 and 21 AND you are the parent or guardian. Go figure!

      • Glase5550

        bro a 12yr can use a pistol until he-she turns 21. and supervizer will folwler said carry to and from the activity. and make sure you keep it concealed no open carry and never leave handgun unattended, meaning dont leave them in your car . all these laws and regulations are easy to find and understand. your child can only use pistols with your presence only

    • Tomd1rx

      your friend cannot lrgally fire your handgun and you would be in violation and subject to have your permit revoked

    • Oppie1

      Unless that person is under 21 yeard of age that will work, but otherwise you, and they, are screwed.

  • Artie

    I live in Sullivan County. However, my business is in New York City. The nature of my business requires me to carry large sums of money (between $5,000 and $10,000). Can I get a carry permit in Sullivan County and get a validation(or whatever it’s called) from NYC to carry the pistol in the city?

  • Llzols64

    Can I carry concealed in Nassau ny?

  • Jersdoowop

    I have a ny state ccw with restrictions huntine target bussiness.  Whe i go on a hunting trip for a few days . Can i bring my gun into a motel with me?  Thanks Jerry P


    I still can’t find anywhere if, having a valid NY State (Nassau County) “carry to a from the range” (in addition to hunting), I am allowed to go to a Manhattan (NYC) range to shoot. Would I get arrested?
    And I do not understand why a NYC resident can come to a Nassau County range with NO problem.
    Please advise. Thank you all.

  • Gary

    if i live in niagara county and i purchase a gun in erie county can the pp office in erie add the gun to my permit or do i have to physically go to the niagara county office before i can pick the gun up ?

    • Scott

      You may only add or remove pistols to your permit at the county agency which issues and holds your original pistol permit. 

  • Kennyp

    what if you are moving to NY, and bringing your weapons with you? How am I supposed to get my weapons here from Colorado? Ship them? YEAH RIGHT! Im not shipping ANY of my weapons so they can get LOST/STOLEN on the way to NY…This is CRAZY!

    • Scott

      You cannot bring them with you.  It would be a felony.  You must first secure a NYS resident pistol permit, which takes 3-6 months on average.  You must then ship the firearms from a Colorado FFL to a NY FFL who can then transfer them onto your NYS pistol license.  In NY a pistol license is not a blanket permission – you are actually licensed to your specific firearms and your license will note make, model, caliber, serial number and barrel length.

  • Earlebre28

    I’m currently in the military and want to get my concealed carry permit in New York, but I’m under 21. I saw that age doesn’t matter if you have been honorably discharged, does that apply to active duty as well?

  • Dan

    I am reading comments and I went to the local court house and applied for a unrestricted license and the reason I put down was defense of self and others. I was granted a unrestricted license and the license does not expire. also I am not a NY resident. everybody keeps posting and talking shit but the process is not that hard in NY. I in fact agree with the screening process becasue I believe in teh 2nd ammendment but also believe that cretain people do not deserve the right to have a gun in the general public.

    • Gene Luciano

       Where did you apply? Probably not in NYC, right?

    • Jason C

      Dan, where do you currently reside and what county in NY did you apply? I’m seeing a lot of misleading info on these sites about applying for a non resident license in NY.

    • Kec310

      The process is extremely hard and very prejudicial according to the county you are residing in. It is totally dependant on the judge in your county(Chemung has an anti-gun judge)
      If you received an unrestricted permit and you are not a NYS resident, consider yourself extremely fortunate, as ther are MANY residents who are denied their right to receive one!

  • Scott

    Your NY Page States:

    Concealed Permit:

    May Issue to Residents and Non-Residents

    That is NOT factually correct.  There is no provision to issue a New York pistol permit to anyone other than a NYS resident.

  • Nonreg

    I live in Orange County NY. I have a full carry permit for 25 years and am planning to move to NC upon retirement. I will still have family in NY and am planning on applying for CCW in NC. My question is… will I be able to get a non resident CCW as your web page says is available in NY State? There is alot of conflicting information out there. BOB G

  • Mike K.

    I have a NYC premises permit, I own a home and property in ustate NY can I get a NYS carry permit also?

    • Bruce S

       Mike i have the question, so if you do get the answer, please post it, i had called up NYC 1PP and tried to get some information they just hanged up the phone. if you don’t carry  a large sum of money your out of luck.

  • Doug

    Does anyone know how a permitted individual can legally carry a handgun in a car?  Does it have to be on the individual or can it be in the glove box, trunk or concealed in some other way in the car?

  • nicholas dohman

    can someone under 18 poses and shoot a pistol under supervision at a shooting range

  • Hschnetler

    Yakker0117, Yes you can stop for a meal if it says “Hunting & Target” on it, the part of stopping if it is questioned is not a crime.

  • Bignate2586

    Do I need to apply for a pistol permit before applying for a CC?

    • spm

      NY only has CC, to open carry is brandishing.

  • Bill

    I hope that the courts will overturn the overly restrictive nys gun laws.  While I have a carry permit it is restricted to hunting and target shooting.  Trying to upgrade to a “full carry” permit but in Westchester County you need to know a judge to get this done.  Meanwhile criminals are free to carry at all times!  I heard someone was taking Westchester to federal court on this issue anyone know the status of the case?

  • WBushnell

    Is this link in the automobile cary section working? It doesn’t work for me. 

    It is unlawful for any person to carry, possess or transport a handgun in or through the state unless he has a valid New York license. More details on this click here.

  • WBushnell

    Is this link in the automobile cary section working? It doesn’t work for me. 

    It is unlawful for any person to carry, possess or transport a handgun in or through the state unless he has a valid New York license. More details on this click here.

  • Sundried17

    I live in Suffolk county and want to get a carrying permit but most of my work will be in Nassau county does this mean I have to register with them as well?

  • Val

     I’m moving to NY from Tennessee and I realize that NY does NOT recognize any other state’s CCW permit… but I haven’t found any specific rules/laws for Ontario County??  Probably going to live in between Rochester and Canandaigua.  Can anyone share the info…??  What do I need to get an unrestricted handgun conceal carry permit up there??  Thanks!!!

  • Summitsky

    is a retired leo with the hr 218 authorized to carry their weapon in the 5 boroughs of new york city.

  • Summitsky

    is a retired leo with the hr 218 authorized to carry their weapon in the 5 boroughs of new york city.

  • Greenearth10

    Ok.. I’m not clear. I have a full CCW permit from Philadelphia. I plan on traveling to NYC for a few days. Is my CCW ok in NYC because of my proximity to Phila?
    It was my understanding that I could Only not carry in NJ and Illinois.

  • Bob

    what joe said

  • tara

    help! I have a valid Pistol Permit in Clinton Co. NY.  Recently I was denied to purchase a new hand gun. any advice?

  • Chris

    Im coming up to NY on vacation, I have a SC CWP , I understand i cannot carry there, but can i have it in my vehicle?

  • Vito

    How do I transfer my restricted pistol permit into a concealed carry. I own a business now which requires me to carry large sums of money for deposit . Is it just an ammendment to my license or is it a whole new application?

  • nobux60

    Sounds like NY politicians are still intruding on state resident’s 2 amendment rights.  

  • Mackermb

    I reside at upstate New York area and just got my Pa. pistol permit for conceal carry. Now I have the legal right to carry in many reciprocity states to Pa.  5/2012

  • N.Y.S.W.A.T

    I am just blogging on this site to commend the educated gun owners and supporters of the FULL constitution, on the excellent defense of the second amendment that some have provided against misinformed left minded fools. We must protect out constitution! 

  • Ken Robbins

    God bless Vermont!  No conceal carry permits required.  Just be a law abiding citizen with a clean record which would allow you to purchase a weapon in the first place.  Vermont truly believes in the second amendment.  I wish NY did as I like to frequently camp in the Adirondacks.

  • moose

    I am a MI resident with a cpl planning a trip to upstate ny. I always carry when traveling with the family, but have never been in ny before. Is what I read true, about not even being allowed to transport a handgun across st lines without having a valid ny permit?

    • armcomm

      The minute you cross the NY state line with a handgun and no NY license you’re committing a felony here, Moose.

  • Rick

    Amazingly NY wont honor reciprocity because they feel that the guidelines from other states are “too soft” yet how can anybody explain the fact that NY gun crimes are committed at a higher rate than these so called “irresponsible states” I would really like to hear the answer to that. I am open minded, I just haven’t been able to figure out why this is the case.

    I was born and raised in NYC and moved to Alabama for a year and let me tell you. I met some of the nicest people in the world down there and most of them owned not 1 or 2 but many guns. Not one of them was a criminal, drug addict or lowlife. They just exercised their right to own firearms. In general I felt safer in Alabama (including the bad areas) that I feel in NYC’s bad areas. I really believe that everyone should have a right to carry a firearm especially if they have never committed any crimes. But if you can convince me otherwise I will listen.

  • Allie

    I have a cwp in the state of Florida. I will be traveling through NY can I carry?

  • Marselle

    Can i conceal carry in upstate NY, i am a Georgia resident with a Georgia conceled carry permit

    • retired co

      Sorry Marselle, NYS recognizes no other states permits.

  • al

    So my question does it honor Ga. Cause I’m license to carry in Ga and I’m planning to make an trip up there and I wanted to be safe and sure and about tripping with it

    • retiredco

      New York State does not honor a Georgia permit nor does it honor any other states permits. You MUST have a valid NYS permit to carry in NYS. Maybe in the future we can change this archaic law.

  • Rench

    Hello every one ! I have a queston maybe someone can give me info on ! I have a ny permit full carry un restricted, goshen, ny befor i moved to pa i called goshen an they told me my permit was good for life , had it since im 21, now i live in pa for 14 years an have a permit here for 13 yrs, pa is telling me my ny permit is no good here , an i cant carry from stste to state. My problem is i have guns on both permits an pa cant tell me how i can add my guns to my pa lic from ny lic , what the hell is this world coming to, , someone have any answers , thanks ! U can gey me at [email protected] ! Thanks joe

  • josh

    Where do I go to get applications, do military police veterans have to attend the firearm course?

  • Pete Nice

    So I have heard that to get a non resident in NY state, you need to know which judge in which county to go to. Some judges are in favor of concealed carry and are much more willing to provide the permit. I would assume this would apply more to western and northern NY state.

    SO, my question is, does anyone know of one of these judges in one of these counties? If so, can you tell us, or is kept as an insider thing to keep too many people from knowing?

  • ChrisXXX

    Will I get denied in Erie county for my restricted pistol permit for being prescribed valiume and meds for insomnia . The NRA instructor said it won’t be a problem . I hope I didn’t waste all my time and money and get denied” I do not have a mental illness.



  • i have a SC CWP and need to come to new york for a funeral, if i have my gun unloaded and in a lock box in the trunk am I able to have it in the vehicle?

  • Josh

    This page is wrong. I have a NY permit and have relatives in MI you CAN carry in MICHIGAN, makes me wonder what else is wrong with this sites info.

  • Ed

    Greetings, I am a Florida resident and I posess a CCW firearms permit within my home state. I also own a business in New Hampshire where this permit is honored. I am building another business in New York State Washington County,and I wish to legally be able to travel between these two places to and opperate my business in NY State, therefore I will need a Non Resident CCW License issued by the state of NY Washington County to legally carry a concealed firearm. I realize NY State has tough gun laws, however I have read on USACARRY.COM that it is possible for nonresident of NY State, who owns a business within the state, to be issued a CCW Permit. Is that possible and if so can anyone refer me to the RSA # authorizing such a permit?

  • Gwenda Nealy

    Please reply.

  • Gwenda Nealy

    I carry concealed an I am disable,I Live in North Carolina and I travel to New York to visit Family and GrandKids.I feel if I am legal in my state, Why shouldn’t I be aloud to carry my weapon alone the Interstate across state to state to visit, for my safety.Please someone in office reply.

    • armcomm

      I think many of us sympathize with you Gwenda in that Constitutional Rights should not be subject to state jurisdiction and restriction. However the reality of the situation is that if you bring a handgun to New York State you are committing a felony.

      • BeGe1

        Well, you’re going to be charged and convicted of a felony, and punished for it (which is your point, I get it). But to be pedantic on the issue, all unconstitutional law is technically supposed to be considered null and void from the moment of its creation, not just once the court finally agrees and overturns it. So technically, she would not be committing a felony. But yes, New York would charge her and convict her for one regardless, I’m just being pedantic.

  • Ricky

    HR 218 should override all this crap.

  • dan

    is my utah ccw permit good in buffalo new york ? if not what do i have to do to obtain one?

  • pa resident.

    seriously. fuck communist ny.

  • james

    dont let the blacks get a gun, problem solved

  • Denny

    I was born and raised in N,Y, 23 years and moved to T,N, and I have my carry permit for T,N, does any one no if that would help me get a non resident carry

  • mike ny

    is nys unresticted permit the same as concealed carry??

  • XO

    Living in new york city I can tell you that most criminals carry weapons of all sorts! The PIGS(cops) are never around when something goes down or by the time they show up it’s late and the person is probably bleeding half to death from being shot, stabbed or beaten with a weapon cause they were unable to carry a weapon to defend themselves.

    • prism

      NYC has one of the lowest gun violence related deaths in the country, thanks to the strict gun laws in the state.

  • Jayyy

    Operating a firearm is very simple. I learned how to strip and clean a glock without training Truth is some ppl are just stupid and even if they had plenty of training. They’ll probably end up hurting themselves.

  • Hefley

    Does anyone know of specific jurisdictions in NY that are more inclined to issue CCW permits? I have a VA permit, but when visiting my father in VT, it is illegal for me to bring my firearms through NY. Which means I either have to fly and check them (which is a pain, and not cheap) or I have borrow guns from my dad the entire time I’m up there. I’d like to apply for a non-resident NY permit, but the “may issue” piece means it’s basically up to the discretion of the issuing authority of the county in which I apply. So, If anyone know of a county (or counties) that are sympathetic to the right to bear arms and more inclined to issue non-resident permits, that information would be greatly appreciated. Thank.

    • prism

      We all travel and live around the state without guns. Why do you need to have that gun for a short stay in NY. Only 18% of people in NY own guns. You are perfectly safe here. It is not the wild west. At least the wild west had stricter gun laws than many states have now.


    I live in MA and currently have a high capacity LTC concealed. My family lives in NY. What do I need to do to be able to bring my AR-15 and my 22 rifle to NY to hunt or just shoot at my uncles place?

    • Lock rifle in case in trunk.. lock ammo in globe box. Dont give cop reason to search. Dont do anything illegal. Your 4th amendment protects you from illegal search.

  • 1lt. smith

    Well what happens if I decide to. move back to ny from Florida? Am I expected to just not bring my weapon with me?

  • Don W

    Who would you notified if you feel a guy or heard a guy lost his job for having a bad temper and is going to the hospital for councling about his temper and he has a pistol permit? Should they pull his permit?

  • Anyone Who Is Moving From Another State To NEW YORK OR THE CITY Who Has A Permit Should Be Re-Checked With A Full Background,,Re-quaily with there firearm. Most States Are Way Laxed Then New York,,Anyone With A Permit From Another State Should Apply To All NY Or NYC Required Laws & Standards,, If It Requires Another Background Check So Be It The Person Applying Who Already Has A Permit From Another State Should’nt Have Anything To Worry About,, If It’s A Inconveince Oh Well Get Over It,, There Are Way To Many People Today That Have Guns And Our Kids,,Famlies Are Being Shattered Because Some Whack Job Got A Gun Permit From A Way To Laxed State,, So Again Moving From Another State Means You Go Through Another Background Check I Think Thats A Great Thing,, Because Who Know’s The Person With The Way Laxed Out Of State Gun Permit What He Or She Has Done In The Past Prior To Moving To NYS Or The City?? If You Have Nothing To Hide Besides A Inconveince Then What’s The Problem?? We Are Just Protecting Our Kids,,Famlies Of New York State & The City. This Is Not The Wild West Where They Issue Gun Permits At Birth So When Leave The Hosp You Have Your Birth Certifcate & Your Gun Permit,,LOL.

    • BeGe1

      I’m not privy to New York’s gun statistics, but I can say that if your writing is indicative of anything they definitely need some common sense grammar, sentence structure, and capitalization training requirements.

      I mean, holy cow, I make grammatical mistakes and what not, but I don’t write entire walls of text where every word is capitalized, and where I substitute most of the periods with double commas. What the heck is a double comma supposed to mean? Why is every word capitalized? Even in titles you do not capitalized the word “of”.

      • prism

        He is a lawyer and lawyers use title capitalization.

  • disallusioned vet

    NYS honered elsewhere but elsewhere not honered here. sucks don’t it Do not get me going on the safe act either the 2nd is being eaten away

  • Roger

    Where in the constitution does it say the people have the right to carry and conceal weapons.
    It only states the right to bear arms. That is an interpretation. It does say the right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Which is being destroyed by people wanting to carry guns everywhere.

    • BeGe1

      First of all, it states “keep and bear”, not just bear. But most importantly, it doesn’t just state that there exists such a right, it states that there is to be no infringement on the right. Big difference.

      “Infringe” is defined as “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on”

      “Bear” is defined as “(of a person) carry”.

      “to limit the way someone can carry arms” is quite literally an interchangeable statement with “to infringe on the way someone can bear arms”. It’s simply the dictionary definitions of the words used. Hard to “interpret” that away.

      • qusdis

        Is there a limit on the number of guns I can carry? I’d like to carry 5 at a time, at least. What about the size of the caliber? I’d prefer a .950 JDJ so I can keep and bear it around, yes?

        Does the Second Amendment also mean I can carry grenades? Rocket launchers? I don’t see any mention of those arms in the Second Amendment, so they are fair game, aren’t they?

        But if there can be no infringement of the Second Amendment, then I see no way to have any limits on guns. How can one enact a law against, say, ex-felons owning guns if one truly believes that no law infringing on the Second Amendment is constitutional?

        I used to be quite in favor of gun control, but after reading “Gunfight” by Adam Winkler, I think gun control is a lost cause. Winkler points out that there are way too many guns in circulation with no hope of anything approaching the much-feared confiscation. And I do think it makes sense to consider some kind of firearm in the home, after being trained of course, to protect against crime. Protecting against a random bullet fired from the accidentally discharged gun of a well-meaning but ill-trained gun owner is another story, though. How can one defend against that? Of course if I understand the pro-gun 2A interpretation, there can be no requirement to have training to use firearms because that would be infringement, right?

        Also note that the Second Amendment doesn’t say the right to keep and bear arms shall not be *legally* infringed, so as far as I can see, anyone speaking out against gun ownership is also guilty of infringement and laws could be passed outlawing anti-gun speech.

        Sorry for the snark. I understand that many people who defend 2A rights are well-meaning people who truly just want to protect themselves and their loved ones. But, really, is it so hard to understand that people who are concerned about guns are also trying to protect themselves and their loved ones, too? And if these discussions are really concerned about the Second Amendment as law, then I think 2A supporters should at least state clearly whether any limits exist to the kinds of armaments they think individuals are free to keep and bear.

        • BeGe1

          Lots of straw men and statements designed to play on emotion here.

          How many guns can you carry? Actually, even now I don’t know of any state that limits people in how many guns they can carry. Maybe a couple do, but the point is that it is not common. Why would they? You can only use 1, maybe 2 at a time. Who would care if you feel like carrying the weight of a 3rd? Red herring.

          Why would anyone care about your caliber choice? You’re taking the responsibility for how to employ that caliber and you are dealing with its recoil. Again, even currently I know of no states that restrict calibers for carry right now, and across millions of carriers, I know of no incidents of problems resulting from the caliber they chose to carry. Red herring.

          Grenades, rocket launchers? You realize in the times in which the 2nd amendment was written individual people owned warships capable of laying siege to entire cities? And such ships have been specifically mentioned as constitutionally protected in multiple supreme court decisions going way back? You act like people back then didn’t have capable technology or something. In reality, in many ways they had tech more capable than citizens normally have today. I can’t own a warship with enough cannons to demolish city blocks with 1 volley. They did. People also owned large land artillery capable of destroying buildings, or of being loaded with grape shot and killing dozens of people in 1 shot. Sorry, you may not like it, but yes, that is stuff the 2nd amendment is protecting. Now, you can hate it, you can even try to make constitutional amendments to get rid of it if you wish. But if you’re trying to say that the current constitution does not protect it, you could only be doing so out of ignorance. You want to change something in the constitution? Good for you, then try to change it. Don’t “interpret” it away (I can think of a dozen ways I can “interpret” away all sorts of rights, that is not a good thing to make acceptable). And if you fail to get enough support for a constitutional amendment, then face up to the fact that it’s a right that belongs to the individual, and like it or not, you don’t get to mess with it without enough support for an amendment; just like I would have to face the fact that if you did get enough support for an amendment to repeal or modify the second, I’d have to accept it as constitutionally done, and binding.

          “Protecting against a random bullet fired from the accidentally discharged gun of a well-meaning but ill-trained gun owner”??? Really? You realize negligent discharges are already illegal, and can lead to due process which can then strip you of your right to the second amendment? Right? That’s how free societies work, we don’t take away rights on the basis that someone might abuse them, we only take them away on a case by case basis as they are abused and with due process. Don’t like that? Doesn’t make you feel safe? Well, it’s one of the main pillars of our constitutional republic. Repeal the bill of rights, if you don’t like it. This is the way it works for other rights too. You abuse your right to be secure in your effects and hide a bunch of heroin? Well, if you get discovered, now you’re a criminal in jail or on probation with no right to be secure in your effects any more. We don’t just say “but we have a right to be safe from people who might be heroin dealers, so everyone loses that right even before they’ve done something wrong and heroin teams can search any house they want for no reason, and only residents of homes that have been searched get a license to be allowed to walk around freely in public, cuz we know they aren’t heroin dealers!” Nope. You can hate that, you can try to repeal the bill of rights and due process clauses if you’d like. But forgive me if I don’t support you in that.

          On a less legal note, you should also realize that citizen carriers on average have considerably fewer negligent discharges per capita than “highly trained” police, and also have a significantly lower rate of hitting innocent bystanders per shooting they are involved in. Granted, it wouldn’t change much about how the rights are written if that weren’t the case. But it’s an interesting factoid.

          As far as your assertion that people speaking out are somehow infringing…what are you smoking? If infringing is to place limits on something…how is speaking out against something placing a limit on it? You can talk about limits all you want, you just can’t impose them. You can speak about whatever you want. I can still carry what I please where I please regardless of what words come out of your mouth. I may not like them, but they are hardly stopping me from carrying anything. We can’t limit rights (1st or 2nd amendment) on whims. You can say all you want about it. It’s only when you try to actually put limitation on me (whether by passing or enforcing laws that would limit, or trying to take things into your own individual hands physically to limit me) that you are infringing.

          You can want to keep your family safe, sure. But your method of keeping your family safe is to infringe on the rights of others. Nope, find a different way. I could easily say “I don’t feel safe because his house hasn’t been searched. What if he has anthrax?”. Too bad, I don’t get to perform illegal searches of your house just because I want to feel safe, that would infringe on your rights. If you don’t like that, then amend the constitution and repeal the bill of rights. The process for doing so is right there in the constitution. Go for it. Don’t think you’ll succeed? Well…I would hope not. But if it makes you feel better, you’re welcome to try.

          On a less “legal” and “rights” based line of thought: Want to feel safer? Move to Vermont, where licenses are not required at all for concealed carry, and even 16 year olds can carry with parental permission…yet they have a murder rate (1.1 per 100k) lower than the much touted United Kingdom (1.2 per 100k). Do the carriers cause that? Maybe, maybe not. More than likely it’s just cultural and they’d be that safe with or without lax guns laws. But even if they aren’t the reason a given area is safe, you can be quite sure they are never a reason a given area isn’t safe. The plain fact is that citizens carrying guns are not real dangers to anything other than your ideals.

          • qusdis

            Thanks for your voluminous reply, which I think it is safe to summarize as, you think the Second Amendment is truly absolute, that no constitutional laws can be passed to limit the size, number, or destructive capability of weapons that an individual can keep and bear.

            Please correct me if that’s not what you said.

          • prism

            The second amendment does not talk about warships or missile lanuchers which may have existed then. It specially talks about firearms, which at that time was very limited in its firepower and ability. If the framers thought that people could own dangerous weapons like ships and canons, they would have specifically mentioned that by name, but they said firearms, which in the 19th century meant single muskets.

    • GreenTriumph1

      I am against the 1st amendment without proper and safe limitation. My freedom is being destroyed by people wanting to be able to say what they want everywhere, whenever they want. I want a permit for the 1st amendment.

  • Annileate Liberalism

    These Liberal diseased scum are nothing but self righteous, condescending, pieces of dog poop. Here’s an oxymoron for you – Liberal : poisonous ideology that’s infiltrated the jackass party and are open to all ideas and beliefs that are in agreement with their biased jerked off way of thinking only.

  • Sonny

    I have a Utah concealed carry permit can i have it turned over to a NY permit

    • prism

      No you cannot. You have to go through the same process of applying for a new NY permit. You need to refer to your county’s pistol department.

  • officert

    I live in Erie county in Ny state and it takes 1 year to get a permit but other counties in my are it takes two months why is that. I think its funny how i can other states permits before my own states permit

    • prism

      I know. I support most gun laws and background checks, but 1 year is kind of abusrd. I live in erie county too.

  • officert

    I find it funny how i am a LEO and still have to wait a year to get a permit in my state but yet i carry on the job.

  • disqus_TN8DLwA6Mv

    NY State is an anti Second Amendment liberal shithole.

  • Paul

    Is it illegal to carry my loaded handgun on my side in my car? I heard that I can’t carry it loaded.

    • Golden Eagle

      Illegal unless you have a New York State license.

    • prism

      It is, even if you have a license to carry. With a license you may keep it stored in your car, but not in your posession whcih means a place where you can easily reach it like your side.

  • Nythawk

    NYS does NOT recognize a CCL from ANY state however 19 states do recognize a CCL from NYS. The reason for this is that the classroom training and qualification in states other than NY are not as comprehensive or do not meet the requirements of NYS.

  • joe

    they need to allow people to open carry its not illegal for people to know that you have a weapon. why can cops carry openly when they are off duty??. i would love to start a new york state educational thing for open carry. yeah it might alarm people but there is no law stating that i can or cant open carry i went through proper people (i.e my local police departments). as long as theres no round in the chamber and magazine but i can have magazines loaded and away from my gun. i would love for people to ask me why i want to do an open carry in ny CAUSE ITS MY RIGHT AS AN US CITIZEN TO BEAR ARMS WITH OUT REASONABLE FEARS. but now i am in reasonable fears cause of the stupid bs in the world now . i just want to let people know yeah i have a gun but im in a rights movement and that the gun is unloaded but if needed to be for self defense i will load it.

    • prism

      Every right in the constitution is regulated and has to be so that your right may not impinge upon another’s to exercise their other rights in the constitution.

  • stephen

    i am in a club that owns property in sulaven county am i able to get a carry permit through that or do i have to be a sole owner of property? (im not a full time resident in ny)

  • PollyWannaCrakka

    So this was not clear to me. I have a sportsman license (NY), but I would like to get a CCW permit. I live in Suffolk County. Can I apply and get a CCW without justifying the need? I feel I shouldn’t have to justify anything to have a CCW, or even open carry now that the CA ruling came to bare. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks…

    • prism

      You have to justify a need in the CCW application. Also ask your local NRA person who runs the safety course, which you have to take anyway for the CCW.

      • PollyWannaCrakka

        Thanks, I will. Because of what’s happened in CA with the recent rulings, I feel I might have a good chance to fight NY state on the CCW without cause. What more reason could I need than “It’s a dangerous world out there.”

        • prism

          NY state is the toughest in the country. They need a clear reason as to why you need a handgun. You also need to take a safety course, and the instructor will help to vet the reason for you in your application form. Trust me, you need his help. COntact the safety course guy.

  • mosh

    Criminals will always have guns why make it hard for law biding citizens to get them. It will just keep our country safer.

  • Ron Grilli

    Every criminal that commits a crime already has a carry concealed permit.He gave it to himself.

    • prism

      Criminals also have stolen cars without the license to drive them. Does that mean, that we should just stop issueing drivers licenses and car registrations and just allow anyone who is not of age or who dont know how to drive a car drive it? I am not against owning guns (I have a permit as well) but I am for preventing criminals, mentally disturbed and immature people from owning them. Also, gun owners must be held responsible if their guns are left lying around and other take them to commit crime.

  • Frank

    Folks, there is no much to understand here. Laws like the ones that many States have, restricting the 2nd or imposing burdening costs or stupid firearms safety costs are simply unconstitutional, period. The language of the amendment is very simple and straightforward. Doesn’t relate only to the militia but comprises all the people, whose rights to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Scotus intepretations (?) are wrong and some people here are wrong as well. There ahould be no State laws on the matter and everything that all the States need is right there, in the 2nd, just like the 1st and all the others. No one points out, here, that other amendments are simply universal and have validity across the 50 States! Why should it be different for the 2nd? Lawmakers are simply not observing and not reading the Constitution and so does the Scotus. Here is the summary: no permits to buy and carry a weapon anywhere. The universal consensus is that your criminal history is checked and your background needs to be clean if you want one. But that is as far i would go in limiting the 2nd and is very reasonable, even though not written anywhere. Anything else is just bs. States have no powers to limit or legislate in the matter, end of story. Reality? No one gives a rats ass and the 2nd is basically being ignored here and there, politicians that hold office and swear to protect the Founding document are simply liars and half of the population of this Nation doesn’t support that right because they are simply transforming themselves into subjects and they like the Government telling them what to do. Changes are being made without following the constitutional procedure and that means we are in deep trouble.

  • Fred Hughes

    Look how the people of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada cowered down as some asshole was taking pop shots, killing three LE Officers. Nuff said??

  • Eric

    There is a difference between NYS and NYC. In NYC unless you are Howard Stern, Don Imus or a millionaire from Wall Street, you will NEVER have the right to carry concealed. If you carry concealed, do so at your own risk. I was told by a buddy in the NYPD that having a CCW license from another state, at best, will get you a license to own a firearm in the home (in the 5 boroughs) …. AT BEST! If you go to a range, the gun must be locked unloaded in a locked case and the ammo must be in a separate locked case. They can’t be within reach. In other words, if you are driving down Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn and you get carjacked at a red light. You will most likely be harmed or killed but as long as your legally owned firearm, is disengaged and safely tucked away in your trunk …. Di Blasio will be a-ok with that.

  • The Commander in Chief & Joe

    What New York needs badly are laws governing who can vote so they stop electing total idiots like Cuomo. His claim to fame is that he is the son of Mario Cuomo, not much of a claim. This guy is a disaster as the governor of any state in the USA. He should be removed in any lawful fashion. He is personally destroying the State of New York. There are only a few states that are examples of the solid left, N.Y., Illinois, Mass, Calif, and Conn. Just look at their current legal foundations and get ready to puke. Its just terrible. Most states are not like this but these few are terrible places to live and people are leaving them in droves. We have to do something, maybe let them form their own country so we can deal with them at arms length.

  • Terry

    maybe someone in Albany should read Title 18- Part 1- Chapter 44- s926A

  • Nick Gerz

    Wow… this is fucking insane. So basically – I can go visit NY (I have a CCW in my home state), which obviously gives me quite a bit of angst about walking around unfamiliar areas, especially at night. According to this.. it sounds like you can’t even BRING it with you (ha yeah right). But carrying it concealed? Forget about it. What a bunch of BS.

    The criminals aren’t worried about this crap. NY is a CA-jr. What a bunch of idiots in this state that elected these corrupt politicians that deprived them constitutional rights. Glad I’d feel safe in NY.. no thanks

    • Dynomutt

      So, Is it true that Howard Stern has NYC CCW? Does that drive you up the wall?

      • AnthonyCumia

        Yes it’s true. NYC basically doesn’t allow you to practice you’re constitutional rights. You HAVE to have a reason to get your ccw (stalker, carry large sums of money, etc). Just having a clean record and mentally stable isn’t good enough for NYC

  • Moto

    Between us, I don’t want people who can’t spell third grade vocabulary words carrying a weapon.

  • Cesare-Avg

    I’m a New Yorker, and I’m here to tell you that the Liberal idiots in Albany are as bad as those in Ca! And to attest that NY SUCKS! They are basically stating that ALL other states in the union are incompetent in determining if a person is trustworthy to be granted a carry permit! But it’s absolutely acceptable to transport long arms into the state for hunting or recreational shooting???? Really? Pleeeeeze!!

  • justacomment

    totally incorrect regarding transport THROUGH NY.

  • RicksterOne

    What would be a reason for denial of a gun permit in Suffol County

  • chris

    I’m from ny state, but moved to wv. i carry a permit for a pistol in wv, but when i go visit my family or go on a camping trip or hunting trip, i cant have my pistol with me. but yet someone that holds a ny pistol permit can come to wv. how is this fair. us people that live in wv still have to have a clean backgound and classes to get the permit and we have to pay for it. i believ if one state does not allow anouger states permit, niether state should allow the other, but if one state allows lets say nys permit in there state, ny should allow that state permit to be used in their state, just my 2cents tho.

  • Doug

    There seems to be a lot of ignorant comments on this discussion. However everyone is entitled to their opinions. There are a few people here who are against carrying a gun period yet they are here in this discussion. Why? For those who live in NY and posses a CCW and think they can carry concealed in NYC, you are in for a rude awakening. My suggestion if you must travel into NYC get yourself 2 lockboxes with locks have them bolted down in your trunk. Upon knowing you are going to enter NYC, stop in Yonkers unload your weapon place your gun in one lockbox and your rounds in the other, this way you wont have to spend the night in Central Booking.

  • Saundra Mercado

    Does anyone know if my NYS CC permit will be honored in Mass when I travel there for a week?

  • Menny

    I recently (6 months) got my pistol permit. My occupation is a jeweler (meaning – transport lot of jewelry within NY state). I asked the county Clerk the following question but they did not know what to answer
    Does anyone know what the requirements are to be able to get Carry Pistol Permit?

    • spm

      At the discretion of the issuing officer.

    • Nate Opgenorth

      Most people in NYC who have carry permits are either people well connected or people who carry a lot of cash or diamonds…there is a large amount of jewelers that carry…if it works in NYC for others give it a shot….funny how diamonds are apparently worth more than a life but yeah I would not want to lose jewelry, a lot of priceless stuff that even with insurance could never be really replaced, recently lost some family items from a coin collection to a criminal and its been difficult.

  • Anon

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
    security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    shall not be infringed.”
    Lets talk about what a militia is first, the militia is any group of citizens armed for the common good not the national guard.
    Now lets talk about shall not be infringed, infringement means limited and in this case there talking about the right to keep and bare arms. Requiring of a license is a limit as well as dictation how you can carry it both are infringement. In fact any form of “Gun Control” is a direct violation of the second amendment and there for an act of treason. So anyone supporting gun control is committing treason and should be executed for breaking the law.

  • tony

    To ive been carrying my handgun for 23 yrs in T.n and never had to use it other than the range. My right is violated when I have to ask and apply to purchase a handgun. I’m prior military and defended my country with my life for 10 years and will be dammed if I have ask for something that should be my right.

  • D. Guardian

    Ex Post Facto laws or when the powers that be don’t like a law, they make another law to nullify it after the fact i.e., the constitution’s 2nd amendment…shall not be infringed, cancelled illegally and un-constitutionally by ex post facto laws by people aka judges who should know better but decide not to…art.1&9 and art.1&10 ( two clauses in the constitution, that prohibits ex post facto laws)

  • nick

    dutchess county pistol permit

  • nick

    what is the most common reason nth e application to apply for my concelled carry permit

  • Emrys Ambrose

    It’s “due” not “do” and it’s “marksmanship” not “marksmenship”. Part of the reason why many NYPD officers have poor marksmanship has to do with the sheer size of the NYPD and the limited amount of resources they have to train them in marksmanship.
    There are over 30,000 officers so the only on the job firearms practice that officers get is on a rotation system through the semi-annual firearm requalification marksmanship tests. The scoring part of the test comprises only of a 50 round marksmanship test against a static target on a range at 7, 15, and 25 yard distances. There are also simulator tests that put officers under more stressful and dynamic conditions but they aren’t scored.
    Getting to fire your handgun under ideal conditions against a static target twice a year is obviously not going to guarantee that an officer is going to fire their handgun accurately even at distances of 10 yards or less in a more stressful situation where the target can shoot back at you. It can and does result in spray and pray situations.
    Regardless of whether you believe you have an inalienable right to carry a firearm, there’s a very practical reason why carry licenses are so hard to obtain in NYC. Relative to other parts of the country it is a heavily policed city and a densely populated one. If carry licenses were easy to obtain the potential for a unintentional confrontation with the police would be substantial and the consequences tragic. It already happens with irregularity with those who are actually licensed to carry a firearm, including off duty officers.
    On top of that, because it is a heavily policed city, it’s not like living out in a rural or suburban area where response times to crimes is comparatively slow. I wouldn’t want to live in a much more rural area without a firearm, but living in a place where you can turn almost every other corner and see a squad car and entire precincts are less than 2 miles away creates a different dynamic as to just how important carrying a firearm is to protect yourself versus how likely it is to get you shot by the very police who would otherwise be protecting you.
    If you own a shop you can have a gun on your premises. You can also have one in your home. If you are in the business of carrying large sums of cash or valuables you can get a license to carry and conceal whenever you have them on your person (usually on the way to the bank or other depository), so you are allowed to carry to protect yourself in the most likely situations where you are going to benefit from the protection of your own firearm.
    In any other situation, common sense and situational awareness is going be far more effective in most places in New York City to protecting yourself from crime. If you’re cluelessly absorbed by your smartphone or tablet or other personal device using it for entertainment, carrying around a handgun isn’t going to protect you when someone blindsides you at point blank range with your weapon holstered. I see people like that every day while going about my business in the city and quite frankly the concept of them being allowed to carry a firearm that could so easily be used against them and others is frightening.

  • robert

    a question if the constitituion is the law of the land.and we the people have unalieable rights god given.and that shall not be infringed then how do state like california new york new jersey,how is it they get away with these restrictions of may issue.if we the people our the real government,then how our they able to dictate gun restrictions to legal american citizens.what will it take to go down the government throat,because they have no right to do this{shall not be infringed}and yes we are life members of the nra and goa.does it take contacting the nra or a law suit or what.just asking

  • Robert Gantry

    I’d like to stay and read the article but, apparently, they don’t want me to read it since the page keeps auto-scrolling down to the comment section. So, screw this website

  • I have three CCW’s. One from Nevada, Arizona and Florida. All current. With reciprocity, I am covered within 44 states. I am missing just a few, but they are all DC and up states. Do any of the northeastern states reciprocity clauses with any states?

    • Nate Opgenorth

      Well Vermont is constitutional carry, they don’t even have permits there or any real gun laws besides federal complience. Maine is now constitutional carry as well with restrictions on certain state parks but Maine recognizes quite a few states but not too many, New Hampshire recognize’s a handful of states but thats mostly it. CT allows non-resident permits on a shall issue basis, kind of a pain to go through but its not too bad, MA has a non-resident permit but its freaking $100 for one year and they are dicks about it. If you have a smart phone look up “CCW” in the app store or whatever…it has reciprocity maps and lets you put in all your permits and shows you the specific details.

  • nelson jimenez

    well in spite of everyone’s different views and opinions, i’m from Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised and i have seen my share of violence growing up in the streets of NYC! i for one really do wish NYC would cut us “clean background citizens” some slack. I have seen situations where someone having a gun could have saved a business, person, property, or child!!!! If your the kind of person that doesn’t believe they need a gun, fine don’t buy one!! But why do you call the cops when your being attacked or someone if burglarizing your property??? maybe for the guns they carry? or you’re really counting on that police report to save you or your loved ones lives??

  • Casey jones

    Quite mocking New York. New York is not New York City. Most counties in New York don’t even require the safety class. It’s very easy to get the permit in New York. I think the class should be required. I learned basic safety and care. Guns are very dangerous, even in target practice. New York is anal with making sure a sane individual is getting a permit. I’m glad for that. I just wish people would get off new Yorks back because you don’t know what your talking about. New York is not tough like people think. We can’t reciprocate states who don’t comply with our requirements, simple. Pay the 10$ and get the lifetime NYS permit. At least we don’t have to renew. That’s ridiculous! New Yorks awesome!

  • Equine Inspiration

    I’ve alway’s been against carrying guns and i can’t believe I’m writing this… For the last 10 years I’ve enjoyed taking my dogs to central park and never had a problem and never once feared as a woman for my own safety. It used to be you can walk in the park late at night until around 11pm or so and be safe. The homeless population over the last year has tripled in my opinion and and while not every homeless person is a threat there has been the park is no longer safe. For those that say consider moving? Yes, I’m considering it. This is the third night in the last two months i’ve had a crazy cracked out homeless person waving their arms screaming at my dog and come at me and it’s not even 9pm yet! For those that think NYC is such a horrible place it really feels like we’re headed in that direction. So upsetting…

    • Nate Opgenorth

      I’m for conceal carry because although I NEVER EVER want to shoot someone I have been in situations where it didn’t look good. I don’t even want to have to pull a gun on someone and honestly even if I were fully justified to shoot another human being I would do everything in my power not to, which frustrates me because NYS won’t allow me to carry a baton or taser, I would even be open to training or some other permit (evne though I have a NY permit already!). Many will say its dangerous to use less than lethal force in a lethal situation but when you are in court they will try and paint you bad…I have encounter homeless persons and psychologically unstable persons and it is a very scary situation, I’m real patient and can talk with most people but I’ve ran across people that are just zombies to logic and reality. I wouldn’t want to live in NYC, I like the city to visit…during the day or at night in a tourist area but I’ve been to enough sketchy areas in NYC at night to know better…maybe you could move to another county outside of NYC? Not that you’ll get a carry permit in Westchester County but its close to NYC or you could try Nassau county…I live in Central NY

  • mark

    There are a lot nonsense comments so let me explain my predicament plz……… I recently got my permit papers and have 2 references with their CCW Yet my circle of friends are limited to only close frnds that truly know me! I do have a checkered past but nothing keeping me from obtaining a CCW even with these “2” references! I As you know being in NY you need “4” ! That’s not possible to use “2” MORE people with lesser credentials and nothing would be worse than going thru everything and being denied after the cost and everything else! It sucks ! Yet I can go buy friggin AR -15 to add to my other 2 rifles with all the proper checks with NO PROBLEM !! This makes sense how ???

  • mark

    Traveler- obviously you do not own a television? The Locals I know want MORE of the public armed! It has nothing to do with egos, it has to do with being prepared and what “if” one guy with a 9mm CCW in France could have stopped many deaths! Consider this; how many people were killed that could have been the next Einstien, or Tesla ect…..

  • Fred C. Rochester

    Criminals care less about what states prohibit firearms. They carry their weapons across all state lines every day. We are the ones that elected these politicians into office and for making these prohibitive laws against law abiding citizens, we should have fired them in the next election cycle and warn the next batch that they would be out of a job if they do the same. Just that simple.

  • john

    I filed my NY Pistol Permit April 2015. I followed up in November. Today is Feb 2, 2016. I was told it needs to be reviewed. Can anyone help me about this delay. This web site says after 6 months a written notice must be provided if there is a delay.

    NY resident.

    • Nate Opgenorth

      Did you get your permit yet? Ask them what that means? It probably means the Sheriff’s office is still investigating but thats a long time….usually once its “reviewed” they tell you its been sent to a Judge. I had a reference not send in paperwork properly or the sheriffs office bungled the paperwork and man it took FOREVER….in fact I submitted in Feb 2015 and got it March 28th 2016! Back when I applied and was waiting I had all the money in the world to buy a handgun but no freaking permit, now I have a permit but no money! Go figure….I’m in Onondaga County BTW, once I added a new reference it took less than a month, I don’t know what happened specifically but they were sending out paperwork to one reference and he got it but sent it out and they never got it and tried like 3 times.

  • gregdoryt

    The fact that NY does not honor ANY other concealed carry permit from any other state is just ridiculous. The fact that NYC has different rules, even different fees than the rest of the state is ridiculous. The fact that I cannot even drive through that socialist republic with my weapon to one of the United States is absolutely criminal and violates my 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Who are they to tell me that I cannot even transport my firearm through their state? How is that not a direct violation of the Constitution? And how the heck do you consider NY a castle doctrine state without a stand-your-ground law? Their laws make absolutely no sense.

  • bob_stemple

    A state that does not honor my concealed carry license is a state I will not visit.

  • DD

    anyone know if NY would issue a CHL for a non-resident?

  • AR_Libertarian

    My son and I are traveling to NYC. I guess we’ll be at the mercy of the thieves, robbers, rapists and murders, as I’ll not be able to legally carry there.

  • Billy Berk

    The 2nd amendment is our permit in all 50 states . End of story .

  • Mike Lloyd

    started selling dope at age 14. Continued that profession to supplement incomes as executive chef and restaurant manager for next 25+ odd years and now am disabled collecting what I consider nonexistent income. Yeah my .50 cal is Desert Eagle with interchangeable barrels for .44 auto mag and .357 as well. Unregistered and concealed multiple mags placed appropriately. Not a Democratic Socialist but yeah a fuckin Socialist yes, because Russia had a great political and economic structure before wishing that they could be like us and fucked it up!

  • Tom Peck

    As a traveler it has become Saferv to carry aconcealed weapon for person protection and protecting citizenand the lifes of our Law Enforcement anywhere any time even Innocent citizens from murderers that have been incited by this Anti Law Hate Groip Black Lives Matters,and the innocent Civilians now also being Attacked by Thugs
    IncIited by this Group too .Where’s the the justice there by doing this ?
    I carry for protection of my Family ,For Protection of an Victim I may see aong the Road or ESPECIALLY IF SEE A LAWENFOCEMEMT OFFICER IN NEED OF HELP .WHY NEW YOR CHOSE TO NOT ALLOW CONCEAL CARRY OUT OF IT’S STATES TAKES THE RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF ,MY FAMILY AN INNOCENNT CIVILIAN OR EVEN ALAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICET AWAY FROM ME in this Day Of Hate and Muder for a cause and acts of Terrorism i shoud be able to responsiblely carry my gun in ALL STATES .We are not only protecting our lives with conceal carry ,We’re Also Helping to protect Law Enforcement live as Weel Evevn Civilian lives too .Our My Live ,But Would Stop to Assist in Saving Yours .If My conceal carry WASN’T AT HOME .

  • sam frankss

    [that proper cause exists for the issuance of a carry license, including, for example, target shooting, hunting, or self-defense.] May Issue; state

    the problem is the two words is proper cause ; you need to prove you need it for self-defense. in some of those case you need to be assaulted and in the hospital four or more times before some will believe you need a permit

  • raffi kasparyan

    Any New Yorker out there who has NY CCW willing to help me with tips or direction to get NY CCW? I have premise permit, Armed Guard license (license is up to date but not working as armed guard) also I just received my Florida CCW license.

  • Mac Sterling

    Instructor for my Utah non-resident permit told us of a friend and fellow instructor who was flying from Boston to some state west of here that he had a license for. He checked the bag with the firearm in it (yes, you can do that). The plane was rerouted to NY, and the second he picked up his bag, NY State Police grabbed him and arrested him for carrying a pistol in NY without a license (he was a resident of Massachusetts). Big time trouble!