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Virginia AG to End CCW Reciprocity; Cites Safety Concerns

Virginia AG to End CCW Reciprocity; Cites Safety Concerns

Virginia's Attorney General, Mark R. Herring (D), will announce today that the Old Dominion will no longer recognize concealed carry permits from from other states that currently have reciprocity agreements with Virginia. AG Herring argues that out-of-state agreements make it too easy for people with criminal or violent histories to obtain a concealed weapons permit.…

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Crime rate drops in Virginia bars and restaurants

Crime Rate Drops in Virginia Bars and Restaurants

Okay, even gun rights advocates have to admit that, on its face, the idea of legalizing concealed carry in places that serve alcohol sounded bad, if only at first blush.  When the state of Virginia removed the restriction on concealed carry in bars and alcohol-serving restaurants last year, critics blasted the action and predicted a wave of…

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Churchgoers Packing in Virginia

Churchgoers Packing in Virginia

Virginia's Attorney General, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II, recently issued an opinion clarifying self-defense was a valid reason (see here) for carrying a gun in a house of worship with a concealed carry permit.  Previously this had been ambiguous although to my knowledge no one was prosecuted for it.   From the Washington Post: Parishioners carried Bibles in…

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