Oklahoma Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents Only

Example Permit:

Oklahoma Concealed Firearm Permit

Issuing Authority:
Sheriff’s Office in the county where you reside.

Out Of State Permit Issue:

NICS check:


Permit Valid For:
There is a 5 year option or 10 year option.

Permit Issued Timeline:
When applications have been processed, applicants will be notified of the results by mail. After approval of the application, the license must be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office in the county where the applicant resides. Please allow 90 days for processing thr complete application.

New Applicant – 5 Year – $100
New Applicant – 10 Year – $200
Renewal Applicant – 5 Year – $85
Renewal Applicant – 10 Year – $170
Expired Renewal Applicant (expired less than 3 years) – 5 Year – $85
Expired Renewal Applicant (expired less than 3 years) – 10 Year – $170
Expired Renewal Applicant (expired more than 3 years) – 5 Year – $100
Expired Renewal Applicant (expired more than 3 years) – 10 Year – $200

*Acceptable forms of payment include Money Orders, Cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

1. A citizen of the United States;
2. Establish a residency in the State of Oklahoma;
*For purposes of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, the term “residency” shall apply to any person who either possesses a valid Oklahoma driver license or state photo identification card and physically resides in this state or has permanent military orders within this state and possesses a valid driver license from another state where such person claims residency
3. be at least 21 years of age;
4. Request or print an application;
5. Read and become knowledgeable of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act;
6. Complete the required firearms safety and training class or apply for and receive an exemption;
7. Take the completed application, photographs, required fees, and the blank finger print cards found in the application packet to the Sheriff’s Office in the county where he or she resides.

Required Documents:
1. GENERAL APPLICANTS– the original certificate received from the certified firearms instructor upon completion of the required safety and training course must be included with your application;
2. FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR APPLICANTS– a copy of your certificate is acceptable;
3. APPLICANTS RECEIVING A TRAINING EXEMPTION– you must include the original exemption certificate;
4. Complete the application form
5. Two (2) color, passport style photographs

Renewal Information:
1. A license may be renewed at any time within 90 days prior to the expiration date (21 O. S., Section 1290.5);
2. The Bureau will send each current license holder an expiration notice and a mail-in form for requesting a renewal application;

1. obtain a renewal form from the OSBI before the license has expired;*
2. complete the form;
3. attach two current color, passport style photographs to the form;
4. mail the renewal application and attachments to OSBI, Self-Defense Act Licensing Unit, 6600 North Harvey, Oklahoma City, OK 73116.
5. allow 90 days for processing of the application; incomplete applications cannot be processed.

*There is a 30-day grace period on license renewals beginning on the date of expiration, after which the license is considered expired and the applicant may no longer legally carry his weapon. However, any applicant shall have three (3) years from the expiration of the license to comply with the renewal requirements of this section before the applicant is again considered an Initial Applicant.

Change of Address:

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:
A licensee must inform a police officer that the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun when the licensee first comes into contact with any law enforcement officer during the course of any arrest, detention or routine traffic stop.

Automobile carry:
Unloaded firearms may be carried in the passenger compartment; magazine loaded rifles and shotguns may be transported in an exterior compartment or trunk.

Places off-limits when carrying:
1. government building;
2. meeting of any elected or appointed government officials;
3. prison or detention center; elementary, secondary, or
4. vocational-technical school property; sports arena during
5. a professional sporting event; any place where pari-mutuel
6. wagering is authorized; college or university property and
7. any other place specifically prohibited by law.

Except for any elementary, secondary, or vocational-technical school property, these prohibitions do not apply to parking lots.

Alcohol and Drugs:
It is unlawful for any person other than the owner, proprietor, or a peace officer to possess a firearm in any establishment where alcoholic beverages are consumed. A person with a valid CCL may carry a firearm onto premises where alcohol is sold, provided that the sale of alcohol is not the primary business.

It is unlawful to carry or use firearms while under the influence of alcohol, any unprescribed drug, or any prescribed drug that could cause abnormal behavior.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Oklahoma is a Castle Doctrine state and does have a stand-your-ground law.


Open Carry:
For information on Oklahoma Open Carry visit our Oklahoma Open Carry Information page.

Localities with Varying Laws:
For additional information please contact your local county Sheriff’s office.

Forms & Links:
Oklahoma State Bureau Of Investigation: Conceal Carry Permits
NRA-ILA: Oklahoma Gun Laws

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  • Jc

    The “Automobile Carry” section needs to be revised to state that those who whole a concealed carry license ARE allowed to carry a loaded handgun within an automobile.  I looked this up in the Oklahoma law.  This is also indicated in the NRA-ILA Firearms laws for Oklahoma document (as of August 2010)…the second complete sentence at the top of the second page of the pdf.

    • I thought that was wrong,.. Thanks for the re-confirmation on that issue..

  • Stanley Turner

    Thanks JC

  • amber

    permits should only have to be like 25 $ considering some people are poor and cant afford more than that specially when they need to be able to protect their kids and family u never know what people will do it should only be right that the price should be reasonable for some like me and other mothers and wives

    • SomeRandomCop

       Not gonna lie here… The permits are fairly expensive ($100/new, $85/renewal, $50/mandatory training class).

      However, you don’t need a permit to have the weapon in your own house, however, having kids makes it difficult, as you do need to keep the firearm secured and unloaded so they can’t accidentally get a hold of it.

    • daniel

      If your truly trying to protect your family and can’t afford the permit protect them anyway.and chances are if your that poor, use that income tax money

    • Michael Hart

      There are costs involved in the finger printing and background checks. Why should non carrying citizens have to fit the bill for all of that for you to carry?

  • Topbray1

    If the Law is clear on carrying tht fire arm, why do some officer take individuals fie arms who have followed the proper steps?

    • SomeRandomCop

      LEOs may temporarily take and clear your firearm simply as a personal safety measure.

  • can anyone tell me if there are exemptions for military personnel, i’m currently deployed to afghanistan with the Oklahoma National Guard but will be home in the spring and would like to get my concealed carry

    • FASTFirearms

      Hi Coleman, Yes there is an exemption for the military depending on your job classification, when you return to the States you can go to the OK state web site and get a list of instructors, the instructor will fill out your paperwork for you.

        Thank you for your service and good luck.

    • Dave

      Yes, I did mine before I left, just returned and picked it up at the police station.

  • KC Dhray

    Can any one tell me am i permitted to carry a loaded revalver if i get my CCL

    • Gmackfo

      If you take your class to receive your permit with a semi auto pistol, you may carry a revolver, semi automatic or a derringer. If you don’t, then you may only carry what you Qualifyed with.

  • Berny32

    It saved my life.

  • ChristianSooner4Life

    I Live In OK and am unsure if I meet the Mental Health requirements I had 5 surgeries by the time I was 20 including an Broken back. I have never been in trouble with the law in any way except a speeding ticket but did have depression after my back surgery. I just want to be sure how I can make sure I will pass the background check because I am 28 now. I am no danger to myself or anyone My family has MANY guns that I shoot at target range including multiple handguns and Assault Rifles. I just do not want my past to get me denied for life!! How can I make sure I am in he clear before I apply. I know I am probably just worrying and there is only a slight chance but I want to be sure. whats my best coarse of action. I know many will say you have nothing to worry about I just want to make sure! 

    • GeeZee

      You’ll be fine since you havent been involuntary committed or diagnosed with a mental illness that is disabling like autism, down syndrome or schizophrenia. Or I assume you haven’t been diagnosed with something substantial. Just for the record a military style semi automatic sporting rifle is Not an assault rifle.

  • ChristianSooner4Life

    I would also Like to mention that they put my on some medication after my back surgery that I had a Very BAD reaction to and it made me crazy and I dint know where I was or what I was doing and because of that I did threaten to take my life but the medication is very well documented as sometimes causing these types of side effects but this knowledge was not made Public as a high risk until a few years later. my Father is a doctor and he volunteers for multiple Fire,EMS and even Duncan, OK Police tactical squad as the medical director. I am no danger to anyone and all these crazy people that shoot up schools and Public Figures and cause problems to the public in general are Just that CRAZY and should never be anywhere near a gun!! I understand this is  why there is a need for these stronger Mental background checks. I just want to make sure I am not going to get denied for Life because  of Breaking my back and having crazy unfortunate and unforeseeable  problems afterwards. Is there anything I can do before I apply like, Getting My mental health medical records records without raising any red flags or talking to a lawyer even though I am no criminal by any means. I  just to make sure that I am in the clear and be sure 100%!! I am probably just worrying too much over nothing!! Please if you have any answers or suggestions Please let me know so I can take the right steps. 

    Thanks So Much and God Bless!  

    • Danny

      Most of the questions on the application ask: “Have you ….in the last ten years”. The questions about felonies, I believe, word the questions in a different manner. You can pull up the application online. Pay close attention to the way the questions are worded.

  • Sparky2me

    Better update the open carry section. Effective Nov. 1st we have open carry!

  • Gandyman144

    i am in the process of selling my handgun. how do i get it out of my name since it is registered to me.. or do i just need a bill of sale.  thanks.

  • SoonerInKY

    I am from Oklahoma, but live in Kentucky and have a KY CCW. When I eventually get back to Oklahoma, do I have to start all over?

  • cowboynick22

    do you have to have a concealed carry to bear arms with the amendment to bear arms

  • If a person has a misdemeanor drug possession conviction from way back in 1980, would he be prevented from being able to get a CCL?

    Oklahoma preclusions suggest that even just an arrest where there is no conviction will prevent one from obtaining a CCL!
    Is there any truth to that?

  • Jim

    They should remove the line saying 45-90 day. It has been over 100 days and still no permit.

    • My bride just received hers today…150 days…

    • Back when I got mine it took over 3 months. I had never received a letter letting me know it was at the sheriffs office. I went down there just to check and it had been there for a month. Just drop by and see

      • fred

        Mine came in the mailyesterday didnt go thru sheriff office

        • james

          who did you go through and how’d that happen?

  • Devon

    I’m in the same boat that you are in Jim and it stinks!

  • kds

    OK Countie took 60 days, I must be the exception. Glad to have it!

  • I am a former Vietnam Vet. My ubderstanding of the current law is that I can be exemted from all but the written test if I have a honorable discharge, DD214, and have had some kind of training in handguns. A DD214 does not reveal training, the 201 file ( Official Military Personel File) In addition does. on my DD214 it shows that I was Airforce Poiceman for four years and that I earned a Small Arms Expert Ribbon and Medal with a pistol. I also did a tour in Vietnam. Yet some of the instructors will not issue a permit based on that information. I also puulled out of my record the Autorization and dare I qualfied for it. I have gotten in touch with the OSBI and they repiled that the instructor is right he makes the call.
    I called my State Representatives and they are working on it for me. Thy are getting in touch with CLEET… My feeling is that on the exepmtion sections, especially cocerning miltary personel, the OSBI should make the call. A lot of Instructors are not the same. One will issue, another will. Either thw law should be amended, or the military experience should be honored. Many Instructors do not understand the way the military works. I doubt very seriously if someone would just be handed a weapon and then be a police man in the Military. I think those of us who have been in actual conflicts or trained by the Military have earned the right. To me it seems they just want the State just wants the extra revenue..

    • mikeirish

      The classes are not marksman classes…. You will d 8 hours. Only a small portion of it is range. The rest is mostly on the laws, the do and don’t…..

  • RJ

    I took the concealed carry class back in 1995 but never applied for my concealed weapons permit. Do I have to take the class again or just provide the documents from back then to get my permit?

    • chasbmy

      My instructor said that the training certificate was good for a year. However, the deputy in Oklahoma who processed my wife and I for our permits said she thought they were good indefinitely. I’d suggest you call your County Sheriff’s Dept and ask them.

      • Bob

        I carried my certificate for 4 years before I turned in my documentation.

    • Brandon

      The certificate never expires. I went 4 years before I filed mine.

      • Stan Robertson

        Not so. The certificate is good for 3 years in OK

  • Paul

    Got my renewal just 65 days

  • Wayne

    I seem to be uncertain what the term means: Res Permits Only. Can anyone help me? I have a CCW from Oklahoma. What does the term Res Permits Only mean for the State of Colorado?

    • Darylbb63

      Colorado will only issue to an established resident, six months in state to qualify for that. This state used to be less of a pain but too many California rejects here now making this state lean left. Big cities making rules for rural residents that don’t do drive by shootings.

      • Wayne

        I would assume that the Oklahoma CCW will not work while I’m in Colorado?

    • “Resident Permit” States ONLY recognize their own permits – NO OTHER STATE.

      • Wayne

        Thanks for the info.

    • james

      It means only there permit from that state is ok to carry

    • Greg Sullivan

      Wanted to correct something here..

      “Resident only” means that the Permit from the states listed can only be residents of those states.

      Take FL for instance. They issue Resident and Non Resident FL Permits. (Someone not a permanent resident of the state can be issued a permit). CO will only allow those with Resident Permits, not the non resident ones.

      • I read your first comment, then face-palmed. I’ll be honest and say that it was a little confusing, but I’m glad you set the record straight.

  • Paul

    They should recgnize a valid DD214 that has infomation about being an ex Military Policeman, qualifying as a Small Arms Expert in a hand gun, and the paperwork showing the qualifying date. and honoring the Exemption in 1290.15 A (6).

    • mikeirish

      It is not about you knowing how to shoot .. It is about the laws and when and when not to use deadly force… The rules are different then military for rules of engagement.

  • SteelKilroy

    I am a 43yr old disabled Oklahoma resident with NO record besides speeding tickets many years ago. I do, however, receive (2) schedule II prescriptions (& 3 non-schedule Rx’s) monthly. Can anyone tell me if I would be denied a CCL “solely” because of the “schedule” Rx’s I receive? Again, I have no prior record…….Thank you.



    • JoeUSooner

      Oklahoma honors ALL carry permits issued anywhere in the 50 states (although, not from US Territories, such as Puerto Rico or Guam).

  • OkieBob

    There is a big error here. The permit is issued by OSBI not the local Sheriff. What makes this a big error is because it is issued by a state agency it takes much longer than if it was all done local. The license now looks different from the picture, and if approved, OSBI will mail the license to the applicant. You must have your finger prints taken by the sheriff and the card must be sent to OSBI along with the application.

  • cutemomof3

    Can anyone tell me what the time line is from the time you get your class certificate to the time you have to turn in your permit in the State of Oklahoma? I thought it was 6 months but I can’t find ANYTHING! HELP PLEASE!

    • mikeirish

      90 to 120 days.. Could be less.

  • Darrell McDevitt

    I have a CCW from Wyoming but Oklahoma still refuses to Honor Full Pardons granted for crimes listed as violent. I have a Full Pardon from Idaho but Oklahoma refuses to honor that pardon and refuses me a CCW permit. Darrell McDevitt

  • busymom

    I have taken the class and have my certificate but haven’t gotten my permit yet, how long is the certificate from the class good?

    • Stan Robertson

      3 years

  • Ezico

    The permits not honored doesn’t mean u cannot get one there it just means you have to live there and give a good reason why you need one. In my experience going through Colorado, they excepted my CCW ad said nothing of the sort so am not for sure if everything is correct or up to date look at the OSBI website for conformation, cause I went through there in October of 2013 and had no problem.

  • Seltzman

    I recently moved to OK. I have a concealment permit from the state I am from. I just got my OK driver’s license and now would like to get my OK permit. Do I still need to take the OK training course or can I just fill out the application and send a copy of my current permit?

  • dustdevils

    Why does Oklahoma honor state permits that do not honor theirs?

  • Oklahoma Instructor

    New updates to be current on Oklahoma CCW/Open Carry contact a Oklahoma SDA Instructor listed at osbi/gov

  • Oklahoma Instructor

    Contact a Oklahoma certified SDA Instructor at osbi/gov for current info .Oklahoma osbi/gov is not correct current information neither is usacarry !
    On Oklahoma’s official website osbi/gov. go to certified instructors list and contact a listed instructor in your area for updated current information concerning Oklahoma Gun Licenses

  • LARRY M.

    I have a CCW permit from MICHIGAN . Can I legally CCW in OAKLAHOMA ???

  • question of the day

    Me and my wife had a 4th of july party and her family got way too drunk and my mom ended up beat up and I got jumped from behind trying to find out what was going on. I fired a warning shot at the ground in a safe direction away from every one. The sheriff went into my house without concent and took my pistol and went through my wallet and took my carry permit too and I still haven’t heard anything from them or received my pistol and permit. Iv tried calling them and whoever els. Iv went to several different places and they keep saying its pending. I dont understand what the hell is going on

  • Mike Darnell

    I just moved here from North Dakota where i have a concealed permit. I changed my Drivers License to Oklahoma is my concealed permit still good in OK even though I don’t have a DL from ND?

  • Josh

    If active duty military do I still need to be 21 to get license?

  • josh

    4/12/2012 I was wrongfully charged with possession of marijuana in valley brook, Oklahoma. All because they pulled me over for out of date tag and thinking I was drunk. I did the field sobriety test and passed. They ended up telling I have to go to jail for my TAG and car gets impounded. I’ll be honest after that I was not nice or polite. My girlfriend came down to bond me out. She asked what was I charged with. They told her possession and out of date tag. The station is so small I heard them. I became furious and told them they was full of it. They told me if I wanted to fight it. They would call OKCPD to pick me up. They said the misdemeanor tag charge would change to a felony for failure to pay state taxes. So it came down to going to the county jail for the weekend because it was Friday or paying $400 right then and going home. I wanted to go home!! I ended up having to do 6 months probation. They put my mom on 6 months probation for floating a stop sign!! Long story short I was denied for my cc for this encounter. I was wrongfully charged because I DO NOT SMOKE IT. Is there any luck if I appealed my denial and what is the best way of going about it.

  • Donnie Scott

    I was denied my SDA license just the other day due to having a misdemeanor possession charge from 1995, I have not been in trouble since. I will apply again after November 1st when it doesnt matter since my charge is so old. Will I have to take the course again?

  • Courtney

    My husband and I are buying a gas station and I’m a us resident but he is not if I want to have the gun there for the event of a situation like being robbed or something for him to use as self defense dose he need a carry concealed or would I be able to have it there without him having one.

    • Danny

      If you will read the Oklahoma statues, it says that an owner or an employee ( if given permission from owner) may have a gun in their possession while on duty.

  • Davidva

    Have ccw from va would it be good in sc

  • Ashley

    I’m a 21 year old female who was denied my right to
    carry, due to the fact I didn’t disclose I was convicted of perjury when I 16 years old. I was unaware I had to put the perjury charge on my application, as I thought I was a minor and I was not intentionally trying to mislead on the application.

  • kelsey

    how long do you have after taking the class to get your actual cc license? do you have to take the class again if you go over that period or just pay extra?

  • jimbo_kirko

    It is 100% LEGAL ( as long as the owner has a C&C license) to have a weapon on you or in your car now on public school parking lots. The Governor signed that into law as of November 1, 2015.

  • Robert Whitchard

    I have Asperger’s syndrome, a very high functioning form of autism, and I recently passed my conceal carry class on the 1st of April, but I’m afraid of them rejecting me from having a permit because of my Autism.

  • Patricia Rice

    I took a concealed weapons course can I get license in Oklahoma with complete course. I now live in OKLAHOMA.