North Dakota Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents and Non-Residents.

Example North Dakota Concealed Weapon License:

North Dakota Concealed Weapon License

North Dakota Concealed Weapon License


Issuing Authority:
North Dakota Office of Attorney General – Apply at your local law enforcement agency.

NICS/Background Check:
Because a National Instant Check System (NICS) background check is completed during the application process, the requirement for a NICS check for each firearm purchase is waived for North Dakota residents with a valid concealed weapon permit. The NICS number is printed on the permit. The weapon dealer may choose to accept the permit as an alternate to a NICS check. They are not required to use it as an alternative.

Permit Valid For:
Concealed weapon permits are valid for a period of five years.

Processing Time:
State law provides that the Sheriff is required to process applications within thirty days. If the applicant lives within a city and that city has a police department, the Chief of Police’s signature is required. The police department must process the application within ten working days of receipt by the agency. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation must process the application and make a determination within thirty days of receipt from the forwarding agency.

Check for $25 made payable to the “North Dakota Office of Attorney General”.

The maximum amount a test administrator may charge for the test is $25. If the applicant does not pass the written test on the first attempt, the test administrator may charge for each subsequent test.

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a permit.
2. Applicants must take a written test from a concealed weapon permit test administrator. Local police departments or sheriff’s offices can provide information on test administrators in your area. The Office of Attorney General website also provides a list of civilian test administrators. The written test is open-book and consists of ten questions. You must get all questions correct.
3. Applications must be signed by the Sheriff of the county in which the applicant resides. If the applicant lives in a city with a police department, the application must also be signed by the Chief of Police.
4. After successful completion of the written test, submit the completed application, two color photos (size 1” x 1¼”) and a check for $25 made payable to the “North Dakota Office of Attorney General” to your local law enforcement agency. The agency will review your application, obtain fingerprints, conduct a local records check, determine your ability to obtain the permit, and forward the information to the BCI.

Required Documents:
1. Completed application
2. Two color photos (size 1” x 1¼”)

Renewal Information:
A renewal notice will be sent to the mailing address we have on file prior to the expiration date. The renewal process may begin 90 days prior to permit expiration and up to 90 days after expiration. If a permit holder fails to begin the renewal process within the 90-day grace period after the expiration date, the individual may not “renew” the permit. They must re-apply by taking the written test, getting fingerprinted, etc. If your permit has expired, do not carry concealed! You must be able to produce a valid concealed weapon permit upon demand at all times while carrying concealed. If your permit has expired, it is not a valid permit.

The process for renewal is very similar to the process for the original application except that fingerprint submission and testing are not required. Contact local law enforcement (or BCI) for an application form, indicate “renewal” and provide your current permit number on your application, obtain signatures of the county Sheriff and the Chief of Police (if you reside in a city with a police department), submit a check for $25 made payable to the “North Dakota Office of Attorney General” and two 1” x 1 ¼” photographs to BCI. Local, state, and national record checks will be conducted.

Change of Name or Address:
Permit holders are required to submit a change of address in writing to the BCI within 30 days after an address change. The request must include name, permit number, old address, and new address. Keeping address information up-to-date is important because renewal notices are sent to the mailing address the BCI has on file.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:
If a permit is lost or destroyed, a replacement may be obtained from BCI. Please send a written request to the BCI indicating the permit holder’s name, address, date of birth, and the reason a replacement is needed. Two 1” x 1 ¼ photographs of the permit holder must also be enclosed.

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
Every person while carrying a concealed firearm or
dangerous weapon for which a license to carry concealed is required, shall have on one’s person the license issued by this or another state and shall give it to any law enforcement officer for an inspection upon demand by the officer. The failure of any person to give the license to the officer is prima facie evidence that the person is illegally carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon concealed.

Automobile carry:
Without a permit, no person may keep or carry a loaded firearm in or on any motor vehicle in this state.

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. Any person who enters or remains in that part of the establishment that is set aside for the retail sale in an establishment engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic beverages or used as a gaming site while in the possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.
2. A person who possesses a firearm at a public gathering is guilty of a class B misdemeanor. For the purpose of this section, “public gathering” includes athletic or sporting events, schools or school functions, churches or church functions, political rallies or functions, musical concerts, and individuals in publicly owned parks where hunting is not allowed by proclamation and publicly owned or operated buildings.

Alcohol and Drugs:

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
North Dakota is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law.

Open Carry:
Prohibited in most public areas; exceptions for target shooting and hunting.

Localities with Varying Laws:

Forms & Links:
North Dakota Office of Attorney General – Concealed Weapon Permits
NRA-ILA: North Dakota Gun Laws

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  • KeeganColton

    This map need update. Nevada does not honor ND permit.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, this has been updated.

      • and your laws need to be up dated. I fixed some of tem in the comments

  • Tgbougie

    The fee is now $45 and the AG will no longer accept checks, onlly certified or money orders….

    • BubbaJoe

      The trick used now is for ND residents to get a Utah non-resident permit in addition to the ND permit. This adds MN.

    • steves

      The ND application fee is actually $60 now, and in addition, the test administrator can charge up to $50 (plus applicable range fees) for testing.

      • bruce

        Minnesota does not have reciprocity with any state that borders it.

  • MN-holder

    will be tavelling through ND with a MN resident permit only. can i have firearm in vehicle or is “Automobile carry: Without a permit, no person may keep or carry a loaded firearm in or on any motor vehicle in this state.” only for ND permit.??

    • DVNelson

      You can not carry concealed in your vehicle without a permit. The gun must be unloaded and ammo separate from the gun. The gun must not be accessible to the driver.

    • Jamie Boo

      Consider getting the New Hampshire CCW permit. One page application, photocopy of your MN CCW and $100. This will let you carry/keep in vehicle in ND. (along with GA, PA, and NH)

      • Former ND Holder

        The reason ND will not honor a MN permit is because MN refuses to recognize ND. Because of this ND cancelled the ND permits that were held by MN residents. Blame MN for being to stubborn to recognize a neighboring state.

        • joe shmoe

          That is true but don’t blame MN. MN doesn’t recognize ND because ND has lose requirements to get CC and MN believes ND should have people be more educated first.

          • Jesse Wilson

            I just took the mn CCP class and they said no matter what permit you get a mn resident cannot carry on nd

          • David

            Information on this website indicates a MN resident can obtain a Utah nonresident CCP and that ND will honor that permit. This seems logical because its unlikely ND Law would single out MN residents for exclusion. Please support your stated assertion.

    • ND Holder

      As of today ND Class 1 License and MN licenses have reciprocity.

  • Prosercunus

    I live in a border town between ND and MN (I live in MN). Most of my business is done in ND, and seeing all the states ND covers I am better off getting a ND permit over a MN one.

    MN and ND seriously need to honor each other. The states are so close economically and culturally anyway.

    • it boils down to a fish and game dispute between ND and MN, hence them not honoring each other’s permits.

    • Ken Gaffrey

      ND tried a couple of years ago with the Class 1. ND AG went to MN and asked what they wanted in a permit. The ND AG put it together, got it approved by the legislature & governor. He went back to MN to get the recognition and MN said “NO”. SO, if MN would get with the program its not too hard!!

    • Jamie Boo

      Get the Minnesota CCW, and then consider getting the New Hampshire CCW permit. One page application, photocopy of your MN CCW and $100. I got mine in 23 days.
      The NH permit adds ND, GA, PA, and NH.

  • Will be visiting ND next week. The language around “drinking establishments” has me a bit confused. If I’m in a restaurant that also happens to sell alcohol, is that off-limits for me, or does it have to be a bar? Coming from Idaho we can carry nearly anywhere and anytime, these various restrictions are confusing to me.

    • IF the restaraunt has a separate area for the bar and “sitting restaraunt” customers, It is fine to carry as long as you sit only in the “restaraunt side.” If this restaraunt has open seating but no discernable separation between the restaraunt side and a sit down bar counter, but still serves alcohol, then it is off limits to carry, well at least that’s my interpretation of the state law.

    • HaywardDwacker

      North Dakota has some screwy laws. The firearms in a vehicle laws are really goofy. The law actually changes every day at sunup and again at sundown, and it’s still screwy in either case. If you’re driving under one condition and the sun is getting low, you better pull over a few minutes ahead of time and comply. No one complains, so it never gets fixed.

  • taz-minot nd

    this is faulse you need to take a class now witch cost 50 dollars pluse 25 for finger prints and pics

  • Ken Gaffrey

    I am a certified instructor for ND Class 1&2, how do I get my info added in the instructor section? Also, some of the information needs updating. Instructors can charge up to $50, and provide fingerprints and pictures (at a reasonable fee). The Attorney General requires a $45 money order or certified funds. Photos have to now be 2″X2″ with applicants name on the back. Applications are available from local LEO or civilian instructor. Thanks!

  • This is wrong here. you dont need to tell the Leo that you are carring. You must show them your license upon request of it if not then they thake it as guilt for not having it. you do not need to Inform a Leo!

    Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
    Every person while carrying a concealed firearm or
    dangerous weapon for which a license to carry concealed is required, shall have on one’s person the license issued by this or another state and shall give it to any law enforcement officer for an inspection upon demand by the officer. The failure of any person to give the license to the officer is prima facie evidence that the person is illegally carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon concealed.

  • Again you can if you have a ccw. i love this web page but they need to getr there laws right.

    62.1-02-10. Carrying loaded firearm in vehicle – Penalty – Exceptions.

    No person may keep or carry a loaded firearm in or on any motor vehicle in this state. Any

    person violating this section is guilty of a class B misdemeanor. This prohibition does not apply


    1. A member of the armed forces of the United States or national guard, organized

    reserves, state defense forces, or state guard organizations while possessing the

    firearm issued to the member by the organization and while on official duty.

    2. A law enforcement officer, except while the officer is engaged in hunting or trapping

    activities with a rifle or shotgun.

    Page No. 4Automobile carry:
    Without a permit, no person may keep or carry a loaded firearm in or on any motor vehicle in this state.

  • Actually you guys might want to update the info on here. It’s now $45 dollars for the permit and its valid for 5 years.

  • Merv

    Is it possible to get a north Dakota non resident ccw permit without actually going to ND? I have safety training that other stats would accept, and all the permits short of ccw that are available in new jersey.

  • They need to update this.. permit is now valid for 5 years.

  • also the above REQ’s are for a class 2 CCW not a class 1 CCW, the differences is :Reciprocity! The licenses are equally valid within North Dakota, but because of the additional testing requirements, the holders of a Class 1 license have reciprocity in many more states than those who have a Class 2 license. The application and testing fees are the same for both licenses.

    • HaywardDwacker

      The problem is if you have ever had any kind of alcohol violation, even one from 30 years ago like a minor in possession, and you plead guilty, you CANNOT get the class 1 license. It’s kind of stupid.

      • I agree and the reason is because some states that do not have multiple class of ccw do not allow alcohol related issues to carry concealed. ND feeling this (as other states seem to feel) should not be a reason not to carry ccw so they made 2 classes of ccw so that those with an alcohol infraction can still carry ccw in this state with reciprocity of the other states that has laws to allow it.

        I feel that ND holds no restrictions against ccw when it involves alcohol related issues and that the only restriction is in agreements to allow a ND ccw to be vailid in the states that do and so they made the 2 classes.

        ND does NOT have to do this but if they did not then the ccw’s carried by those that do not have an alcohol infraction would then not be allowed to carry in them states.

        It may not seem right but ND can only control what ND does and has to work in compliance of other states when it comes to their laws and working deals with them.

        This is actually a lesser evil as a firm believer in states rights each state has the right to have it’s own laws and it is up to the local citizens to vote and approve them laws. The laws seem unconstitutional and they are in the aspect of the right to possess and bear. But so is it also unconstitutional to say a felon (violent or not) can not possess and bear arms or vote. To make laws that punish felons after release from incarceration and paying their dues and trying to turn over a new leaf (some actually do and are NOT career criminals). By not allowing them to protect themselves or even have a vote is absurd and wrong. At the very least they should be allowed to vote and have a say in how this country is ran. I am NOT a felon but I do know many that did stupid stuff when younger and are now some of the best people in the community where they live and they must pay taxes as US citizens working here but they have no say in anything else this country does by vote and that is an abomination.

        Myself I do have a DUI 1st offense misdemeanor civil offense (not criminal in the state I got it in, Wisconsin) and so can NOT have a class 1 ccw.

  • trisha

    So if u have a concealed weapons permit u can carry ur gun loaded in or out of car.

  • ND CCW holder

    ND permits are valid for 5 years currently and the required fee is $45. Please update accordingly.

  • catravirca

    Im confused…ms honors the nd permit but is that reciprical? Is my ms permit honored in nd?

  • I live right on the MT/ND border (Scobey) and have a current MT. CCW. I want to know if I can go to Scenic sports in Williston and buy a handgun without having to have it shipped to a “dealer” in MT.

    • Williston

      Probably not. I live in Williston and and have a ND CCW, I bought a gun in Billings a couple years ago and had to have it shipped to Scenic.

  • TRusch

    What has everyone been seeing as far as how long it has been taking to receive their Permit in the mail after sucessful completion of the class and testing?

  • Kevin/ND

    How long to receive permit? It’s been over 4 months

  • Deathmagnet1

    I finally received my class 2 CCP. It took 4 month’s and some letter writting to the ND A.G. to get it. As of August 1st 2013 the laws have changed. The cost now is 60 dollars and that does not include fingerprints, photo’s and the test. An 8 hour course has been added for class 2 and 24 hour for class 1 (i think). So many people have woken to the dangers of infringement of our protected 2nd amendment that ND state decided to infringe a little more. Thankfully i entered all my info in April of 2013 and the new law did not apply to me. Good luck!

  • Shannon

    What do I need to do to transfer my concealed from wy to nd

  • guest

    How long do you have to live in north Dakota to establish residency? Also, they say an 18 year old can own a handgun, does that require a permit ? I’m 19 and moving out there from Minnesota for work.

    • dannyo66

      I believe it’s 60 days to establish residency in North Dakota. No permit required to own, just to carry concealed.

  • ghostsquadgh

    So I am thinking of moving to North Dakota. I currently live in Washington State. I have a concealed carry permit for Washington which has reciprocity with North Dakota, so my question is do I have to get a resident CCP for North Dakota or will my Washington CCP be good enough? Also, if I do have to get another CCP how long will I have to wait to become a resident of North Dakota? Also during the waiting period will my Washington CCP still be valid & allow me to carry concealed in North Dakota? I really need help with this & would appreciate any I can get on the matter..

  • John D

    Does anyone know how to appeal a ccw permit denial without a lawyer?

  • Adam

    It’s $60 for 5 year permit now.

  • traveller

    They have done away with the sheriff or chief of police sign-off. It may still happen on the back-end during the permit process, but the applicant doesn’t have to get the signature. It is all done between the instructor and BCI.

  • Dave Berg

    I’m a Minnesota resident with a valid permit. I also have a valid permit for Florida, to obtain reciprocity in other states. Does North Dakota honor my Florida permit even though I’m not a resident of Florida? There has been much confusion on this by many Minnesota permit holders who also have a Florida permit. Can anyone give a definite thumbs up or down on this?

    • ThinkLonger

      This is a very good question. It makes no sense to me. Why would ND not allow a MN resident to get an ND permit, if they allow other states to carry in ND? It’s like saying people with blue eyes cannot carry in ND. Why would it matter where you live, if you can demonstrate the skills and pass the requirements necessary for ND?

      • jack

        MN is at fault for that, because it refuses to acknowledge ND permits so ND canceled all MN permits holders. ND used to allow MN permits so blame MN for that.

    • David

      Sorry I’m late. I’m a Florida resident with ties to the Upper Midwest. My FL resident CCW license is invalid in MN and WI, but I’m allowed to carry in ND. I have Utah nonresident CCW license, which allows me to carry in MN & WI. My point is your nonresident FL CCW license is accepted in ND. It doesn’t matter that you happen to live in MN, which you should rectify as soon as possible.

  • Will

    I hate the fact that you guys called them a “dangerous weapon”. They will be behind a stupid ass idiot that is just wanting to kill someone. My carry and conceal license is the second amendment. 🙂 Have a great day!

  • MN-ND carry

    Is it correct that a ND resident can get a MN permit and carry in MN?. I know as a MN resident I cannot get a ND permit to carry? I’m wondering why it only works one way.

    • David

      Both MN & ND are shall issue to resident and nonresident states. So a MN resident can obtain a ND nonresident CCW license for use in ND and a ND resident can obtain a MN nonresident CCW license for use in MN. Thats a pain, I know, but at least its the same process for residents of either state.

  • Rational74

    If you are a resident of ND, must you have a concealed permit with the state of ND, or can you just use another states concealed permit?

  • Jandbinc

    Nevada now recognizes class 1 North Dakota I believe, is this true. Does ND recognize NV ccw?

  • Jess

    I am a resident but not a citizen can I still get a license

  • Beth

    The information is outdated for ND Permit to Carry. Please update.

  • slriverdogs3

    I am a non resident to ND. How does one go about getting a CCP for ND being in my position?? Thank you !!