Press Release: Facebook Actively Suppressing News Distribution for the Gun Industry

Press Release: Facebook Actively Suppressing News Distribution for the Gun Industry

Press Release: Facebook Actively Suppressing News Distribution for the Gun Industry

We noticed a decrease in traffic starting back in February. After looking into our analytics we saw that it seemed that our Facebook reach and traffic lower than usual. I chalked this up as changes in their algorithm but recently received a phone call from Brandon at Concealed Nation who had the same concern as well as a bit more information about the situation.

He was told by his Facebook Account Manager that we were being penalized for posting too much “promotional content.” I received the same message and I contacted the account manager as well. The thing is, we rarely post promotional content on our Facebook page. Majority of our posts are links back to our own articles.

So if our posts are being reported by users as “promotional”, who is exactly doing it?

Below is a press release that we have just published.


Robert Farago, (401) 835-5054

Facebook Actively Suppressing News Distribution for the Gun Industry

AUSTIN, Texas (June 6, 2016) – A coalition of firearms-related organizations – Concealed Nation, The Truth About Guns, Gun Owners of America, USA Carry and Alien Gear Holsters – today revealed that Facebook has been actively suppressing their posts. Based on the coalition’s research into the problem, the suppression began at the end of February.

“We have over 700,000 likes on our Facebook page and tremendous reader response to our material,” said Brandon Curtis, publisher of Concealed Nation. “We didn’t change a thing about the way we post. In February our Facebook traffic fell off a cliff. It sank by nearly 50 percent in that first month.”

Facebook has penalized these organizations’ pages by limiting distribution to user newsfeeds, despite users ‘liking’ the page.

Facebook has admitted to Curtis that the social media giant has suppressed the gun-related pages’ distribution. They claimed their posts had “too much commercial content.”

“I realized our Facebook page wasn’t the only firearm-related website that had experienced a dramatic decrease in traffic,” said Luke McCoy, founder of USA Carry. “I emailed the same account manager at Facebook about our situation. She said that people were claiming our content was overly promotional.”

“Content that would normally reach our nearly one million followers has steadily dropped to a fraction of what it once was, despite our page’s continual growth of new followers,” said Rob Russo, social media manager for Alien Gear Holsters.

Curtis informed Facebook that Concealed Nation, The Truth About Guns and other affected sites’ content was purely editorial. Facebook’s account manager then claimed the pages had been flagged by users. Nearly a month has passed and Facebook has yet to provide further information, and has not given a timeline for any type of resolution.

Despite repeated requests, Facebook has failed to remove the penalties imposed on the sites’ firearms-related pages. Instead, they offered a free seminar on how to increase traffic with the penalties in place.

The publishers are looking to determine the extent of the problem — including the amount of revenue lost due to the fall-off in Facebook-related website traffic. They’re asking owners of gun-related Facebook pages to check their Facebook reach and engagement for 2016 and report their findings at Once they gather the data, they’ll contact participants to share their findings and propose a joint response.

“Facebook is an invaluable resource for Second Amendment supporters trying to spread the message of responsible gun ownership,” Curtis says. “We’re asking Facebook to remove any  penalties on the affected pages, and to create a process that prevents this type of thing from happening again, including a notification system that would alert page owners whose posts are being suppressed. Our readers enjoy and want our content, and it’s frustrating that they are no longer seeing what we post.”


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Luke McCoy is the founder of USA Carry. In 2007, he launched USA Carry to provide concealed carry information and a community for those with concealed carry permits and firearm enthusiasts.
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So stop using Facebook? There are other media out there besides crappy Facebook

Fire Sign

The liberals are flagging your page. You should start a campaign to flag their pages. Like for like.


It should be called Farcebook


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Richard Dryden

“including the amount of revenue lost due to the fall-off in Facebook-related website traffic” Right there answers your own questions. Facebook is not or should not be an outlet for advertisement other than that needed to keep facebook running and free to use. Groups and pages should be use to keep in touch and informed and not oh by the way buy this stuff from us or donate to our cause. I love guns I have a CCW and I’m a grown adult that doesn’t need to be told how to think or sold to.


Facebook is so so lib.I rarely use it for that reason. The only way to get your point over is when it starts hurting their pocket books. Facebook started out as a good thing,but over the years they have lost sight of their mission


I run my own blog and often refer folks to your site and to concealed nation for excellent information. Luke . . . the heck with Facebook! Tons of people have already bailed out of that joke. Like so many other things in this country it has turned into little more than a liberal cesspool. Your site and Concealed Nation can easily stand independently without Facebook. We’d all rather see you remain independent and strong, than to tone down anything to suit those libertards. Semper Fi . . . Molon lobe!


You are being censored by FACEBOOK, a leftest controlling body that is as corrupt as Hillary Klinton.


Lets not forget youtube, they are not showing any of the gun enthusiast videos on their trend lists.


Time for industry specific social web tools. Of course the next stop will be the UN attempting to block ‘unapproved’ web sites as the organizer in chief hands over control. Reasons no FB active accounts.

David Lloyd Black

I tried to read an article you posted on Facebook and it looks like they are outright blocking access to your site.