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Colorado School District Arms Security Guards with AR15s

Colorado School District Arms Security Guards with AR15s

Colorado's Douglas County School District has decided to equip its security personnel with Bushmaster AR15 rifles, as part of a measure to increase safety and security on school ground. The weapons would be secured in patrol cars during school hours, but staff would have the ability to retrieve them as needed.  While other Colorado school…

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Colorado Constitutional Carry Postponed Indefinitely

In a defeat for constitutional carry, the Colorado Senate has vote to indefinitely postpone HB 1205 that would have removed licensing requirements for carrying a concealed weapon in the state.  The move essentially kills the bill and follows the House voting to approve it. Source:

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Town Settles Suit Over Gun Questioning

On a fall day back in October of 2008, Bill Miller went on a walk at a park while open carrying.  A passerby called the police who showed up shortly and detained Bill for 30 minutes after disarming him.  He was let go without further incident but decided to sue over his second and fourth…

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Colorado Constitutional Carry

Colorado Constitutional Carry Bill Advances

Colorado's House Bill 1205, known as the Constitutional Carry Act of 2011, was passed by the State House today 40-25. It must be approved once more on a recorded vote before it can go to the Senate. This bill would allow anyone that can legally own a firearm in the State of Colorado and pass a criminal background check…

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