Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents and Non-Residents

Example Permit:

Issuing Authority:
Sheriff of the county in which you reside or if a resident of a city of the first class, with the chief of police of that city.

Out Of State Permit Issue:
Yes, Individuals who are 21 years of age or older and are NOT Pennsylvania residents may apply for a license by submitting a completed Application for a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms to any Pennsylvania County Sheriff’s office along with the required fee. A Pennsylvania license cannot be issued to a resident of another state who does not possess a current license or permit or similar document to carry a firearm issued by their home state if a license is provided for by the laws of that state, as published annually in the Federal Register by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the Department of the Treasury.

NICS check:

$19 depending on county. Contact your county sheriff for more information.

1. 21 Years Of Age
2. Completed Application for a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms

Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

Automobile carry:
A License to Carry Firearms is issued to carry a firearm concealed on one’s person or in a vehicle within this Commonwealth.

A handgun being transported in a vehicle without a license to carry must be unloaded and must be carried under one of the exceptions listed above under ‘Carry.’ Rifles and shotguns may be transported in a vehicle as long as they are unloaded.

While transporting a firearm without a license, it is up to the person carrying the firearm to demonstrate that one of the exceptions applies. A law enforcement officer may demand such evidence.

Places off-limits when carrying:
Prohibited area include k-12 Schools, Court Houses, and Casinos.

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
Pennsylvania is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law.


Open Carry:
In Pennsylvania, persons 18 years of age and older whom are not prohibited by law from owning firearms may openly carry a handgun in plain sight with no license except in vehicles, cities of the first class (Philadelphia) and where prohibited specifically by statute.

Localities with Varying Laws:
Contact your local county.

Forms & Links:
Pennsylvania State Police
NRA / ILA Firearms Laws for Pennsylvania

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  • Cgriep

    How do I get a permit form to send in for the out of state permit.

    • Soberbyker

      As of May, 2011, you need to apply in person for the PA LTCF

  • Tymeer Hawkins

    I am a college student doing a project on gun laws in PA and was confused about a certain issue. Is there a law that states that you cannot carry your firearm without a holster?

    • Dsyers

      I’m not aware of any PA Law that requires a Concealed Carry Permit Holder to only carry a holstered firearm. However, why would anyone want to carry a loaded firearm without a holster? For personal safety alone it’s a very positive reason but also for the safety of others! It’s just not a good idea to carry an un-holstered firearm.

      • Wizzardly

        The idiots who carry without a holster (aka “Mexican carry”) seldom have good ideas.

    • 123

      carrying an unholstered firearm is a huge red flag. in a holster the police cant even ask you for id when you open carry. if its in your hands you will be looking at the business end of the police gun

    • peachie

      you can carry it in your purse, it doesn’t have to be holstered, it can be in the car door un-holstered, it can be in your back pocket un-holstered, it doesn’t mean it has to be in your HAND!!!…… I carry a .380 semi auto.. in my purse or back pocket UN-HOLSTERED… with my permit, and some of my best friends are staties!.

      • Jeff

        Wow. So you dont use any pocket style holster at all? Thats dangerous. If the trigger is exposed a accident will likely happen with time. Hope your not in pa.

        • Kevin

          Jeff, not dangerous at all, at least in a back pocket. Do you have any idea how long and heavy the trigger pull is on most .380’s? It would take a LOT of effort for an ND in a back pocket. Hell, even in an EMPTY front pocket it’s not an issue. Stick something else in there with it and that’s another story. Then and only then are you asking for trouble

      • Jeff

        Wow. So you dont use any pocket style holster at all? Thats dangerous. If the trigger is exposed a accident will likely happen with time. Hope your not in pa.

  • Roccorpcna
    • Guest

      That would be nice unless you’re an Illinois resident, then you get to plead your case with the criminal(s) because only they can (illegally) carry guns in Illinois… otherwise, take an out-of-state resident with you or a carrying, out-of-state resident, Good Samaritan nearby.

      Too bad it says nothing about *carrying* and only includes possession by out-of-state residents without an Illinois FOID.

  • Taspikehammer

    As of May 2011 for the PA Non Resident Concealed Carry Permit YOU MUST now GO IN PERSON to Centre Co. Sheriffs Office to pick up your permit. Other than that it’s the same process done by mail.

    • Gray Ryder

      That is correct. The State Legislation was not getting their cut of the pie from the non- resident mail-in fees going to Centre County.  So they, with the support and enticment of all of other counties,  wrote off the money maker for Centre County. This particular stupid idot legislation is going to be a loss of non=resident applicant fees from all of the states that are not in a day’s drive of a Pennsylvania state line bordering  counties. So why go for a long distance drive when you can still get a CCW from Florida and Arizona. However, if HR 822 should ever pass and become law and the states accept the provisions, thereof, a non-resident issued CCW will no longer be honored by any state having a  CCW  for their residents.

      Gray Ryder

    • 123

      you have to go in person in most counties. they take your picture on the spot

  • Lossy

    Castle doctrine was passed..

  • Gray Ryder of Illinois

    Has the Non Resident issue requirements been change yet ?

  • Scully9881

    how do i get the actual permit application for PA

  • Will

    how had is it to get a FLL license?

  • Anonymous

    I am so confused to where one can carry a firearm when having a paccw. I thought that in 2011 it was passed into law that with a ccw from any state, you can travel to any state and carry a firearm as long as you are a licensed ccw.  But when I go to look up info on this it still shows the same states as before as the as one’s who honor pa ccw. I would have thought by know when searching this info these sites would have been updated. Or am I wrong about all this authorization grated to carry in all of the U.S. States. Could someone point me in the right direction so that I can read it for myself and make a copy. Thank you very much.

    • Soberbyker

      That “law” had only passed the U.S. House of Representatives, it was then passed on to the U.S. Senate, which has yet to even look at it as far as I know.

      • you had better hope the repubs take over the senate for this to pass.

        • Tina Kadelski


  • Cocky101

    I have a conceal carry permit in pa can i open carry in ohio without any licence/permit?

    • Jayt50

      No.  PA’s license does not work in OH.  You can probably get an Ohio license pretty easy.  I just got my OH permit and am working on my PA.  That will give me a total of 36 states that I can legally carry in.  You may want to do the same.   

      • Jason C

        If you apply for licences in Florida, Texas and Arizona and a Pennsylvania resident license that will give you a total of 40 states you can legally carry.

    • USARMYguy

       I am a resident of Ohio and have a CCW in Ohio, in addition I have a non-res P.A. permit.  Unfortunately if you are a P.A. resident there is no way to get a permit directly from Ohio; which you need to carry a firearm regardless of open or concealed.  However you can obtain a F.L. non-res permit that will give you the credentials you need for Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know when the senate is going to vote on HR822?

  • Benhwa

    Are there any PA counties that you do NOT have to appear in person and just do it via mail? Centre county does not do it anymore

    • Soberbyker

      No, as of the changes back in May, they may be able to mail it to you after the research is done but you need to appear in person at least once during the process.

  • 0000000000

    You can also now carry open in Philadelphia as long as you have a license to carry concealed thanks to Police Directive 137. Be aware though you will get stopped and your ppwrk checked and your gun taken from you while they check then given back . so its hardly worth it

    • Soberbyker

      The only thing “new” is that Philly PD has put out a memo, open carry in Philly with a valid License To Carry Firearms (LTCF) has been legal for some time now.

      Open carry in the rest of the state is allowed without a license at all. It’s not a law, but the lack of one that permits that.

      Also for what it’s worth, the word “conceal(ed)” does not appear anywhere on our license.

  • Haasguy

    Just renewed my CCW in PA, in York Co. Found that it does not say defense anymore. Now it say Other, under reason. Anybody else have a new or just renewed permit?

    • Soberbyker

      Just got my renewal this month, still says self defense, but I chose that, maybe you didn’t fill that part in?

      Also for what it’s worth, the PA license is called a LTCF, not CCW, which mean License To Carry Firearms, PA does not mention conceal on the license, nor is it madatory that you conceal.

    • Haasguy

      Stopped @ Sheriffs office. Was told that doesn`t really matter what it says. Their is only one liscence in PA., With that license, it entitles you to carry, concealed, or open. In my case, was just a clerical error.

      • dragon

        in PA if u get a LTCF u can ONLY carry it concealed. thats the whole point in getting the license. whats the point in getting a concealed license if ur going to open carry it? 

        • dragon

          and theres more then just one license in PA either self defense, gun collector, or for a job. got mine 12/29/11 and it says self defense.  

          • Soberbyker

            Sorry Dragon but you are very incorrect, again, well almost.

            There is a thing called a “sportsman’s permit” but that’s entirely different than the LTCF, for the LTCF there are several choices but it doesn’t matter which one is checked, the LTCF is good for all choices.

        • Soberbyker

          Sorry Dragon but you are very incorrect.

          First, NO WHERE on the license (or in PA law) does it say you must conceal.

          There are many reasons to get a LTCF other than to carry concealed, for instance in Philadelphia you need the licese to open or conceal carry, another is in a state of emergency only those with a license can carry. It also makes it easier to carry your gun in a car, even if you’re only going to a range.

          There are other reasons as well, like reciprocity with some other states.

        • joe

          you are right in philadelphia to open carry you have to have a 235 i believe.

          • jeffone1

            you do not have to have a special permit to carry in philadelphila the only thing you need to carry in philly is your ccw permit just for your info for you not to get harrassed always conceal your weapon i carry everyday in philly and i have never been harrssed

          • Jose Rivera

            if you done your research….on your license theres no where on it where it says concealed weapon its technically de-facto legal which means it is legal to carry open they just dnt want to keep it on a hush …but your better off keeping it concealed so you wont be subjected to getting harassed by the cops
            so yes you are legally obligated to carry openly

    • Gypsumjoeh

      just got my CCW for Pa in Lancaster it  says self defense.

  • Sijabi

    how about when you are just transit ( just passing through) to a state that does not honor pa ccw permit  ? 

    • Corine Nguyen Foultz

      A Lady in NJ was arrested cause she had a PA CCW permit and NJ doesnt recognize that. She is facing 3 years in prison. (i should mention she is a single mother)

      • Mar

        please cite the reference so I can read the REST of the story.

        • Mar

          Ahhh….. there’s the rest of the story. She was carrying ILLEGALLY in NJ. NJ does not recognize CCP for any state. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.

      • Mar

        there has to be some violation of the Peaceable Journey Act

        • Bill Young

          peaceable journey only comes into play when you are passing through a state, not if the state is your destination and that state doesn’t have reciprocity.

          This forum is funny about links, look up “Shaneen Allen, a 27-year-old mother of two” and you’ll find the story.

      • Nate Opgenorth

        3 years was the plea deal if she accepted, if she doesn’t its 11 years max which I wouldn’t put past some overzealous appointed prosecutor in the crooked state of NJ…

    • Kevin Mac

      I was arrested in NY while in transit and this law saved me.

      Peaceable Journey Law
      Federal Statute Title 18 Section 926a) The Peaceable Journey Act, Part 1, Chapter 44

      Peaceable Journey refers to federal and state laws that address the transportation of firearms over state lines by firearm owners. The federal code 18 USC § 926A says that as long as the owner of the firearm can legally carry in the state they left and the state they are traveling to, the firearm is unloaded, and that the firearms any ammunition are not easily accessible that they can legally cross state lines.

  • Bobburnquist1318

    Hey guys im doing some research because im getting my ccw when i turn 21 in march. Well under the open carry rules on this website it says that a person 18yrs or over can open carry a “Handgun”… But you have to be 21yrs in general to purchase a Pistol…? This makes no sense to me. So im gathering that i can have my parents put a pistol in there name and i can open carry it?

    • Jrnageotte

      Open carry is mostly when hunting.  It has to be in plain view in a holster or such.  You cannot carry it “loaded” in many different cities or towns.

      • Soberbyker

        You could be more wrong, if you’re talking about Pennsylvania. Open Carry is not just for hunting and cities and towns are not allowed to make laws that differ from the state. The state has a pre-emption law, and no where does it say you can’t carry a gun loaded. If you are able to carry the gun legally it can be loaded no matter what city or town you’re in.

        • Agent Taylor

          CORRECT! Soberbyker!

      • Fezziwig

        However, you need CWP to “open carry” in Philadelphia.

        • Soberbyker

          PA does not have a CWP, which implies Concealed Weapons Permit, PA has a LTCF, License To Carry Firearms, concealed is no where on the license nor is it the required method of carry.

          • Soberbyker

            You are correct in theroy though, you do need a LTCF to carry in any manner within the City of Philadelphia.

          • I can carry concealed in Philadelphia with my CCW from Lebanon county. Philadelphia can’t stop someone from carrying concealed..they are just trying to make it hard to openly carry.

          • Agent Taylor

            Yes, PA LTCF does say its OC or CCW; HOWEVER, Open carry is allowed throughout PA, except in Philly, which is a first class city, and you must carry concealed in that city, and you must hold a LTCF. However, I prefer CCW anywhere to not draw attention to myself.

          • Bill Young

            Sorry Agent Taylor, you are wrong, the PA LTCF does not specify one way or the other, it is simply a License To Carry Firearms. You may open carry in Philadelphia (city of the first class) as long as you have a LTCF whereas the in the rest of PA you may open carry with or without a LTCF. To carry concealed anywhere in PA requires the LTCF..

          • Agent Taylor

            Bill double check Bill, but when I picked up my License, they specifically said that I “must” conceal in Philly, a 1st class city regardless. I believe I read that also in the PA firearm regulations I received a the sheriff’s office. Please tell or show where I can find this I am very open to discovering more info. Thanks!

          • Woody

            You are wrong, PA does not have an open carry law. In order to carry a firearm, you must apply for the concealed carry permit. I know, I went thru it.

          • Bill Young

            While Pennsylvania has a specific law that requires a License To Carry Firearms for the concealed carry of a firearm, and the carry of firearms in vehicles, the law is silent on the legality of openly carrying a firearm in other situations, making it de-facto legal.

          • Bill Young

            There is however a law that requires a License To Carry Firearms to carry either way in “cities of the first class”, which as defined by law is only the city of Philadelphia.

            18 Pa.C.S. § 6108: Carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia

            No person shall carry a firearm, rifle or shotgun at any time upon the public streets or upon any public property in a city of the first class unless:

            (1) such person is licensed to carry a firearm; or

            (2) such person is exempt from licensing under section 6106(b) of this title (relating to firearms not to be carried without a license).

            To summarize, open carry is legal in Pennsylvania without a License To Carry Firearms except in “cities of the first class” (Philadelphia) and vehicles where a License To Carry Firearms is required to do so.

          • Mastro63

            Yes- but there are two problems.

            Try explaining that to a Philly cop who thinks you are going to rob a bank/drugs etc.- maybe he will listen before shooting you. As you die- you can argue with your last breath.

            And- if you openly carry a gun into a car- without putting it into a container in your trunk- you are violating the law. If you have a carry permit, you can legally carry in a car.

          • Bill Young

            I already mentioned that carry in a car requires the LTCF no matter where you are. as for a cop thinking you’re going to rob and bank etc, how many criminals do you know carry openly, they don’t they are generally cowards and hide their gun.

            Again open carry is a personal choice but the law allows it as long as you have the LTCF within Philadelphia.

          • Bill Young

            Believe what you want but the ONLY place in PA you need a license to open carry is Philadelphia where you need the license to open or conceal carry. You do need the license to conceal anywhere in the state as well as carry in a vehicle.

            How about you show us where in PA law it says you need the license to open carry in the rest of the state Woody. I won’t hold my breath … because you won’t find it.

          • Benjamin McMillan

            A LTCF in PA allows you carry a concealed firearm in a vehicle and on your person, with the exceptions mentioned above

  • TravisC

    I have a question about concealed carry? I am 26 years old, live in PA. When I was 14 I was charged with terroristic threating. The charges were exsponged, but I was wondering if this would prohibit me from getting my CCW? 

    • Fast Eddie

      It will not. Expunged erased the record

  • Quacarr

    if u have a license to carry can u carry ya gun in ya car loaded?

    • Soberbyker

      as long as you have a valid license to carry firearms (or a reciprocated license/permit) yes.

    • Paul

       Yes you can, if you have a concealed permit you can carry loaded in your vehicle.

  • What does it mean that your rights are denied?

    • Soberbyker

      Where did you read/see this, context is everything.

  • hbradish

     Looks to me like this map here does say Ohio DOES NOT honor Pa. permit?

    • Soberbyker

      Correct, PA and Ohio do not honor each other’s license/permit.

  • Tommyson

    I have a PA- LTCF I have been checking states to see who honors My permit, what does it mean when a state such as Florida has listed  PA Res permits only?

    • Soberbyker

      It means that Florida will only accept a reciprocal license if you live in the state your license is from. So if you’re from lets say Ohio, and you have a PA LTCF, Florida will not accept your PA license.

  • PFC Sweigart, Joseph

    heyyy I am in the military and was wondering if I needed anything dealing with a firearm I’m 20 years old let me know please

    • jeffon1

      talk to your local court house they can tell you what you need to do

  • andrewG23

    You know I find it pathetic that there are questions being asked on here that the answers are right about!^^^^^
    And Another reason why you would get a LTCF if your going to Open Carry is so that you can get in a vehicle and transport it and go to your local walmart “OPEN CARRYING” Even tho it is legal to OC in PA “which i do” you cannot transport a Firearm for OC purposes with out a LTCF. Only to and from gun ranges, gun smiths, buying guns, etc…
    You cannot OC in state parks at all, you can CC. and you can OC in philly if you have a LTCF.
    When the map says they dont honor NON-Res that means they dont honor NON-Res lol.
    Carrying it loaded is 100% legal
    PA does not have any law against drinking and CCin OCin with LTCF or not.

    NOW for my question. I know that the cops can not stop and ID you for OCin “besides philly” because it is a 100% legal act. I am wondering if they can request for ID and LTCF if your CCin and for some reason a cop happens to kinda see it???? Like your bending over or your shirt is “half” covering it.

    • joe

      No they can not ask you for your ID. But they can always say you looked suspicious or had someone say you were being a public disturbance. Thats why they tell you to ask the cop 2 questions. 1 am i being detained, then 2 am i free to go.

  • Chip

    I recently moved from Armstrong County where I got my permit, to Allegheny County. Since my address is different on the permit than my new address, do I need to transfer it or get a new one? Or is the change of address on my drivers license enough?

  • Eric

    I have a concealed carry permit.never had to carry into a state that didn’t except my permit.
    Going to South Carolina. what do i have to do when entering that state.Thanks

  • hondarider89

    i am in the military an i was wondering can i carry in pa with just my military i.d?

    • jeffone1

      talk to your local court house they can tell you or talk to a local police officer

    • Kevin

      You can open carry not withstanding any other ordance or law

  • gabe

    Can i carry a gun with no permit if i have money from my buiness and what is the amount i have to have? If anyone knows it would be very helpfull thanx

    • Someguy

      You can open carry as long as you’re legally allowed to own a firearm. If you want to carry concealed, you’ll need to get a CCW permit.

      • In Pennsylvania, yes you can open carry with out a License To Carry Fireamrs (LTCF) we don’t have a CCW permit, EXCEPT in Philadelphia, or during a declared state of emergency, which as of this date we are tecnically still in because of hurricane Sandy.

  • Louis R.

    Can you get gun carring permit if you have a PFA against you?

    • Lilith


  • brocklydip

    I was just at a movie and before i went in they had people with wans checking for firearms and the guy said that nobody is allowed in with any weapon unless they are police. Is that legal? I thought In PA if you have a LTCF you can carry anywhere but schools and courts?

    • actuated

      Any individual or business still has the right to ban firearms from their premises.

  • Michelle

    i am going to massachusetts tomorrow with a friend in tow and my husband would like me to take my gun with me…I have a PA permit, but i was looking at the map above and the states that I am traveling thru do not honor my permit (new york, connecticut, and mass…) does this mean i need to leave it home or can i call each state ahead of time for permission to travel with it?

    • Brian

      You can call, but the Mass-holes will basically tell you not to get caught with it in the car at all.

    • Charles Rowe

      Providing the gun is legal and you are the legal owner, you may transport the gun providing you follow the laws that congress has provided for all of us gun owners. “Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.”


      I know this is too late of a reply but NEVER go to massachusetts (i do not capitalize Nazi states) with a firearm!!! The other reply quotes from the 1986 FOP (firearms owners protection act signed by the great Ronald Reagan). However, NEVER think that federal law is going to protect you on the side of the road with two storm troopers in mass!!! you will be screwed and tattooed!!! Same with new york and new jersey and connecticut!! Unless you are MOVING your residence and/or can PROVE on the spot that you are just passing through with NO stops (and of course the guns are locked, out of reach, and unloaded per the FOP act provisions) you are asking for serious trouble because your rights do not exist in these states. If you mention or it is obvious in any way that you are not passing through without stops (except gas and food and even the food provision is shaky) you will be arrested. Welcome to ‘post constitutional America’ as Mark Levin puts it. A couple weeks ago I was talking to some cops in Texas and then wanted to show them something near my vehicle, so I told them that out of courtesy I want to inform them I have a CC license and there are firearms in the vehicle and without taking a breath or batting an eye he said ‘that’s your right’ and it didn’t even phase them. That’s the difference between Texas and tyrannical states in new england, and why so many people are moving to Texas to be free. I am from Pennsylvania and have my permit from there. I live on the border of new jersey, and have a cabin near the border of new york, which is why I’m so aware of the danger of crossing those state lines. best wishes and be careful. It’s a real shame you have to worry more about tyrannical state legislatures than you do the criminals!!!

      • Rosie R.

        That goes for Maryland too. Gov. Owe Malley is an O’Bama suck-up and is hell bent on ruining our state with fines, taxes, and anti- gun legislature. We have one of the highest murder rates in the nation,and some of the strictest anti-gun laws in the U.S.A. Even Baretta is moving out of the state! If you’re driving on the I-95 corridor, be warned- they can strip you of ALL rights because you COULD be a terrorist! With that kind of paranoia, they don’t even need a search warrant.

        • gunman4

          Hello troll

    • Kevin

      Update.. with the NY state SAFE Act (shaking my head).. don’t get caught in NY with a magazine that exceeds 10 rounds, even an empty magazine.. it is a Felony offense. So just unloading, locking and separating the mag from the pistol is not enough in that crazy state


    west end fair in gilbert pa banned all fire arms even those with a conceal carry permit can they do this

  • BlueShadowII

    I’m a native Pennsylvanian who has lived in Texas for more than 20 years (still a damnyankee 😉 ). We’re planning to come back to PA for a while so I am researching what it will take for us to bring handguns with us and carry them in PA.

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that PA law is apparently less restrictive than TX. For instance, we have no open carry in TX (we keep you guessing). My CHL cost me $90 (with a senior citizen discount) plus I had to take 10 (?) hours of class room training, pass a written test, and qualify on the range. And regardless of whether I am carrying or not, I am responsible for showing my CHL along with my driver’s license when any LEO asks for my license (the two are related in TxDPS computers so it is not advisable to try to hide it).

    Are there any little quirks in PA law that I ought to know about?

    • john

      Not really, check with your county sheriff to be sure.

  • Equinox Black

    Lots of good information here, and lots of good discussion. I’ve learned a lot in the past 10 minutes while reading over everything, Thank you.

  • AD

    I have a Michigan CPL which is honored in Pennsylvania. I’m used to the restrictions of Michigan’s ‘pistol free zones’. Am I correct to assume that it is legal to carry concealed in a bar or tavern in PA?

    • john

      No laws one way or the other. (de facto lawfull)

    • AL

      I am sure that it states in the law and ccp training that if you consume alcohol (I assumed due to the bar/tavern location) that you are not allowed to open carry, carry with a ccp, far less touch a firearm until your BAC is 0.00 aka sober! If you aren’t going to drink call the location and check there policy on firearms. I’m sure you will get “shot down” 99.9% of the time. Plus I’m sure you don’t want that 1 drunk guy to see it and get a drunk idea of trying to take it and have playtime with it. But good luck and stay safe

      • Bill Young

        While it is not a good idea to carry while drunk there is no Pennsylvania law prohibiting such action.

  • Jack

    Is it any wonder that Chicago’s murder rate is among the highest in the country. I guess the second amendment doesn’t apply in Illinois.

  • BobG

    I live in Ct. and have a carry permit,I am co-owner of a home in PA so I’m down thier aprox 5 to 10 days a month,I also hunt deer season there.I applied for a carry permit in Pa. as a out of state resident. I waited 40 days and called the Sherrifs office to be told that they don’t issue permitts to out of state residents only very rearly, this is not the way that the law is written.
    can anyone offer suggestions ?

    • XD9 Shooter

      Try another county, but call first to grease the skids.

  • Mistakesasakid

    I have 2 dui’s and a parephenalia charge what would I have to do to get a ccw

    • Someguy

      Get a time machine, go back in time, and don’t make those mistakes. I’m pretty sure that any drug charge automatically disqualifies you.

  • pa28flyer

    Hello. I have a license to carry issued by Cambria county and still maintain a residence in Cambria. I moved to Philadelphia county (primary residence) – do I need to change the address or reapply for Philadelphia county?

  • deputydog

    The Northampton County Sheriff refuses to issue ccw to out of state residents. One of his designees claims that the laws state that the sheriff “may” issue and has decided not to issue. If the law states “shall” issue, then the sheriff would be required to issue. I conducted some preliminary research and it appears that the sheriff may have erred. Has anyone else experiences this type of situation?

    • XD9 Shooter

      PA is a “shall issue” state, at least for residents. I don’t believe its any different for out of state (assuming the applicant qualifies).

  • berg52

    what is the process to buy a pistol in pa just to open carry…geting ready to move there from ny and was wounding

    • john

      Background check to buy a firearm, background check and about $20 for the permit.

      • XD9 Shooter

        There is no permit required for open carry in PA; hence, no fee.

  • Kevin

    I currently have a PA concealed carry permit that expires in Jan. I currently live in NJ but frequently travel back to PA to visit family and I go to my local range that I am a member at too. Question is can I renew my PA permit if I no longer have a PA license and do not have a NJ concealed carry permit since I moved to a communist state? Thanks

    • Guest
      • Drew

        you would have to go through the process for an out of state permit.

        • Wizzardly

          You can not get a PA non-resident carry permit if you do not have a carry permit in your home state. NJ does not issue carry permits, so you cannot get a PA permit if you are a NJ resident.

          • Bill Young

            Almost correct, the law is you need a license from your home state if you home state has such a thing. In the case of NJ technically they do have such a thing, although it’s rare that they give one out.

            (e)(1) A license to carry a firearm shall be for the purpose of carrying a firearm concealed on or about one’s person or in a vehicle and shall be issued if, after an investigation not to exceed 45 days, it appears that the applicant is an individual concerning whom no good cause exists to deny the license. A license shall not be issued to any of the following:

            (ix) A resident of another state who does not possess a current license or permit or similar document to carry a firearm issued by that state if a license is provided for by the laws of that state, as published annually in the Federal Register by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the Department of the Treasury under 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(19) (relating to definitions).

          • Nate Opgenorth

            From what a very well qualified instructor told me in the case of New York State many PA counties that border NY will not issue a PA LTCF and you’ll have better luck in counties that are more rural or in the middle of the state. Also he noted that some won’t issue a PA permit to someone who has a NY permit that is restricted to hunting, target shooting, and hiking even though that permit is legally sound for carrying concealed in any state that recognizes a NY permit. NY Unrestricted permit is the best bet to get a PA LTCF but a restricted one may work as well. I feel bad for NJ residents, that state is insane all together.

          • Bill Young

            Like most things in law, not everyone plays the by the ules. All PA counties are supposed to issue a PA LTCF to a qualified out of state individual. Some counties in PA issue a license on the spot while others make you wait up to 45 days. The issuance is supposed to be uniform throughout the state, it’s not, and until someone takes some of these counties to court it won’t be.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            Personally I think the one area where county Governments need to have less say is carry permits….its never uniform, its sloppy, requirements are always different depending on the county, etc. I see no reason why someone in X county should be treated differently than so and so from Y county but that’s how it is. It should just be a state level system that is run through a local state police sub station or sheriffs office.

          • Bill Young

            “It should just be a state level system that is run through a local state police sub station or sheriffs office.”

            That’s my point, IT IS. The issuance of a carry license is a state level system run via each county sheriff, except Philadelphia which is handled via the Philadelphia Police “Gun Permit Unit” The system is set up to be exactly the same process from one county to the next, per state law. The problem is that each county interprets that law differently.

            PA is a state preemption state, only the state legislature can make firearm law.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            I figured as much but I guess my point is that maybe PA should follow Florida’s model, I’m not exactly sure how Florida handles pistol permits but I know its a state level system and its very much more efficient than PA’s. I read about when they did it through the county sheriff’s in FL and it was just a mess but when they went to a newer way that was more state orientated it became much more effiecient. Sadly PA isn’t the only state that is like that. I guess my solution should be clarified to say that city and county LEO’s would have zero say in policy or “interpretation of the law” when it came to permits…they would merely host the initial application process and send apps off to PSP. State would have to issue some type of “suggestion” or even state law that really enforced this though, PA has a weird system of municipalities in general and uniformity in anything across towns, cities and counties in that state seams off.

          • Bill Young

            Nate, you’re not understanding, PA DOES NOT ALLOW COUNTY SHERIFFS TO MAKE THE LAW, they have a guideline to follow LAID OUT BY THE STATE. The county sheriff’s are only doing what the state lays out. HOWEVER ,like most things in the legal world there is some legal gray area that allows them to do what they are doing. Until the legislature or a court says different than things will be the way they are.

            I am curious though Nate, how can you compare PA to something you yourself say you don’t know anything about? Florida is a poor example, in fact the Florida’s permits are handled by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. I can also tell you that FL requires training & requires fingerprints, PA doesn’t, Florida’s permit costs $117, PA is only $20. Florida’s requirements are much more strict than PA, so while PA may have a few flies in the ointment in interpretation I’ll take the PA system over Florida any day.

            By the way, did you know that Florida issues the most non resident licenses but does not accept non resident licenses from other states? Kind of hypocritical in my opinion.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            If PA has true state preemption they wouldn’t be letting sheriff’s have ANY discretion what so ever otherwise they are in effect practicing law as far as I’m concerned. I do understand I just don’t understand how a state govt. lets counties get away with practicing law hidden as “interpretation”. I think we both want the same thing. As for Florida, My point is they are consistant, you can mail in and they don’t let county sheriff’s dick around in the matter since the Department of Agriculture and Consumer services handles it, yeah it is hypocritical but its all about making even more out of state revenue, between non-resident permits and vacationers they’ve got a good way to make money!

          • Ray Williams

            Or, we could just let the 2A hold sway all across the country and not let local governments infringe our right to bear arms.

          • Nate Opgenorth

            I think that’s my main point lol

          • Canarsieboy

            I hear ya Ray, but until the oppressive and onerous handgun laws get changed with regard to reciprocity, be prepared for the consequences (both intended and unintended) if/when you get stopped while carrying out of the provisions of your license class. Just sayin bro.

          • Bill Young

            When I said “counties” I was referring to the Sheriff’s Office, all PA counties issue the LTCF through that county’s Sheriff, except Philadelphia, which uses the Philadelphia Police Gun Permit Unit.

          • Ray Williams

            A concealed carry permit should be like a driver’s licence, If I have one in Pa, it should be valid in all 57 other states.

          • Jeddy Tranquill

            All 57 states plus Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico for a total of 60.

          • Sean

            How many states do we have?

          • Bill Young

            go to handgunlaw (dot) us for a up to date list of states and laws

          • Steve

            Dude there’s only 50 states…

          • Bill Young

            I’m guessing Ray was referring to when Barack Obama said he had visited 57 states.

          • Bill Young

            Almost correct, the law is you need a license from your home state if you home state has such a thing. In the case of NJ technically they do have such a thing, although it’s rare that they give one out.

            (e)(1) A license to carry a firearm shall be for the purpose of carrying a firearm concealed on or about one’s person or in a vehicle and shall be issued if, after an investigation not to exceed 45 days, it appears that the applicant is an individual concerning whom no good cause exists to deny the license. A license shall not be issued to any of the following:

            (ix) A resident of another state who does not possess a current license or permit or similar document to carry a firearm issued by that state if a license is provided for by the laws of that state, as published annually in the Federal Register by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the Department of the Treasury under 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(19) (relating to definitions).

    • Agent Taylor

      Unfortunately, PA will “NOT” issue a license to anyone residing outside PA, “UNLESS.” you hold a carry license from the state of which you reside.

    • Danny

      Yes if you have 3month proof of utility bill that show you live there.

  • amy

    my girlfriend and i both have concealed carry permits and we both own our own hand guns …… is she allowed to carry my gun as long as she has a license???

    • john


  • cpa

    is a protection permit the same as a concealed carry permit?

    • XD9 Shooter

      In PA, there are two types of firearm “permits”. One is the Sportman’s Permit and the other is a License To Carry. Basically, the Sportman’s Permit is used by hunters and requires the firearm to be openly displayed. It must be unloaded while in a vehicle. The License To Carry is used for protection and permits the firearm to be carried concealed, as well as, loaded while in a vehicle.

  • redneck hunter

    I live in north eastern pa in wayne county. I live in a small area of lots of homes/people getting robbed due to the time it takes for police to respond to the scene! I have a young child ( 2.5 yr old ) and live with my wife we are both hunters and fishermen. Into target shooting and everything we probably know just as much about safety and gun control as anyone out there. What i would like to know is if i can carry my handgun loaded for protection without the concealed carry permit? As long as i have the gun holstered out in plain sight! I dont need the gun loaded in the car or to hide it on myself. In my eyes if its out in the open less reason for a person to attack you! Not to mention it is much quicker to get unholstered already being out instead of tucked in a shirt or inside your pants! I also would like to know what is the proper way of transporting the handgun from place to place inside the vehicle when when you plan on carrying it as soon as you exit the vehicle!?!?!

    • Jordan

      In PA you can open carry if you can legally purchase the gun for yourself. As for carrying in a vehicle without a permit, the gun needs to be unloaded and secured (locked in a gun case). Also do not store the ammo and gun in the same place.

  • spins615

    I have a question. I live on the boarder of PA and Jersey. I know i cannot conceal carry in the state of NJ if i am stopping, but i am under the idea that federal law states you can travel through a state as long as your destination is not within a state that does not honor your states permit. BUT, what if i want to go to jersey to get gas? I’m not stopping anywhere else. just merely to get gas and go back to PA. Or what if the route i take to get home from work takes me in and out of jersey? is that not allowed?

    • soberbyker

      Jersey can not be your destination, so going for gas (your destination) and coming back to PA would not qualify as a valid journey.

  • raymond feliciano

    knowing how restrictive MD is, what are chances for me to get a non-resident CCW in PA?

    • Jordan

      PA will only grant you a ccw if you have one in your state of residence.

  • rontheman79

    if im from nj and have a VA non resident permit can i carry concealed in PA.

  • jmcg

    Pennsylvania sheriffs are not issuing licenses to out of state residents contrary to the state patrol page and state law as far as I can find. Alleghany county sherrif’s office just refused me this afternoon. The deputy at their license office in Pittsburgh said she believes clarion county is the only one who has not stopped accepting applications from out of state residents.

    • soberbyker

      PA has 67 counties, you found one that doesn’t, although they are all supposed to, try another.

  • mike gibson

    I’m a pa resident with a concealed carry permit. I would like to carry in Delaware and use it for self defense in a seasonal DE residence. What is the best way to become legal in Delaware?

    • soberbyker

      The PA LTCF is not accepted in Delaware. Your best best is Utah, Florida, Arizona or any of the other states Delaware does accept that issues non resident licenses.

  • shadowman001

    all you need to do is look at the maps above they tell you everything you need to know, as far as just passing thurgh a state that does not honor your state permit you can request forms by mail but you,ll still need to stop a a sheriffs office in that state at least 2 times before you,ll get the permit….i,m not sure if every state requires that but i have called a dozen state and have been told by all of them that at least 1 or even 2 in person appearances are required….if you spend enough time searching the above maps you,ll see you only need a few permits that will make you legal in the whole country…for me i live in PA and i,m going to get a carry permit for Florida which will make me legal in 45 of the 50 states i Believe….spend some time here and do some homework its all here you just need to find it.

  • jim mitchell

    Pa.Permit is honored in Fl.

  • Chris

    As a Canadian, would I be able to get a non-resident PA CHP? I have a pistol license up here, but you cannot carry in Canada.

  • Mike

    I am a resident of SC and have a SC CCP, I also have an AZ CCP, can I carry a concealed weapon in PA and be legal ??

  • Mitch Slotnick

    Hi fella’s. This is gonna be a long one! It’s now August of 2013 and I’m
    really hoping that somebody knows the answers to my questions. I could use some
    help here and would appreciate the help very much. A little background first, as
    I truly believe one should know a little bit about a person that you might have
    to bust your ass (figuratively) to properly help! I am one of those people that
    breaks every dayum stereotype you might ever have about NY-ers. Here goes; I am
    a Brooklyn boy, born and raised, who now lives on Long Island with my wife and
    kids. I’m a lifetime NRA member who was brought up in a Jewish, liberal home, in
    a primarily Jewish and Italian (did I say liberal? lol!) part of Bklyn named
    Canarsie. Unlike most my peers that went to college and straight off to a
    career, I chose to volunteer to serve our country in the USMC and did a four
    year stint as a very junior NCO with 8th Comm Bn, mostly out of Camp Lejeune in
    Jacksonville, NC, but also with a bunch of TAD’s/TDY’s that sent me all over the
    US. I didn’t give a shit about politics until my mid 30’s. By the time Clinton
    was into his second term and Lewinsky’s private parts, I finally got my head
    outta my ass and into the world of Fox news, Drudge report and O’Reilly/Hannity.
    You could say I woke up. So mom felt like a frikken failure, to put it gently!
    As a far right ultra conservative Repub, former Marine and lifetime card
    carrying NRA dude, I guess you can say I was the like the crazy sumbitch uncle
    and all families that all the relatives acknowledge but don’t want to get into
    debates with, let alone make eye contact with when issues like gun control were
    being discussed. That is IF they had the nads to engage in such a thing in the
    first place. Ok, down to my bidness! In 08 I heard about Denny Nau the sheriff
    and his love of the 2nd amendment, so I mailed in my application for a
    non-resident license to carry firearms. A wonderful way to get reciprocity in a
    whole lot of other states as my NY license barely got me through Staten Island,
    let alone NYC. So the other day I got a postcard telling me that my time has
    come and that I have to renew it or lose it by 9/9. The prob? No more mail in
    renewals. So before I incur the expense, time and effort of driving in to your
    commonwealth, I thought I’d ask…is there any other place, county, etc- that I
    can renew my license in, other than Centre County? Someplace closer, someplace
    where I don’t need to get a room for a night and purchase a 3rd tank of
    fuel…just heading in!? So if anyone can help me with the straight dope, info,
    insight, wisdom, comments, clues, ideas, etc…..please do so. Thank you very
    much dudes. And dudettes!

  • MikeyG

    Traveling PA to OH for a month in Cincinnati on business. How do I legally carry in OH? I have a PA CCW permit.

  • sean

    How do I apply for my permit

    • Bill Young

      If you are a Pennsylvania resident you apply with the sheriff of your county of residence (In Philadelphia you apply at their “gun permit unit”). If you are a non resident you can go to any county willing to issue with a copy of your home state license/permit.

  • chaz

    Does PA honor Arizona non-resident permits ?

  • todd

    Can I enter a bank with my concealed weapon permit?

    • Bill Young

      There is no law in Pennsylvania against it, the bank itself may prohibit it.

  • MikeC

    Can I go to any County in P.A to receive my CWP. I have a South Carolina CWP and I stay up in PA to visit friends and family,But I also maybe moving to PA for a job.I was thinking also of getting the Utah CWP to carry in I think it was 43 states.

    • Mitch Slotnick

      Hi Mike.
      I don’t know about “any” county, but I saved myself a couple of hours of drive time from my house on Long Island by getting my license renewed in Bucks county. Actually, they didn’t renew it, they gave me a new one. They have some sort of issue with Sherrif Danny Nau from Centre County who gave out all those non-resident licenses a number of years ago. That’s where my original non-resident license came from over 5 years ago. But since I was there in person and had my NY pistol license and other credentials (retired US Marine), they made me a new one. I was fortunate. Maybe you can call them up and ask them. 215-348-6136. Good luck.
      Mitch S

      • Bill Young

        There was no issue with Sheriff Nau, the county you apply in (new or renewal) issues the license, Bucks County had to issue you a new license they didn’t have the authority to renew the one from Centre County. (this is for non residents, PA residents must apply in their county of residence)

  • MikeC

    Thanks Mitch on the information and thank you for your service.I will check into that.

  • tferlesch

    I have a CCP in PA, do I, or should I tell a Police Officer during a traffic stop that I am carrying a licensed gun on me?

    • Bill Young

      There is no law in Pennsylvania that says you must inform the officer.

      Also YOU are licensed, not the gun.

    • David

      Do not “say” anything to the officer. Simply hand him BOTH your Driver’s License and Carry Permit together and put your hands back on the steering wheel. He/She will probably ask you to slowly retrieve and hand them the weapon. If you do this right, they will appreciate that you are protecting them and showing respect.

    • Bill Young

      First, the gun is not licensed in PA, the person is. Second you do not have to inform the police that you have a gun in PA. Some states you must inform the police but not in PA.

    • Mastro63

      I was on a business trip in NC when we were pulled over for speeding (we were running late)- the local guy informed the officer that he had a CCP and a gun in the car. The officer thanked him for telling him, wrote him a speeding ticket, and drove away.

      I think its a wise move- lest the officer sees it and draws his gun-

      • Bill Young

        In North Carolina you are required by law to inform the officer is you are armed, in Pennsylvania you are not required to. Personally unless required by law I would not, no need to make a cop nervous, I know of a case here in PA the driver informed the cop and the driver was pulled out of the car and put on the ground.

  • Joe38sp

    Yes. Keep hands on the wheel and tell officer that you are licensed to carry and that you are carding.

    • Bill Young

      There is no law in Pennsylvania that says you must inform the officer.

  • Kevin

    Beaver County sheriff refuses to issue to out of state residents. I was at courthouse Monday October 21,2013 and was informed of this. FYI.

  • carl locke

    how long will it take for non resident to get ccw license

    • Brendan

      Living in Chester County, PA it took me about 2 weeks from the time I handed in my application to when my ccw arrived in the mail. Really easy process.

  • dan

    if i have a pa concealed weapons permit and move but not out of state do i have to change my address on it or is the change of address on my drivers license good for that too?

  • Agent Taylor

    Maryland House Bill was introduced in Feb 2013 by Legislator Michael Smigiel and many others.
    HB 1421
    Regulated Firearms – License Issued by Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia – Reciprocity

  • I am in Washington County Pa .. How do I get a permit to carry where my permit is NOT honored?

    • ManOverboard

      In New Jersey you’re only chance is to be a cop or a member of the elite ruling class. All others are second class citizens.

      Just a reminder that the Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Drake vs Filko which could have changed that..

  • thoughtful jaob

    If I change my residance do i lose my ccw??

  • jack

    Hello to those who care im going to tern 21 this year and was wondering if i can file for my concealed carry permit be for hand as so i can get in on my 21st birthday thanks to those who help

    • ManOverboard

      Be patient. Don’t give them an excuse to reject it.

  • George

    It seems strange that Ohio and PA are not reciprocal when both states are reciprocal with Ky.

  • Agent Taylor

    Thanks Bill for the clarification.

  • Ryan g

    Maine is a state of reciprocity of pa.

  • chuck

    I have a NY and Utah concealed permit does Pa still allow me to carry in the state ?

    • soberbyker

      No, neither are currently accepted by PA

  • Mike M

    Where can I find the application forms for a non res PA permit

  • Mike M

    Where can I find the application forms for a non res PA permit

  • gholla

    I currently live in Pennsylvania and had a Pennsylvania drivers license until this past week, when I needed to get a New York State drivers license since I may be attending the New York State police academy next month. I have been carrying concealed as a PA resident for the past few months, and still have my PA concealed carry permit, and I am still living in Pennsylvania with my wife full time, until I am required to moved for the police academy. Am I still able to carry concealed in Pennsylvania with my current PA resident concealed carry permit, since I still live at the address listed on my concealed permit, even though I now have a New York State drivers license?

    • Bill Young

      Your PA License To Carry Firearms (LTCF) is valid until it expires or is revoked. After that however you will not be able to renew with a New York address on your drivers license unless you have a New York equivalent to the PA LTCF.

  • MIKE

    i lived in Ohio and had a permit there.then obtained a non resident Pa permit due to working there..i now live in pa so my Ohio is no good anymore.where do i go to get my Pa permit updated to a resident permit ?

    • Bill Young

      You go to the sheriff’s office of the county you live in, unless you live in Philadelphia, then you go to the police department gun permit unit.

      There is no difference between resident or non resident license in PA. Your license is still good until it expires.

  • Ryck

    i have a question on current cwp. i had a permit in the 80’s and 90’s in lancaster county pa. i moved to york county and tried to renew. i was rejected because the law changed. i had a dui and possesion of small amount of controlled substance(pot) in 1971, then similar offense in 1975. i saw the error of my ways and have not even had a speeding ticket since. im starting to hike the at appalachian trail and camp and want to get a permit for the trail. does anyone have any input that i could check. im 66 yrs old marine vet from vietnam era i was thinking of going to the pa st police and check my records. thanks for any suggestions

  • Jim

    I live in PA and have a PA concealed carry permit. I’m travelling to MI which honors a PA permit but i need to drive through OHIO which does not… Can i do that?

    • ManOverboard

      Negative on that.

  • Canarsieboy

    Ya know fella’s, I try to live my life with the good old golden rule book hanging over me or along side me. I even taught and still teach the principles to my kids as they struggle thru their teen years in 2014. I “get” the whole Karma thing and I try REAL HARD to not be a judgemental prick. There….I said it! …But… is agonizingly difficult to periodically revisit this page because of some of the questions and follow-uip comments that some people post. I get email notification when somebody posts something on this page, so I never know what I’m gonna find when I return here. So please pardon me if I sound a bit “Holier than thou” for a minute! My intentions are good! I would truly hate to see one of us get into a huge jam this summer because they have the wrong dope (info) on what is legal, when it’s legal and where it’s legal. We all tend to do some road trips in the summer and that is what State troopers are very aware of. You must educate yourselves on the legalities of carrying in our 50 states, because being unaware of the law is not a reason to have a judge and/or jury NOT lock your azz up for a very long time. Some of you rely on too much hearsay. Join the NRA already! Use the resources on their website to get the straight dope on all the gun laws you need to know about for your state and all the states you’ll be passing thru in this summers big ole road trip. One more thing. Maybe because I’m an older (mid 50’s) disabled veteran (Jarhead from the early to mid 80’s) who has more time than the younger guys busting their asses all day to feed the family and keeps the bills paid in this day & age; but I feel like it is my DUTY as an American, especially in this day and age (with a horrible president who can’t lead his granma to the bathroom), with all the shit going on and little fires burning here in the US and all over the world, to be engaged in what is going on. I think spending a little time everyday as an American citizen who gives a sh!t, learning about what’s happening (and where) is hugely important. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot of important things. Like which politicians are pro gun and who is anti-gun. Like how to travel with handguns; which license where and all that stuff. Please don’t think that because someone here says you can take your target permit from Bum F*ck Oklahoma and use it to carry in Piscataway, NJ., that you should do that! Read, learn, watch it all for yourselves. It is more important than you may think. OK, I’m done preaching now. I wasn’t trying to insult anyone and this was not directed towards anyone in particular. I just needed to get all of that out tonight. Semper Fidelis & G-d bless you all.

    • Visente Rodriguez

      Well said

  • Mont

    How many guns is one allowed to carry at one time with a LTCF ?

  • NachoDaddy

    I applied for a renewal of my CWP on July 2nd, 2014. As of today I have not received my permit. Tomorrow is day 45.A call to my Sheriff was of no help. They would not even check the status. He just told me they were behind and would get it out as soon as they could.My question is what about the law? The law as I read it states they have 45 days to complete the investigation. Sounds like that’s not going to happen. Is that then an automatic approval? Any thoughts?

  • bill seeds

    I have a LTCF PA, but i just moved to Oregon, Im planning a trip back to PA, is my LTCF still valid?

  • Joe

    Hi, I am currently residing in the District of Columbia as a student but I am from Pennsylvania and plan on returning to Pennsylvania to live. Can I still apply for the permit or will I have to wait until I return to PA.

    • Bill Young

      If your ID has you residing in DC then you can go to any sheriff willing to issue a non resident license since DC does not have a license/permit. (if DC did issue such an animal you’d have to have one in order to get the PA license) If your ID has you in PA then you apply in the county your residence is in.

  • Bigjoez

    I am currently a permit holder in Nassau county new yok but I would like to get a non resident ccw in Pennsylvania. What do I have to do to get the ball rolling?

    • Bill Young

      Call a PA county sheriff near you and find out if they issue non resident LTCF (license to carry firearms). All are supposed to but some do not. Once you find one that does you have to appear in person at least once, maybe twice.

  • Bill

    I have my CWP from Bensalem, PA. Can I conceal carry in Philadelphia ?

    • Bill Young

      the basic answer is yes, a License To Carry Firearms (LTCF) issued by any county in PA is good in every other county in PA. I say basic because they are places in the state that are off limits, for instance, court houses (by state law they are supposed to have a locker where you can store your gun while conducting your business) post offices are a couple and private property owners can ban firearms from their property as well.

      • Bill

        Thank you
        Do private property owners who do not want you to conceal carry need to post by entrances ?

        • Bill Young

          No. However, if you are asked to leave you must or face trespassing charges.

  • Chris

    Does IWB need to be in holster in pa? I’m goin to apply today and need to know if I have to buy a holster. I have a 40cal Beretta that’s big and don’t want a holster.

  • 10/09/2014 PA Non-resident application approved

    If you have a “full” CCW or unrestricted in your home state that matches your drivers license state, some states like New York have restricted “target & home” pistol permits which will not be honored in PA, then Bucks County, PA Sheriff’s Department will give you a non-resident LTC ( License To Carry ). Obviously you need to clear a NICS and have the one page application filled out correctly – type in online then print it! Two references must not be relatives or have the same address as the person applying. They will take your photo and you’ll give them $20.00 cash. That’s it.

    Takes about 30 minutes and you will walk out of the court house, Sheriff’s office is in the basement, with the LTC. You do not need to return 45 days later. They give it to you right there.

    Bucks County Sheriff’s Department
    55 E Court St, Doylestown, PA 18901
    (215) 348-6124

  • Sue

    I have a PA concealed carry permit and I am traveling to VT. What is the protocol for traveling through NY?

  • Chuck

    The color map above is confusing. Does Florida honor PA concealed carry permit?

    • Bill Young

      Not confusing at all, Florida ONLY accepts resident licenses, hence the yellow on the map. If you are a PA resident with a PA LTCF (License To Carry Firearms) then yes, it’s good in FL.

  • Johnny boy

    If I buy a hand gun in Florida could I check it at airport I live in pennsylvania and have a pa carrying permit ?

  • Butler Shooter

    can some one tell me if having two DUI’s in your history, 2005 and 2007 , are enough reason for the State to refuse me a permit/license to own and or carry a firearm in PA? I have been turned down and it mentioned the letter mentioned the DUI’s . Butler Sheriffs office told me twice that they believe the two past charges are not enough to keep me from getting a concealed carry permit. Possibly because I just came off of probation October 22, 2014 I am still in the system as being on probation? That is what the gun store suggested and the court house, it has been almost a month now. What do you think? anyone have any information , I can’t seem to find anything about this on line. My DUI’s were very ?minor if there is such a thing, meaning no accidents were involved, blew a .07 on one and .16 on the other, 2007 and 2009 all classes were taken, all fines paid, did everything ask of me and paid the $5000.00 fine and went 4 years with no drivers license , just got it back this summer also… but I have it and I don’t drink any more of course… not while driving anyway.. Thanks for addressing if you can…

    • Bill Young

      You say you have a denial letter, who denied you, what county sheriff? What exactly does the letter give for a reason?

      What may have happened is you were denied because of this:

      “18 Pa.C.S. § 6109: Licenses

      (d)(3) investigate whether the applicant’s character and reputation are such that the applicant will not be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety;”

      With two dui’s you could be considered a danger to public safety as far as whoever denied is concerned.

  • Mike

    Can I conceal carry in NYC with mag in pocket?

    • Bill Young

      Unless you have a NYC specific carry permit don’t even think about carrying a gun in NYC.

      NYC DOES NOT RECOGNIZE any other permit/license.

  • therock101

    if you are moving to another state that does not recognize your permit—-how do you transport a gun



    • Bill Young

      This is not new, March 31, 2011, that’s when you started having to appear in person for a PA License To Carry Firearms (LTCF).

      The second part of your statement is completely false. You can carry in PA with a license/permit from these states:

      Alaska, Arizona (1), Arkansas, Colorado, Florida (1), Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (1), Michigan, Mississippi (1), Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota (2), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (1), Virginia (1), West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

      Pennsylvania Honors Non-Resident Permits/Licenses From the States They Honor Except for:

      (1) Arizona, Florida, Maine, Mississippi, Utah and Virginia. They have agreements that specifically states “Legal Resident of”.

      (2) North Dakota – PA only honors the ND Class 1 Permit.



    • Bill Young

      Jerry, I tried to post a link to the Pennsylvania Attorney General (PA AG) website yesterday but apparently it didn’t get posted. The info I gave you is 100% correct, go to the PA AG website and you’ll see that PA does honor some other state licenses/permits, but the holder of those licenses/permits have to be residents of the state the license/permit is from.

      Cops don’t always know the law, some are misinformed.



    • Bill Young

      Jerry, what changed was non resident licenses, PA only accepts resident license from Florida. In other words a person from Florida who has a Florida license can carry in PA but a person who lives somewhere outside of Florida but has a Florida license can not. Go to a website called handgunlaw (dot) us, they have the most up to date info.

  • brian

    I am planning on doing some work in PA and I have my conceal carry in OHIO. If I stop in a sheriff’s office and fill out the application to conceal carry in PA what is the turn around on getting the license? Until then I believe I must carry it unloaded and separate the ammo from the gun.

  • Canarsieboy

    Brian, per your posting…don’t forget 4 very important words you need to add to your mindset, as well as your beliefs! They are, “in a locked box”. Stick ’em in between unloaded and seperate in your comment below.

  • Mike

    I am a md resident. I have a UT CCW permits. Can I conceal carry in PA?

    • Bill Young

      The agreement with PA and UT states resident license only. If you are a Utah resident then yes, otherwise no.

  • Angel Collado

    Question if i still have my licence from pa even in my car and i live in md and i have my licence to carry a gun from pa can i travel to pa whith my gun ?

  • vince

    it really is so f-in stupid . the federal govt. should issue the permit to carry in the united states. problem solved. then the states can worry about the criminals, not legal citizens protecting themselves

  • Gabriel

    I am currently a resident of another state and am only working in pa for a couple years. may i still purchase a firearm in Pennsylvania?

  • mashava

    Is there some sort of character thing you have to do? My extremely confused 81yo grandfather wants to get a permit to carry. As much as we love him, my mom and I don’t think he has the mental capabilities to carry it.

  • Ramon Rosado

    Can I carry my gun to Florida from p.a

  • Michael Visco

    When applying for a non resident.what do I have to put in the residing county if I don’t live in the state.and I don’t have to be in the state to do this right I can just mail it?

  • Chris Kline

    How long do i have to renew my PA permit? up to 6 months after it’s expiration?

    • Bill Young

      No. renew it before it expires. The 6 month thing you may have heard about is a sort of grace period if you are caught carrying with an expired license. In other words, you get arrested for an expired license, you go to court, and IF you are still legally eligible to renew they may throw the case out up to 6 months after the expiration.

      Why allow it to expire, just go renew it.

      It appears you are from DELCO, the sheriff has once a month evening and Saturday hours if you can’t get there when the court house is normally open:

      Gun Permit Desk Hours of Operation

      Daily, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. except county holidays.


      January 12th, February 9th, March 9th, April 20th, May 11th, June 8th, July 13, August 10th
      September 14th, October 5th, November 9th, December 7th.

      SATURDAY OPEN FROM 10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM
      January 10th, February 7th, March 7th, April 18th, May 2nd, June 6th, July 11th, August 1st
      September 12th, October 3rd, November 7th, December 5th.


  • sethk12996

    I was told even thought I am 19 and am gifted a handgun from my father that I cannot open carry in a holster or I’ll be arrested how is this? Is there anyway I can transport from my house to the woods without getting in trouble?

  • jeff s.

    I am from Louisiana and working in PA. I have a current cc from LA, do I need to Apply for a non resident cc or is my LA cc permit all I need?

  • Denise Lambert

    my friend lost her concealed permit from Pgh PA., does anyone know what the process is when that happens?

  • luis chama

    can i get a permit to carry in all states?

  • ryan

    Can you open carry a handgun loaded after dark in Pittsburgh?

  • CraigU

    Moving from Arizona to the Pittsburgh area in a couple of months. I’m a current CCW permit holder here in AZ. Hopefully I won’t run into any issues trying to get a new permit for PA after I’m a resident.

  • James Martinez

    Do I need to go to a police department to apply for the concealed carry application?

  • Gurnz

    in pa must the gun be
    registered in my name to carry or can i carry my wifes as well

    • Bill Young

      There is no gun registry in PA, only a record of sale, which is supposed to be destroeyd after a certain period of time. In any event you may share with your spouse, provided you’re both legally allowed to carry.

  • Rebecca Farquhar

    does anyone know much about washington county’s hours for obtaining your permit to conceal carry? like anytimes where they offer evening or weekend hours? i cannot go on their standard hours because i work during the whole time.

  • Bill Young

    Courthouse Square
    100 W. Beau St.
    Suite 303
    Washington, PA 15301

    Ph: (724) 228-6840
    Fx: (724) 223-4719
    Call and find out

  • mrswonderful169

    Can I get a permit even tho I don’t have the fire arm yet

  • mrswonderful16

    Can I get a permit for a firearm Altho I don’t know the firearm yet

    • Bill Young

      Yes, and you can get a firearm without a permit (license) too, provided you pass the background check for either/both.

      Point of reference, in PA we have a “License To Carry Firearms” not a permit, they may both basically mean the same thing but I wanted you to know the correct term.

      • mrswonderful16

        Ty for now I don’t have the firearm . Just want a permit . I can do that

      • mrswonderful16


  • Edward Baker

    I now live in Ohio .Can I renew my conceal and carry PA.license i n a PA sheriff’s officex

    • Bill Young

      Since you now live in Ohio you must also have an Ohio license in order to apply for the PA LTCF. You must appear in person at any Sheriffs office.

  • gerald otter

    must a ccw be carried hidden from public? jerry

  • Brad Martin

    So what do i need to do if i will be in Maryland for a week and would like to conceal carry? I have a conceal carry permit in Pennsylvania. Iam going on vacation and would just like to keep the firearm in my vehicle… thanks

    • Bill Young

      You can’t, legally. Your PA LTCF is not valid in Maryland. You can not just keep it in your trunk if you are staying in Maryland.

  • Fred Domini

    Finally OH recognizes PA permits/licenses!

  • Barbara Molineux

    If I live in PA and have a permit to carry can I get a permit in DE?

    • Bill Young

      Delaware does not offer a non resident license/permit. DE does not accept the PA license. There are several states you can get a license from that would be valid in DE, Utah, Arizona, Florida are a few and you can apply for any of them through the mail. I have a Utah permit and am a PA resident, I use the Utah while in DE.

  • artie

    where do I go to apply in Lehigh Co. for the LTCF permit ?

    • Bill Young

      The Lehigh County Sheriff’s office.

      In every county except Philadelphia you must go to the county sheriff of the county you live in to get your License To Carry Firearms. If you live in Philadelphia you go to the Philadelphia Police Gun Permit Unit.

  • Spotrevoc

    you are now allowed to carry in casino’s in pa

  • NYguy

    I am doing my best to navigate these laws. I have applied and been granted an unrestricted ccw for NYS. I work in PA, I have gone to the PA state sheriff website and read the laws, it is my understanding that because I have a ccw in NY I am exempt, or could be exempt from the licence to carry in my vehicle because I am granted that right by my home state, and secondly, if I choose to carry open instead of concealed that I would be legal. Is this correct? I will be applying for my PA LTCF but would very much appreciate carrying in the meantime under the other statutes. I just want to make sure I understand them correctly.

  • عبد الرحمن

    Let me get this straight. I do not have a concealed carry permit. I live in PA. So lets look at this hypothetical: I want to go to my nephews house. I can open carry to my car, then get in, unload the gun, then drive to my nephews. Load it, get out open carry to his house. Any legal problems here?

    • Bill Young

      You would be committing a 3rd class felony. Transporting a firearm in your car without a license to carry (from PA or a reciprocal state) may only be done legally for very specific reasons. Going to a range, gun shop etc. For the purpose of open carry is not included in the exceptions to the law. For more info look up “PA title 18 § 6106”

  • jarrett

    Does it matter what the sheriff puts for reason? He said it doesn’t n put hunting. I was just wondering if he was bull shifting me. Don’t see why he would but I called and no one was returned my calls to make sure I’m not illegally carrying my firearm.

    • Bill Young

      As long as you are talking about a License To Carry Firearms (LTCF) the best thing to put is self defense in case you use it outside of PA in a reciprocal state, it doesn’t matter in PA, a LTCF covers everything regardless of the box checked.

      A sportsman permit on the other hand is only good while hunting with a valid hunting license.

  • SlickMick

    According to this, I can carry any where except k-12 Schools, Court Houses, and Casinos.
    OK gonna stop in at the local Police station and voter registration spot and maybe a bank or two.

  • Sean Kelly

    If I read this correctly I can not get a pa permit if I already have one in another state is this right or did I read it wrong

    • Bill Young

      You read it wrong. If you are not a PA resident you must have a license/permit from your home state in order to get the PA license. If you are a PA resident it doesn’t matter what you have from other states, you go through the process and if approved you get your license.

      • Sean Kelly

        Ok thanks bill I do appreciate the info

  • Mastro63

    I wouldn’t open carry in Philly. Maybe if you are escorting a friend into a car while they carry cash, or something- but keep it quick. There is just too much crime in Philly and cops will probably want to stop, question and frisk you.

    Get a carry permit (its easy – took me two weeks) and carry concealed.

    • Bill Young

      That’s your choice, but it’s not illegal and believe it or not the cops have to follow the law too.

      • Mastro63

        I’m hardly a Black Lives Matter advocate- but there are hundreds of shootings a year in Philly- the cops are certainly going to pay attention to a guy who openly carries (as they should). Anything can happen in those encounters- and several of them are bad.

        I’d rather concealed carry and get ignored by cops.

        • Bill Young

          So you’re not really a gun guy when you say the cops should just check out people simply because they are carrying a gun. Do you also want them to stop every car on the street to be sure everyone has a driver’s license?

          Again, the law allows you to carry concealed or openly in Philadelphia, as long as you have a license, choose whatever floats your boat.

          • Mastro63

            “So you’re not really a gun guy when you say the cops should just check out people simply because they are carrying a gun”

            Whatever a “gun guy” is- I hope the cops check out open carry guys in high crime areas.

            Go on with your drops of wisdom–

          • Bill Young

            You’re funny, the very place you need a gun, a high crime area, you want cops to check everyone out. What you suggest is violating people’s rights because you want the cops to check everyone out, sounds like nazi Germany to me.

            Me I’m going to enjoy the freedom to go about my life, doing what is legal, and I’d like to do so without fear of cops infringing on my rights. Like I said, the LAW allows a choice, choose whatever you like, but don’t hope someone elses rights are violated because they choose a different way than you, hows that for a drop of wisdom.

            FYI A gun guy is someone who enjoys shooting sports, guess you’re just a guy who thinks he knows something because he has a “permit”.

  • TripleBGangBitch

    So you can carry a loaded gun without a permit?

    • Bill Young

      As long as you are not a prohibited person according to the statutes of law, yes, except in cities of the first class in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is currently the only one of those, where your need a license regardless of how you carry.

      • TripleBGangBitch

        So why even get a permit if i dont need it?

        • Bill Young

          Because without a license you cannot conceal carry and you cannot carry in a car or any type of vehicle that’s why you would get a license if you can only open carry on foot except for where I noted

        • Bill Young

          Just to clarify you can only open carry in other words your gun is not hidden in any kind of way at all without a license as long as you are not prohibited by law in a city of first class which is Philadelphia.

        • Canarsieboy

          Think about that for a min. Without the license you can open carry, sure. But that’s a double edged sword as everyone on the planet….well your neck of the woods anyway….will know your business, see you coming and going, armed like you don’t have a care in the world. Me? I’d like the option of being a bit more discreet. That’s why, if you can dig what I’m saying

        • Bill Young

          (I thought I commented on this already but I don’t see it soooo…)

          To clarify, you do not need a license to OPEN CARRY, that means on foot, not concealed in any way. The minute you get in/on a vehicle and/or conceal your firearm you need a license, again the exception is in Philly where you need a license no matter the manner of carry you choose.

  • Kathy Krisko Stokes

    How do I go about replacing a lost permit to carry a concealed weapon?

    • Bill Young

      Contact the sheriff’s office that issued it and go from there

  • Shanoyn

    Can I use my gun permit as a form of ID? Like to get into a casino, bar, ect… Obviously it has my picture and everything on it… Just curious??

    • Bill Young

      It is a government issued ID, you should be able to, however it’s up to the place asking for ID whether or not they honor it.

  • mrbluesays

    How long does it take to be approved for permit in Pa ?

    • Bill Young

      By law they have 45 days to approve or deny, in reality it depends on which county you’re in, some issue on the spot while others take the 45 days and more.

      • mrbluesays


  • mrbluesays

    I just thought of something… I put 2 references on my application … do they call both references ? One of my people I think moved … How does that work?

    • Bill Young

      That varies from county to county. In Delaware County both were called for my initial application but not for my renewals.

  • Ashlie Thompson

    do you have to apply and go to the court house of your own county listed on driver license or can you go to any in PA?

    • Bill Young

      A resident of PA must apply in the county that they live in. A non resident can go to any county that will issue a non resident license, all are supposed to but not all do.

  • Steve

    I was told by a Deputy in a Berks county sheriffs substation that he is not allowed to change my address! Is this true & why?

    • Bill Young

      never heard of that, maybe try the main sheriff’s office.

  • michael thornton

    can you fill out pistol permit on line

    • Bill Young

      Are you a PA resident? If so you must apply in the county that you live in. Some counties allow you to apply via the mail but all counties require at least one visit so they can get your photo and signature into the system. Best bet look up website for the sheriff in your home county. If you are not a PA resident you can apply at any PA county sheriff but would still have to follow what I wrote above, in addition you have to have a license from your home state to get the PA license.

  • Steven Lynch

    I live in NJ but have land in PA and pay Taxes on it can I get a PA carry permit

    • Bill Young

      Having land and being a resident are two different things. If you have a PA driver license or other official ID with a PA address then you’re good, if your driver license (ID) is from NJ probably not unless you also have a NJ carry license. PA requires a home state license to get the PA (non resident) license. Call the sheriff’s office in the PA county where you have land and ask them.

  • Robert Sposato

    PA Accepts NH non-resident permits. This page lists NH in yellow saying it only accepts resident permits. Your concealed carry map however lists PA as accepting NH non-resident permits and lists it as Blue when you select NH non-resident permits.

    • Bill Young

      It seems you are talking about two different things.

      PA accepts non resident licenses from New Hampshire.
      New Hampshire does not accept a non resident license from any state, including PA. They only accept resident license from states that they honor, so NH does accept a PA resident with a PA license while in NH.

      They each have their own laws. Just because PA does accept a non resident NH license doesn’t mean NH has to accept a non resident PA license.

  • What_no_change???

    I was told that a person under the age of 21 with parents permission can receive a CC permit in PA is that true?

  • robert J.

    It would be so nice for up to date info, newer than 2 years but only went through 150 posts.

    • Bill Young

      What kind of info are you looking for?