Puerto Rico Concealed Carry Permit Information

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Concealed Permit:
May Issue to Residents Only

Example Puerto Rico Concealed Carry Permit:

Puerto Rico Concealed Carry Permit

Puerto Rico Concealed Carry Permit

Numero Licencia = License Number
Fecha Expedida = Issue Date
Fecha Expiracion = Expiration Date
Permisos Autorizados = Permits Authorized
Tiro al Blanco = Shooting (as a range shooting)
Portacion Tribunal = Court CCW Permit (in Puerto Rico, courts grants ccw permits)
Issuing Authority:
Superintendent of Police

Persons who may lawfully carry weapons:
(a) The following may lawfully have, possess, carry, transport and convey weapons:
1. The members of the Armed Forces of the United States and the members, officials and employees of the Military Forces of Puerto Rico in the discharge of their duties as such and under the provisions of the laws and regulations of their respective organizations.
2. The Superintendent and the members of the Police of Puerto Rico, under the provisions of the regulations of the said Organization.
3. The Director of the Program of Penal Institutions and the heads of correctional institutions, under the regulations that the Correctional Administratory may provide.
4. Custody officers, under the regulations that the Correctional Administrator may provide.
5. United States Customs and Immigration officials, while in the discharge of their duties as such.
6. Members of the municipal guard corps created by virtue of section 1061 et seq. of Title 21, known as the Municipal Guard Act, while in the discharge of their duties or off duty, pursuant to the provisions of the regulations of said corps.
(b) The Superintendent of Police shall authorize the following persons to lawfully have, possess, bear, transport and carry a revolver or pistol, because of the nature of the office and duties they perform:
1. Judges, prosecuting attorneys, clerks, marshals and deputy marshals of the Courts of Justice of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as judges, prosecuting attorneys, deputy prosecuting attorneys, marshals and deputy marshals and the clerks of the Courts of Justice of the United States, who are discharging their duties in Puerto Rico.
2. The members of the Legislature and any official of the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
3. Mail carriers, during the discharge of their duties as such.
4. Carriers and custodians of public funds,while such funds are in their custody.
5. The employees of the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, provided that the request is authorized and justified by the head of the dependency for which the person works.
6. Internal revenue collectors and agents, at the request of the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, and the inspectors of the Public Service Commission, at the request of the Chairman of the Public Service Commission.
7. Former governors, judges, prosecuting attorneys and legislators who have completed at least one term of their election and/or appointment, unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent of the Police pursuant to the regulations adopted to such effect.
8. Ambassadors, consuls or officials from foreign countries recognized as such by the Government of the United States.
9. Former policemen with ten (10) or more years of service and whose retirement or resignation has been honorable. In the cases of former policemen with less than ten (10) years of service, upon prior approval by the Superintendent of Police, pursuant to the regulations adopted to such effect.
10. The Federal officials whose duties justify the granting of such license. The Superintendent of Police is hereby empowered to regulate the issuing of the licenses referred to in the preceding clauses. The regulations to be adopted shall require that the officials and employees be trained in the handling and use of the firearms.
(c) The following may lawfully have, possess, bear, transport and carry a revolver or pistol:
1. Carriers of private funds and custodians of private funds in banking institutions, while such funds are in their custody, upon prior issuance of a license by the Superior Court before which the carrier or custodian of such funds, or his employers, shall justify the need for such license.
2. Persons rendering security services to public or private enterprises, while rendering such services, upon prior issuance of a license by the Superior Court, before which said person, or his employer, shall justify the need for such license.
(d) No person shall be authorized to bear a weapon under subsections (b) and (c) of this section if such person is not authorized to own or possess a firearm under sections 425, 426, 427, 428 and 429 of this title.


Open Carry:

Forms & Links:
ATF: Puerto Rico Laws
NRA-ILA: Puerto Rico Gun Laws

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  • Soto

    Governments argue that keeping guns away from the hands of its citizens is the way to lower crime.  This is a place where if you want a license to carry you have to first have it approved by the Superintendent of Police and a Judge in a court setting, permits are seldom approved, unless you are a well to do person…….Take a look at Puerto Rico’s crime and death numbers. Living (or Dying) proof that keeping guns away from lawfully capable citizens is not the answer to fight crime.


    • Dennis Rodriguez

      Lowering crime is not the way to lower crime. All the States and Commonwealth, has the right to bear arms and a militia, in accordance to the Constitution. In Puerto Rico you have to have connections to the Superintendent of the Police, the Politicians and the Judges.

  • H.Torres

    The way to fight this nonsense is just like liberals fight.  If you are in P.R. and you get rob (hoping you survive)  sue the P.R. Govt for infringment of your 2d Amendment rights.

  • Crosa

    It’s sad that P.R is not in the same page as Florida when it comes to CCW. I will not be able to leave in P.R without carrying something. Here in FL if you don’t have a record! You can get a concealed carrying permit. Classes range from $50 to $100 (private parties/NRA members) then you go to downtown and for $117 you get your license. I think in a way,, way too easy, but here no one knows who is carrying and that is great,,, the element of surprise. If P.R goes with the same system that Florida haves, I bet crime in P.R will go down dramatically in about 5 years or so because the thief will think about it twice before committing a crime. You will still have some issues but is where the Tide starts to change and you give everyone the rights to defend themselves. And if P.R said is a commonwealth of the United States of America!!! Please check The Constitution Amendment II,,,,, A well regulated Militia, BEING NECESSARY to the security of a free State, THE RIGHTS of PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT be infringed. Cono man,, it can’t be more clear than this.     

    • Samuel Rosenfeld

      See my post.

      • Misael santiagO

        The sad thing is that it seems like only the elite and government officials are the only ones with the constitutional right to bear arms and protect themselves.

        • Dennis Rodriguez


  • Bukkiah

    Yeah, what the hell is up with this! If P.R. is part of USA, its UNDER the US constitution, which means its government is in violation of the law (all of which is under the US constitution). I hope HR. 822 passes and has an impact on this current situation. 

  • Samuel Rosenfeld

    Establish yourself as a precious metals (jewelry) dealer carrying large sums of money. I know this sounds expensive for an extra license each year. The authorities only want to know of where the firearms are in whose possession. Become a jeweler. See if this is the method of travel in PR.

    • gino

      how exacly you do that? i f you are from the states and just go there to visit

  • Walls

    It’s bad when you are Boricua ( Puerto Rico ), and a Active ARMY soldier, you go back home to visit the family with your family, and you can’t use your CCW over there, sorry but stupid laws like always.

    • bellugawhale

      Under Puerto Rico law you can as you serve in the military….

  • blueblood454


  • Rollinstoned0

    The Fourteenth Amendment
    Striking similarities exist between the supremacy clause and the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which states:
    “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.”
    Both of these are parts of the Federal Constitution that define the Federal Government’s supremacy over the States regarding laws that have been delegated to the federal government in accordance with the Tenth Amendment. A difference between the two, however, is that whereas the Supremacy Clause deals with the relationship between the Federal Government and the states, the Fourteenth Amendment deals with the relationships among the Federal Government, the States, and the citizens of the United States.

    • Fletch

      While residents of PR are citizens of the US, the Country does NOT have “State” status as of now.

      • Cubic302

        Finally, some one who knows what they are actually talking about. PR has its own constitution, and is a common wealth (CW) of the US. As a CW, the 12th amendment does not apply

        • Hector

          Look for federal law hr 218

          • Herb Roberts

            As far as I know HR-218 applies to PR also.

      • rollinstonedzero

        Hey Fletch, The constitution applies to the people not the states.

  • utmatt20

    I love it. This page has Puerto Rico listed as a state that does not honor a Puerto Rican permit. Sounds about right.


    • Puerto Rico tops the world’s table for firearms murders as a
    percentage of all homicides – 94.8%. It’s followed by Sierra Leone in
    Africa and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean

  • Venom

    Well I live in PR and I Have a concealed carry permit. To have a Firearm license you must first have to qualify for that permit, example you have to have a clean record, you have to be a tax payer. All you need to get the permit is $100 for Firearm license (for your Home only) this license does not give you the right to carry a gun. If you want to carry a gun you have to get a lawyer and you have to go to court and you must justify why do you want a concealed carry permit. For the concealed carry permit you will need about $300.00 that you have to pay to the police department and the courts for that kind of permit plus whatever the lawyer wages are. I blew about $1000.00 to get my permit. Remember CCW Permit is not a license is a permit that the courts grants you, to carry the firearm you first must have a Firearm License.

    • docwatson

      Is PR subject to US Law? If so, there’s a clear Heller challenge to be had.

  • Venom

    Sorry I Forgot. If you have a Firearm license only you can only have 2 firearms in your house and 50 bullets for each gun. If you want to have more firearms you have to apply for a practice shooting permit and you will spent $10.00 for five years for the police, $75.00 a year for membership at a local gun range and $35.00 for a stamp by the Gun Federation of Puerto Rico. The life of the permits is the same life as the Firearm license and it is 5 Years. And you can buy whatever you want at the Gun Shop, if you want to buy the whole store they will sell it to you oce the NICS cleared. The good part is that if you don’t have any problem with NICS you will have your new gun in half hour and not 3 days.

  • chris keller

    it is not the “liberals” who deny you. facists are the culprits. think about who is left holding the gun. the guy who was born with lots of money or the guy who risks his life to teach your children.

  • FreddieRios

    Puerto Rico wants all the benefits from the US but never share with US citizens the CCWP
    only the criminals in Puerto Rico can carry weapons openly anywhere.

  • HecAnd Esther Orti

    2012 ‘NEW GUN LAW(ley 404) in PR, no longer a priviledge,but a right of all US Citizens and handled by DTOP(departamento de Obras Publica aka Vehicle Dept.

  • joel

    Imagine that, a place with one of the highest crime rates in the world doesn’t allow it’s citizens to ccw or open. Utterly shocking is the correlation between crime laws and crime rates.

  • FreddieRios

    In Puerto Rico only the Criminal can carry weapons and members of the corruption ring in the goverment

  • FreddieRios

    In Puerto Rico only the Criminal can carry weapons and members of the corruption ring in the goverment

  • FreddieRios

    Puerto Rico is a USA territory under control pf the drug and thugs cartels. only the corrupted clan can carry weapons there. goverment, police and some of the Court of laws personell. they kill in the streets of Puerto Rico every year over 1000 persons , and goverment claims low rate in criminality. the Crime in Puerto Rico is worst that any other city in the USA comparison by size and population. the gun contril mafia in Puerto Rico is under the Pilice Superintendent instead of the US Goverment.

  • PrTopCop

    First and most important is that the Constitution of the Commonwealth o
    Puerto Rico is very similar to that of the U.S.A except that P.R. does not have
    the right to bear arms and no death penalty. So carrying a weapon in P.R. is a privilege
    not a right. So you must apply for a weapons permit, if you qualify. You must be
    a citizen, have no criminal record, you cannot have a dept (Taxes) and you
    cannot owe child support. First there is the original Firearm license, but this
    only authorizes you to have it in your home (NOT TO CARRY). Once you have this license
    you can apply for a concealed carry but here is where not having the right to
    bear arms comes in play. You actually have to get a lawyer, go to court and convince the judge why you need to carry a
    gun. Before it was only granted to store owners, security guards, But relax,
    recent changes of gun law states that it can be used for personal defense
    (DUHHHH) and now it’s easy to be granted the permit. Also Police Officer and
    all Law enforcement Federal or State are allowed to carry. And by the way H.R. 218, the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act”
    Section 921, chapter 44 of the title 18 reads “ The Term Sate” Includes the District
    of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

  • ibra

    There a some states like alaska i can carry my weapon from puerto rico i have my licenced but i can work with my pr licenced as a. Armed guard in alaska o alabama

  • Rogi

    Forgive my ignorance but is it dangerous in PR? I’m considering a vacation there with wife and two young sons. Staying in San Juan but would like to rent a jeep and see a few touristy areas like el yunque for example. Should I stay away? Sorry for the change of subject but I was considering taking my gun which of course is a no-no. Thanks for the feedback.

  • FreddieRios

    The problems starts with the police superintendent having the control of who can carry a concealed weapon for self protection in Puerto Rico. they need to let the FBI run the show with firearms in the island. to get a ccw you will need to pay about 800 to 1000 dollars ( kind of racket going on with that).

  • R. Rosaly

    Can a NYC retired law enforcement officer carry in PR under HR218?

  • FreddieRios

    Puerto Rico have most of any state benefits, they love american dollars and USA help and incentives but they have a big problem., Puerto Rico is the number 1 drugs and ilegal firearms cartels hub in the Carribean… Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic cartels are in a war for the territory control and the Puerto Rico Goverment keep playing the game not well at all. the residents go thru hell to obtein a gun permit to carry a firearm for self defense, and all this because the Puerto Rico Police have the control of the process. the thugs gansters and drug dealers carry their combat weapons openly and they use them against anyone with no mercy. Puerto Rico is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live in and visit and the expensive and slow CW process is obsolete. i believe is time for a change, a time for progress …Puerto Rico is stuck in the mud for last 50 years in obsolete Goverment system and obsolete agency controls.

  • Nestor Negron-Diaz

    Last june 18, 2015, a First Instance Court of Salinas, deemed all the articles of the Puerto Rico Weapons Law 404-2000 dealing with Registration, Licences to posses and ccw Unconstitutional. The only requisite will be to fill ATF 4473. The Commonwealth will appeal but the judge’s decission was based on COnstitutional grounds from Heller, McDonald and Peruta.

  • Lou

    Guys this is old information.

    Puerto Rico is now a constitutional carry country / territory.

    I did not say state, we are still hostage to the Fed.

    Same NICS check as in the states.

    It was a local court decision based on Heller.

    Puerto Ricans are great people that have been left to die at the hands of criminals with guns.

    Now finally Puerto Ricans can shoot and kill criminals.

    CCW saved my life in Texas, and Ohio.


  • manny cabrera

    manny cabrera

  • manny cabrera

    I Was Planning a trip to P.R. I Serve 18 years arm service, have my carry permit since early 90s, and from what I learn I cant take my piece, with me, I guess I ll spend my money somewhere else, Hope others do the same, {Why Feed The Dragon}