North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents Only

Example Resident Permit:

Issuing Authority:
Sheriff of the permittee’s county of residence

Out Of State Permit Issue:
North Carolina does not issue permits to non-permanent residents. In order to obtain a permit you must establish permanent residency in North Carolina.

NICS check:
Yes, a background check is done through the local Sheriff’s office.

Permit Valid For:
5 years from the date of issuance

$80.00 non-refundable permit fee and an additional fee not to exceed $10.00 to pay for the costs of processing the applicant’s fingerprints.
$75 renewal fee

The sheriff shall issue a permit within 90 days after receipt of a complete application to an applicant who:
• is a citizen of the U.S. and has been a resident of the State for at least 30 days immediately prior to filing the application;
• is at least 21;
• does not suffer from a physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun;
• has successfully completed an approved firearms safety and training course which involves the actual firing of handguns and instruction in the law governing the carrying of a concealed handgun and the use of deadly force;
• is not ineligible under federal or state law to possess, receive, or own a firearm;
• is not currently or has not been adjudicated or administratively determined to be lacking mental capacity or mentally ill;
• has not been discharged from the armed forces under conditions other than honorable;
• is or has not been adjudicated guilty or judgment continued or suspended sentence for a violent misdemeanor;
• has not had judgment continued for or free on bond or personal recognizance pending trial, appeal, or sentencing for a disqualifying criminal offense;
• has not been convicted of an impaired driving offense within three years prior to the date on which the application is submitted.

Required Documents:
Application completed under oath on a form provided by the sheriff
Full set of fingerprints administered by the sheriff
An original certificate of completion of an approved safety course
A release that authorized and requires disclosure to the sheriff of any records concerning the mental health of capacity of the appliant

Renewal Information:
The permit holder shall apply to renew the permit at least 30 days prior to its expiration date by filing a renewal form, a notarized affidavit stating that the permit holder remains qualified, a full set of fingerprints and a $75.00 renewal fee.

Change of Address:
The permit holder shall notify the sheriff who issued the permit of any change in the permanent address within 30 days.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
The permit holder must carry the permit, together with valid identification, whenever carrying a concealed handgun, and is required to disclose to any law enforcement officer who addresses or approaches the permit holder that he or she is a permit holder and is carrying a concealed handgun.

Automobile carry:
You MAY open carry in a motor vehicle. However, localities may regulate the carrying of firearms under certain circumstances.

Places off-limits when carrying:
• Any location prohibited by federal law.
• A law enforcement of correctional facility.
• A building housing only state, federal or government offices.
• A financial institution.
• Any public or private school building or bus, campus, grounds, recreation area, athletic fields or other property used or owned by an edicational institution.
• Any assembly where a fee had been charged for admission or where alcoholic beverages are sold and comsumed.
• Any other premises where notice that carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited by the posting of a conspicuous notice or statement by the person in legal possession or control of the premises.
• It shall be unlawful for any person participating in, affiliated
with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, or demonstration upon any public place owned or under the control of the state or any of its political subdivisions to willfully or intentionally possess or have immediate access to any firearm.

Alcohol and Drugs:
It is unlawful to carry a concealed handgun while consuming alcohol or at any time while the person has remaining in his body any alcohol or in his blood a controlled substance previously consumed. (There is an exception if the controlled substance was lawfully obtained and taken in therapeutically appropriate amounts.)

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
North Carolina is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law.

North Carolina General Statutes §14-51.1

§ 14‑51.1. Use of deadly physical force against an intruder.
(a) A lawful occupant within a home or other place of residence is justified in using any degree of force that the occupant reasonably believes is necessary, including deadly force, against an intruder to prevent a forcible entry into the home or residence or to terminate the intruder’s unlawful entry (i) if the occupant reasonably apprehends that the intruder may kill or inflict serious bodily harm to the occupant or others in the home or residence, or (ii) if the occupant reasonably believes that the intruder intends to commit a felony in the home or residence.
(b) A lawful occupant within a home or other place of residence does not have a duty to retreat from an intruder in the circumstances described in this section.
(c) This section is not intended to repeal, expand, or limit any other defense that may exist under the common law. (1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 673, s. 1.)


Open Carry:
Unrestricted under state law except for certain events such as public parades.

Localities with Varying Laws:
Contact your local county sheriff.

Forms & Links:
NRA-ILA: North Carolina Laws
North Carolina Department of Justince: Concealed Handguns

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  • Tbnana

    NC renewal fee for  concealed handgun permit has not increased to $85.00

  • Cal

    I received my certification in June 2010.  Am I able to apply for a permit or do I have to retake the course.

    • Anonymous

      I was told by my instructor that the course certification was good for one year; that is, you are too late.  However, why don’t you ask your CLEO to be sure (police chief if you live in town, or sheriff if you live outside city limits)?  

      • Jjharris

        Its good for atleast 5 years. I wanted 4 years from the time I took the douse to the time I went to the sheriff’s office and I was still good. Wayne County, NC.

        • Wayne R. Douglas

          Too bad you didn’t go to school, to learn how to spell.

      • NiNe1ZeRo

        I took mine in Wake Co and they informed us that it was good for life. Of course once u receive your cch permit it is only good for 7-8 years. They wanted us to file for the permit ASAP only so that we wouldn’t forget!

    • Kyle Garrison

      do you mean your firearm safety course? the class needed before you can apply for your CHP? If thats what you are talking about then you are fine, the certificate never expires

    • Kelly Mcmillian

      NC-Your course certification never expires. You can wait 10 years if you wish to obtain your permit (foolish in my opinion to not complete this right away). This was covered during my course last year. However, if you let your permit expire (every 5 years), you will be required to retake the course.

  • FYI, in NC you can’t conceal carry into financial institutions, however there are no laws against open carrying into those same institutions as long as they are not posted. The way your information is posted it reads as if you can’t carry at all into financial institutions, and that is incorrect

    • Marc

      The rules for this change December 1, 2011.

    • Bob

      I don’t know if I would want to go into a financial institution carrying a firearm whether it be concealed or otherwise

    • NiNe1ZeRo

      Why would you want to?

      • heyrakes

        why would you not?

    • you are wrong. Read before you post next time…

  • Alesia_724

    Do north carolina except uath carry permit and virgins as well?

    • Jprobbins007

      We take virgins all day 🙂

      • Bob

        And every day.

      • youknowwho

        you cheating ass whore

    • heyrakes

      all jokes a side. NC recognizes all CHP in north America

  • Mklimkiewicz13

    I just moved to NC and have a concealed carry permit from Virginia. Will the fact that I have a permit that required the same sort of training certification class allow me to NOT have to re take the class in NC?

    • Marc

      You must take the NC class. Upon change of residence, you must notify your old permit issuer, and this may have invalidated your old permit.

  • GySgt T

    I am in the U.S Marines station in Awesome 29 Palms CA , I have a valid CCL from Florida.
    I just recived orders to my next Duty Station( Camp Lejeune NC ) Can i legaly carry concealed in NC with my FL CCL?

    • Truesrfby

      Yes you can legaly carry concealed in NC!

    • NiNe1ZeRo

      Yes but you need to get a NC license preferably if you have any plans of staying here. Of course your military ID will suffice until then!

      • Alex Kane Bullard

        On what you said NiNe1ZeRo, in the state of Ga your military ID makes you exempt from having to obtain a CCP. Is NC the same way?

        • Helmand Hunter

          No, NC does not recognize military credentials in lieu of permit or training requirement.

  • Kboblits91209

    US marine stationed in nc can I get a nc chp or no

  • Marcus Franco713

    Does “NC Res permit only” mean North Carolina residence only?

    • Tcamaro1668

      that what i wont to know

    • Bruce

      Me too, I don’t understand the yellow states

      • DJ

        you must be a resident of the state where the permit was issued, not an non-resident permit holder (e.g. nc resident holding a va permit. NC doesn’t issue non-res. permits so the yellow here is redundant.)

        • Helmand Hunter


    • traveing mech

      Yes only nc resident can be permited to carry in nc

      • To be more exact, only a NC resident can be permitted by the Sheriff in the county in which they reside. With reciprocity, CCP residents of states that have a agreement can carry in NC, but just need to know and follow NC laws while in the state.

  • Casey

    I obtained my nc ccw permit when I live in nc, but now live in ny state. Is my nc permit still valid?

    • Cliff

      Your NC permit is valid in the states that have the reciprocity agreement with North Carolina. New York is not one of those states. In NY you must have a permit for every handgun that you own. IE: If you are caught with a handgun that is not on your permit, you will be treated as as though you are not a permit holder. Now as far as your NC permit being valid it may not be because you are no longer a NC resident

      • Vegeta Gg42

        Under new federal law, any state with a ccp has to honor all other states ccp.

        • Tcwinc1

          i know they where trying to pass the law, did it finally go through? and what is the article # to spread the word.           finally,thats great news

        • Shootem45

          That is not entirely true. The House of Representatives passed legislation only. The legislation has not and will most likely not be voted on by the Senate. And IF they did and passed it, the President would still have to sign it into law. So NO. It is not law.

        • Helmand Hunter

          This never happened and never became law.

    • Tim

      It’s very clearly stated above that NY does not honor NC permits? Did you miss that? Glad you went to NY….got enough people down here that can’t read.

      • Allen Wall

        HELP US GOD

        • SicilianJae

          I’m gettng so much info from reading things over & over. Seems like many don’t pay attention LOCK UP UR AMO .

    • heyrakes

      you will have to check with the state laws in where you live

  • DeWayne

    I moved to NC from TN where I have a Handgun Carry Permit.  Now that I live in NC is it required by law to now obtain a NC Handgun Carry Permit or am I okay because of reciprocity laws?

    • Sidewinder1964

      Call your local Sherriffs dept I’m pretty sure you have to retake in NC you may still be safe under your previous state

      • Tphillips46

        Sidewinder you are a fag thats why you call yourself sidewinder. “Punk”

    • NC is an Open Carry state and does not require a permit to open carry. You are required to have a concealed carry permit, however, if you conceal any part of the gun.

    • did any of you bother to read any comments? Maybe you shouldn’t’t have any weapons at all…

      • Allen Wall


      • FUNNY GUY

        ^^^^ RIGHT!

      • guest

        L.O.L I just busted out laughing reading this post.

  • Jason


    • Tim

      It very clearly states above that you must be a resident for 30 days. If you have lived here for a year and not changed your license and residence to NC you are in violation of other laws.

      • tiredwasp

        seems typical of people pouring into nc. someone there told me that there are towns where the population literally doubled in under 5 years with people fleeing the northeast inner cities. They bring another type of culture, the person said.

        • Larry McPherson

          bad thing is once these people get here.. they start voting the same way that turned this area into the shit hole they just left from… pretty stupid

    • Pete

      talk with the sheriff .. depending on what county , one might just ask for proof you have lived here Electric bills DMV record of your Plate on the other hand some are just anti gun and will make things as hard as possible

  • Guest

    Minnesota has reciprocity in NC. Do I need to get a permit to purchase a handgun in North Carolina?

    • NiNe1ZeRo

      No u shouldn’t. U can always just ask the dealer u are purchasing from!

      • purchase allowed…

        • heyrakes

          there you go messing with semantics again. you can purchase a handgun from a dealer. and then have that dealer ship it to a dealer in the state you are in, where they do the background check. you pay your transfer fee and there you go

    • heyrakes

      as of FED law you can not purchase a hand gun in the state you do not live in. however you can have the gun shipped to a local FFLD in your area. then they will do a transfer for you. most of them charge between 5$ to 50$. except in DC where they charge 200$

      • Allen Wall

        200 is a rape case thats bs if you ask me lol

        • heyrakes

          he can charge that much because he is the only FFLD in DC. read Emily Miller of the Post(?), where she tried to get a gun in DC

  • Flyfisher0850

    where would i find the updated laws for hand gun permit holders?

  • Hm12ens

    I am active duty Navy stationed in VA, a property owner living in NC, with a Texas drivers license.  Can I get a NC permit?

  • Juliejohnson0269

    What if you are taking a prescription drug (cymbalta) for panic attacks??  How long do you need to be off of it before you can apply for a permit and take the class??

    • heyrakes

      there is no question about prescribed drugs only illegal ones. so there should not be anything against it

  • Pbunkeruk

    I have an NC permit and own a handgun for home defense. I am not a US citizen, I am a green card permanent resident. I have been told, as I have been issued a permit, I am allowed to apply for CCL once I completed all requirements (course, background etc). However I read here I must be a citizen? Any advise is appreciated.

    • CitizenDefenseMilitia C.D.M

      had the same issue, now im a citizen and got my CCW that way 700 dollars later(just for citizenship)

    • Limey

      Iwas issued a CCW permit 10 yrs ago, in NC, moved to a diff, county, changed addresses, renewed my CCW , but when I went to renew it again, after having the CCW for 10 yrs, I was refused a renewal as I was not a citizen.

    • Jwhtexas245c

      This is Limey again, forgot to mention that I am a green card holder, & have been a resident alien, for 50 years,

    • heyrakes

      as far as i understand the state will not issue to a non-citizen. NCGS 14-415.24.
      but however they will honor a permit from another state. NCGS 14-415.12.

      good news also is you can carry open if you want. better way anyway

  • Dww1550

    am moving to nc from sc with valid cwp. what do I have to do to get nc cwp?

    • heyrakes

      what is a CWP?

  • Bengal5744

    Odd question, but if you were committed to a mental institution for depression as a minor (14yrs of age) does that mean you can’t get a concealed carry permit as a 30yr old adult? It says:
     is not currently or has not been adjudicated or administratively determined to be lacking mental capacity or mentally ill;

    • Elvin

      Did you ever find out about this? I was commited to one when I was 16yo for the same thing, depression. I am now 22yo looking to get mine.

  • gerrygriffin49

    does ccp allow me to buy a hand gun or do i still have to buy permits?

    • Brian

      You do not need to get permits after you hold a CCP.

  • Alan

    I will be moving from AR to NC in a few months.  Does NC allow a transfer of my AR permit to a NC permit without having to re-qualify again?  I love to shoot – just do not want to pay someone to do the re-qualification?

    • Alan

      Looking at some other posts here, would I even need a NC permit as long as my AR permit is valid?

      • heyrakes

        as log as your AZ CHP is valid you can use it. when it expires you will have to get another

    • heyrakes


  • Oldtowntactical

    I do NC CCH training for $90, NRA+NCDOJ certified, Chris Oldtowntactical on FB

    • Kevin broderick

      What part of NC are you near? I just oved from Ohio, Im a retired LEO but would feel better with a NC permit

      • Kevin if you have worked in law enforcement for at lease 15 years, you can use HR218 to carry anywhere in the country. HR218 signed in to law in 2004 allows retired LEO to carry! Hope this helps

        • Rick

          I’am moving to NC in Feb. I have a Fl CCW permit also the HR218. The reason for the ccw in Fl you don’t have to wait several days to obtain a gun upon purchase. In NC do you still have to take the course being a retired leo.

    • Phigh551

      Where, in NC are you located? I live in Wilmington, NC & I took the course & received my concealed carry permit which I (inadvertnly) let expire in 2006. My question to you is,
      what do I have to do to get my permit reinstated??
                         Thanks, and have a good day.
                                                                         P. High
            Contact me via E-Mail
                                          [email protected]

      • Cronicep

        I believe you must retake the class to regain the class completion certificate then go through your local sheriff’s office again. Cheers

        • Josh

          i was told a month ago by sheriff’s deparment that they no longer expire….hmm

          • not true. if u let it expire you will have to retake the course entirely in wilkes county anyway

      • Allen Wall

        yes nyou have to take the corse again its the law my friend let his go for 1 year and they made him take it again

        • dakota lamb

          the paper you get for passing the class is good for five years, and then if you wait longer then that all you got to do is call where you took the class and have them reprint you the certificate,

  • rifleman221

    If u meet the criteria explained above, can a sheriff in the county u reside in deny your application for concealed carry permit just because he is sheriff? Or is it state law that as long as u meet all criteria, u can and will be issued a permit.

    • Bob

      It’s the sheriff’s call.

      • heyrakes

        it is up to a sheriff. but Nc is a “shall issue state”. if you meet all the criteria then there shouldn’t be a problem. even if the sheriff disapproves you can appeal it.

  • Anonymous

    So because I was discharged as a general under honorable conditions I can’t complete the course?

    • Ericnbre

      Yes you can!  I was discharged in the same manner, and I am CHP legal.  Only unhonorable discharge prohibits CHP.

      • Anonymous

        Cool thanks alot I was worried and would have been pissed off

        • Tomegun3221

          If that would piss u off maybe you shouldn’t be packin.

          • Anonymous

            I should smack the shit out of you

  • Jdc007nc

    if you taken the concealed class before and had  cc permit for ten years then all of a sudden it expired  when i was out of the country so they they tell me i have to re take the class again and re do everything all over what a scam and an money making racket ?

    • Bob

      If you had the permit for 10 years, you should have renewed it once and were due to renew it again. It didn’t “suddenly expire”

  • Jdc007nc

    why do they not have a photo on the cc license ?

    • Karen

      That might be because your permit number is your NC DL number, thus you are on file with the picture. Likely, it would be a police officer running that and they would see your pic –

      • heyrakes

        i have often wondered why they don’t put an CHP endorsement on your licenses. but then if the cancel your permit you would have to redo your licenses

  • Tomegun3221

    That’s all good I’ll shoot first and ask questions later!!!

  • Polkmarine

    As in permanent resident, I am a Marine at Lejeune does that mean I HAVE to change my residency to NC. or does my orders here make me a permanent resident ? I just don’t want to go to the course just to get told I can’t have the permit due to my residency.

    • heyrakes

      no and check into laws about military carry. you might not need one. thanks for your service

  • Jawrazorback

    in N.C. do you have to list all the handguns you own on your permit? and if not, and your caught carrying 1 thats not on there will you be treated as though you don’t even have a concealed weapons permit?

    • Karen

      No, we do not list each firearm on the permit.

  • Select Service Llc

    Does NC allow concealed carry into resturants that serve alcohol as long as the permit holder is not consuming?

    • ToddR


      • Getter done

        But you can open carry.

        • Karen

          No carrying, open or concealed, if you enter an establishment serving alcohol.

  • Dkoehler21680


  • HAMMER35372001

    I have a NC concealed carry permit, can i legaly carry a concealed weapon in the state of FL?

    • heyrakes


  • Temple B. Byrd

    I live in NC but plan to Virginia – do the accept my permit?  I know the state is but but what do the yellow states mean?

    • heyrakes

      yes, your NC permit is honored in VA, but when you change your residence to VA you will have to get your VA CHP. don’t worry the VA is pretty easy to get

  • DenLe

    Price now in craven county is $90 plus $5 for finger prints.  Total of $95 as of 3-16-2012

  • Cliff

    If I move to NC and I have a FL permit, FL G lincense ( FL firearms for security officers ) also retired LEO and current under H B 218 will I have to take the class. Cliff

  • Justin

    i got a question if  i have a utah perment do i have to get a north caolina permint if i stay in north carolina now

    • harmonyarmory

      if you live in NC now you should get the permit as NC law requires you to have your drivers license at all times accompanied by your permit to carry. we are a must show state for officers interacting with CHP permit holders when acting in an official capacity. i don’t know if its actually required to get a new permit but since you will no longer be a resident of utah it is likely your permit will no longer hold any weight as you no longer have a residence there. to be safe and sure i would get a new permit through NC or contact your local sheriff’s office and get confirmation.

      • K.A.W

        Question. I was arrested for a bs DWI back in the beginning of April 2012 in Chatham county(I live in wake) this was a few days after turning in my ccw application. Obviously the DWI arrest popped up when they ran my background, last thing on my record before the DWI was back in 2006 for a seatbelt ticket. Now my DWI was a bit different than your usual ones as I hadnt even had a drink. I was pulled over for failure to signal while changing lanes. While the officer looked at my license n registration I was asked if I had anything to drink n then asked if I was on any medication. Well I was 2 weeks post-op on a artificial disc replacement in my lower back and was actually returning from a post op appointment w/ my back doctor in Charolette nc. So when asked I explained I had surgery n was prescribed pain medication from it, the officers demener changed instantly n like 5 cops showed up. The perscription was in my consol, so I wasn’t going to lie n it be found if they searched the vehical. Cause that would have made things worse. So I was given your standard sobriety test. Well due to my injury to my back and being 2 weeks post op I couldn’t physically do the tasks they asked me to do regardless of anything. So I was instantly arrested n charged with the DWI and moving violation n had a blood sample taken. Obviously no matter when I took my last dose of pain medication it would show in a blood sample. But it had been right around 6 hrs since my last dose. After God knows how many continueations by the DA, who was stalling waiting for the SBI to run my blood. My lawyer finally was able to get the judge to put a end to the stalling. So I had trial on this past Wednesday. My DWI was dismissed n even though I was still charged with the moving violation b/c of my injury n how I was injured(basically my story of what I’ve been thru) the judge also waived all court cost and the cost of the ticket.
        So with the reason I had been denied before dismissed I called to verify I could get my ccw w/o having to wait for a expungment n they said I didn’t that I could go ahead n reapply. Now when I was first denied I called n spoke with the Sgt in charge of the ccw’s n I was told that my certificate for the ccw class would still be on file n once I got the dismissal all I needed to do was fill out new paperwork, do the fingerprints and pay the application fee again. So after court I called to make sure I knew what I needed to do. But now I’m being told I have to start from scratch n retake the class in order to get my ccw. The class its self isn’t the issue as I’m former infantry and know all the info n could shoot the shooting part single handed with my non dominant hand. Has ANYONE gone thru anything similar or does ANYONE know which way is official as far as if I have to retake the class? B/c I know somewhere in the law it says that the certificates are good for life in BC at least. Any info I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

        • Hope this helps

          I think your ccw class paper work is good for a year before you have to retake the class over. If you have your instructors name just call them and ask..

        • Bruce

          I have a question if I was have a misdemeanor in NC and Ga but they are both more than ten years ago can I still apply for a carry permit in the state of nc

    • DJ

      NC honors all other permits, so unless it expires, I doubt it.

    • army1311

      Yes because you live here now & you will have to go throgh tje cc class here if you do it @ fuqey gold and gun its 90.00 and they supply gun and ammo

      • Allen Wall

        thats a deal good

  • Ssabre

    can i carry a suppressed handgun leagally with a valid conceal permit an tax stamp docs for the can?

    • heyrakes

      yes but you better carry your permits with you

  • Rsanders1

    Is there any discount for age?

  • Lindacobb45

    Can I renew my NC permit online?

  • Adavisw

    The posts are all about getting and carrying deadly weapons.  This vigilante attitude is frightening.
    Any innocent adult, child, old person could be minding their own business in a peaceful way when one of these nuts goes all the way off his/her rocker and starts killing.  How did we get to the point that we allow the National Rifle Association to make the laws that govern us?  They are in it for the money and the power.  Rise up, peacefully, citizens and get rid of these awful laws. Vote the
    crazies out of office.

    • Raven

      Yeah, we want to carry weapons to protect ourselves from the crazies, because you can pass laws that ban guns, but since when does everyone follow the laws? If so, we wouldn’t have so many cops, get realistic, because if someone breaks into your house, remember this it’ll take the cops an average of 2 to 4 minutes to reach you, minutes you may not have.

    • Chosen777

      I don’t think the NRA was around when the 2nd amendment of the constitution was enacted….just saying…..Bill of Rights was adopted on December 15, 1791 and the NRA was founded on November 17, 1871…So how is the NRA making the laws that govern us?

    • Trisha Hood

      So let me get this straight.. you are more concerned about a law abiding citizen that is exorcizing their 2nd amendment right after passing a background check and allowing the local Sheriff to crawl up their backside with a microscope then you are about the thugs that are carrying them anyway?
      You.. my dear.. need your head examined if that’s what’s keeping you up at night.
      You are more likely to be plowed over by a car at a bus stop then harmed in any way by a CCW permit holder.

      • Allen Wall

        you tell them hood

    • Johnny Cyclone

      Wow Adavisw, is it painful to be that stupid! People with a CCW permit are the most law- abiding, stable people around. The ones you have to worry about are the sissy, weak, and Constitutionally ignorant. They are everywhere, look in your mirror.

  • Nc Gators

    NC now allows (2012) concealed carry in financial institutions unless it is posted otherwise.

  • Venomoussvt

    This article needs to be updated. Nc is no longer a castle doctrine state.. HB650 did away with the castle doctrine back in december of 2011

    • Tim

      Boy are you completely off base….Castle Doctrine is in full effect here and has been put to the test already…

  • cozpt1

    How visible does a weapon have to be to be o.k. under “Open Carry”? Would a small holster with a compact such as Kel-Tec P-3AT need to be easily visible? Could the holster and gun be attached to a bicycle frame when riding or would you need Concealed Carry permit?  Plan to get concealed carry permit but wondering options until then.

    • Tim

      Considering bicycles have to follow the same rules of the road as cars, even though most don’t pay attention to this fact, you cannot carry a gun on a bicycle in ready access to any passenger. Open carry means you got to be able to see it….

    • heyrakes

      if it is visible a gun then it is not concealed. if you have a holster mounted on your bike and a person can tell that is a gun you are good to go.

  • Juliet5477

    Does it matter if the class is 4 hours or 8 hours?

    • Tim

      yes….8 hours is the minimum. Go to a gun shop and get an instructor’s name and he can give you a syllabus of the class.

  • Tcamaro1968

    what  it meen nc res permits -only can we carry in south carolina or not

    • NiNe1ZeRo

      Doesn’t look like it, u have to be a resident of SC

    • heyrakes

      sorry just noticed your question.

      there is some misunderstanding about non-resident permits. what that means is states that issue a permit for someone not living in the state. such as FL or UT. since NC doesn’t issue non-resident permits only to people living there, we do have reciprocity with SC. so you can use your NC permit there you just have to obey their laws

      • ralph jenkins

        Occasionally, I travel to MA from NC. Are there states I need to notify prior to entering the state and; can I conceal carry in MA with a NC CCP? Thanks for your help

  • I live near Great Bridge, so Moyock, NC is just next door.  Figured I’d better be safe than sorry by checking this out.

  • In NC you cannot get a CCW with any type of assault. The above says a violent misdemeanor. I got into a shoving match and got a simple assault conviction and now cannot get NC CCW.

    • Tim


    • heyrakes

      check and see a lot of counties will over look a lot of minor infractions. of course you are still allowed to carry open

  • kelly

    I go to south carolina often. can i carry in my car in the console and into the house I stay at legally with a NC ccp?

    • Jonathan

      Yes, as long as you follow all SC’s CC laws and there’s no prohibition to that.’

    • James Parks

      If you have an NC permit, you can carry concealed. But you don’t even need a permit to carry a firearm in a car in SC anyway as long as you have it in an enclosed compartment.

  • Barry

    I am moving from SC to NC very soon and have a SC and Florida CCP. Is my CCP still valid until I get a new NC permit from both states? I am concerned about possible loosing retroprsity.

    • heyrakes

      as long as the permits are valid, you can use them in NC. i don’t think you will be able to renew your SC permit

  • Kingpin223

    I am in the military moving to NC on orders. I am not a resident of NC. Do i have to become a legal resident to apply for the CCL?

    • heyrakes

      check the laws i believe military has some lee way as to carry. remember though NC is an open carry state, you do not have to have a permit. thank you for your service

  • Lenzie Bailey

    I already have a Virginia concealed carry permit. Would I still have to go through the weapons class to recieve a permit in NC if I move back to NC?

    • JustNewListings

      I also moved here from VA. CAn I carry with my license issued in VA or do I have to start over

      • heyrakes

        same as above. when your VA permit expires. then you will have to do the NC requirements

    • heyrakes

      only after the VA permit expires. then you will have to do all the steps to issue a NC permit

  • Nancy

    I have a ccw licence that expires in a year,Where do you get the affidavid that states you are still qualified from?

    • heyrakes

      as far as i know your current CHP tells them you are qualified. just don’t let them expire. then you will have to take the class again

  • Mikeewlsnxxx

    Is it possible to have a concealed carry permit in North Carolina and also in New York? I reside here in the wonderful state of North Carolina, but not so long ago moved down from New York. I often travel back and forth to visit friends and family, is there any possible way to have duel concealed carry permits for both states once I obtain my permit?

    • heyrakes

      i believe NY does have a non-residential permit. NC doesn’t. so if they do you can have both

  • blair

    Really, “edicational institution?”

  • blair

    While looking at spelling – “comsumed” (see other comment – “edicational institution”)
    Gee, I wonder who entered this information. If he/she can’t spell, I wonder if the information is correct.

  • Marvell

    Hello… I am currently in the military and my CCP from Virginia expired recently because I am deployed. I will be relocating to North Carolina after my deployment where I have a valid driver’s license. Do I still have to take a certified safety course since I am still active duty? Thanks.

    • Michael Crocker

      I don’t think so. You can’t get the CCL if you have pending charges. Plus you have to wait for three years after the conviction if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure you can call your local sheriffs office for verification. DON’T DRINK IF YOU’RE UNDER 21, AND DON’T DRIVE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF YOU WILL FAIL A BREATH TEST! Making bad decisions is a disease!! MAKE BETTER CHOICES!!!

      • Chosen777

        I think you replied to the wrong post. Marvell didn’t say anything about drinking at all…haha

      • NiNe1ZeRo

        Did you even read the post you replied to in such haste?

      • Allen Wall

        yes and they are trying to lower the limet to .05

    • heyrakes

      please check weather or not you need a permit. there are some exception for military. look in the NC 214 laws

  • Koolarrow

    Oh yeah

  • Cecil Williams

    I am a 30 year retired veteran, Viet Nam, Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Free Iraq. Does my military experience, expert rifle a d pistol, provide credit for the course in NC? Do I have to to start as a beginner, without and weapon training?

    • heyrakes

      you still have to complete the course. thank you for your service

  • Jo

    Can a green card holder own a firearm in north Carolina?

    • heyrakes


  • jetmech

    I took the fire arms training and safety course on 6 Aug 2011 and misplaced my certificate until 23 Aug 2012.I’m in forsyth county nc.Do I have to repeat the course if I try to gey my cc now?

    • Randy

      I dont think the certificate expires for the corse

    • heyrakes

      you should be able to get a copy from your instructor, if he keeps records this long

  • owenmsmith

    I moved to NC 8 months ago from Virginia. I currently hold a valid Virginia carry permit. I have been told that even though I am a NC resident, my Virginia permit is valid as long as it has not expired in the state of NC, at which time I have to get a NC permit. Does anyone have any info?

    • heyrakes

      that is correct

  • TN Tarheel

    Am traveling to NC for moms 80th birthday. I have a concealed permit in TN. Will I have any trouble carrying openly in NC?

    • NiNe1ZeRo

      I wouldn’t. Although there is no laws specifically stating you can’t, there is what’s called “going armed to the terror of the public”. Basically if someone is afraid of their life b/c you are openly carrying you can get into trouble. Besides, that’s just asking to be harassed by law enforcement officers!

    • heyrakes

      .NC is an open carry state, you don’t even need a permit

  • So does SC honor NC permits ?

    • NiNe1ZeRo


    • heyrakes

      don’t know where the no came from, but yes they do.

  • steve

    Does Nc honor the FL non-resident permit?

    • heyrakes


  • Don

    Anyone know ??? can a NC resident legally carry concealed with a Florida CC license ??

    • heyrakes

      only with a permit

  • James M Maples Jr

    The yellow confused me at first also. But it is really simple. In the yellow states your permit state must match your resident state, i.e., your driver’s license and carry permit must be from the same state or it is not valid in any of the yellow states.

  • Setanta

    As an NC permit holder planning to drive to Louisiana, I pass through SC. Can I put my pistol in the truck and still be lrgal?

  • Setanta

    As an NC permit holder planning to drive to Louisiana, can I put the pistol in the trunk and still be legal as I pass through SC?

    • heyrakes

      with a permit you are legal to carry in SC. you just have to hid it on your person

  • I have a concealed weapons permit from VA what do I do to have one here reapply?

    • heyrakes

      you have to do all the requirements

  • concerned soldier

    i have a conviction in korea for aggeivated assault that while i was stationed there with the army. the army found me innocent and did not prosecute deeming it justified self defense. it does not appear on my records when the sherrif’s office runs a backround check, however the army will report it to them. will this hinder me from attaining a concealed carry license?

    • heyrakes

      i don’t think the army does report to them. the only thing from the army is weather or not honorably discharged or not. if they do turn you down they must why. you can appeal it from there

  • Jay1944

    Did anyone read the instructions,,, blue states honor, red states don’t, if you live in a yellow state they only honor that state… NC honors everyone visiting

  • NiNe1ZeRo

    What drives me crazy is all the places we CAN’T carry to ,Iike restaurants, sporting events, parades…basically all the places a person would want to go to if they were looking to kill a lot of people at once. That is insane to disarm the GOOD people knowing full well the BAD people don’t care. The incident in CO is a perfect example of that!

    • heyrakes


  • Travis Fenner

    In all about how much is everything from classes until you get the permit?

    • heyrakes

      the permit to the sheriff is about 95$

  • Decolores3

    I am planning a permanent move from Louisiana to North Carolina. I currently have a Louisiana concealed weapon permit. Is there a means in which I can convert my Louisiana permit to a North Carolina permit? Or must I start from the beginning in North Carolina? And if I must start from the beginning in NC am I required to do the firearms course again, or will the course that I took in Louisiana be accepted?

    • heyrakes

      yes you will have to do all of the requirements of the NC CHP (concealed weapons are not allowed in NC)

  • NC CCL permit is discouraging and rip off. I moved here from VA, and in VA it cost less than half to get CCL.

    • heyrakes

      true but every state has their own laws, BTW it is 4 times as much. but then there are a lot of states that does not honor a VA permit and a lot of states that do honor NC

  • Mike

    Do you have to qualify your shooting at your CCW class? If so, what are the requirements to qualify?

  • Mr1bunny

    With a Concealed weapon permit can you openly carry it out in public without concealing it and do you have to conceal it in your car?

    • heyrakes

      no a permit is only for if you conceal (hid) your firearm. open carry is legal in NC. you can have it open in your car too. just don’t have it in reach and covered

  • ralph cramden

    does north carolina require retired NYPD cops to qualify?

    • heyrakes

      yes. but check into weather or not your certification is still valid. LEOs have a pass depending on if they are qualified

  • Sam

    I was denied…..Why?……I broke the law, when I was young, and was caught……..I was punished well and received it well…….Now, I believe I understand the law better than most……Who is more dangerous, a man whom has willingly passed through judgment and punishment or a man who has yet to fail…..Who is the man more likely to save you from the shooter or save, just himself?…….Who is the man more likely to be carrying that gun at the right time?……… There will always be guns and the other nations will always try to make you think you are less than to behold one. Please, don’t let us fall to the ignorance, we are the greatest because we believe it!

  • Ron

    Heading down to Florida from NC for work for a week. When I cross into FL I assume my CCP is no good. Safest place for the firearm at that point?

    • heyrakes

      why would you consider it no good. FL does have reciprocity with NC. you just have to follow state law in FL and hid your firearm. they do have print laws there so be careful

  • Justin

    Yes, but once you are convicted you will receive a summons and will have to return it.

  • crasb37549

    Why would NC honor permits from states that don’t honor NC’s?

    • heyrakes

      the way the law reads. they will have a time to consider reciprocity then the stae will determine to hold to the agreement

  • jon

    I pled guilty to misdemeanor assault on a government official. once my probation period expires will i be able to get a concealed carry permit?

    • heyrakes

      JON you can check and see once the probation is over. if this is a felony then the answer is no. but good news is you can get it turned if conditions is right

  • Greg

    Do you first have to get an open carry permit (which required references)
    before you can apply for the concealed carry permit?? or can you get
    the concealed carry first?

    • greg

      I should have mentioned that I am in both Durham city and Durham county.

    • you should not have a weapon of any sort. If you don’t know about open carry you don’t need a gun.

    • heyrakes

      Greg you do not need a permit in NC to open carry right now it is constitutionally protected. don’t know what you mean by references.

  • fireguy

    Wondering if I will waste my money by applying for permit in Pitt county. I was convicted of simple assault 20yrs ago.

    • heyrakes

      you can try.that way you will know. if you have a felony you can have it expunged

  • ron

    does Florida not accept NC ccp or what

    • never heard of google?

      • ron

        thanks for the sarcastic answer .if you can not be helpful than shut up

        • heyrakes

          don’t let TORR bother you he is an angry person. probably drinks a lot too

    • heyrakes

      FL does honor NC permits. you must obey the laws in FL. which means you can only hid you gun.

  • jaredm54

    I just got out of the navy and have training and proof of it all. Do i still need to take a class?

  • Preacher

    How up to date is this info? We were told in ccw training class S.C. honors N.C. permits.

    • heyrakes

      we do not have concealed weapons permits in NC, concealed weapons are illegal.
      but SC does have reciprocity with NC

  • george aubert

    I have a va conceiled permit that is good for another year, can I reniew it here for a n.c.permit?

    • heyrakes

      you must take the classes and certify for the permit.

  • Cathy

    I have a SC CWP that expires 10/13 I have remarried and relocated to NC, 3 years ago, I got my name changed and NC drivers license 3 years ago but I have never changed my SC CWP, how do I go about doing this or would it be best to start all over and re take the course in NC ?

    • heyrakes

      you have to take the course in NC to obtain a CHP from NC

  • lost my ccw for being drunk in public can i get my ccw back if my case is over

  • Elliott

    I just moved to NC from VA and have my VA CCP. When I change my drivers license over to NC, will my CCP be invalid?

    • heyrakes

      your VA CHP will be good till it expires. then you will have to get a NC permit, or a non resident permit from a state that has those

      • Michael McBride

        does NC honor VA NON RESIDENT ccp if carried by NC RESIDENT

        • heyrakes

          yes, itdoes not matter where your residence is, NC honors all CHP’s

        • heyrakes

          yes they do. NC honors all CHP, no mater what your residence

      • Elliott

        I was told today when I called the NC Sheriff’s Office that my VA permit is NOT valid since the address does not match my NC Drivers License. I did not think this was the case. I do not see anywhere in the VA Code that my CCP is invalid when I move out of state. Every agency I call has a different/no answer. Frustrating to say the least!

        • heyrakes

          i did a little research into this. come to find out, that once you move from VA and become a resident of another state. you are no longer a resident of VA. ergo, your resident CHP is no longer valid. i check with several sources in VA on this. though you could get a “non resident” CHP and that would be good in NC, no mater what your address is

        • heyrakes

          i did some research on this. i called a few people in the know in VA. everyone agreed when you become a resident of another state. you are no longer a resident of VA. so by logic, your VA resident CHP goes invalid. i do agree that we could not find any law to support this. i will still search. now if you have a Non-resident VA permit, you should be good to go

  • Old Man Sam in NC

    I enlisted into the Navy when I was 17 in 1971 and discharged from the Navy still at the age of 17, Jan 1972 I was discharged on the drug amnesty program they had in those days. If you had every smoked pot or taken any other drug the Navy would discharge you if you first confessed that you had done it and not been caught, if you were cought first it was a different story. The discharge I recieved was a General Under Honorable Condititions. This was 40 + years ago. Will this discharge prevent me from getting my concealed carry permit.

    • heyrakes

      it might, i have had some tell me they don’t care what happened in the military, but in NC it is in the law if you had a dishonorable discharge. make sure your discharge was dishonorable. it may have been just a general. you can also get it ex-sponged. you would need to check with a lawyer if you have any problems

  • Tommy

    If you are military and a non resident you are able to obtain your ccw permit.

  • nick

    will nc issue a ccw to military? I’ve been here ffor 7 years now but live on base. we’ve been told we can go thru the course and recieve a ccw

  • nick

    can i recieve a nc ccw being active duty marine and living on base?

    • heyrakes

      there is no permit for a Concealed carry weapon in NC

  • Dru

    A release that authorized and requires disclosure to the sheriff of any records concerning the mental health of capacity of the appliant. What does this mean? Do I need to get a mental health exam or something?

    • heyrakes

      that is a release for the records on your mental health history. they will do a search on you

  • edesigns0

    If I have a North Carolina conceal carry permit, Can I carry in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina?

    • heyrakes

      check the map

  • Mimirdh

    I live in NC but travel to SC often. How do I carry in SC? An I allowed to open carry when I cross the border to SC?

    • heyrakes

      No. when you are in another state you must obey their laws

      • Daniel

        Shut your big mouth MR Know IT ALL..

        • heyrakes

          don’t know what your major malfunction is but it is obvious , I am smarter then you.

          • sbozich

            *smarter THAN you.

    • Spartan

      So you can’t carry concealed in SC if you have a CCP from NC? SC isn’t marked in red indicating that you can’t. What’s the deal?

      • Jason

        SC is in yellow which means they don’t recognize CCP from any state because they issue their own. No reciprocity given. To conceal carry in SC you need to get a SC ccp.

        • Helmand Hunter

          Jason, don’t speak on something you obviously don’t understand. SC has a reciprocal agreement with NC, you may carry in SC with a NC CCH. It blows my mind how people speak on subjects they obviously do not have any credibility to speak on.

          • Helmand Hunter

            BTW, that’s coming from a NC CCH Instructor.

          • Olimpia Yolanda

            I have been diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression stemming from childhood trauma. Should I not even bother attempting to get a ccp?

          • Helmand Hunter

            Unless a judge has ruled you to be mentally defective, which is usually due to a crime committed, there is no restriction to carry just because you have PTSD. I would, however, recommend you evaluate your condition and consult you physician, considering clinical depression might increase the likelihood of suicidal tendencies. Having a gun always accessible to your person can be dangerous to others and yourself if your cognitive process is overwhelmed by mental and emotional trauma.

          • Olimpia Yolanda

            Thank you so much for your response. This is something I’ve considered as well. I realize given the circumstances this decision comes with some heavy contemplation. However my thoughts are that it might relieve some of the weight that results from my conditions. I’m 5ft tall and I feel like the knowledge of being able to defend myself reasonably will be a huge sense of security.

          • Helmand Hunter

            I am never one to dissuade an individual from getting training. I would hope more women would get involved in the sport of shooting and take more of an interest in arming themselves for their own safety. If you have any questions or concerns, you may email me at anytime at [email protected]

          • Chris Persiani

            I moved to NC 1 year ago from Virginia. Will my VA conceal license/course allow me to get a NC resident license of do I need to take another course? My VA course was 8 hrs and recognized through NRA.

          • Daraholsters

            You are very correct sir.

          • bjwtaylor

            You prove once again that there is no one as self-confident, rude, and arrogant as a man who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
            I am a South Carolinian and a permit carrier, and Jason is quite right and you are quite wrong. There is no reciprocity, and our state and local cops and HP become quite disagreeable when know-it-alls from elsewhere decide for themselves what the law is. And they are even more disagreeable when South Carolinians think they know better than law enforcement.
            SC will issue concealed carry to permanent residents, military on permanent assignment, and owners of real property in SC – and to no one else. And they don’t accept any other state’s CC permits.

          • richarddbailey

            Then why don’t they list SC in states honored?…

        • James Parks

          Total BS, Jason. SC and NC have reciprocity.

      • Edward osorio

        I move from Florida to North Carolina i have a conceal weapon. Don’t k what too do

        • Zach

          From what I understand, you will have to retake NC’s required class which is 8 hours seated and some range qualification. You may be able to Renew your Florida as a non resident because NC accepts any of the contiguous states apart from Vermont.

  • just wondering

    I was issued a license to carry a pistol in the state of NY State in 1972 it does not carry an expiration date on it. I have sense moved to NC is my NY permit still valid in NY or is it honored in any state for that matter.

    • heyrakes

      as far as i understand NC does honor NY permits, but keep an eye on it. they are looking at places that don’t honor NC permits to drop them

  • I have a SC CWP. I am moving to N.C. What do I need to do to change my CWP over Or do I have to change it from S.C. to N.C. just by a address change ?

    • heyrakes

      first concealed weapons are illegal in NC, there is no CWP. you can use your CHP till it expires. then you will have to take the courses and certify in NC

  • Aunt Bea’s Daddy

    This site says the permit is $80 plus $10 for fingerprints. But there’s also a $20 psychological background check fee. Just applied at my local NC sheriff. Total is $110.

  • porky

    have ccp but wife give me a pistol for christmas what is law on me carrying this pistol the pistol is in her name and registered to her

    • heyrakes

      there is no registration in NC, who ever has the pistol owns the pistol. a CHP is connected to the person not the firearm

  • Mark

    I am a permanent res and have valid green card was born in Scotland I have been here 40 years and have green card can I get concealed carry in nc

    • heyrakes

      according to NC law you must be a US citizen. you can non resident from another state. but you do not need a permit to carry in NC. as long as you are a resident

  • Rusty Gator

    My wife in 2003 was Baker acted by another family member. Everything went well and was release. Will she be able to apply for an NC concealed weapons permit since it happened so long ago and she had a clean record?

  • 2ndAdmen

    I have my CCW from Virginia and will be driving through NC. I see it states “You MAY open carry in a motor vehicle. However, localities may regulate the carrying of firearms under certain circumstances. What about concealed carry or having the gun in your glove box or console?

    • heyrakes

      rule of carry in a vehicle in NC
      in reach of any one in car, but covered concealed. out of reach and covered no problem. in reach but not hid good to go

  • scott

    My daughter is 20 can she take a class now, and how long can you wait to get your permit

    • heyrakes

      yes, when she reaches 21. but until then she can carry all she wants to

  • NCJeremy

    Looking at previous posts, I don’t think most of you are intelligent enough to operate a weapon safely. America, please learn to read and write! It is people like you that give the government and other ignorant people fuel for trying to take away our second amendment right. So, please stop making the rest of us gun-totin folks look bad. Thank You!

    • heyrakes

      probabbly a goood thinga that the Constitution doesn’t ask for educasun for ownership, but being a citizen

  • Is it possible to take the class at 20 and then submit the paperwork after my 21st birthday?

    • heyrakes


  • bob c

    Can I carry a hand in my trunk lock in a case with no ammo across state lines from NC to ME?

    • Fred8

      According to Federal law, if you are legal at your source, and you are legal at your destination, you may transport between them. BUT, that will not stop the locals from arresting you and forcing you to use the Federal law as a defense (guilty till proven innocent), and then going through all the time/expense/hassle of getting your guns back. There is also the recent case of the guy that lost his gun (and permit I think) when an airline delay (at Newark, NJ I think) caused a change to his flight arrangements and the airline returned his checked baggage to him (which included a legally checked gun inside); once he had access to it in NJ, it became illegal (according to the court).

      So look out in Maryland, NJ, NY, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

  • Damon

    NC changed their CCH permit wait time from 90 days to 45 days. Not sure how to contact administrator to change it.

  • Charles

    According to the North Carolina Department of Justice website, they lowered the waiting time from 90 days to 45 days.

  • chris

    i have a sc cwp, what about carring at a church or sanctuary with expressed permission from the leading official or security official??

    • heyrakes

      concealed weapons are illegal in NC. but it is not against the law to carry a firearm in a church in NC. don’t know about SC. the church authority can deny you the right to carry in the church. where ever you permit is from you must obey the laws of the state you are in

      • torr10

        STOP saying concealed weapons are illegal in NC. Concealed weapons are LEGAL in NC. You can carry concealed with a permit issued by the Sheriff in your county.

        • heyrakes

          concealed weapons are illegal in NC. you can not get a permit to conceal a weapon. you can though get a permit to conceal a HANDGUN, in NC please look up the law in NCGS 214
          BTW the permit is issued by the state through your sheriff dept. this is a shall issue state

          • torr10

            since when is a handgun not a weapon? Like I already explained, this thread is about handguns….

  • chris

    can i carry at a church for security with permission from an official over church security?

    • heyrakes

      the state can not say weather you carry in a church or not (yea). but the legal authority of the church can deny you from carrying in the church.

  • John

    I recieved my Certificate over a year ago and due to money and time I never obtained my CCW. Does anyone know what the time limit is on obtaining your CCW once you have your certificate?

  • Dillon-Paul Cox

    Check out the Dec 2011 revision of the cc laws, there is nothing in there that mentions financial institutions, I could have missed it but please take a look and tell me I’m right.

    • heyrakes

      there is no restriction on carry into a financial institution. only bigoted anti-constitutional institutional

  • Surveyman

    Who makes the card? The DMV or sheriffs office.

  • Joe

    Has NC changed the law about carrying into a restaurant where alcohol is sold and consumed yet? I have heard different answers to that question. I know the state legislature has considered changing this statute.

    • Fred8

      Not that I know of. No carrying where alcohol is sold and consumed.

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5

        Correct. If they sold only food you could carry. Be warned though: If the proprietor says ” no ”
        it’s his right to turn you away.

  • I turned in my conceal carry paper work 17 weeks ago and just recently got a call from sheriff’s office says that they finally got my mental health paperwork back and now it had to go to Raleigh.I thought the sheriff was the one that issued the permit. Why would it have to go to Raleigh?

    • heyrakes

      the permit is issued by the state , but the sheriff can influence the outcome

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      It’s the state’s right, not the sheriff’s.

  • Al

    Do I have to take the course if I’m prior military with a dd214

    • heyrakes


  • James

    Are CWP holders allowed to carry in state, city, and/or county parks in NC?

    • heyrakes

      first concealed weapons are not allowed in NC. you are allowed to conceal in all townships in NC. municipal parks are a big argument in NC, although the state laws say yes, there are cities that are not allowing it. you must conceal in state parks. there are a few cities that have grandfathered laws in NC, but are not usual a problem

      • torr10

        You really need to update your knowledge base.

        • heyrakes

          still i don’t know what you are talking about. if i am wrong on any information please point it out. i will gladly rescind it.

          i did make an error you are allowed to conceal a “handgun” if you have a permission slip. but you are allowed to carry open, not needing permission

  • steve

    with the res permits only, i am a resident of michigan but stationed in nc, they will issue me a nc permit even though i am not a resident because of my active duty status i have already cleared that with the sheriff but since i am a michigan res and michigan is a res only state will they honor my nc permit in michigan since i am a michigan resident?

    • heyrakes

      i think MI does have reciprocity with NC, but you will have to check with MI to make sure as a MI residence they would allow yo to use a NC CHP

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5

        Michigan is a blue state when concerning handgun permits.

  • Fred8

    According to Federal law (Sub-part B 478.11 27 CFR CH. II 4-1-09 Edition) I have dual state residence: “Example 2. A is a U.S. citizen and maintains a home in State X and a home in State Y. A resides in State X except for weekends or the summer months of the year and in
    State Y for the weekends or the summer months of the year. During the time that A
    actually resides in State X, A is a resident of State X, and during the time that A actually
    resides in State Y, A is a resident of State Y.”

    Since my drivers license is from the “other” state, my question is what ID can I use with my NC carry license (the DOT doesn’t allow dual residence, so I can’t get a NC drivers license or even a DOT non-drivers ID card)?

    • heyrakes

      I think i understand you question. the answer is you must be a resident in NC to obtain a NC CHP. check into what makes you a NC resident. i just think you have to prove you live in NC, but there are certain requirements for that too. so check

      • Fred8

        Yes, that is exactly the question. I have a NC CHP (which I obtained when I had a NC drivers license). I own a home in NC where I reside on weekends (and some other times). I also own a home in state X where I reside during the summer (and some other times). I have a resident CHP from state X (based on the federal firearms rule that maintaining a home in both states makes me a resident of each state during the time I am physically residing there). My drivers license is now from state X.

        NC state law (Chapter 14, article 54B, paragraph 14-415.11) only says: “… shall carry the permit together with valid identification … shall display both the
        permit and the proper identification …”. That identification is generally assumed to be your drivers license. I guess I’ll have to ask my local NC Sheriff what “valid” means for a case of dual residence like mine.

  • Frank

    I am a retired US Army service member who served honorably for 21+ years. I also have a valid Arizona CWP. I moved from AZ to NC in October 2012. Do I need to attend another firearms safety and training course to apply for a NC CWP?

    • heyrakes

      Yes, if you want a CHP in NC. understand that everyone must take this training to obtain a permit. side note, Concealed carry weapons are illegal in NC

      • torr10

        Really? Where did you get your drugs? This whole thread is about CCW in NC….

        • heyrakes

          don’t get your point. maybe you are not with the program. he was asking if he would have to take the class to get his CHP in NC. which is an affirmative. CCW is Concealed Carried Weapons, which is illegal in NC. we have a CHP, Concealed Handgun Permit in NC so you can carry a handgun. BTW, you don’t need a permit to carry in NC

          • torr10

            Since when is a handgun not a weapon? This thread is about carrying handguns, not knives, machetes, shotguns nor rifles.

          • heyrakes

            you could ask the same question when is a baseball bat a weapon? the constitution speaks of arms not weapons. my sidearm is not a weapon

          • torr10

            In that case, your interpretation of any of this information is at best, questionable. Here is the definition of ‘weapon’:

            World English Dictionary
            weapon (ˈwɛpən) — n
            1. an object or instrument used in fighting
            2. anything that serves to outwit or get the better of an opponent: his power of speech was his best weapon
            3. any part of an animal that is used to defend itself, to attack prey, etc, such as claws, teeth, horns, or a sting
            4. a slang word for penis

          • heyrakes

            so which part of that makes my firearm a weapon. #4? when does a cow hoof turn from a foot to a weapon?

            you seem a very angry person. are you a hopolophobe, or a eleutherophobe?.

          • torr10

            I don’t see where I have said anything to make you think I am angry or afraid of anything. I simply don’t like it when people pretend to be smarter than they are by using incorrect meanings of words to fit their own purpose. Your firearm is a weapon. If you do not know that then you should not have it. Like I said before, this thread is about carrying a firearm, not a knife, bat or cow hoof.

          • heyrakes

            by your own post, your definition, a hoof or claw is a weapon. my sidearm is not a weapon. by your synopsis, you seem to be very angry. a very good reason for you to not have a firearm. you use a lot of the anti self defense language. are you an eleuthrophobe? a person afraid of freedom. it is the anti constitutionalists that calls a firearm a weapon. just to make it clear a concealed weapon is not legal in NC here is a copy of the law
            – 14-269 (excerpts). Carrying concealed weapons. (a) It shall be
            unlawful for any person, except when on his own premises,
            willfully and intentionally to carry concealed about his
            person any bowie knife, dirk, dagger… razor… or other
            deadly weapon of like kind. This section does not apply to
            an ordinary pocket knife carried in a closed position. As
            used in this section, “ordinary pocket knife” means a
            small knife, designed for carrying in a pocket or purse,
            which has its cutting edge and point entirely enclosed by
            its handle, and that may not be opened by a throwing,
            explosive, or spring action…

          • torr10

            The only thing that would make me upset in this conversation is your contrite way of reading what you want to read and not the entire synopsis. If you can’t read something as plainly written as what I copied and pasted here, then I certainly wouldn’t want you to interpret any legal positions.

            Since you insist on being immature enough to need help I will re-copy it for you….
            weapon (ˈwɛpən) — n
            1. an object or instrument used in fighting
            2. anything that serves to get the better of an opponent.
            If you continue to carry on this charade of defending a simple error you made in explaining this…then you are just being a weapon. Think you can understand that one?

          • heyrakes

            maybe you should read your own post. maturity comes from guarding one’s tongue (proverbs). please try to re-read it again you don’t have to admit you are wrong. just don’t try to fight a battle of the wits when you are unarmed (pun not intended)

            re-copy it for you….
            weapon (ˈwɛpən) — n
            1. an object or instrument used in fighting
            2. anything that serves to get the better of an opponent.
            you continue to carry on this charade of defending a simple error you
            made in explaining this…then you are just being a weapon. Think you
            can understand that one?

            again here is the state law, if you would like to have them change it be my guest
            – 14-269 (excerpts). Carrying concealed weapons. (a) It shall be
            unlawful for any person, except when on his own premises,
            willfully and intentionally to carry concealed about his
            person any bowie knife, dirk, dagger… razor… or other
            deadly weapon of like kind. This section does not apply to
            an ordinary pocket knife carried in a closed position. As
            used in this section, “ordinary pocket knife” means a
            small knife, designed for carrying in a pocket or purse,
            which has its cutting edge and point entirely enclosed by
            its handle, and that may not be opened by a throwing,
            explosive, or spring action…

          • torr10

            read the rest of the law and see how the terms ‘firearm’ and ‘weapon’ are used interchangeably. In several places it says ‘if the weapon is a firearm…’.
            Maturity comes from knowing when you don’t know what you think you know. You were using phrases incorrectly in response to the questions. On this thread, people are calling firearms weapons. Actually, in the real world, people call firearms weapons. Why don’t you get off your high horse and see if that stick will come out too?

          • heyrakes

            calling a firearm a weapon is the language of the anti self defense or the ignorant. did you not read your own definition here let me post it again

            World English Dictionary
            weapon (ˈwɛpən) — n
            1. an object or instrument used in fighting
            2. anything that serves to outwit or get the better of an opponent: his power of speech was his best weapon
            3. any part of an animal that is used to defend itself, to attack prey, etc, such as claws, teeth, horns, or a sting
            4. a slang word for penis

            trying to insult me is a angry little way to try and get at me. i can really see where you shouldn’t have a fire arm. what do you use as a weapon your hooves or your penis (i really doubt that).

          • disqus_VsObmepVV5

            Ladies please, control yourselves!! We men are trying to watch the ballgame!!

          • heyrakes

            BTW you are using the word synopsis in the wrong tense

          • torr10

            Nouns don’t have tenses. A noun can be neither past nor present. Perhaps your reading skills really are the problem.

          • heyrakes

            HA HA thanks for pointing out you are using it wrong

          • torr10

            wow dude…really? Are you that dense? There are more than one tense. I used the word correctly. The list of definitions is a synopsis of the meanings. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it is wrong. But perhaps you just hit on why you don’t realize you are saying things wrong here. I’m guessing English is not your primary language at this point, so you are doing pretty good.

          • heyrakes

            now you are just getting really silly. have you check into anger management. it’s no wonder you can’t own a fire arm. let’s summarize.

            .1. you have proven that a sidearm is not a weapon
            2. you can not tell us which weapon can be legally concealed in NC
            3. you have proved hooves and penises are weapons.

            4 you are an angry person that should not be able to own a firearm
            5 that you are a eleutherophobe
            6. that you hate the constitution of the US, where there is no weapons only firearms

          • torr10

            I only have two points to make for you….and with any intelligence from you, perhaps you can read them adequately.

            1. by your own pasting of the law…it is totally legal to conceal carry ANY weapon on your own property.
            2. The very definition of weapon is anything that you can use in a fight. People use firearms in fights on a daily basis.
            Let me add a third…you tried to classify me with a phobia simply because I have pointed out your mistake. So I think you started the name calling. Seems you might want to take more than psych 101 before you hang your shingle out.
            Your sidearm is a weapon and you can conceal it on your own property without a permit in North Carolina. Hopefully there aren’t many other people out there letting the language of a law determine the definition of a word…especially when they have poor reading skills like yours.

          • heyrakes

            oh you poor angry little man, LOL you are corect you can carry a weapon on your own property. also you can carry a hand gun on your own property (since hand guns are not weapons) without a permit. good for you, i think that would make your mama proud. still this is a site where people are wanting to carry their firearms off of their property. also as far as not reading well you still haven’t read your own definition and have not answered any of my questions. are you a hopolophobe and/or a eleutherophobe.Thank you for agreeing with me that if you are not in a gun fight you do not have a weapon

          • torr10

            You really should see a dr about this God complex you have. You are a pathetic little man….assuming you’re a man. Perhaps those ‘English as a Second Language’ classes could help you with your reading comprehension.
            Your firearm is a weapon. It really doesn’t matter if you have to contort English to make it sound like someone is agreeing with you. Grasping at straws is so unbecoming for someone with a God complex.

          • heyrakes

            i do feel sorry for you. you just can’t admit when you are wrong. you are a poor angry person. still not reading your own post. still not answering questions. trying to use straw arguments to get your points. my firearm is not a weapon. did you get the memo from the NRA to instructors that tell you not to call a firearm a weapon. I guess you are not with the NRA since you are angry and can’t own a firearm. can you cite anything that can deny what i wrote. weapons are still illegal to conceal carry *off your own property*. you can not get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in NC. that is why it is called a Concealed Handgun Permit. where in the 2nd amendment does it say “right to keep and bear weapons”, don’t think it exists.

          • heyrakes

            BTW you don’t need a permit to carry a handgun in NC either. either on or off your property

          • torr10

            I never said that you could carry concealed weapons off your property. You are the one that said it wrong, not me. No matter how you try to twist words, you made the mistake. The NRA, you nor the government has the right to change definitions of words. Like it or not, you are not God and you do make mistakes. Your word is not the final say. You have a problem understanding that you don’t control the English language. It sounds like you have no control over your own thought processes. You seem to only be able to repeat what other people tell you. It must be nice to live in your world. At least there you are always correct.

          • heyrakes

            what ever it takes to make your childish arguments work. concealed weapons are still illegal in NC (off your property). our hand guns are still not weapons. the calling all firearms weapons is what the progressives did in the early seventies to make firearms to be evil. does that make you a liberal that think firearms are evil, i don’t know. i just know you are a very angry person, that shouldn’t have a gun

          • torr10

            I don’t know why you have it in your little head that I’m angry. I think you have a God complex and anyone who dares to point out your mistakes is wrong. I basically just think you’re a pompous ass that really is no where near as smart he thinks he is. You think that nouns have a tense. How incredibly unintelligent is that? You probably think ‘irregardless’ is a word because you read it on a restaurant in Raleigh. And you should have no weapons of any kind, since you won’t use a firearm to defend yourself.

          • heyrakes

            hey i admit you got me with that childish carry on property thing. but we all can tell by your post that you are an angry little person. you definitely should not have a firearm since you seem to drink too much also. how are your meds doing. maybe if you rub out your little weapon you would not be so angry.
            little confused i would use a firearm in a fight (your words not mine)
            i just would not use a weapon since i always carry a firearm

          • torr10

            You are certainly more than a little confused. The dictionary plainly says ‘any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war’. So no matter what you call me or say about me doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong. You didn’t write the dictionary. But I guess with that complex of yours, you would never know. For your safety, stay away from schools since you don’t conceal your weapon in public. I guess they don’t have a hat big enough for that….

          • heyrakes

            HA HA HA when was the last time you were at war? i agree if you are in war you are using a weapon. usually a rifle. usually fully automatic. that means a firearm that keeps shooting when you press the trigger. i knew i would have to explain that to you. then you have a SIDEARM that you use for personal defense. i am not in a war, so my sidearm is not a weapon. you still can not carry concealed weapons off property (legally). i don’t know what you mean about the schools i have permission to enter several schools.

          • torr10

            Apparently you are seriously confused. Do you always choose one word of a sentence and focus on it? Do you not see the word ‘or’? Our Army does not carry rifles as sidearms. They are very different items. Remember the phrase “this is my weapon and this is my gun. This is for fighting and this is for fun.”? The same definition I quoted even specifically uses the term rifle to describe a weapon. So which way is it? You can’t have both, even in your twisted little world. But I guess since you’re all knowing you can do it….

          • heyrakes

            that is so funny. you don’t even know the difference between a rifle and a sidearm. i know you are so stupid you don’t know the rifle is the long thing and a side arm is the handgun that you carry on your hip. my sidearm is still not a weapon. we still don’t conceal weapons in NC, and you are still an angry person. but i will use the term troll because it fits you so well

          • torr10

            The sad part is that you don’t know the difference between a rifle and a sidearm and that they are both weapons. Yet you are on here giving advice to people who are trying to learn the correct information. But since we are both sounding like broken records here, because you don’t have good reading comprehension skills, I will let you have the last word. You can consider this me bowing to your holiness. I hope you can get over your all knowing God complex before you meet the real one….good luck to your confused little self.

          • heyrakes

            well TORE all you did was prove how angry and wrong you are. i hope that you anger management works out. sorry about you not being able to get a firearm because of it though. angry as you are though you really shouldn’t have one. no matter what you anti constitutional friends at the Brady bunch believe, my firearm is still not a weapon and concealed weapons are still not legal to carry in NC. maybe they could do something about upping your meds

          • torr10

            And by your own posts…it’s not always illegal to conceal carry a weapon in NC. So I guess we really are seeing the problem.

          • heyrakes

            still always illegal to conceal weapons in NC. you can get a permit to conceal a handgun, thus CHP. can you give me an example where you can legally conceal a weapon. such as a knunchaks, shuriken, axes. boards with nails in it. but remember by your definition a handgun is not a weapon. oh and lets put a katana in there since i have had a recent discussion on this

          • disqus_VsObmepVV5

            Common Law State

            North Carolina is a Common Law State.[4] Appearing in a public place, armed with a firearm, may be an affray at common law depending on the circumstances.[5] In State v. Robert S. Huntley, it was ruled, in part:

            It has been remarked that a double-barrel gun, or any other gun,
            cannot in this country come under the description of “unusual weapons,”
            for there is scarcely a man in the community who does not own and
            occasionally use a gun of some sort. But we do not feel the force of
            this criticism. A gun is an “unusual weapon,” wherewith to be armed and
            clad. No man amongst us carries it about with him, as one of his every
            day accoutrements—as a part of his dress—and never, we trust, will the
            day come when any deadly weapon will be worn or wielded in our
            peace-loving and law-abiding State, as an appendage of manly equipment.
            But although a gun is an “unusual weapon,” it is to be remembered that
            the carrying of a gun, per se, constitutes no (sic) offense. For any
            lawful purpose—either of business or amusement—the citizen is at perfect
            liberty to carry his gun. It is the wicked purpose, and the mischievous
            result, which essentially constitute the crime. He shall not carry
            about this or any other weapon of death to terrify and alarm, and in
            such manner as naturally will terrify and alarm a peaceful people.[6]

            Because of State v. Huntley, and other court rulings,[5] caution is urged as to the areas a person frequents with firearms.

          • torr10

            I’m afraid I don’t see how a statement that contradicts itself is relevant to my question nor the conversation.

          • disqus_VsObmepVV5

            The info was FYI. I think I will stop posting here. I was trying to be a good ” nay bore ” ( meaning not boring ). No matter what I do or say, I’m wrong. Ask my wife of 46 years.

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5

        NC Pistol Purchase Permit law

        Currently, in order to buy a handgun, whether from a licensed dealer
        or a private individual, North Carolinians are supposed to obtain a
        pistol purchase permit from their sheriff (or hold a concealed handgun
        permit). In order to get that permit, residents undergo a background
        check. Current law prohibits carrying firearms at parades and funeral
        processions. District attorneys are allowed to carry handguns into a
        courtroom but judges, clerks of court and magistrates are not.

  • So… travelling from NC to FL, can I take my gun? If so, can I conceal my gun?

    • heyrakes

      all the states from NC to FL have reciprocity. you must conceal in SC and FL. but in any other state you are good. you must obey the laws of the state that you are in

  • bobby

    I have a misdor miner pos of pot i got it in june of 2006 its now may of 2013 i wanted to know if i cann get a cc permit still

    • heyrakes

      if it was a juevinile charge it shouldn’t be on your record anyway. again it is up to your local sheriff. you can try and see if anything kicks you out. they must tell you what it was. you can take steps to correct if that is the case.

    • torr10

      I hope you can’t get it. If you spell that badly I’m not sure you can pass the written tests needed to get permits….

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5


        I’m in your corner on both issues. Studies have shown that pot smokers suffer from a lack of dopamines in the brain which tends to make them lazier than most people. I read it on WEBMD.

      • Mike Butler

        LOL, good one! I agree!

  • boywonder

    If i got a non-resident Conceal Carry Permit in Florida, well i be ok now that i live in north carolina? or i would have to get a north carolina permit?

    • heyrakes

      No as long as your permit is valid you can use it in NC. but if you do get you NC it will be honored in a lot more states

  • Daniel

    It’s a bummer that I can’t get a CCW here in NC even though I’ve lived here 20 years. I’m on a green card from Canada. A fellow Canuck who moved to TX got his CCW within 6 months. For me, a purchase permit will have do do for now…

    • heyrakes

      you can get a non-resident from another state. check on which ones allow this. UT. used to be one, but check. but a good question is why haven’t you gotten you permanent residence?

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5

        Yeah. How long is a green card good for?

  • Curious

    On 11/24/2008, I received a Prayer for Judgement for Misdemeanor Possession for having a firearm on state property while attempting to check in the weapon at the guard shack. Will that affect me getting a concealed carry permit?

    • heyrakes

      since this is a misdemeanor, it will only raise questions. in NC it depends a lot on the sheriff in your county. some would not pay attention , but some are looking for something to knock you for. you can have this discharged. check with a firearms lawyer

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5

        If it was me, I would cut him some slack because he was trying to do the right thing. You are right when you say there are some looking to grind an axe. They have no compassion and go by the book. He should have read the law as most states won’t tolerate weapons of any kind on state property.

  • Michael McAninch

    Can I transfer a Tennessee permit to NC when I move?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      Oh yeah! Don’t let it lapse before you register for an

      N.C. permit. All you have to do is go to the Sheriff’s office in the county where you plan to live in and get an application for a purchase permit or a CCW permit. Go at the very least, 90 gays and file. The sheriff can arbitrarily control your app and you could be hung out to dry for a while. N.C. state law says, ” 90 days,
      Jerry ! When you hot, you hot. And I said thanks a

      lot “!

  • Wes

    Colorado, Florida and South Carolina should be blue on the map.

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      For some reason they’re not.

  • Joe

    I have an Honorable Military Discharge – do I have to take the Concealed Carry Class to
    receive a Carry permit?

    • heyrakes


  • Jennifer75

    I have a CCW in Wisconsin can I carry concealed in NC while visiting?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      Yes, you can because Wisconsin has reciprocity with N.C.

  • heathero

    Ok so I went and got my permit to purchase a handgun so what do I do now

    • heyrakes

      enjoy. you now have the permission of your state to exercise your rights

      • Mike Butler

        *exercise your RIGHTS. There, fixed it for ya!

        • heyrakes

          No , i meant privilege. a right is to carry. it is a privilege to legally carry concealed, granted by your state, and paid for by you

          • Mike Butler

            Then what is it in Texas and Florida? In those states, the state issues concealed (only) permits, which is the only legal mode of carry; open carry in public is illegal.

          • heyrakes

            when you have to ask your Government to carry it is a privilege and not a right. i will have to add, i really don’t care about the other states. that is their problem

          • heyrakes

            correct if you have to have to buy it and get your governments permission then it is a privilege not a right.

        • heyrakes

          no i meant PRIVILEGE. carrying is a right. but hiding , with the states permission, is a PRIVILEGE.

  • john smith

    I’m a Florida resident with a FL CCW permit, I was told that my permit is no good now that i’m stationed ar FT Bragg.

    Is this true???

    • heyrakes

      no that is not true. NC honors all permits. until it expires, but i do think that FL has a non-residence permit that you can get. but you need to check on your military status. there are some laws for military people

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      Yes. It’s what they call a ” Yellow State ” meaning resident only.

  • Ray

    Once you get it for North Carolina to you have to retake the class after it dies or do you just renew your license?

    • heyrakes

      if you let your NC CHP expire you have 60 days that a sheriff can waive the requirements. but they may require you to take it again. 90 days seems to be when they are supposed to send you a letter. but it does take some time to get everything done. seems there is no amnesty for them. check with your county

  • Bryson Wood

    I married in NC in 1997. Moved to SC in 1998. Split from my ex-wife in Jan. 1999. Moved back to NC on Mother’s Day 1999. Was served a summons to appear in court in SC in June of 2000. The judge in family court issued a restraining order on both of us because we refused to speak calmly to each other. Will this restraining order keep me from obtaining a cch?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      It could be construed that there is enough animosity between you and your wife to trigger a physical confrontation whereby either party could kill or injure one another. If that were presented to my court I would deny the application pending a mental exam on both parties. I’m just sayin.

  • Angela Parrish

    The NC Concealed Carry Application requests “All former Addresses”. I was the daughter of a military officer and we moved 22 times (all over the US) before I turned 18 years old and I have moved (and used P.O. boxes) about that many times since then (now 48). Do they really need 48 years of residence history or will the last 20 do?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      They want to know if you have been in an area where terrorist activities were carried out. You know like Newton, Conn, Columbine H.S, Virginia Tech, Boston, or anyplace else. If you were in Iraq or Afghanistan, you might get a freebie. I can see you are a terrorist just by the way you spell. All these agencies are quaking in their boots for fear of letting one slip through the cracks. O’Bamma would send his Gestapo to smash such an individual. They have to go by the books especially in this day and age.

      • Angela Parrish

        Seriously, Trolls on a Concealed Carry Page? Grow up you fool. I asked a serious question, had NO misspellings or poor punctuation in the original post. Thanks for all of your help Disqus_VsObmepVV5! I found out through the local sheriff (Alamance County NC) that they only require the last five years be listed on the application for NC Concealed Carry Permits in case anyone else needs to know.

      • disqus_VsObmepVV5


        I was trying to be funny with the terrorist bit.That’s why I’m not a comedian. If you care to read any of my posts, you will see that I also defer to the Sheriff’s office quite a bit as I am not a lawyer ( I’m still learning ). They have the answers as the municipalities have the right to post warnings as to where you can carry in their jurisdiction. Sorry for trying to be helpful.

  • John Henry Scott

    wondering if there is a slowdown in new hanover county, i filed my application feb 2nd,, called the sherrifs office and was told my app was still pending,,,it has been 131 days so far

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      In North Carolina? Holy cow!

  • Sandy

    How can you find out the status of your permit? I went, and paid my money and got fingerprinted and all that good stuff, on May 13. Any way to find out the current status?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      The way things are to day, it will be at least 90 days before you hear anything back. But, I would still check with the issuing county for a progress report. Can’t hurt, right?

      • Charles_C

        Not in Rowan county they do not want you to call no matter how long it takes


    Does this mean a out of towner with a florida ccw that doesnt leave in florida cant carry in N.C?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      Say that again, carefully please. Did you mean ” Live”

      in Florida?

  • Nick Thomas

    I’m a marine stationed in NC I will be here for the next 2-3 years I want to get a cc permit I live in nc physical and have a valid address here will I be able to get one even if my licenses says I am from New York?

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      No, and there is no reciprocity treaty with NYS. Denounce NYS citizenry and get a N.C. drivers license. You only have to be in the state for 30 days them you are required to register as a resident of N.C.

      You may have a pass in N.C. if you’re licensed in NY. Check N.C. laws to be sure.

    • Randolph Banning

      Yes you can. In addition to the required forms, you’ll need a copy of your orders taking you to NC, a copy of your military ID, a copy of your SSN card, and a copy of your out of state driver’s license.

  • Davant

    When a state says “Res Permits Only” and your driving thru that state with another states permit, what must you do to be within the law? How is this handled as I don’t want to break the law.

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      In New York State, don’t set foot on NY soil. They can and will bust you if they catch you. My advice if you are going through the entire state is, have a good supply of food and drink. Also get a bucket to defecate and urinate in while still in your car. NY is one of a dozen liberal states and would love to crucify anyone who has a weapon in their possession without a NYS weapon permit.

    • Mike Butler

      Under the McClure-Volkmer Act, if you are legal at your starting point and your destination, you have safe passage through. Keep it unloaded and locked in the trunk.

  • Jay

    Will I be able to get a concealed carry if I got a OTH from the Navy in 2008?

    • Charles_C

      No you can’t

  • Guest

    Can I get a CCP in wake county NC if I got a OTH discharge from the Navy in 2008?

    • Charles_C

      No you can’t.

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      I doubt it. It would depend on the charge or charges for which you were discharged for.

  • marvin

    I lived in va. and had a permit I didn’t have to take a course do to me being in the service does that apply here as well and since I already had a permit in va. and where would I find a place to go to a course near Ahoskie thanks

  • guest

    I have a question …can I carry a concealed weapon into a bar in the state of NC if I already have a permit to carry a concealed weapon …

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      If the establishment sells alcoholic beverages you cannot enter with any firearm.

      • Mike Butler

        No longer true.

    • Charles_C

      On October 1 2013 you will be allowed unless it’s posted NO concealed carry allowed or something like that

  • Ant James

    Do you have to be in the county that is on your Drivers License to go for your Concealed carrying permit? I’M Still in North Carolina but I’M in college. Winston Salem Drivers License but I got to UNC Pembroke where I stay OFF CAMPUS.

    • disqus_VsObmepVV5

      You have to register in the county in which you reside.

  • onepocketkid21

    What happens if I am stopped by a LEO and for some reason they search the vehicle and find nothing but a concealed weapon that I did not tell them about BUT I have a current and valid CCP?

    • Randy

      By not disclosing the fact that you were in possession of a concealed handgun and have a valid concealed handgun permit before the vehicle search, you would be in violation of the standards for carrying a concealed weapon (NC General Statutes 14-415.21(b)). Your concealed handgun permit will be revoked and you’ll no longer be eligible to obtain another one. C’mon guy, you should already know this!

  • Hugh

    Don’t forget the license is only to carry a concealed gun. If not concealed anyone can carry in the open.

  • Guest

    Hey y’all. I was born in Australia, but I’ve been a US citizen since 1999 and I’ve lived in NC (Orange County) since 1995. I recently attempted to file a CCW application at the local sheriff’s office, but was informed that since I was born out of the country, I have to provide proof of citizenship. I brought my passport and was told that it would not suffice — I need a Certificate of Citizenship. I checked with USCIS, and the application costs $600, not to mention the documentation required is extremely burdensome. I am wondering if anyone else has faced a similar issue, and if surrounding counties have the same requirement (I know Durham County does). My lease ends soon, and I would seriously consider moving to Chatham or Granville County, or somewhere else nearby to overcome this hurdle (not to mention, lower rent). Thanks.

    • Charles_C

      It .depends on the sheriff department I think with more pro gun sheriffs your passport should be enough. I could be wrong though.

  • Walter

    If you move, Do you have 30 days from when you change your address with the post office, or the DMV to inform the Sheriff?

    • Charles_C

      Contact your sheriff’s department.

  • bill

    i got a DUI and blew a .15 which required me to have interlock ignition for year. How many years removed from the conviction date do i have to be to obtain my concealed weapon permit

    • Charles_C

      Not sure if one dui conviction will disqualify you from obtaining a conceal carry permit. contact your sheriff department. They can answer that question better.

  • Kphill

    Does anyone know where a veteran (Disabled) can get a Carry and Conceal permit at a reduced price?

    • Charles_C

      depending where you’re located and how far you’re willing to travel. I paid 60.00 for mine in Rowan county.

  • thand

    I took the training class and put off turning in the paper then forgot about found it 2 years later is it still valid

    • Charles_C

      No sorry you’ll have to take the class.

  • Sean K

    I currently have a Texas conceal carry license but I will be moving to N.C. in the near future. I know that I will have to wait 30 day before I can apply for a N.C. CC license but will I have to give up my Texas CC license?

    • Charles_C

      you’ll have to take the firearms course, and yes I believe you’ll have to surrender your Texas CCP however check with your state

  • torr10

    straight from a judge’s mouth…”A “firearm” is legally defined as any weapon which will, is designed to, or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.”

  • Family Guy

    So with a SC permit if I travel to NC can carry while I’m there?

    • Charles_C


  • firemedic

    Is a non resident Virginia ccw good if you live in NC?

    • Charles_C

      On the map above you will permits honored by north carolina every state is honored but New Hampshire

  • Omar delacruz

    I just got my concealed permit about a week ago. Do I need to re do a background to purchase a hand gun in the state of NC

    • Charles_C

      no you do not have to get a purchase permit

      • Mike Butler

        To answer the question, they do an instant background check at time of sale (called NICS, required by federal law). You don’t do anything, the seller calls it in.

        • Charles_C

          His question was since he has a CHP does he need to get a purchase permit to buy a handgun. If he has a CHP issued in North Carolina he does not need to get a purchase permit.. But yes a background check is still conducted, but not for the purchase permit.

          • Mike Butler

            What he actually said was “Do I need to re do a background to pu…” He’s got a handgun permit, he doesn’t have to do anything but show it (and pay for the gun, of course), the seller (and FBI) does the rest.

  • BOB

    did the nc ccw law change recently allowing ccw permit holders to carry concealed in restaurants where alcohol is served?

    • Mike Butler

      Yes, as of October 1, 2013. You still may not consume while carrying.

  • carmen

    In NC – Do you have to have a permit or license to own a handgun?

    • Bailey

      Carmen, If you buy a handgun from a dealer YES but just to own the gun, NO. If your talking about a drivers license, yes because you can’t get a gun permit without a drivers licenses.

  • theroostercomith

    I’m from Ga up working for a few weeks. My permits good here right?

    • Bailey

      Yes NC honors Ga permit.

  • ArmyStrong

    This might be a redundantly stupid question, BUT here goes: I’m currently in the Army on Active Duty stationed over in Germany. I always have and always will call NC my home, but I was wondering if I file for the CCW permit now while I’m on vacation, do I have to be CONUS while the paperwork is being completed? Or can I pay the $90, fill out the form, and head back ‘across the pond’ when my leave ends? Also: if I am active duty, would I still have to complete a state firearms course? Or since I am AD does that take the place of it? I have no problem taking any kind of course, I was just wondering what the parameters were.

  • weasel2121

    lotta law changes coming to nc this year, they will be easing up alot

  • Guest

    I am traveling to South Carolina I have a north Carolina’s ccwp can I carry?

    • Mike Butler


  • NCpatriot

    I don’t think North Carolina has a “stand your ground” law in effect.

    • Mike Butler

      Oh but it does.

  • jim

    Where can I get an answer to the following. I have a nc ccp. I will be traveling by car to Canada in a few weeks. Can I legally go into Canada with my weapon? If so do I declare it at the border?

  • Joey

    I just moved here from Texas, but I want to know what to do in order to move my license over, or if I really need to.

    • Mike Butler

      No need, your TX permit is good in NC. And you can even open carry without a permit, unlike TX, where OC is basically illegal (with some exceptions).

  • sam

    I am 20 years old does that mean I can open carry or get an open carry permit

    • Mike Butler

      There is no such thing as an “open carry permit” in NC; open carry does not require a permit.

  • keith f.

    It’s time for me to renew my permit, my question is who do I get the affidavit from stating that I’m still qualified?

  • DD823

    I can’t find any info regarding carrying in NC malls . . . the only thing I can find is if there is a posted sign restricting carry.

  • Dan

    This is a long story, I will make it short. I have a PJC, in NC and was unable to get a conceal carry in this state. I was told that I could apply in AZ. as a residence of NC, and get a permit from AZ that NC will honor because of reciprocity. Will NC honor it.

  • Gary A.Sr.

    does one have to be a NC resident to purchase a handgun in NC, if I hold a CCW or CCP from both Utah & FL.

    • Mike Butler

      Federal law requires a purchaser to be a resident of the state where he is purchasing a handgun. So you must either buy the pistol in your home state or have the seller ship it to a FFL in your home state for transfer to you.

  • Red

    I am currently 20 and serving in the Air Force Security Forces. would it be possible for me to get my concealed carry?

  • Destiny

    I live in North Carolina only because my husband is a Marine. So technically i’m not a resident. Can I still get a permit until I move back to Pennsylvania?

    • Mike Butler

      If you’re there on a PCS, that should qualify as residency, ask the Onslow County Sheriff’s Dept (I’m assuming you’re at Lejeune) and show them your orders. If not, get a non-resident permit.

  • boat 0308

    can you carry a weapon in a commercial truck??

    • Mike Butler

      Yes, unless it is against your company’s policy.

  • Phillip

    I have a Fl. CWP.I moved to N.C. and took the class and filed at my local shiriffs office June 10th.I still have not receive any word.I went to the Shiriffs Office and they keep telling me It can take four or five months.I also have a Fl.Security permit.Do I keep waiting Or ask the Sheriff to check on it .I think Four or Five months is a long time

    • Mike Butler

      Meanwhile, continue to use your Florida permit; it is recognized by NC.

  • HAF

    Is anyone concerned about the new requirement to release ALL physical and mental health information to the sheriff’s office in order to renew or receive a CC permit? The document in Iredell County makes it mandatory for everyone to allow the sheriff’s department to have full access to ALL medical records for up to one year. I have friends who have just signed that document without any concerns. Does that worry you? I have written my representatives at the state and national level, and they didn’t know about the new requirement.

  • LaRue

    I have PTSD have a clean record..coming from a law enforcement family and being a hunter I have been around fire ares all my life…would this exclude me from getting a permit…also don’t do drugs.

  • Phil

    What does it mean by ” Res Permits Only: ” yellow states ?

    • Mike Butler

      It means you must be a resident of the state that issued the permit. If you had a Massachusetts permit but lived in Connecticut, it would be a non-resident permit.

  • charles workman

    looking to get my concealed handgun permit is there any one in Raleigh? Thanks

  • mamaj

    I live in FL but am moving to NC soon. My CCP here was issued based upon the hunter’s safety course I took many years ago (for which the certificate is long gone). I did not have to submit a certificate, but had to show a copy of my current hunting license. Will I have to take a handgun safety course in NC?

  • Jake

    how can i conceal my weapon with this permit

    • Mike Butler

      Um, I usually put my shirttail over it, or wear a jacket.

  • fofive

    I’ve been reading these comments and it makes me wonder how many of you had to have someone read the application forms to you.

    • Mike Butler


  • Tony

    I live in Charlotte and completed my class in April and was not allowed to fingerprint until October due to volume of people. I am just shy of 90 days since my application was submitted and have not seen an invoice for my mental health check. Will a permit be issued before it is paid or after? Does the 90 days start once they get the mental check or the date of my app?

  • basicsouther

    Not sure I understand the map… If I have a concealed handgun permit can I carry when I go to Myrtle Beach SC.

    • Mike Butler

      NC resident permits are recognized in SC.

  • Alex Kane Bullard

    In the state of Ga, my military ID makes me exempt from having to have a CCP. Is this the same in NC? I’m stationed here at Lejeune and do not wish to become a resident.

    • Helmand Hunter

      No. There is no recognition of military credentials to satisfy training or permitting requirements in NC.

  • Rwi99

    How do I transfer my permit from SC to NC?

  • Rwi99

    I have a SC carry permit and moved to NC recently. I went to the county Sherriff office and they could mot tell me the process of transferring my permit from SC to NC.

  • Tim

    I’ll continue to protect and fight to keep my open-carry rights in NC.

    If you’re going to comply with these requirements you might as well move to Connecticut and stand in line to register your weapons as there is really no difference. Its either reg your weapons or yourself. Getting your concealed carry
    permit in NC is registering yourself rather than your weapon.
    No thanks NC. I’ll Open Carry
    Thank you very much for trying though.

    • john

      my thoughts exactly

    • ahughes

      Can you open carry in NC without a permit except where posted?

      • Robert Willis


  • jaz

    If I have my North Carolina permit for concealed weapons can I drive to florida with my gun

    • Helmand Hunter


  • Shiney

    Is there a limit to how many concealed weapons you have in you car/ truck??

    • Helmand Hunter


  • Jon

    Some of the restricted locations listed on this website for NC are no longer restricted as of 1 OCT 2013. When House Bill 937 passed and became law places that charged admission, locations that served alcohol, parades, and financial institutions are no longer off limits unless the buisness has a sign posted prohibiting carrying on their property. FYI

  • Heather

    I live in Florida and am going to get my CCW soon, but in a few months I might be moving to NC for a year or more. if I have my CCW in FL do i need to retake the class in NC to get my CCW?

    • Helmand Hunter



    How far in advance can a person take the CWP class before their 21st birthday?

  • James

    Can an 18 yr.old carry a hand gun openly in nc.

  • Guest

    I live in MA and have an LIC…will I have to get it transferred when I move to NC or will it be valid until it expires? If I need to get the NC permit will I need to go through the course?

  • Neo Macarius

    I live in MA and have an LTC…will I have to get it transferred when I move to NC or will it be valid until it expires? If I need to get the NC permit will I need to go through the course?

    • Mike Butler

      Notify the Mass FRB of your change of address, and your status will change to non-resident. NC will honor a MA LTC, although you might want to get an NC permit anyway, because Mass non-resident permits have to be renewed annually—in person! That’s about a 700 mile trip each way. If you still have proof of completing your NRA-certified course, you may use that instead of taking the course over.

      • Neo Macarius

        Thank you

  • Justice

    This information is way out of date. NC has greatly increased the places you may lawfully carry concealed.

  • Josh

    Hello I am visting family in NC I am from OH I have my OH CCW and we have reciprocity with NC. There are a couple things I may have over looked in the NC ccw manual. First are there any restrictions on how to carry in your vehicle? In Ohio there are none as long as your firearm is not accessible to a non ccw holder.
    Second when storing my firearm in my vehicle to go into a posted no carry zone I unload my firearm and place it into a pistol safe that is not attached to my vehicle would that be acceptable under NC law?

  • jeremy

    I received a letter from pitt county health asking for $10 to release my info to craven county sheriff, whats the damn $95 they charged me for and is this legit??

  • Mike Britton

    Can I carry in North Carolina with a South Carolina CWP?

  • Cammy Spence

    Apparently Donnie Harrison of wake county doesn’t issue to permanent residents either, not even ones that have lived in NC for almost 20 years. He uses preferential treatment to pull strings and favors to get his druggie daughter out of jail every time she gets arrested though. Merica!!

  • DjGR3G

    I just got denied because 6 years ago I voluntarily admitted myself to a rehab for opiate addiction. I have been clean for 6 years and they just sent the denial email!! I’m so pissed right now.

  • Rob Cooper

    Will NC accept my Active duty Military status as a CCW training course? and if so, How do I annotate that on the online application? You see, I live in VA and I can only visit for weekends at a time and obviously the sheriff’s office is closed on weekends so yeah..

    • Helmand Hunter

      No. You will need a class.

  • Rob Cooper

    Will NC accept my Active duty Military status as a CCW training course? and if so, How do I annotate that on the online application? You see, I live in VA and I can only visit for weekends at a time and obviously the sheriff’s office is closed on weekends so yeah..

  • henry c. parks

    carry concealed course

  • Guest

    On the map above it shows states that honor NC Concealed Carry permits (marked in blue), but then shows a code marked with yellow which states “Res Permits Only”, what do they mean I was lead to believe that my NC Permit allowed me to carry concealed in FL, SC, CO, MI, and NH….what does the “Res Permits Only” actually mean?

  • Spartan

    Just a quick question: On the map above it shows states that honor NC Concealed Carry permits (marked in blue), but then shows a code marked with yellow which states “Res Permits Only”, what do they mean I was lead to believe that my NC Permit allowed me to carry concealed in FL, SC, CO, MI, and NH….what does the “Res Permits Only” actually mean? Any ideas?

    • Helmand Hunter

      Refer to above comments. Some states issue non resident permits. The states in yellow express the states that won’t accept non resident permits. NC issues resident permits only, so it’s a moot point. With an NC permit those states are covered.

  • DUG

    I live in MD and going to visit NC, I have a Utah permit can I carry concealed in NC. Question two, to carry open in NC do you have to be a resident?

    • Helmand Hunter

      Utah is valid in NC. You do not need to be a NC resident to open carry.

  • Helmand Hunter

    Gentlemen, many of you are sharing decent knowledge and advice in answering questions, but some of you have little to no idea what you’re speaking on. This is one of the worst thread strings I’ve seen in a while in regards to misinformation and google lawyering. If you don’t know, reference the law. There is an individual telling another that they must get a NC CCH to carry in NC now that they live here. That is incorrect. NC honors any other valid state permit. It is still a good idea to get a NC CCH in order to purchase pistols without the yearly hoop-jumping for purchase permits. Another individual posts that SC doesn’t have reciprocity agreements with any other state, and in order to carry in SC you need a SC CCH permit. That is also incorrect. NC has a reciprocal agreement with SC, hence you may carry your firearms there. There is also speculation on what the timeline is for a course certificate to expire. That actually isn’t defined by the law, but the issuing authority (Sheriff) may use his own discretion, so contact them directly

  • Helmand Hunter

    If any of you have serious questions, you may contact me at [email protected], But I currently only teach courses to Active Military.

  • bullshippr

    As a NC carry permit holder is it legal ot sell a hand gun to a VA resident Who holds a VA carry permit?

  • ahughes

    At the risk of being called a name on here I’m still going to ask my questions..I live in NC but have never owned a handgun..I’m planning to buy one..If I buy at a gun show will they make me register the gun? Do I have to buy a gun before I take the CCP class? Can you open carry in NC without a permit or having the gun registered? I believe registration leads to confiscation..I don’t like that idea at all..BUT I also don’t want to go to jail if a LEO pulls me over and decides my gun isn’t legal..

    • Bailey

      I may be wrong but I think you still have to get a gun permit to buy a gun at the gun shows. NC is a open carry state. You have to go through your county sheriffs office to get your gun permit AND the CCW permit. If you take the CC class, most if not all rent you a gun to take the shooting part. You can ask any LEO about the gun shows but I think they are now the same as any gun dealer. GOOD LUCK.

      • ahughes

        Thank you for your help, Bailey..

        • Bailey

          I’m in the process of applying for my CC permit and I’ve got a charge on my background check that is questionable that happened almost 20 years ago and I’ve been told only the sheriff of my county could answer. So like me, ask your county sheriff. It’s better to ask questions beforehand rather than waist the money on the CC permit that might be turned down. Like I’ve always been taught, it don’t cost anything to ask first. The only dumb question is a unasked question. Good luck.

          • ahughes

            I will…Thanks again.

  • i have three girls, and i also own an vehicle.Do my gun have to be shown in the car even if i have children in the car,can’t i just put it away.I don’t want the kids to think it’s an toy

    • StickemNC

      By NC law, if you don’t have a CC permit and you have your firearm in the car it must be in plain view (ie) on the front seat or dashboard. You could place it in the trunk while your kids are with you. If your thinking of under your seat, nope that’s a big no no IF your caught.

  • Renee

    I live 300 ft inside the SC line ,but work in NC .Do i have to get my CCP in SC? an if so could I then carry in NC

  • Chris

    Will a TN certification class and confirmation number be accepted in a NC application for permit?

    • Helmand Hunter


  • Randy


  • Chris

    Since im in the army do i still have to take a class to get my CCW

    • Helmand Hunter


  • Mike

    Your info is old, several things have changed. Now you can carry into banks, have it in your vehicle on court house and post office property, and some things changed with the castle doctrine

  • rich

    I am carrying a VA non-resident ccp, which means I can carry concealed in NC. The yellow means that SC does not accept non-resident permits so if I had a VA resident permit, or NC, I could carry concealed in SC but since I have a non-resident VA permit, I cannot. Now my question, can you purchase a handgun in NC with ano there states ccp that does have reciprocity, and does a non-resident permit change that answer? Thanks

  • Bryan

    I have my Nc cc and I have a cdl to drive my church bus. Is it legal to carry while driving my Church’s bus?

  • James Weaks

    This information is out of date.

  • chris

    Places off limits when carrying. What’s the point. most of these place have wack jobs hanging around who probably are carrying illegally and I can’t carry a concealed weapon to defend myself or other innocent people. does not make any logical –What is the Point.

  • joe goad

    I dont understand nc liberals had to make these ccw laws. I had 1 little scuffle with a guy at a bar 20 years ago and I dont qaulify for concealed carry in nc . 2 blows were struck in the whole incident. Me and him admitted mutual guilt paid the fine shook hands and went on . I never been in court since. Thats ok ill just get my out of state virginia ccw. I qaulify under there laws . Nc needs to be changed it is extremely hard to get a ccw permit in this state.i thought our republican legislature would have repealed this crap by now. How many poeple can honestly say they have never been involved in a physical altercation there entire life maybe 2 in 100 .nc actually doesnt wont many citizens to qualify thats reason they are so strict

    • SharkLazerzzz

      What county are you in? That sounds way over blown. Did you actually take the course and apply? Keep in mind the VA non-resident permit may get hairy if you have to speak to a law enforcement officer, or have to do the unthinkable and use your weapon. There are a lot of liberal activist DA’s in NC, especially in Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham/Chapel Hill. I have been told that the state does not officially recognize the VA non resident.

      If you are not in one of the top three counties, I bet your sheriff would approve.

  • JAdams

    After taking the CC class in NC, how long do you have to apply for the permit?

  • Daniel

    Dont ever worry about getting a permit.

  • Dorlicia Smith


    • SharkLazerzzz

      Purchase and conceal are two different. NC requires a purchase permit issued by your county sheriff. Once issued and you purchase, you may open carry with few restrictions. Concealed requires an eight hour course, shooting test, and law test. Upon being certified, you apply through your county sheriff, pay a $80 fee, submit finger prints, FBI background check, etc. wait no more than 90 days and you have your permit, as long as you are not disqualified.

  • Concerned

    My husband, Kenneth Eugene Yerton, has dementia @ his Dr is Dr Ken Hamby, 910-721-4100. Ken Yerton just applied for renewal of his NC Concealed handgun License. Are people with Dementia allowed to carry guns? He is a bit on the irritable side most of the time and I am concerned about his mind due to the fact he becomes unruly often. Please do not let my husband know I emailed you. Please!

    • Helmand Hunter

      This is a public forum, and the Internet has this information now. You should contact the sheriff in the county where the permit was issued.

  • Robert Green

    In North Carolina does anyone know how long the actual certificate for c9mpleteing the course is good for?

    • SharkLazerzzz

      I want to say three years.

  • papasan173

    Requirement: ” has successfully completed an approved firearms safety and training course which involves the actual firing of handguns and instruction in the law governing the carrying of a concealed handgun and the use of deadly force”

    How does one know a course is approved, what qualifications must the instructor have?

    • SharkLazerzzz

      Anyone advertising in NC has to be certified. If they are not it’s a pretty serious crime.

  • Jeremy

    How long are the permits good for?

    • SharkLazerzzz

      Five years/

  • SharkLazerzzz

    USACarry, There have been a couple updates to NC law you may want to change.

    Prohibited places no longer includes parades, funerals, charge admission, etc. You may carry in an establishment that sales/consumes alcohol, only the permit holder may not consume alcohol.

    Deadly force/castle doctrine has been extended to vehicles, places of business, and anywhere you have the right to be. Also, if you feel your life or that of another human being is in danger, serious bodily harm or sexual assault is imminent, deadly force can be used to stop attack.

  • SharkLazerzzz

    Good info. Thanks.

  • Just a person

    I think some of the posters here are trolls trying to make gun owners look stupid.

  • Taylor

    If you move within the same state of your issued concealed carry permit (in my case North Carolina), do you have to notify of your change in address?

    • Helmand Hunter

      You should notify your sheriff of any changes of address. In many states you are required to do this within 2 weeks under penalty of law.

  • SSGpjoneil

    Nice, thank you for providing a credible source on that.

  • richarddbailey

    Does anyone know if a retired police officer from Ohio now living in NC can carry a concealed handgun in NC without aq CCW permit?..

  • Ry

    Anyone know how reciprocity is decided? I find it odd that NC honors every state CCW except Vermont, and Vermont is one of the states that honors NC permits. If it were up to me, I would only honor your state, if your state honored mine. But there is probably more to than just a wink and a nod.

    • Helmand Hunter

      Vermont has requirements for carrying, but currently doesn’t issue permits. Therefore, one cannot honor that which does not exist.

  • Sean Pecker

    This page really needs to be updated, there have been many changes to the law. And yes sc accepts nc ccp permits.

  • Zach

    This may be a silly question, but in NC, if I have a non resident permit through another state, it wont be like where with an NC CHP I can go purchase a pistol without having to get new purchase permits right? Id hate to buy purchase permits when I don’t need them, but odds are that perk only applies to NC CHP.

    • Helmand Hunter

      Any state that requires a pistol purchase permit that also issues carry permits, will usually allow the carry permit to satisfy the requirement in lieu. The only caveat being that the carry permit is issued in the same state you are purchasing the pistol.

  • DB

    I’ve been convicted of “going armed to the terror of the people”, is this a disqualifying offense to getting a concealed carry?

    • Helmand Hunter

      I’d be curious the details of how that happened, and was it a plea?

  • Wade

    Today I applied for my third conceal carry permit. In haste, I answered yes to a substance abuse hospital admittance, It was 16 years ago, I went in hospital to quit drinking and I did, since I have had 3 previous background checks, should I be concerned about this incident 16 years ago?

  • Jeremy

    Needs to be updated since last year you are allowed to have a weapon locked in your car on school property and you are allowed to carry where alcohol is served as long as you are not drinking and you are allowed to carry in state parks, parades and any other gathering.

  • Ron Parks

    this page (as of 1/13/2016) is NOT up to date!

  • dave

    I live in nc and do not have a nc carry permit but am in the process of getting a Virginia non-resident permit. Will it be valid and recognized by nc

  • clifton

    i live in one county but have a vacation house in another county ,and driver license is in the vacation county because i can play golf a lot cheaper, can i get a permit in county where i live.

  • Guest

    If your a CCP holder is it legal to carry if someone in the car is a convicted felon. I’ve asked my sheriffs office and” they don’t know” is what they told me.

  • getyourCCW

    I couldn’t find any document relating to moving to North Carolina in regards to out-of-state permit. I have a Missouri CCW permit. But I moved to North Carolina. I know NC recognizes the permit but what about once I’ve established residency here? I called the Sherrif’s office and they said I can still use my Missouri permit until it expires. Then I’d have to renew it in North Carolina. However i don’t know how they arrive at that and don’t want it to be my word against theirs without some grounds.

  • Tanya Carter

    My question is how to find out if I can find my Gun permit in Fayetteville North Carolina is it still active

  • Debbie

    How can i find out if someone i know has a gun permit and/or a concealed carry permit?

  • Jg

    If I just moved from PA and have my concealed liscense from PA ( still PA resident) can I carry in NC?

  • bobby

    Just read the laws listed above for NC, USA Carry, you need to do an update on where you can and can’t carry in NC. There have been many changes, example, statue 14-51.1 was repealed effective 12/1/2011

  • Robert Clark

    What,or where do I get a notorized affidavit, that I’m still qualified. Do I have to take the class again?


    If I was a business I “WOULD NOT” POST “NO GUNS ALLOWED!! because law abiding citizens will “not” carry but the Felon,thief, etc..WILL so you are making yourself an EASY TARGET FOR THEM..hmmm no guns..great we rob this establishment!!….I want to go in knowing some good guys have my back!